🔥 Official Scootalooo Thread ❤️

🔥 Official Scootalooo Thread ❤️

These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends Edition.

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don't judge meeeeeeeeee

i am insanely OCD and precise about things like medication, I don't make MISTAKES

no i want sleeping pills

nezi needs sleep

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Hah loco is depressed

So turn off your computer and go sleep instead of complaining about it.

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YAMS omg


No i just fingered myself


I only ever played the series in bits and pieces.
To show you just how long/bad it's been, I sort of forgot about the goddamn Palico mechanics and they're a staple. It's not that I ever disliked the series but I never could devote enough to playing it and always ended up playing it secondhand with friends because I just didn't want to invest in it. I outright enjoyed playing it even it was just grinding random things for a friend while were waiting on something.

Yeah, that's what I mean. You can easily just ignore some of the far too easy conveniences that the scoutflies give you.

I average 4-6 hours of sleep and loathe sleeping pills because it makes me sleep far too much and makes you feel like you take hours to truly wake up.


but you poop from there

not tonight you don't

maybe I should get a trip and a new folder so it's more obvious when I post, eh?

Well I couldn't just not do it. The opportunity was right there.

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I personally love them because I get lost easily.
Vertical is a weird direction for me.;

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I like to light shit on fire and break things.

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Burn and break me, daddy.

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Can I light you on fire and break your bones??

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u ever think
what if i(first person not me specifically) had tiddies ?

lil bobbers

Go take a cold shower, Kyle.

As long as you promise to scream and laugh while you do it.

Steve Buscemi

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"great idea, kanra. people aren't ignoring you, they just keep missing your posts."

what if you had tiddies?

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Oh fuck yes I will! And I will likely have a raging boner. I can't help it.

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something something do you

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I did.

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I get stumped at times remembering which parts are the ones that connect upward like I thought they did. I remember the map but get kind of bad about thinking one area before/after another is the one with with the right path.
Same with the Souls games, really. I know where I'm going but end up making a wrong turn or two then instantly realizing it before continuing. The Ancient Forest is a clusterfuck, though.


Oh. You'll flirt with Drunky but not me. QQ

i once felony arson.

Kind of really enjoying the idea of finding an abandoned house with mandy, stripping naked, letting blood and dancing around until he starts beating me and lights my corpse on fire.

Trust me, I'm worth flirting with.

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My flirting is literally telling him I'm going to kill him.....

Maybe you should just kill yourself, Kanra.

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It really is. The rotten area is simple, but not really enjoyable to be in.
Though the elder you fight there was hype as hell.

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Flay me alive, daddy.

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Patience, beautiful. I'm still saving.

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thrill yourself

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I like this part probably too much

Sup, babe?

Sup, cutie?

Impressive. Try thinking about nuns.

Sounds like a beautiful, ritualistic, fucked up time. Also arousing.

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You shouldn't encourage my hate fuckery...

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what if !!!!
hopefuwwy i can grow some bobbers >:3
no fake boobiez !!


fucking deaf I swear

Sexy nuns!~

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I.... Couldn't....

Blood is an enjoyable thing.

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All of the areas are fairly simply barring the forest. I don't think it's really possible to get lost in the Wastes, Lifestream, or Rotten Vale. The Coral Highland is just a giant fucking circle for the most part with direct ups/downs that you only use when hunting.


joeks on you

I was a little hurt that noticed me til you told me to kill myself :D

nice nice
I like your style

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mmhm probably without the beatings tho imo

or a campfire would be a good setting for that sort of thing^^

fuckin blood orgies ;3

I was trying to describe to my roommate how much I enjoyed the mist of blood in his video game and he kinda gets it but not really lol

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you only said "steve buscemi"

this is just an actor's name
you have to make full sentences

and what style is that

Hope you don't mind some light teasing in the mean time. I kind of enjoy doing it.

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I get lost in the parts of the coral place that are clumps of a lot of up and downs.
Like near the nest up at the top.

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no fake tits

Pfft. Blood is nice. Blood, pain, and ecstacy.


