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🔥 Official Scootalooo Thread ❤️

Fukken Matrimony Edition

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TC wedding reception when?

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v i e w s

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Post re-view

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You've bad taste in girls~

He gay

If that's the kind of women he hangs around, then that explains it

Take your words back


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i wish loafie and hutzpa would date ;w;

That would be cute

Loafie needs a a firm ukrainian hand

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Bringing back thread dating

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you know itd be cute
love birds

I wouldn't mind seeing a few internet "couples" being all cute and shit.


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I would like to meet Loafie irl

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me too

i wanna meet every uk boy

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who dat? gimme gimme :O

Come to Uk and do uk things

Aida Surugan

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I am so smart.

Apparently a Gundam girl

i like gundams

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proud of you buddy

They are neato burrito!

Prepare to do that in an underwater cave for added frustration and desperation ;3

what do i do now?

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Have fun

I am not a clever man.

No thanks. ;~;

i dunno how.

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Watch stuff
Play stuff
Listen to stuff read stuff

ultimate cave spelunker yams

Caves scare me

i feel too sad and tired to do any of those by my lonesome.

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How to have fun:

1) Find hallucinogenic cat
2) Lick hallucinogenic cat
3) Explore the universe

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Not sure tjen luka


*lays down*

oh well...
i just feel so empty.

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Eat pasta.

i already had breakfast.

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Pasta will help fill empty cavities

It is nearly Easter.

That girl is super serious about her strawberry selection.

I'm back lads
and somehow more tired than before I hate almost walking into walls let me tell you

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I hate walken into... the.. wawl

You ever been strawberry picking?

please don't mock me scoots


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Now THIS, tjis is mocking you;

Heh, loafie almost walked into a wall? Shame he cant almost be gay.

Nailed it

tell me more about this christopher walken, whose name is somewhat familiar to me

yeah I'm not almost gay, got a problem with that?

1. google him
2. Listen to how he talks
3. Reread my post with that in mind
4. Consider killing yourself

In that order

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Born to troll

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I sent this video to the relatives of the deceased

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how does he relate to my post though
when has christopher walken ever talked about walking into walls or anything of the sort
I've considered killing myself many times before but as you can see the consideration didn't end with me following through

good evening blood-chan how are you

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You are a pain. I am not going to indulge this farce anymore.

My lord?

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She's cute, and you can tell she moisturizes.

Oh yeah?

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loafie did you see my post where i said you and hutzpa should date bc itd be cute and ur cute together and also bc ur flirty and similar

Mhm. Also, post something cute! Like baby goats.

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Suplex goats

Fucking drained. My brother has depression and it's hard to deal with him...

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Guys shouldn't talk in porn
It ruins everything

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kids? reminds me. i had to kick the cat out last night because it's prolly gona drop some kittens soon and i can't have any of that at all.

Here's a cute dog.

depends on when and what they say.

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Going to break blood chans scrawny fucking neck

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Aw. Poor babies. Maybe you could take her to a shelter?

Hehe funny picture..........

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see ya scoots

hello hutzpa

I didn't see it now
now that I've seen this post, I think that's not a bad idea but I think I'm comfortable as I am

I've been in a similar situation myself desu
don't know if this is the first time it's happened but in my experience just try and stick with him for the time being and he'll speak to an actual professional soon enough

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they should just moan, moans are cute

I mean I really do care and love my brother, but sometimes I think he's just doing it for attention...
please don't beat me up

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Yes, it is

I'm listening to your orders, my lord

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Its been like... 3 and a half years...
He's so annoying

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Friendship with Blood chan ended.

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i don't know where she's at now and i'm not allowed to drive.


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Kill him

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Time for the final show down
Like sith


But here's the thing, I think he's just faking it for attention.
My other brother had depression, he diagnosed with it and what he said to me felt genuine...

Would you want your man talking to you during sex?

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I finally took the plunge and got a wall scroll.

