Kill them all, let them fall, God will sort them out

Kill them all, let them fall, God will sort them out

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Kill everyday~

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Wow, you know how to create thread

I've been creating threads since /aneki/

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I don't know what is /aneki/

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Don't do that......

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5 hours of work..... is wasted.....

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Its Saturday, we don't wake up until 1PM, it's 8AM now...

Actually I've been making threads even before /aneki/

....there's nothing else to do on weekends

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I love my computer.... bunch of useless iron

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Someone go to the previous thread and tell Squash that Blood-chan made a new thread, please

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but without americans who am I supposed to talk to ;-;

i dunno

why do you want to talk to silly americans

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they aren't exactly optimal but without them there aren't a great deal of people I can talk to

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Is illegal to kill people.........
You'll go to jail............

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Why don't you invite your silly friends to come here?

But I'm not in jail now, so it's not illegal :x

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Oh. The tard made it.
Graci for the link. I have them filtered so I missed it.

You have earned one day of no bully.

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Did he just say "Graci"?

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what silly friends
the only ones I have are from here and discord and I don't feel like they would fit in very well here

thanks friend

Ask Squish why she blocked me, but don't say I asked...

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Good morning friends

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friendzoned already...

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I don't know where else you'd be?
I have george after all

You want me to revoke that?

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why'd you block blood-chan anyway desu
what's she done wrong


gotta work
smooches for my cuties

luv ya girls >:3

no thanks

kyle I bought myself ni no kuni 2 for my birthday

I'm ready to GAME

morno! I told my dad about original doom and he wants to play it together so I'm waitin for him 2 get up and stuff

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OH AND CERAS !!!! didnt see u :3

He's just a moron and his text walls are annoying.

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Oh yeah, I forgot...

What about your internet friends? I'm sure they'll like this place too


good luck at work!

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thanks dear :3

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I'm not a girl

well that's good I suppose
I forgot to mention multiplayer sourceports, with Zandronum being my personal choice, but I think that even something like 50ms of lag can make a very big difference in a game like doom
unless you're playing over LAN or something

maybe I should some time
sometimes it being small like this isn't so bad

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What's a good job for a shut-in like me?

ah you like comfy threads.
I like big threads because it's easier to hide and lay my eggs

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Це пізда

Why does she have the Rinnegan?

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Fucking weeb, i don't watch naruto

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what do you mean by lay your eggs
oh and in case you had that person filtered as well he said "He's just a moron and his text walls are annoying."

Ok, now i must develop a new form))0

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Naruto is fucking great, I've been watching since I was like 10 years old. Now I'm watching Boruto~

Just eggs~
I don't have her filtered, I can see all her posts.

I don't know why she complains about everything and anything

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Wonderful story, tell me more of it

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But it's not nice..........
What if someone kill you or the mom??
It hurts............

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what do you mean
I have yet to see you lay an egg anywhere

Man who are all these faggots

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what's the deal with the new kitkats
they taste like trash

Moments prior to Naruto Uzumaki's birth, a huge demon known as the Kyuubi, the Nine-Tailed Fox, attacked Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf Village, and wreaked havoc. In order to put an end to the Kyuubi's rampage, the leader of the village, the Fourth Hokage, sacrificed his life and sealed the monstrous beast inside the newborn Naruto.

Now, Naruto is a hyperactive and knuckle-headed ninja still living in Konohagakure. Shunned because of the Kyuubi inside him, Naruto struggles to find his place in the village, while his burning desire to become the Hokage of Konohagakure leads him not only to some great new friends, but also some deadly foes

Why would I care if someone killed my mom?
If they try to kill me they will regret it

I haven't been here for a year

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and what are you going to deal once you've laid an egg, that's a pretty big responsibility don't you think

Let's start from chapter 1

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Are you stronger than Ceras.......?

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Kill. Loafie.

How strong are you?

True that. good post
I rate your post 15/10

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I hope blood-chan protects me from scoots...

The egg lives and grows on them after it hatches

Its a parasite

Go watch the first 3 episodes, if you don't like it you can drop it.

I'm in great physical shape... but Iunno...

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I made blood-chan. Top secret.

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well in that case
I hope I don't get killed by either of them

especially not scoots I don't want him getting the gratification of killing me

I once lifted a goat..........

I can fight with swords..........

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I could set loose my beloved blood hound knife maniac. That would be quite the show. Blood-chan can be rather... manic.

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How tall? How big wa sgoat?