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Well if you're enjoying yourself then I shouldn't stop you^^

Plus it makes me smile

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oh gotcha
i mean maybe if it comes to that and i have the money to do it :p
but i doubt that will be a real scenario

it would also depend on surgeon/size too
lotta variables

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Aw sweet!

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sounds like a lot of effort, really

good thing flat is superior

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Sometimes I imagine myself in a life totally perpendicular to my own. One in which I didn't end up getting back with an old girlfriend, getting married and settling down. One where I stuck around with some of the homeless pricks I would roll with, and I imagine myself drifting. More tattoos, more anger. And in this world, I can see you and I, and we're doing bad things. We're doing things others would hide their eyes at. Things that people need years of fucking therapy to repress. And we do it for fun. We do it because we like it, and we do it because we like each other. And it hurts, and its dangerous, but it's okay, because after it's done, we drink, sleep and do it all again the next fucking day.

Maybe in another life.

Something something pornhub special

Not a proper blood orgy unless somebody is battered, beaten, marred beyond recognition, or outright fucking killed. I volunteer as tribute, if you'll be the one to dismember me... And I mean, all members.

Maybe learn to pick up on fucking context clues. If I respond to a post about imagining tits on people with "Steve buscemi," a fucking seven year old would be able to discern the intended meaning.

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Fake tits for my fake friends

what sorts of bad things

i like a and b cup ;w;

theyre like lil boob nuggies :3

theres zero correlation between the two
this is the like 4th time you've implied i dont know how to pick up on context clues and i think its because youre too stubborn to get over yourself and MAYBE you're the one being dumb huh LOL
goodness cynic >:3

i have zero fake friends

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Also, starting a new character made me realize just how much the difficulty spikes with 2 player coop since it doesn't scale based on number of coop players. I have carted like twice since starting the new character and I've done the grind for weapons and gear and right before the Rotten Vale.


Had I known you a decade ago, my friend. We can still have fun in more socially acceptable ways though.

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Not as sweet as you.

I'm flattered, but I only ritualistically slaughter goats, sorry m8. Personal rule and a legality issue^^

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our imperfections are what make us beautiful, you see


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a great point bubber
thats why im the most beautiful >:3
most imperfections is the implication i'm making
idk if you can tell by CONTEXT CLUES

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You're the type of kid that chewed the lead paint off his crib bars.

I too enjoy settling in life.
Where did I go wrong, Mandy?
Who even am I anymore?

I live less than 300 miles from cities that have zero manslaughter/homicide enforcement.

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You lookin' at mirrors again~?

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sorry bud
i was too advanced as a child for cribs
not that someone of your intellect would know about that.... :/

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if that were actually true though
you'd be one of the worst posters because you're actually great

Who said you went wrong? You have a stable life, and a loving partner. Sounds like things worked out alright to me, no?

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To be fair, pee dude has to have a high IQ to understand why he wants dudes to piss on him.

aw :3
thanks wager
so sweet

ty gilgy for backing me up

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Are you.... Insulting my friend, peegirl?

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You missed the joke entirely, subhuman.


That's scary :(

Nuu. Just bet you taste real sweet.

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you didnt know me and cynic have a HEATED rivalry ?
he doesnt like when i post and always gets angwy at me weally fast 3:

too low intellect for his conversations i guess....

the fact that you think i missed the joke makes me feel so good

i have such an immense power level here with people that dont like me its so good
gosh dang

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All I can think of is his "selfie" with the banana or orange image he posted.


Wow. The joke truly is on all of us: you were only pretending to be retarded.

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It's not where I saw myself being and it feels wrong. Call it existential crisis or some other shit, but I feel like I'm in the wrong timeline. I should be cold, homeless, drunk, alone and angry.

Why. It means you can do me the solid of being the one to separate my limbs from my body.

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Wanna check my insides for gummies?

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also as if I give enough of a shit to establish a "rivalry" with anyone

You know, I'm going to have to side with my friend on this whole thing. I've never known him to be unjust. Also, he is savior.

