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Do you wear some sort of an experimental HEV suit when going outside?

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Shit thread

Eva pls

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Spec I have a meme for you

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You're tearing me apart Colby!

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Sounds like a lot of dry places.

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Lots of people use avatars from that show so sorry I didn't immediately recognize you... you should have done something to differentiate yourself!

Indeed it is

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You've entered the zone of the ill fated, tread very carefully from this point on.

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friend watching houseki finally got to the antarc episode, he got all sad :(

4 episodes left!

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Do you drink a lot of water because of it?

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Meant to respond to this:

Really? Pretty sure only Loco did here in the past... Guess that changed, too bad.

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Hai Zinni

I used to hate drinking water but now I drink a ton

Still, you should just tell me you're Eva so I can say hi and be overly affectionate towards you jeez

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Hai! how ya doin?

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lol, sux 2 b him

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Fair point... Well, I am Eva!

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Life is suffering

And you?

/me hugs and is overly affectionate

It's funny how my attitude towards people here has changed over the years

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Know that feel, at least on trips abroad because of the hellish weather where you actually need to carry something to drink with you.

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ye but it's good!
I think this is probably my favorite anime dude, you've blessed me.

Also suffering! but in a better way I suppose?

What's got you suffering atm

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I stay inside mostly anyway so it's never a huge issue lol

The fact that I have to work to live and live to work, I suppose

And in a better way how?

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too lewd!

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If you have a naturally high tolerance to alcohol, avoid accidental alcohol poisoning/dependence, is basically what I am saying.

Well it's a real gem, I'll admit~
I'm really hoping it picks up some kind of Season Two, or an OVA, or a movie... something.
And I'm still waiting on that SpecOps the Line style ending, I can feel it coming.
Glad you like it too lol.

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Working gives you money at least! I'm hoping to get this 911 job before I die.

better that I still have george, my rock n stuff.

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I want a happy end >:(
and 3 more seasons

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I don't get to drink that often

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Probably for the better.

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That's good, you should keep it that way.

You should mind your own business.

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Money to perpetuate your job and getting to it..

I used to be more critical I suppose. Or maybe people were more critical of me. Or maybe I just learned to see people in a more fair light, I don't know


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true enough.

working is suffering

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I was just horrible, so at least you weren't that.

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It's a happy end!
...of sorts.

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Just a friendly warning, bro.

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Boy is it fucking ever.

Gotta admit, you could be pretty bad. I can't defend a lot of the stuff you did. But I can see that you at least tried to be better and turned out to be a good person and I can respect that.

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Nothing interesting out there anyhow.

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SD my love

Sorry, accidentally killed the thread.

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Not even me?

Wow way to ignore me jerk

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Well, besides you.

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Oh no


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I didn't think it would, but it did.

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Did I do it to you at some point?

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Wish my love

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Is it normal for a microwave (called a quasar) from between the 70's and 80's to cause your internet to stop dead in it's tracks during use? I'm probably going to get fucking cancer from this thing.. The cancer concern aside, it still works impressively well.

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No one can defend a lot of it, really.

I am glad you think that much of me though. I'm not even sure how good a person I can count as though. lol

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Eh, I'm overly trusting and a bit of a softie so take that into account I guess

I like most people and I like you a bit more than that lol


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Well, only dumb people wouldn't like you a lot so!

Colbs is way too good. ♥

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oh shidd
it's eba

Waddup nibbas

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Any plans for the remainder of the evening?

Nothing much, how's Batr?

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Oh hey. wanna buy a cancer machine for 100$? cooks pizza pockets pretty good.

we got so much snow today............

also fell asleep too oearly last night and woke up after my bank had closed t so I had to walk to both ends of town today
It was lame but now I am waiting for my friends to show up for rolls and it's going to be fun

how's the day treating you SD?

No thanks I already have enoough cancer to last me a lifetime

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Naw, like I said I'm just too soft and a bit of a pushover lol

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Idk why but I just pictured you as toucan sam

Hi Toucan Sam

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You want a fruit loop?

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That doesn't change that you are good, dork.

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I prefer to keep my humility

I'll accept that I'm good for you tho :3

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Are you hitting on me~ ?

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If that were true, you wouldn't have a lifetime left to last. Let me know if you need more cancer, and I can provide for a negotiable fee.