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= woman

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Yeah that's completely fair I mostly just poking around see how you two are both really cute especially when you talk in at least from what I can see

ni ni

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No orders for the time being

Well I guess my theory just got disproven
I'm not a great deal better at solving your problem than you are with his it appears so good luck I suppose
sorry blood-chan

everyone and everything is cute according to you it seems
I don't think a day has passed when you haven't said the word cute or cutie at least once

nighto hu

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Goodnight, gay viking

Fuck, now i'm bored

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Too early for sleep.......

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orders are now to kill scoots
be discreet and make sure he doesn't know I told you this

stop being lewd!


nah you gave me good advice
I'm just one person though...
he needs professional help but he doesn't want to seek it

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nothing lewd about multiple men rectal pummeling in unison.

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that's pretty hot lol

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Told to Mahmud, that you say what allax is a faggot

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I want to kill people with depression

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Lol u two are small time

You need depression

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not sure. prolly find it easy though

just a simple spearing competition video.

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yeah it can be hard to get people to do that, and I speak from personal experience
took me a while to get CBT and it did pretty much confirmed all my beliefs I had about it beforehand
still "apparently" I'm more social now so maybe it's not as useless as I think it to be

but the rate at which you notice it is far greater than anyone else, why do you think that is?

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Elm St. this game is heckin hard.

because im a positive uplifting person >:3

i like to see the good in people hehehe

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This is a pretty blatant lie.


Here comes the salt man


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night hutzpa !!!

Did you get lost again?

No I got chased through an asteroid belt.

You're silly

hi welma

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that's one answer I suppose


Nuh-uhh! This game just hates me is all.

Hihi Grom.


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what do you mean?

Weakness doesn't apply to me

help me, i'm on my phone ><

ah i recall my brother doing CBT
...how long have you been into CBT?

run away little man~

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yo all these coolposters all of a sudden

how else did you expect me to answer ?
or whatd you think


hows it hangin


thats so cringe but so cute lol

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i'm so sore and tired today.............. i was asposed to rollw ith my brother earlier but now i gotta go after work

i didnt get to bed til super late ;:

what arre you up p to today bb

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What a shit talker

morning grim wat are you up to today

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grim isn't here?
I sleep
grim is here?

I'm hesitant to pick up the weights again because I overdid it on saturday and I was in pain on sunday
gotta get those gains though, amirite bard?

Attached: senator phillips.png (570x552, 32.51K)

im chillin on day off.

Got some tough life decisions to make.

make sure to have a nutritious meal and take a hot shower. itll help w the soreness.

what's poppin tak?
I need to hit the gym myself


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What kind of lifting regiment do you do?
I don't know alot about lifting dess

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Gains to murder blood chan with.
Murder list;

1. loafie
2. Goggles
3. Blood chan

not bad. I wanna cook something.

how you been?

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morningu bard-kun

it was the kind of thing I had presumed you were talking about when you mentioned he refused to get professional help
I've been doing it for a little under a year now, and about 3 years of counselling before that, but that was a literal waste of time

I'm not sure I just thought of something to say because you get upset when I don't reply

please do not murder me

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morning woafie

Attached: watomato.png (450x450, 82.57K)

you almost always reply to others too reeee
so why is it sometimes u dont reply to me ;;

nothing to do today except work out and play video games
such is life

it's all for arm toning
I don't think I've done a squat in a long time shiggy

hmm are those called umm

It's when you lift one armed weights right?
Crunches or something?

Attached: tomoko (2).jpg (512x600, 222.51K)

hai hai

I don't intend to
I don't reply to someone because I either am not present, forget about their comment, or don't know what to say, and the last one is the most common case with you I find


I'm working my way up to using two 25 pounders
not nearly strong enough to do my set with anything more than that

or if they're a big dumbo like scoots
but the only person who is like scoots is scoots

There is no one in my league.

