Attached: 1521908838352.jpg (1800x1643, 159.23K)

Attached: 1521999961381.jpg (767x767, 124.35K)

That took me WAY too long to read right.

I'm good! Ate a sammy.

today's been like one of those days where it's like awful and you scream and cry and bleh but it's always better before you hit the hay

so I'm like ZEN y'know?

Attached: cairn29.png (717x900, 268.81K)


Attached: [HorribleSubs] Citrus - 05 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.24_[2018.02.16_14.22.58].jpg (1280x720, 113.42K)

Have you considered vigorous masturbation?


You should consider it.

Statistically speaking? One of us had to.

Attached: 2eda8ac170ee0f8c473ec831063f629e7823726c.png (1280x844, 599.51K)

+1 uninteresting post

Attached: when I wanna....gif (500x375, 880.65K)

nuffin, just hungry and thinking about life and stuff

Are you okay? Why do you want to live in America anyways?

Attached: 010155fdd738fbb89558cd1464772d50.jpg (731x1024, 102.09K)


Attached: TheSlutbuttCollective2377.png (720x703, 705.48K)

Freedom of speech is dead in Britain and I wish to be able to be an unrepentant cunt in peace.

Attached: the solution to every problem is tea.jpg (1200x800, 101.3K)

It's not a job I'd want

Put on warm stuff and get under blankets :3

-hugs warmly-

Also masturbating can indeed help ^^

What happened? If you want to talk about it

Glad you seem to be okay now ^^


What are you thinking about exactly?

Attached: Matsuri 144.png (316x440, 111.29K)

thank you blood-chan
from what I've seen I think yours is just as beautiful, just a little rough on the edges

I don't know about that
I choose not to pursue a formal relationship, therefore I am voluntarily celibate
it seems to add up to me

Attached: 796815b336e6cadee8597b1a252e3c34.jpg (800x960, 431.82K)

I really do love you.
Where have you been?

Attached: 11708eead2d979330aa0b5bf5cac2796.png (566x800, 494.05K)

Attached: bees.jpg (200x150, 8.58K)

More like

life is stressful friend!
but it's worth living cause I get to know people like you n stuff.

how are you doin?

Attached: cairn36.png (1012x920, 296.32K)


I like that one

Exactly. Imagine how unfulfilling it must be to wake up every day as the most uninteresting person on the entire internet.

Attached: u wot m8.jpg (1920x1080, 105.88K)

pffft, gay

:C I mean it

Attached: cairn7.png (540x311, 63.4K)

Okay but in a "I want to murder you" way or more of a "this is how I get off" kind of way? Or I guess it could be both if murder's what you're into.

That's even more gay.

I'm the gayest >:)

Attached: cairn12.png (740x636, 329.28K)

(uninterestingness intensifies)

Attached: 89263.jpg (500x617, 46.54K)

You sure showed me.

Attached: huh.jpg (1061x796, 48.49K)

Attached: Sama for real though.png (1600x1000, 2.31M)

Oh you're liberal, come move to NYC with me~

I'm thinking about you...

Attached: ec449273c4bf186835b10eb107c522cd.jpg (731x1024, 76.93K)

Hi user-sama, how are you doin?

Attached: cairn3.png (1280x1159, 770.62K)


Attached: SM2AIJ6R3WKKKBENWQ26IXJUP7ZGKTDI.jpeg (476x488, 138.56K)

good, you?

it is nearly monday

Attached: 1249377709688.jpg (256x144, 6.53K)

Chillin, killin, relaxin all cool!!!
how has your day been?


Attached: cairn28.png (1000x1250, 888.91K)

k cool

Attached: new do.png (464x305, 233.52K)

mid-day nap was amazing

Attached: a-girls-jumping-bed-0.jpg (500x375, 71.31K)


Attached: 1e7f2753217fdb24c66be551b2739b750ca396f2.png (1200x2158, 1.68M)

i wanna move to nyc with bloody ;w;
we could cut each others stomaches open...