Oh, not a fan of it?
I like the snow personally, but all the ice could go away, not a fan of involuntarily break dance moves.
Bank things?
It's okay-ish, just drinking a bit of whiskey.

Not going to watch any movies then?

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Yes, you're a fruit and I want to put you in an infinite time loop

Unless someone sets me up for one

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I used to like snow when I was a kid but now I can't ride my bike when there's snow so I have to walk everywhere and ti just about effectiveley doubles my commute to anywhere in the town I gotta go............

and yeah my bank closes at noon on saturdays and I needed to cash my check so I could make rent ; ~:

Whiskey is gross lol you are drinking it straight?
I cant stand the taste of liquor it has to be mixed

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You best!

How have you been though~?

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Sorry I alwasy feel awkward talking to my ex

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Which one of you was the "girl"?

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I cant stand the taste of liquor it has to be mixed

Grow some balls, man!

Fairly regularly.

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Eeeehhhhh, okay. Not amazing, but I keep on keeping on. How about you?

Oh, well sorry

It's never with ill intent

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Grow some balls, man.. Like.. Like me!

Sup threaders?

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Nothing much, how about you? How's your weekend been so far?

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My weekend hasn't started yet :p

it's been good tho, just got home from workan so it's time to smonk.

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Oh, not a fan of streaming sites?

Well, that can be problematic.
I don't mind it as much as I mind the ice, I had to get another forklift to get the other forklift out from the yard as it refused to move anywhere once it got on the icy spot.
Ah, they don't pay it straight to your account so you could E-business things?

Nothing much, just drinkan, you?

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Why not?

Oh yeah, somnk the big herb

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The melanin content of this thread.

How the drunken night with friends go?


About the same. Bit worse than okay the last few days but it comes and goes.

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ooh rehydrating cause I drank on my work break lmao home now tho.

how's that school lotto thing going?

Cause my weekends are Mondays and Tuesdays.

Yiss. hbu? what's new?

lmao wowsers.

The drunken night? which one? I've been going out a lot lately x_x

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Oh, how'd that happen?
No news yet, but I also booked some vacations finally.
Only been around 9 months without any vacation from work.

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Well, I punched out for break then I crossed the street for a canned beverage and walked around the block drinking publicly, then I punched back in for work lol

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Dunno. There was one where you were phone posting while a friend was getting you drinks at a bar or something.


hmmmmm. I don't remember that. There's been a few blackouts this week lmao

No puking tho, but no secks either so it all kinda washed out besides my bank account so.. yeah.

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Well, they're all paid as I get 2 days of vacation for every month worked, then at certain point I can use them.
Decided take the rest of the week off after Easter as Friday is off anyhow, and Monday won't consume any vacation days, so I'll only lose 4 vacation days for 8 days off.
You need to punch yourself out and in for breaks?

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You can always message me on Steam or Facebook or text. I'd be happy to try to help in any way I can

Those aren't weekends, those are weekmiddles! And there's not a ton new with me unfortunately

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Damn, you thirsty.


well that's neato. I don't get vacation time at my job really. And even when I did my bossman screwed me out of them so I'm just not used to nor do I expect them lol

Yeah, I think it's stupid too. They're never at a set time or anything but we in the kitchen have a system of sorts... so that's why we punch I guess. Most kitchens don't even get breaks so I just think they're redundant and a waste of money.

not all weeks can be super crazy development wise colby, don't worry^^

Eh, it beats having a case of the Mondays tbh :p

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A little :(

I might actually take up that coworker cause lately our flirting back and forth at work has been escalating a bit and I'm very much liking the attention.

Attached: Daisuke onii-chan~.png (600x600, 573.15K)

I just had enough for a few weeks and a bit tops, so I worked them around national holidays to get the most out of them, so now I have 3 full weeks off and a bit more.
Ah, I don't have to do that for my 30 min lunch or the 2x 15 min coffee breaks, it's just a trust-thing here.

Attached: a0e3927b4b4705e912f5c806b2e89923.png (600x933, 428.89K)

If that feeling strikes again, which it probably will at some point knowing my luck lol, I'll keep that in mind.