Attached: AC86D21C-DD4B-40DF-9E46-82B574360336.jpeg (1280x720, 134.14K)

hehe you're gonna get veiny arms~

Attached: Tomoko Kuroki (1776).jpg (1920x1080, 436.9K)

unmatched in your league of being dumb
congratulations scooter

for you

Im the biggest motherfucker here.
Loafie mad jelly.
He should be happy.
I’m going to smash his brains in.

well duh the first reasons but !!!!
that last reason

:( woafie bein mean....

Want me to beat him up?

do u think a similar situation to me n scootsy is gonna happen hmmm

scootsy wanted me MURDERED when i wa here at first but now smonsh

loafie x scootsy soon ? >:3 hehehehe

schedule has been treating me nicely

smited the OSHA gal at work for failing to meet her own standards lmao

im like bitch ill take your job fix ur shit

I got some stone ipa, gonna pop em tonight
anythin new w u?

sounds like a good life
you got any gym goals or just staying healthy?

Attached: DXVqN21VQAAaQQh.png large.png (1037x800, 701.02K)


I just want to be physically stronger
it has it's uses my dude

Reeeeeee DO NOT!!!! Anta baka!?


wow rektage on a monday? that's rough, meanie.

Workin hard
Can’t wait til I finish tomorrow
Gonna hitbthe irons

I don't know
you just say a lot of things I don't know how to respond to I guess

I doubt it
he really has gone out of his way to be very rude to me some reason I don't think he likes me very much

Attached: mpv-shot0012.jpg (1920x1080, 159.95K)

longer life being one of the big ones ayy

Attached: 56682236_p0.png (1200x1300, 1.11M)

I was thinking about getting hella laid
but yeah living longer is pretty cool too I guess

no you!

How an I weak when I don't have depression?

Why Googles?

So CBT has helped you?

Attached: 11708eead2d979330aa0b5bf5cac2796.png (566x800, 494.05K)

ican make that happen

Attached: t-thanks.jpg (306x324, 35.66K)

a lot can happen when you're at your most vulnerable

Lets play the murder game

is this towards tak?

(boy)pussy can be achieved anytime
better to have more time to get it

yeah no

Attached: 45271107_p0.jpg (1000x1000, 834.91K)

I like a challenge, though

Attached: 136.png (1200x1269, 1.78M)

go for the ones you think are out of your league

you'll be surprised what effect a little confidence has on the both of you

Attached: cuteaf.gif (540x303, 1.82M)

Slammin irons

you shoulda seen what scootsy said to me before u doof


Attached: 131.jpg (1280x720, 236.12K)

yesu desu

Attached: adorable feets.jpg (1920x1080, 446.59K)

In before scoot caps

Attached: 372ACF04-1D15-4A09-982C-ABA9CEE81A2F.jpeg (300x168, 27.9K)

I've yet to notice a difference myself but my mum says she thinks I'm more social and outgoing than I was beforehand
ultimately it'll work differently for everyone so it might works wonders for your brother, it might do nothing

maybe you're right then
a change of attitude on his part would be very nice right about now...

Attached: a-cat-a-dog-a-ferret-10-pictures-4.jpg (530x403, 47.04K)

Or fuck everyone like I do.
Apparently I'm very good looking.

Attached: tumblr_p4svg3Vh0N1t5txr6o1_1280.png (1029x1075, 171.39K)

well if u quit bein a baby about it and be nice to him he'll probably return it

no promises
some people just dislike others :p

Harassing him and feeding into his bullying is only gonna make him wanna do it more
if you dont wanna try to be nice just ignore his posts like a sensible user

Attached: JPEG_20180124_155545.jpg (3024x4032, 5.99M)

I also fuck lots of people.

Attached: tumblr_inline_or9lsbrplu1r1i8m3_540.png (430x545, 85.28K)

woah !!!! he has sex !!!!!!!!

I fuck nobody. What do I win?

Out of their homes, maybe.

Attached: tumblr_oxes3koYLH1wsq2p4o1_540.png (540x540, 172.18K)

That was a lot more mean than I wanted it to be.
I love you Loco.

