New thread when

new thread when

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i don't have discord


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It's called "Chemistry." I have it with everybody.

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Then I'll just do it here. Mandy is right, you know. Amy's really into you and doesn't think you have a shred of interest.

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I appreciate you, Mandy.

For what?


all you guys shipping this x_x

I have much more than a shred wat do

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nice image OP

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Aww... If I wasn't drunk I might tear up

I'm sure.

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Also I can't copy paste so my last reply block is on the last thtread. Sorry.

Talk. Share your hopes and dreams. Know each other as people. Be together intimately through shared photographs.

And if you can stand each other over the computer long enough to establish a connection you feel is compassionate and full of care, meet one another. See if you can be as enthralled with one another face to face. Experiment and explore. Enjoy each other physically.

And if it's so worth it to you, you'll find a way to be together. Whatever that means for either of you.

But you'll never know until you try.

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Ok maybe not. But that hits me in the feels tracer. I like you too. have strange ideas of femininity

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Soto post the one with Ian shouting Nigger in a crowded motel

I like you too, whoever you are.

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It's anything that is less manly than me. Hey colbs, want to go for a drink??

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Ahhh. My heart....

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Well excuse me I can't be some kind of masculine Adonis like some people

Sure, you gonna be in socal anytime soon?

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btw, not that anyone was wondering im sure, but the reason i made a cross-thread link so early is because i made this thread hours ago and just forgot to cross=link before someone else made a new thread

Na I'm stuck in PHX. Work is awful needy.

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Thanks for the good advice like always, baka



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Same, but I'm stuck in CA

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n-not in public

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"Oh shit I remember Elma
Tell them I said hi back"

HZA's response

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And if you don't....poems ..

I got a couple weeks vacation, but I don't have a vehicle I trust to take me that far.


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Do it.

You rip my soul.

the goat fag is here now, he'll be watching us

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It's ok. Just between us.

You can fly into LAX for about $100, shit's cheap

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Better that then something tangible.

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Maddie.. If you think you could enjoy Amy's company, take a chance. A leap. Nobody sits on their death bed contemplating what they did. They're thinking of the things they didn't do, and whether or not those are regretful decisions. Live, Elms... Live.

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i'm going to kill every single one of you

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Heh that's actually not bad. Round trip to



sorry something more urgent is going on that concerns my loins, im checking out metal gear solid 3 again


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this user only wants the sweet release of death

Yeah it ain't bad at all, and I'd pick you up. You'd have to sort out hotels and whatnot tho.

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Shut up, slut.

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I should sleep.

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insulted. You know me, fool.

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Weather report was infinitely superior to pucci as a character, prove me wrong pro tip you can't

but are some of us allright, should we not come to Holla Forums tomorrow?

I'd have to think about it. I can't really even afford that at the moment.

i do know you and thats why im referring to you as an user

Go to bed, bud. And dream of me.

If we're going there, FF > everyone else

Don't know what you look like.

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Shit's scary tho lol

I'm running short on my 9 lives as it is :p

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Foo Fighters was my favorite character in part 6, it found out what it was to be human and did the ultimate human thing

I look like Paul bunyan.

I'd rather not, then.

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Maddie. If you don't, I will. This is a good opportunity for you.

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....ok ...

also Gyro is one of my favorite Jojo characters in all the parts

And they lived Happily Ever After

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Are you threatening to take Amy?

truly beautiful
I cried

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That's a pretty bold and true statement, but almost every character in part 7 is on his level of being great characters.

I don't really think that's the wording that would happen, but 10/10 of the spirit.

If you don't!

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It's fun creating narratives


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What other coupling narratives do you got?

I could ship ColbsXsoto Mad hard

Dear god no.

Do it!

I leave for ten fucking minutes

Apparently I forgot years ago, too

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3balls x cancer dick OTP
A match truly made in hell.

Try leaving for longer.

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It also reminds me that some certain people have actually gone to live together from Holla Forums threads



I'm in way too many of those options.


Oh god this is going to be fucking hilarious

soto x colbs otp

I'm not reading this shit.

I genuinely wanted to do Mandy X Elma or Maddy X Amy but there's so much potential for hilarity here.


Are you hoping for somebody to say 'Ship with me, baby?'

I tried but this fuck keeps messaging me.

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Who voted for me and Maddie?!?