I'm sure blood-chan and I could negotiate a deal of some sort
I imagine she's got some diplomacy lurking underneath that violent nature of hers

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Blood-chan is my greatest creation. One day. She will find and kill me. Its how it is meant to be. She is a good girl.

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hey scoots how does this sound
you can continue bullying me for as long as you like
in exchange you don't kill me or order anyone else to

Sounds terrible. How about I continue to do both. Sounds fantastic to me.

Don't remember..........
It got mad and kicked me.........

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I'm too young to die...

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Stupid goat. Do you live in rural Holland, or are you a city boy with aspirations to Goat wrestling glory?

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Soon, loafie. Soon. Actually. Why even kill you? A lifetime of suffering and bullying would be worse

you see, my offering isn't so bad after all

My grandfather stole a goat and it was in his yard.............
I'm from Denmark............

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Huh, inthought so. Must be using a proxy then.
And that is, well itbis something

My parent internet say from Dutchland......

All this talk about me...
I'm not even here...

That's really cool, what swords can you use?

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You're never too young to die...

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fair point
kill me

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Oh I will, I have to wait for Scoots to give me the okay~

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This is the end...

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I'll take good care of your body, do no worry

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alright thank you for that
you're a very nice person considering your murderous tendencies and all

my coworker gabe me a piza slice :3

that's so nice of you to think that~

So how do you want to die?

What are the toppings?

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in my sleep
you're the professional killer here surely you know a painless way
gunshot or knife wound should be sufficient I imagine


And you're just gonna sit there and be bullied!

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I'm going to die pretty soon so why not

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she said she will, and I am not in any position to doubt her


Bloodchan is all talk and no action. Scoots is pretty much the same. In fact anybody from the UK seems to be.

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How's your near noon going?

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The sound of first of many coins diving into the coinslot.

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not all of us
I, for one, am no talk, no action

I got so drunk last night that I went to bed and woke up still a little tipsy

I don't think thats ever happened to me before

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Been there. It's a pretty incredible feeling.

Make sure to get some fats in ya.

I had steak and mashed potatoes with some green beans when I woke up.

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I want to have a nice surf and turf at a classic steakhouse, but I've gone well over my eating out budget for March. Maybe next month

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It's still 3 hours off. I slept for like 12. Was very nice.

Exactly my point.

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I really want some thai food or maybe some curry right now

I think it might make me throw up later tonight when i start drinking again though

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good stuff. Any plans for the day? I have work in 4h

Why are you drinking so much?

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I got to go over my bike and I've been pushing it off.
Also a girl named Kathy wants a little of my time.

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doin it with friends

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Epee, foil, maybe katana???

Solid, is it just a friend thing or maybe more?

Don't murder your liver

Attached: DY9VRY_VMAEEjRB.png large.png (333x500, 114.86K)

I wish it was a non existing thing.

why, is she just a tease or wha

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I had a gallon of fire ball

Now I got a half gallon

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Why in Murrica everything is so oversized?

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Also I think I might have said some gay stuff to someone last night but I can't remember.

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walmart tends to sell things in packs or a little bulked to make more profit

if you go to any local grocery store its of more smaller servings/sizes

Attached: 3Z9LjqI.jpg (500x600, 37.36K)

More a drain.

Could you imagine if they walked into a Costco?

Well you always find a way out of things so I'm sure youll be fine
or make it to your benefit

yeha lol
the hot food they serve up there is so cheap but you get so much and its so good

but maybe thats cuz as someone from nyc im used to really high food prices
I had that stuff in the west

do you feel compelled to hang out w/her

Attached: DYr82B1U8AEs9Dl.jpg large.jpg (1284x2048, 204.58K)

Americans have existentialist value in materialism.......

Attached: __yorha_no_2_type_b_nier_series_and_nier_automata_drawn_by_kaafi__1874e4cb9df36de0a22d2cefe359a694.jpg (1075x1518, 769.26K)

I doubt they've ever seen that much food in one place before.

I think they are pretty cute

they started asking me if I've seen their selfies and stuff

I'm not sure if that was a good sign or not

Attached: neptune-kami-jigen-game-neptune-v-48243.jpg (311x451, 72.05K)

because the people are

it is a good sign

Attached: DYVdcKmU8AA8uye.jpg large.jpg (502x1024, 87.86K)

I can't remember any of the context or what I even replied with.

Attached: 1521827460294.jpg (251x231, 43.58K)

This trend is only in Walmart?

