Attached: 39369dfd7770538099779fbbcb2f208eb211a3eb1e33e1af5ca429b2e35d12c9.jpg (500x555, 27.28K)

Jiggle for me (You)

Attached: NOT furry (50).jpg (800x600, 83.78K)

yeah yeah chump

popular nezi
you linked so many people holy cow
yeah i think something else would be better
id sooner spend $26 on a meal tbh
not that i want to spend $26 on a meal but

sitting down talking to each other and having good food sounds better than 10 minutes of speed !!!!

also yeah no force fem :/
the question is
do i come in full force with make up and wig or do i just half fem it and wear a cute top and pants hmmmm.

any idea as to what to do ?


Attached: cairn3.png (1280x1159, 770.62K)

Let it all out

Attached: NOT furry (80).jpg (700x600, 144.4K)

You can make him do whatever you please.

Attached: a700067476a2caefb52ff87afc086c50da79c7fe_full.jpg (184x184, 6.46K)

i was kidding don't be so hard on yourself ;w;

I need a new skirt though my $6 one the zipper came off

it was sooooo cheap (but also cute)

*jiggles* :3

you can dress up if you want ^-^

yeah I only do the gokart thing like once a year if that lol

when's your birthday btw way

Attached: blyo020th7l01.jpg (1482x2849, 302.67K)

Not so much. At least not cheaply. It is a 1981 so it's somewhat hard to find some things. Thankfully gold wings are popular so there are usually parts available, but they are getting less so.

The other one is my gold wing, the one I got hit on.

My Harley just had it's while rebuilt when I got it, and I've gone through everything when I did. It has about 9k miles on it right now.

Attached: 0805161522.jpg (4160x2340, 3.04M)

youre right
unless i get lazy
its a hassle looking like a GODDESS !!!!

do you think i have that kinda power ?
i dunno.

i was just speaking out loud i guess :p
obviously i can dress up if i want
eventually i wont have to and ill just be a booby monster (sorry sakurako)

or atleast thats the goal anyways @[email protected]

You seem to have a large amount of self esteem for somebody who time they are ugly.

Good to know?


Attached: 0e8ee6d34cd6f435e54f7ad5ba6023ab.png (400x400, 11.13K)

Being terrible is the funnest part of life though

dunno if you saw my reply or not

i meant like all the way~

i just meant like, go all the way with it :x

makeup sounds difficult
did it take long to learn?

buy me a new one :3c

Attached: I would buy ice cream from there.png (640x1440, 651.9K)

I wasn't talking about you

You gotta find someone who will make shit for you on request, that's always great to have

ur always a godess bby

Attached: NOT furry (22).jpg (350x502, 64.49K)

oh....sorry :c

Sure, give me your address.

Attached: gai1.jpg (225x350, 28.03K)

hmmm i think being kind to people is much better though

Attached: 5fdgykdw13701.jpg (529x401, 60.39K)

That's right, you better be.

Attached: NOT furry (19).png (610x1100, 838.13K)

69 Rainbow Road Orlando, Florida

do you forgive me ian uwu

Attached: Yj7pwNU.jpg (900x1236, 167.25K)

My da has a machine shop. I can make a lot of stuff. I could even make an entire set of primary covers if I wanted. But still, parts suck.

Attached: diabetes.jpg (2100x1400, 195.13K)

who time they are ugly ?
are u just saying im ugly :p

its more ego than self esteem i hink

i didnt think so.
do you ?

im still learning
ive only had the opportunity to practice a few times bc most times i have available im either streaming or out of the house ;~;

its tuff
eyeliner still is a mystery to me
and eye shadow
and anything EYE

thanks (real name) i try my hardest

Sounds fake.

Attached: 6e462f98601ba802d78f69f8da98e530.png (400x400, 10.56K)

Yea I couldn't think of what I wanted to say. But yes, your ego is as big as my dick.

You can do both! Just dont be a dick!

Do I what?

Attached: a700067476a2caefb52ff87afc086c50da79c7fe_full.jpg (184x184, 6.46K)

Depends on what you're willing to give for it

Nice. I think I'd enjoy making my own stuff tbh

Attached: NOT furry (49).png (1031x750, 180.45K)

you should try to do the Zero Two eyeliner for practice :3

u caught me

but don't you have to be a dick to be a terrible person?

oh anything for you, ian

Attached: c88ee5baf3d354fd55a83b4da809702daa266008fa1e4e47a8e5920d39302146.png (1265x1080, 1.48M)

guess i have no ego then.... that settles it :c

have the power to make nezi do as you please.

no its a meme bc i think i called u ian once and you got upset in thread
or maybe that was kyle

anime may have brainwashed me to become a girl

but i DO NOT wanna look like a pink haired doofus

Wasn't difficult.

I'm stronger than him, yeah.

Attached: dcfacfa134528588289d735ed5c7d585.jpg (511x720, 182.63K)

I demand a worthy tribute

Definitely wasn't me, everyone's known my name for years lol. Neru even leaked my full name

Attached: NOT furry (136).jpg (900x753, 92.83K)

No you can just be annoying sometimes instead!

Attached: 1500034599617.jpg (725x1024, 171.3K)

Attached: a-cat-a-dog-a-ferret-10-pictures-4.jpg (530x403, 47.04K)

I was just talking about the eyeliner, and as a for fun thing :(

idk i thought it would be a fun challenge to try, guess not .-.


hmm i guess that works

Attached: __hiro_and_zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_maiko_mimi__sample-99d1c4bbbad1e2332f3eaf26b98e4969.jpg (850x517, 74.7K)

Present your tribute of choice and I shall judge it

Attached: NOT furry (73).jpg (600x800, 102.95K)

Unconditional happiness is a powerful tool.
Hows nezi?

Attached: fB3zHhc.jpg (615x615, 59.88K)

will u protect me if needed ?

okay ian

i wanna b a ferret @[email protected]

we'll see :p
i cant even do regular eyeliner grrrr

You're too mean for me to grant you such a gift.

Attached: pet-ferret.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart.jpg (644x364, 14.65K)

Thanks for being understanding Joseph

Attached: NOT furry (96).jpg (300x570, 30.35K)


Attached: a700067476a2caefb52ff87afc086c50da79c7fe_full.jpg (184x184, 6.46K)

uh...hugs and a cup of hot chocolate?

i am much better. was in pain and feeling down from it, now I'm happy again and feeling better.

progress! ^^

good luck! just keep practicing~

makeup is expensive though right?

Attached: __hiro_ichigo_and_zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_nene_taiwan__sample-45a161b6ffcfd9ccffed28d8c49583fe.jpg (850x1131, 243.3K)

me ? mean ?
give proof :p

like if me u and nezi are out n about and i look like a tranny crossdresser will you be willing to protect me from a hypothetical threat


Attached: GettyImages-157431696-5818d0a83df78cc2e8c87e9f.jpg (2000x1333, 160.86K)

it sorta is
depends on what u get 100%
i filled my make up bag (which is a ziploc bag lol) with a $50 gift card i got from my grandparents

also my birthday
u asked forever ago
its dec 21
so like


Attached: a700067476a2caefb52ff87afc086c50da79c7fe_full.jpg (184x184, 6.46K)

that's not even being mean thats me putting you in your place
bragging about that sorta thing is GROSE

aw :c
i thought you would...
sadly I can't get my concealed carry till 21

winner winner chicken dinner

Get muscle.

Attached: a700067476a2caefb52ff87afc086c50da79c7fe_full.jpg (184x184, 6.46K)

Pfft. You're a big meanie

Attached: ferret-popping-out-ThinkstockPhotos-584207536.jpg (712x475, 169.81K)

okay first of all no
second of all even if i get muscle im gonna be comparatively weaker than most men who would be doing something like this

i just wanna have a blammie in my purse
or jacket
jacket is faster draw

-boops ur noes-


Attached: a700067476a2caefb52ff87afc086c50da79c7fe_full.jpg (184x184, 6.46K)

So there you are, Mr. Evil

Never heard of them

It will do

Attached: NOT furry (15).png (400x550, 321.18K)

No. You make me sad. I say good day.

Attached: 4b781e9ca87207e037f48873515d019e--so-cute-wild-animals.jpg (700x733, 56.3K)

You thot.