Attached: 26169671_1937974142884174_3797356240501557344_n.png (600x750, 453.53K)

It's really not that bad, but it must be nice being like, trusted at your work haha damn even a little appreciation would be nice :p

Attached: Beware the secret ingredient.png (429x600, 277.49K)


And yeah, it's been pretty hectic at work recently so I'm glad to have some time to relax a bit

Don't be a stranger!

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Colbert x Eva


Will he actually give you the D or was he the one that kept talking about how straight he was while simultaneously trying to fuck you?


Colbert x Welma

I know you do; you should work on that~

Also, treat yoself, bish

Awhaa? Did that happen?

And yeah, prolly. We used to send each other pics over FB even lmao

That one really didn't last long lmao

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Well, it is a private company, which is a lot better than working for the government.
I mean, I had one from government at a factory earlier and it was pretty bad, not to mention the 1,5h trip a way there.
Also my current place has a lot of those activity thingies with co-workers on free time which usually contain free activity and a free meal alcohol included

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That was prolly some Tinder guy Tsuchi


Wait, that happened ?

What, we're both fucked up losers? Lol

Naw, I don't think that would ever happen

I'm just really low maintenance... I don't need or want that much

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Weeeell if I was a stranger, I'd get a stranger slasher flick sequel that doesn't fit my original movie entirely. :c

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I remember you talking about one coworker with a girlfriend that was still trying to fuck you but kept always talking about how much he totally loved the pussy. Maybe that was at your other job.


Oh, whoops.

I hated The Strangers tbh. "Because you were home" was the lamest ending line in fucking existence tbh

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You still wanted to watch the sequel with me.

Is Welma not good enough for you ?

They seemed even dumber than your average "horror" film protagonists, too.

hello dearest friends

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For comedic value

She is too good for me.

If that were even possible, but yeah.

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Improve and make it happen.

That was just edgelords: the movie.

How's Nezi?

Attached: 4ee993764754d4181013791ef1458a5e.png (1063x1450, 1.16M)

What kinda effing company do you work for?

Your words, not mine.

That guy was wack and I typed out a whole stupid anecdote about what ended up happening but idk about posting it cause it's just a stupid tinder story.

Attached: Also, I piss excellence.png (434x600, 252.04K)

I've legitimately not seen anyone who liked the movie that wasn't just a retard that swore they'd totally be like the "villains" and just murder random people.

Go for it. Kind of curious.


I think it really personified the universe being so chaotic.

Many companies do it here, at least for the activity part as they see it as some sort of an improvement for the workforce and mentality.
But it's a pretty big industrial company that is around most of Europe, not too many workers though, so there's more money to throw out during the activity days.

I saw the trailers of it when it was released and thought it'd be neat to see it, but once it was on TV and I watched it in full, it was just a pretty bad edgelord psychological thriller for the most part.

Attached: 98778264efc96e8aac45d4b3009fb9e2.jpg (845x820, 462.91K)

Eh, not my thing.


Which words in particular?

Attached: Oh Miki, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind (90).jpg (884x1300, 978.13K)

Oh, well the guy weeks after I cut him off or w/e sent me this ridiculous (and not even flattering) spread eagle proud pose I guess you could call it. It had some like desperate af "we'd be perfect for eachother thirsty bs" and I just went like "wtf wrong number dude" and finally never heard from him again. Like if the full on nudes he was sending me wasn't working the first dozen times, why would this one last ditch-one work?

Fun stuff, that Tinder. That's my fun Tinder story of the night I guess. Kinda can't belieb the wrong number bit worked just by how he was.

Maybe this is just how most guys do it, idk?

Attached: one time at band camp.png (454x574, 325.66K)

No clue why it was ever so hyped.

Attached: 813482ee3ea4d8c8311e80dca88b44ce.png (409x600, 285.39K)

Attached: If I had a tail♫ I'd swat the flies♪.png (386x597, 333.51K)

I'm doing well.

How are you?

Attached: __hiro_ichigo_and_zero_two_darling_in_the_franxx_drawn_by_herozu_xxhrd__76b23672d1a30bafb39ce38f174bd3c8.jpg (825x1100, 200.84K)

Well that sounds like a really good job to have. ^~^

I'd look for something else, but I'm gonna have to look for one when I move anyway, so I'll get the raise I have in my back pocket and just wait it out til I leave.

