Parkland was a CIA inside job

Parkland was a CIA inside job.

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Well, you never know until you try!
I do that a lot too, just turning and tossing about when sleeping.

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Good morning

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:< -feeds you and keeps you alive-

Putin's comin ta getcha!

morning my dude

Like I move violently
I wake up with my sheets sideways and the mattress cover undone and my middle blanket stuffed in a corner

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Only my shit with his mouth

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The froge arises and steals the dreams from my eyes
I kneel down and kiss the ground
Yet, at the faintest light
Even his conscience is eating him alive

-knows how that feels actually XD Wants to move to New England. Likes the idea of snewy woods and cold ocean-side bluffs. Dreams of living in a house boat there someday.-

Oh, I only wake up with my pillows in different places, sometimes on the floor, if not at my feet.
But it's the reason why I have many pillows, no need to pick them up as I can just grab another one and wake up in the pile later on.

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What an ugly poem, lol

wow rude

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I believe in regret for when the sun appears again

I visited him there a year ago and we had lots of fun for a weekend but I think he's moving there permanently because he asked me to move in with him and I'm nervous because I don't have money or job skills and I don't know who to talk to

I have two bed pillows and they get all mushed out of shape

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That was an adorable cat dream.

I have 9
And 2 blankets.

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The rest of the dream was horrifying ptsd nightmare nonsense but the cat part was nice

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So whatsit mean if he does getcha?

I have a fluffy blanket and a heavy comforter but they get so misaligned that it's hard to put them on right

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-thinks you should make sure it's close enough to the medical resources you need, first and foremost. Then consider a trip to the county department of welfare to find info on adult education or job placement centers. Often they are a huge help for people with medical issues and can offer a certain amount of leverage against employers who may turn people away if they don't officially have disability documentation. Each county in each state handles this differently. Some are amazing. Some hate everyone who walks in there.-

Terrific, more layers to appreciate.

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9 bed pillows?Сomfortable to sleep with them?

I, i don't know for sure

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Most definitely worse than now though?

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I have a normal blanket and a wool one on top of it for winter, but I still use it all year around if it's not too hot.

I really have 2-3 under my head at times and the others just lying around next to the wall.

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Sick, i can't sleep even with one

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What would redeem him if he did what would be considered better than now?

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Well besides a pharmacy I need a neurologist, psychiatrist, counsellor, therapist, primary care physician, and I lose my health insurance in a year
I would prefer to be self employed but I would need a more reliable revenue stream
I haven't finished university but I have a lot of what I need to teach myself the rest of relevant computer science stuff but my best bet would be like data entry because it's skilled enough to pay well but demanding enough that positions shouldn't be hard to find

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I had troubles sleeping without one in a sleeping bag, so I rolled my winter jacket up as one.

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-thinks in that case you should REALLY be focused on working towards disability status more than anything else. It can take a while. ALso thinks you should finish university if at all possible. Being self taught is wonderful, but this is a superficial world and that expensive degree is the key to a lot of profitable doors. Doesn't know what your living situation is, but thinks you should put some hard thought into finishing this work before running off somewhere new because a new location, especially a new state, usually means starting all over.-

Say it more simple, pls

In sleeping bag it's ok, but in bed it isn't seems good to your spine

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For putin to do a good job, what would he have to do

Not if you sleep with your face up, but who's that creepy anyhow?
Only true way is to sleep sideways with one arm under the pillow.

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Pay reparations and return our territory what he steal. Also, return territory of four Ukrainian states in russia

Me. I sleep literally like in coffin

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-tucks you in and turns on the kitty night light. Hopes you'll do what is best for your future and leaves a cup of tea on the nightstand-

Herpy was it you or another australian that was making TP salty a day ago?

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That's like terminator sleep, sleeping with your face upwards.
I only did that in military as there was no space in the tent to curl up as knees would hit someone else.

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How come you never tuck me in?

If he no do that whats gonna happen to you

I think so, maybe

I don't like to sleep, so i don't give a fuck about how to sleep

To me - nothing, to him && russia - more sanctions and probably transformation to second north Korea

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Sleep is the best, it's a whole lot of time spent having not to worry about a single thing.

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I think it's waste of time

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Wouldnt a transformation to another north korea greatly disadvantage you? That is, if you're not being sarcastic.

