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Not worth it then.

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hewwo friends

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I know. You're right. Thanks, bud. You're a good pal.

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hey tracer
wanna go to a hookah lounge >:3


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No, I want you to tell me about yourself.

Mhmm sure you will.

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Hey, was that pic you posted earlier you?

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That's a lewd butt

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Only ever seen sand niggers at those. No.

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it's all good, I had to do homework, study, and cool dinner (new recipe) today, I was pretty busy tbh

i haven't seen black panther btw, have you?

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im peegirl
i pee a lot
i like kissing people
i enjoy music a lot
rhythm games are super fun
i enjoy drinking boba tea
i love to drive
i am an avid fan of dorks
blood is cool

which one ?
i posted a few irl people and only one (or two ?) was me

WHAT !!!
come on
its relaxed and also you are kinda just left on your own/to your group when you get in there
theres a lotta white people too....

i have not no
i dont know if i wanna see it either
love, simon was p good
u should watch love simon
i'd watch it again

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Looked like a Mexican girl in a skirt.

Fuck my ass

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sadly not me
she was a friend i had over discord

super cute
jealous of her hair


kissing people is lewd though

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this one right ?

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Whelp, nevermind. No compliment for you.


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What state do you glorify with your presence?

no its

this is the one of me i posted earlier
i am grose



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my state >:3

The only state that's worse than me.


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Absolutely disgusting. That pink drink really doesn't flatter you.

Which is?

Fucking California? Damnit man.

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never heard of it but the trailer was good, seems like it has some good potential, and you say it was good + reviews

i'm game~

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Worse, Florida.

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Liberal glasses :3

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Oh God. Why?

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rip gaming ssd

i'm a sucker for romance/drama

it's the best genre

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Long story.

Saving up to leave. Might go to Asheville or something in the mountains.

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What a girl.

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ayy gurl
I bought you some flowers

I know somebody who is up that way.

I wonder how many more people are going to come to AZ honestly. There are already like 10 of us.

I bet you like compliments and positive reinforcement too you fag.

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I suppose it sort of make sense. Phoenix is one of the largest cities in the country. Just statistically speaking it makes sense that a large portion of the populous from here was there. And California and New York usually isn't the sort of people who would be on here.

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i'm a sucker for hentai

it's the best genre

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bully me all you want i can't change my emotions!!!!!!!!!

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Could've sworn there were at least 4 people who post here from Cali and New York.

Yeah, that's why I'm bullying you.

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im cuter as a girl i promise i can show u after this match maybe

yeah check it out HOMBRE

I mean. Good. Hell, I'm a hopeless romantic.

It's possible. I don't recall any off the top of my head.

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Cuter as a girl than a drink? I hope so!

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Ah well.

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give me 20 minutes

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I wasn't bullying at all

If you don't deliver I will forever bully you.

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Isn't she retarded?

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-sees Stoatchan and hurries after it!-


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.... These are ferrets....

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-didn't know they were different, Ferretchan!-

As different as say a wolf and a dog.

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0.0 sock cat

0.0 -pounces and hugs-

... You are a strange man.

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post up nigga

i'll knock you the fuck out with my chidori!!!!!!!!!

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also i wuv fewwets ;w;

also hope im not 2 grose 4 u

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What new duckface bullshit is this.

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S-sonata i'll lose my virginity if you do that!

Don't make weeb on you with my Naruto knowledge

That's you?

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dont bully me twacer !!!


thats me

Any of you fags have an oculus?

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What a slow night
wonder what spec and hu are up to

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*o* -thinks is so cute-

o///o -hugs anyway. Is glad you're here- ^-^


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Take a normal picture then snowflake.

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hey big boi
how's the day treatin you sexy

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i have only one other pic of me all cutesy'd up but my eyebrows are really bad and like

i dont like showing it bc of eyebrowz

depeche mode
what the fuck do you think about em

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Attached: did i say it was meant to be funny _9369b7f18ab174d06c6dd66b727dc0a1.gif (171x199, 41.83K)

hehe well..........
I like that one Depeche Mode song that everybody likes

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Going for a similar look as your friend?
Nice belly button.


