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But I don't wanna.

I liked the old thread better.

because sadder or canadian?

sorry yams ;-;

Sadder, Canadian, user.

Real talk though you seem at least a little bit bi.

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for what reason
just because I'm a bit of a softie doesn't make me gay

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could be chiri

pretty sure that's the first time in month anyone's said his name.

my name.

There are a few different reasons which I won't get into. It's okay to be curious, though, and we'll all be fine with whichever leaning you eventually fall into.

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Nah. Chiri uses punctuation.

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I should remember.

but I can't.

could you give at least one reason
I'm not asking for an entire paragraph but just one reason would be very nice

I mean, it's been years.

less than a dozen people have been around that long.

but how many can I really recall even the most surface details of?

People would be much harder to spot if their posting styles weren't so individual and identifiable.

Hail to the king

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it's time to eat almond croissants and kick ass, and I have precisely one remaining almond croissant

avatars, too. most of them, anyways,

I get my dark haired anime girls next up.

but I'm sure they feel the same about pones.

You are surprisingly receptive to advances from dudes but for some reason being called gay hurts your feelings. This insecurity is very rarely - if ever - found in straight people who are confident in their straightness. Whether you identify as straight inside your own head is now irrelevant because you have had - and are likely still having - thoughts that made you question that notion. I don't know why you're afraid of being queer but "defending" yourself from it so vehemently isn't just unhealthy; it will genuinely only make us more convinced there's something there and the meanies more likely to call you a full-on sissy homo.

K, that'll be 5 cents please.

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I have enough posting styles that it's only the avatars that ever "give me away."

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can't win with these people
telling them you're not gay makes you gay and not telling them you're not gay will also make you gay

but that was well constructed thanks yams

people picked their avatars because, and I don't think I'm guessing, they want to be identified with them on some level.

that post was 3 cents too many though perhaps.

It isn't denial that's the issue. Well not on its own. It's the desperate, reactionary and unconvincing denial. It comes across like a defense rather than a correction. Also it'd help if you didn't respond positively to flirting from guys.

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So I want to be identified with the feeling of disgust? Ehh?

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i love australia

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They just see your insides

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Oohh, I bet they're all warm and gooey~

Well I wouldn't want to disappoint them or anything

My sexuality will make no change to my insides
it's not like gay people have intestines that are shaped differently to straight people


Suuure, that's why you play along. ♥

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you're jinxing it...

that's not always how the connection works... but on some level, yes.

most of us are aware that an image plays a role in how we're perceived.

for example, I forever permanently associate bloodchan with uncut cocks, because of her amazing folder of uncut cocks.

We are terrible

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Perhaps they just want to think that you gay

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Perhaps they just want to think that you gay

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Jinxing what? If he's actually straight I want him to know how to convince us and because he probably isn't I want him to know it's okay.

Yams confirmed for disgusted by everything.

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good morning

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Demonstrably false.

How's it going, Sama?

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i actually thought about living there, it's at the top of my list

i don't know how they feel about Americans though

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im well, thanks... yourself?

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what a bad thread

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I'm trying to work on my game but I kind of just cannot be bothered.

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I don't know how much attention to those advances you've been paying but this stuff really isn't natural to me
Even if I were a 100% certain gay with a boyfriend whose cock I sucked on the regular, I still wouldn't be too well-versed in responding to blood-chan talking about his necrophilliac desires with his corpse

stop making him make up his mind.

and posting disgust makes you seem very cynical, yes.

kinda the same here tbh... several things i should be doing right now but putting it off til this afternoon.

just not feeling it today.
we shouldnt be expected to adult all the time imo

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Look, the main takeaway is there are reasons people are questioning you and, genuinely, it's fine wherever you lean. Just try to lighten up a little, and don't shut yourself off to the possibility, mm'kay? ♥

I mean I am a pretty cynical person I guess.

Exactly. I should be allowed to nap all day if that's what I'm feeling.

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naps are like my favorite pastime
that and wasting hours and hours on the internet when i should really be outside

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Silence of the Yams
The Yam of God
Sacrificial Yam
Mary Had a Little Yam
Yams to the Slaughter

I need more common phrases/titles I can swap "lamb" out for "Yam".