Attached: Choke me daddy.jpg (872x960, 67.91K)

♥ owo

Attached: 1365372739400.jpg (700x336, 145.68K)

they usually are!!
I'm glad you're havin a relaxin day :)


Attached: cairn19.png (500x475, 238.09K)

That boy is wearing fishnets

i like it

Attached: tumblr_p63ja65rxC1u3qew7o3_1280.jpg (750x975, 142.18K)

that's a pretty long way away I'm not sure, not to mention I can get lost very easily..

daiakuma I must say your soul-crafting abilities are pretty strong


Attached: BestTwilight044.jpg (215x250, 41.19K)

ty, yourself?

they're really cool!


stressful but now it's like chill :) hanging with some friends watchin cringe n stuff

Attached: cairn35.png (4313x3015, 823.01K)

Attached: BestTwilight133.png (245x245, 82.33K)

ay gurl how u

You seem to be unhappy often though; you should probably try to improve your situation ^^

I'm good

Been off weed for 12 days and haven't had any alcohol during that time either

I think this is the longest I've been completely sober in years and I don't really have any urge to stop

Lol he was pretty dumb and rood last thread but I think we can stop bullying him now

Lewd :3

Attached: Matsuri 105.png (292x345, 96.78K)

Sober is the best drug.


Attached: BestTwilight008.jpg (1800x2534, 402.1K)

(don't understand)

I put on sweater.....Will sleep soon.....

What the fuck is this comic?

Attached: tumblr_o4u4xu33He1uieh50o1_1280.jpg (600x927, 141.35K)

k bai

gtg bbl

Attached: 13340314857.gif (125x125, 33.48K)

cum here cutie

anything new going on with you?

That sounds like a plan~

Attached: c02023dcb4ff527c460a67384278228d.png (1920x1080, 1.17M)

Aww, fine. How's it going, anyhow?


Attached: weed whacker.jpg (529x408, 120.39K)


I'm never unhappy per say, just too young for a lot of situations I get thrown in.

also congrats!! keep up the good work and I'm sure you'll start feelin even better!

be saifu

Attached: cairn15.png (1280x977, 690.58K)

You meant per se
In your case
Per gay





Attached: BestTwilight139.gif (245x250, 1.08M)

Can't sleep.
I've once again messed up my sleep cycle.

Attached: tumblr_p4svg3Vh0N1t5txr6o1_1280.png (1029x1075, 171.39K)

Try drink a glass a water and take melatonin one hour before sleep.........

Attached: [HorribleSubs] Citrus - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_02.49_[2018.01.29_12.21.04].jpg (1280x720, 77.41K)

Things that are better than being sober:
Not being sober.

Twilights better than that one:

Attached: hey look i'm wonder woman.jpg (1920x1080, 158.46K)

Feeling like death is better though

Attached: 552.png (1200x1030, 1.63M)


Attached: BestTwilight066.png (845x574, 442.75K)

Actually lol'd irl.

Attached: that isn't how you hold a bat, honey.jpg (770x308, 41.49K)

c'est français

Attached: tumblr_p4gte99lFC1u3qew7o2_1280.jpg (700x700, 77.5K)

What's wrong with Amy? Why does she hate me now?

Attached: d0d6cc788f5fd6566fc9185236a79aa1.jpg (640x895, 212.73K)

That doesn't explain why they are randomly talking about how as far as they can see [something about bingo].

Attached: awwww (shit).png (237x382, 189.78K)


Attached: BestTwilight144.png (500x667, 403.8K)

ill be ready whenever >:3
just need a new york job is all.....

i love 2 be sXe tbh
not really i smoke tobacco sometimes

Attached: IMG_20180309_120904.jpg (766x652, 841.4K)

Can you please not? The little voice in the back of my head doesn't need the ammunition.

A great many things.

I do not. What makes you think that?

Attached: psh.jpg (540x320, 167.21K)

at least I'm not into shortstack musclemen like you >:(

on it!

Attached: cairn10.png (540x340, 62.26K)

Okay cool but now I'm wondering why I need to know this. Should I be worried?

Attached: i just wanted to try it on.jpg (1397x1997, 797.62K)

No, just the usual mostly. What about you, Bloodu?

Attached: 04b18dea29909fa9b01cfc3d0ca4ba84ae7723f6.png (900x900, 392.22K)

Time for sleep.


Good ngiht.

Attached: BestTwilight092.jpg (900x1186, 91.06K)

Ni-ni, DooBer.

