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good morn laofie

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There is so many kinds tho, anime isnt aaalways made for kids in school

Most of my family is quiet when at home and I have the luxury of living on a different level.


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Not a particular fan of the style and there's nothing more cringy than nippon, and apparently dubbed is a no-no.
So absolutely 0 reason whatsoever to waste my time watching filth

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morning sinsin how you doing
I myself am extremely tired after walking a distance that I go much further than regularly so this is a bit strange
maybe blood-chan was right maybe I am very physically unenergetic
how abouts yourself

u did it

Yes there is, it's Hu

Emotionally stressed
physically well dressed
spiritually unimpressed

the usual, I'd say! and maybe you're just havin an off day? I would take literally everything blood-chan says with a grain of salt.

tho you're still new it's not your fault~

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Because of this, I dont need to listen to music or games loudly, because its quiet enough to hear everything anyway.

fuk u nippon is great
Any small business that sold games or animestuffs the guy behind the register was almost always what you'd expect.
But srsly japan and the culture is pretty cool to experience.

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please, someone applaud the RHYMES

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you make me so jealous dude. when I voice with muz n george I have to like keep my hand hovering near the mute button cause my family will JUST BELLOW RANDOMLY FOR NO REASON.

one day I'll be free

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very good rhymes, I'd reply with my own if you hadn't forced me to acknowledge them
also I just spilled coffee, and I am going to cry about it

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aww, poor coffee
just lick it up off the ground, 5 second rule right?

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does the 5 second rule apply to clothes

I wanna move out so I can be more of a slob than I already am. It would be about time too.
Procrastination is pretty fun though.

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I didn't spill it all desu so I think I'd rather just drink the coffee that remains in the cup

So don't listen to Herpy when it comes to anime or anything related to it. Got you fam

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I think so yes.

good idea, but don't forget about the tempting flavors the floor might add to the coffee

I wanna move out so I can live in a quiet, calm environment where people say nice things to me uwu

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the floor does not taste good
nor does the painful stretching of my bones due to having to move down to the floor taste good either
and it's not on the floor you goose

Real Japan is great
They hate black people and women are women there, you should love them.

I want a tiny place where nobody can bother me. Work pooter fap slepp with no interventions.

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Doesn't mean I'll like their language, or their cartoons

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why don't we all just fund into a single Holla Forums house
it'll have to be a pretty big house though

this shit almost killed me
luka got jokes all the sudden what happened LOL

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They stole their language from china, theyre terrible at language anyway.
Their cartoons can be gud fuk u

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Not if they speak nippon that's for sure

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The real question: was it intentional?


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You'll Cowards Don't Even Play Doom

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luka puts a blush face on EVERYTHING

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anybody who doesn't is lame

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bitch please yous already knew you were lame


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super lame and cowards
what a terrible combination
pic related is me, cool kid, swagging along

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I have to sleep now.
Gnight people.

ni ni rest well

Yeah but you're a nerd that doesn't even use ZDoom based ports and like

get with the TIMES

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I do though
I just said that if sinni wasn't going to bother with .pk3s or anything then Doomsday Engine would be a perfectly viable sourceport to use

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what's even the situation on gzdoom anymore
last I recall everyone was in [autistic screeching] because it spied on you or something but if it just works I mean small price to pay
I don't know maybe I'll just torture myself with CD


and I am NOT a nerd >:(

Keep your doors open next time you go take a shower Loafie, and the window open too just in case, thank you

seems like a dumb idea
like, why go to the weird other ones that are usually harder to set up and configure

Gzdoom is relatively functional out of the box; bind wasd, turn of texture filtering and you're honestly good to go.

pretty sure it doesn't

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really if you're going to only be playing vanilla doom or only custom pwads then I think it's pretty universal i.e. move the wads set it up get the controls and graphics settings you want and you're good to go

well if you want me to get into specifics it was because it obtained user data for the purpose of understanding what technologies were being used or something along those lines and people didn't take kindly to that
nice try zahl


zahl IS a complete fucking faggot, I ain't gonna deny that.