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I just wanna nap or play Ni No Kuni 2 all day but my days off are my best chance to make progress. Truly, the life of an indie dev is one of constant and insurmountable turmoil.

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but y so potato

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I'm not shutting myself off to it, I'm just no sure why you people are so insistent about it
I try and act as though it doesn't affect me but it changes nothing

disregard money, take on the responsibilities of a 12 year old

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probably some proverb out there that uses the word lament


so am I. I tell myself it's because it's useful in cutting through the nonsense and being objective, but I'm sure that's a lie.

It's okay, you'll get there.


I'm just a miserable and untrusting fuck.

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What's everyone listening to? I need some musics

surely one does not into dev to make money

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At work
But current jam

What are you working on, love?

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not sure if it counts as listening or watching but it's comfy nonetheless

That's what I mean. I dev because it lets me channel my inner 12 y/o.

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this isn't music my bad

Working on work. As in, AT work.
Currently financial paperwork and other such joys.


I met cato and his mate once, they were awesome dudes. Americans are cool if theyre not retarded.


Good post

aw. think it helps?

any special projects of interest?

ty based scoots

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I dunno. Maybe.

I'm trying to make a turn based RPG.

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neat....single player?


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Yeah. I'm a pretty big jRPG fan.

You're not even Swedish how can I tell its you?

Easy. I never was Swedish

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Uguu I can't listen to an HOUR of music ><

Is it comfy work?

Now I see why you're the way you are now...
You need to listen to something happier

Cato is a retarded gun nut.
I met him too when I visited my sister in North Carolina

This is getting out of hand...

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Where in Germany is Denmark even anyway

thats cool, ive played a few over time

not sure if not trusting people works out in the long run.

are you trusthworthy?

He's not a baseline retard tho

no big if you dont care for it....

How rude

Um, how about no?

I've played a whole bunch of 'em. Can't get enough.

I believe so, for the most part.

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im more of an open world game peson... shit like skyrim, etc.
i like that sort of freedom, but i understand the appeal...

the one thing i never liked was waiting for a counter attack during battle. seems too restrictive

Kond of
If you enjoy number crunching and weoting stacks

Right above Schleswig-Holstein

But true

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even if you know that honesty won't benefit you, and yield no appreciation?

lol fgt

it's not music though
and I don't see why not, I listen to music for hours at a time, unless you want to listen to it as its own activity, in which case I'd recommend asking someone else sorry pal

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Requires a little imagination, for sure. I think of it as slowing combat down to be more strategic, but that those pauses aren't happening in real-time in the game's Universe and story. Like a freeze-frame "I bet you're wondering" gag in a comedy, I guess. Or like Sherlocks weird planning powers in the Guy Ritchie films.

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Good manners are non-negotiable. It would be bad manners to go back on my word, would it not?

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boutta run my shift on 3 hrs of sleep

Ive never heard of that beer

why is it the same general character is present?
seems like theres always a
and healer

forgot the demo guy or heavy

That's just how it goes in fantasy works in general. It's a tradition from way back when RPGs were directly influenced by D&D which was directly influenced by Tolkien's work, which often had a ranger, mage, warrior and sometimes healer.

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How ya been Sama?

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it would, but there's no trust involved in good manners.

would you tell the truth, even if it meant someone hating you? and the only way they'd find out is if you told them?

hi say hello

you too also
you uk boys need to give me attention

Whether or not I tell the truth in any situation is dictated by whim. If I gain nothing by lying and nothing by telling the truth I'll pick the more amusing option.

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its definitely a theme and not restricted to RPG either

been good, hbu?

hello peegirl
good luck with that shift

Hey, you. How long 'til work?

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Bae, u crazy

lovely uk boys all (you)'ing me :3

howdy woafie
it shouldnt be too hard
monday morning at a theatre :p

Leaving in about....
3 minutes
then im there for about 5 hours
short shift so not bad but
goodness am a sweepy wittle baby ;w;

if i was anything but crazy id be much lamer :p
hows your shift ?