Attached: godess maido.png (360x600, 291.39K)

Advertising I guess

Oh. I'm sorry, I inadvertently projected my own self-hate on you. I'm actually genuinely sorry here, that was me being retarded.

Attached: Oh Miki, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind (7).png (700x1000, 475.46K)

You are also an alcoholic.

I sort of wonder what goes through people's minds when they just spam dick pics at someone. I mean, everyone has sent one at one point or another to a girl, but when there's some sort of inclination that they want it, not just "I'll send her a pic of my dick because that alone will make them say yes".


Wouldn't that be a part of being a fucked up loser


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You can be a successful alcoholic.

Attached: tumblr_o8leivkRcL1sfg3uzo1_1280.jpg (800x720, 80.56K)

Colbs at least doesn't go to work drunk yet.

Getting a tad tired, not to mention the bakabutts had to put the clocks 1 hour forth.

Most private companies here have pretty awesome benefits, but still getting awfully tired and just going to take a nap after I get home everyday.
Oh, haven't moved anywhere new yet?

Perhaps, but I recall kids at school saying it was awesome back in the day.
Probably was just that whole "it was cool because it was rated 18"

Attached: 13324b42714b9ab5260bac4d5eaeb1d1.png (1440x900, 914.16K)

My work requires me using my brain so I would be fired if I did.


Attached: Oh Miki, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind (42).png (882x661, 654.11K)

To think that kids nowadays don't face such problems as they can find everything from the interwebs.

Attached: 6435698d974950689ffcfeca2bffe9a5.png (1186x1344, 1.26M)

Don't go full retard, m8.

every time lol

Right? It definitely kinda turned me off to even trying for a while lol Glad to hear that's not the majority hopefully.

Naps aren't a bad thing. I consider them my favorite method of time travel.

Nah, not yet. I need to be more financially prepared in that more savings is better than less savings ;3

Attached: can I be pet now.png (600x439, 251.54K)

It's the best past-time activity, although once you wake up from them and realize you could've done something potentially productive it's bad.
True, just to cover the landing if it's not too soft out there after all.

Attached: 00bfc35449d56ca03a324fe9645a20a9.jpg (827x1168, 981.06K)


Attached: Emma (15).jpg (1280x720, 128.49K)

You should've just spammed dick pics back at him tbh. Or just tried to find some random trap pics on the internet with dicks bigger than his just to see if it deflated him.


She always looks so weird without that white dress and hat. Insanely adorable without them, though.

Attached: so good.png (366x539, 197.23K)

But the interwebs often lie

If only I could prevent myself

Attached: Oh Miki, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind (15).png (800x600, 547.27K)

I watched Tropic Thunder last week and I finally understand where that comes from

Name one.

It was originally pink-ish, but the white and black variant caught on from the fighting games as those were available in case more people played the same character.
But the custom ones look awfully nice too.
How's Neko?

But how can a torrent lie?
Unless it's from limewire and contains a virus like they somewhat often did.

Attached: 941aa0fa07540d0601c6c30537f0cb64.jpg (2150x3035, 2.21M)


Attached: yey.png (718x599, 354.81K)

That's exactly how

Attached: Oh Miki, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind (56) - Copy.jpg (410x575, 65.91K)

Or when you wake up and just totally not know when you are lol I love time travel^^

Yeah, I really want to not have to come back

That's really not worth that kind of effort imo


How did you like it? Have you seen Hot Shots? Kinda along the same lines.

Attached: girls are known for fucking dudes in the ass with their dicks.png (520x900, 337.41K)

Honestly that was the least of the problems I saw. I like how it was "soooo realistic" yet the teens teleport more than Freddy or Jason.

Top tier realism. I too often Batman myself out of the area in a split second.

Attached: 7c974258ddb5b73dbd30ebaa00cfe9b674a3149f.png (1105x1500, 288.52K)

I'mma be honest rn

i had an acid flashback and I'm kinda scared

Was he the type that kept ask for your dick?


Robert Downey Jr.

I haven't been as much of an idiot towards you recently tho at least

Attached: Oh Miki, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind (48).png (600x600, 327.71K)

Nah, but he always tried to subtly work it in to convo. ugh it was stupid

Attached: fuckin' shoobies.png (294x303, 44.47K)

It's noticed and appreciated. lol

Attached: great success!.png (495x600, 307.98K)

I loved the fighting games more than the bullet ones. I remember playing in school the asshole teacher always closed it out from his desk cause he thought he was the tech master unless we disconnected the internet.
I'm good just talking to som people on discord and listening to music

Attached: repeating.png (329x263, 86.92K)

did you ever do net send spam at your school?