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unless you're using dosbox or skulltag or something all sourceports are fairly painless
I'm really saying 'something' a lot today

no thank you

Why not? Thought spying was alright in your book

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Why play doom when you can play Dusk though t b h

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apples and oranges pal
there's a bit of a difference between letting some stranger on the internet see what computer specifications I have and showing my mum my micropenis
and if you object to it so much, what sourceport would you recommend instead?

only if it's Hu spying

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or a better genre entirely


classic FPS is ART
you take that BACK

Can't recommend anything I've spent 0 seconds looking into

You'd rather it wasn't just spying~

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It wasn't even going to be EA, steam just yelled at them for releasing the episode previews and then not immediately releasing it, telling them to put it into EA then.

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except the multiplayer that's EA as fuck

hihi threaders~

I take what I can get

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I'm stuck in a limbo.

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hey bby, want some fugg?

How cute

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how gay

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and yeah squiddy's got a point I think I wouldn't mind opening the door when I showered if you were there no homo


afternoon desu

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That's not a "hello"

lol hi. nah, I'm reserved.

What's up?

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Yes, that too


Good morning~

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I/m just going to leave this dog right here, I hope nothing happens to him while I'm gone.

I'm sure you wouldn't have asked it of me if you objected to it
talking to someone about doom while in the shower sounds like good fun


fine geez

good game regardless
might as well wait until release though

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Well hey good lookin'~ What's new with you?

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There's no dog

So silly~

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/patpat good boi

I woke up and ruined my good dreams :(

How's you?

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what's silly about it
I wouldn't suggest anyone do something unless I thought it'd be a good thing to do, I am hoping you are the same

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I kinda know what that's like. What were you dreaming?

I got home from work an hour and a bit ago. Been exploring space. Might work on my game for a bit now though I dunno yet.

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You being straight but suggesting some rather gay things

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you can't go callin me shit like that

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hey I'm just going along with your suggestion
it was your suggestion so I'm hoping that it was a well thought out one

friends do you ever look into the abyss and then the abyss looks back

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look at him try to justify it

that's a big thonker

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I don't like thinking for myself

I'm watching RLM of all fucking people talk about freddy got fingered right now so uh
I think the answer is yes?

So what you're saying is, you want people to tell you what to do?

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that's exactly it yes
you see what you're doing
you're thinking for me, it's nice isn't it

but I'm a gigafaggot though

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Freddy got fingered is my least favorite movie of all time

what the fuck is wrong with the dude who made it.

george just laughed as we watched that horror

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You know, there's a lot of ways people from here would take that

That seems to be the primary question discussed in this

tbh it seems interesting on a meta level, though like fuck I'd ever want to watch it

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lmao what do you think this board is here for

I was dreaming cuddly dreams with a cutie I know :p

ooh yeah, you've been getting sucked into space. you should prolly work on your gaem^^

I see
don't molest me alright pal


im a farmer daddy

I might not like thinking for myself but that doesn't mean I'm retarded you know

Would it really be molesting?

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But space is so comfy though!

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I'm just saying, you know.

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We all carry these things inside that no one else can see
They hold us down like anchors, they drown us out at sea
I look up to the sky, there may be nothing there to see
But if I don't believe in him, why would he believe in me?
Why would he believe in me?
Why would he believe in me?
Why would he believe in me?
Why would he believe in me?

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yeah it would be
I am not gay, you are
therefore sexual activity between the two of us would be unwanted on my end, making it an act of molestation

I wish I wasn't like this, but not much I can do about it

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mmhm it sucks all the hours away though haha

*pomfs* this is comfy too~

poor loafie

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I can't even be bothered to work on my game fml ;~;

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*fuqs ur life*

I... don't think that's how that works...

What's on the agenda for today, in any case?

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I'm sure I'll stop being a faggot one day
one day



That'd be lame though

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I have work in six hours cause I got a weirdo closing shift for today.

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Ohhhhh. Ewww, that's yucky.

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Power Word: Kill

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I don't like the prospect of people from here taking advantage of me either

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Simple solution: find someone you want to take advantage of you

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yeah, a little bit. But in the meantime I'm here wif yoo

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Well, yeah, it works out great in my favour.

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I want everyone to take advantage of me

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He totally isn't gay, though!

You're quite welcome cutiepie

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So what're your thoughts on Halloween?

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Seems to run contrary to what you said a post ago.