Yeah, most "high fantasy" nowadays are a combination of tropes established by Tolkien mixed with random mythological elements. RPG vidya as a whole, both Western and jRPG, is derived from different interpretations of D&D which started out, basically, as LotR turn into a game.

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That's a shame. Is good

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Thatbis true, i like em crazy.
Its alright
Hecking busy though. Ive things to do up until bed time.
Just how i like it.
You gonna need some power juice!

pls gib

come and get it

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that's pretty fair.

and perhaps someone will find it more amusing to trust you, even if they maybe shouldn't.

how well does it pay to stand around and do nothing for a couple hours
there's a cinema not far away from me I could apply to

as long as its immersive and I can lose myself in it for awhile im all for it. the whole point is entertainment I suppose. theres a few games I still play after several years for this reason.

I see some developers taking large stretches of time between releases, that makes some players upset. do you have a project completion date yet?

I generally feel I have more to gain by being truthful. And if I feel that it'd be rude to lie I'll tell the truth.

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"When it's done." I don't do well with plans or deadlines. Part of having ADHD I suppose.

I will go your way some day hopefully.

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You can do it scootsy I believe in you

More than likely minimum wage but it's not always just standing around doing nothing there is a lot of other responsibilities but on certain days yeah sometimes I just read manga on my Kindle

understood... the reach for perfection.
is this all independent work, or?

So far, yes. If there were more people my time issues would be more of a problem. I'll probably need to outsource music when it comes time to start adding it in.

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Mark Twain once said, "You should always write your lies down so they're easier to remember."

or something like that.

nice to know decency can motivate you sometimes.

Thank you
thank you
You do your best too!
It is nearly easter’
So it for our lord amd saviour!!!!

there are a few public domain sources... and of course some pay services. ill wager your best bet is just finding a musician.

ok I'll keep that in mind

I'm gonna head out for a bit. Thanks for letting me talk about my silly little passion project, Sama. I don't really get to do that so often. :3c

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He's a Trump supporter, he's retarded to he MAX

I mean I'm not one for music so listening to a lot of it kinda drains me mentally

I just want to hug you and tell you everything will be okay, but you'll probably beat me up...

Uhmmm I do not enjoy that...
But I wouldn't mind a job like that because I'm an introvert...

Why are you listening to non-music then?

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Its the only part that you can consider introvert friendly.
You have to have some social skills fornthe remaining 2/3rds

Im not smart enough to care about politics that much when I talk to someone, because it doesnt affect me in Australia. Ignorance is bliss. So we had an awesomes time.

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its cool, enjoy your day

yeah, no, lol

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music is life... this and food

He doesnt strike me as one at all and thats after talking to him irl

bye. be more organized you are about your game development. the sooner you can run into problems and solve them, and the clearer the picture you have of what you're trying to accomplish, is something I wish I'd learned earlier.

if game development is anything like software development.

that sentence was supposed to be something else.

but it's 7am.

good morning.

I took them to this cool bar where you can drink outta syringes.

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The drug den?

time 2 work
bye bubz

Mwah mwah

The croft.
If you live near melbourne.

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i need a job where i'm not around people at all...

any suggestions?

You need to get your head out of your bum, read books and educate yourself

Lol yeah, actually, yeah.

What's there to eat?


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I don't know that's a good point
it's finished now so I'm back to listening to """"""real"""""" music
-kisses back-

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having crackers and peanut butter with unsweetened cold tea


I read lots of books, I educate myself, but I care about Straya, not murica

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Cause he isn't

I'd like to see some evidence to these accusations

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I think you're weird~

-blushes- hehe

No, I'm Blood-chan!

Wow that's nostalgia for me, I haven't had crackers with peanut butter ><

I'm not very good with computers...
The only thing I can do is touch type :/

We'll take over your country soon enough~

Cato is my friend and I don't post private logs ever

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You realize not yelling "impeach" does not make you a supporter of that person, right?

Attached: 1521978624001.jpg (595x842, 330.49K)

I liek cato

Attached: 0dec658d954355e1fd3bfe67b0649d1012a25589f6f5fb39512ff2217dff841a.jpg (480x360, 170.36K)

tryna keep it simple af today

He's pretty nice

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What should I call you? I'm Blood-chan.
Where's your proof?

