Where's bae?

where's bae?

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Sleeping I would guess

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H-hi Mandy.

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Hello Lassie. How are you from today?

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I just got home from work, but I talked to this cute boy all morning and stuff ^~^

How was your day?

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Hi Maddie

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heya kitty. how's it been?

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Oh? A cute boy, eh? Look at you, miss charming! Did you ask for his number?

Mine sucked, but such is life.

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more like

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Noo, that would be international and junk...

But Halloween is gonna be awesome this year! .///.

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How are you?

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Awwe, why lame?

I'm p good^^ about to smonk myself silly I guess.

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International and junk??

And why is that? Gonna dress up as a sexy nurse?? That would be pretty awesome.

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Cause everything is shit
I would be doing that if my plug wasn't bullshitting

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Yams is in uk silly.

No, a sexy witch haha

fix it

fix it


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But how?

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depends on which part you're asking about lol

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Aww, did you finally ask him???

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Gonna scrape one of my many bongs and see if I can't get something

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sorta. we talked about it and stuff, so.

:p I'm getting all blushy just thinking about it lol

but yeah, how you doing?

ooh i didn't understand your slang.

fuckin get more at a time or have multiple dudes I guess idk. coworkers are usually a pretty good source if you just need a nug or smth

Someone usually brings a joint or something at work. But they all live an hour away

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idk i never had trouble getting it honestly so idk what to say.

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I'm happy for you Maddie! May your face forever be flushed and your bread sticks ever sauced!

I'm thinking about sleeping, but I'm not sure yet.

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but it's so earlyyyyyy

idk prolly just gonna check on my space farm then sleep early too tho

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It was so much easier when I was in school

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you don't know anyone?

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No Man's Sky, nice one

I usually sleep around this time though. Especially after a hard Day's work and a good afternoon of drink.

You do quite enjoy that game, eh?

Not well enough to get fronts

This game is taking so much of my life lol

mmhm trying to get a freighter by farming circuitboards lol

pleb just be a cute stoner girl^^

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I always feel empty when I finish an anime

How do?

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lol idk ^~^

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free weed is best weed frand *boop*

Sure is. The plants should be ready any day now.

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hello friends

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Nezi frand

elma frand

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The keyboard on my main laptop went out and I had to drag this one out
and now I've only got a few pics to shitpost with

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just go to a tranny thread on 4 or 8 chan and then save the pics and post here. It will give everyone a hard on.

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so tomorrow is when you wanted to hang out right ? im also free saturday and friday night

all day saturday
just night friday


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yeah sure any day is fine, tomorrow is good

am I driving to you or you coming here?

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i'd rather drive out :p

yay you can see how clean my room is now :3

any specific plans?
A) koe no katachi at my house
B) that movie you recommended that looked really good
C) coffee shop (unless you wanna wait for friday night where they do stand up!)
D) somethin' else

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Kind of wonder if Nezi will introduce pee dude to his grandmother as his "girlfriend" to whatever horror.

posters are friends

not food

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hi yeah what the fuck is this supposed to mean

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idk im tired leaf me alone :c

i don't want a bf/gf right now anyway

i'm working on bettering myself right now and being the best nezi I can be!

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Noo............................My essence.............

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Just don't shag him while they're home.

bard my man

that's really attractive though

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hey rager
I've only got 3 images on this computer

which means I've only got 3 moods

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stop trying to make things weird i just want a friend i don't have any right now :(

o-oh sorry ;w;

sorry not interested check back later please!

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oh sorry for not responding
am streaman :p

which movie did i recommend ?
and maybe cofe and then your place ?

or maybe cofe and then movie i recc'd ?

either is fine by me ^^

you recommended Love, Simon

I really want you to watch Koe no Katachi though tbh cause it made me cry, it's really good :3

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I don't know your budget for a replacement but the minimal configuration for that one is decent enough if you're just using it to browse and play some basic things.

maybe cofe then koi bo bagabi




i might go to bed soon honestly I'm really tired

hmu on discord tomorrow i wake up late like 2pm sometimes

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Wait. That's the AMD one. The Intel one is better and only $50 more.

Thanks man I might look into it
I'm not a hundred percent how good this pos i'm on right now is


Unfortuntately I dont know anything at alll about compueters and I' m not really sure if I'ts worth the step up cause I dont gamne or anything

Gonna have to though when I wanna run ableton cause this piece of shit seems pretty slow but I havent had much run tyime with it so I dont even know if I wanna waste my time trying to install it

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Is the one you linked the one you have or the one you're looking to buy?

Why are you looking for a new PC? Didn't you want to get an Xbox?

I'm not saying that I'm just saying
good on you mate

okay but why though

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okie doke
i'll do that

Thats the hunker I'm on
I dont know how shit is is and if its worth sticking with o r not you know what I mean

i already got an xbox and it sucks so I'm gonna sell it to my buddy for cheap
my main lappys D key and Comma key gave out for some reason so I gotta replace
also it's bout time anyways, going on4 or 5 years

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o-oh... auch
Try disassemble it and see if a wire somewhere got loose

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If you just use it for this sort of shit, it's fine. I thought you were going to replace the "main laptop" that you said went out. Or its keyboard at least.


