Chomsky thinks social media and video games are evil

If you're not actively reading books all the time and just watching anime, you're leading an empty life and will never be a good leftist.

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He's right though.

I think he's out of touch.

Where did he call it evil?

Is he wrong? I mean that's exactly what I'm doing right now. I had homework assigned a week ago, waited til sunday to do it and I'm in front of a computer screen blaring music…

Stop using technology.

wtf literally me

Never, misquoting Chomsky is a fucking national sport on the internet

well hes like 90 years old. its hard for him to understand. but i think part of his point is valid. i have seen it in myself. distractions make me postpone reading.

How many of us here regularly opt to shitpost on Holla Forums rather than read theory?

You can find a lot of people saying this kind of stuff, and while I somewhat agree, I'm not sure if it's been tested and found to be correct. I'd like to see some scientific proof to back this up, more than these observations.
though it's not like I actively look for that kind of stuff anyways


Guilty as charged

Me. I want to stop coming here because it's a huge waste of time but I have nowhere else to talk theory.

If it could ruin capitalism, I'd say keep right on. Seems benign though. Old fart complaining about yonder days of yore is nothing new under the sun.

This isn't an original opinion nor is it wrong.

WTF, I love gnomeski now!

Told u dawg

Stop shilling that retard and read Debord


thats what im doing right now

He's right though. I'd love to rid myself of the impulse to go on social networking sites, or to play video games. We've all been conditioned to enjoy short term, effortless pleasures over those that take more time, even if the extra time required is just a half-hour or so.

I do fear that we won't get any true intellectual revolutionaries in the future, when we are going to need them the most, because everyone will have been too busy jerking off and getting into arguments on the internet.

where does he say to stop? he's describing what he thinks the effects are. he doesn't prescribe anything.

Why's he even talking if he has nothing to say about it?

That's not conditioning, just rational human behavior. Why wait for something that is not qualitatively better?

I've read both. I don't agree with McLuhan's optimistic analysis of the "Global Village" that would emerge from modern technology but I am on board with his views on the fundamental effects that emerging tech has on restructuring society in less than obvious ways.

What the fuck are you talking about?

He thinks they're bad, yet offers no alternative solutions whatsoever. That puts this opinion on the same level on my Fox News watching grandpa who uselessly bleats about the poor and niggers while never actually doing anything one way or the other.
Under communism, all old men will be liquidated, to serve a useful function. Only young chads will be in charge.


He was specifically asked about it.

It's not like it was a free form conversation and Chomsky brought it up.

Gosh, what a cuck

I'm sure if they asked him he'd offer some advice on how to overcome this problem. Unfortunately, he was only asked to comment on the implications of the situation

I thought Chomsky had kids? How is it possible he's this much of a virgin?



Social media and video games aren't evil, but the subcultures created around them are. The gaming subculture especially egregious because it exists entirely to create a class of consumers who buy expensive software and hardware, regardless of its quality.

Yeah the character limit on Twitter does not influence the level of discourse on the site in any way.

lololo he's an old fart out of touch xdd
he's right praise the immortal science of chomskyist anarcho-khmer-rouge tought

Why do leftists do this?

We've known this shit for quite a while now.

Any medium with rapid, short, shallow messages will viciously damage your attention span. We know this to be absolute fact since at least 2010, see: Nicholas Carr - The Shallows. Also, most video games are intentionally addictive. This vidya/twitter combo is the death knell for anyone looking to study seriously. Soon enough, you can't even read 10 pages without getting distracted and looking for an excuse to toy with technology, looking for some cheap and easy dopamine rush, like checking your phone or discord for messages.

All of us. Any reasonably fast-moving image board is an addictive skinnerbox. On a new board, everything is fresh and interesting. Then the novelty wears off and then you're left mashing your F5 key hoping to find a thread or post that doesn't suck balls.

It's bad. People can't read any serious articles/books when they can't focus. Everyone will just fall into the same routine of working all week and then drinking themselves through weekends while looking at the magic flashing colors on a monitor.

Yeah, let's just wait for everyone to get addicted to soma.

We already know what happens when kids are politically ignorant and only care about bread and circuses. They will ignore most political issues only to suddenly flip out when their bread and circuses are supposedly threatened. And then, they will throw in their lot with Holla Forums. Can you guess which movement I'm talking about?

Is it the glooberglobbers?


Read a motherfucking book.

Because Chomsky actually makes good observations, which in this case can even be backed up by modern neuroscience.
Nice 40-year old smear tactic, fuccboi. Either read Manufacturing Consent so you know what Chomsky actually said or go shamble back to Holla Forums.

>will never be a good leftist.

Chomsky isn't a good leftist though.

It's literally always been this way. Only difference is now they spend more time in front of computers instead of the TV.