What should I call you too?

You tryna lose weight or something?

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Then why?

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why's that desu senpai
I'd say the two of us are no less abnormal than the other

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you may not call me anything

Attached: 1521978997001.jpg (1200x850, 628.58K)

simplicity... and the lack of willingness to try

ur pretty nice

The queen likes straya, you never get us!


Attached: 1521979004001.jpg (800x550, 386.56K)


Attached: 47b990dbe65ec929e0baefda5ef63b96063f61a0cc6d5eb2946600eec82c843a.gif (268x150, 60.93K)

time for a nap ^_^


ni ni

Attached: 1521978974001.jpg (1000x1414, 625.45K)

please respond

then b mine

Attached: 47b990dbe65ec929e0baefda5ef63b96063f61a0cc6d5eb2946600eec82c843a.gif (268x150, 60.93K)


Nah, I'm my own man

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Attached: jews.webm (950x534, 3.97M)

wow fuk u

Nah, fucking me violates the NAP

Attached: 1521978922001.jpg (1200x858, 524.06K)

Attached: abortion.webm (480x360, 3.16M)

I dont want to take a nap though, just violate you.

More, pls

Hu is a cute wolf girl
Prove me fucking wring

Are you Kanra or not?

Becuuuuz you listen to random videos in the background

Like who even does that?

I'll find out your internet name soon enough

That's what women are for. Where's your woman at?

Do you like guns in Aussieland?

I hate abortion too

Attached: 1c70a358d61c4dd54fb6ee8cbe4c3a26.png (800x1067, 453.35K)

He's from Denmark.

I'm pretty sure they have wolves there

You'll regret it!

Am not though!

Attached: 1521978950001.jpg (800x1130, 634.41K)

I wish I had moar qq


Abortion is great tho

y tho

Attached: nnngggg.webm (640x360, 3.74M)

I watched it as well, I just wasn't paying as much attention to the video as I would be if I weren't shitposting at the same time
learning things is always good

Attached: 1512689468330.png (1273x1989, 1.72M)

Nice try, fake news

m-maybe I just wish I was one

Attached: 1521978960001.jpg (600x1200, 474.25K)

"He's" from "Denmark".

Don't worry
We'll have that operation by 20XX

Your quotations VEX me, sir.

By the time I'm kill

He's saying I'm not cute cause I'm from there; proving you wrong

Attached: 1521978962001.jpg (800x1132, 651.6K)

Firstly 'He' is a male pronoun. Then 'Denmark' means he's not a girl, he's just a fruit.

A very tasty fruit~



Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_ruuto_kun__sample-314145c35d6ffac703c6030ffba0a3d4.jpg (850x948, 122.26K)

Attached: 1521978804001.jpg (768x1200, 952.29K)

lemme smash

Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_ram_ramlabo__sample-1e4ae2e086af60409285db2f19d4e295.jpg (850x850, 158.38K)

Wow who would have thought Nezi was sexually promiscuous in any way

Attached: ♥ (23).jpg (1003x1259, 544.84K)

Hey babe

I'm shy and quiet IRL so online I UNLEASH my desires

cause it's the internet, who fuckin cares lul


Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_babai_hu__sample-4f57b948b4aa1cd9f85b45998d744dad.jpg (850x787, 99.17K)

You'd tap this wolf?

Attached: 1521978642001.jpg (800x1129, 729.48K)

The only good thing about old people at the theatre is when they use female pronouns for me but also then they get a 2nd look and correct themselves

that part kinda stinx


Shoot them.

I got called a woman once by an old waitress at waffle house.
It was awful. I wanted to die.

Attached: ♥ (38).jpg (800x632, 466.44K)

Pretty bean girl

Good morning!

Attached: tumblr_p4svg3Vh0N1t5txr6o1_1280.png (1029x1075, 171.39K)

okay ill keep this in mind


Attached: ♥ (74).png (849x1200, 1.16M)

Loafie is cute and I'm too shy to talk to her now...