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read that as "cummies"

Almost certainly. You queer.



well you're still replying :p

you can do whatever you want boo bear :p
i dont mind

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two possibilities here
1. I look at too many shitposts containing the word cummies
2. I look at too many actual posts with the word cummies

either one is unacceptable

Or 3. You just really like cummies

And that's the most unacceptable of all.

Na, my friend. You might think that's where you belong, but it isn't. You're a good guy, and you don't deserve to be a bum on the street. You're too bright to be dulled by a fog of shit.
And I swear, if you get mopey, I'm going to come beat your ass!

Can i tie up?

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Amy, repost the weird banana/orange/fruit image of you.

tie up ?
tie up what

I'm 90% sure it's not option 3

I don't have it any more.

You. Tie your arms and legs down.

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You are fucking useless.

I couldnt find my vocaroo

why would you do that ?
i mean im about to sleep so i guess it doesnt matter :p

but odd

I don't expect to randomly need images I haven't needed for a year or longer, y'know.

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Because then I'm going to.... Wait, how old are you?

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if i say 16 will you stop trying to make sexual advances

omg i shoulda just said i was like 16 this whole time i was here gosh dangit
that woulda been way more fun

You're old a dick....

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baiting pedos is fun

Obviously you aren't 16 though.

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but i am ;w;

Should grab some shut eye

Yeah but I sure as hell don't belong in suburbia. I'm starting to forget what struggling is like. I don't remember the feeling of an empty bank account, or running out of food. I haven't gotten a poke-and-stick tattoo in like four years, I don't get high on adderall and coke and write songs anymore. I drink on weekends. I'm more human now than I think I ever felt comfortable being.

Was I supposed to remind you of something?
Or ask you to do something?
...It sounds like I'm supposed to be asking something of you and I can't remember what it was, but "Vocaroo" sparked something.

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Now that I have finally made my daily calling somebody really old joke I can go to bed. Good night, all. ♥

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I expected you to save everything I would someday need from your gay ass.

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Nite Amy. Sleep tite

I don't buy it. I'd say 18 or 19.

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night stinker
have a nice rest

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im 16.

later, fag

You weee supposed to remind me to vind
As i would have been able to grab from comp
Im at work
Finding difficult

Nbd. As long as you know what I'm talking about, I don't feel crazy about whether or not something happened.
What do you even do?

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Bud, you're a good guy. If you gotta learn how to be comfortable being a human, so be it. But you do deserve this. You've walked through your hell. Now you are in a better place. And you'll get comfortable with it. You'll learn to feel good about where you are. Or I'll take you out you a dark place and we can have a fisticuffs until you do.

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Meh I don't buy it.

im going to sleep.
no s*x talk around me im underage.
i WILL. call the police.


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Support Worker for people with learning disabilities
And they say this place was useless

Good night bubba

You gave me your discord, so obviously you won't call the police on me.

Also good night.

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dinner is.....soon...

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idk that one

How is that doing someone a solid?

um. yes.


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i did ?
its easier to bait pedos in a "private" setting anyways you doofus

I want to go back to hell.
At least I knew who I was there.
Sorry for feeling the need to talk about it.
Societally, I'm in a "much better place." but what if I was okay with being in a shitty place? What if I found comfort in discomfort?... Is it wrong of me to want those things back when what I have is what so many people strive for, and I can't appreciate it for what it is?

Neat. More noble a job than I could do. I probably wouldn't be able to stop laughing at work.

Makes sense. Whatcha waiting on?

You'd be fulfilling a request someone made for you. The action itself is probably not doing anybody any favors, but conceding to anothers desire is a solid. A favor.

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dinner ready. time to eat. then bed after


It has its moments

Wrong of you? Yes. Yes it is.

Finding comfort in discomfort is usually the cause of low self-esteem. Having a low opinion of oneself to the point where you don't deserve anything good or you don't belong anywhere that good people are. And that's a bullshit thinking. Look at all the assholes in this world that lives in luxury. They don't deserve that, at all. You, on the other hand, are a decent human being. Hell, I sabotage any kind of positive thing in my life, so I'm not the best person to give advise, but damnit, you are where you are because Life had punched your ticket and let you into the party. Don't wish you were back in the line along the skids like me.