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Is she really you?

not me...

i have my period today... lick me

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oi which one is that m8?


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p cute

would be cuter if you were a guy


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\^-^/ Snewy Tubecat!

-snickers and kisses your cheek. Wonders how you have been?-

so youre gonna complain about me doing the eye thing and then tell me NOT to post a normal pic


twacer is bweaking my wittle heart 3:

no surprisingly lol
the time difference between those two pics is a lot of months
i didnt even realize i still had that pic until i scrolled really really far down my phone today


yes she's really me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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your own

I no longer find you amusing.

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It was more to say shut up.

Attached: a700067476a2caefb52ff87afc086c50da79c7fe_full.jpg (184x184, 6.46K)

i'll talk less.
only for you.

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Well I have to agree with tracer about the eye thing. Other than that I will refrain from bullying you.

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-kisses back-
iunno just home doing nothing...
How was your weekend?

Really, really?

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oh also ty for belly button compliment LOL

i dont ever do it i was trying something new !!

bully away tbh
gives me reason to improve

omg bc YES

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Good girl.

Attached: rk1.png (104x186, 18.46K)

that sounded lewd...
i want to make you say that irl now

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Why does this sound like blue monday lol

Attached: idubbbzsilence.jpg[.jpg (720x670, 29.72K)


not lewd you just keep asking so im saying !!!
YES !!!

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why so much makeup?

Attached: cfc9697737781fe65b0206023b53fc04.jpg (384x384, 8.84K)

:< -sets down a bowl of cream for you-

-was long and boring mostly. Is not used to having free time again, yet. XD-

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bc i look like an ugly boy without it at this point in my life

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i enjoy card games.

Attached: firefox_2018-03-09_07-43-44.png (478x986, 678.7K)

Blackjack and Texas Hold 'em are the only good ones.

Attached: rk12.png (200x177, 22.71K)

hmm sowwy waggy I am not feeling this one too much
hat else do you got?

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Enjoy your free time with a good book and porn!

What's wrong with being an ugly boy? No one cares if you are and shouldn't either

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Well damn. How else am I supposed to know if I want to spend $500

Attached: Nadeko26.jpg (900x620, 147.53K)

It's kinda embarassing but I got into AJJ and Folk punk cause of Sci

my friends arent much into it though but they say it's started to grow on them

Not much into that stuff anymore though was more of a phase

my husbando

Attached: Claiming my husbando Kougami Shinya~.jpg (1920x1080, 826.46K)

it's like an infection
like a mold

That's too much money for a gift ><

Just give someone a $100 Steam card...

Attached: Oh...PNG (583x841, 771.95K)

are you any good at either ?

i do care bc im me
i dont care as much about whether or not people approve of me
more like

i just wanna look good LOL
atleast in my own personal way

well its not that i dont completely care about what people think of my appearance but its like
its more just
i wanna look how i wanna look and when i dont look like that i get a bit eck
a bit
? insecure

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Attached: sugoi.jpg (146x146, 30.04K)

There's no redemption for you.

Attached: FACE.png (247x248, 4.55K)

the only cure is to have sex with me

and what kind of music are you into you fuckin sourpuss

Attached: babyserval.jpg (480x360, 32.23K)

-prefers to enjoy it with you and leans against. Offers late night pears for a snack-

Never lost any money.

Attached: 56366d8cd54c109d6ccae53666bb40fc.png (400x400, 14.4K)

Well I mean
If that's the only way thats the only way.........

Attached: smug1.png (556x525, 299.81K)

i'm terrible at both.
i don't play it ever.

Attached: firefox_2017-11-08_12-06-48.png (384x589, 403.78K)

Obvs shit too obscure for /mu/ that just sounds like a man flagellating himself because that's the only real music that's A R T because literally no one else has heard it.

Attached: FACE.png (247x248, 4.55K)

Probably wise.

Attached: dcfacfa134528588289d735ed5c7d585.jpg (511x720, 182.63K)

You're terrible at everything.

You are fucking kidding me, right?