Attached: 48a0c0c9a2dd3cbfd39c1ac924b1c66a.png (716x771, 192.18K)

I love Halloween but I've accidentally slept through any parties or trick or treating or w/e the last few years.

Wh-why? Do you like Schmalloween?

Attached: Yes, just like in wizard of oz.png (302x514, 204.2K)

Just floating a few ideas around my head.

It's my single favourite day of the year.

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Tell meeeeeeee

Attached: yer 2kyoot.png (408x412, 210.92K)

I don't mind being taken advantage of if the person in question has good intentions if that makes sense, probably not



Attached: .jpg (648x960, 71.71K)


I just want to be loved by someone who can help me make up for my shortcomings
or just loved by someone at all

Attached: mpv-shot0016 (2).jpg (1920x1080, 111.74K)

Take advantage of my good intentions bb

No, wait. Don't pls.


Attached: .jpeg (811x1041, 465.94K)

I've started taking Halloween and the days surrounding it off as vacation time. I wouldn't mind having someone to share my favourite day with. Just gauging interest at the moment, is all.

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I'm too much of a spaglord to even know how.

Attached: 145.png (602x388, 286.24K)

Cute, but the the problem was with the everyone part of that statement as much as the wanting to be taken advantage of part

Attached: 1496619469704.jpg (600x600, 48.98K)

You come here or I go there?

Attached: Marian stock image.png (442x496, 214.22K)

You already have something to save up for; it'd only be right for me to go to you. Plus the UK is fucking SHITE that time of year.

Attached: 100.png (553x382, 284.39K)

not necessarily but my avoidance of women probably doesn't help a great deal

well I suppose there are some I'd like to more so than others but I don't think that changes much

Attached: mpv-shot0008 (2).jpg (1920x1080, 123.14K)

Why you avoiding womens?

Attached: .jpg (518x604, 79.37K)

*le bites lippu faec*

Yup, it's a date

Attached: (30).png (239x208, 43.41K)

You gotta promise to help me with things like having somewhere to sleep and shit 'cause I want it to be a half decent vacation as well as.

Attached: 37.png (500x347, 245.06K)

Okay but what's your costume idea gonna be?

I don't like them because I find they are often too loud, too judgemental and usually care about themselves far more than anything else

Um, Loafie, sweetie... that's kinda gay.

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Well I think me and the roommate decided we're gonna get a house instead of me moving away 3000 miles, so that shouldn't be a problem by then^^

H-hey ./////.

Attached: (11).png (495x489, 135.58K)

I don't even have to get that much better at saving in order to pull this off. This idea just gets better and better the more I actually think about it. Which I totally did before suggesting it.

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poor loaf

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It's a big trouble to find quiet girl in your college?

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You want to fuck Loafie or want to Loafie fuck you?

Attached: .jpeg (612x812, 113.44K)

Knowing them, the later.

Attached: d57b647617f06c5094f664add849c953.gif (357x500, 602.61K)

Neither. I've been reserved by another party.

Attached: 32.png (307x346, 144.16K)

bb that doesn't sound too reassuring~

Attached: (1).png (382x373, 95.39K)

not necessarily
I still find females sexually attractive (and males not), I just don't like to talk to females is all


I don't go to college, nor do I want to
and if I did it wouldn't change much, I have yet to speak to a single woman who has gone against what I said, and I don't really fancy going out and speaking to potentially hundreds just to find one decent one

Attached: mpv-shot0011 (4).jpg (1920x1080, 172.07K)


my spaghettis are literally everywhere

I can't imagine women are too interested in speaking to a person such as myself either

You didn't hear about my recent philanthropic streak? I'm a giver now.

Attached: 112.png (304x352, 144.06K)

Sooo, you choose to be alone by yourself

Attached: .jpg (1280x1329, 156.67K)

I didn't write any of it down so how much I'd already thought of is questionable. But I did spend a fair chunk of my shift working it out in my head.

Attached: 83.png (570x389, 262.52K)

I feel like Loafie probably has a really bad relationship with his mother.

oh well

sure, fag

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Attached: Fuji spaghetti 1.webm (636x492, 2.29M)

Maybe I could put us up in a really nice hotel for a week ;3

Attached: (40).png (314x229, 38.14K)

Or some other female family member. Personally I would probably have deep psychological scarring from half of the women on my dad's side of the family if I saw more than a couple times a year.