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I thought this was about the videogame you wanted to play. Sea of Thieves? Or something like it.
Oh, crap. Sounds unlikely it's a loose wire then. That's shit.
What's the budget like?

The highest Taxing thing I'd like to run is Civ V or Ableton

The main ones lived its life and t's just a matter of if I can scrap on this one or if I gotta step it up

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Bae blade

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hi revy !


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oh well I alreaydpl ayed that and it was shit
I got no man's sky'd again
I dont really know my budget yet it's more find the most practical cheapest thing I can and Ill get my finances up to that

I dont game much on it but it would be nice to game on
really I just wanna be able to run my instruments with an interface and have some thing that can keep up with the tax of multiple tracks

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hi wevy

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Civ V runs alright on my 2520m on the iGPU. If you don't mind playing with 15-30fps, that is. Not that fps is really that important.
Still, if an i5 from 2011 can handle it, almost all laptops from today will too

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Keyboards on laptops are one of those things where if it broke, you're fucked. You can't really salvage anything but the RAM if it's removable and the hard drive so it's not really worth it.

Honestly, if you can "splurge", just make sure it's something with 8 GB RAM and the latest generation of i5 and its integrated should cover playing most things other than recent releases meant to be ran on demanding settings.

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are there any powerful higher end laptops out there?

I purchased an expensive one a few years ago and the fucker fell apart on me cause it was just put togethert shodddy and that kinda put me off expensive laptops biut I also dont know jack shit about desktops so I dont really know how to jump ship

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Don't buy gaming laptops

If you're willing to dump extra money into a laptop, you're much better off building a better-than-average desktop

Gaming laptops are a meme

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For "gaming" laptops? Dell is probably the best for budget gaming where it's not stupidly expensive, good build quality and good specs. It's in that $800-$1200 range.

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Hang her up like a pinata

...then why did I buy one based off your recommendation to do so?

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lol u got played sucka

Hey Brad bby hyd

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cause you wanted to play the latest games and a desktop was out of question cause you didn't want one under any circumstances, then it turned out you might as well have gotten one anyway, but was too stubborn to give in the first time

I dont know anything about computers and have no idea how to build a desktop

I dont really want the laptop for gaming as much as I want it for like music stuf
Run a keyboard instrument through it for midi and use it for tracking and stuff

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you know any specific model dawg

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you leave her alon e you bully

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If you're cool with sharing, what kind of budget?

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morning lads

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I've no idea about that, sorry

that feel ;_;


Problems I wish I had.

its okay hupony desu I hope you'rre having anice day

I dont really know my budget yet it's more find the most practical cheapest thing I can and Ill get my finances up to that

I dont game much on it but it would be nice to game on

really I just wanna be able to run my instruments with an interface and have some thing that can keep up with the tax of multiple tracks

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Shame, loafie could easily drown themselves


I am doing okay tonight
hung out with my brother earlier
kind of hungry though ;~:

how are you ?

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I suppose so.

Not entirely true. Being able to move it around and take it places was pretty useful for those few years.
But having a desktop now is nice, yes.

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You made it sound like you moved a whole damn lot, so a desktop was of no use. If that's so, and you want to play the latest games, there's really no other choice, even if "gaming laptops" are trash.
Yeah, I believe it. Desktop is best, and easier to upgrade too

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I did move a whole damn lot, and it was useful.

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For price, desktops don't really come out cheaper per performance. Incremental upgrades aren't really a thing anyone actually does, as nice as they sound. I'm not saying gaming laptops are better, mind you, just they're good at that role of wanting a computer that you can play games on if you feel like it but mostly just using it as a computer.


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And that's why you bought one

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That's kind of why I was asking. I used to mess with music production software a lot and just about any decent i7 with 4g ram will be decently sufficient, but if you want decent compression speeds, tracking with a sub 1ms delay and the ability to run more than one studio process at a time, you're going to be pushing a tad under a grand.

Ideally, for what you want, if you want longevity and won't have to replace for five more years, you want a target 12 GB of RAM and 3.5 GHZ i7 processor or more.

ignore the fact that it's a "Gaming," laptop. This is the machine a buddy of mine uses for his home studio and he swears by it for music production


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they weren't normal sounding seagulls
can seagulls get autism cause if they can these ones probably did

Thank you very much tsuchi I appreciate the guidance

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no they were just happy seagulls trying to wake you up so you can have a good morning

Mostly cause when you need to upgrade your CPU, you need a whole new platform, although upgrading your GPU can be done.
And that's what I'm gonna do once they don't cost an arm and a leg

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ASUS build quality is so inconsistent. Some of their shitbooks are some of the most solid laptops you can find, performance notwithstanding. But their high tier always feels like it's held together by duct tapes and hopes and dreams.

Seagulls and loafie could do with stfu

You would know better than me. I've owned one laptop in the past eight years. I build my systems. I only pass on that machine because of a personal relation vouching for it.

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So then why are you being a shitter with Bard?

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I am?

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ignore him bby hes just jealous..........

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Seagulls are little cunts

Hows spec?