We uploaded starwars on the school server I think it was rad

Just tell me straight up when I fuck up and I'll fix it!

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Don't fuck up^^

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But even then it's still tomfoolery and not a lie!

The worst is fever naps when you wake up feeling odd and not sure what time it is, or where you are.
Probably shouldn't if you don't like the place at all.

Ah, I was the other way around as I was always horrible in fighting games outside of Tekken 2 where I spammed yoshimitsu and that spin sweep thing.
Sounds good.

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He was a bottom bitch.



No. We looked for ways to get around the child block bullshit. It was easy at first.

Which is kinda funny cause he was the super ripped ufc dude

which was a safety concern tbh be honest

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I'm only human, I won't not fuck up

Tomfoolery is lies

I misread your last post whoops. I like supernatural horror most :3

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It's all true.

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The stupid programs that blocked you from any site you actually wanted to use

oh proxys tho

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Aay this is lit
I see you still loving that U.K grime shit this dude is pretty good.

Not seen that one but I'll check it.
I really liked tropic thunder though.
I ended up liking Robert Downey in that film more than I thought I would.

Is he an alcoholic?
I didn't know

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Yes, he was pretty wild back in the '90s and early '00s.

theyre all pretty fun characters now that i think about it.

They are great, it's too bad a lot of them are poisoned by the "x movie did this and was liked, lets do it over and over" curse.

And asking the DCEU will get you answers as to why that tends to fail. x3

I liked him in 1969.


But was he REALLY successful at that time?

In Tropic Thunder? Yeah they were great.

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OR IS IT???!/11/1/1/1

I'm still scared by spoopy ghosts even if they aren't that well executed because I'm kinda a sissy lol

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I never knew that much about computers til I started using 4chan

It's so much better than anyone we got here. People like lil Uzi wack ass vert and trippie faggot ass redd

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opinions on gold teeth go


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You get gold teeth if you're rich or old AF

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Please no.

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I don't check for any mainstream pop rappers.
Never heard a trippie redd song in my life. And the only Uzi song I know is XO tour
Plenty good niggas in America though

Shit's trill.

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He had been nominated for an Academy Award for best actor in a leading role and was rising in popularity, so yes.

Like a grill?
They are disgusting

Should watch some Korean horror then, they have so much well done ghosters~

I'm asking for a friend cause she thinks one of her teeth is like dead or some shit and it's not like one of the front ones I don't think from what she's saying, but that's kinda like try hard ghetto fabulous, right?

lol no not a grill

All the good niggas are dying here tho.
Or they get famous and become trash

Should probably just get ceramic ones, the gold ones seem disgusting.

's fine.
Gold teeth are whatevs

Now he just cruises marvel movies.
Pretty good.

I think you're just cynical!

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Recommend me some? Or maybe I can watch some with you some time?

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You could use it as an investment if it's solid gold tho ;3

Awesome. It's like the first bottom molar so it might be kinda visible tho. Do people get robbed for gold teeth? ouch

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Ehh.. not too big of a fan of self-mutilation with a pair of pliers.

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YouTube vids aren't working well on my phone

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I wouldn't do it until it pops out naturally >///

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Nah that'd be pretty extreme.
Maybe if we lived in the days of pirates or something, yeah

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But your 2nd pair of teeth don't pop-out naturally!

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just lay down and close your eyes~

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Am I the only one who liked Garage Palace out of the latest Gorillaz album?

Maybe in a bit.

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*shrugs* This one feels like it's gonna x_x I try to avoid biting things with it. Gummy worms are scary af to eat over on that side lol

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Should just avoid eating stuff on that side and brush more often, it can still be saved.

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You need a new phone bih

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How is SD? ♥

How would we do that?

Buuut as for ones off the top of my head, the Whispering Corridors series is decent. Horror Stories and Horror Stories 2, as well.

Garage Palace reminds me of Die Antwoord

I've been keeping good care of my teeth forever, mom. jeesh I do have at least one baby tooth that never got pushed out tho, so maybe it's that one being all squished inbetween. It just feels like it's hollow kinda but it's still in there idk.