Your favorite.

Attached: c399d1b03a85149d21dea8f0385e013a.png (564x501, 107.17K)

I think exercising a lot is a big part of what makes it so easy to be sober

Endorphin highs are good

It's weird to realize I've suddenly been being more straight edge than Lili

That's good; wrap yourself up in the blankets :3

l8r g8r

I should bench press your body

Pretty good; my post-weed-binge haziness seems to be clearing up

You? ^^

Poor pupper


Attached: Matsuri 4.png (294x375, 100.54K)

being driven home in my own car in the backseat
sipping on pepto bismol

Attached: Snapchat-1836124297.jpg (720x1280, 192.58K)

"Clearly, I think the mecs (?) of the SNCF (Societé National de something Francaise) are playing bingo. I hope not."

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (750x975, 557.14K)


Attached: cairn24.png (540x540, 189.91K)

worried ?
idk i was just involving myself in conversation :p

nini bubby

Mhm, I don't understand her anymore...

Its very hard to get work here...
Fucking Mexicans took them all.

We gave them a chance and now they've stolen everything.

What do you mean by ammunition?

What exactly is wrong with you?

Because Bard said you hate me and that I shouldn't try to be your friend anymore...

Umm... I got a security job and kick outta my mah's house
Living alone is great, I have no regrets

God damn it...

You can bench 120?
Fuck outta here

Attached: Asakura.Ryouko.full.1000002.jpg (800x600, 134K)

You will be missed.

Attached: ec314675eaad722fb1a7b29b2e0146aa.png (387x501, 131.15K)

Sorry missed this

Maybe you shouldn't let people throw you into those situations, then ^^

And yeah I'm gonna keep exercising a ton too

Attached: Matsuri 123.png (534x605, 291.55K)

nah I put myself in these situations :g

I'm proud of you! you're changing your life for the better n stuff

Attached: cairn1.png (573x613, 84.2K)

tfw half mexican
i get half a job then right ? >:3


Attached: Snapchat-1315574834.jpg (720x1280, 225.23K)

The last two weekends have caused my sleep to mess up.

Attached: tumblr_p4svg3Vh0N1t5txr6o1_1280.png (1029x1075, 171.39K)

No, the second bubble is definitely about seeing.

Attached: tumblr_o4u4xu33He1uieh50o1_1280.jpg (600x927, 141.35K)

You should have no problem finding a job then. They only hire their own kind

Attached: cfc9697737781fe65b0206023b53fc04.jpg (384x384, 8.84K)

Oh. A "oh hey wassup" usually does the trick for me.

I doubt this very much. You are shockingly bad at this.

Attached: tumblr_o4u4xu33He1uieh50o1_1280.jpg (600x927, 141.35K)

As long as you're okay with it, I'm happy for you. Sucks that you were kicked out but still!

Attached: 4db82851543d41215ee9f3e51a72e9e9edae9160.jpg (750x1049, 327.58K)

Please answer my other questions...

My parents are very strict and I'm too laid-back. They felt that they cannot control me so I was thrown away...
What made you wanna post today?

Attached: Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu 1.png (1920x1080, 2.66M)

oh hey wassup


i look extremely white but my last name is mexican

will that work hmmm....

Attached: xN0F7dl.png (532x458, 473.87K)

Hey I realized I'm more straight edge than u right now

I quit weed and u still do dangerous drugs like tobacco pipes and pepto bismal

No because I just started exercising a lot recently, but I'm sure I'll be able to eventually

Then I'm gonna bench press you

Maybe go easier on yourself, then :3

And I'm still not sure exactly what direction to take my life in besides these basic things, but I have time to think while I let the weed fully get out of my system because a lot of the potential directions involve drug tests ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I guess you just have to keep setting an alarm for the same time as weekdays during weekends

It's an unpleasant concept tho

Attached: Matsuri 104.png (292x345, 148.89K)

I've managed to get most of my unhelpful feelings out of the way including the one where I wished I'd been born a girl. Being reminded of that side of me might allow them to resurface so I'm doing my best to get everyone to stop using female pronouns.

Nothin' much. Pining. Kinda sleepy. 'Sup with you?