Attached: 1492502429743.png (417x297, 168.05K)

these unchaste swine

Congratulations! You get the ability to {not have any stds}

Attached: abe776d234d4d5e6a51f9a40280587b271a430918c6275f42c253ea51054d72a.jpg (801x996, 279.22K)

you win "eatin crunchy pickles (cromch) and watching youtube" award
its my favorite >:3

I am nice to him, but he does not return this kindness

hows folder size lookin m8

do you have your vcard bardo?
what about your vcard in regards to dudes?

hola mandy

not good for the soul in the long run

Attached: 41432073_p0.jpg (843x1500, 385.93K)

I fuck all the peoples....

Attached: d93fb2e1a63f52d6426693d74c3daf18.jpg (850x567, 83.38K)

I've actually never fucked anyone

i have emotional problems

I swear I'm not autistic

Attached: 1VoOiNv.jpg (1000x1114, 127.4K)

Im saving myself for marriage to liliana



Attached: attentionjpg.png (540x380, 214.55K)

How's your day going, grim one?

Attached: Adorable-Ferrets-21.jpg (600x399, 25.92K)

Want to fuck me?

Attached: tumblr_p4svg3Vh0N1t5txr6o1_1280.png (1029x1075, 171.39K)

I love fudge browning baking.

Attached: frog dance 2.gif (303x300, 444.78K)


all bark and no bite

have a large weight on my shoulders in terms of life decisions

Attached: 31415665_p0.jpg (1000x974, 834.03K)

Not sure if serious.

still pretty much 150
I've added like 2 or 3 things since the first day
tbh I don't know where else to look

Attached: 139.png (750x720, 283.53K)

you just made a few posts about scootsy in a negative Context

also i said if nothing changes just don't pay mind to his posts

If i wasted my time posting to people i dont want to interact with id hate it here :p

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (500x381, 240.92K)

Did you get your trans gf pregnant


me tooo !!!! NICE FROG AAAAA

I have been unfairly resentful of those I wish had acted different when the bidding was essential

I have been a terrible communicator prone to isolation over sympathy for devils

I have been my own worst enemy since the very genesis of rebels

Attached: waawaaa.jpg (768x960, 44.33K)

have you checked pixiv?

that's a lot to take in

KILLED the math homework

KILLED the doctors appointment

KILLED the math test

TIRED as fuck

Attached: c88ee5baf3d354fd55a83b4da809702daa266008fa1e4e47a8e5920d39302146.png (1265x1080, 1.48M)

bully...i'll do it.........

I will...........

Attached: Tomoko Kuroki (1906).jpg (1920x1080, 386.7K)

Go speep

It looks like lower intestines backed up with poop.

Is this where we get to be open about ourselves?

Lol im the best!!!!

sorry scoots
I apologise for saying those mean things about you
let's become good friends shall we

yeah? you're gonna suck some dick bardo?

Attached: 43386917_p0.jpg (713x1000, 820.16K)

I don't actually fuck all the peoples....

You know what man? Just make that choice right now. After that, it gets easier.

Attached: diabetes.jpg (2100x1400, 195.13K)

how do you not kill a docs appt tho nezi?

what kinda math is it?

Attached: 60481126_p0.jpg (1500x1500, 609.56K)

I never said I don't want to.

I'll keep you in my prayers

it's time to party hard on a monday

Attached: eqnObyW.jpg (1014x683, 36.03K)

alright this post is asking to get bullied tbh

we'll see though :p


I would prefer to lewd with a girl I think but I would do gay stuff with some people here

They have cute personalitiies

Attached: Tomoko Kuroki (507).jpg (1029x1080, 376.77K)

These are shit prizes. >:[

okay honey see you next friday

Attached: Tomoko Kuroki (1416).jpg (1179x1080, 357.05K)

But would you a Kyle?

Also let me know if I do this too much. I feel like it might be off putting.