Attached: 143.png (501x383, 251.67K)

That's why I reverse adopted a different family lmao

Attached: (31).png (205x186, 34.36K)

I suppose so
I've got Discord and Holla Forums and other online communities so it's not like I'm completely alone

it's not great but it's not that bad either
maybe it'd be a bit better if she weren't so much of a cunt just saying

how do you cope with it my friend

Attached: 1513717250511.jpg (544x960, 73.62K)

Oooooh, well now I know how much you like the thought of spending Spooksmas together I'm gonna have to come clean: I actually had most of the logistics figured out before I suggested it and everything else is the closer-to-the-time stuff.

Attached: 132.png (465x386, 218.8K)

That fat girl is are fucking ugly, isn't weird, that she's masturbating 22 years

Attached: .jpg (461x800, 122.75K)

You gotta meet some nice girlies, that's all^^

Yaaaaams it's happening.

When were you up to all this~?

Attached: cheekpuff.png (428x584, 119.66K)


Attached: .jpg (1300x1500, 298.76K)

You're lucky she's not here.

Attached: erin dildo -audio.webm (420x312, 2.09M)

Attached: .jpg (1360x768, 76.21K)

keep in mind I live in the UK so the women here aren't exactly the greatest

well it's true isn't it
50 years ago I'd be forced to go outside if I wanted to talk to people, but now I don't have to, I see no reason as to why I shouldn't use that luxury

A) have achieved the zen state of 'Relationships are a mental drain upon me which are not worth the effort; the positive emotions I recieve from them are fundamentally not worth the weight upon my soul placed by an obligation to regularly interact with someone to an extent which infringes upon my introspective nature. Ergo, the lack of a relationship is not bad."
A) occasionally hit up cute fags that want dicks stuck in them and tell them I want to stick my dick in them

So basically I only hit a problem when I fall for people which is a pain in the ass but can't really avoid that one.

Attached: sample_a260c1e039ff6357b2dc30d29fbc940b.jpg (850x1079, 112.74K)

idk you're on the internet, I'm sure you could figure it out.

Attached: gypsy (42).png (618x856, 768.82K)

the second one was meant to be B) but w/e

I started coming up with a rough time of year while we were space chatting last night and then today I narrowed it down, considered reasons why it's the best idea I've ever had, worked out what I need to do in preparation, and suggested it to you. So long as the Universe doesn't conspire to fuck me I reckon it might really be happening.

Attached: 152.png (499x379, 245.99K)

In Scotland the women are usually reasonably friendly, in north west England they're really forward and may in fact rape you and in Wales they're all literally sheep. As in ewes. I don't think human women exist in Wales.

Attached: 63.png (392x385, 194.78K)

Speaking with people online, and speaking with peoples irl is completely different

Attached: .jpeg (811x541, 48.02K)

Only if you let them be.

Attached: 103.png (554x386, 246.18K)

well I'd love to be like you and analyse things critically like that, but I'm not capable of that, because that would require thought and logic
I don't mind being stuck like this, I've gotten by like this in the past

I'm not even sure why I'm even discussing this
my mum and sinni are plenty of women to have in my life

yeah tell me about it pal
I'm pretty sure wales is just a dumping ground for people who got caught in chernobyl

I am fully aware of that, that's why I do it online much more often
if Holla Forums was an actual club people went to I probably wouldn't have said a single word

Attached: mpv-shot0033.jpg (1920x1080, 212.02K)

Best idea you've ever had??

You're so adorable I can't wait.

lmk if you need any help or anything

Heck yeah. There are reasons it's a great idea beyond even the fact I'll get to shitpost from your side. I mean that part is only 80% of the reason it's totally brilliant.

Plus there aren't that many other good ideas to compare it to but let's not think about that.

Attached: 228.png (633x381, 260.28K)

I am glad for and aware of the rarity of my ability to remain detached in introspection.

so yeah, not really advice which translates

I don't find that to be the case at all. At least for voice online. Speaking to people in text is obviously different to speaking to people vocally.

Attached: sample-3edff09f7d11abcc86bcf16a35325cd1.jpg (850x631, 85.44K)

holy shit my face hurts from so much laughing ITT. thanks for the good times


You need a spine, weak fag

Attached: .jpg (959x680, 69.98K)

If I downplay it hard enough do you think I can disguise the fact my stomach has become a lepidopterarium?