Block 'em

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i'm gonna lay down

nini friends

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I'm not delusional enough for me to believe anyone would want to be shipped with me


nini bbygirl

You're a dick lol

I'd e-suck Colbs 3 balls.

why is that a dick move?

Just because he has been fantasizing about it since you said you were moving here.

I can't, they have blackmail.

Oh shut up, you're cute.
I'd say you don't have to be modest, but self-depreciation really sells around here unless you're one of those 'pimp' types.

I couldn't ship Mandy with anyone so I can keep them in reserve.

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oh, right lol

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The fuck you give them that for.

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Not that I wouldn't ravage your ass and leave you handcuffed to my bed

Colored easter eggs w my bestie.

Haven't done this shit since I was 7. Jfc.

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it's not easter, is it? wut

What? You can't ship me with someboy? Am I destined to be alone??!

next week ho


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Its official.
It's on my fucking to do notepad
It's getting done

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Oh boy, haven't had a good e-sucking in a while


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You were like a
Uncle maybe?

I was young and foolish once upon a time and didn't understand love

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how do you want me to give this to you?

would you like to?

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What am I meeting you for on Sunday at Broadway and 14th?

damn nigga

zip it and up it to mega

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Oh fuck right off

Like to...?

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... I'm legit an uncle...

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If you want me to be honest, I really wish you could be there, but it's a private residence and the owner probably wouldn't like me bringing anyone or people showing up.

It's the length I'm prepared to commit to. I would push for more content, but I don't know much about Soto so I'm probably going to run out of steam.

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i really gotta get better about knowing when I am.

okay let me just uhh
figure that out

get the suck

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Oh, sure why not

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hiya colbs

hmu on discord ill give u plenty of info lol
if all else fails put it on google drive

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Meh she won't complain once she sees me.

Sounds about right.

Buenas tardes

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Oven dinged.

This has been a productive 45 minutes

see you tomorrow.

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... Well now I'm sad

you have disgraced me for the last time colb

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I'll slob on your knob like it's my job

okay gotcha

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Poopoo to you too

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Hey, that's not necessarily bad!

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Right on uh... Rob

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how was work


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You don't have to live with a kid that isn't your own.

Not girly enough to be a trap but not manly enough to be a bear.
Guess you just gotta suck dicks like a regular guy.

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Awful. One of my coworkers was out today and another got promoted so we've got a gap for him too so I have way too many files and spend way too much time on the phone

I'm just an ugly duckling ;~;

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so are we fuckin or what?

yaas grim
I'm working on it now

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shit man. Should have been you moving up that ladder.

I can't contain myself

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/me fuks

Eh, he moved somewhere I really would not have wanted to go. Also he had a lot of seniority on me.

Attached: 971ba1e69449742471deeaf00af8a3f5.jpg (437x909, 323.98K)

Unfortunately my family is too good to have any sorts of issues like that. I guess.
I'm just a lucky bastard in general, so I can't empathize but I can at least sympathize.

We're all ugly in some way. What matters is that most of us don't care and the people that sound like they care are just dicks.

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How zen of you.

Attached: lol__reaper_soraka_by_mikkynga-d86qi83.png (1024x1379, 1M)

damn, can I grill you for deet in prv?

that sucks

I hope you're happy at your current spot tho

Attached: DX2sjoPU0AAglHI.jpg large.jpg (768x960, 96.98K)

you should get a promotion, colbs

Grill away. And I don't think I'd be happy in most spots in my current industry, really I'm just working long enough to get sufficient experience to move into a different area


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I'm actually retarded

already came

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Attached: 29570702_10156778550300260_3010597703667198617_n.jpg (595x842, 126.82K)

It makes me sound intelligent when really it's just verbal procrastination.

Attached: b80d624d7610af27fe4948671d0bbbad.jpg (500x438, 59.99K)

raises bro

Good night, fags. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Maddie if Amy isn't yours by tomorrow, he is mine.

Attached: facts-ferret-bkgrnd.jpg (565x297, 32.53K)



Don't get them pregnant until after the wedding.

Without making me cum? /slap

I'm like procrastination personified sometimes

I value my mental health more than that

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Colbs, literally fly up the ladder of success.

took you long enough to crack that one


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you're going to have to get used to that if we're going to be together.

Attached: 3.png (960x960, 434.8K)

So anyway what's with the Soraka is it for the horsedick?