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Now I feel bad that I don't want to dismember you. What is this?

I’ll dismember u

His psychological warfare. Don't let him strong arm you. He is crazy.

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Well I feel so distant from a life I wanted years ago
Torn between this road I'm on and where I once called home
Chained down to a city, to a lover, to a bed
A door has swung right open, I'll just step out here instead
I go to work, I sleep all night, I pay my bills on time
My clothes are clean my fridge is full but I'm empty inside
Why do I do this? Why?! Why do I this to myself?

That's hawtu

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If you're empty inside I got something to put in you

Mental fuckery isn't hawt. Only leather and chains.

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I prefer rope and handcuffs tbh

Attached: I like fishsticks.png (504x576, 389.33K)

You just like this digging into your wrists as you try to get free....

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You! I got something to put in you!
At the gay bar! Gay bar! Gay bar!

That's... actually exactly it. huh

The point where you exhaust yourself passed struggling is magic.

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You sound surprised that I would understand.

Attached: 4b781e9ca87207e037f48873515d019e--so-cute-wild-animals.jpg (700x733, 56.3K)

It hurts.

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idk most people i've talked to don't really take a minute to try to understand.

Please feel better, Drunky :(

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Take it easy, my friend. I'll bug you later!

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better start with just one one finger next time

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Kill your sell


People with depression should be shot on sight

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I've read erotica since I was little. I have thought a lot about all sorts of fetishes and such. And I have quite a few more.

Attached: facts-ferret-bkgrnd.jpg (565x297, 32.53K)

U turd

Good night
So much hate

didn't realize drunky was such an admirable character.

that's cool.

shot full of opioids?

bang bang

night, night~


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Drunky is a good guy. Quite a good guy. I miss him.

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do you know what race consumes the most opioids by percentage?

hope he's not serious about missing having a shittier life.


Attached: 40a43c9a3af5606f150ef192ad862a9f.jpg (933x1080, 408.2K)

Drunky love

Knowing him, he is. He is a good guy, but he has demons. He will get through it though.

Attached: hqdefault.jpg (480x360, 39.2K)

you're thinking of opium. I mean the recent opioid epidemic.

which race is numbing themselves the most to cope with the changing world?

I just figured he was a dick. never read his posts. he's still a dick, but a relatively admirable one.

certainly hope so. life always needs examples of those that triumph over themselves.

idk never been a dick to me^~^

He is a good example of a good person. He also has a good sense of humor. He rarely means anything that sounds mean, but he does have a large heart. Kind of reminds me if how I was. Better though.

Attached: pet-ferret.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart.jpg (644x364, 14.65K)

he seems out of practice, anyways.

read a few of your posts, too. you seem incredibly hard on yourself.

nothing I've seen suggests it's warranted, but I don't see much.

I have my own skeletons in my closet. I assure you, I'll kinder to myself than I used to be, but I have reason not to be.

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depression pissing contest: go!~

ohhhh then i would say Americans

Attached: 3d8.gif (500x281, 1.12M)

I thought my ID was a GET number

Attached: i wish.PNG (591x759, 707.83K)

Hey I never said I was depressed. I'm actually feeling better than I have in a long time.

Attached: Ferret-Mustela-Putorius-Furo.jpg (650x650, 31.91K)

Once I cried

Attached: 1497585889779.jpg (1988x3056, 1.83M)


no way

Attached: Adventure time!.png (294x492, 215.03K)

So when are you and yams gonna hook up, eh??

Attached: 19bac62101dd42e97814988debefea59.jpg (600x450, 60.96K)

You are now depressed

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timezones and stuff

Attached: Sparkly.png (432x432, 253.06K)

~I am now depressed~

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Yea, but come on. Even long distance is worth it. I would know.