Attached: 194.png (358x397, 224.68K)

omg flag memes are dank.

Attached: gypsy (45).png (600x450, 90.41K)

I'm so relieved it's not just me.

I feel like I missed a part of this conversation.

It'll be cool to have you posting with a murrican flag

Yeah, got me just about right.

Attached: sample-5951c5b789fa5c40d32f5b48b939d305.jpg (850x1189, 297.88K)

I see you have conveniently ignored the part wherein I stated the fact that I am not affected by not knowing many women, and am perfectly content with the very few I have

Any idea what butterflies eat? Apparently I've adopted a few hundred of them.

Attached: 63.png (392x385, 194.78K)

Sugar, bb.

Attached: gypsy (28).png (358x449, 76.51K)

No thanks, I'm sweet enough already.


Attached: 754824cb3545029d9e170f2aa6dd87b617189e26f9d88f6c2c9e85dbf9000b2d.jpg (700x996, 110.41K)

Hmmph. That's what I was gonna say next.

Attached: gypsy (17).png (630x632, 127.19K)

what's with the ID 000000 anyway

Gonna go play PS4 for a wee while. Should still be on Steam if you need to get hold of me. If not have fun at work~ ♡

heh, if you're so happy why do you complain about being unloved and/or lonely?


have fun. toodles

contentedness and happiness are not the same thing


Attached: TheSecondChild3284.png (1271x814, 1.37M)

I am too fidgety to do anything god dang it.

Attached: 1521978621001.jpg (595x842, 378.22K)

you copypasted it like I should know and/or have read it from somewhere

Caffeine man.

Attached: TheSecondChild0044.jpg (906x769, 82.5K)

Attached: Selection_999(832).png (1199x535, 112.17K)

Attached: .jpg (1200x1200, 293.24K)

again, like I'm going to put any research into this
fukken shitty ass site

You asked people. That's putting some research into it too~

Attached: 1521978624001.jpg (595x842, 330.49K)

You know how to work with phpmyadmin?

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Attached: [HorribleSubs] Darling in the FranXX - 07 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_21.16_[2018.03.27_10.40.02].jpg (1920x1080, 125.17K)

Nope. Is it an IDE?

Slutwolf is pretty cute

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No, it's database

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Apparently a tool for MySQL and MariaDB.
But this is the first time I've heard of it

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Well, fuck

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I've only used ASP.NET with C#, sorry.
And I wasn't the one who set it up

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My brother talks to himself about the absolute dumbest shit. He'll just tell himself shit like, "I really like this show."

How many experience you have in c#?

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Ceras used C# in CS course..................

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Nothing much outside school, though have used it for quite a few projects

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C# courses or what? Are you teacher?

Not much i supposed, damn

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No it was cs studies, course called "programming languages"
Used it in combination with assembly...........

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3 years to develop games in unity and 2 semesters at uni. It's a little

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Is Hupondyad CS student???

What a weird combination.

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How much you know about code culture?Can you review my code?

What language are you studying now?

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Took a course in Software Engineering (development practices and so), and aced the test, so a little I guess?
Possibly. Post it lol

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It was C# used to print the result and run three different implementation made written on assembly for efficiency...........


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Don't bully about spelling

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It's pretty similar to c#

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Hmm, fair enough.

Just x86 asm?


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Who told you that?


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nah, AAU

It doesn't do much as of now, does it?
And uhm... you probably want better commit messages~

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Same school


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Oh no

It's pretty small project. It almost over. Next i'm gonna make AR game.
Yeah, i need more code comments

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My father actually.

Fancy stuff, I've only used MIPS before.

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post that salami.

Damn he must be hot

that salami.


Then you either need to find a game engine supporting that, or make your own, and good luck there~

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not words. that fuckin cock.

He is lame...............
Ceras is cool.............................

Are you cs also???

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Unity sucks the big dickie

Unity is pretty nice tbh

Hu is a hungry gay skeleton

It’s literally broken

I do really love food, yeah

It's literally not, lol.

It is though

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Maybe he poops a lot...........

I already graduated, but yeah.