Attached: 8d9070f94d761594bc688f481372c59a.jpg (850x567, 54.26K)


Attached: 56366d8cd54c109d6ccae53666bb40fc.png (400x400, 14.4K)

Begooooooone. ♥

Attached: frisk_by_sasucchi95-d9sx6zl.png (800x771, 447.16K)


Attached: 56366d8cd54c109d6ccae53666bb40fc.png (400x400, 14.4K)

i wanna get one but I don't think I should have a gun with my history of depression


how are you?

oh did I miss it? :^(

i'm gonna write it down

Attached: __hiro_and_zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_kasuga_souichi__sample-7ee3cb97f708ed7cb8c52dfa4e64b60b.jpg (850x744, 149.17K)

no i mean
in the future
once im hrt tranny



Attached: a700067476a2caefb52ff87afc086c50da79c7fe_full.jpg (184x184, 6.46K)

being very lazy
I need to walk down to the post office to collect a package, but I cant be bothered doing the 3min walk.

Attached: bbb.jpg (345x158, 17.4K)

i thought your gift previously was a xmas and bday :p


Attached: 25f1a0b551a4567a5aae3da8c1335438.gif (540x509, 33.56K)

i was in a mw2 free-for-all game and the guy had the lobby modded so much he could spawn us in front of him at a moment's notice

one second you're running the next second he spawns you in front of him and one-shots you with shotgun

then he kicks people when they get close to winning, with his score permanently paused at 29

jesus christ

exercise is good for you!

oh right

sorry i'm kinda forgetful

i forgot i got you a daki for a second

man im tired today :(

Attached: __ichigo_and_zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_bokkun_doyagaobyo__affcbf0c15846a2e0642762b094f967c.png (800x1200, 629.16K)

is okay bubber :p
i am physically tired rn
im gonna probably do one more doubles set and one more singles set

the worst part about ddr is the
"One more set"
you say one more set at 9 pm and then youre at dnb till 2 am

How do I get myself outside if I know I dont need to exercise?

Attached: njfam88L981r5qld5o1_250.jpg (201x151, 14.26K)

no cute zone

i'm wearing my dnb work shirt right now actually >.<

the music is really loud and repetitive there

what kinda music is on the DDR? techno?

Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_hati105__sample-f6bf3c18b793bcdd5836e09a9a48892d.jpg (850x1200, 215.99K)

you worked at dave n buster ??

gosh nezi ur such a noob weeb
do some research !!!!
maybe ill take u to show u some ddr when we meet up for (cofe ?) :p


sounds fun ^^

yes and no, long story

Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_cang_se_ye_hua__sample-03acf7f7094c532b3eef860fe8f4a5f6.jpg (850x1247, 261.99K)

just know
if at any time you wanna dip PLEASE say something

i will just keep playing until i run out of money or they close

hmm we'll see

i'm pretty easy-going so I usually don't mind many things

Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_bomhat__92d83910c76c1ac41966817da4ae9b0e.png (789x1200, 1.12M)

no but i mean like
ill be there for hours
tonight i was planning on leaving around 10 its nearing 12:30

and like idk i kinda wanna stay LOL
They close at 2

Attached: 1519148336001.png (2480x5433, 7.2M)


Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_herozu_xxhrd__1b425f3508bf45a744f66ba3c0aeb25f.jpg (800x1066, 548.49K)

[Insert something witty here]

Attached: 1587754__suggestive_artist-colon-hoodie_edit_fluttershy_blushing_blush sticker_butterscotch_chest fluff_clothes_comic-colon-butters big night_earth pon.png (1320x1320, 2.43M)

im eatan publix cookiez

killed it

Attached: 1518803168001.jpg (581x900, 121.12K)


which kind

are they the soft sugar cookies with lots of frosting

or the regular chocolate chip ones from the bakery area

Attached: __hiro_ichigo_and_zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_viperxtr__sample-14f06d01c1b1417ccf1f8e63b778703c.jpg (850x1857, 385.88K)

Attached: babyserval.jpg (480x360, 32.23K)

choco chip chewy bakery ones
rheyre my favorite :o

Attached: 1516461473001.jpg (1075x806, 486.67K)

Attached: 24.png (703x415, 270.88K)

personally i think cookie dough is better than actual cookies :~)

Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_koulu__sample-ff1b8c3725d4ee62249f47c0a287c6cd.jpg (850x1274, 161.42K)

Oh no is she okay? it looks like she has a tummyache.....

Attached: furrowed.jpg (960x640, 252.42K)


Attached: 229b7656572a41b08169007a151db827.png (1000x1000, 478.06K)

cute bowkemon

Attached: SanicThuHudgeheg.png (500x500, 75.12K)


Attached: 62422473_p9.jpg (750x1334, 428.66K)

yeah yeah, all's good

Attached: 1515872768001.jpg (1024x768, 478.15K)

Vulpix is a shitfox.


Attached: CremeΓÖÑBard.jpg (159x159, 32.86K)


I hope youre having a good day so far : 3

Attached: CoffeeΓÖÑBard.jpg (159x159, 25.86K)

I do not know what that means.

Attached: 62047636_p0.png (2000x2000, 2.96M)

I don't either.....
but all the cool kids are saying it

Attached: tea with retards.jpg (800x600, 164.31K)

It has barely started. Gonna leave soon.
You sleep well!

Attached: 1516301779001.jpg (1075x806, 439.6K)

When I sleep : 3

ganbatte hupony
beleive in yourself

Attached: blankieoonster2.jpg (470x495, 21.61K)


Nagasaki to you too!

Attached: 1516017251001.png (800x800, 713.55K)


Attached: 36.png (473x663, 209.46K)

aaaa i didn't respond
both are nice ;-;

whats wrong ?

Im going to murder my calves.
Cramp -_-
One minute sleep the next reeeeeeee

Grab a banana.
Or a damp, hot towel. Do you stretch?

Attached: 46.png (660x612, 226.69K)

How annoying right l?

por guy :(
hope it gets better soon
no cramp !!!

More oft than not
Piss take being woken this early on a day off

It’ll pass, but that was a panicked wake up >w<
How is everything?

You could just go back to bed you know.
Or you're like me and once you're up you're up.
In which case, get everything you were going to do done before you were even supposed to get up and then feel satisfied pissing the day away.

Attached: 26.png (1064x520, 291.17K)

Scoots, do you do the weeds?

tfw you want to play Aatrox and they pick Teemo

Attached: f3d60c831ca72b93fd17d5b00c611671.jpg (1500x1769, 307.27K)

tfw you don't play shitty mobas



Attached: blankieoonster2.jpg (470x495, 21.61K)

feeling tired after ddr
friendis over
me and her gonna watch kimi no na wa i think

Once im up I figure j may as well get up
Wasting the day with sleep makes me reee more

I do not

Attached: 62b8e0995dd55da9e7e3c0b00e43c9fe3b599dbff64505709cef679e7a43d042.png (639x155, 22.1K)

Shit. I've always wondered how UK weed is. Your TV shows portray it all as brick weed, which is funny given you have a good yearly climate to grow it.

What're your plans for your day off?

Attached: 25.png (1187x527, 378.45K)

What is that weeb shit? Doesn’t sound like bokunno pico
Sounds like chill times though,

Attached: smug1.png (556x525, 299.81K)

Attached: de680a52c25cc5f0738e2577ba4ba06955f1088fcaa00740bc46e35b48d7b05a.png (645x437, 100.26K)

I somehow doubt they are that cool

Attached: 1470299026216.png (1156x933, 1004.1K)

yeah me too.........

also good morning herpy

Attached: abe776d234d4d5e6a51f9a40280587b271a430918c6275f42c253ea51054d72a.jpg (801x996, 279.22K)

How are you

Attached: dotdotdot.PNG (285x478, 121.84K)

y-yeah...you're probably right.....

Attached: attentionjpg.png (540x380, 214.55K)

I have one/two days a year where I do anything like weed and/or coke. Its hardly enough to say "I do it" on the reg.
It comes in, well, weed form. I mean. Probably as a brick if you want a god damn pound of it.

Attached: Liru0320.png (640x480, 221.66K)

Oh.....same as e v e r actually : 3

Attached: sugoi.jpg (146x146, 30.04K)

Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_hanakanzarashi__sample-ae60943550b72a1fbb3d4b48f3c9fd3d.jpg (850x493, 88.51K)

Given that you don't even drink anymore, it's not surprising. I figured I'd take a shot and see if I could get some personal insight. Was just curious.
So no plans?

Attached: 9.png (571x513, 181.99K)

Its gym day, so FUCK THESE CALVES, barring that not much else planned really. You? Must be that part of the day/night where it is simultaneously late/early.