Attached: i wish.PNG (591x759, 707.83K)

Hello, Nick~

Attached: tumblr_p4svg3Vh0N1t5txr6o1_1280.png (1029x1075, 171.39K)

Betrayed by Blood chan.


I'd fuck your brains out.


fuckin old people

they can't get with the times!

hello sweetie, how are you doing? ^^

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Inmever saw it coming. Cobra in the bushes.

Attached: slamthat.png (600x446, 295.89K)

i just wish they wouldnt correct themselves ;w;

Then correct them! With SJW furore

2 much effort
not enough patience

don't worry my friend I won't judge you or anything of the sort, there is nothing to fear

I'm doing quite well, contemplating going for a sleep

Attached: mpv-shot0038.jpg (1920x1080, 174.28K)

that's when you REcorrect them like "BITCH I'M A LADY!!!!"

Attached: __hiro_and_zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_kasuga_souichi__sample-7ee3cb97f708ed7cb8c52dfa4e64b60b.jpg (850x744, 149.17K)

take me with you~

Attached: __hiro_ichigo_and_zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_herozu_xxhrd__76b23672d1a30bafb39ce38f174bd3c8.jpg (825x1100, 200.84K)

*Wags tail*

Attached: tumblr_p4svg3Vh0N1t5txr6o1_1280.png (1029x1075, 171.39K)

that's lewd!

Attached: 1521978802001.jpg (595x842, 336.82K)

maybe if i half passed in no makeup/no wig/no fem attire and didnt sound masc

also u seem quite vibrant today :p

Want me to beat them up?

theyre gonna be dead soon anyways :p




sleep deprivation and coffee before my test
I'm fucked LMAO

closest you'll catch me to being inebriated, I'm pretty out of it

ye I guess I can understand that then if you're not all dressed up

you don't dress up for work? :P

Attached: __ichigo_and_zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_tsuedzu__f8f11836316cf6fd419cbd5d2c95f2c9.png (728x833, 527.67K)

Very VERY soon
Nya ha ha ha
On break?

you're very welcome having a physical being to sleep with would be very nice indeed
hopefully you can tolerate my inability to stay still and waking up at the slightest of noise

Attached: mine.png (992x609, 307.91K)

o wow
i feel like thats when i do best on my tests :p

and no i dont dress up
i present male in just about every scenario right now
i dont have many opportunities to do anything else really bc it requires me to plan ahead/change in my car usually/whatever

i mean eventually im gonna be like what up mom im a gosh dang girl dangit
but for now

Attached: Snapchat-1506202450.jpg (1080x1920, 271.23K)

I doubt it~
Nobody wants to

Attached: 1521978782001.jpg (842x984, 610.29K)

i am on break yeah but
todays super slow
usually slow enough to read manga
today its slow enough to sit on my phone and read thread/whatever

might pick up soon ? idk
but my shift ends in about 3 hours LOL
its super short

Attached: tumblr_oxes3koYLH1wsq2p4o1_540.png (540x540, 172.18K)

Super brief
Super short
Super cute
Nah good to hear that its not a taxing day.
Its been a tale of fits and bursts here.
Currently hyper busy now xD
Not so busy that i cannot take 30sec to response

02 is still devoted.

Attached: 3bc915abfaa282440de7731158fc2426.jpg (1414x2000, 254.88K)

busy scootsy !!!!
eyyyy get back to woryk ayyyyy ????
am i right or what

Attached: Snapchat-1862116083.jpg (720x1280, 168.36K)

She's a slut

She only wants her darling.

Gay Bowser is pretty Mmmmnf tbh

Attached: tumblr_o3w2xfpO631sjc5sqo1_500.png (500x300, 190.88K)

yeah i feel you

struggle is real :^(

row row fight da powah




I'm the opposite I'm a really deep sleeper lmao

hope you sleep well

Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_fuyuno_yuuki__sample-f2563ec2113e9be7a79a74c9ecfb2fe2.jpg (850x1180, 302.04K)

He's the best dad.

Attached: tumblr_oxes3koYLH1wsq2p4o1_540.png (540x540, 172.18K)

I got worried by last few eps
She is devote

Ay oh ay im workin ere
Real new yorker workin ere issues
And whats the deal with cream cheese?