Attached: tumblr_p4svg3Vh0N1t5txr6o1_1280.png (1029x1075, 171.39K)


Attached: DXigeUoUQAA_R58.jpg large.jpg (1173x793, 109.65K)

The corner crispies are the best part! ♥

Everyone loves a good froggy dance!

how though
I'm trying to amend things as you suggested I don't see the issue here

Im mad right now
How insincere

okay how about
u get
comfort in knowing u dont need sex really and that its not that important and relatively talked up by the general populace

just remember that good boys sleep with their hands above the coveers

Attached: embrass.jpg (800x553, 91.93K)

Attached: don't.jpg (870x500, 53.48K)

Just like your life.

Attached: FACE.png (247x248, 4.55K)

Attached: polwarwalk.gif (200x200, 90.93K)

i wanna be a frog o.o

it sounded facetious and also jokey

Attached: slefaware.gif (284x342, 1.44M)

You can win a once in a lifetime chance to ask me one question that I have to answer truthfully?

You're fine bud. But not right now. I'm trying to be good....

Attached: ferret-page-ferret.jpg (322x254, 23K)

nothing jokey about it, I'm completely genuine
I think it's just a matter of perspective

some questions are best left unanswered

I just saved a spider bro

scoots make this thread better with red text

hehe noou
none of them probably feel the same way so I wanna keep soome of my pride

Attached: Snooter.jpg (630x552, 238.19K)

So am I. I'm actually considering no more sex save 3 people I feel ok doing it with until I'm in a relationship.
I just like to flirt.

Attached: tumblr_p4svg3Vh0N1t5txr6o1_1280.png (1029x1075, 171.39K)

I love it so muuuuuch! I wish I could hug a gif. :3

Are you sure? It ain't easy bein' green.

Attached: polwarwalk.gif (200x200, 90.93K)

scoots make this thread better

youre talking like scootsy is a 9 year old too
and really
matter of fact
no need to make an apology post
just u kno
be normal LOL

like this nibba

Honestly that's more people than I would do it with. I'm not really open to casual sex.

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This is being said by the gay who wants dudes to piss on him and call him a girl.

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yes !!! i read yotsuba today and there was a part with a frog in it
supe cyooooot

Loafie is a degenerate who deserves to be bullied to death

I do it to fill a void in my life.
But I'm looking to be with someone.

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I'm trying my best to be normal

this is correct


good plan
for now

but youll never know until you try

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I know that feeling. The void thing. Not the wanting to be with somebody.

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youll figure it out eventually :p

*Pets your fur*

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bard knows I'll fuck anything that moves

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How do you feel about turts? :3

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These days I really just wanna flirt and that's about it
Sex seems kinda scary irl and online stuff is super tedious and stopped being fun years ago

It would be nice to do it with someone you care about cause I think a prostute would be awkward and sketchy : /

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Bard lets fuck.

Bard lets judo

I can't remember which abomination this is but I found it.

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when you become god

you don't NEED sleep




i functioned today on an important day on less than an hour of sleep that's all i care about


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Bard lets chase a polar bear.

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silly boys~

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like a fuckin candle
what are you going to do now?

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i wuv turts ;w;
i love all (well most) animals
i wanna see em step with their feet go bomp bomp bomp

okay point taken il ltry it out

Time to hound bard like the piece of flesh they are

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I swear if you call me a stoat or a mink or a weasel......

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Bard let's watch anime
not now though uwu

bard's a good boy who should be protected

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Ah. Tea. To warm my numb, dead heart.

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*Pets your lanky mink body*

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Looks like a Kulu.

i wonder if im a furry

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play vidya and POP OFF

i'm jk

tbh kinda peeved I was like "doc i can't sleep pls give pills" and they were like "try not looking at computer screen before bed"


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nice one doctor
bt i mean

they're right hehe

Wow. The final betrayal.

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Well don't be on the computer.
Blue light fucks up sleep, dude.

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Alternatively, a few meters of rope are great at getting you to sleep.

Too many furrys

pills are bad for you anyway

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I'm sure his waist isn't THAT big.

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sinni did you play doom (1993) yet

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proud "no-piller"


You play MH World?


I think i am going to get a straight wdge iral tattooed on me

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1260 / weight in lbs. = drop


haven't had one in over a year

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I do.

it's kyoot

Swing from the rafters, Pablo.