I think this way too

Jokes about fat

Attached: .jpg (518x604, 79.37K)

were they drunk too?

Attached: DY-BN3aVoAAOUYm.jpg large.jpg (1080x1440, 197.23K)

you could also check your history, ban.

most of the super chain stores - big names that are universal across state lines

oh shit

check out the newest 2hu

Attached: tumblr_oxjncmhNYF1tudeako1_1280.jpg (961x1101, 641.78K)

Is old............


they plan on drinking with me tonight though

It was a conversation I had with my voice

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why are you posting with so many periods?

to see if you checked the selfies, boy.
dont overdo it tn


Attached: 64456968_p0.jpg (3103x1796, 3.45M)

Oh yeah I have the pictures

I knew I saw them I just don't remember what I said about them

Attached: 1514119042057.png (300x300, 38.52K)

boot head s


well shit, better edge it out of the guy tonight

Attached: 29512695_10156778551055260_1333141316011695392_n.jpg (595x842, 107.72K)

I'll just ignore it and let whatever happens happen

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There were people who actually accomplished animating a food orgy in that sausage party movie.

Attached: (  ◜◡‾) ーE ☆.jpg (739x1033, 424.95K)

I saw that movie with my boss and co-workers

Attached: JillVA_ol2d70wFb31v7z0n1o1_500.png (425x750, 309.95K)

if all else fails go w the flow

I need to shave

I've usually been just buzzing my face cuz I never put aside time to properly shave but now I have time

got a platinum blade and my good ol parker 99r

cursed film
did not watch

Attached: 64385039_p0.png (1752x1080, 2.3M)

I actually saw a few movies with my boss

thats kinda weird

Attached: 1455997093642.jpg (600x376, 51.51K)

I just finished watching it and now I'm not sure what to think

Attached: クリスマス!!.png (765x764, 405.27K)

i'm sure I can handle anything that happens.

go shave

:okay emoji:

Attached: 1520913941054.png (431x539, 170.7K)

Is that the one like in that pic?

Attached: 1493809800006.jpg (400x400, 39.71K)

aiite bbl


new 2hus are nutty

Attached: 65466860_p0.png (1200x1800, 3.33M)

I just finished brushing my teeth so I'm going to get into bed. Also saving that pic.

Attached: ♡.png (1000x991, 902.6K)

Is that her power ?

save it, It's all yours my friend :)

Attached: 4am_threads.webm (1280x720, 1.01M)

Yo what's the sauce for that? Reverse searching is unhelpful :/

thats the power of those 2
they are the servants of the big kahuna which can basically create doors on the back of anything, even something alive and create yokai from those doors with the dancers' help

Attached: DX7_zhJVMAAHeR4.png large.png (753x936, 620.25K)

Are you trying to find loli porn ?

I don't help pedophiles

fu fu fu

Attached: jinxed____by_mkuchima-d8n30fu.jpg (894x894, 80.88K)

why do you have this link Grim????????


I reverse searched it

Attached: dildo-dog.jpg (448x412, 25.89K)


A likely story...........................................

Ban, give me your meme folder.

That wasn't even the right link

Attached: Nefelpitou.full.867348.jpg (675x900, 48.84K)

I'll let you download a virus if you want

Attached: o1f4q40yad1rwv1p4_250.png (200x200, 73.54K)

It wouldn't do anything.

okay okay

no virus

just a sonic fightin game


Attached: ea84e3803c373a77cb1952f79a544c4e7133a6beaff83bb85fa535766161ab0c.png (598x723, 421.44K)

Why can't I just have pretty pictures?

The one on Dreamcast?
I like that one

Another boring day. I hate the weekend, I got nothing to do. ;-;

Attached: __gengar_hex_maniac_and_mimikyu_pokemon_pokemon_game_and_pokemon_xy_drawn_by_midoribox__sample-895821fac2b6e32e86dc78ea550312e9.webm (768x768, 172.85K)

Sonic gather battle.

Its a good game.

Attached: flat,1000x1000,075,f.jpg (908x1000, 96.82K)

Attached: 6b9d9555abea0a846e6b14c521b89edd.jpg (715x1000, 85.21K)

This is why you'll never have a lasting relationship!