Music related programs don't really need anything in terms of GPU since it's just not something the software even utilizes. A decent processor (latest i5 at the minimum) and 8gb RAM should get you just fine.

That's mostly what I'm saying. Cost wise, desktops just flat out aren't cheaper nor cheaper to upgrade. They're certainly better but definitely not cheaper.

I use a really awful ASUS for shitposting that was one of the first attempts at touch screen with Win8 and the thing is built like an aluminum brick. It was cheap but has withstood drops and generally poor treatment.

I dunno.

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Life's a bit weird but I haven't hurt myself in my sleep again
Picked up alpha sapphire, forgot I had two Gardevoirs near lv100

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I've owned three laptops total. The first was an old Gateway I fucking know, right? that survived a two story fall.

They just don't make electronics like they used to. Everything is so flimsy nowadays

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I am kemono friends now

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People bullying Bard? In MY thread?

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They are. If you want to get a gaming laptop, you can build better-performing desktop for the same price, and after 2-3 years where you'd want to upgrade your laptop, your desktop would still be able to keep up.
If you want more juice, then you can buy a new mid-high range GPU and come out cheaper than you otherwise would have.

However considering the current price of GPU's, you're better off just getting consoles

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Laptops always feel so weak

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Eh, that's the same as the whole "they don't make cellular phones like they used to anymore" shit.
Sometimes is just a result of changing technology than the "forced obsolete" reason.


me neither. I was confused cause the last thing I heard was that he wanted an xbox to play a videogame and suddenly he's looking at laptops that are significantly weaker

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I will stay here for as long as I please thank you very much scooter

i disappeared
i thought you ignored me ;w;

im okay

gimme smooch


I figure it's a matter of portability. A portable device should be easy to carry, I guess, but do we really need to sacrifice structural integrity for minor convenience?

I don't know. I feel old.

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I sure wish I was a snoot



hehe :3
how's woafie ?

no swearing u doof

-makes sure your bed is safe and squeak politely with the monsters under the bed to be nice for a while. They're a pleasant sort so they'll probably understand.-

Time to drown loafie in the sea for the carrion gulls to feast on his dull cow eyes

Assuming full peripherals (mouse, keyboard, monitor) with a "gaming" desktop build, it will always end up more expensive for the same performance. I'm not saying it's a worse idea, just that it will always be more expensive no matter how shit gaming laptops are.

A lot of weirdness with laptops now is with air flow and cooling, among other "trying to fit 20 pounds of shit in a 10 pound bag". It's not always cost related but yeah, generally they feel cheaper.

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I figured taking my eyes off of work for a while would make my headache go away but fuck it, I'm going to bed.

Night thread. Kill me.

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It's not the monsters under the bed that worry me

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I am tired because I have been awoken by a flock of seagulls that were very loud
and I am hungry because I have not eaten breakfast
I've only been awake for half an hour or so not a great deal could have happened to me

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if you want to game on a laptop, you'd end up having to buy some peripherals too.
And who upgrades their peripherals and monitor every three years?

well then eat u doof

Sssssh gimme some sugar, princesses
Gimme some bwakafeast

Attached: CC828E0F-41FC-46D5-A609-3B494407746B.png (1265x1080, 1.48M)

But it's still a cost associated with the build itself. You realistically only need a mouse for laptop gaming. Their keyboards are more than adequate.


hehe stop listening to 80s music you doofus

Attached: 1500534424608.jpg (472x472, 35.05K)

smooch smonsh
am lookan at crop tops right now

is tuff deciding ;w;

why ??

as in "I will have breakfast later" not "I will see you later, I am having breakfast"

Ooooooh crop tops! Cute!
What are the options on the table so far?

0.0 -hopes it's not ghosts. They are harder, usually demanding tea and a few jokes. Doesn't know many- ;_;

yes i know

a lot of options
2 many 2 link

I'd at least hope so

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if I heard A Flock of Seagulls (not to be confused with a flock of seagulls) I think I'd be more concerned than if I heard flock of seagulls
because who is playing pop music from 30 years ago at 6am at maximum volume
someone trying to piss me off probably

I'm hungry but not hungry enough to get breakfast

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get breakfast then


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You in the market to buy one?

I just said I'm not hungry enough to get breakfast

yes im buying one before i go to sleep

so get breakfast

How to decide
Is theee nit ine that is just better than the others?
Just buy them all xd

Attached: B64493C8-D216-44D6-8169-1BE027E05803.jpeg (960x952, 117.63K)

i cant just buy em all !!
sadly :(

I'll get it later alright pal

y-you too

Ptsd is kind of like ghosts

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X_X -used to get nighttime panic attacks too. Is not fun and tries to make your bed as comfy as possible-

It is time to make a list... rank them all in order of bestest to last. Then buy the best ones. It will be hard. But cuteness demands its sacrifice~

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lmao Revy was never in the army SMH

Thanks cutie

Combat isn't the only traumatizing thing in the world you know

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That means its worse though.
Because revy didnt sign up for PTSD like those
army guys do

Attached: 133327832518.png (500x622, 147.73K)

get breakfast

i'll make it

I mean war flashbacks would probably be worse than I have
It's not like I watched people get indiscriminately dismembered I just had a gross childhood

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Literally what?