Everything really is, it's all about making your time here comfy.

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I'm ain't live in russia, but yeah, i hate north Korea


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how many fucking forklifts do you own

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If it's going bad for the country, might want to consider bolting to somewhere better to enjoy yourself, it's not like countries fall and aren't born all the time.

Company I work for has like 4 at use, the one I was operating outdoors just happened to get caught on an ice patch because the car sprinkling dirt hadn't stopped by in a week.

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That's pretty fortunate
what kind of company is it if I might ask? Construction?

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It happens, kind of an company that supplies construction companies with parts for whatever stuff they need as long as it's metallurgy-related.

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Time for sleep anyhow, g'night.

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i'm watching SNL videos and they all have millions of views, but they're just not funny.

it's all pop culture and political shit and none of it's funny.

i get it, but i ain't laughin.

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The Celebrity Jeopardy was humorous, induced plenty of mirth in its day.

this is the only one that was kinda funny, because of the juxtaposition of the redneck stereotype and the black culture of the show

swet dreams sd nini

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good morning ceras...........

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This is not the one I recall, very unfortunately.

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Stephen, this is terrible, really heinous garbage.

zero tsu

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good morning herpy chan

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I did say they were all pretty bad.


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Hello Bard.......

Tohu has long tong......

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hehe ceras I'm glad you're here
You''re so nice

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I saw my friends in their underwear today
it was kind of weird

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That one I enjoyed. ;;

This is completely normal among heterosexual, athletic men.

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9/11 was Jewish Hologram Nazi illuminati inside job.

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More like, Zero CHU

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Oh okay that's good
I wasn't attracted to them it was just kind of weird..

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darwin enjoys rapists confirmed

you heard it here first boys

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Was it in public?

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He is an underage boy rapist.
I mean. He fucks underage boys. It is statuatory rape.

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no it was in my room before we went downstairs to roll

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Then you have shameless friends.

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They are good people though

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The lost day. It is looking like spring atleast.
It is time to make some breakfast.

Come join me friends~

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They clearly are. Love them and appreciate them every chance you get, even when they are in your room in various stages of undress.

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is that how I get people tolove me

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Sure, that and a little money will not hurt either.

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hehe thanks dawwin you are the best

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Go get 'em, champ.

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Did you just woke up?

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I havent' gone to sleep yet

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Sleep now..............
Or you'll tired.....................

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Hi Luka!

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good morning everyone

about to play saiwing wif ewy and momo..........

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morning waofaie

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Good crowd there

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hi random anonymous person :|

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Making brekkie :3

Sorry used parent pc........
It's Ceras.........

Badr is here too.........

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You are doubly correct

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morning bard
set sail for sea arr arr

I am not a thot

If he breathes

*If she breathes
I am not a she, so I am not a thot


im bed soon

is joke

hi loafers!
i love you

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Had a good evening?

i'm starving
i want food too!

oh there you are~

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This man

Is your friend

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thanks nezi I love you too
you're the first person to say that to me

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Get noms!

Luka you should make pancakes......

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Gods, its great to be alive

FaZe (superteam with all-star players in peak form) just lost to VP (old guys that don't even practice much and are in their worst form right now)

so ye I'm smiling

also watched the new FRANXX episode, was good.

but kokoro why :^(

more people should say it

since you're so nice and cute~

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What are you making.....?

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they arent openfor another 2 hours ;~;

with what? ;~;

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I haven’t seen
I better watch after breakfast
Lazy Sunday citrus amd franxx

Egg, bacon and toast.
Smothered in HP sauce.
Big mig of tea. Gods. It makes me feel so British that i want to smother African babies

Luka! You can do it!

oh rip in dip

didn't mean to spoiler

not that I really revealed a ton though

enjoy ^^

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Make pancake with cinnamon.........
Luka doesn't have ingredients??

Sounds nice.....Do you use hp sauce often?? Never tasted it.....