Attached: grj08dtDC1qioqevo3_r1_400.gif (268x340, 800.27K)

Hey, at least you're not dead, right

Attached: 879c810c7da80c1232d34232973e518ba862a59e.jpg (540x705, 86.91K)

At least i'll have a bunch of really short ones

its all the fun with zero the commitment

Attached: n1om1bcnRP1tql0o6o1_500.gif (500x281, 957.51K)

The only time I ever got a computer virus was from custom mouse cursors
i was 11

Attached: 01c42063dd6203ea31f33fec52386f0d.png (723x1023, 864.52K)

Pokemon roms are p good for getting viruses

Attached: skull.png (1716x1064, 943.94K)

emuparadise never gave me no static


Attached: 1daac7d7c3c0f1f077cb9f965776d0b2.jpg (1000x1008, 279.89K)

At least I got my legs. I guess that's a positive.

At least I'm not in the looney bin. ;w;

I got a virus from a fire red rom once

I needed it for pokemonMMO though

it was worth

I was the ICE master

Attached: sugar 22.jpg (225x350, 35.82K)

Did you have something to eat this morning? Nother positive
Count ur blessings friend

What like, the immigration dudes?
Sounds pretty big

Attached: 3b497145e0bff3066b1f4039273967f6.jpg (339x502, 29.37K)


Attached: peace.jpg (943x1200, 114.8K)

I'm cooking chips right now, and going to have beef in gravy too/.

I'm not clicking that
You're gonna get me a virus

Cooking chips like french fries or what?

Attached: Uniform.jpg (510x764, 99.11K)

Yeah, french fries.
French fries, beef n gravy.

How does that sound?

I wish I was into the xboxone. ;w;

Its legit.

goblin Slayer Pv came out today.

You should get ready

Attached: 1518986588801.png (600x600, 150.16K)

Sounds pretty good!
Also the xboxone has like no games.
If I was to get a console I'd probably get ps4. it's still a boner to own a console but at least ps4 is a pretty solid experience.
I dunno enough about the switch.

I still need to read the manga. I've only read like the first chapter uwu

forgets image in autistic fashion

Attached: tumblr_p1nbt1kFHE1so2yzzo1_raw.png (1080x1140, 475.52K)

thats one more than me

i'm just in it for the memes

Attached: 1521725521517.jpg (1600x1127, 404.71K)

But I would fuck a goblin. I don't want the goblin slayer to kill me before I have the chance.

Attached: tumblr_oygf2q64Et1wrwfoao1_1280.png (1280x1642, 1.51M)

I really like the colours in this pic. Her eyes especially.

Ye it's nice
Tis a pretty pokemon

Attached: tumblr_oxl4zu4hFv1uh1p51o2_raw.png (528x871, 213.15K)

Attached: 1520849952211.jpg (1280x720, 112.54K)

Korean dramas are for fat chicks

Attached: tumblr_owi1f6dF741vi2f7go1_r1_1280.png (1000x1571, 2.18M)

I don't have a Meloetta yet and that makes me sad. ;~;

I just walked outside my house and got a meloetta
It's that easy!
Try hardder

Attached: tumblr_ox5l5qeQL21rp2vg5o1_raw.jpg (1496x2160, 1.12M)

lol shit
I get a sadpanda on this comp when I try to open exh links

Attached: 29570702_10156778550300260_3010597703667198617_n.jpg (595x842, 126.82K)

I think I grown out of videogames. I don't even like them that much anymore.

I got Monster Hunter World, Metal Gear Solid the Phantom Pain, GTAV and more... I just miss my gaming PC. ;-;

I wish I had a time machine so I could go back in time and stop me from trading my gaming laptop in

I sure didn't

I thought it was a picture of Ian

Attached: 1521906557026.jpg (796x838, 88.62K)

none of them are

I checked

Attached: __jakuzure_nonon_kill_la_kill_drawn_by_369minmin__775f913350f2589a7f20f989052a2be1.jpg (550x778, 367.39K)

At least, that looks like it's from a Korean drama.

Why did you trade it in?

I'm just fairly familiar with how Korean people look. And there are a lot of memes surrounding their dramas.

Attached: tumblr_ow73l50iRL1sedpm1o1_raw.png (338x500, 219.13K)

If you're referring to one of those Gamestop (GAME in the UK) promotions I ought to mention I live on a tiny island in the middle of bumfuck nowhere.

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maybe urls changed

ill keep looking

Food time. Brb.

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I'm not actually referring to anything. I was literally saying I walked out of my house, picked up a meloetta, and brought it back in. But now the illusion is shattered. You killed my fake meloetta.
I wish I lived on an island though.