Attached: pet-ferret.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart.jpg (644x364, 14.65K)

._. -doesn't know where to get duck eggs and absolutely will not be feeding you mice- ._.

I'm going to go away now....

Attached: d93fb2e1a63f52d6426693d74c3daf18.jpg (850x567, 83.38K)

You're in too deep
And I'm trying to keep up above in my head instead of going under

Attached: oof.jpg (953x960, 107.83K)


that's why i get boys to do everything for me :p

Attached: firefox_2017-11-08_12-21-49.png (771x676, 798.42K)


Attached: a700067476a2caefb52ff87afc086c50da79c7fe_full.jpg (184x184, 6.46K)

-tries to follow. Wants to know where tubecats go-

Getting boys to do things for you is nice until they start having weird expectations of you
Like the gay guy who didn't want me to be a girl

Attached: hatsune miku00185.jpg (850x637, 183.47K)

Tubecats live in magical underground tubes next to Hobbitton and Wonderland

Attached: hatsune miku00106.gif (286x225, 177.7K)

You go big or go home. Never half ass anything.

Attached: FACE.png (247x248, 4.55K)

Maybe because the gay guy noticed you have a penis and enjoyed it?


You can convince me but it'll be harder to convince yourself of that...

If I eat that I'll stay up all night!
Stop being a night dealer...
Goodnight my love

Attached: 2ccb3ca93301709fad0f5e116400eab8.png (724x1024, 800.42K)

Sleeping soon ?

yeah that post was a joke i do everything myself >:3

Attached: firefox_2017-11-08_12-45-48.png (316x584, 317.03K)

Should've been an hour ago.

Attached: 56366d8cd54c109d6ccae53666bb40fc.png (400x400, 14.4K)

it just gives me something to work for :p

nini bubber

Why still up then ?

Attached: firefox_2017-11-01_06-03-11.png (223x199, 115.86K)

That's why we broke up

Git gud scrub

Attached: hatsune miku00030.jpg (700x500, 186.43K)

He just wanted to give you brojobs, no homo.

Attached: FACE.png (247x248, 4.55K)


Attached: 81a1dfb7f55cb76c485082850cee8b94.png (400x400, 11.37K)

im a stwong....
wommin....... :c

Not tired ?

Attached: firefox_2017-11-08_12-45-26.png (461x279, 182.63K)

No he wanted it to be 100% homo

Attached: hatsune miku00216.jpg (500x369, 147.29K)

-whispers to self in awe "underground cat tubes...- *o*

-is a night thing. Like bats. Tucks you in and hugs-


Attached: 0e8ee6d34cd6f435e54f7ad5ba6023ab.png (400x400, 11.13K)

I'm not strong or independent but I don't have someone to do things for me right now

Attached: hatsune miku00231.jpg (600x800, 646.04K)

I thought he was the type that wanted to fuck traps but not have them actually transition while still proclaiming his heterosexuality.

Attached: FACE.png (247x248, 4.55K)

Rest up twacer.

I'm also not strong or independent LOL
i'm all talk :/

Attached: firefox_2018-03-09_07-01-11.png (862x790, 741.88K)


Attached: 4259fe503a8200b8dcd4334c74c2e376.jpg (768x915, 338.77K)

No that's my best friend who doesn't want to fuck me
The guy who did want to fuck me was gay

I see

Attached: hatsune miku01093.jpg (1412x2000, 354.69K)


it stinks doesnt it

Attached: firefox_2017-11-01_05-48-29.png (1150x990, 1.29M)

Attached: 8190e42732d3e349bd69342afeecff56.jpg (530x394, 146.79K)

Or rather my best friend has a habit of fucking trans people and prefers they conform to the image of their transitioned gender
But on the other hand he likes tomboys

Attached: hatsune miku00266.png (600x674, 249.7K)

Attached: firefox_2017-11-08_12-35-46.png (561x642, 550.32K)

i wish I had a best friend like that

Attached: 15826205_956230427854772_8623045454727303899_n.jpg (196x225, 8.69K)

All of your friends are gay as fuck.