Attached: TheSecondChild0290.jpg (1339x1418, 711.93K)

Sounds like drugs or booze are afoot.

Attached: cheeeeese.PNG (246x414, 109.48K)

02 posters are open for business btw

Attached: spec.jpg (853x960, 63.41K)

haha...........y-yeah same as ever..........

i rolled with my brother eearlier and now I'm eating some tasty crackers

you do anything fun today or just lounging around?

Attached: pikpikip.jpg (146x146, 29.52K)

I am lounging around drinking weed and vaporising beer.
I got a box of books today but the fuckers sent me 7/8 of them

Attached: 0e86642b6f16892eb24dab0afce2bb1d.jpg (850x850, 114.77K)

The living envy the dead.
It's a couple minutes past midnight. Wife went to bed two hours ago so I'm up grading essays, doing prep work and ... this. Honestly, I'm just bored and present symptoms of undiagnosed insomnia. this is a cry for help

Attached: 26.png (1064x520, 291.17K)

you get higher than normal from vaping? for me whene I switched over I always got suuuper stoned

beer is kinda gross though......

what books did you get?

Attached: blankieoonster2.jpg (470x495, 21.61K)

Unit-02 > zero Two

Getting in touch with the FBI.

Attached: TheSecondChild0315.jpg (850x850, 59.08K)

Asuka is worst girl.


Yes I do, its better like every way.
Beer is gud.
Bought a bunch of the my hero academia manga

Attached: 44.png (381x472, 14.63K)

I likke the art style of that but haven't watched through it
is it reccomendable? I hear good things about it but I am also on the line about shounen animes

Attached: babyserval.jpg (480x360, 32.23K)

I pretty on the line with shonen stuff too, but this is worth a look.

Attached: sample_2d1e7cba11326cd60bb059eda820642c.jpg (850x612, 98.9K)

Attached: bardpls.jpg (750x1000, 77.89K)

The race is on

Attached: TheSecondChild2795.png (480x640, 284.12K)

I live two miles away from the Phoenix FBI division.
In the event that, hypothetically, I had stuff worth taking
and in the event that, again hypotheticallyhopefully, Scoots gave a tip to the FBI, I'd be thoroughly fucked

oh goodness...i suppose it is isn't it...........

Attached: maid2.jpg (1920x1080, 139.39K)

jus messin wif u
How's your night going, Bard?

Attached: 11.png (479x589, 186.04K)

i'm doing okay rolled with my brother earlier and now I am recouperating in bed with some tasty crackers listening to creebybastas

what are you up to tonight (user)?

Attached: oof.jpg (953x960, 107.83K)

I picked Mundo. I went 7/1. We won.

I see you say that a lot. I also know you're fairly into MMA. Is it BJJ?
Subconsciously running away from sleep. Doing work stuff at midnight. Smoking the dope. Whaddya listenin to?

I've played all of three games in the last year. Hows the state of the game?
Opinions on Ornn, Zoe and Kassadaughter? I think those three have dropped since I stopped.

Attached: 17.png (577x510, 222.78K)

I mean, the only other context I have for "Rolled" is doing molly or ecstasy, and I don't think you'd be alive if you "Rolled" as often as you state you do.

Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_tuchinokoeffect__sample-685462615656757527f97e77198429c1.jpg (850x587, 93.5K)

It's more fun since the bruiser rune was incorporated.

Ornn got nerfed a ton. So did Zoe. Kai'sa is still up in the air, but seems pretty good

Attached: 7f7f053b1fd0c7908d275f4f60b541ac.jpg (800x1000, 271.21K)

I forgot they totally did away with the rune system and added like.. skill trees and called them runes.

There goes tens of thousands of IP. I had 9 of every fucking rune in the game. Kill me daddy

Yes Bjj : 3

we go 5 days a week now
me and my brother train Gracie Jiujitsu which is and a little bit of 10th planet Jiujitsu which is from Eddie Bravo the conspiracy theory guy

also a little bit of judo, my brother has been progressing pretty fast and it's been taking it's toll on my back ribs
I am not paying much attention to the background right now but it is called morbus. avi

what are YOU listening to tonight?

Also it's 2 a.m.........you're late..........
oh and also an smonking
tonight is a good night for that

Attached: edgybrah..mp4 (394x476, 1.17M)

They refunded runes tho.

Attached: 1816fe3c7b60846af4ac9d016b06434d.jpg (414x940, 330.7K)

hey drunky

you're a nigger

i have never tried ecstacy before

Attached: polwarwalk.gif (200x200, 90.93K)

you probably wouldn't notice it at all after all that spice you smoked

Attached: lil baka.gif (374x400, 99.68K)

Damn son

yo ian what's gucci nigga

Attached: 1340198216914.png (459x538, 124.51K)


I participated in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu growing up. My sister and I were at our dojo five days a week too.
MW Tae Kwan Do,
TT Jiu Jitsu
F was Judo and Sparring.
Fun times. I miss the workout.
Do you really want to know? Cause every time someone asks that they aren't thrilled with the results.

Orly? Huh. I should check how much I have sitting around. Could probably instabuy the three champs I don't own yet.

Either Mandy or TP. Or somebody I don't recognize.

Is good shit. Careful tho. Deadly.
dont do drugs

Attached: 46.png (660x612, 226.69K)

I am.

Just play some ARAM to learn the champs

lenko and you never answered me in that previous thread

Attached: SIPCEPTION.gif (300x300, 188.34K)

somebody talk to me i'm bored

Attached: 58d5fddce3fe497a964136030e06a8ea_th.jpeg (640x622, 51.98K)

does your mom still hate you or are you living with your new dad now

Ah its THE manlet

says the shorter manlet

This is good news
there are some topics that are hard to go into depth with in conversation cause of different levels of understanding between some of the people here
I'll have a phenomenal roll and wanna talk about it but can't really convey how good the sweeps and all that were

Why did you quit rolling? did you move away or lose people to do it with? ; ~:

also I wanna know what you listen but I cant gurantee I'll like it desu

Attached: 1smile2.png (332x381, 148.95K)


hey lenko why are you so upset
genuine question
I haven't talked to you in at least 8 months

Attached: smart.jpg (1920x1080, 202.25K)

I am 6 foot, :^) lol manlet

Last I heard you were , waht, 5 foot 1

post any actual image of you next to any tree above 10ft tall and we'll talk, you are confirmed 5'6 on tinychat l m a o

try not to confuse banter for anyone being upset
me continuing the banter does not equal anything of that sort, don't start falsely equivocating things

but all in all I'm pretty happy these days, I mean some things bother me but I take charge of those things that bother me and I deal with it and honestly I'm looking at a bright future which is not something I can say for the lot of you here

I live with my dad and grandma.

there never was a new dad.

she doesn't hate me I think, we meet up occasionally, usually with my brother (one person she likes) and get lunch or something.

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if you're succeeding in life
it's not very kind to take out your frustrations on people who aren't

Attached: oof.jpg (953x960, 107.83K)

Lol good lie lenko

I kind of miss the game but I dumped so much time into it and am kinda scared to lose my life to it again

Yeah I did like two hours later sry Told you I couldnt do last weekend, or this one, but the one after (the weekend of the 7th?) I have like nothing going on. Probably going out to the bar with the wife that Saturday. Could see if she's cool with company.

Hi bored I'm dad joke

Yeah I feel that. It's kind of a tough sport to talk about cause so much goes on so quickly. I mean, a sweep followed by a satisfying leg hook followed by a shoulder hook to an arm bar can happen in like, two seconds, and every movement can feel so satisfying and swift.
If you ever want to talk about your phenomenal roll, I'll happily indulge you.
I ran away from home. Kinda couldn't resume normal weekday stuff involving my family and not expect them to, you know, grab me and bring me home.
Embedded. Good luck. I won't blame you if you turn it off in like ten seconds (Starts at 0:30)

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Lenko is not for bully. Lenko is for standing up

sry lenko ilu

Im gettin sleepy

Attached: Snapchat-814894140.jpg (720x1280, 152.73K)

Draino is a sleep aid

the more u know

I can't believe its boku no pico

im so happy, that i have to tell you how not happy you will ever be, because I am happy

Attached: 4.png (645x646, 74.78K)


Attached: TheSecondChild0072.png (1920x814, 1.72M)

You cannot, for you are unhappy and I am not.