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I will but later


Make it bb!
show results!

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-is Sonata_Blue#3600 on discord if you ever want to chat-

no just go eat breakfast

I bet Revy accidentally dropped their phone and BAM it was such a traumatizing event

what kind

I'm like 80% sure you know what happened and you're just being a cunt
I wanted to talk about Pokemon

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An assortment of cheese, meat, fruit and a brioche. It seems pretty continental. RIP USE

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I dont remember being a kiddo, but thats because I hit my head.

Most whom are trained for combat and actually kill people, have a high chance of getting PTSD.
Its one of the biggest issues in military training. You can train people to kill incredibly effectively, but you cannot mentally condition most people to be okay with what happens after you kill.
Our instincts make it so.

I bet u do faget

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share some

It is Vietnam all over again.

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What do you like best? I will put it in my Bluray drive and email it!

Attached: Yuuki_Asuna0712.png (717x718, 257.77K)

Died in 'Nam

i'm so quirky and random

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Was it because of a bad batch of heroin?

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-sighs- I suppose it all then...


Attached: Yuuki_Asuna0178.jpg (960x720, 70.78K)

I wish, the heroin did play a part. But the ladyboy's vice-like grip was the majority shareholder in that twisted boardroom dance.

yes ofc


Attached: 132100211095.jpg (310x312, 29.64K)


Attached: 1500516937616.png (800x800, 524.28K)

Suffocation because heroin, lady boy vice grip and heroin?

Attached: 132635938481.gif (365x280, 488.66K)

Hungry girls need the big foods!
Its nearly payday... nearly "get a smoker and bbq stuff" day woo
I hope the oven gets fixxed soon.
Then I can cook the good foods.

Attached: Yuuki_Asuna0956.png (617x633, 393.78K)

Auto-narcotic asphyxiation.

Attached: Yuuki_Asuna0688.png (1280x720, 495.21K)

Hows bard?

That sounds exhilarating.
That must have been a nice dead.

Attached: 1587754__suggestive_artist-colon-hoodie_edit_fluttershy_blushing_blush sticker_butterscotch_chest fluff_clothes_comic-colon-butters big night_earth pon.png (1320x1320, 2.43M)

I hit my head a lot but I still remember the things I'd rather not

Attached: hatsune miku00099.png (531x600, 475.47K)

You're so cute and smart sweetie ;)

Was worth it! Them Asians know how!

Attached: vlcsnap-2018-01-02-20h36m45s607.png (1920x1080, 1.1M)

Neck yourself.

Attached: 1517850085.jpg (1053x980, 59.52K)


Attached: 1519486705854.webm (960x540, 1.08M)

im so excited for u

Attached: 1521499512719.jpg (376x458, 40.74K)

It sucks I dont remember things, but at the same time I dont really feel bad about it because I have no frame of reference (memories) anyway.

How did she get u to not dead though?

Attached: 1510368604103.jpg (730x719, 30.49K)

i'm feling a little um................

Attached: 1500505487679.png (710x718, 536.89K)

us.asos.com/asos/asos-top-in-crepe-with-caging-eyelet-wide-sleeve-detail/prd/8323369?clr=black&SearchQuery=long sleeve crop top&gridcolumn=4&gridrow=1&gridsize=4&pge=1&pgesize=72&totalstyles=185

this shirt rules holy cow

Speccy is cute when upset

Attached: 1522089460001.png (3541x2508, 3.57M)

Then I will learn the ancient art of BBQshido!
And be the master ^^


Attached: Yuuki_Asuna0841.png (655x705, 539.03K)

A little wat

Attached: 1412383004871.jpg (134x76, 7.7K)

t....thank you..............

Attached: 1507443727646.jpg (1000x1000, 86.54K)

Woah! vogue!

who even puts strawberries in a pool

Attached: 1521571372001.jpg (2048x1661, 407.83K)

Weren't Speccy and Hu BF/GF in pone?

Strawberry does

Attached: 1521998439001.jpg (1980x1254, 1.06M)


He's not actually complementing you, it's quite the opposite.

Attached: 1521977499261.jpg (351x351, 24.46K)

im excited !!!

yeah the ribbons are super sick
i wanna get it but like
i should get something more practical for now ;w;

Attached: 1506373043796.jpg (1000x1000, 81.43K)

I would rather eat them!

They broke up???

Attached: 1587754__suggestive_artist-colon-hoodie_edit_fluttershy_blushing_blush sticker_butterscotch_chest fluff_clothes_comic-colon-butters big night_earth pon.png (1320x1320, 2.43M)

good feel

Attached: 1521998438001.jpg (4093x2894, 4.51M)

no..I am cute.......and sweet......

Attached: 1506373043796.jpg (1000x1000, 81.43K)

A little gay?

Attached: 1412383004871.jpg (134x76, 7.7K)



No, he's... goddamn it. There's no good way to explain this.

Attached: 1521991995307.jpg (301x255, 18.25K)

i think its the cute kitty cat girl avatar

Attached: 21317969_1629510293739608_4258392089087236610_n.png (225x225, 36.75K)

Its ok to be gay, but nobody likes a homo.