Attached: 5 gum.mp4 (640x300, 420.29K)

Attached: 8190e42732d3e349bd69342afeecff56.jpg (530x394, 146.79K)

Quit posting and go to sleep.

-squeaks and retires to discord for the night for chats and to play splatoon 2-

Hai threaders~!

I'm drunk pls sexually assault me^^

Attached: easy breezy.png (430x574, 317.67K)

i want splatoon 2 !!!!
i have money now but
not to spend on splatoon 2....

no drunks in this thread !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Go away.

Attached: 0e8ee6d34cd6f435e54f7ad5ba6023ab.png (400x400, 11.13K)

lol well i'm wicked drunk so what should I do?

no u ur boring

Why not.

Attached: firefox_2017-11-01_05-49-39.png (713x905, 1.13M)

Attached: 1smile2.png (332x381, 148.95K)

i dunno
drinkings for doofuses so im not trained in that !!!!

maybe take a shower or sleep

lol having friends irl

fuckin normies

Attached: 5fdgykdw13701.jpg (529x401, 60.39K)

lol nah it was a fun night tbh


lets go to a hookah lounge since twacer doesnt wanna go >:3

it can still be fun without being a drinky stinky :p

Attached: firefox_2018-03-09_06-17-59.png (625x921, 675.88K)

nah it def helps lol

very nice

Attached: 132.jpg (1280x720, 239.04K)

Haiii wallma I hope you're having a fun night desu

Attached: oof.jpg (953x960, 107.83K)


nah it def doesnt lol

its detrimental mostly

ur very n ice^^

i'mma hijack my roommate's bed and hope for the best lol

you tooo bardo~

It's pretty great

Yeah that's what happens when you're a faggot

Attached: hatsune miku00001.jpg (500x400, 46.07K)

time flies when ur a faggot

The board is about Bernie Sanders, apparently.
Go bone Bernie Sanders.

You should probably pray away the gay.

Attached: 26b0aca3d0d78aaa70548bd5a23b72e5.jpg (800x1100, 315.04K)

I hate smoking

Attached: 1349031089521.jpg (600x600, 60.03K)

I better hurry

way 2 old

22-34 is where im at


thats fair though
movie is probably our best option then

If there's grass on the field, play ball.

Attached: kanra.png (394x450, 10.69K)

I just taped a message up to my roommate's tv

"I hijacked ur bed
sry not sry
pls fk me

Sleep on the couch.

Attached: W2DUz6K.jpg (682x920, 190.54K)

Fuck you.

That's the opposite of the goal by sleeping on the couch.

Attached: vtV0ulb.jpg (801x1024, 387.57K)

Not with pictures like that I won't

Attached: hatsune miku01147.png (2400x1500, 2.95M)


Attached: You wanna run that by me again.jpg (600x450, 172.14K)

How can I pray the gay away to lewd pictures of women

Attached: hatsune miku01149.jpg (750x938, 216.09K)

One would assume that vagina would make a man straight, not gay.

Attached: You wanna run that by me again.jpg (600x450, 172.14K)

A man maybe

Attached: hatsune miku00117.jpg (1920x1200, 704.21K)

Attached: lox0qc3w34701.png (544x670, 601.68K)

God I wish that were me

Attached: hatsune miku01100.jpg (600x849, 117.66K)

Attached: lw7a7b2855701.jpg (600x836, 218.5K)

-scurries back in before bed and makes tea for everyone. Can't unwind enough to go to sleep.- >.

Sounds like a plan

Attached: hatsune miku00127.jpg (487x640, 63.22K)

Attached: Human Cuntipede.webm (626x352, 7.97M)

Attached: 1518965583001.jpg (746x947, 82.59K)

Attached: .jpg (156x134, 4.89K)

Attached: 1517849657694.png (346x346, 137.06K)

It's time...for....Jeopardy!

Attached: 1356753268794.png (362x237, 19.97K)

Attached: 139.png (750x720, 283.53K)

Attached: Capture.png (396x291, 18.72K)

Should go to bed, it's late~

Attached: 1518803168001.jpg (581x900, 121.12K)

Soon. Probably.