Attached: facts-ferret-bkgrnd.jpg (565x297, 32.53K)

there's some use in being hard on yourself... but it's hard to hate or demean yourself into being a better person. those emotions are usually anxiety, fear, stress, and insecurity.

a little bit of stress can help, and fear to set one straight, but in the long term, people do better when they know and believe it's worth it. at least from anyone that I've ever seen turn into someone they like, somewhere along the way what they did was because they loved themselves, and believed in themselves.

in fact, I remember a bit more about you now. did you have your heart broken repeatedly or something?

I'm so depressed I want to go back to bed.

Latin Americans? African Americans? Canadian immigrants to America?

Are you being sarcastic?

You would know?

Attached: fight me irl.png (510x287, 263.62K)

I had a long range relationship with a girl in Canada. Used to sing her to sleep every night. Talk to her all day. Flew up and spent a week with her. And it ended. But I'd still do it again. And I still miss singing her to sleep.

One can't stop love. Even if you wanted to.

Attached: fotolia_5680064_XS.jpg (383x313, 47.56K)

ooh i did not know

and I agree

Attached: I don't seed lol.png (376x402, 146.63K)

only weak people have depression

U.S. Americans :c

Attached: 438e08038da72c7f277385ac869112dd.jpg (1200x1600, 332.98K)

I wouldn't say I hate myself. I acknowledge my strengths and weakness. Professionally, I am following promotions. I'm in the short running for a management position in the company I work. From there I plan to move up into sales and becoming a supreme doucher. Actually I plan to be an onpremise guy. Getting paid to drink at bars all day.

I do have my own piss puddles I push my own nose into sometimes, but when I think about it, I do something enjoy the person I am. Or at least the person I can be.

And no, not really. I've had my heart broken once.

Attached: diabetes.jpg (2100x1400, 195.13K)

So try it

Only weak people have drinking problems. Which is, ironically, how I stopped drinking.

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why miss them? why not give a sincere effort to truly get over them?

I'll give you a hint... their male population largely consists of truck drivers and people who work in retail

naisu. very naisu. so why do I hear you being hard on yourself?

I guess I don't have to move farther away.. I just don't want a one-sided international pipedream.

Attached: =w=.png (476x574, 309.11K)

Oh don't get me wrong, I don't want the relationship again. I just miss the moments of singing them to sleep. It is a moment I cherish. Peaceful. Serene. I haven't had that feeling again since. She made me feel like I was an ancient Irish Bard with the power to captivate and please audiences. It was a good feeling. But the relationship is over, and I do not miss her.

Depends. Sometimes it's an excuse. Just how drinking is an excuse to do something you want to do.
Sometimes it is a reminder of what I have done in my past and what I must strive not to do in the future.
And sometimes, it is only a moment of wallowing in self pity.

Why do you think it's one sided?

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Attached: i wish.PNG (591x759, 707.83K)

I don't. That's just the worst case what-if kinda thing.

Attached: I have a bigger dick than Afroman.png (274x299, 105.43K)

what did you drink? coffee?

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That's crazy talk. Yams wants you, Maddie. Maybe it won't last, but it will be worth it while it does. Trust me. I can tell these things.

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Anything I could get my hands on. Whisky, rum, wine, vodka, beer. Malt liquor.

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Attached: CLANG_TO_THE_FUTURE.webm (1277x720, 2.8M)


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Now if I don't hear that you and him are together with two days I'm going to start flirting with you again.

Attached: download-2-32.jpg (473x650, 62.18K)

sounds like you've figured yourself out.

you talk yourself down, but it doesn't sound like you really believe it.

hope you keep that clarity.

think whiter.

He should ask then x///x

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how did you afford all that?


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Me too, user.

He isn't going to because he thinks you have better prospects! This is a situation where you are going to have to take the lead!

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I worked. As a liqour manager. And went to work drunk.

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I can't! Too much spag.

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you're both spag, though
the playing field is level.

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If you don't do it, I'll do it for you. And I'll write some cheesy poem for him to read. And I'll say you wrote it.

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West Virginia, Ohio, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Pennsylvania.

but those are just the overdose rates.

shuddup >///<

Whaa What kind of poem NOO

NH represent.