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Its okay
And you right
Fuk faze

With big determination

I only really use it on fry ups, or shepherds pie.
You ought try
It is a match made in heaven for bacon. And you danes have that good bacon.
I am a little disappointed because I thought we had sausages in

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thank you nezi
it's nice to know you care about me this much, for the time being I'm not going to complain about being embarrassed by your previous statement

Nezi x Loafie OTP

scoots I don't think you declaring a "OTP" with me and someone else holds much meaning when you've said it about 4 different times

I know how to play

consistently good

at vidya


but can you get two nukes in one domination game?


embrace your qualities

become the best loafie you can be :3

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sounds insane, but you breath in deeply

then you slowly breath out deeply

and the feeling you get for that moment? that relaxed but awake feel? it's just a matter of maintaining that as long as possible. it's crazy, but I tried this over and over, and I never overaimed when on it. landed all my hooks. like surfing a wave...

I have not.
You fucking southern twat

Roadhog terrible

roadhog good for carries

I'll try my best!

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I might OW today actually.
It’d be nice to reach a calm plateau on that game. I had that at one point in PUBG and it is an unusual for me.

nope ;~;
none of it i have....

ow oof

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Get nice hot beverage

try the thing. not only does that calm plateau seem to work, I'd wager it's the only way to play. you feel slightly sleepy, that's a different feel.

I hesitate to call it zen, but...

luka give hug owo

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No it works
Im a bad gamer due mostly to my general lack of calmness and disciplining ones actions

be calm, and don't judge your uncalm

if you lose your calm, it's okay

listen to your breath, return to your calm



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Maybe you can eat cerael then? Or bread?
I hope you make something nice for yourself.......

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who's the new cuteposter

i dont have those either

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I believe in you

don't say.

I'll figure it out.

*figures you out*

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Im the ultimate cute poster

don't look at me that way


Luka doesn't have many things in refrigerator? Are you poor like Ceras?

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much better

yes i am ;~;
*hugs tight*

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time to go before I post something stupid



You should buy eggs because they're cheap.....
And vegetables also!
*pets Luka's head*

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i ran out.
*nuzzle snuggles*

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Hehe remember to stock up when you're at the supermarket
I try to get a new ingredient each time to make different food sometimes, but sometimes forget or is too lazy so it spoils......

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Attached: __ichigo_and_zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_dianche_miao_18826__sample-617a31bbee610008994d9bbe5080a9b5.jpg (850x592, 145.73K)


Attached: 1343948639318.jpg (1920x1080, 266.85K)

Goodnight Bard.......

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it spoils ;~;

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nini bardo

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Attached: e7de4910c1738ff6fd15a2b249d43b36.jpg (726x1013, 836.75K)

Yes have to buy small quantity

Good morning..........

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This guy is my spirit animal

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Romans 6 : 23

Attached: TheSecondChild0045.png (885x813, 946.79K)


Been awake since 7am to watch F1 though, but good morning to you~

Attached: 1521811873001.jpg (1500x943, 1.21M)

Vettel, more like, cunt

Attached: TheSecondChild2514.png (1024x576, 857.92K)

it wont last long enough ;~:

How are you?
You seem down.

Oh, did you go to Church today?


Attached: Okay then.jpg (467x326, 30.87K)


I did not, nor do I.
I am guessing you've warmed the pews with your posterior today though.

Attached: TheSecondChild3217.png (467x576, 346.77K)

I don't know what that means fren but hello

Attached: mpv-shot0001 (3).jpg (1920x1080, 157.26K)

Runescape, so the same as usual. Just returned back home from visiting parents for the second weekend in a row. Quite annoying, really.
How's you?

Attached: 1521976376001.jpg (1200x2000, 1.56M)

You outplayed me

Attached: .jpg (759x635, 43.79K)

Waiting on my hug from Hu

In what way did I..?


Attached: 1521976377001.jpg (1052x1300, 754.09K)

What's wrong Scoots? You seem unhappy with me doing that.

It's asking how you're doing in moonspeak.

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Attached: 64678432_p24.jpg (1200x1500, 289.87K)

You answer before i asked

Attached: .jpg (759x635, 43.79K)

Are you drunk? lol

Attached: 1521916149132.jpg (264x379, 29.47K)


At 1pm on a Sunday? No, lol

Attached: 1521571372001.jpg (2048x1661, 407.83K)

I'm ok, currently suffering from "I want to play some vidya but I don't know which one" syndrome

I am not unhappy what so ever, I was merely trying to find a more longwinded way of "I guess u went lol".

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So what do you do on Sundays anyways?

Attached: 1521937390361.jpg (955x455, 22.58K)

play games usually.
What about you? Getting over your hangover?