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pray tell me how

But I do!
I just can't gain weight

Attached: 1521979012001.jpg (1200x2118, 1.58M)

Mb. he have hole in stomach

What a loser, lol

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Runs in the family. It'll be different when I'm 40.
Until then, I'm just a skeleton

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The way you make animations is broken

Just difficult, and I'm sure it's just as difficult in other games.
Still, if you want to support multiple platforms, you got no better engine. Shit just works after you compile it.

It only works because of a work around

It’s broken

I thought you already old enough to be fat

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Yeah, it's pretty crazy, right? :^)

Unity is really easy to use though

Anyone can do it

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You can make some cheap shitty game super fast

Like that new wheel of fortune



Attached: asdsasdads.png (854x570, 804.39K)

never played much with animations. Only animations I did was in Autodesk, and god fucking hell that shit is terrible as fuck

Nah man, I'm not 40. I'm only 25

Wrong. There are quite a few Unreal Engine games that just flat out doesn't work on Linux, yet I've never, ever experienced the same thing with Unity-based games.

I'm sure you've similar experiences

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Well, fuck you :

Three weeks ago you were 27

Attached: .jpg (1300x1500, 298.76K)

nah. I'm turning 26 soonish

Unity is a good beginner engine yeah. But it's god a lot of problems. Every serious game dev I know eventually switches to Unreal.

That's anecdoctal evidence, and due to the devs, not the engine. Unreal works fine on Linux. I have also ran into games made with Unity that did not work on Linux, like Ultimate Chicken Horse recently.

What have you made in unity ?

How soon?

Attached: .jpg (1178x1123, 256.34K)

Ty Tom

Attached: heart.png (800x1097, 477.53K)

Perhaps so. Like everybody else, I can only speak from what I've experienced myself, and I've yet to encounter Unity games that doesn't work, but have encountered a few Unreal games that just sucks

Shitty platformers and a Warlock-like game

A few months

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Who plays VRChat? :o

Attached: Screenshot_1.png (1586x800, 304.16K)

I do


I don’t know what a warlock game is

I'm hilarious, right?

I was just memeing Sucy with that.

But I mean, I can break any software on any platform if I misuse a system header or the standard, it's not always the engine's fault. They're probably the most tested part of the process.

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You still old men

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Who might you be?

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You would get kicked with those avatars


Yeah, true


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This can be explained by the way both engines work "out of the box". Look at it that way:
- Unity: You need to follow tutorials to do a basic game, it comes with very little out of the box. Everything is super simplified, and accessing the lower level is annoyingly difficult, not to mention it's closed-source for the most part, making hardcore debugging of really complex issues REALLY hard. So what that means is that for a beginner dev for simple games it's perfect since all the details are hidden, and someone who makes a Unity game learns things on the way and kinda knows what they're doing by the end.
- Unreal on the other hand is much much harder to master, it exposes the whole api (and it's 100% open source!) but it also comes packaged with a LOT of stuff including basic AI, pre-made FPS projects etc. What that means is that both really complex games AND shovelware are easier made on Unreal. You can make a whole game in Unreal without coding a single line, and without getting anything of what's going on. That can come with bad testing practice.

Grandfather of thread

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It's bullying out of admiration. Not mean at all.

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I'm allowed to express myself >:

You’re cancer on the inside

I'm pure and innocent c:

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I play with team 5 and other people a lot

Play with me....................

I don’t think I’ve met you before

Even then, if you bought the enterprise license, you also get full access to the code, same with Unreal.


Attached: 1521978802001.jpg (595x842, 336.82K)

That's not tne entire engine, they've opened tiny bits of the engine but not anywhere near all of it. Unity is not open source, and they do not even claim to be open source.

No need to pay anything to get access to the Unreal code. Just sign up to GitHub and join their organization. I know, I'm in it

Attached: Screenshot from 2018-03-28 19-41-12.png (1920x1080, 155.86K)

Ah.. I thought that was how it worked.
Oh well

Attached: 61509053_p0.png (900x1181, 500.9K)

I can't brain right now

Attached: 1521978584001.jpg (595x842, 393.96K)

I don't play with them, but I play with some pretty cool people ^_^

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Attached: mmmg.png (400x400, 127.65K)


Attached: 1521909837913.png (266x350, 125.16K)

please don't bully

Attached: 1506353491001.jpg (600x888, 395.27K)

do NOT bully hu
he is very smart

Bully Loafie, he's not very smart.