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am I racist ?

asian people all look the same to me except for the chinese

They have the prettiest women

find the loli porn pls

Attached: what.png (285x284, 156.47K)

Island life is shit don't do it.

Attached: hahaha her legs look furry.png (362x615, 109.2K)

not the chinese

they aren't the prettiest

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Attached: 64759772_p0.png (1013x1432, 2.15M)

hi amy

Well hey there Grim, what's crackin'?

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oh shit i'm racist but I want to fuck them

Attached: 1465502534540.jpg (460x522, 110.89K)


Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1107x1600, 2.41M) here u pedo user

Attached: DYptpHxUMAArkc-.jpg large.jpg (724x1024, 110.57K)

Me when wish buys me games on steam

Attached: nef 1502103268338.png (599x494, 73.32K)

No it's probably just this
So like, ignorant, at best.

You can't stop me. I'm gonna become a coconut farmer.

Attached: tumblr_oudsbxGaLT1rcs9gvo7_1280.jpg (1200x1200, 289.54K)

did wish actually buy you something last night?



I don't even have them added on anything lol

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Fret no longer!
Your Lord has returned.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki4299.png (1280x720, 358.19K)

Better put my cuck proof goggles on then

Attached: 7a3.png (372x539, 280.14K)



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Is that so you can see yourself Ban?
YUou fucking cucked to death little bitch

Attached: kanna-with-a-gun-58fd947e7e8fc.jpeg (495x496, 27.69K)


Attached: tumblr_oue3fjRnIs1rsmupto9_r1_1280.png (721x501, 244.9K)

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hue same

hey scoots

What up

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0172.jpg (800x471, 32.22K)

Well there's my cue to go be somewhere else.

Ta-ta, all*. ♥

*Except Grim he's shit.

Attached: baka.png (380x588, 247.21K)

Hopefully it stays that way.

Wish is a thot

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if she breathe she a thot


Dude hangs dong


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I probably missed your reply. I'm sorry.

Relaxing. Had a proper shave for the first time in probably half a year. Feels nice. Baby smooth.


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As Jesus once said, if it breaths its a thot.

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Attached: Magnum Dong.jpg (520x312, 23.71K)

I did the same about a month ago, the absolute worst thing I did for 3 years. Beard/facial hair is nearly back so thank god.
How am I to be a proper princess without my beard?

The crossover everyone demanded.

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lol..idk if its weird but I want to be able to earn my beard. Don't feel like I'm at that point yet. Probably imposter syndrome but idk

Attached: DYVbpbcUQAYHKKs.jpg large.jpg (1200x1468, 446.02K)

That image is the funniest shit I've seen in a while

Attached: 3dc879605e770d553731222988480b37.png (1333x2000, 1.43M)

Attached: Your hopes and dreams.png (632x221, 97.68K)



it has a dick tho

Attached: DX2sjoPU0AAglHI.jpg large.jpg (768x960, 96.98K)

Well, I am a fokkon legend in Gin Alley, so I have my Beard license. Just incase.
I might take up shaving again in a decades time. Shaving knocks off about a decade on my face. I looked like a teen again. Shit is nuts.

That is the dick of the lap boi baka

u dum

on further inspection. grim was right



why the fuck is colored just like the maid then

shitty art

Attached: __kishin_sagume_touhou_drawn_by_mega_yukke__271937b77c3fd132187932e67e809b15.jpg (1000x1401, 1013.92K)

and good
looking young feels good

1. It's a Kobold, not an Argonian
2. It's the dude's dick

u dum

Attached: 1516503732424.png (2400x1920, 3.49M)

All lizard scum look the same to me. Fucking scalies and their furry cousins. Gas them all.

Oooooooooooooooh like im twennie two OOOOOH~O O

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki5189.gif (1173x1280, 940.09K)

u postin some DUM SHI

tfw out of budget but want to eat steak


Attached: DX2YymRU0AARmR7.jpg large.jpg (753x548, 92.93K)

Scalies have no fur

get fucked

Attached: Dick of Interest.jpg (1463x2048, 234.56K)

I would say no u


Attached: 58287794_p0.png (850x700, 727.18K)

The best way to get a kobold girlfriend is to not call her a dragon, friend.
Knowledge is power

Attached: bbfb8c82-31fa-4407-b7cd-d7766099e843.jpg (1280x1666, 438.58K)

ill keep that in mind in case I ever run across one

Attached: DXigeUoUQAA_R58.jpg large.jpg (1173x793, 109.65K)

this is the best meme in a long time

Attached: 1521491628677.png (182x228, 73.5K)

No you won't
You already have a gf

Attached: DUztdzbXkAE_0IN.png (784x1200, 1.2M)

Back, grim news guys, I think I could be a normie.