Hmmm.... I guess I'll have to then

I'm a sucker for healers.

Attached: 7c64913d036f161d299d9004755c4973.png (1000x1412, 1.38M)

berry nice

post ffiv rosa :3

Attached: 53.jpg (850x850, 105.01K)

Only because I care

She's got the Samus thing going on, think that's more up your alley

Attached: d9d247013a1aabec9538dd4eaebb84ce.jpg (1146x1499, 181.52K)

that's actually sweet

Attached: hat.gif (462x259, 885.92K)

how even?

Attached: 60.jpg (850x1202, 145.7K)

shuddup moo

playing mercy is fun

healing mom

I can surprise people sometimes

That too

Blond with strong features

Attached: 3eb54741cb7dea18ed785fc9a55ea499.jpg (600x798, 92.12K)

One REAL G I R L GAMERS play Mercy.

I've got a surprise for you right here my dude

both samus and soraka have light hair and chins sharp enough to cut glass

they're practically the same person.

having a pocket healer for that good succ is great

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holy shit.


kinky shit is best shit

Attached: 138.png (744x768, 721.31K)


Soraka's chin is not sharp lmao


Attached: divine.jpg (1920x1080, 123.24K)

worse than filth


Maddie name a song for me to sing

She's not an ape?

Attached: kinYggOe.jpg (400x400, 54.81K)

you may be disappointed with the size

I'll be the judge of that

Attached: b17027ba2136ca6325bffd627d030caf.jpg (800x1131, 468.35K)

idk what genre?



Attached: 21.jpg (850x1133, 177.62K)

Something kinda slowish. Any genre

That was explicitly what this was

Attached: 6f7d651f26bc1a85b9fdd03390e1baeb.jpg (500x555, 64.05K)

what is wrong with me....


prolly some frankie

You like a certain visual aesthetic? Oh no you monster

Attached: 29aadb323b4272c89ee81ca2ca0f0c23.jpg (500x750, 290.77K)

I don't know what that means

You probably just wanna talk with me though, huh?

Attached: Sunglasses.jpg (221x287, 25.43K)

Frank Sinatra, dum dum

yeah, samus is real homo

yeah but its scary how deep its burrowed into my subconscious

Attached: 40.jpg (850x1201, 186.92K)

I don't mind doing that.

Attached: 59.jpg (850x1258, 192.22K)

oh yeah
I forgot

Lemme just do a quick profile

You're attracted to those kinda women because they're strong personalities, yet still super feminine. You like their femininity more than you like how strong they are, but the combination of strength and femininity in a fantasy context is alluring to you

About right?

Silly bois

Attached: soraka_by_m0rah-d5u58w9.png (600x675, 232.64K)

But unfortunately I'm no good for talking. I mean, I don't play all these MLG games like everybody else.

Attached: Sunglasses2.jpg (520x404, 64.95K)

for you

You'd have to be silly to do anything for me

Attached: bd1df263caba8009ceebad2654e47f60.jpg (1200x1600, 641.1K)

Vinny got a key to Farcry 5 and is streaming it

damn that's p spot on

Attached: 135.jpg (363x409, 26.11K)

I dont even fucking play OW.

more of a monster hunter guy

Attached: 99.jpg (707x1000, 215.81K)

Thank you, I'll be here all week

Attached: Soraka.full.1763765.jpg (1100x1300, 1.01M)


All I'm really doing right now is abusing crossout's market and trying to make fusion mecha. And Granblue.

Attached: Motion Sickness.webm (572x494, 2.62M)


eugh, that framerate

I needs a beer

Attached: 46418596_p0.jpg (857x1200, 1.58M)

Sorry. That's the best I can do. My phone has shit for audio recording

oh, really?
but you're so charming

wha happen?


Attached: 4cd1861608de60e6da60ad0fd2d0e0d6.jpg (968x996, 130.52K)

It's a webm made for 4chan's filesize, so.
Don't drink too much.