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Wait is that Mandy

take what you want
grab life by the Yams

Attached: 95.jpg (500x500, 229.43K)

Mandy is awesome, and you are too
But Mandy plays bagpipes,
And that is too cool
But yams is alright, and is pretty cool dude
And by the way Maddie wants you

To yams.

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I will I will, jeez

you guys are shipping this one hard, huh?

oh lawd. I'll just talk to him pls no poetry lmao

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I might be, yeah.

smoke trees.

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You sure? I can think of other stuff. I can refine it. That was just off the top. I can make me sound pretty good.

Why who is you?

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Good bye, canuckanon.

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Just a wandering Muu.

Attached: bd862e7af1738c529d76c9d26ba12698.jpg (900x900, 397.18K)

Aww muu. I didn't know you were a Brit! How have you been? Still as attractive as ever, I bet?

Attached: facts-ferret-bkgrnd.jpg (565x297, 32.53K)

well, thanks I think lol

*packs a bong*

Try again~

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happy posters = happy thread

I am currently ascending

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There was a man both burly and strong,
Any he was incapable of doing a Lassie wrong.
He was kind, and warm, with arms of wool,
And for a pretty face was always a fool.

But a kind lass he met on a far reaching site,
And she truly did make a gorgeous sight.
So he bent the knee and he offered his hand,
To the beautiful girl in this beautiful land.

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Hmph. I was barely passing for mature before, so.
How're the gay furred creatures?

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I like being happy

lol ascending

That was a lot cuter^^

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That I'm not so sure. Squash is there only one I have kept in contact with. I spoke to dotter about a year ago. Same to badger. But that's all.

Though I must admit, I am glad to be out of gfur threads. They really do a number on your sexuality sometimes.

So you're passing as much more mature now??

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Now you ask out yams out I'll make an even cuter one! Don't make me! Cause I'll do it! And I'll make you blush!

Attached: pet-ferret.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart.jpg (644x364, 14.65K)

Yeah right, you can't make me blush~

Attached: full potato mode.png (798x446, 358.57K)

I don't know, but maybe one shouldn't think too much about appearance!
Dotter isn't really very high-class but at least he's hot.

Attached: 005ZSNcVjw1ey8k59kbbxj30hs0hsgpr.jpg (640x640, 159.52K)

Dotter's not classy anymore?

You don't want to play that game with me, love. I've practice at it much. I can leave you flushed and full of desire, and no release.

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I like saying ascending more
sounds way cooler

I actually quite like dotter. And his last name. I should actually send him a message. Maybe get him to send me a pic.

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I agree. This may stick.

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Tell'em I said hi.
But I can't remember names for the life of me. I'm not a names person.

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I'm changing the world

hello you handsome young man

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Oh fuck, I just realized I was going to be up the north of England. North enough to get haggis, at least.
But I don't think I have time to go touring and checking out the North Englanders.

Attached: 49138325_p0.jpg (990x1748, 1.3M)

Besides, that would be mean of me!

But you remembered mine?

Attached: a-cat-a-dog-a-ferret-10-pictures-4.jpg (530x403, 47.04K)

dont stop and tour, just get a bite to eat, its what your heart wants

i like a little mean

Maybe, but that yams job ;)

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He didn't say good night :(

To be fair, you were a bit here and there. Trust me. He does want you.

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Attached: ohaiyou.png (335x409, 65.67K)

Oh I so don't believe that. Don't make me spank you the first time I see you.

Attached: a-cat-a-dog-a-ferret-10-pictures-4.jpg (530x403, 47.04K)

R-rude >//

Attached: and then~ʔ.png (270x454, 59.17K)

Well, internet names are different anyway.

You mean with people or you mean 'go get fat on haggis'?

Attached: 9d6926347fd938ff92c4292d0115620e.png (600x334, 464.33K)

I'm not known for courtesy. Only my lewdness.

Attached: images.jpeg (275x183, 5.99K)

But you still remembered me. I feel special.

Attached: download-2-32.jpg (473x650, 62.18K)

I'm going to hmph at you.

Attached: 59566951_p1.png (512x853, 221.71K)

See. I'm special!