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Swing from my dick, puto.

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Sleeping pills are easy to overdose and die on. Take em if you want and i will dance on your grave

So get off the computer because it's still stimulation.

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That's what you have Hu/Ban for.

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I wish.

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not worth it
you can sleep on your own

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You can have me for a tummy pic.

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Kek, nerds.

no, it is u who is kyoot

N-nuuuu .//.

yeah except why would i ever take too many

im not a retard nigga



fuck that gay shit tho I'm not pushing a leash on my mind


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If I say ur kyoot, ur kyoot.

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But all you do is try to flirt and play OW.

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I really wish the Switch Monster Hunter gets localized since Worlds proved immensely popular in the west.


Not that kind.

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Yoi become forgetful of how many youve taken
Like benzos
And bam
Too many

Why do you want the Switch version? It's not that great tbh fam.


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You're on medications that demonstratively shorten your lifespan, cripple basic biologic functions, and otherwise cause long term havoc by messing up said basic functions.
Why would sleeping pills be "too much"?


Tsuchi high on dat puss puss

Which ones are those then?

You two are both cute, so there!

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Am I under arrest, officer~?

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I guess half right is better than all wrong.

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Everything I've heard about it has been mostly positive in the same way that Worlds was: strips down some of the tedium with more focus on just the hunting instead of the perpetual grind ahead of hunting.

I legitimately enjoy the grind but I still don't really like it in the portable ones because the platform and time just isn't very conducive since you gravitate to short spurts of playing.

That said, it has been ages since I've played any of the core ones. I can't even remember which DS incarnation I played last prior to World.


Eh, Double Cross was fine. I have maybe 80 hours in it.

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Well he sure has put a leash on his body.

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People complain about the scout flies, but I'm with you in the fact that it's a lot of improvements for the series.

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See, that's a cute thing to say.

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mmhm for being cute

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I liked spyro

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i have a pill divider thing for each day of the week

so, impossible.

like i said, i'm not retarded

I said "not putting a leash on my mind" about getting off the computer because of stimulation from online activities, not drugs

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There is no way me and him are both wrong.

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The scout flies make it more of a hunt and less of a "wave at a hot air balloon/ throw magic paint at the monster." Anyone who complains about it doesn't know what MH is about and is just being a knob.

Too much to list.

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Hubris before the fall.

yeah boy

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goodnight friends

Attached: mpv-shot0021.jpg (1920x1080, 186.38K)

Fair warning: This one is fucking cheesy.

I hope you don't expect me to cum quietly~

[riotous laughter from the audience]

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It's mostly how much space they take up on screen sometimes.
Like there are a lot of times I'm after a monster I cant see because the flies cover it and I can't tell how far it is if I'm running right at it.

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night stonky

Did you just play the JPN version?

I mean, localization wouldn't be that much of a difference since mechanics don't really need to be spoken to you. That said, I just don't really like playing un-localized games because it always feels like something is missing.

I kind of get the scoutfly criticism for destinations, though.
It's a little annoying that you can just drop a pin on the map and always have the scoutflies just show the optimal route. It kind of discourages you to just learn the terrain as much.

That's my only issue with them and it's admittedly something you can get around by just not setting pins.


I... you what?

I am a pretty big Monster Hunter nerd. I've played most releases since MHF2 on PSP.

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Fair enough. I thought you were speaking about aversion to medication, psychiatric specifically. It's a weird stance that I've had to deal with a lot with people and I'm never really quite sure why.








To be fair this is suppose to be a game for newbies to jump into.
And with one cohesive map it would be really simple to get lost and frustrated. So I get why it would be useful.
And it's not mandatory either.

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My enemies are my so called friends
Maybe I'm just too different from them
'Cause I'm drinking and writing alone again
Alienated by the storm of a mind where I'll spend my time
Trying to conjure the perfect line, to describe
All the hate, disdain and regret I feel
But friends are for losers with time to kill