Attached: 8a9dc6c6796545bd140b853684303cd42e2f7d5bbeb52b8f354558a34083205b.gif (288x422, 732.76K)

back up bully.............I will tackle...............

Attached: serval pounce.gif (560x480, 2.12M)

I guess, you can always ask your FairyGod Scoot :3
What sort of practical are you thinking?
I MUST get my butt in gear and get a few new outfits sorted.

Attached: Yuuki_Asuna1254.jpg (750x830, 140.66K)

[sweating increases]

Attached: 149827983.jpg (335x375, 13.94K)


Also, I'm fairly certain he was serious when he said it and was therefore complementing him

Attached: 1522089466001.jpg (928x1069, 472.87K)

It is okay to be homo, but no one likes a Frey

Do it...

Yeah, but they're both fucking retards.

Attached: 1522000024168.webm (542x930, 79.36K)

I liked the Fray when I was in middle school

Attached: hatsune miku00089.jpg (600x673, 114.15K)

One is definitely not smart, and I doubt cute.
The other is.... yeah. Not a person, lol

Attached: 1521559568769.webm (720x1276, 1.55M)

Exactly, so you're insulting poor Bardo.
lmao that webm
Also, put your name back on, you dip.

Attached: 1522291121111.png (1174x1530, 1.83M)

you have to buy a bbq thingy :p

what sorta ?
i have a few here
just nothing as :O
as what i posted
just bc i dont own many fem stuff atm

I can be pretty gay too, faggot.

Attached: j.PNG (185x364, 82.24K)

That is true!
And sas far as outfits go... I don't know, maybe something along the lines of lumberjack or a seattle grunge-esque outfit.
Something that I can rock my Docs with.
Ive got the terrible facial hair, may aswell complete the look.

Attached: vlcsnap-2018-01-16-00h17m13s057.png (1920x1080, 1.74M)

Clothes are overrated
Except skirts

Attached: hatsune miku00055.png (462x710, 280.76K)

Fucks sake it happened again. Thanks.
Nah, like the non-person, it was an actual compliment.
The chick is cute as hell tbh

Attached: 1521976378001.jpg (1686x2676, 3.19M)

which kinda docs ??

i can help

i wuv clothes ;w;
and skirts
i love

...in the webm?

Attached: 1521519106460.jpg (357x357, 28.89K)


dmeszqrvxc7wa.cloudfront.net/images/product/new/medium/11821006.jpg style me bb

Attached: Yuuki_Asuna0115.jpg (996x1534, 856.77K)

Attached: 1521552263184.jpg (1080x1350, 230.8K)

Attached: vomit.png (960x960, 362.35K)

Is she wearing contacts?

Attached: hatsune miku00021.jpg (640x480, 66.94K)

Attached: dc77bccf09951ef4f4d3a1a1434726c2c202ebea9bf6d15d398d309d56c301a6.jpg (638x696, 151.29K)

if you want something ez pz
(and normie)

get the classic
black jeans (preferably skinny, or slim)
tuck in the flannel maybe
and ur good to go

brown watch probably ?
maybe black.

Attached: vomit.png (960x960, 362.35K)

Those are definitely not human irises.

He is holding a dvd

Attached: hatsune miku01149.jpg (750x938, 216.09K)

Attached: 63cd947da3c70ef49edc016eb83bb84d72b08b6ea79bf03a5cce5ac0d651b454.jpg (750x950, 98.8K)

The color is fine if unusual for an east Asian but the shape is wrong

Attached: hatsune miku00134.jpg (1366x768, 882.23K)

Can I overwrite its content?

More than 2D

Attached: 1519211908035.gif (438x567, 1.52M)

tuck in flannel? INcan do that!!!

Attached: Yuuki_Asuna0719.png (709x715, 426.8K)

yes good idea

Nigga the colour is way off!
Is too speckle!

Attached: 2b4.png (352x354, 22.02K)

Most published video discs are in ROM so unless it's secretly bootleg I doubt it

No, I've seen eyes like that
Minus the uncanny valley staring in 3 directions

Attached: hatsune miku00207.jpg (650x900, 880.64K)

You need to look into eye more often!

Attached: 11.png (1073x1032, 154.91K)

If not, then the DVD is just the medium and doesn't matter much~
It should be trashed.
2D is bad, yeah

Attached: 1521478615001.jpg (1500x2121, 437.51K)

oh. The second reply was intended for Herpy

see second

personal assistant lily ^^

Attached: Yuuki_Asuna1113.png (711x719, 561.17K)

Don't make me wake up Celaeno just to post the HD picture of my iris
Eyes are magical and if you've never seen speckle eyes you don't deserve to

Attached: hatsune miku01152.jpg (237x228, 26.83K)

that's what i'm here for :p

Anime women > Men > Women > Anime men

Nigga Ive seen eyes that are speckled, but they cant be THAT defined!
Wat colour are yer eyes? Mine look grey because blue and yellow

Attached: pewk.jpg (235x235, 39.33K)

let's play dress up!