Attached: 1521722383001.jpg (764x1100, 288.9K)

No hangover here

I just got home a bit late and decided to stop by and say hi to my favorite autist

Attached: 1521915864253.jpg (820x870, 114.42K)

What does Luka usually eat??
I use much frozen and canned ingredient.... Last longer....

Why has Ceras seem sad??


Attached: 1521979049001.jpg (1000x1413, 608.4K)

and eggs

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ichigo is not lewd!

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Cool song

Ichigo a whore

only a little

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Attached: Leone001.png (1280x720, 1.17M)

I'm surprised you didnt stutter this time lmao

Lewdness? In my Holla Forums?

What do you mean?

Attached: 1521978566001.png (827x1169, 718.26K)


So you're accept that you our king?

Attached: .jpg (759x635, 43.79K)

If you wanted a pure girl you shoulda chose fatties waifu

Attached: Leone099.png (665x720, 535.3K)

Attached: 1521748424001.png (1059x1200, 740.23K)

well you got me there
I guess I'm king now

Attached: mpv-shot0005 (4).jpg (1920x1080, 178.05K)

02 remains faithful

Attached: 2f2a3a0b5cfbcce108a57716b3be0197.jpg (969x1370, 434.55K)



Attached: 1417792410261.gif (400x300, 1021.18K)

She's the sluttiest of all

Attached: __violet_evergarden_and_zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_and_violet_evergarden_drawn_by_yer__02eaf990065cca174e99c3f2aa54c445.jpg (2894x4093, 2.94M)



Attached: .jpg (200x161, 11.47K)

I did not bend the knee

Attached: 1521660243954.jpg (2048x2515, 786.03K)

She would love you for being alive, how many girls would love you for just being able to do that?

Attached: 220a49eae051893c65e0f1e8ec283a34.jpg (593x982, 170.98K)

I am the rightful kinf of threads!

I love it when you make that face

You must wear this to become king

Attached: .jpg (200x161, 11.47K)

The Holla Forums Throne is mine by right, all who deny this are my enemies.

Attached: Leone218.jpg (306x498, 153.66K)

Pure devotion, right here.

Attached: 3bc915abfaa282440de7731158fc2426.jpg (1414x2000, 254.88K)


Attached: 1520363238001.png (3269x2845, 3.62M)

I am king by divine right and I will execute any pretenders to the throne
Except scoots, I think he deserves one final chance...

Take it like the good girl you are Hu



Attached: kek.png (1257x621, 213.32K)

But I'm not a girl

Attached: 1521978802001.jpg (595x842, 336.82K)

Hail to the King.

Attached: Leone058.png (623x718, 449.74K)

The king is a faggot

even better

All hail king Faggot

The King, is indeed, a Faggot, as befits the Kingdom.

Attached: Leone046.png (791x719, 515.46K)

May ur wisdom fall down upon faggots like mi

King Ceras........

Attached: __pod_and_yorha_no_2_type_b_nier_series_and_nier_automata_drawn_by_air_air_end__1bbdb4649dfd29d41e3f62872f97802e.jpg (985x998, 283.35K)

Boys make the best girlfriends~

Attached: 1521978930001.jpg (800x1126, 552.21K)


ur a pretty lady Sarah

Attached: 878y4umyq56z.png (1200x800, 66.28K)

What a bunch of walking contradictions

May your steadfast devotion be a gift to all other subjects.

Bend the knee, or I will destroy you.

Attached: Leone253.jpg (292x500, 146.78K)

It is like you are a baby or something.

Now come here and gimme a kiss

Sounds like an empty threat to me
If I bent my knee to you, I'd be opening the gates of Hell...

That was stalins plan tho!

Queen Ceras and princess Luka??

Have to get hands dirty in dirty world.........

Attached: 1498658085900.jpg (1000x1000, 105.46K)

only if you kiss this dick

A literally insane ass who should have been put to the sword way before the revolution even began

Indeed so.
Want a ride in my helicopter?

Attached: 1521978997001.jpg (1200x850, 628.58K)

Nobody will accept a leader than hails from a shit hole like the UK!