Hopefully. I'd probably go through a little less of feeling sad more often if I did. lol

Attached: bf826017f6dc909f875662cad6148679.png (900x1089, 554.64K)

Sounds like a good reason to

Attached: 1515872768001.jpg (1024x768, 478.15K)

nobody wants to play with me? :^(

Attached: ss (2017-05-20 at 05.24.21).jpg (1920x1080, 273.98K)

Who is Nezi?

What game?

The Jeopardy things he's posting.

Ye, but still~

Attached: 43ebf1f905c86a8d14c00aaabcba15fb.jpg (1390x2048, 227.72K)

Who is TP?

Attached: 2c0db45c7dc5dc6332a8a6f4990ad242.png (500x765, 229.32K)

What are you playing?

Attached: Aye.jpg (456x460, 54.49K)



Sleep is important too!

Attached: 1519148336001.png (2480x5433, 7.2M)

Who is every "girl" poster?


Denmark is also scientifically proven to be the gayest country.

No u

Attached: android21_majin_by_sya0717-dc0dl00.png (750x1200, 435.76K)


We got beaten by New Zealand and I believe right now, it's the Fins coming out on top.
So not anymore. Hasn't been for years

I'm neither sleep, nor important

Attached: 1511199282001.jpg (1000x1411, 310.7K)

Post the next one

You are lying about one of those.

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Okay, I'm Sleep. Now submit to me

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When are you two going to have your half Mexican, half gay viking progeny? It's constant passive aggressive flirting between you two.

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Blasted daylight saving, gotta go. Bye bye


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Because I only have eyes for you, Tsuchi.

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Women are easy in science because men are better.
Women have a pill.
Men have uncomfortable surgical cock spigots.

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Be the truck of peace that plows into Hupony's crowd.

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Also Herpy, they've invented condoms.

Did I shill it right?

I went down that road before, it didn't work out.

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I think you are more that side of the deal, so you cannot be sleep as that would require dominance.

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Cock spigots.

Our 3mo old ball python isn't taking food.
Also I don't want my weekend to end.

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I have a moving truck loaded with ANFO saved for another Mexican.

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Wy weekend is two days longer now because down season qq


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R u white tho >.>

i gave up since nobody was playing and now i'm studying so


bummed about missing out on the hours?

This looks hilarious wtf.


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Wasn't that like 3 people?

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Yeah, Im a workaholic who likes 6 day working weeks.
Means ill get my shit in order though.

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Si, senora.

A really small hamburger bun at that.

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Who is Erin?

Don't believe him

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That was the third person! Erin, Erio and Ariel right?

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Having a strong work ethic is good. Don't overdo it, though. Brain and body have their limits.

I'm going to suck at this.

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Yeah I think you're right.

No idea on the hamburger bun though. Any clues?

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Who is Bern?

If you don't give us the answer than does that mean we got it right?

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im trying to study im not really paying attention

just checking this real quick for a few secs occasionally

Darn okay.

Not sure... I remember the image vaguely.

Oh well, Nezi gave the answer. lol

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my limit is two 13 day work weeks.

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In two work weeks, you won't work more than thirteen days?

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If we're referring to aneki than that's me

Who is Smiles?

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Who is Smiles?

13 days, one day off and then another 13 days.
I was ded

i don't know the answer to this one


Do you know what board it's referring to?

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Rough. I work one Saturday a month. I take a lot of my work home though. What do you do?

Which Board is this in reference to cause we've had 3 now

Jason David Frank. The man who will never leave the spandex suits behind him.

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I cook stuffs for people who dont know how to actually appreciate what theyre eating.

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i'm guessing Holla Forums because these are from 2012

see image

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wait is it seff?

Sushi Chef?
Baker, maybe?

I think it's in reference to oneofus getting an epic get and the board going nuts or something. Fuck if I know tho

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idk who made them but

kudos to whoever created the jeopardy

trivia is fun

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Narrator: It isn't.

If we get stumped we can just ask Darwin. he's always lurking and creeping on peeps


i hate doing math but once you finish a problem it feels rewarding/satisfying

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Work at a cafe/Italian restaurant.
Our menu is rather...fluid, though. Its up to us cooking it to come up with the menu.