I don't ever lie. You're shorter than everyone here currently, lmao. Man just add your height to the fact that you're a beta cuck feminist who would suck off a tranny. lmao kys, but forreal you are short af and gay.


jesus just look at this post, am I kuus or wish right now? probably wish cause he's a guy and I'm a guy.

okay, see that right there? you full well know she hates you. I mean it's right there in what you said; "we meet up occasionally, usually with my brother (one person she likes) and get lunch or something", that right there speaks louder than your mom actually telling you she hates you. damn son

I'm not though? Did I misuse banter or do you just not know what it means or how it works? Making false assumptions and presuming that they are the truth is not nice and it makes you ignorant. This is probably why I don't talk to you; that or every time I have I called you a retard and you just ran away screaming REEEEE.

either way if you guys want to let me know, I believe you have me on steam, yes?

Attached: 1353724539143.gif (320x240, 54.91K)

tfw 5'6-7 qq
it hurts

ill try it out

not even half way thru im already cryin again
bro this movie KIl me

who cares

hahahahahahahaha thats a good shitpost
I am a 6 foot man beast
its not GAY or SHAMEFUL to suck feminine penis

BRB Killing mys-WAIT- but then lenko WINS

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I do. If your number is still the same I probably still have that too.
You were stood up
For acid

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

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-pat pat- there there, it will be ogre soon.
I dont know the plot so... if it is a lil favourite
why so sad?

Attached: TheSecondChild0255.png (600x620, 291.85K)

That's pretty heavy did you ever go back?
what was being a runaway like?
Also DIy can be prettyy good
I'm not super into it or experienced with it but This sounded pretty alright
I'll let you share oen more if you let me share some of what I like with you :3

Earlier when I went with my brother, and he had me in a lockdown half guard and was trying to get to my back for a twister when I dived down under his legs and slapped my forearm in under his calf and was able to lock my locked down leg on his heel to sink the calf slicer
He had quite a few impressive flips and counters and as whomping with the scarf hold taps, lots of kimuras and crucifix variations

Attached: RinYuiΓÖÑ.jpg (799x599, 88.85K)

I dont really know, everyone ive dated has been taller than me anyway.

Attached: 52adcc2c2115cdc3623ca130d6b92511.jpg (850x681, 123.62K)

Whatever I did to piss you off so much I'm sorry

Attached: OJnfw.jpg (863x539, 95.36K)

doit pussy
but not really
just sort of do it

Half do it, that will show everyone.

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dont be stingy, give it at least a 2/3 effort

Attached: c0d80cad829cb9b66ca59312c99c7b82.png (650x921, 324.39K)

watch it it's only 1hr40min

Anta baka?! Fine! Everyone is watching. Just like the diving board ALL over again.

Attached: TheSecondChild3647.png (1273x812, 1.05M)

I guess, send me the name of it in DM or something. Ottherwise I will be forced to scroll up, which, as we all know... is THE enemy.


Attached: hehe.png (2288x2348, 383.89K)

Long story short, yeah. Folks and I are on good terms and shit now. I see them once every couple of weeks. I have a big family so we always have an excuse to get together. I don't really fit in, but I can't get them in legal trouble anymore, so they're cool with it I guess.
What was being a runaway like? That's... There's enough content there to put in a novel which I'll probs do someday when I'm not busy all the time. I'll say it had its ups and it had its downs. I think it made me who I am, but I wonder who I coulda been, yknow?

I'd love to hear your music too. I'll give you this one in the meantime.

That's slick, man. My favorite instance of rolling that I can remember was during my first championship in the second round. I was up against a dude fairly bigger than me and he opened the match with an outside reap, and as I was going down I grabbed his arm, slid between his legs, pulled myself up, got the double calf press with my knees and put him in a standing side headlock. Match lasted all of fourteen seconds. I was so proud.

I was always better at Tae Kwon Do though. I'm a better combatant than a grappler.

kimi no na wa (your name.)


oh yeah


that's weird but idk I think I could get behind dating a 10ft amazonian
pretty sure you're this new aussie poster guy right?

there you go again, you see this bard? this right here is why everyone knows you're a retard. instead of discussing the topic or acknowledging that you constantly do the thing I'm pointing out you would rather feign ignorance and ask for forgiveness. this right here is what makes you so insufferable. I would rather ask nezi, daily, about his life and have long discussions with him on any mundane topic than speak to you. You've somehow beat scoots in terms of autism and just sheer lack of actual iq points. and yet I'm still surprised. I don't think I've ever actually met anyone as retarded as you. I mentored a legitimate retard at my middle school once and taught him how to play the violin. I was a teacher's assistant in high school and looked after kids who actually had down syndrome and taught them how to paint and how to draw and use shading techniques. but you, no matter how I try to approach you or inform you on the matter you just let it out the other ear (metaphorically speaking). And I'm sure you'll do it this time again and I'll have wasted my time typing this out but some part of me wants to believe you'll actually read this all. and if you do I hope it haunts you for nights to come. "is he right?"

Attached: Mugi061.jpg (500x375, 23.31K)

Chimmychanga? :3


I think the greatest benefit of the invention of the laptop is that I can smoke a cigarette and shitpost WITHOUT STINKING UP MAH HOUSE

God bless Murrica

drunky I might take your wife roofie you

I'venever competed but I wwoudl like to but also it sounds scary

I enjoy the idea of Vale Tudo fighting but I have absolute dogshit strikes myself and ttthen the dynamics change so much.
I am a huge supporter of guard pulling but that's way less practical when you throw in strikes

you sound very upset
even here nearly a year later

Why are you such a bitter little man?

Lmfao he did it

Tallest person ive dated was a guy who was tall af, something like 6'6-10

Attached: 132534 - absurd_res artist:Max_Gilardi artist:Termi92 fluttershy SHED.jpg (3166x3709, 542.12K)

see I literally knew it

this is why nobody takes him seriously and why bard is always in threads for hours on ends just waiting for attention

i know that pat is probably like the face of DIY and its probably pretty basic but I like some of his stuff
not super deep into his stuff definately havent checked out ALL of his projects but I enjoyed alot of the Days n Daze and Ramschckle Glory stuff

Attached: gooddoge.png (1023x1023, 283.28K)

No bully

it's sad

one has a bot to automatically send him an email anytime his name is brought up in threads
he probably stalks threads for hours on end and reads every post just to make sure his ego is in tact, it's as if scoots is luka

bard is incapable of rational, coherent thought after all those many years of smoking spice
would bet money he doesn't even gym anymore after he started for that brief month or two

the absolute saddest thing is that the people who were here 24/7 aren't here 24/7 anymore
and the ones that are literally haven't changed at all and they do the same thing day in and day out
the hate you have for yourselves is tangible and you display it by aiming it towards others
sure it might seem funny and is like banter at first but after a while it's really evident that you are aware of it and all you want while you're here is attention
I would make an additional wager that if any of you morons actually met up you would not give a single fuck for the other or even want to be near them

Why the fuck not. She wouldn't go home with you anyway.

Bard I don't know how to tell you this but this exact song is on my sex playlist.
Vale Tudo scares me because of how unregulated it is. Tae Kwan Do sparring was fine because I knew worst case scenario I walked away with a couple broken ribs. Guard pulling is really good for tourney play but in a real combat situation, you're probs gonna get hurt. I have to thank Tae Kwan Do for keeping my dumb ass alive at one point. If I ever get to hang out with you, I'll let you toss me around. I'm years out of practice but talking with you about it makes me miss it.

I got really into DIY and folk punk while I was a runaway. I got the chance to hang out with Jesse, Whitney and Meagan from Days n Daze (Jeff was blacked out drunk lol) six years ago in Houston. They're really fucking good people. Have you ever listened to Mischief Brew?
Also based on what you posted I think you'd really like Demon Vs Heartbreaker

Attached: 26.png (1064x520, 291.17K)

better throw her in the trunk of the car and drive her into the bay like I do all my asian women on sleeping dogs definitive edition


pretty visuals =w=

that scene is beautiful where they're hiking up the mountain~

i don't care if she does or not, she's got a mental disorder and she hates everyone

I say she likes my brother but really it's the only person inside her circle that she shows her true face to

I don't know if she likes him or not

she used to show me her true face/behavior but she also definitely didn't like me then either

until she gets help she's gonna continue hating everyone and wearing a mask

Attached: 1348027223371.jpg (2000x1425, 1.35M)

Lol delusional

I like driving hookers in GTAV out to the middle of nowhere, shooting at their feet and letting them run away until they're just far enough to believe they're gonna live and then I put one in the back of their head.
I need help

why do you keep meeting with her then? wouldn't ignoring her be better for your mental health?