Attached: pet-ferret.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart.jpg (644x364, 14.65K)

and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him

Attached: Leone012.png (1280x720, 928.61K)

Stalin was a man-god!

hey ceras you wanna form a coalition

Stalin, Gods be good, was the embodiment of Kingly perfection.

"He" was a filthy degenerate pest who doesn't deserve to be referred to as a human being

Attached: 1521978974001.jpg (1000x1414, 625.45K)

Yes! Humans were mere pests to him!

Ichigo is so innocent though!


Attached: [HorribleSubs] Naruto Shippuuden - 459 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_03.01_[2018.03.25_07.56.05].png (1920x1080, 1.86M)

I wasn't aware that we had so many delusional people in these threads....

Hitler should have emerged victorious

Attached: 1521979043001.jpg (800x1412, 797.63K)

My name was blessed by the gods, why would Ceras need others to make their reign just..........
All shall bow to my judgment, or witness divine retribution........

Attached: 1498662133023.jpg (1806x2196, 793.83K)

Attached: [HorribleSubs] Akame ga Kill! - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.32_[2016.06.03_19.52.50].png (1280x720, 596.72K)

Attached: Leone216.jpg (370x331, 152.64K)

There's a man going round taking name

Attached: 3220512e9ed3360aa59ba5f2ce4d9c1a.jpg (564x564, 42.64K)


Attached: 1520363238001.jpg (1000x1415, 645.79K)

Based Test knows his stuff.

Attached: Leone164.png (431x463, 280.92K)

But Stalin won! It showed us that the way of famine and authoritarian rule was better!

Good morn friends

Attached: sophie8.png (831x883, 71.1K)

Morning, hey... pay homage to the King.

Attached: Leone121.png (871x718, 933.34K)

But this is a false misconception not supported in academia.............
Stalin turned a third world country into an industrial superpower..........
Better than having students who starve in 2018 because in debt.......
Stop spreading falsified propaganda..... So annoying........

Attached: 1517734348353.png (512x512, 316.08K)

I don't see a king??
what are you talking about

Attached: sophie10.png (1313x870, 63.76K)

All it showed was that a hundred times more people with inferior weapons and no morale is still able to beat a more experienced army that fights for what they believe in

Attached: 1521978618001.jpg (300x425, 148.87K)

We are united in the same cause, to crush the savage that is Scoots
It'll be easier for both of us if we are in this together...

Attached: mpv-shot0011 (4).jpg (1920x1080, 172.07K)

He did that in one generation, whilst fighting the bulk of a world war against a far superiorly equipped and drilled enemy.

Pay homage to King Scootalooo, King of Holla Forums
Do it, and may I proclaim an end to thine THOTness!

Attached: [FFF] Akame ga Kill - 15 [BD][1080p-FLAC][B599C4F8].mkv_snapshot_20.36_[2016.12.21_14.50.43].png (1920x1080, 3.58M)

Kissing is fine.

Attached: [RH] Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu - 04 [B1889AF5].mkv_snapshot_08.46_[2017.06.27_18.25.09].png (1920x1080, 816.48K)

look at my pretty crown!

Attached: 67036037_p0.png (1000x1143, 869.78K)

Get off my throne

Attached: 80b86906b2b39a24c0fa7842a798cdd1--undertale-flowey-undertale-comic.jpg (736x1022, 49.65K)

Fascists will tell you Comrade Stalin was a mass murderer.

Attached: Leone009.png (959x718, 858.98K)

blessed be
scoot is he
make me a thot no longer

Attached: sophie36.png (533x600, 65.23K)

Attached: 1521978782001.jpg (842x984, 610.29K)

But stalin told me that it was because of his logic and strategic prowess.
I cant not take the god emperors own word.

Kissing lewd as hell though

Look at this uneducated simpleton
He can't even learn the difference between thy and thine how is he supposed to rule a kingdom

There is a new regent in town.

I remove the taint of Thot'ness from your ilk.

Attached: Leone252.jpg (377x566, 183.32K)


I challenge Loafie to a duel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Attached: 1521978686001.jpg (3000x3000, 2.28M)

hand-holding is much worse

george will be crushed

Attached: sophie14.png (563x900, 237.84K)

Attached: America's Game 2006 COLTS.x264.SPAX.mp4_snapshot_10.53_[2014.10.30_00.47.58].png (720x480, 715.71K)

I decline your duel
I have no need to engage in petty violence

Attached: mpv-shot0013.jpg (1920x1080, 175.59K)

I would bet my right buttcheek that Loafie has never ONCE worn a tiara.
We all know King Scootalooo, Lord prtector of Holla Forums has worn one.