Attached: take it bitch.PNG (492x356, 107.99K)

/dying sounds

Attached: soraka_celestine_by_lataedelan-d78xa4c.jpg (1024x1448, 248.31K)

g a y
a a
y y

just gonna have one since I need to be up early tom

Attached: 67787729_p0.png (682x525, 371.56K)

Attached: it's free.jpg (669x662, 67.53K)

it's free real estate

Attached: 45a1ec1ada49e2f53377c3b5376fc4c9.png (845x946, 534.67K)

Attached: wave.jpg (1024x576, 72.11K)

wonder where lukas been

Attached: DYQV5jrVMAIVoeq.png large.png (1000x940, 371.48K)

I shit you not I once whispered the whole its free real estate meme to my gf and she fucking lost it

we do it to each other all the time now

Attached: DXIPNfcVwAA6U9p.jpg large.jpg (900x1440, 175.67K)

You got a good thing going there buddy

Attached: 90c1c1335d9f1493fcfa21d975210738.jpg (2480x3200, 460.72K)

Attached: dancemaracas.gif (396x746, 955.53K)


me too
where tf him at

Attached: me n bard.jpg (700x476, 48.47K)

I'm gonna post my smuggest gayest character response to that

Attached: 11.jpg (480x500, 54.75K)

tfw yfw

I will do nothing but sabotage that

Attached: 21980169_118394548841864_3208273444068130816_n.jpg (640x640, 51.49K)

Attached: 92b7a96c86103709e5e65acf2223eee2bbbba5dc60950ffc695a830e9c7ba9fa.jpg (1500x1200, 190.91K)

I am the gayest and the smuggest

I'll kick your ass for your own good

Attached: original.jpg (750x831, 97.18K)

What if Luka actually got a job?


hi bd

is that a succubus thing

they would die before that

maybe vr w ban

Attached: 458972987.jpg (1280x720, 235.89K)

nou more like

Do it then

idk ask the artist

Attached: soraka_the_banana_child__err_starchild___by_astral_berry-d8o4egk.jpg (1024x1024, 87.33K)

I want to fuck some anime women in VR


Attached: great day.jpg (736x713, 47.76K)

it's obviously myself

Attached: 10.jpg (281x269, 16.18K)

watch this

k e r m i t

do you think it will find it if i space the letters like that?

You mean this isn't a gaybar?

its a trend ive noticed

it wont feel good unless your dick is in something irl

plus if its not synced itll feel super fucking off

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1024x922, 766.96K)

this is some spooky shit boi

Attached: 39955316_p0.jpg (1600x1100, 1.13M)

young man
report to my bedroom right away

you right, you right.

i would say bide your time and get a atenga or fleshlight or something till u get a (wo)man but tbh those things will spoil you because often times they feel better than a pussy

idk about assholes tho

the sheer suction and stimulation


its toe curling

but nothing beats being balls deep in a woman from behind

Attached: DY-iAaLUMAA4cRG.jpg large.jpg (717x987, 81.87K)


he uses search functions to look for his name or something i dont know


I do too
I also search for modifications of my name too x:

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1640x2048, 4.66M)

Attached: 55882117_p0.png (1181x1754, 1.44M)

this a good 1 :D

Attached: ztolN2[1].png (631x236, 67.65K)

new cell form confirmed

10/10 image
had a laugh

I... can't tell how sincere you are being

Attached: 1498685269984.jpg (500x637, 74.53K)

found a #rare ranko piece


lowcost cosplay is lit

why not?

don't I seem the guy that prefers to know the airs around him in terms of other people?

can i be lit

Attached: HxbZ6Q5.jpg (640x616, 43.12K)

whenever we are in each others presence

you are

Attached: 63792140_p0.png (1000x1469, 907.6K)

im p lit rn

That's not kicking

People like a lot of wings I guess

Like Crobat

Attached: 7f7f053b1fd0c7908d275f4f60b541ac.jpg (800x1000, 271.21K)

ill light you up welma


Attached: 43386917_p0.jpg (713x1000, 820.16K)

I'm feeling it.
are you feeling it now?

I woudn't want to hurt you

havent even cracked open a cold one yet smh

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (602x960, 1011.3K)

lmao yeah right

all day bb

Attached: (47).png (418x400, 284.6K)


Attached: vappy2542.jpg (512x512, 219.78K)

rip yoggie

Attached: 247get.png (426x458, 211.25K)

I'm been smonking for hours
catch up, grim

I'm like a christmas tree

Attached: yes.png (353x338, 183.2K)


he returns from the grave

Attached: 2ad.gif (500x600, 453.75K)

Why not?

Attached: 5180f6d90aaf2e3b819fd25c885e2c2b6e5a5384_hq.jpg (739x1024, 43.72K)

I have someone else on my mind ^~^

Attached: psychedelic experience.png (442x496, 334.19K)

you're a good boy.