It would seem so. If you're going to Holla Forums, you're pretty nerdy. And pretty much nobody knows any leftist theory in real life except on this website.

imagine my shock

Why are you reading things into it that's not there?

50% right, social media really has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

I don't suppose you'd like to point out my mistake and how he isn't saying what I paraphrased instead of just saying 'nuh-uh!'


Underrated post

Chumpsky needs to play some STALKER before voicing his ignorant opinions

Your mistake was when you claimed he said technology is evil, when in reality he did not say that

Maybe you should spend less time chatting on Twitter and playing videogames and work on your reading comprehension.

Chomsky is a nigger

That was the Gen X and the TV. why remain passive when you have power to partake in meme warfare?

I remember when gamergaters tried to contact Chomsky because they thought he would take their side. So naïve, so embarrassing.

stop shooting yourself in the foot

this doesn't exist. He said the GV would be fractious & spiteful. He was right.

Literally doing this rn but I'll stop rn. Social Shaming works. Thanks Comrade.

why would I read that hack?

he's not a hack

Bookchin's dealings with him says otherwise. The guy was a massive, hypocritical prick.

top kek, that's fucking rich coming from him

He was a cunt but that doesn't make his theory bad.


He's not wrong.
He said the same thing about sports

Unfortunately, these little internet fights merely give people the illusion of community, agency and purpose. You never really get anything out of it. Except, of course, some more dopamine.

This scene still creeps me the hell out.

Fuck me. Cronenberg managed to predict that people would one day be addicted to extreme sensations and literal torture porn while secretive groups try to brainwash and control them.

It's the goobergabbers!

This makes Porky happy.

Go back to jacking off while reading Zizek, faggot

"The meta-fascists of the future will be the quadra-post-anti-fascists of the present."

- Noam "NomNomNom" Chomsky

He has kinda provided a wealth of useful information for use to draw from with his books (if you choose to) and provided entryism to innumerable people who used to be liberal [/I dunno how to spoiler text and cba to find out/] including me [/I dunno how to spoiler text and cba to find out/]


"Those who do not move, do not notice their chains."
Rosa Luxemburg
is this entire thread. The Gen X's who are rushing top defend the never-ending mental funfair that has stolen their ability to truely form their own opinions remind me of the classcucks defending the Porkies who have stolen the majority of their lives on this earth away from them. Mark Zuckerburg and those who run the game industry are all Capitalists who profit from the manufactured apathy they sell.

Reactionary politics is vastly inferior to real politics, it is impossible to implement the change people like Alex Jones and Evola wanted to see in the world so it just manifests as endless, immaterial masturbation over your implicit and explicit paranoia. Sargon of Assad and the Kekistani cancer in general has the same effect as Gen Xs vegetating in front of MTV, it just satisfies the need to feel AS IF you are doing something.

This, except the anemic manlets on Chan boards would champion his criticisms instead of defending their addictions when he turns to Postmodern Simulacra

This is less a problem with Chomsky and more a problem with old people. He's not entirely wrong either. Ideally, playing videogames and anime should be a way to pass the time when you are physically or mentally incapable of doing anything else productive, not something you devote your life or identity to.

Escapism is the new opiate for the masses and that's not necessarily a negative judgment, the opiate just needs to be taken in moderation or you get addicted and dependent on it.

he's right. as usual.

Point taken.
Chomsky is like that father figure I want to rebel against, but I know is right and it fucking infuriates me.

Pretty much this. I almost secretly hope that third worldists are right, because trying to mobilize or educate Gen-Xers on theory in mass is impossible at this point.
Only a massive decrease in the standard of living will result in any revolutionary potential. But even then the revolutionary unrest will be inherently right-wing due to Gen-X's previous engagement with politics.
Idk this is a major problem.

Turns out Heidegger was right huh

This is how most Tankies feel about him.

"Yeah, well, like, whatever man"
-The Finnish "Grover Furr is a reliable source of impartial historical information" Bolshevik

I don't think that Chomsky was making the point about being a good leftist (though that might be somewhat implied) but rather that the people who grow up this way will not be the kind of well-read, well-rounded thinker that, at least in Chomsky's opinion, would be able to understand the socio-political/ideological elements at work within their given culture.

It isn't that these lives are empty per-say, but rather that they do not engage individuals in a way that makes them think about the world in a unique way - that their ideological landscape is being essentially fed to them and that their ability to question it is weaker than what Chomsky perceived was the case when he was a kid.

I don't think he's wrong about this.

Pic related

Who cares about Chomsky, he's babbies first leftist, and is more well known for anti-imperialism than actual leftist economics.

I do

He's almost 90 fucking years old, I'm pretty sure the appeal to something as old as Usenet is beyond his understanding, let alone the irrelevant retard shit his grandkids do on their phone.


from revolutionary anarchist to annoying grandpa in 10 seconds