Attached: Yuuki_Asuna0033.png (500x500, 399.28K)

The kind of blue that makes people accidentally hit on me

Attached: hatsune miku00271.jpg (531x752, 97.89K)

name a time and a place :p

Attached: 1520363210001.png (800x1200, 532.71K)

-is a different kind of Blue-

A sonata is a thing like a mouse or a cat yes?
Why blue?

Attached: hatsune miku00294.png (1120x840, 976.35K)


Attached: Serval2.png (277x324, 116.02K)

People tend to say my eyes are amazing, but then they dont say things about the rest of me, so I guess my eyes are okay, but the rest of me is not.

You know you want some anime boob

Attached: errwaa.PNG (270x294, 76.81K)

-thinks blue is pritty- ^-^

Trans-Atlantic Insta Travel when!

Attached: Yuuki_Asuna1247.gif (540x200, 1.57M)

It's actually really awkward

Lots of people think I'm cute but I accidentally make eye contact with someone and it's "oh your eyes are beautiful I didn't realize they were so... Blue"
It helps that I have aspergers and don't look people in the eye very often

Attached: hatsune miku00118.jpg (1280x720, 228.89K)

It is!

Attached: hatsune miku00010.jpg (400x534, 124.74K)

well you woulda made it to tonights
i planned on streaming for awhile but like
people disappeared for a half hour and i wanted to look at clothes so.....

idk kinda sucks and i shoulda just kept streaming but whatever
oh well

I just have self esteem issues, but I guess who doesn't.
Whats it like having Asperger's?

Attached: 04d378d9e038de1b9e1f302ce8b13e4623aa0c08_hq.jpg (413x494, 33.92K)

Don't worry about it, it is your stream after all ^^
You should look at clothes! Theyre cute!
And fashion Lily is cute so ^^

Attached: Yuuki_Asuna0134.jpg (516x572, 193.91K)

I actually really don't

Attached: 1519570657461.webm (640x640, 1.33M)

What's it like not having aspergers

Attached: hatsune miku01090.jpg (850x850, 159K)

How was your day.

I need a reference.
Whats it like having Asperger's?

Attached: 1748637-puck_saves_guts.jpg (320x320, 19.3K)

It's morning, day's fine so far.
Goto bed

Attached: 1518924515544.jpg (930x1024, 395K)

I'd need a reference

Attached: hatsune miku00004.jpg (1920x1200, 369.32K)

Triple nipple.

Attached: __jakuzure_nonon_kill_la_kill_drawn_by_369minmin__775f913350f2589a7f20f989052a2be1.jpg (550x778, 367.39K)

Its too early though!
Ill probably sleep a little early tonight anyway.
Work was draining.

So it doesn't perceivable affect you?
That doesnt sound too bad.

fuk ur tiple nips

Attached: tumblr_mzntjcq3Ds1r7ilbto1_400.png (307x442, 153.14K)

-takes this as permission to get the finger paints and make smiling blue kitties on the hallway wall!-


Sounds like a good idea

Attached: 1521811873001.jpg (1500x943, 1.21M)

And I can see it affecting other people who have it worse than I do but I'm alright at blending in to the humans

Attached: hatsune miku00257.jpg (644x910, 490.46K)


Attached: 5ccb8f7dccaa004adc7bc310b83d011e.jpg (500x670, 162.7K)

Those things don't even have holes.

Attached: 1516496034127.jpg (460x559, 60.18K)

Jokes on you I'm too poor for a hallway
My apartment has a nexus

Attached: hatsune miku00003.jpg (500x571, 66.72K)


leetle holes for leetle dick

My dick is bigger than yours

Attached: 965.png (180x263, 66.84K)

Attached: Oa5MO.png (663x430, 120.94K)

They do, you're just not trying hard enough

where'd scootsy go
i need his (or someone i guess)'s opinion on this dress


sure thing user

why though


Luckly I dont have any mental illnesses that affect my day to day life.
Im only eccentric because im an idiot.

My penis is bigger now, because I am no longer puberty.
But yeah probably.

Attached: 32486-puck_large.jpg (300x338, 29.01K)

No ones trying that hard

Puck doesn't even have a benis

Attached: etna___disgaea_by_krmn_chan-d68a6k0.jpg (600x928, 142.16K)

It starts to get tricky when you have several
Fortunately my parents are rich because I'd be homeless right about now

Attached: hatsune miku00371.jpg (850x850, 235.32K)

It's always penises with you, Archives

That dress is wow, so summer! would be cute with a small cardigan, lemon/pale yellow?

Attached: vlcsnap-2018-01-15-23h35m37s640.png (1920x1080, 1.82M)

And its always about me with you

Attached: n8xhnuDg351scirn6o1_1280.jpg (1000x1469, 1.08M)

-lays down on the ceiling and paints there. Is too poor for gravity, himself.- :3

So long as its tight fitting.
That is definitely not something you would want to be loosely fitting.

Poor bastard.
Hows goin?

If I broke my shit like I did, but was in America I'd probs be dead. Dat free healthcare.

Yes, don't you like the attention?

Attached: 1520363231001.jpg (1000x1409, 201.79K)

Just kill Hu now

Letting everyone down again.