When I do hard things I find the reward of overcoming that feel good too

I worked, humorously, in an Italian restaurant as a bartender that was run the same way.
Three head cooks and a number of peon cooks, and the three heads created the menu and regularly made adjustments or additions/removals to it. The owner let them have at it because it was making him more money.

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Pretty much the same here, but because not JUST a restaurant the down season is worse

well the test review only took 7 pages to work out the problems

honestly this one should be cake compared to the last one

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here i am

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I think I have a new boyfriend

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good morning my friends

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who is that?

hi loafie

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His alias is Sparrow

i'm rally drunk right now

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It's isn't it?

god no

thats a mean joke toschi

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congrats =)

lemme know if ya'll wanna do a threeway with me i'm available

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God hes cute

I hope I actually lanf him

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But does he have cute feet?

mornan nezi

I'm afraid not

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I'm pulling an all-nighter for a doctor's appointment and then test

should be hell.

already feeling it.

what's up with you?


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post a pic of your potential bf for me

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Just remember: the retarded can't legally consent.

one of the recent episodes of family guy is 25 commercial free minutes of stewie in a therapy session.

there were no cutaway gags.

it has nothing but 1 and 10 stars on IMDB.

That seems like a betraaly of his trudt

I wont do that

i'm loyal

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I woke up at 7 this morning because of disturbances
but yeah beyond that things are ok, I'm glad I'm not having to deal with anything of consequence like you are
good luck with that senpai

noise disturbances because I am very easily startled

post a pic of you

it's ok I'm used to it

I don't sleep sometimes so I've gotten used to the feeling of being dead

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Attached: ClipboardImage.png (909x372, 70.7K)

it's great.

they're downvoting each others' comments.

what if animus had an upvote/downvote system for posts?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (920x841, 173.09K)

have to be up in about
3.5 hrs to work
nini all my bubbers
gibbe smooches and hugs please

i need power for tomorrow >:3

Attached: firefox_2018-03-09_06-32-15.png (1920x1080, 1.7M)

ninis correlate positively with popularity.

not enough sleep

take better care of body


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yeah it's pretty shitty on those days because I feel tired the whole day but I can't get back to sleep either


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nezi skinny yet so he can find a bf?

i have some more weight to lose.

but even then...can't find a bf/gf if I'm not social.

and boy am I not social.

not that I really care anymore, I've sort of given up on social life.

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that's the worst :^(

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didn't expect that honesty. I was really curious to find out if starving yourself for a while, then maintaining that reduced weight would work out.

never had a positive social experience?

I haven't gained any weight back since the fasting, no.

Just maintaining right now.

I've had positive social experiences in the past but now I have anxiety all the time and I think it's the reason I subtly push people away constantly.

If that's not the reason then idk why I isolate myself.

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sleep is for babies !!!!!

soft lips as always woafie

cool. not logically sure why you don't resume fasting asap if you have the time.

have you tried reducing your anxiety in social situations?

and if you have, why hasn't it worked?

have you always had social anxiety? is it towards all people, or just some?

if its not towards all people, why not feel comfortable around others the way you feel comfortable around those that don't give you anxiety?

maybe that part is up to you.

you mentioned feeling better when you ate less.

did you notice you were less anxious?

fasting takes a lot out of you.

you don't feel good, not to mention you're almost always hungry.

it takes a lot of effort and it's not fun, after a while I burned out. I'll do it again at some point.


and I felt better after I stopped fasting, not during.

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you didn't briefly feel good because you were consuming less? not even at the start?

Don't fast...........
Exercise and eat healthy...............

Why are you such a dick

I was doing those but wanted to lose weight faster.

i won't do it again mom

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just asking you questions you should maybe as yourself.

did that sound like I was saying you should starve yourself? because that's not what I meant.

you just appeared really confident in your ability to see it through. and maybe you were in a better mood.

Fasting is bad way......
Just watch calories and run three times a week and eat only average calorie of your age and sex.........

