Pinochet memes are obnoxious

pinochet memes are obnoxious
please post all anti-pinochet pics you have itt


I don't have any, we should stop this "anti" meme tho. We are not anti-this or anti-that. We are COMMUNIST so we are ANTI-CAPITALIST, so we are automatically anti fascist, anti pinochet, anti anything that is capitalism. We will confuse people with this shit. Being anti-pinochet is not an extra patch, It's included in the standard package

Rightists have low Autism Level, and can't debate because they have no theory.

what the fug



Attacking Pinochet for committing "atrocities" won't do much. We need to focus on aesthetics to counter fascist propaganda. Basically just make fun of Pinochet for being a fucking loser. Also he never threw anyone out of helicopters. His death squads threw bodies out of helicopters in order to avoid going to prison.


thanks. does anyone have a less jpeg version of pic related?

Hoppe-Aut-righties complains for days on end about being compared to nazis then says anyone even a smidge to the left of them should be thrown out of helicopters.
God damn


Allende was nazbol?


And then we have this on the other hand

Seriously why Holla Forums shills this neoliberal.


Pinochet & gun rights don't mix.


do you have the pic from that post?


Holla Forums is and always has been an edgy Young Republican club under all their Nazi LARPing. Look at how quickly they cucked out after Trump turned out to be the Neo-con zionist shithead we said he would be.

rky makes u pontificate