I'm hungry..........

Attached: 28764315_744481989090238_5030156969978101760_n.jpg (320x320, 14.27K)

Hi hungry, I'm...!
Wait, I just did this

a lot of people here do
get some
I'll only charge 50 an hour for actual therapy and life advice


I'd rather spend 50 bucks on a bag of shrooms and figure shit out for myself.
That's like, 7 bucks an hour for existential therapy

that's avoiding the problem and potential self harm, do you want me to call the local authorities and get an intervention?

I have no problems to avoid though
I'm a perfectly balanced and healthy human bei...'

pfft. Almost kept a straight face.

where are you hiding your skeletons

Attached: Wrath, the furious_00006.png (1280x720, 477.7K)

You’ll summon test

I keep my skeletons prominently displayed and use them as conversation starters.

One time I lit my finger on fire because I wanted to feel something other than sadness.

it is a sexy song........

a-and hell yeah on the of hcance we ever meet up I have mats and everything I'd love to have some friendly rounds
idk why but that sounds like a kind thing to say what you said

That's pretty fucking amazing though , I've never met any famous people....
i can't say I've heard any of either, any tracks or i suppose albums from either to check out?

oh also I have to agree that guard on the street would be impractical........
and the gracie jiujitsu stand up philosophy is dogshit.....

I've learned a few hip tosses that I'm prtty confident in but in real life it wouldnt be that easy to get a grip on the wrist or around the waist eh?
You've been in a confrontation though? How did that go?
I took a bit of karate when I was a young kid in Texas but that was all junior sshit and doesnt really mean anything and I cant say I know too much about Tae Kwondo, but It's strikes and kicks right? That's pretty practical I'd imagine

Attached: abe776d234d4d5e6a51f9a40280587b271a430918c6275f42c253ea51054d72a.jpg (801x996, 279.22K)

Attached: gif - I'm feeling it, Spongebob.gif (500x281, 1.7M)

Attached: Wrath, the furious_00244.png (1280x720, 672.05K)

Attached: h43e8d1wd1301.jpg (3036x3036, 2.19M)


AMD OR NVIDIA GPU???????????????????

Attached: Wrath, the furious_00677.png (1280x720, 517.04K)


Nvidia, because I know nothing about AMD.

Attached: 47b990dbe65ec929e0baefda5ef63b96063f61a0cc6d5eb2946600eec82c843a.gif (268x150, 60.93K)

why though?

Attached: Wrath, the furious_00589.png (1280x720, 796.03K)

AMD started the fire

what fire?

my dad is under the impression that i should keep seeing her to maintain our relationship

I started ignoring that after a while and stopped communicating with her entirely

but then my aunt (her sister) wasn't happy about that, cause she's a therapist and wants me to stay in touch with her

and I really like my aunt

so every month or two I'll do something with my mom so my aunt stays happy

cause I like my aunt and it's not torture or anything to eat lunch with someone that's fake smiling at you the whole time

Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_go_1__sample-2e25708d494b5dee249c45fc90e5d127.jpg (850x1200, 205.7K)

The dire thay claimed my broyher’s life

Where you at anyway? I get two weeklong vacations and one two month vacation a year, so my wife and I travel when we get the chance.
I wouldn't quite call Days N Daze famous but I've met a few genuinely famous people. I got to share a cigar with Slash because a buddy of mines band opened for them on 4th of July like four or five years ago, and he invited me and our other buds to the skybox the bands had reserved. It was cool.
Hip tosses are one of the few things in Jiu Jitsu I would consider practical because it's not too tough to intercept a right hook and use the momentum to your advantage, but after they're on the ground, you gotta be prepped to break some stuff.
I was 16 and living on a buddys couch in Flagstaff AZ. His dad bought us a few forties and we went to the park and a tweaked out motherfucker came at us and started demanding money and got in our faces and he went to reach into his pocket and I snapped and kicked him in the chest and started wailing on him and we ran. I don't fight. I don't like it. I'm more of a "Be charming and talk my way out of shit" guy. I can count on two hands the amount of times I've gotten into physical confrontation as an adult, and a good half of those are me being jumped.
Tae kwan do is primarily kicks, but there's a good amount of striking involved. Tae Kwan Do was invented to take advantage of the exceptional reach you have when you kick properly. It's meant to incapacitate someone before they can get in range to injure you. I was offered just about any martial art you can imagine by the dojo I membered at, but chose Tae Kwan Do cause I got beat up a lot as a kid. I was kind of a dork.

AMD Because Nvidia Compatibility issues.

Attached: 24.png (703x415, 270.88K)

why couldn't you go with him?

of all the asinine reasons...
tell your aunt, if she cares for you the way you do for her, to stop forcing her 20 dollar education on you and to fix her sister, clearly she's the one with the problem.

pull your balls out of her purse and act like an actual man. if she can't show affection to you when you clearly tell her that your mother, her sister, is sick in the head then she's just as bad.

rip the bandaid off and stop being a pussy. the fact that you even still deal with this crap this many years later amazes me.

Attached: Wrath, the furious_00791.png (1280x720, 517.79K)

Depends on budget, lookup benchmark online..............
See similar build how well they do.................

I was away, on business. I told him to be careful.


I'm looking at price and VRAM and clock rate

Now is an expensive time to be buying a GPU

yeah because of all the crypto mining
but I want to upgrade my 760 soon

Dude, just wait a couple of years and tide yourself over with a console.
If you really have to have an updated system, it's part for part cheaper to buy a mid-tier prebuilt right now

like i said it's not really a big deal because she's pretending to be nice and it's basically the same thing

if I was still inside her circle and she was yelling at me and insulting me and shit like she used to, then yeah I'd tell my aunt it's not worth it and I'd never talk to her again

but now that I'm on the outside she's pretty tolerable

Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_nanaya_daaijianglin__sample-6483207990275f19cc68f13681012bf3.jpg (850x1202, 176.73K)

Ahk. Yer best to wait just a liiil bit at least, seems you got that covered anyway.

Attached: f32d8bb0b0ca5f37abd218af030d700829026e16559b3214dd8ed40ab07e0e73.jpg (272x153, 45.09K)

I picked up a 1080ti for retail price

if I can do it someone else can too

Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_kawata_hisashi__fca9fed15fbe2c49ab0a3d3b8a63e3ec.jpg (657x962, 80.03K)

Well right now that means stupid crazy high
Is it Secondhand? Did you just stumble upon a lucky deal?

Did you like only just get that?
I swear you said you were looking to get one last week.

Attached: 9094578e03653ca96cb1b27e6e6ed0e15f626a0f194faed5f3de57387c7b4879.png (331x428, 73.04K)

I live in Washington, Iowa
It's a small town but a nice place

Alsso that's badass as hell, I've seen him in concert and it was a great experience. I bet that was pretty cool lol or possibly a little awkward.

i got into JJ because my dad does it. He's a blue belt of 7 years now. when I was 15 or so he taught me the basics and me and my brothers would spar but we didnt really pursue knowledge like we have been the past few months.
I'm only a white belt myself, i can't claim to be super experienced

Getting jumped sounds like some bullshit
If that's even on the table it's almost more practical to carry a knife eh?

That's what I fear is the knife. ...

Attached: adorable feets.jpg (1920x1080, 446.59K)

I have money, I'm just being patient and really looking into it before I make purchases.

yeah idk why I'm even looking at this, it might not be a great use of money tbh. I've had the same pc for years now and I kinda only wanted to upgrade my gpu because I have an i7 4790k, and I was thinking about getting it a corsair water cooler and then over clock it but comparing it to a ryzen r7 1700x just makes me want to get the latter instead.

read above

you sound like a beta cuck and I could not tolerate that crap

I got one within like 4-5 days of looking

no this was like 2 months ago

retail as in

700 something

mine was like 810 though because it's a hybrid

i just sniped it off newegg at like 6am refreshing the page nonstop

Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_huwali_dnwls3010__f1217c43722d6ddb6452a42ef0b7612e.jpg (739x1200, 541.45K)

Holy shit! I spent like three years in Dyersville outside of Dubuque. Have you ever been out that way?!

He had a cold, so he wasn't even singing that night. He didn't say much. Made a joke about the only difference between pussy and a fridge being that a fridge doesn't fart when you take your meat out. He's a pretty vulgar dude. We offered him weed and he told us his tour manager would chew him out for smoking in an illegal state.
It's really cool that your family is so involved. My dad was always too old to do physical stuff with my siblings and I. I only ever made it to green belt, and that was four years of training.