Attached: jasmine.jpg (600x540, 87.11K)

The opposite of happiness it what made me want to.

Being laid back is nice~

Attached: 4fb3c52822e86b52de91aaac76229318577f8a27.png (900x1154, 1.26M)

I had things I had to be awake for so it has me thrown off.
Though with the sun I got I feel pretty good lately.

Attached: DY-SbgOVMAALwXi.jpg (1024x768, 142.64K)

If comicbook characters speak in ALLCAPS does that mean they shout in lowercase?

Attached: wait, whut.jpg (540x320, 191.09K)

pining ?


and im sitting in a car
going hooooome

had fun yesterday :p

Attached: 20170527_144836.jpg (1512x2016, 396.41K)

Don't phone and drive..........

Attached: [HorribleSubs]_Citrus_-_02_[720p].mkv_snapshot_02.49_[2018.01.29_12.21.04].jpg (1280x720, 77.41K)

Did you get any lovin'?

Attached: steampunk harley is basically the greatest thing.png (825x377, 370.87K)

If an anime character watches anime in the anime, is it live action?

Attached: 0aeb4e9e541318b50f58bf9be7584384e4a6d18d.jpg (1000x1084, 897.66K)


Also Muffet is super cute.

Attached: tumblr_o4u4xu33He1uieh50o1_1280.jpg (600x927, 141.35K)

If you can bench me 15 times in 20 seconds I'll give you a reward~

I'm used to using the female pronoun with you...
Do you really want me to stop?

I'm sure there are better places than this...

Attached: f86427d9de7de38534fdeedcdc41a3f2.jpg (1024x731, 100.29K)

I'm starting to feel like your desire to continue is stronger than mine for you to stop...

I guess if that's just what you're used to it's fine.

Attached: the solution to every problem is tea.jpg (1200x800, 101.3K)

sitting in the back seat !!
u doof :p
ty for worrying about my safety :p

lovin ?
what are pining and lovin
i dont know terms ;;

Attached: aec993e975b14cfe9628f7cf87856214--long-chain-earrings-long-gold-earrings.jpg (570x759, 63.03K)

Isn't she though?

Kind of like you.

Maybe, probably. But I fell on here so.

Attached: bcf313791ef1a68efec05962f7e76587.png (1280x1155, 293.78K)

bc pls dont be like this

I'm a girl now thanks

lloyd youd be a cute girl :3

Pining is like longing for someone/ getting all mopey over someone you like-like.

Woah, that's Hella gay.

p much this

Attached: she told me.gif (376x226, 914.17K)

i didnt even see u reply

and u stopped ?
pwoud of u ewio

You give off that girl vibe though. Even the first time I saw you in a thread I thought you were female...

Is there someone you're looking for~?

I'm used to using female pronouns with Yams, yea

Attached: [RH] Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu - 01 [48704517].mkv_snapshot_13.04_[2018.02.14_18.41.24].jpg (1920x1080, 629.5K)

ah okay
pining stinks !!!!!

whats lovin ?
get any lovin
what does that mean

Attached: image.jpg (750x1334, 149.36K)

Oh and getting some loving is getting a guy to explore your read flank with his little soldier.

*rear flank

I know, that's why I am a girl now

You're not wrong.

Not any person in specific, I think.

Attached: 68441ea933474aefcbf7e545ac36d0bb36371c10.jpg (500x500, 76.87K)

but you know
out of respect when asked
to use different ones
someone with a brain would atleast attempt to use the correct ones

Attached: 29315241_1797385343896106_6190929002380380680_n.jpg (480x480, 23.41K)


Attached: DJS7PvrVAAE4lMc.jpg (851x1200, 150.76K)

that sounds sexual and grose


whats your new name ?

Attached: caught 40140.webm (576x324, 6.67M)

Well that's because I'm a little bitch~ ♥

I'd hit it.

It seems we've reached an impasse...

Attached: you look like such a dork.jpg (500x274, 94.19K)

You're definition of loving is.... Interesting.

Attached: d93fb2e1a63f52d6426693d74c3daf18.jpg (850x567, 83.38K)

I'm a boy now.

I bet if you took a liking to an attractive man you would be all over him.

Attached: heeyyyyy.gif (245x138, 794.05K)

Pretty, right?