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This is a bold faced lie

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eships r dum

but I hope u find happiness

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Yoghurt truly was the best of us all. A man so far in the closet he'd put Narnia to shame.

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very nice

shut the fuck up
why are you so insecure you're great AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

ur dumb

he made a lot of fun buzzwords

its bitter

like me

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edgy af

I really do miss yoghurt
he said I had a nice dick, no lie.

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Why did you give him a picture of your dick?

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I show up sometimes. Just maybe not when you are here.

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as long as you have yoghurt's approval~

I didn't, though.

he was like a suspicious uncle to me, you know?

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I just don't think I have a ton of value is all I guess

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I'm glad to have caught you tonight.

What's been going on.

I had his approval too
as a person tho

this isnt even my final form

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now you're the silly boi
nobody in this world actually has any value
therefore everyone does
besides, what's wrong with you?

W-What?! This power!

What a silly transformation, your hair changed color, so what?

that doesn't make it less creepy lmao


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Not terribly much. On the job search, found one promising one that I might get but we shall know by the end of the week. How about you?

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it always creepy
I was just memeing


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Didn't he move to Sweden?

nothing you can think of
shut your fucking self doubting mouth start thinking about how great you really are

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I moved in with your mom

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Me shutting my self-doubting mouth just ends up with me thinking about my self-doubt

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frieza not goku!
but gokus is ebin


/is pat


naisu naisu

busy busy

threw my back out on monday
was not a good time

big life decisions for me to take very soon
its nerve wracking

good morning my dear hu


hi eva

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Make the right choice.
I believe in you.
How'd you throw your back out?

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then I can fill it with something else

greetings fellow human
how was your human day today on earth?


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Fill what with huh?

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Hello fellow = *e*k off tumblrtale== poster

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I was talking about Yoghurt, not your gay viking ass.

fill your mouth, my guy.

I would say something like it's gone in a way that makes me glad I have any determination.

But that'd be a bit too on the nose given the avatar. lol

Are we lewding the hippy goats from it now? Hey though user.

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top no

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tilting my body while carrying a heavy weight probably set it up

bending to grab a basket of groceries set it off the next day lol

hows it been?

/lightning strikes everywhere but on us


what, am I some whore to you?


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Top yes. If they are from that game and their name ends with 'iel' it's all good.

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It's been, at least. How has it been for you?

not for sexual

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Aren't everyone who posts here?

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I hope it feels better. Back injuries are a huge pain.
I am glad to have mostly avoided them.

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it would be on the nose
and hilarious
what's the matter?

your stand can't be edgier than my stand, 「The Razor」

why long blue face?

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Soraka is a horse.


back injuries
meeting new ppl
making dosh

all that jazz

im gonna introduce u to the back of my hand if u do that again

jk ily

only took 3 days to heal which is surprising

what would my stand even be

I wonder

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Dabadee dabadie.




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This sort of blasphemy is why the genocide route was made. :c

Melancholy? Existential crisis? Just hard hitting depression mixed with a few shitty things to pile on it.

Not too sure what I should call it, self diagnosing is pretty iffy as it stands.

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choose a song, band, or an ablum and I'll figure it out
my autism will provide

if I was green maybe someone would pay attention to me
I don't remember the last time I had a conversation with someone who didn't work at the store/gas station

The heck did you manage to do to your back?

The other stuff sounds good though.

I'm not green and we're having a conversation

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Oh alright. That is good, must not have hurt it too terribly then. What else have you been up to? Any games or shows or anything?

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ouch I'm really sorry to hear that, it seems no one is safe from these feelings
all I can tell you is that it will pass eventually

I mean IRL

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No Hebrew

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I would have assumed we weren't talking irl because we live in different places and irl isn't really a consideration

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you will not even allow me self pity

you are truly a cruel man

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Thank you. ♥

I know it's really just a passing thing, just the way it hits sometimes. Just wew.

You've seen his thighs.

Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

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How can I see someone's thighs if they're not real?

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there are times when it hits me like a truck too
I feel you

I suppose?

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aiite I gotchu

band is Five Finger Death Punch


I dun goof'd ;;
never again

it hurt awfully. couldnt even straighten back the first day.

shows, rewatching aot with gf
games, lots of monster hunter world

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With your eyes, cause them pixels don't lie.