Attached: 5ccb8f7dccaa004adc7bc310b83d011e.jpg (500x670, 162.7K)

I sent my husband to bed and then I got on my computer.

Its pretty nice

I think I like it

Attached: 7009bae234b7066c8af259b606e877305f0d37b4f0e480a5c83b7a5425105555.jpg (842x699, 44.8K)

i dont own any cardigans and i think it'd be fine by itself TO BE FAIR :p

oh ofcourse not
looks to be relatively tight ?
if anything i can return it :p

Then I can look at it in my dreams

Attached: hatsune miku00369.jpg (800x600, 248.57K)

I never let anyone down.

Attached: Fc5eQ.jpg (1300x1258, 116.46K)

You'd miss me

Good, nothing will change then

Attached: 1520363227001.jpg (1343x1900, 180.77K)

It would, just saying as a future add on perhaps. But it is very nice, cute and fashionable. You getting it?

Attached: Yuuki_Asuna1174.png (1280x720, 830.1K)

i dunno
it's only $10 so like
maybe ?

but also
i need 2 get crop top bc viewers donated for crop top
and if i get crop top then i'm also spending my own money on a dress but also i think im getting cofe with nezi tomorrow
i shouldnt spend too much
i need hrt before i need clothes


When you say husband, do you mean your penis?

I reckon its gud. Doit.
Girls take me shopping for advice because it seems I can be too gay for my own good.

Ive learnt of some Americans coming to live here simply because it was cheaper to move over here than to buy daily meds over there.
A while ago I took a gander at the price of Lyrica over there, because I use dat and it was $500 for a box. It costs me $12.

Attached: njfam88L981r5qld5o1_250.jpg (201x151, 14.26K)

Your very existence is a let down.

Worth it.

Attached: 5cff24537ad61138c2f294d047790c62.jpeg (800x640, 553.76K)

or maybe u just wanna see yourself in cuteclothes too :p

I do wear womens clothing at times, but its mostly jeans and some shirts.
I like being a dude.

Attached: 12816816_1685192461746275_556383679_n.jpg (320x320, 29.9K)

Oh thank god.

I meant the guy I got married to but that works too.

I've saved lives though

I got a good kda

Attached: 1501688603028.png (490x415, 85.31K)

I don't see an 's' in 'kda'.

Attached: 28ada94bf9f924663ddb7809114257c1.jpg (512x384, 98.06K)

I almost did that once.
My condolences.

Attached: PuckSquirel.png (200x200, 55.19K)

if only it were that simple for me :p

its nice to b cute

You get points for picking up your teammates

Thank you for the support.

Attached: 0699237d704e6d2314dcd6245b608d0d.jpg (720x900, 174.02K)

dudes dont have to be stinky, its just straight dudes are stoopid

My ex asked me when I was really drunk, the cheeky fucker.

Attached: pewk.jpg (235x235, 39.33K)

points =/= kda
everyone knows kda is for statwhores that hate playing the objective

Attached: 4e091e10e258a1884b86fe575d2e2f34.jpg (800x1256, 196.82K)

So mean


Attached: 1521092728001.png (2480x3508, 2.39M)

Ban was completely sober the entire time.

oh no i agree
i meant
me stinky

for thinking im a girl or something


How about I buy you that dress and then you can get croptops.

Attached: Yuuki_Asuna0060.jpg (827x1169, 559.89K)

you know i'd love to say yes but also you've sugar daddied me enough :p

plus youre gettin that bbq

I was COMPLETELY sober.

fuck off idiot



Attached: lil baka.gif (374x400, 99.68K)

-also thinks your should go to Rhineland-Pfalz if you're going to do that. A city called Furth is there with rich rural history, especially west nearing the border with France.

Too late. Sending $10


Just do you dude.
Be a girl.
Fuck dudes.
Be a dude and a girl and fuck dudes.

How much money does he have?

Attached: bbb.jpg (345x158, 17.4K)

This was several years ago

Attached: hatsune miku00282.jpg (850x1156, 247.98K)

okay thank u herpy

this was weirdly inspirational

Jesus, what a slut

Attached: 1521005537001.png (1444x2225, 1.15M)


Attached: Yuuki_Asuna1035.png (939x720, 498.39K)

You sure like pointing that out but never actually complaining.

you ain't fooling nobody
you're straight negative

Attached: 1518235468894.jpg (1280x720, 70.39K)

Because I'm not actually offended

Attached: 1520363236001.jpg (850x1200, 119.07K)


didn't mean to do that

I haven't killed anyone or died.

If anything i'm even

Attached: hmmst.jpg (1200x789, 181.5K)

gosh dangit


i thought you were joking reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I'm going to choose to believe it is instead because you like it.

your soul has died

Attached: 7554fef866555c5c0da2ae70814fff0d.png (1037x996, 603.02K)

Do not worry about it, I can front that.

Attached: Yuuki_Asuna0077.jpg (651x826, 306.54K)

I bet i'm one of the happiest people that post here actually.

