…apparently the NFL is communist now. Seriously, what the fuck is going on in America

…apparently the NFL is communist now. Seriously, what the fuck is going on in America.

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That's a really ironic statement, though.
Communism is supposed to be bad because of authoritarianism and the state killing people and whatnot, right?

So the opposite of that is… the state killing people and nobody being allowed to talk about it?

Makes you think.

This country has to die.

Is there some new NFL controversy I'm missing here?

People get super triggered when you don't stand for the National Anthem presented by Bud Light™.

Not really. It's still that guy who knelt during the anthem 'cuz police brutality.

Yeah it's that story again, and Trump getting desperate for something else to talk about so he brings it up as a distraction (the story was already pretty much dead otherwise)

There is a thread about the handegg league already.

The military doesn't give the NFL millions to have its propaganda contradicted by one of the players, you know.



Americans are thick in the head.


Is this the part when America starts to get slightly CC?




WTF I love football now


Welcome to America!

trump fans seem to have branded anybody from greenies liberals soc-dems and "enlightened centrists" as "muh commies" havent they?

Which is ironic since the far right excuse was "well you started calling everyone nazis so might as well be!" and they seriously don't understand the problem with doing the same thing now

I'd bet on people forgetting about it before the end of the season. A few will probably continue to do it but no one will talk about it and if they do it will just be a race thing.