Attached: 861A29F5-EECE-483F-B533-A8B018688B80.gif (412x360, 95.15K)

And everyone else

Sounds like you need to rub one off

Attached: 1521978681001.jpg (800x1013, 482.16K)


Attached: QjQBXlxOidAsayP-800x450-noPad[1].jpg (750x410, 68.14K)

all gay porn involving dicks is terrible what is wrong with you people

I was never wrong, I knew she would stay devout!

Best mixed girl


Attached: 1503868927.mabit_lagombi.png (1280x1657, 2.25M)

Someone is being a twat about porn.
That means I'm allowed to post bestiality, right?

Attached: tumblr_p4svg3Vh0N1t5txr6o1_1280.png (1029x1075, 171.39K)

I need to cum inside you.

Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_oniilus__c13d542cdd3183437cb8450a84fdb57d.png (850x1100, 637.89K)

Hey thread

Attached: kung fu an shit.png (332x440, 261.68K)

She knows he will treat her like a person! Unlike some purists!

Attached: 8b8ceb4c42b604bd96106e32fb26fac5.jpg (724x983, 299.91K)

Some disgusting purists reee

Hey, you.

Someone(s) needs to slam elma from behind and give her some fresh shampoo.


Attached: 1521978618001.jpg (300x425, 148.87K)


Attached: sample_a468d02efc9a2ecd5b587d102cdb5b6b.jpg (850x602, 53.98K)

I disagree. Elma's are not for sexing but for cuddling.

Does Elma need shampoo?

Elma do you want some shampoo? I can share mine.

Shove a big boner in elma

Heya Yams^^


I have my own shampoo thanks

Attached: death by cock I'm all about it fucking kill me.png (375x512, 259.14K)

It's L'Oréal

eventually people will call me a girl and NOT on accident >:3

gotta go cleeaaaan
bye bye

no shove TWO up there!

nah, it's Garnier Fructis and it smells mega fruity, just like me^^

How goes it?

Attached: starbucks.png (243x243, 91.83K)

a good choice

See you later love
Have a great end of shift!!

Tresemme is superior

Hungover. I should really stop doing nightcap shots tbh x_x

What's new with you, cutie?

It was a cheap solution to what the hairdresser suggested :p

Attached: dat moment when rollercoasters~.png (376x402, 155.38K)

give me nudes =w=



Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_obiwan__sample-37a8df27fee63f91f628669747879bb6.jpg (850x1202, 265.24K)

I've certainly been better but I'm sure I'll live.

Attached: 131.png (528x387, 236.01K)

I gotta finish my current bottles before I get new stuff silly.

Plus it comes back down to the smell. I prefer the kind I have.

Attached: sorry in advance.jpg (800x536, 82.72K)

What happened bb?

Do I have to cut someone?

Attached: close enough.jpg (292x322, 37.36K)

I don't keep nudes saved

Attached: 1521978624001.jpg (595x842, 330.49K)

Oh boy, that's a long list.

Attached: 236.png (263x352, 106.66K)

What's wrong tho? Talk to me

Tresemme smells good, it also provides me with boundless volume and silky soft to the feel. If im feeling bolder ‘Aussie’ is good brand.

I used to like that smell, but idk what happened with that. I just do a blowout if I want volume, but it never really sticks cause my hair is wicked lame :(

Is that the one with the purple kangaroo commercials?

Attached: I dunno guise.png (410x404, 241.34K)

well that's nice maybe you can share some trade secrets when I get back

also blood-chan don't be disheartened, I promise to get back to you, I'll only be an hour at most

Attached: mpv-shot0022 (3).jpg (1920x1080, 168.21K)

I believe it is
Its logo is a purplish kanga

no chance of you taking any for me~? :3

Attached: 2519323 - Code_002 Code_016 Darling_in_the_Franxx ginhaha.png (1195x727, 748.96K)

I love savings! ^~^


Right? Grown ups ftw

Attached: 1521979009001.jpg (800x1130, 619.41K)

It's kind of a long story... but I guess I can give you a brief rundown.