I don't like videogames as I used to do. I don't know what to do with myself.

Attached: __gastly_and_hex_maniac_pokemon_pokemon_game_and_pokemon_xy_drawn_by_milka_milk4ppl__sample-2fe0c772fd9de282cc508b913bda8a10.jpg (850x926, 98.47K)

I don't know how that makes you any different from the average Holla Forums poster.

eat beef welly

killed by my cat

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0041.png (600x516, 355.54K)

Oh yeah, Holla Forums hates videogames.

I'd kill for a gaming rig. Maybe I just don't like consoles. ;-;

id have to make that myself D:

all gfs are ephemeral tho

you either marry them or break up w them

wish in general? yeah

look at all the good 2hu shit im saving
quarter of it is porn LOL

Attached: rPLF8o[1].png (1224x37, 42.4K)

Why go on?

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0022.jpg (1202x850, 434.94K)

Do you think you'd be more likely to wife a Kobold?
They're pretty loyal.

Attached: tumblr_inline_p3cfi022KK1resa9k_raw.png (1700x1955, 4.91M)

Attached: like what you see.jpg (959x1363, 355.13K)

Rip you for like... the next year and a half then.

no fuckin clue honestly

would def wife someone divine or of that nature if I could tho

Attached: 67562570_p0.png (800x600, 629.32K)

Hai Neko
how is ya

Someone divine? Like Tenshi or something?

Attached: Link Midna.png (1280x1280, 1.27M)


Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0052.jpg (500x650, 135.12K)

or Yukari yeah

Attached: 65921963_p0.png (700x900, 806.52K)

im offsetting it lol

Attached: 64535403_p0.png (1158x1637, 2.25M)

Yeah, that's probably how long it is gonna take for me to save up for a gaming pc.

May I rest in piss. What do people do without videogames? T.V. is shit.

Hi rroyd what's happening?
Got my kitty back this morning

Attached: give it here.jpg (506x832, 75.47K)

I'd only do that if I get to be in heaven.
I don't wanna be Yukari's gopher, though.

I'm doing math homework and it's awful.
I'm glad your kitty is okay :3
Where'd he turn up?


Attached: sturm_granblue_fantasy_drawn_by_mofuaki__02d8fd19cd4660c2f3f5869ff4b7560c.png (800x1067, 1.13M)

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Poppy has huge tits but she wears a breastplate

Attached: tumblr_p34uxxq7AJ1vi2f7go1_1280.png (900x1440, 1.52M)

He was on the porch meowing when I woke up. Now he's being all snuggly and cute for pets

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Attached: 1495540709491.jpg (850x1202, 311.42K)

I have not noticed that in her other skins.

Oh, so he left and came back. That's good that he's familiar and didn't just run away.

Yes, that too
Thank you.

As I guy that owns all her legendary skins I THINK I know what I'm talking about, good sir.

Attached: tumblr_p2uol56Hsp1sga80jo1_raw.png (630x916, 446.7K)

What was that emote Neru used to always use?

My thoughts exactly.

What do you do in your spare time?


I dunno =w=

Attached: 64225569_p2_master1200.png (800x1144, 1.61M)

Pretty sure that's it.

I saw him last night but couldn't catch him. I don't think they go very far.

Attached: sexy.png (950x568, 479.93K)

Duh that's why I did that :P

Attached: 1487465245181.jpg (1100x1553, 301.99K)

You must be a great owner for him to stick around.

Attached: 1519771932106.png (624x800, 775.46K)

Forgive me. I'm very short.

As in jokes go over your head?

Attached: 63203691_p0_master1200.png (659x1191, 650.63K)


Of course. Kitty cats love me

Attached: power.png (528x479, 220.48K)

Gonna try and play Monster Hunter World now.

Wish me luck.

Attached: __gengar_hex_maniac_and_mimikyu_pokemon_pokemon_game_and_pokemon_xy_drawn_by_hakkasame__sample-42cc77ed3cb74ae70123fa5b47e516db.jpg (850x706, 221.05K)

Ah yeah?

Read, play role-playing games, target shooting.