Attached: [HorribleSubs] Citrus - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_02.49_[2018.01.29_12.21.04].jpg (1280x720, 77.41K)

there's nothing inherently bad with it.

it's just usually unstable, because the drastic change is something your body and brain needs a lot more to get used to.

my sister had an eating disorder. she was a walking skeleton. she came up with various reasons, but she's always been someone that enjoyed extremes. there were days where she just seemed dangerously oblivious to the world around her, like she was walking in a daze. but she seemed calm and in control. so she kept it up til she had to be stopped.

hey can you do me a favor and put a name on so I don't have to filter you every thread you useless cunt

yes thank you professor

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yeah it's not too pleasant
at least it doesn't happen very often anymore

I forgive you, nezi.

I hope you find some friends.

I am happy for you.

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Attached: furrowed.jpg (960x640, 252.42K)

thanks nezi
I'm happy for you and always will be

morning bard dess

Attached: 47972027_p0_master1200.jpg (480x575, 150.36K)

good morning woafie

Attached: 86JWyy.jpg (562x839, 142.54K)

morning bard desu
I just finished taking all the screencaps yesterday so I'm feeling pretty accomplished

what are ya screencappin?

Attached: CoffeeΓÖÑBard.jpg (159x159, 25.86K)

tsukasa ayatsuji
but I'm not screencapping her anymore because I finished

Attached: Untitled.png (1265x982, 529.1K)

she's a cutie
what's she from?
she reminds me of you o //o

Attached: CremeΓÖÑBard.jpg (159x159, 32.86K)

amagami ss
not sure what parallels you've drawn between her and myself but the last person who did thought it was because we were both emotionally broken or something
he wasn't the nicest person I've ever met I must say

I'm not much of a nice person but I mean more cause she's kawaii and I picture your posts in that art style :3

Attached: satannytrauma.jpg (601x614, 345.21K)

it's late.

but also early.

Attached: __zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_oniilus__c13d542cdd3183437cb8450a84fdb57d.png (850x1100, 637.89K)

good mohning.............

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Attached: polvsco.webm (1080x608, 2.91M)


Attached: babyserval.jpg (480x360, 32.23K)

yes she is very cute
your avatars are quite cute also

have some cookies and milk senpai

Thanks I feel cute rn

Attached: 000042.png (170x208, 38.5K)

can i put my hand in your cookie jar~~~

hay bard

Attached: 1469769140567.webm (640x360, 2.98M)

we all must have cute anime girl avatars to feel cute ourselves
except those people who don't but who cares about them

I don't have a cookie jar or any cookies :(

How's the day treating you?

Attached: i can't have an orgasm!.jpg (350x455, 57.94K)

Ive been doing nothing at all.
I might have some alcohols.
How about you?

Attached: truthcheese.webm (480x480, 1.23M)

oh it was okay I guess
worked then came home and hung iout with my brother

woke up this morning and have sore calves ;~ ;
listened to music and shmoked

what kind of alcohol do ou like ? : 3

Attached: Tomoko Kuroki (576).jpg (1920x1080, 382.99K)

I like all the alcohol, but atm im drinking cointreau. hub?

Attached: cat.webm (480x360, 950.71K)


Attached: __hiro_and_zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_sinensian__sample-ed953ed6e186b22a9d4458c4f69322db.jpg (850x1149, 179.45K)

hmm I can't really handle alcohol very well
I guess I like sweet wines but not dry ones because dry wines are GROSS

Attached: 000082.png (238x204, 45.56K)

Sorry nezi, but there are plenty of other snacks for you to choose from...

have you ever had carr's and heineken and anime
an excellent combination I must say

Apparently I'm an INTP. The description seems apt but the "famous people" in that category makes it questionable.

Attached: tumblr_o3zq1egwQ51qj0qimo1_1280.png (1280x1600, 313.1K)

Attached: c88ee5baf3d354fd55a83b4da809702daa266008fa1e4e47a8e5920d39302146.png (1265x1080, 1.48M)

Cointreau is as strong as vodka but far less terrible.