So I like this pretty popular girl from my circle of online friends, right? I know, super cliché stuff. The thing is she has many much more promising suitors just in the circle of friends and potentially hundreds of them outside it. I can't stop being selfish about the whole situation and that is seriously bugging me.

Sacrificial Yams

Attached: 37.png (500x347, 245.06K)

I wish there were more savings at the bar lmao

I bought like 20 bucks worth of credits for the music last night apparently.

Attached: epacsenur lol.png (560x494, 317.98K)

What? Like the juke box?
Coyote Zucchini in this bizz

Pls no sacrificing :(

Well, have you talked to her or are you playing it lowkey? Like selfish how? Like controlling? Cause I think that's when it starts becoming a problem imo.


Yeah, it goes through a cellphone app and stuff so it's SUPER easy to spend money which is really fun I guess. Not so much for the ol checking account, but it's better than dead air at a divebar right?

Attached: Lemme think about it.png (372x595, 316.68K)

my manager said i looked bored and gave me a chair
am now getting paid to sit and read manga


Attached: c88ee5baf3d354fd55a83b4da809702daa266008fa1e4e47a8e5920d39302146.png (1265x1080, 1.48M)

tfw worked valet for 4.5 years and never got to sit down once

Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_akino_sora__sample-4aa7382a77af15574bfd22ffe5e62c71.jpg (850x904, 82.64K)

They'd be so uninteresting

Attached: 1521978943001.jpg (1200x1698, 1.44M)

Girl, you got it made today!!! Boom! Diggity!
Still reading moot manga?

Lol local dove needs to be alive.
I guess it is okay if it’s within budget
Maybe try and budget and get a buddy involved share the load

holy cow how !!!!!!

i wuv yotsuba
it rules
super fun read

Well I've wanted to talk to it but, y'see, you haven't been here.

Attached: 131.png (528x387, 236.01K)

Maybe, like... maybe i ought see what thats about... i need to bolster my mango collection

mmhm. it's def within the budget and we did separate tabs so it's not like I paid the full night out this time lol

plus, it was my friday so I kinda let loose a bit. paying for it still, but it was worth.

ouchies. awwe I'm sorry boo, I work most of my hours on regular people weekends :(

Attached: uhhm.png (306x306, 148.04K)

*about it
*to her
The fact I somehow went with both is honestly kind of making me feel like a dick.


lol i just assumed weird autocorrect. I know you're not that mean.

In the hizz hoos
What tunes?
Gimme a jist of an idea

x's and o's
feel it still
queens of the stone age

fun songs^^ sometimes I'll sprinkle in a little megadeth or machine head or cannibal corpse lol

8-12 hours of standing :\

good shoe inserts is how


Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_huwali_dnwls3010__f1217c43722d6ddb6452a42ef0b7612e.jpg (739x1200, 541.45K)

lol sitting isn't working

if you have time to lean, you got time to clean

When I get squishy I get really squishy. As for "selfish how" I just can't help wanting her all to myself and I know that isn't fair on anyone.

Attached: 220.png (463x435, 228.54K)


Gotta throw some curve balls sometimes

When im on the juke its all about ac/dc, sabbath and iron maiden

Attached: 1520363238001.jpg (1000x1415, 645.79K)

Define that further
I have to do hella paperwork sitting down.

Same, Yams. Take her all for yourself then~

thank you! The last 2 or 4 times I always start with Blondie's Call Me and people always know it's me lol

Attached: Chubby Checker & Fat Boys - The Twist.webm (328x192, 7.9M)

I was being a douche because I have to stand all day lol

Blondie!!! Debbie is my girl. Have some blondie on vinyl. Hell cat

Well guess what? Ya stinky!!!!

You sure? You still got time to get unsquishy and bail.

Attached: 34.png (634x346, 300.89K)

Wow, rude.