Attached: 4b781e9ca87207e037f48873515d019e--so-cute-wild-animals.jpg (700x733, 56.3K)

Kamuu's ass was the only redeemable thing about his autism.


post it

It was quite nice. Come on kammuu. You know you want to.

Attached: Ferrets-are-adorable-ferrets-11370043-345-259.jpg (345x259, 17.08K)


even then it just made them pretentious to know they even had a small amount of sex appeal

I was just trying to see if Tsuchi had it saved tbh

yea i dont think muu is actually here, someone might be confused

I don't even have it. I made a few shitty edits of it just drawing dingleberries on it in mspaint to post when it happened but I've long since deleted all of that.


oh he is here woops

yea i dont really have any of my old caps either not to mention its from several PC's ago


Other than a few shitty edits, I don't really have anything saved anymore.

Attached: the infamous mustache.jpg (1944x2592, 650.25K)

I seem to have misplaced the butt

Attached: Kamoo on the prowl for someone to milk his udders.png (327x242, 150.46K)

dat filename

I forgot he even actually did anything other than post his ass.
I was thinking that the only thing that he ever showed was he ass.

Attached: oompa loompa.jpg (731x672, 109.07K)

He was involved with some tinychats

Attached: kamoo.jpg (640x480, 26.29K)

wow they sure did try

Oh hey here it is. A little small, but it's there

Attached: lolcow.png (530x402, 261.37K)

lolcow, best name

Miss this guy

Oh wait I have him on Facebook I'll just say hi

Attached: fuckyousoto.gif (207x151, 742.39K)

Attached: 81a1dfb7f55cb76c485082850cee8b94.png (400x400, 11.37K)

Back while foods cooking.

Attached: 21.jpg (960x720, 93.45K)

Whatcha makin?

Attached: TP black eye.jpg (640x480, 37.59K)

HZA was the shit


Wait is that you smiling?

Welcome back, good friend. What you eating?

Attached: ferret-page-ferret.jpg (322x254, 23K)

I can tell him you said hi

Indeed it is, several years ago

Attached: pantsu on head.png (538x135, 172.14K)

Cordon Bleu. I'm trying to empty my fridge and pantry before I go shopping again.


Attached: 58.jpg (960x720, 93.1K)

Were you people talking about me after I left? This feels weird.

do it.

I no longer know what I think of you.

Fair enough. Best to use the old rather than the new.

Attached: images.jpeg (275x183, 5.99K)

Only good things

Not bad, what kinda meat?


Did you have a different picture of me in your head?

Attached: Ghostie.jpg (605x623, 69.73K)

Yes. More manly.

We talking a walk down memory lane?

These pictures are hilarious

Ghostie got so much cuter from that tho

Well I wouldn't really call myself feminine...

Hell yea

That is true, I just had lunch with her this weekend

Attached: autism.jpg (2448x3264, 373.76K)

:O lucky

She lives like right down the street lmao

Attached: marie nipple tc.png (1197x594, 954.51K)


I buy like ten ingredients for a meal
Half of them, like condiments, spices, produce and shit, I can only buy in quantities bigger than I need for my meal. I end up left over at the end of the week with stuff I have no use for outside of the meal it was intended, so I have to buy stuff to finish off the other stuff, and then I have too much of that..

It's like the 9 hot dogs, 10 buns quandary.

Weirdly enough, this is true, and I don't know how cool I am with that. I fully expect you guys to turn and say "What a fag," the moment I'm gone.

Chicken breast and ham. Basic Cordon Bleu. Do you put other meats in? I haven't tried it with anything other than ham.

Colbs is plenty masculine. He's got a whole extra ball of masculine

Attached: 26.png (1064x520, 291.17K)


you should fuk


Attached: gengtly hids on ur dick.png (376x600, 221.69K)

I don't personally, but I'm sure people do somewhere. Sounds good.

Attached: faoidfjlakj.PNG (642x544, 706.05K)



Discord for a second

I would

I totally fucking hate how they companies do that though! You can't buy perfect quantities of anything. And it aught to change.

And that's not gonna happen. Unless you turn into a major douche. And then we will talk about how cool you used to be.

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