I carry a knife on my person at all times because of it. I keep a gun in my nightstand, but don't bring that around with me because I feel it's unnecessary. The knife is definitely something to fear. If you've never been stabbed it's really shitty. I'd sooner be savagely beaten than be stabbed once.

Attached: 25.png (1187x527, 378.45K)

why does she wear the mask?

My old pc couldnt run modern games anymore.
Thats what it takes to make me upgrade lol.

ono im tripping, or maybe you did tell me two months ago

Attached: e4a45f6c9f5b8b90ae79a6506f58b36bfe4771db5f53f9f6a0c0be9a0726cc06.jpg (728x546, 54.21K)

Nobody cared who she was, until she put on the mask

i went to dubuque once with my uncle on the way home from a road trip to pennsylvania cause we were dropping by so he could say hey to his friend when we were headed home to cedar rapids where he was livivng

I can't say I know much about that part of iowa I for the most part only know about south of cedar rapids and iowa city

My dad is s uper cool I hope someday I can be half as cool as he is. He used to do some amateur mma across the midwest and does dragon boat racing up in wisconsin during the summers
Rolling with him makes me anxious but he's good at guaging how hard to go

The belts for tae kwondo are
white yellow orange green blue purple brown black right? was there a red in there somewhere?
my younger brother got stabbed with ab utterfly knife but I myself am lucky enough to not have ever been stabbed

that sounds just awful............

what's the worst injury you've sustained in your life eh?

Attached: 12305519_805155526262943_1008999141_n.jpg (960x720, 22.96K)

what happens if someone pulls it off?

it's the disorder

people on the inside of the social circle get to see the "real you", and you show your real emotions to them, usually not good I suppose

everyone on the outside sees the "mask" that you wear, the fake you that smiles and is friendly and normal.

if you want to read more about it search BPD



Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_bba1985__sample-30f4682c5098d192c585570a493a5fb7.jpg (850x1202, 192.83K)

it would be extremely painful~

For her

How much did nezi pc cost?

I honestly don't know because I've upgraded parts over time

I can add up all my current parts right now though if you want

Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_hiraga_matsuri__133c322d0d4777183b4c59ddacbddb85.jpg (839x1280, 112.87K)

this is current

Attached: ss (2018-01-25 at 11.40.03).png (531x393, 19.46K)

ok i lied this is current

Attached: ss (2018-03-28 at 04.48.18).png (569x439, 20.31K)

my body protected me LOL

i fell asleep during the part that kills me every time and woke up for the end

I spent a lot of time in Dubuque, Dyersville, Lamont, but otherwise not anywhere. There's something fucking surreal about the serenity of rural Iowa. Washington looks like a nice, quiet town.
I can imagine rolling with your dad has got to put some nerves on you. He's not only more experienced, but he's, like, your dad. Beating him in a contest of physical strength is a huge milestone so it's gotta be nervewracking being given the opportunity.

White, WhiteYellow (Or Orange), Yellow, YellowGreen, Green, Greenblue, Blue, BlueRed (Or Purple), Red, Redblack (Or Brown), And then eight degrees of Black.
At least that was the progression I was familiar with. I know that different associations have different belt progression.

The worst injury I've ever sustained?
It's a tossup between three.
1) Bitten by an Arizona Diamondback while hiking. It got me in the thigh and within ten minutes I couldn't put weight on my right leg at all. Airlifted to the hospital, administered antivenom. Easily the most painful experience
2) Ruptured Appendix. Caused Sepsis and my heart stopped for four minutes. Although I wouldn't consider it a terrible injury, as I can't remember any pain minus the pre-hospital and the recovery, but it's the only injury I've ever had that's killed me.
3) 19 years old, living in a small Arizona mountain town. Decided to buy coke from the wrong guy and he and two of his cohorts kicked the shit out me. I passed out before they were even done. If it weren't for the girl who would later become my wife waiting outside and worrying that I hadn't come out after an hour and calling some of our friends, they might have done something worse than beat me. Four broken ribs, two broken wrist bones, a shattered femur and a concussion.



wow get good

what about koe no katachi do you cry with that one too? they both get me pretty good .-.

Attached: ss (2018-03-26 at 12.43.36).jpg (232x408, 33.81K)

My lack of empathy and compassion usually lead me away from “drama” animes

i habnt seen
i cry at like every movie now

sensitive lil baby me ;-;

You should watch drama anime and laugh at the characters misfortune

I never thought of it that way

it kinda stinks thats my favorite part of the movie too and i missed it
guess i gotta rewatch

AGAIN !!!!

He is very big too ; ~ :
I dont have any chance right now if he were to actually try but it's fun to train with him
I feel like it's like that with my brother and myself
I kinda play with him but he does challenge me

those sound pretty terrifying

I actually succumbued to sepsis myself when I was young
I ingested some magnets and had them in me for about 2 weeks before they were surgically removed and it was definately that

they had to make a one inch incision in my tummy to the right of my belly button but they couldt get it out so they had to make a 6 inch incision down through my bellybutton to my pubic region and it was very painful : /

Attached: dadbjj.jpg (528x960, 61.03K)

BPD? Bipolar Personality Disorder? Isn't that where you're happy for 6 months and then extremely depressed and suicidal for 6 months (or a year or whatever)?


please, I get of you to watch that movie.

it's my absolute favorite.

Attached: __hiro_and_zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_tanaka_masayoshi__sample-b98cd846cd13e9d43c39ff91ac888e23.jpg (850x1175, 131.44K)

Come watch it atbmy house owo

there's a lot of symptoms but chronic depression is typical yes

Attached: __hiro_ichigo_and_zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_herozu_xxhrd__76b23672d1a30bafb39ce38f174bd3c8.jpg (825x1100, 200.84K)

For you.


also i have it on dvd you can have a copy, i have spares

Lol you get surgery to have magnets removed.
I had surgery two years ago to have magnets put in me.

Sepsis fucking sucks. I've never felt less in control of my own immune system.

You and I probably have matching scars. Yours sounds similar to my appendicitis scar.

Attached: 9.png (571x513, 181.99K)

I read (on a psychiatrist's blog) that it can never get cured for women. is she on meds? do meds even help?

Wanna know how i got these scars?

okay i will 4 u and 4 my tear ducts

im so sweepy nezi im dozing off...

only if i get to lay on your tummy

thats okay im a well versed blu ray pirating legend LOL
i love giant sized uncompressed blu ray files


Did you fall on the playground?

Who's the Torposter?
Is it someone I love?

What magnets did they put in you?

and perhaps

my scar runs direct through my bellybutton

does yours ? I alway thought appendicitis removal would be like near the kidney in the back but I have no idea :p

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Is it someone after your heart?!

Okay, deal! :3


Except it was a park and it was a large shard if glass that tore into mylower leg, between calf and ankle.

Sounds terribad.
I almost died this one time too.

The quad?

im so gosh dang tired
and also im upset !! 2 reasons
fell asleep during my favorite part (grrrr)
i hate falling asleep when i have a guest over idk
it makes me feel weird
i mean we've known eachother for a long time but i dont want her to feel like
hey whats peegirl doin nappin huh


Oh. No. Mine is about an inch and a half down and to the right of my belly button. They legit had to cut through your belly button? That sucks dude. Belly buttons are cute. Is yours marred now? I'm sure it's still cute

I had neodynium magnets implanted in the tips of my middle fingers, and in the tops of my feet.

Doubtful. Who the fuck would want my heart?

That sucks, dude. Did someone just leave a shattered bottle around?

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It wasnt that bad though.
I got so many free drugs everything was all good.

Mexican gangs!

This is more scarily true than an Ausfag like you could possibly know. Doubly so cause I'm an hour from the border.

Wow must had boring friend joke
You are an exhausted girl
Working very hard.
-pat pat- im sure they are just amused
Id be amused

It is ;~ ;
it's not horrible looking....It's healed up now and stuff......

Also what do you think of magnet tips?
Also I didnt know you could have them in your feet

the top of yoru feet?
what is that like?