Send him tasteful knee-high socks

Ahh I'm jelly. I miss my albums so much sometimes. I gotta settle some place so I can get my turntables back :(

Actually, I didn't even know you were into vinyl.

after a long kitchen shift? You betcha

No, I like the squishy. And I like you. ^~^

Attached: my body is ready.png (472x576, 309.24K)


Also, elma, i do like vinyl i just haven’t really been on the ball and added to my collection
Might rectify that soon though.
Got to pad out the kate bush and abba a little

I don't have such socks

Attached: 1521978594001.jpg (620x877, 351.24K)

I now pronounce you internet man and internet wife. You may now internet kiss the internet wife, internetally.

Attached: 194.png (358x397, 224.68K)

*internet bride
Shit I ruined it.

Can you really do yoir own internet wedding?

I remember when internet dating was in fashion in thread back around 2014.

Attached: tumblr_oxes3koYLH1wsq2p4o1_540.png (540x540, 172.18K)

ABBA! that shit is gold

Attached: I do.jpg (1000x707, 733.28K)

I'm an internet priest of the internet pantheon of internet gods I can do whatever the internet Hell I want.

Eat a dick, Smush.

So apparently it's an ABBA and gamedev day today, now. Neat.

Attached: aw, i love you.png (249x166, 72.62K)

What Would Brian Boitano Do?

Attached: .jpg (518x604, 79.37K)

this is what it's looked like for 2.5 hrs

Attached: Snapchat-756380483.jpg (720x1280, 245.82K)

*puts abba on*

how have you been doing in NMS?

wanna see my farm later?

Why so dead?

Attached: whaa~t.png (551x427, 112.26K)

I can't judge to harshly.
I kind of had a hand in setting it off.

Attached: tumblr_p4svg3Vh0N1t5txr6o1_1280.png (1029x1075, 171.39K)

Abba... gold

The ablum

Because aurora

Ni No Kuni 2 came out so I've been playing that mostly... also I'm scared that a 3* AI might chase me again.

Attached: tumblr_o4u4xu33He1uieh50o1_1280.jpg (600x927, 141.35K)

Disgusting squash and that fukken pone nerd eddy

rainy monday morning after spring break

Exactly! Glad you picked up what I was putting down lol

Wow too soon :O

Awwe you just gotta warp to a safer system for early game^^

oooh fair enough.

Attached: cheekpuff.png (428x584, 119.66K)

Eddy is a sweetheart though.

Attached: tumblr_p4svg3Vh0N1t5txr6o1_1280.png (1029x1075, 171.39K)

Internet marriage is one of God’s savred rites.



Setting what off I'm confused now.

Do I look like a wuss to y- Actually, don't answer that.

Attached: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg (500x281, 26.1K)

You look like a cutie to me~

Nothing, love.

Attached: tumblr_p4svg3Vh0N1t5txr6o1_1280.png (1029x1075, 171.39K)

I can't decide whether you should live or die~~

BB, pls, das a mirror.

Well alright then. What's new with you in any case?

Attached: i just wanted to try it on.jpg (1397x1997, 797.62K)

Attached: 1521978954001.jpg (700x1270, 707.61K)

go to bed

Attached: __ichigo_and_zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_9rimson__sample-ef4c54f1facb09ffcd0005a0a7e5fcc0.jpg (850x1133, 130.92K)

That scissor sisters song is great

I know, right?? Also, "Heck yeah I wanna see your farm."

Attached: new threads.png (233x475, 182.74K)

yeah right

I was going to sleep, but my grandma is coming to take me to get lunch with my aunt from Maryland.

Attached: tumblr_oxes3koYLH1wsq2p4o1_540.png (540x540, 172.18K)

Want to.. So damn tired

Attached: 1521978974001.jpg (1000x1414, 625.45K)

That sounds like a pain...

Nezi x loafie x hu three way triangle?!?!?!?!?!

God I wish

I'm going to eat as much pizza and breadsticks as I can.

Attached: tumblr_oxes3koYLH1wsq2p4o1_540.png (540x540, 172.18K)


Still sounds like a pain. Family gatherings are fukken shit.

Not so fast, kid
Hu is dating me since 2011.

Let me get fat.

I don't mind them.

Attached: 1503868927.mabit_lagombi.png (1280x1657, 2.25M)

Well then ur opinion is shite.







w-we have?

Attached: 1521979035001.jpg (1500x1500, 1.04M)