With a bat?

Attached: DNAfMtvWsAArghP.png (620x820, 421.59K)

omg loco
pwoud of u for coming out

youll be such a cute boy

I'm not sure Midna's imp booty was a part of this conversation though...

Attached: 8bcd986a64fabe1782fce7aa3f6ac944.jpg (1280x1486, 172.45K)

And now I'm a squid. And now I'm a kid. And now I'm a squid. And now I'm a kid. And now I'm a squid.

I'm drainedddd


-hugs you tighter-
stop leaving me you...poop.. >.>

I honestly think she's trolling me, I know she's female.


Noh you seem gentle and easy-going..

Attached: [RH] Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu - 01 [48704517].mkv_snapshot_13.21_[2018.02.14_18.42.28].jpg (1920x1080, 615.56K)

I was referring to "getting some loving". I don't actually know for certain what love feels like.

C'mon, man, at least try and be realistic.

With my bat and two balls, sure.

Attached: just a sip.jpg (500x335, 79.88K)

i have taken a liking to a lotta guys :p

but im not ALL OVER THEM reeee

omg x.x
so cyoot.

can.... can i kiss you,..... l-ll.....lloyd.....

Attached: 62487615_p0.png (600x849, 275.62K)

*Huggu* Sleep well~

Attached: 8ed2f110efcd09ce9d1cad2826335c09536c43e7.jpg (952x889, 450.03K)

You can't actually be this naive there's no way. I meant more than just, "Hey you seem cool."

Attached: 43.png (620x385, 264.25K)

Aye I know what you meant. And that's not how I'd describe getting sexed, is all....

Attached: Adorable-Ferrets-21.jpg (600x399, 25.92K)

Midna is always relevant.

Can I pitch your balls at your bat?

You must pay me first.

Attached: n1AOkj1r.png (1456x2059, 1.17M)

Well okay you'd probably be the one providing the little soldier but we weren't talking about what you like were we?

No. That sounds painful. No you cannot. No. Just no.

Attached: 63.png (392x385, 194.78K)

nice selfie lloyd

Attached: dZDGW3Q.png (255x269, 104.52K)

Sex is when the lights are out and he comes in the door and does it as quietly as possible so he doesn't wake Mom, right

Attached: tumblr_p63ja65rxC1u3qew7o3_1280.jpg (750x975, 142.18K)

I believe she is fully this naive.

Well, I suppose, sure. For instance sometimes I don't like doing all the work. Why can't I just get head in the morning and we can it good??

This is not wrong butt still.

Attached: 0c651ae46fb31b42dd26a6af4d9b1806fdf31c92.png (1045x985, 561.51K)

I think so, yeah.

That is teenage sex pretty much, yes.

Attached: a-cat-a-dog-a-ferret-10-pictures-4.jpg (530x403, 47.04K)

I've never gotten any loving so everything I know about it came from reading poorly written erotica on fanfiction sites.

Attached: 32.png (307x346, 144.16K)

But how will you win the little league game if you don't practice

Now you see the real me
I'm letting my self free

Butt nuttin'

Attached: midna stole penis.png (800x1023, 621.56K)

i mean i like to kiss people and hold them while we sit on the couch and watch anime but i dunno

hasnt happened for a while and i dont really like to get to that point with people

i dunno
friends and close friends is all ive ever really needed

anything more makes me depressed usually

how much ? ;;

Aww, at least go to better erotica sites. I mean, I was reading that shit like it was water when I was 14.

Attached: Ferrets-are-adorable-ferrets-11370043-345-259.jpg (345x259, 17.08K)

I don't think you are understanding this euphemism quite right...

Why would that depress you?

Attached: 80.png (570x387, 275.4K)

How much you got

Baseball is serious fucking business, Amy.

Attached: lol___star_guardian_poppy_by_foraster0-dbifa3h.png (399x499, 214.9K)

Attached: 1521899210263.jpg (3264x2448, 1.69M)

If I expected I'd need to know more than what "My Immortal" (that Harry Potter one, y'know, with the emos) teaches I maybe would. But I won't need that knowledge.

Attached: 43.png (620x385, 264.25K)


Attached: tumblr_nusnz1hJyj1ugy2u7o1_1280.jpg (600x636, 471.58K)

is the best.*

Finished that for you.