Necessary, the old must die for the new to be ushered in.


a loaf of bread


Attached: Atlanta Falcons - New York Jets 07.10.13.mkv_snapshot_01.38.40_[2014.06.25_23.27.44].jpg (1280x720, 149.66K)

How can a coward like this be the head of state? who would follow a king who refuses to fight for his smallfolk.

With lurpak

I had finished my coursework

Attached: .jpg (684x683, 97.95K)

ok friends I'm gonna go play some NI NO KUNI 2

I'll be floating around today as per usual uwu

Attached: sophie10.png (1280x768, 172.5K)

wats that? ._.

An emperor has no rivals. Only liabilities, Scoots.

Attached: tumblr_o5erxqkSa81um7s5zo1_500.jpg (450x480, 38.73K)

ooooo let me know how that is
I lubbed the first.

This is called the Jail-break BLITZ

One of the hardest defensive plays in all of professional sports.

To pull it off you need a defensive-minded head coach, and overly talented players

Attached: Jail-Break Blitz.jpg (1280x720, 170.97K)

Test, we all acknowledge you as King of Kings owo

Danish butter

Attached: Leone058.png (623x718, 449.74K)

Such a pretty princess *hugs*

You seek to stab me in the back once you have gathered your vassals.......

Attached: 2b for the soul trigger mentionlist vidyavirginstrigger mentionlist thiccthighs_3ba9ad_6315462.jpg (900x938, 98.48K)

I haven't played the first, the 2nd one is for my birth comin up
it's really really pretty, really really smooth

I rate 9.5/10

Attached: sophie13.png (1280x1365, 566.09K)

Have fun~

Attached: [FFF] Akame ga Kill - 15 [BD][1080p-FLAC][B599C4F8].mkv_snapshot_20.36_[2016.12.21_14.50.43].png (1920x1080, 3.58M)

I can and will fight when it is necessary for the security and safety of my people
That is not the case now, you are a foolish pedestrian, only satisfied with violence, but I will not comply
You will learn the importance of peace, or you will be dead

Attached: mpv-shot0022.jpg (1920x1080, 177.53K)


I mebe get then

i like cream cheese strawberry danish


Attached: 64153509_p0.jpg (5000x5000, 1.56M)

What do?

Attached: 1425873481505-1.jpg (1536x2020, 216.62K)

I can give you my utmost assurance that will not happen, but I can understand your mistrust
As long as you do not defect to the ways of the damned Scoots, you are free to do what you wish

I should make Tsuchi give me his Gilgamesh folder.

Attached: 58654621_p14_master1200.png (400x300, 126.82K)

Why not ally yourself with the Kingdom of Holla Forums and Scootalooo. A strong and just ally is better than a defeatist and... decadent... one, such as loafie.

Yu'll have to kill me first, but I doubt that. I will cleave you in two with my Claymore, and once done I will display your innards on the tip of my standard for all the other pretenders to see.

This sounds VERY tasty

Disappointed with the lack of feminine penis.

Attached: Leone206.jpg (239x407, 144.83K)

You know, that would be a supreme idea. Giru is top tier avatar.


Attached: srs.png (953x537, 481.39K)

Fucking shame

Attached: .jpg (758x537, 98K)

I am going to gut Loafie.

Attached: Leone073.png (1280x720, 663.92K)

I shall not kill you, for I will not engage in such barbarism when a peaceful option remains
In other words, POO IN SCOOTALOO

i found out i like green matcha starbucks tea and green matcha kitkats

Attached: 53742221_p0.jpg (1440x1920, 617.8K)

Put a dollar on you

Attached: .jpg (761x1080, 263.26K)

Link me, I wanna see what these wonders are please.

Attached: Leone124.png (919x717, 587.16K)


Attached: 1521978974001.jpg (1000x1414, 625.45K)

How's it going

Attached: sexy.png (950x568, 479.93K)

Attached: kit_kat_green_tea[1].png (675x675, 299.61K)

I may have to try them!



take a picture of her then post on 8/b/ "be on train, see this, what do?"