My friend claire had magnet tips

They sound interesting

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Fuggin nerds

Wear one of those led cod pieces they have on in that one book because radiation on your chest at night so they cant steal it so easily.

i messaged them on discord and theyre like yeah no ur fine bubber
i think im just thinking weird bc sleepy

long time bein awake
nini stinkers
Smonsh smonsh


I paid for literally nothing.
In fact I profited from this.

she's on antidepressants

i don't know what else

watch it with me!!! :D

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nini sleep well =w=

okay !!!!!
i go sleep
make plans later


Good night! -smooch smooch-

stinky liliana get that rest! :3

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I really like it. I live in a state with a high concentration of Ground-Iron, so when I go to the mountains, and especially to the redrocks of Sedona
I can legit feel magnetic fields as I walk and hike. It's like a sixth sense.

The tops of my feet hurt like mad. If you're barefoot, pull your toes up and look at the bones that run from your ankle to your toes. They're noticeably pronounced. My magnets are inbetween the bone that runs to the big toe and the one next to it. I wanted them there so I had a single magnet in all of my extremities, but I'm regretting doing the foot ones because they're going to reject soon. The skin there is really shallow. The guy that did my procedure told me I would be lucky to have three years before I had to call him to either reimplant or remove them and he's probably right. Worth though. The ones in my fingers healed after about five weeks and I couldn't even realize they were there unless I went to pick up something metal. They won't reject for another decade as long as I don't regularly marr my hands, which I don't. My job is pretty manual-labor free.

You into body mods at all? Tattoos, piercings, extra shit? You ever hear of suspension?

Attached: sedona.jpg (990x660, 82.45K)

gnight peelady

bye herp

just go ur gonna make me blush l0l

be careful not to succumb to iron poisoning.........

I am actually pretty sickened by most body modifications
To everyone who does it more power to them It's there body and they can treat it how they want certainly

I guess I think tattoos are cool but I dont enjoy pain and couldn't' ever personally get any kind of mods even tatoos

alot of my friends have cool artwork but thats about it
here in smalltown piercings arent very popular so I cant say I've seen many dudes rocking them

not sure why I find the idea of finger magnets so appealing
kinda weird idea but they do seem pretty cool

My friend used to play cello with them/The foot sounds a bit risky though

why not just put it in the toe?

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wait why

km so sleeoy omg im passing out tyoigthis goodnigngggggttttt aninus

Sleep well.

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*Tucccc* nini peegirl

Attached: Yui207.gif (499x281, 976.12K)

I shouldn't for any reason. Neodymium is a totally different compound. I mean, I guess if I put my hands and feet in iron shavings, they might start to pull through my skin, but I don't intend on doing that any time soon.

Can't blame you. The human body is pretty gross. I don't go crazy. Had a lot of basic piercings. Lips, eyebrows, septum. Most of them are gone now. Still have my septum. I also have 0 Gauge plugs in my ears but can't go bigger cause professionalism and good examples. I don't even think I'd want to.
I'm a tattoo enthusiast though. I fucking love getting them too. It hurts for a little while, but it becomes cathartic pretty quickly.

Finger magnets are really neat to have. You don't even know magnetic fields are around until you have them in, and then all of a sudden it's like "Holy shit, I can feel the world." It's a real trip when you're super high or, well, tripping. I chose against the toe because of how often it's bumped around and put pressure on. The more a subdermal implant gets jostled around, the sooner it rejects. My foot, I'm lucky at three years. In my toes, it would reject within a few months.

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u tuccin on my thread brah?

but what if I told you

that you would reply to this post

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It was really nice talking to you Bard. I'm glad we could be friends after all. I'll see you soon, K?

I gotta go to sleep though. I have to be in a room with thirty teenagers in 3 and a half hours and still haven't slept. Pls kill me.

Night Herp
Night Nezi
Morning Scoots
Night/morning Torposter
Night Bard

See most of you tomorrow.

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nighty night

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good MORNING thread

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Nigga you dont tucc when I roll round here

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Sleep well.

morning woafie

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tucc off

Attached: 9oVxCVC.png (551x338, 197.36K)


m8 Ill tucc u do bad


do it.........you wont..........

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Ill tucc u so poorly you'll wish i never tucced you and you will feel uncomfortable all night

morning bard what are you up to this morning

ello fosters bogan cunt hehe

How be you, ya poached egg consuming pomm

Being awake hurts

I'm alright
going to have a croissant for breakfast, hopefully I don't set my kitchen on fire again because evidently I am a sim and the player really wants me to die some reason

sleep is gud yes

How did you set your kitchen on fire?
That is not an easy thing to do!

I dropped some noodles on my stove while it was on and they caught fire the other day

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I don't know man

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you know hu
when you tell me to make my own food experiences like these are why I've got a bit of an aversion to it

O mai gawd youre one silly goose

I was cold and impatient, and I sought to solve those 2 problems
I see nothing wrong with that

You put the oven to full throttle though!

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what would you have done
if I moved it up by one increment there wouldn't have been much change
you can't live a life of half-measures

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I cook things a lot so I know when hot is too hot for something.
Im growing accustomed to cooking some things knowing how much time I got left despite variables.
If I must leave something due to impatience, I end up turning the heat down, because I like to be in control.

Attached: 04d378d9e038de1b9e1f302ce8b13e4623aa0c08_hq.jpg (413x494, 33.92K)

I like being in control too
but I don't like being really fucking bored staring at a wall for 15 minutes

I can stare at things for hours if I feel I must, because I dont need much stimulus.
My attention span is not what I would call long, but it can be if I think its gotta be.
I am but a simple herp.

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productive people don't make that sound

y so blech

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Burn Loafie's house down.


because it's 7am again

i'm just


shoulda gone to sleep a long time ago

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If we ban Nezi
then he'll go to bed

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U gotta sleep moar

Attached: berserk_puck_and_ibarera_by_lagi20-d85t9kr.jpg (1024x727, 135.08K)

maybe in a week you'll be back to normal

only to stay up doing whatever you were doing again

and the ride never ends...


i wish :'(

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Prescription drugs are great for insomnia.

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Attached: 18.png (262x479, 194.45K)



will go see my PCP soon

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Oh dear.
Maybe you fap too much.

Attached: hhhhh.PNG (455x247, 108.77K)

no i mean

i tried to get pills

but the doctor i saw was like "read a book idiot lul"

so i need to see my PCP

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Jeez....things are simple here.
At least for me anyway.

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Attached: 1522089466001.jpg (928x1069, 472.87K)

oh no
hu has new animu girls

Long time no see

Attached: 1521637264001.jpg (1400x2100, 504.42K)

we talked like two days ago you dork

needs moar 02

I've been posting her almost for a month now, even threw her in an OP

No thanks, no alien dino abbos

Attached: 1521478616001.jpg (1500x2121, 438.67K)

Shes smarter and stronger tho

hows hu

guess I dodged it all somehow, I'd only seen slutwolf
what even IS this whore

She's also a shitty slut.
Am alright. Easter now.
How's Herpy?

Slutwolf is forever best.
It's the cuck girl from the same anime the redheaded dinosaur cocksock is from. This thing

Attached: 1521092727001.jpg (1500x1941, 844.3K)

fukken memeanime

I know nothing about that anime other than faux-sex piloting and it ripping the cuck scene out of the finale of Gundam 0083 like shot for shot.

Attached: 8.png (217x351, 104K)

But she is more faithful than all the other girls

Attached: 6059a0522c31d8bf94951ac0103d94a9.png (615x1091, 505.15K)

It has so much cuck in it

Attached: kekeke.png (868x494, 439.45K)

I barely know anything about it at all, except three names from it, one being cucked by some racemixed girl and the name of the show itself.
Don't have to know more either

She's a total slut

Attached: 1521482656001.jpg (3242x4543, 1.25M)

Shut up Squiddy you don't even watch Gundam

Attached: 1521937390361.jpg (955x455, 22.58K)

Not that, some scene with a fat guy.

So, you only have the girl because spec avatars as someone from it~?

Attached: m4.png (640x480, 517.94K)

Aint no better woman than a slut who is faithful.
Problem is they dont physically exist, so anime like this brings them close enough to reality for me to pretend they do exist.

Attached: 1ac569fea9ec48c0fe8dfa571c9fa35f.jpg (1024x725, 566.16K)

There was an episode where only the girls clothes get dissolved by acid spat from a monster.
it was actually a pretty good episode, despite that corny start

Attached: c3429e67ddf22f0492a0ee76bed6673e.jpg (955x2208, 435.79K)

No. Everybody avatars as the shitty one, even though Strawberry is obviously cuter

Attached: 1521571373001.jpg (722x1100, 335.67K)

I'm pretty sure I've watched over half the serieses now. I just haven't watched your shitty fukken wing gundams

Attached: 1466677498998.jpg (640x480, 33.72K)

Just be gay

Attached: 1521523140001.jpg (1506x1698, 1.36M)

Nigga doesn't even know about The 8th MS Team

I'm pretty sure I straight up know 90% of 08th at this point. Probably should just watch it, the guy I was watching gundam with straight died recently, and I started watching more on my own/ with another fag

Attached: 45.png (640x480, 612.23K)

I do that at times too.
Theres no such thing as the perfect guy either.
Humans are terrible.