Attached: 8629c36696c7a5846c12044c7463acae5e12d839.jpg (1216x1605, 1.18M)

Yes. however...

Attached: 1521899308356.jpg (3264x2448, 1.55M)


Thanks man I lost control of my keyboard there
I love your muffet folder btw

Attached: kumuyu_granblue_fantasy_drawn_by_nukki__d1e58301d74ffc78bb499230ca0efc84.jpg (366x499, 32.07K)

I find that the the only thing that there is to stop a need for it is usually oneself. Anytime I've wanted, I've done.

Attached: pet-ferret.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart.jpg (644x364, 14.65K)

if i knew i wouldnt keep doing it every now and then to figure out why it does

there usually a large space of time that i eventually convince myself
maybe it was just weird or something
and then i "date" someone else for a while and the whole time im like
this sucks

and idk

a good bit
idk $15 for a kiss sounds good ?

i have that christmas j list sticker on my car !! Its so good

Attached: Snapchat-786553491.jpg (720x1280, 180.54K)

Yeah aight
Go on and bless my paypal with that

Attached: izmir_granblue_fantasy_drawn_by_bow_bhp__84bb7146033b943d45416cda7e922b22.png (432x499, 340.36K)

No I mean why are you randomly posting laptop lids?

Okay, once more in English?

Attached: hahaha her legs look furry.png (362x615, 109.2K)

J-list is the one that sells anime fleshlights, yes


It's not as big a folder as I want it to be but it is getting there.

Attached: 3f870a0e843ec54ce1f4bd6f3952f793.gif (1200x873, 1.97M)

first ima need to see those lips lil missy :p

yeah but also charms n stuff

my friend got me hajime and yun charms for secret santa :3

i like to post stuff

Attached: 1519732229450.jpg (1578x4350, 3.24M)

If you want to fuck, I have faith you will fuck.

Attached: d93fb2e1a63f52d6426693d74c3daf18.jpg (850x567, 83.38K)

Wendy and I basically have the same lips there you have it

How big is it now?

Attached: Short n Thick (244).jpg (1055x1280, 121.19K)


Attached: tumblr_p4svg3Vh0N1t5txr6o1_1280.png (1029x1075, 171.39K)


Attached: bah.webm (664x480, 281.01K)

Attached: Chii Tits 001819.webm (320x240, 7.15M)

Ho there.

God I'm going to have nightmares.

Attached: a-cat-a-dog-a-ferret-10-pictures-4.jpg (530x403, 47.04K)

sorry but i need physical presentation
its like showing a pic of your id instead of having your id

george wants you to post the trex dildo one

This is what I look like.

Attached: captain-kirk-found-a-new-alien-species-must-fuck-it-for-science.jpg (400x400, 29.42K)

In which case
Sending my lips in the mail
You have to send them back though

Attached: Short n Thick (205).jpg (647x861, 151.6K)


Evening, love.

Attached: tumblr_p4svg3Vh0N1t5txr6o1_1280.png (1029x1075, 171.39K)

which is worse to you, her or her tits?


Attached: tiny dildo 241419.webm (480x272, 6.77M)

Wendy a great.

About a hundred or so images.

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How goes it?

I don't even know, man. They both make me retch.

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that sounds fair to me !!
will be waiting :3

It goes, but that's more than I can say for most.

How are you today?

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Not as bad but here's another bad one.

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Buy Vermintide.

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i made some spicy chicken & chorizo sausage jambalaya for dinner

first time making it so it needs a couple changes but it tasted amazing :3

just a little too much sausage, add hot sauce, and cook rice longer (30min not enough?)

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Still enjoying my XY


What? No! That's the lighting!

Sleeping all day after working.

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Not bad.

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i wan some ;w;

G R E A S Y !!!!!!!

electric boogaloo

How much is it?

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You could always use a ripper and sort images out that way
I'd do that because there's too much muffet to go thru

They should be there by now

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I got drunk with a cutie last night and now everyone is talking about how cute we are together in discord

I did it again mom

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i'll save you some next time I make it to bring for you at work

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I got drunk with a cutie last night and now everyone is talking about how cute we are together in discord

I did it again mom

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oh you too ?