Attached: 4491e85ea296160c9044ebf01fcb1f0c.jpg (513x788, 108.7K)

know when to fold em scanner
there's no shame in running for your life
it's called a tactical retreat

Attached: NIGERUNDAYO.png (540x540, 272.28K)

Like Vietnam


I love you too, dude

Bless ya

Which Granblue is that

Attached: Amazon Poppy.png (1000x1500, 2.14M)

Do you, though?

Dorafs a best.

Attached: 1511923979659.jpg (648x971, 124.46K)

oi m8 you got a license for that shitpost?


Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0003.jpg (400x605, 75.95K)

me neither
you can't really control a woman like that so the best you can do is have them respect you as a partner not as someone below

Attached: 45243652_p0.jpg (700x1127, 683.99K)


fuck yeah

Attached: 22002501_p0.png (800x1135, 1.39M)

Licenses are made by corporate fat cats. By lack of one and refusal to buy one endear me as a heroic Communist idealog.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0047.jpg (766x1080, 69.45K)

Oh god I didn't even realize kms

Tak who is your favorite 2hu

Attached: 39955316_p0.jpg (1600x1100, 1.13M)

actual sauce

Y-yeah, I do.
Do not question me any further, knave.

Slowly I'm becoming more familiar with them.
They are fantastic.

How do you gain an OP goddess' respect?

Attached: tumblr_p23sonrOWS1s4hjuuo1_540.png (424x810, 208.67K)

they're going to throw you in jail right next to the guy who taught his dog to do the nazi salute.

I don't have one
I know nothing about it

Attached: __joseph_joestar_jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken_drawn_by_mapi_mup1228__52364b33d125fefc73622e76eabe7b9f.jpg (555x561, 251.19K)


Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki1258.png (512x512, 190.22K)

B-but that's gay!

Because I am going to use your word as fact, and if I find out it is wrong and I appeared foolish as a consequence, heads will fucking roll.

They're all great.
I was actually playing the mobile game for a while till they banned people for trying to play it outside of its region lock.

Attached: 1506874863546.jpg (850x407, 100.07K)

a rabbithole I recommend descending into

I started w the music

by getting her to like you, first
then using your own mortality to anchor her to you emotionally

Attached: 34506435_p0.jpg (1446x1023, 1.36M)

that's the spirit, scoots.

but I can't into anything that's not shounen

Attached: __caesar_anthonio_zeppeli_and_joseph_joestar_jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken_drawn_by_chikusawa__57dcaee7855d73c5e85c4b117e31da35.png (530x707, 249.88K)

try my friend

here is one of better songs

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (600x800, 456.76K)

The furor I will create when I slay them with an unlicensed serving spoon!

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki1589.gif (245x163, 774.88K)

It's not gay if we don't tell anyone about it

Are you going to talk about yordle tits at your next shindig?
I think you'll look foolish anyway

Bans, eh?
But I know a couple of people that play the mobile game now that are in NA. how come they're not banned?

Ooh, devilish.
But I bet that works. Hopefully she makes me immortal, though.

Attached: tumblr_p359aeyrPL1wayuwfo1_1280.png (1280x1280, 1.6M)

that fuckin grin

immortality seems nice @first but you may not want it in the end

Attached: 59145259_p0.png (1400x1020, 2.06M)

My acquaintances and I partake in sophisticated conversations.

I mean this is pretty nice but I don't think I'd listen to this on my own.

I expect you to be painted red and yellow, as well.

Attached: __joseph_joestar_battle_tendency_and_jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken_drawn_by_ganbaru_woainini__235b1a50324395a14fd5e2f7b121e231.jpg (500x500, 42.13K)

they make covers in every genre imaginable

just search "x genere" touhou
youll find something to your fancy

Attached: DXVqN21VQAAaQQh.png large.png (1037x800, 701.02K)

Maybe they didn't get hit with it, I don't know.
I just remember that a good portion of the /vg/general did, or said they did. I haven't tried to long into my mobage account in a while to play it and see, so.

Attached: 1505678333093.jpg (850x863, 86.8K)

Execute me

Attached: punch wall.jpg (500x376, 42.96K)

A note left behind saying Cyka!

you made your bed, now lie in it.

Attached: 63837404_p0.jpg (639x827, 130.09K)

I think I would want it. It'd allow me to be as lazy as I want. Pretty great

Can I come to the party?
I have dip

Attached: Demmon.jpg (2048x1326, 180.77K)

You should try it, maybe it'll work eh
I kinda wanna try the game.

