Daily News Thread 9/24

Merkel's Party Defeats SPD to Win Election

2017 German Election Results

US special ops forces & hardware spotted at ISIS positions north of Deir ez-Zor – Russian MoD

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released aerial images which they say show US Army special forces equipment north of the town of Deir er-Zor, where ISIS militants are deployed.

China and Venezuela Sign Deal to Systemize the Judiciary

The agreement will comprehensively transform the Venezuelan judicial system.

Venezuela Delivers 10.4 Tons of Aid to Earthquake-Ravaged Mexico

An official said the Venezuelan people sympathize with the current pain and sorrow of the Mexican people.

Cuban FM delivers stinging takedown of Trump in UN speech

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s controversial speech at the UN General Assembly, Cuba delivered a zinging takedown of US hypocrisy in a wide-ranging speech that targeted climate change, military invention, poverty and nuclear threats.

U.S cautions citizens of possible unrest during Kurdish independence referendum

The U.S. embassy in Iraq cautioned its citizens that there may be unrest during a referendum on independence planned by the Kurdish authorities in northern Iraq, opposed by the central government in Baghdad.

Iran halts flights to Iraq's Kurdish region in retaliation for independence vote

Iran halted flights to and from Kurdish regions in northern Iraq on Sunday in retaliation to a plan by the autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to hold a referendum on independence. It also started wargames at the Kurdish border.

EPA staff receive mandatory anti-leak training, leaked document shows

Environmental Protection Agency employees are receiving mandatory anti-leaking training to remind them of the dangers of disclosing, or whistleblowing, sensitive government information, a leaked training document reveals.

Victim yelled 'I can't see' after Stratford mass 'acid attack' that left 6 injured

Stunned witnesses heard one of six victims of a mass attack in east London scream "I can't see" as he writhed in pain outside one of the UK's busiest train stations.

Sen. Ted Cruz: ‘Right now,’ they don’t have my vote for Obamacare repeal bill

Sen. Ted Cruz said Sunday that Republican leaders can’t count on his vote for the GOP’s latest Obamacare repeal effort, as it currently stands, and that he suspects Sen. Mike Lee of Utah feels the same way.

NFL Players and Owners Push Back Against Trump Comments

President Donald Trump, a one-time football team owner, accelerated his criticism of the National Football League on Sunday by calling for a fan boycott, sparking strong objections from players and owners including a longtime friend and contributor.

Maria Fallout Lays Bare Puerto Rico's Sharp Income Divide

A humanitarian crisis began to take hold in Puerto Rico on Saturday, three days after Hurricane Maria hammered the commonwealth, and its most vulnerable citizens were the most exposed.

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also good work newsanon

Rightists will still support Trump and blame this on the Left or "deep state". Just watch.

t. Holla Forums


link theintercept.com/2017/09/24/decline-american-empire-donald-trump/

If Trump gets his grubby paws on fucking Cuba I'll eat Baron alive


Thank you news annon!

Big thanks Newsie!

Any thoughts on what the German coalitions are gonna look like?

Fucking burgers don't understand how parliaments work. Both CDU/CSU and SPD lost ground to AFD. Merkel might still have won, but she's definitely in a bad position

Honestly, SPD's delegates/represenattives/whatever could show up to work on the first day of the new term and claim to be CDU and no one would notice.

How did the AfD get so strong in EAST GERMANY of all places?

I tried to warn comr8s here months ago, but they didn't listen. Alas.


Jamaica most likely (CDU, Greens, FDP)

East Germany is well-known for being right-wing.

Yea but they used to be Socialist and vote for the Linke. Why would they be more right-wing than West Germany? I don't get it.

If this is true, then Trumpcare is dead. Again.

Most post-communist countries got fucked after being integrated into the capitalist system, thus proles are angry. Obviously, this anger not only causes left wing radicalism, but right wing radicalism too. Bringing "back" socialism isn't an easy nor in some cases desirable thing to do , so they go with being reactionaries.

Wait another month. It'll be knees weak mom's spaghetti all the fuck over again. Again and again. For four years.

Why don't they just leave healthcare alone? It's one of the few issues that Democrats, lame though they are, actually have an advantage on when campaigning. All this does is waste their political capital. Seems a bit strange.

Because they're all brain dead. Don't mistake American politicians as smart, they just have money and ended up in power.

If this vote fails, it fails for good. Once Oct. 1st hits, they'll need 60 votes to pass any legislation, not 51. That means working with the Democrats, they will not vote to repeal Obamacare.

Because their big donors want a juicy tax cut for themselves at the cost of Americans' healthcare.

There's no point in gaining political capital if you don't use it. Think of it like money. Why make money if you're not going to spend it?

Although their health care plans are far less popular than the ACA (and maybe even single-payer), this is what they were elected to do. Over the last 7 years, the Republican party has essentially become the Repeal & Replace party. It's probably better for them to pass an unpopular bill that will damage the country than it is for them to not deliver on their central campaign promise. After all, they can always lie about the damage they're causing and their voters will probably believe them.

also this

It still kills me someone as retarded as Ted Cruz has political power over anyone

The lack of a revolutionary workers' movement.

Because CDU/CSU sucks, Die Linke is full of liberals just like Grüne, SPD is complete garbage,…