It sucks, a ton.

But ignoring my stupid melodramatic self.Been up to anything fun?

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Always avoid the goof route.

how big is her penis?
I have also been playing a lot of MHW
I love it
it's great

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you wish she had a dick kissy

I hopeyou have it for the ps4

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not really seeing it

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I joke, I joke
what's going on, colbs?

your stand can store kinetic force from it's movements and enemy attacks, releasing it from it's hand into powerful blasts
basically whatever you catch you can throw back, literally.

truth be told I've done nothing except work out and smoke trees for a week
much fun

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not bad

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Always a good way to go about things!

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Playing Bloodborne and about to go to bed I think

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it's all to improve my appearance
what is vanity?

I eagerly await your return
no homo

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Well not right now

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A good way to pass time, to make future time easier a time.

Time, time, time, time. Time.

Figured I didn't say time enough in the first line. But ye, looking better is never that bad a thing.

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oh, you're going to stay with me?
thanks hon

the future scares me
but I keep on living out of simple fear of dying
it's always what's driving

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I know all of that feel. The future is a cruel bitch.

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I mean, if you want

I don't fish for stuff, if you tell me then I will

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but skeletons don't bleed

what are we fishing for?

Attached: take it bitch.PNG (492x356, 107.99K)

Obviously it was ketchup.

Attached: maxresdefault (5).jpg (1280x720, 64.68K)

he probably would carry ketchup packets

I'm not fishing for anything

I guess I was a bit unclear there.. Basically I was just saying that I'm not really gonna take the initiative in much but I'll go along with it

Attached: soraka_by_fbende-d62fse8.png (1024x959, 313.16K)

I think he wears clothes to hide that he filled his body with an array of hotdogs in buns and packets/containers of ketchup.

I mostly think this because skeletons wearing clothes is odd.

Papyrus is full of already cooked pasta.

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Technically I don't, but my mom does. I play while she is not playing.

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gn all

nice talking with ya tn

thats cute

I wonder how old she is

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She is 58
She is terrible at the game.
I play during the day mostly since that is when she is at work.

just sit back and relax
want to talk about bloodborne?
I know a lot about it for a guy who doesn't own a ps4

I wish I was full of pasta
1200 calories a day isn't much fun

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But then you might spill some from your pockets...

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Okay then

Yes, I would. I enjoy the lore quite a lot and the game is fun for me

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not if I put it all in my stomach!

my favorite bits of lore are as follows
every important human that turns into a beasts turns into something really unique and similar to the great ones
fucking moons and shit, bro I swear

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Ehhh... I dunno about that. Every human that embraced the blood became a beast. Willem didn't, for example. The beast/Great One dynamic is cool tbh

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eat spaghet
eat spaghetti
eat the spaghetti

he was awfully close to a great one without using the blood, so does that mean Willem was right all along?

Attached: Suzuya.Juuzou.full.1918219.jpg (900x820, 375.11K)

Somebody toucha muh spoghet

I should probably try to get some sleep.

Attached: 08740b9051a83add1f8050ff65bc91ac.jpg (604x452, 32.17K)

Most of Brygenwerth didn't "use" the blood. The Healing Church and Vilebloods that spawned from it, did. The scholars still became beasts without blood ministration, just slimes.


but master Willem has the luminous fungus looking growth on his back
the same growths both Rom and Ebrietas have

Attached: 6124.PNG (285x173, 34.99K)

Who was awfully close?

I think the blood users and the insight seekers were polar opposites. Lawrence/Ludwig were one side, Willem/Mensis on the other. And yeah, the church/vilebloods split from Byrgenwerth early on

Attached: c87e26000bfe6e7dd6159e990445e2c1dbd23c6344bb23a750372a7f77a092c4.png (702x900, 409.53K)

today I talked with someone who talks as much as me.

except he was smarter and knew more.

it was exhausting. felt bad.

Willem was sitting just a few feet away from Rom, wasn't he?

Rom and Ebrietas are both kin so.. yeah. They ascended thru insight, not blood

Yeah, but Rom was a kin and Willem wasn't

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today I saw a leaf try and sexual the goat
it was awful

Attached: shit post bruh (57).png (1046x1223, 766.82K)

It's the stuff that's used in chalice rituals.
It's a mold that grows on blood. The older/more "great one" the blood, the better it grows.