Attached: b1f26a8bac2253808e16aafb58907933.png (1280x1244, 1.21M)

touhou smooth jazz
touhou vaporwave

"shutup cyka" written in blood

Attached: __caesar_anthonio_zeppeli_joseph_joestar_lisa_lisa_loggins_messina_and_others_battle_tendency_and_jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken_drawn_by_mapi__ffc38dc3407b99817d3456dcae58abc7.png (565x800, 365.19K)

Absolutely. Wear something fabulous.

Attached: YESSSSGOODluc.png (1000x1000, 286.28K)

smooth jazz


Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0067.jpg (600x600, 53.06K)

bossa nova.



Attached: 58351366_p0.jpg (643x900, 909.42K)

I will wear a wife beater and a men's sarong.

Attached: a1f0ade03ada9845cf4b97465edb086ffdaea8921.jpg (796x1200, 96.64K)

wifebeaters are FINE.

Attached: 53391512_p0.png (1320x1800, 1.7M)

I was kidding Grim
what the fuck

Attached: bye lol.jpg (1560x1200, 549.74K)

Thanks, bud. My wife tends to disagree, but that's also part of the reason I do what I do to begin with.

Attached: d93fb2e1a63f52d6426693d74c3daf18.jpg (850x567, 83.38K)


Attached: 43386917_p0.jpg (713x1000, 820.16K)

I guess I better pray a group of terrorists takes us all hostage at Nakatomi Plaza.

Attached: What's the meaning of this shit?.png (718x697, 607.83K)

I prefer it when my boyfriends fight back, makes it more of a sport.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki4084.png (1053x715, 579.37K)

Darwin what kind of clothes do you wear

Why would you want to swear to my Da? Well just be careful. He can have a very small temper sometimes and can be a huge dick.

Attached: Ferrets-are-adorable-ferrets-11370043-345-259.jpg (345x259, 17.08K)

I should...
Just know that it's really kinda boring, and everything you want is locked behind paywalls, massive grind, or gacha.

Attached: 1510599972781.png (800x1240, 1.11M)

probably turtlenecks and cardigans


Attached: DXrUt3UXUAAbCjm.jpg large.jpg (1225x1894, 178.4K)


T-shirts and jeans for the public. Privately...

I own a sshitload of white ones.
I want black ones.

We're nowhere near christmas, though.
That decreases the chances by about 80%

Aw that sucks.
I just want to get draph waifus

Attached: 63203691_p4_master1200.png (685x1134, 736.81K)

I got them in every grayscale color incl black

theyre nice


Attached: 64833825_p0.jpg (638x1219, 213.41K)

My father. The one that sired me. God. The one you want to swear at.

Attached: pet-ferret.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart.jpg (644x364, 14.65K)

isaa butt

Attached: 55793030_p4.jpg (826x1169, 1020.68K)

ooh your pappy

Sure, but I've never called him that. Not sure how he would react.

Attached: Adorable-Ferrets-21.jpg (600x399, 25.92K)

Function over form.

that's the bitch that shows up in my jojo tags
because she likes to throw knives
like lord Dio

try it lol

unlike your superfluous banter

get this

she throws knives

Attached: 63792140_p0.png (1000x1469, 907.6K)

you have to have seen this tak

Style over substance.


I'd rather not and say I did.

I actually had a dream a couple nights back where me and him got in a really epic fight. The human race was thrown to the winds. Some plants were blown up. Shit hey the galactic fan.

Attached: a-cat-a-dog-a-ferret-10-pictures-4.jpg (530x403, 47.04K)

I dreamt about yan and I having a long talk


Attached: 65921963_p0.png (700x900, 806.52K)

fuck that

Attached: disdainful.jpg (603x543, 48.76K)

Depending on how well you roll you can get Carmelina right off the bat like I did.

Attached: 1500756119881.jpg (907x1280, 358.7K)

And on that note, I'm going to get a glass of the Irish and go back to bed.

Attached: hqdefault.jpg (480x360, 39.2K)

Bros before hoes.

dio's a bitch anyway fam

Perfect girl height.

Attached: 1520865661994.jpg (4664x2655, 3.59M)

I can't read scribble.

Attached: Dildos.webm (480x480, 649.24K)

As if the writing is important.

Attached: 1509066465447.jpg (780x1102, 411.72K)

Too many clothes.