Attached: jig.gif (404x520, 2.56M)

-thinks you never know when you'll end up in Germany. It can happen.- 0_0

You can be whatever you want with enough practice.
Its why I just be whatever, because im lazy.
Also I was talking to a friend at work today and she wants to set me up with a trap and Im worried if theyre either the best of both worlds, the worst of both worlds or the best at one and the worst at the other.
The last two are unacceptable because I am shallow.

I mean if you have to put him to bed, it must be *A LOT*.

Attached: 1748637-puck_saves_guts.jpg (320x320, 19.3K)

You should go to a doc to get a look at that premature ejaculation problem of yours

You can believe what you wish to

Attached: 1520659564001.jpg (600x911, 317.7K)

this image has my interest

well it was like 3am and they had to be at work by 10

They just wanted to stay up with me longer

I can't allow that though

No its my special quirk

Attached: Nep tunia-29.jpg (600x800, 251.07K)

well it was like 3am and they had to be at work by 10

They just wanted to stay up with me longer

I can't allow that though

No its my special quirk

Attached: Nep tunia-29.jpg (600x800, 251.07K)

I agree except for the fucking dudes part
I've had enough of that in my life for now

Attached: hatsune miku00287.jpg (1200x750, 349.11K)

Yes, on account of the lack of a soul.

damn straight I can

Attached: cc07148977eb1efd38a99e5c0fabc2fc.jpg (650x1250, 148.13K)

thanks anyways
ill pay you back sometime in the future

mark my words

yeah the last one sucks (the 2nd to last also does but not as much)
it sucks a lot

i feel bad for a lotta trans people who are like
stuck in a garbage hyper masc/hyper fem body and they want the opposite and ugh

it sucks

Attached: 8e408355d0bd523f3686a9bbdfb4f54c44b11264daa4a8a33753a611636b479f.jpg (278x278, 15.47K)


Sounds more like a problem

lol no, there's nothing straight about you

Attached: 1521482656001.jpg (3242x4543, 1.25M)

I am sure you will, now gimme a smooch you determined girl

Attached: Attack.on.Titan.full.2158224.jpg (900x600, 394.28K)

Dying isn't so bad after the first few times

Attached: hatsune miku00265.jpg (761x1024, 454.78K)


Attached: neptune-kami-jigen-game-neptune-v-48243.jpg (311x451, 72.05K)

-smoosh smoosh-

Its spring, got to look cute

It keeps me safe from THOTS !

Attached: 12c9e0e84e32c8a6f0b0bbc2f11e0523b9bcd09505609bbddfc97014c1a02251.png (538x538, 491.9K)

you know it baby

Im there myself.
I want a girlfriend, but thats why my mate at work wants to hook me up with a trap.

I have unfortunately become very strict on what I see as an ideal partner now.
I see a difference between someone being flamboyant and someone being themselves, unfortunately it seems most fags dicks are flamboyant.

Oh so you banged.
Rich and bangable....I dont think I could marry for that, but I wish I could.

She is!

Attached: mnmmnm.PNG (272x204, 57.61K)


Attached: 1470203270001.jpg (180x180, 28.58K)

Everybody has their own struggles

Attached: hatsune miku00222.jpg (1191x842, 358.99K)

Having no soul is pretty edgy though, and I'm pretty sure that makes it your ultimate happiness.

Attached: 5ccb8f7dccaa004adc7bc310b83d011e.jpg (500x670, 162.7K)

Tons of Robux


Attached: 7009bae234b7066c8af259b606e877305f0d37b4f0e480a5c83b7a5425105555.jpg (842x699, 44.8K)

Seriously like a few times I was worried but now I just laugh about it

Attached: hatsune miku00037.jpg (700x700, 342.78K)

datings lame

its like



mine is "bein stinky"

Not existing sucks but you don't exist so you don't care.

Attached: owohqyc8FfvA1s488tpo2_1280.jpg (1280x1814, 668.58K)

How long yall been together?

Almost dying doesnt count as dying.
I almost died and it was boring as fuck.

This is currently my biggest issue.
I dont want to go on a date, its not that I cant get dates, I just really cant be fucked anymore.

Attached: hhhhh.PNG (455x247, 108.77K)

We got married on Sunday

i'm going to bed now


Attached: 1441685647187.jpg (614x491, 109.9K)

Stop playing with your pee

Yeah I think my problem is that I didn't stay dead

Attached: hatsune miku00224.png (640x905, 576.47K)

thots will just continue though

You too!

Attached: 1519211908035.gif (438x567, 1.52M)

Do spring things!
I am pleased its now sunshining here.
No more need for big coat, back to hoodies

Attached: Leonhardt_Annie069.jpg (919x1024, 142.22K)

yeah like
i hate turning people down too
if they asked me a couple months ago id be down but ugh

im fine as is
no need to date anyone


Dream well.

Try not to spiral out of love too fast, some people even make it to 35 before that happens.
srsly tho thats nice 2 hear

Attached: thbbbbt.PNG (210x201, 51.78K)










Attached: .jpg (1090x1080, 170.33K)













More straight than you, nerd.

Attached: 48a0c0c9a2dd3cbfd39c1ac924b1c66a.png (716x771, 192.18K)

Attached: grthrh7.jpg (1500x991, 323.71K)