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I got drunk with my mom again last night and now everyone is talking about how we discord

I did it again cutie

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Yeah, it was pretty cray cray.

I can't believe the exact same thing happened to you, me, and lloyd all in the same night.

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except drunk part

wee hoo !!!!

I got drunk with discord last night and now everyone is talking about how we are together in mom

I did it again cutie

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What can I say.
My mom likes to get krunk

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I'm surprised how well it turned out for the first time

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I got drunk with a cutie last night. But then I realized it was just me.

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It was probably Lloyd that I was with

I didn't realize until now though


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[x] doubt

Ohh? Seems probable.

What a small world, eh?

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It wasn't
Ban doesn't find me cute uwu

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yeah so who did you go with ?

Lloyd right ?

We can double team her I guess

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You doubt I got drunk??

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Nezi 2.0 continues strong.

No more steps backwards.


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Sorry about that, got busy, but I tend to be picky and just pick them out manually to get what I think is the best.

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I don't fucking thicc goblins though

Someone screen cap this

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I'm haveing trouble understanding this one, say what

It's cool yo
And fair enough.

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Just guess

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hey fuck you guy i will not fail

I am new



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You like fucking thicc goblins?

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You're gonna have to prove it.

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I don't like anything sexual but i'm also transitioning into a female.

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Ohh, uh..

You probably don't know them.

Y-Yeah, that.

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Or... Wait... You doubt I'm cute?? Well that's just rude! And you're Canadian! You shouldn't be rude!

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My continued success is proof for now.

Cooking, cleaning, school, exercise, eating better/less.

I'm feeling STELLAR

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You're transitioning?
Nice, I finally became a girl just a couple hours ago.

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And then became a boy again.

do they go to a different school ?

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I don't believe you.

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dont make fun of me ;w;

am excited to taste :3

It was low hanging fruit

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Nice fake news, kid!

I'd send you proof but I am already sending it to Lili in the mail.

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Are you mailing him your penis ?

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yeah yeah kid


My feminine face lips

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It's a pretty clear concept, no?

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I didn't know you were such a pervert.


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You'll understand when your a bit older I suspect.

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I'm fairly old and I have never heard of 'feminine face lips' so....

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What's going on in this thre-

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sad isnt it


i'm sure i'm missing something but my answer looks the same lol

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oh nvm i forgot to solve for the constant

homework done, ez af

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that website
sometimes it just sucks when youre answering LOL

like i see you figure it out here
but i used this site for a class and other people have used it for other classes and sometimes the answers are right but the program messes up


usually it's just me not understanding the format they want or something.

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yeah it happens :p
math is a



I have a doctors appointment at 9:30am and a test at 2:30pm

I woke up today at 4pm


tomorrow's gonna suck

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don't bully meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

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oh shoot
weren't we supposed to see a movie tonight

I made weird pita biscuits and they're really good


finger bangs

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Guess I'm back to being relatively emotionally ok. Back to being really horny all the time. Let's see how long this lasts before I get into trouble.

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I'll get the timer going.

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.....I end up doing really stupid things..
And it might be a week before that happens.

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Goal's for over a week then.

God speed.

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finger guns

finger b*ngs

Thank God this started after St Paddy's. I was already a hairs breadth away from taking any kind of chick home from the pub. And strangely a girl you me home. But nothing happened.

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A girl you me'd home huh

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Nothing wrong with a good fingerbang

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A girl took me home. I'm on a phone, alright, cut me some slack.

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dont be grose revy

Can I's finger bangs you?

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Stop being weak

tell me more about yourself, Ms. Pee.

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Also I'm considering telling the girl that likes me to come over. I need to take a shower and go to bed, man.

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such as ?

anything yod like to know

also miss pee is good

Shower and sleep then. Leave that for a Friday.

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Oh I will fucking end you! I will cut me holes to fuck on your body and your soul!

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Meh, after work I usually just feel like laying down and resting. The one downside of a labor intensive job.

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Only incentive I can see in bringing her over would be for a massage.

Attached: Hoteldusk-1.jpg (480x268, 29.64K)

She wouldn't even do that. She would probably not even give be a bj. I know, it's a bad idea.

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