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3 hours a day is actually killing me

but I'm getting gains
what do?

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eat ur jizz for the gainz

[citation needed]

It's not like long-distance relationships aren't a thing

But like... watching stuff at the same time and voice/text chatting about it

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p sure there was a thread on 4chan, so y'know. it's not exactly a credible source.

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A bit tired, but okay-ish.
How's Eba?

Well, I mean, I like some of Die Antwoord songs.
Still, keep up the good work!
Oh, it might actually be that then.
I got all of mine out early age, partly because I got some surgically removed when I was young and ended up getting called a vampire as they removed my frontal teeth and my fangs were always visible when smiling as a kid.

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I'm not going to just eat jizz if it's NOT going to help me bulk up.

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That's pretty lude my dude

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c'mon, you could stream it for us

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now that wouldn't be fun for anyone.
sounds like a job for you.

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Well, yuh. But I meant like some people do it through steaming, at least here they used to.

Or Grim at least streamed for people, I think.

Little under ok but ok enough, tired too~

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The image?
Oh most definitely

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I wasn't talking about eating your own



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do it for the gains

Wai tho

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If you wanted to do it thru whatever medium then I'm down I guess

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Oh.. I hope you'll start feeling better soon enough!

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I don't want gainz :(((((((((((((((((((((

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Iunno, just the folder i have open

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more for me then
don't let me become the guy that talks about gains unironically. I don't wanna be that guy.

More jizz for you, sure lol

That's on you, silly. I'm not your keeper ;p

I gotta hit the hay tho. one more day then my weekend yayyy

toodles threaders

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Sleep well Elmers!

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Got any kitties

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Does Pharah do it for you

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Silly. I should get some rest, have a good night Colby.

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Sweet dreams Eba!

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I also have this google cat thing

Muffet is really cute

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now what?

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also this

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And this

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And this.

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Meowh my

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Last one my folder is not organized lmao

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Make it better by adding more kitties

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Not just her

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Sleep soon.

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ty Sinni for introducing me to these guys

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God I fucking love TTNG's drummer

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The image is meant to convey "kiss my ass"
Also I found this

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Nah it has thumbs and also talks

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Suit yourself
I should make a separate Ankha folder

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You should she is cute

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Im so short and skinny I find it hard not to believe my ancestors did not interbreed with those midget people in Ireland. Only littler things win from my metabolism.

Google says the reason I woke up with claw marks and blood on my hand is because ptsd and I don't have a better answer
The problem now is how do I not wake up bleeding again if I don't know how to deal with my ptsd

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Scratching post.

I already sleep with a teddy bear how is a scratching post going to help with something that happened while I was asleep
And no, I'm not sleeping with a scratching post

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You wouldn't have to worry about these things if you were pure!

Cut your fingernails short.

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Well, what does Google say about that one?

That makes my fingertips hurt

It doesn't say

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0.o -...is cat?-

Not that short, but like normal short.
Also you could try covering your fingertips for sleep.

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Not as far as I'm aware but a couple nights ago I dreamed I had a cat

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I want to hear this cat dream.

Normal short makes my fingertips hurt
Either they're long enough to scratch or my fingertips don't have enough cover
It's probably an aspergers sensory thing

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0.0 -thinks it's time for you to get a kitty!-

That's odd, it only hurts for me when it goes way past the white edges, which annoys me awfully a lot whenever a fingernail breaks.
Should still try covering your fingertips with whatever.

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I had a itty bitty baby cat that started out like the size of a rat and kept growing until it was like dog sized and there was a snow fortress and a lot of other stuff

I can barely keep myself fed and alive I wouldn't be a responsible pet owner

I'm not good at gloves
I have a lot of sensory overload problems so I spend most of my time naked or in sweatclothes unless I have to go outside

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I was thinking of like cutting fingertips off some very thin gloves like ones you would use at a work compound.
I think that's pretty normal, I'm not too big of a fan of sweatpants in summer or anything other than t-shirts indoors as it gets too hot too easily, but then again I guess that's because I'm more accustomed to the cold.

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They'd come off, it's normal for me to thrash around in my sleep I've just never hurt myself in my sleep before

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:< -feeds you and keeps you alive-