Basically, yeah. The school was about learning of the great ones through dubious experimentation and observation, not outright becoming them through their blood infusion.


did goat have hearts for eyes?

just spitballing here
it's not too far fetched to say a human could become a great one

that means it definitely shouldn't have been growing on willem, who we assume was a pureblood human

Willem was on his way to becoming kin, possessing a lot of arcane knowledge. In Bloodborne, possessing knowledge of the Great Ones innately puts you on their path. How far you get is based on your ability to comprehend it and stay sane.

Willem isn't human anymore. He's not a beast but a kin, a human on the path of arcane knowledge through either learning or blood infusion.

Don't even get me started on the schism between the choir and the school of Mensis

They could and they have.

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so lining your brain with eyes was to be taken literally?

ya'll Byrgenwerth niggas nasty

-posts Revy- ^-^

Attached: revy-black-lagoon-robertas-blood-trail-40.7[1].jpg (210x240, 18.92K)

Yes, they took it quite literally

They had jars full of eyes in Byrgenwerth

Attached: 3bc82375785ef041168b0ad7fe99e88a.jpg (736x761, 64.96K)

Also the brain of Mensis

Also the Accursed Brew in the fishing hamlet DLC

Attached: 6380d22804d5373060a786a1c820fe66.png (740x1073, 1.16M)

what Willem meant by "line your brain with eyes" was to gain inhuman knowledge, aka insight.

Everyone else took it literally and goofed up pretty hard.


Attached: habeeb.jpg (500x500, 213.54K)

But the thing is, he wasn't quite sure himself whether it was literal or figurative

The dream/nightmare realms were pseudo-realities, and the brain of Mensis had eyes on the inside of itself. Soooo.... everyone is fucked basically

Attached: sample_536e21efd930985c77f760505edb4ee1.jpg (850x569, 215.17K)

It's kind of sad when the Choir can be seen as morally superior to literally anyone.

Eyes are conduits to the soul and knowledge in that universe. They are what every bit of madness passes through. So the more eyes your head is "lined with", the more you're able to discern cosmic truths.

Bloodborne relies on a lot of literal metaphors where something is meant as a metaphor but physical to differentiate who has achieved what or is what.

micolash was a cunt and got what he deserved, ay.

while we're talking about being morally superior

what's up with those hunters that wear the rags and kidnap people?

Attached: HxbZ6Q5.jpg (640x616, 43.12K)

Those are part of the ritual of Mensis: they kidnap people to make a human amalgamation to reach the moon.

is that what causes the one reborn?

-likes the episode of Top Cat where they meet the Maharaja of Pookajee.-

Eh, not really. I mean, they worship Ebrietas for fuck's sake. A failed great one who was left behind

He sacrificed everyone for a bastardization of a great one, so... yeah. He kinda did.

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never seen it
hi sonata

who's your favorite boss tho

Attached: original.jpg (750x831, 97.18K)

Orphan of Kos

Attached: tumblr_nvso14zNLV1s5c0t3o1_500.jpg (500x646, 67.3K)

The game doesn't really say anything about what the One Reborn truly is or why but the most that can be ascertained is that it's meant to be an attempt to "make" a great one from humans, just assuming the little bit of Cosmic knowledge inside the people could combine into something meaningful.

Yeah but the School of Mensis sits in a town where the entire architecture is made from petrified corpses after being intentionally exposed to a Great One.


was it meaningful?
because it shit all over the floor multiple times

Lore wise, the orphan of Kos is the best boss.

How do you know Great Ones fear humanity? It birthed a humanoid to be its ascension, something better than she was.

Well yeah I mean they're both shit but I'd argue that the School of Mensis got closer to their goal, as fucked as it was

They summoned Mergo at the very least

He was the most challenging and engaging boss in the game, soo....

Fear humanity and yet long for a surrogate

Attached: untitled_1_by_chalii-dbk3v61.jpg (800x643, 148.78K)

but he has yet to produce even a single meme

^-^ -brings you tea-

The true mark of quality.

Attached: a99c78417f85dad928d9956286267218.png (566x800, 472.7K)








They didn't really "summon" Mergo. All of the dreams/nightmares have to be anchored by a Great One. They more found their way to reach it. Similar to the Hunter's Dream and Nightmare: you find your way to them, not summon the Moon or Kos.

Oedon is the one looking for a surrogate.