Attached: 8b695a5610d44de6322cd3d9e6caa04d.jpg (850x613, 357.89K)

Theres a team of gundam guys with MS?


No, at no point in Gundam are there people in MS's

Attached: 121.png (360x360, 196.8K)

Spend $10 now to power up your lasers!


Is there still people with MS in gundams tho?

Attached: 267850706642403328.png (128x128, 14.56K)

I blame the beer and nothing else. Nothing else got me here.

Attached: 9094578e03653ca96cb1b27e6e6ed0e15f626a0f194faed5f3de57387c7b4879.png (331x428, 73.04K)

What kind of fan are you lol

Are there alot of weebs out there where you're from?

Attached: 1517855593561.jpg (1280x1808, 563.41K)

ur the shittier one


Attached: 1519211908035.gif (438x567, 1.52M)

Pretty sure I've gone through like all the UC stuff available in english other than that though other then mangos, so fuk u.

I dunno, maybe. Mostly talking about internet weebs.

Attached: 24.png (640x480, 612.4K)

Ichigo is actually pretty awesome, problem is 02 is better because she's got horns and tits and ass
They're like equal, but not quite, because of horns and tits and ass.

Attached: 8b8ceb4c42b604bd96106e32fb26fac5.jpg (724x983, 299.91K)


You don't know any irl weebs?

Assuming you do go outside lol

Attached: 1518355549023.jpg (1280x995, 119.06K)

Exactly why Strawberry is better

So mean

Attached: 1520363220001.jpg (636x1259, 88.64K)

The colour red gets the BLOOD in my DICK really PUMPING

What does blue do? NOTHING.

I know know a few people out in the wild, I go outside but not a massive amount. More so these days though, studying now.

you love it bb

I mean... redheads are the best, but she still got horns, and that's awful

Attached: 1521009840001.jpg (728x950, 163.37K)

You should go out more often whenever you ain't studying

You don't wanna end up like Hu

Attached: 1521983049473.jpg (650x850, 55.68K)

Her hair is pink.
The red that gets my dick hard is the red she has on her horns.
People with actual red hair should be ashamed of themselves.
Also it seems like you actually watched it now.

Attached: 792c5a511da6ff69f8e1899259c1a111.jpg (878x1239, 938.53K)

The faggot has already ended up like me

Attached: 1520363231001.jpg (1000x1409, 201.79K)

I could probably go have a few drinks with some of my old friends I occasionally keep in touch with but eh, I don't care *that* much.

Attached: 121.png (360x360, 196.8K)

I haven't touched it

Attached: 1521092728001.png (2480x3508, 2.39M)

You wouldnt get it Hu you dont like boobs.
Huh. Seemed like ya did.

Attached: 1ac569fea9ec48c0fe8dfa571c9fa35f.jpg (1024x725, 566.16K)

What gave you the idea in the first place?
I don't watch anime

Attached: 1520271734001.jpg (2000x2000, 372.08K)

I thought you might have had a reason as to why ichigo is good or better, beyond from what you've seen in images or whatever

Attached: 448c38e3c0417e29996c3f0d9378fa2a.jpg (800x642, 348.49K)

You pour souls

So what do you usually do for fun these days anyways?

Sure as hell ain't studying lol

Attached: 1519499561050.png (666x554, 287.42K)

Nope, not at all

Attached: 1519486705855.webm (1280x720, 1.62M)

It's fine

Attached: 1521722383001.jpg (764x1100, 288.9K)

Attached: 1519304439165.png (300x300, 70.85K)

oh is this just soto hitting on ponyfags now
where is my precious shitposting

Attached: 14804721_10207055426899110_1994898835_n.jpg (540x540, 58.71K)

Watch it.
Its ok.

ura homo

Attached: 0c191b1224d1af05099b8e48a167e50f.jpg (1024x1295, 167.48K)

vido gam

Attached: ssmeilisdfndsf.PNG (578x652, 626.79K)

who needs headphones when you can just bust the cord and then wear them backwards like a fool

Attached: cairn3.png (1280x1159, 770.62K)

Attached: 1522080850297.jpg (437x431, 28.3K)

look at the fuckin clock nerd
it's DED here

Attached: 119.png (640x480, 568.87K)

lmao it's 6am you nigger

Attached: 1521981187890.jpg (720x580, 30.78K)

That sounds wicked!

Yeah no, lol. I bet it's trash

Attached: 1520363235001.png (800x1288, 203.77K)

send help


Attached: squid.png (361x333, 92.97K)

nah it sucks cause now I have to learn how to *hear* backwards.

plus the cord is in the wrong spot :c

Attached: cairn21.png (540x381, 34.43K)

I will say its not good, good anime.
Its good anime, but not good, good anime.

u asked 4 it buddy

so meme nerd

Attached: 23.png (375x282, 124.81K)

what even

do some kinda surgery to them and try and fix em...sorta

I got off work like an hr ago

I'm pretty trashed rn
It's great man

lmao you're fucking boring man

what else

Attached: 1521915864253.jpg (820x870, 114.42K)

what's wrong squid
you of all people should know what it's like, you live upside down after all.

I did try! the cords busted so that my left ear just doesn't get sound so I just now have to wear the right ear on my left ear!!

Attached: cairn29.png (717x900, 268.81K)

tape the heary bits to a hat like i did

...you're right
i cant believe i got played by a kangaroo fucker

i don't remember how

i'm waiting to go to the fucking DMV and i've had nothing but coffee and adderal in my stomach for an hour life is suffering ow oof

Attached: himiko47.png (1024x1600, 1.27M)

Truly the worst of headphone issues.
Shall you acquire new ones as soon as possible?

I dont fuck kangaroos cunt.
I fuck wombats and ponies.

Attached: 3bc915abfaa282440de7731158fc2426.jpg (1414x2000, 254.88K)

I could instead just turn the headphones around dork

No $. I'm 20 or so in the hole so I'm probably just gonna wait until these ones give up the ghost or something. I have a spare thats in worse shape if need be

Attached: cairn23.png (540x553, 152.06K)

wombats are probably easier to hold down and fuck but ponies are fucking strong nigga how

fuck u kid headphone hat was the best invention i ever done did >:CC

Attached: 14795706_10207055426939111_2052858078_o.jpg (900x1260, 157.3K)

Idk man I do other general neet shit. Build shitty gundam models sometimes, watch the odd animu, etc.

Primary hobby is vidya though. I've played a fuckload of obscure shit, fuck my dick.

Played out meme

bitch boi don't got no memes

Attached: 3.png (640x480, 563.97K)

if you keep telling yourself that it might one day be true ;)

you're a played out meme >:(

Attached: cairn20.png (540x743, 178.29K)

I would sacrifice sound quality in order to have two working speakers on my headphones, rather than one.

Wombats are tough fuckers, they write off cars. Theyre like little giant speed humps.
Years of practice in pony threads.

Attached: c3f7c31b66fef864e5fec7f5d3af5462.png (800x1200, 561.12K)

well I only ever wear one headiphone anyway, when your family is constantly screaming you gotta have 1 ear peeled y'know.

Attached: cairn26.png (1280x1772, 534.12K)

i wiped my heart drive and lost like 4 gigs of good meme webms :'(


is this what its like having aussie brane

Attached: 4shi.jpg (900x1260, 261.95K)

just get another pencil

Attached: cairn10.png (540x340, 62.26K)

Memes are more than pictures, more than webms.

Memes are a state of mind, a state of being.

Attached: 64.png (640x480, 582.3K)

No my family does not require I keep my ear available, luckily.


Attached: 47b990dbe65ec929e0baefda5ef63b96063f61a0cc6d5eb2946600eec82c843a.gif (268x150, 60.93K)

No such thing as a good anime

Attached: 1520363220001.jpg (636x1259, 88.64K)

truly a blessed existence.
one day I'll move out and wear my headphones on BOTH EARS

Attached: cairn4.png (1073x1021, 1.29M)


Attached: mpv-shot0008.jpg (1920x1080, 197.65K)