Attached: 1521912539617.jpg (597x623, 32.88K)


Compared to you, yes he is.

I'm not very smart but that doesn't mean you should bully me ;_;

Hey, that's not nice!

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friendship ended with spectre
now hu is my new best friend

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Attached: nyehnyeh.jpg (850x1299, 166.92K)

Light fuse, run away.

Attached: poof.gif (500x294, 703.72K)

Why is she torturing that poor spider?

Attached: 1521993017017.jpg (277x747, 81.48K)

I genuinely forgot. But I'm sure it was for science.

Attached: fungus.gif (500x279, 2.19M)

Attached: 1517401674201.jpg (705x700, 119.14K)



Just bully everyone.

Attached: 14841453268730.jpg (3405x2266, 677.99K)

i'll bully you

bully him hard with your dick

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Bully me


Okay do it

I don't know how

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do not bully

Call me a doofus or something

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You have a small penis and you stink

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Aww yeh, that's the good shit.

Attached: 67904581_p0 - 銀髪ロリバニー(おしり).jpg (2508x3541, 2.34M)

everyone gets one

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I'm here for mine

Give me lunch now too.

Fuck off cancer dick

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How in Vegas?

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You're short and have weird peepee

A sandwich for M'lady xD

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u fkn wot m8

I don't leave to Vegas until Fri morning

My peepee looks normal now tho
Or at least somewhat normal

But I'm a boy tho

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Fucking alcoholic

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I believe you

Me too

lets compare dick sizes

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awww yis

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what a giant fucking slut

also, goodnight

nini hu



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I made a folder for her once.


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she qt

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Have fun cumming on your tummy

shes p cute

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Attached: scary.jpg (540x680, 78.05K)



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Jesus christ wish

Attached: prrrt.png (847x744, 179.69K)


Attached: .jpg (652x960, 73.69K)


Attached: blankieoonster.jpg (1280x720, 618.01K)

Wouldn't that make them about an inch longer than your arm?

Make *it longer than etc.

this keeps getting scarier

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You didn't know? Wish's dick is like a hydra. There are 5 or 6 of them now.

What's up?

What the heck? Who has 6 inch arms

Attached: 67936797_p0 - ★ 銃器少女.jpg (3189x4500, 7.45M)

I... I'm sure somebody said you're about 2 feet tall.

7.8 is pretty big, it's something like

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Y'all niggas are gay

Attached: 25.png (1187x527, 378.45K)

No YOU are!

Got offered a job at a dispensary as a budtender.

Kind of questioning the value of my degree.

Attached: 26.png (1064x520, 291.17K)

What's your major?

I'm currently a high school teacher. I'm not going to bother taking it, despite it probably being a much more day-to-day enjoyable job. I like the security I have where I'm at. I also didn't piss away thousands of dollars and five years of my life for nothing.

Maybe six years ago this could have been a good opportunity.

Attached: 9.png (571x513, 181.99K)

Can you sell your degree?

Interacting with highschoolers all day sounds awful.

Attached: ilovelamp.png (590x800, 453.87K)

Sometimes I truly fucking wish.

I only deal with upperclassmen at least this year. so it's pretty lax. Most of them are self sufficient or totally mentally checked out. I don't interact with them on any personal level unless it's in regard to something we're talking about as a class. It's much more fulfilling than I ever thought it would be. Granted, this is only my first year. I'm sure my opinion will change a decade down the road.

Attached: 8.png (661x508, 196.13K)

I wish tbh..

W-Why do you know that?

Attached: 64984596_p0 - ショートパンツ刹那ちゃん.jpg (1447x2047, 488.96K)

Attached: babyserval.jpg (480x360, 32.23K)

Oh, awesome then.

I was pretty sure, I went to check my data before posting.

Attached: disappointed.jpg (1024x922, 68.37K)

post it.

'Sup dood?

Mhmm. Simple shit. Would be cool to work with pot all day though.

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Attached: TheSecondChild0044.jpg (906x769, 82.5K)

Do it you wont

baaawd :3

getting read yfor work what about you ? ; ~;

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hai waofie

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