Attached: catggirls.webm (1280x720, 524.61K)

i'm sure that a drink or 2 or 10 with you would be quite fun

Attached: Tomoko Kuroki (122).jpg (372x466, 72.85K)

Do you drink that shit straight or you mix it?
Personally my stomach crawls at the thought of even downing some mixed clear spirits

Attached: 000045.png (399x282, 70.01K)

Cointreau is interestingly a liqueur, not a just a clear spirit.

Attached: 1483866923886.png (614x302, 53.61K)

what is it fren
I'm not a snack

but you look....oh so.....tasty......................

Attached: 1520090344292.png (600x603, 136.88K)

all graffiti in cartoons, like tags and stuff, are obviously drawn on some digital surface.

and all the tags are drawn by the same person

in similar but different poor handwriting.

as opposed to what bad graffiti in groups tend to look like, which obviously looks like its done by lots of different people.

dunno why this bothers me. but I've noticed this for years. perhaps it's the tism.

what does that imply? is it sweet? I think the only liquer I've ever tried was galliano and it was kinda strange

Attached: 000082.png (238x204, 45.56K)

Its very sweet. Incredibly so.

Attached: b82b87f59ba32ac5fe4518284a64a29a8d2583f89a30bb2b30328da2d534cafb.jpg (750x750, 142.52K)

I'm sorry my friend but as tasty as I may look I simply am not a snack
Care for a croissant instead?

Attached: 14523981_p0.jpg (557x832, 99.99K)

damn i'm getting hungry

Attached: i love you, soda.. you're my only friend in this world.jpg (239x191, 17.71K)

So what you're saying is that they need to start getting multiple people to draw the bad graffiti in cartoons?

Attached: hahaha her legs look furry.png (362x615, 109.2K)

Me too....and thirsty....

Attached: pantsu.webm (960x540, 7.11M)

This is kind of lewd.


Attached: __hiro_and_zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_tama__sample-02d4858d877befb0723527041ed4531d.jpg (850x1200, 163.32K)

only kind of, it isnt tho!

have a fun drink amigo I gotta go to bed cause I gotta get up early tomoroww today ;:
have a night !

Attached: .sip.jpg (320x320, 27.04K)

just saying that since backgrounds in cartoons tend to be lower in detail,

something as personal and detailed as graffiti can often be the most detailed thing.

they don't need different people. they can keep making obvious digital pen handwriting in cartoons.

but credit to the studios that at least put in the effort to give the impression of what graffiti in the wild is supposed to look like.

Whenever I hear "in the wild" I imagine David Attenborough talking about it in a documentary.

Attached: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg (500x281, 26.1K)

Sleep well kiddo
*dabbs in*

Attached: obliv.webm (360x360, 1.71M)

I'm sorry but I'm not a snack
You can nibble on me or something of the like if you must but I don't think that'll satisfy your hunger

cityscapes are a sort of wild.

Loafie confirmed for bicurious.

Well this was fun. Who even am I speaking to?

Attached: tumblr_o4u4xu33He1uieh50o1_1280.jpg (600x927, 141.35K)

Loafie gay

the only person sad enough to think about this kinda stuff

I clicked on the first result for this term I had previously not heard of, but are these definitions not the opposites of one another?

Attached: Untitled.png (421x259, 9.07K)

nibble i will, indeed...

Attached: __hiro_and_zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_maiko_mimi__sample-99d1c4bbbad1e2332f3eaf26b98e4969.jpg (850x517, 74.7K)

Loafie x Neziwi

Attached: 115766FF-15E8-41A4-8757-1A3FC876AA15.png (1265x1080, 1.48M)

Not at all. A gay person may be curious about straight lovin' and a straight person can be curious about gay lovin'. It means someone who identifies as straight/gay but is entertaining thoughts of other possibilities.

Attached: awwww (shit).png (237x382, 189.78K)

02 x 02




are you sure about this one do you want to ask the audience

isn't that common though
I'm not a millionaire but sometimes I imagine how my life would be if I were one but that doesn't make me socioeconomic-curious or whatever

idk who that is

new bread when




So, like I said, Loafie confirmed for at least 5% gay.