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TP is the purest shitposter

i actually feel bad about things i do lol

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oh hi nezi

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Send me more money, Phil.

no i don't really like you anymore

no offense

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Will you do it next week once you have forgotten about this?

send me some

darwin you're doing that team up shit

why don't YOU calm down you bitch

I only asked you for money.

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darwin is the creepiest motherfucker here

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cute you mean

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oh hi hu

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hi hi TP

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It can be both
In this case it's not tho



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how you been dog

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soundgarden was like my shit in my basement




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nezi is the shit honestly

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Just cute

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But you loathe him.

ur just cute

i don't actually

please leave darwin with your fake news

This is wrong

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you are this bored dude?

You have declared so many times.

i guess we just have to let darwins dumb retarded ass spam now


loathe me

I'm here

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declared what exactly

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who is the fool here

it's not up to you to decide

oh so darwin

just so you know

you are a fucking idiot

Here TP,

one for you

You are getting pretty hot there, Phil.

no you are just a retard

thank you

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you can drop my name but you're still the creepiest motherfucker here

I thought TP and Darwin were pals.

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we were until he started tag teaming me


I was NOT tag teaming you.

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i did never post my name you thot

Which of these two cards is worse?

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such a low tier bully

Oh. Well that's a shame.

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dar is at fault

Certainly not.

you are a troll

you don't give a shit about me

does anyone?

Those are true.

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well certatinly not ego heads likes drunky

hi darwin

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then whey don't you fucking leave me alone darwin if you don't like me


can I be an ego too?

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no one likes you creaking on their shit

i really don't like you

fuck you

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Remember all the good times we had.

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more like

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like sometimes your "joking" turns serious

fuck you darwin

i hope you seriously die a painful death

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This is why Nin ignored you.

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no you are a mean person

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and you will pay for it

There was no return address on the envelope you sent last year.

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you realized the history of you lying, right?

that's because internet people are fake,

you shithead

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darwin no one trust you

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i mean your lies are real

leave cuck

Is this drama worth unfiltering Darwin for?

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yeah for sure

Which lies even?

How is u?

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darwin you only present yourself in troubled times

makes me think that you are hella troubled

darwin is so dirty dude

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This thread is shit

That or when Wish summons me.

darwin you are a lying piece of trash

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you are gay

so trash

thread still has Chiri so
inherently it's 7% good

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I said hello. Please do not ignore me, it hurts my feelings.


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I just do not go for the whole phatic communication thing.

hello neziwi

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sorry i was too busy calling out darwins bullshit

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That's an invitation for a lot of things I cannot do for you; accept this recognition but never speak of this.

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everything you say darwin is bullshit

If you do not converse with me, I will be forced to divert more of my attention towards you daily.

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congrats your words mean nothing anymore

I am saved

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Do we talk about teacups and time and the rules of disorder?

darwin you are known as dead cuck

shh shh

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do NOT ever talk to me again

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Not a hard request to fulfill.

you are a cuck

so that should be easy as well

What if I am pretending to be new and you are unaware it is me? Can I talk to you then?

I wouldn't know. I've had him filtered for like ages now.

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like he's really mean lol

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Actually, I am downloading shit.

Is this TP's call for help?
Do we need to contact authorities to stop him from harming himself?

Contact noone

glad i handled his evil onslaught

There's hotlines for the feelings you're having right now, TP.
They can get you placed in a facility that can help you overcome what demons are haunting you right now.

is this YOUR call for help


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it is your FIRST post

Eh. I'm past it. I just figure it's best to not bother with him now.

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I have placed a curse upon you, sir Darwin, for you did not heed my advice.

Only time will show the peril you shall befall.

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That is me on the other computer.

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tryhard challenge:

attempt to pass yourself off as the legit Chiri.

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yeah that is the smarter route i guess

maybe i shouldn't encourage darwin's trolling either

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I am Miracles.

Or mirAcLEz,

Maybe. You tend to fight people when you don't have to.

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Miraclez touches my heart.

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for sure

i've been pretty good tonight

but like it is painful for me not to fight

i like to fight

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As often as possible.

but never my body

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I did not see a "hello"

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The restraining order from your mother makes it difficult.

Maybe you should consider what fights you pick and if they are worth it.
I stopped fighting so much and it's made me feel better.

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She just wants you all to herself that greedy bitch.

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i donno like i realize the trigger

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If it were Avery's mom, I would say you are right.

TP gobbles dong

You are only fighting yourself.

Fight Drunky. He likes it.

Maybe try boxing.

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Regardless, that is why we set up the cameras. Problem mostly solved.

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so bully

Attached: 1375058930841.jpg (533x800, 87.06K)

i don't like violence

So she can see us?


I shouldn't have laughed that hard

so bully

It can be cool.

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What ever happened to TC calls?

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so darwin and that cuck drunky are teaming up now

Not nearly drunk enough

We are all in the IRC scheming, laughing at you.

make one

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No, it is so that I can rewatch our encounters when you are a way and I find myself missing you.

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better believe creepball darwin will lurk and cap your shit tho

I will consider lifting your curse in the days to come based on your behavior.

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I'll give Darwin something to cap

hurr we are on an irl irc hurr

Get drunk. I'm bored.

I actually never have. I'll join one though. I can only do voice though as I don't have a cam.

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how am i so amazed rn

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That was pretty close to a Postal Service Song.

I am on my best behavior.

Simple minds, they say.

i only do private irc so

like idonoo

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Idk. You set it up and get it active and I'll see if I feel like jumping in and shitting the place up. I'm bored too but I have shit to do tomorrow


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It's a bust.

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Still dutch....................

Attached: [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_11.25_[2018.03.23_21.57.01].jpg (1280x720, 75.83K)

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fucking losers

Maybe tomorrow.

I really love nigger dick.

Does it bother you?

Hi Aquafresh, I'm not a Danish either

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Darwin help I think I am going to become a government employee.

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i was kidding

what even happened to you

your friends fucking hate you

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For now, Sleep.

Night Kyle.
Night Hu
Night Ceras
Night Nezi
Night Darwin
Night Vaporeon Poster

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You are in Sweden now???

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Employee for which agency?

What friends?

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i think it's time for darwin to self actualize


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Night Drunky.

i thought you and kyle used to be so?

you are cancer


Sleep well *pat*

Nah, just visiting parents.
8ch can't into flags

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goodnight idiot

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I don't hate him.
Just don't give a shit about him.

you and wish just don't even care about people


I love Darwin because he's the only man my age with similar interests in underage boys.

you shouldn't

because he does not give a shit about you

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs

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Years ago.

Attached: oc aku bun [dns].jpg (1788x3030, 816.27K)

How even?

Me too........
But Holland is far away from Denmark..................

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and then i get this shit with his followers

As long as God still loves me.

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I mean Kiss.

They gave me an interview and it went depressingly well. I will know by this next Friday.

Attached: notlewdvappy460.jpg (869x670, 143.56K)

I am capping this post for later use.

i am team kyle with this

i know how darwin abandons his "friends"

But it's apparently where your ISP is located

Attached: 1515517788001.jpg (1889x2677, 488.41K)

What are the hours like?

There is no team Kyle.
I am legit not a contender in this.


Attached: notlewdvappy587.jpg (500x500, 33.94K)

I kinda fancy Elma tbh fam.

i am still team kyle

cause darwin abandons his friends

Attached: 1377829672513.png (639x471, 430.83K)

Can we be team shirts then? I don't like being team skins because I am shy.

*Slaps your butt*

Attached: CyLFbUGUkAAuXSQ.jpg (640x640, 76.51K)


oh hi amy

Attached: bb15-aaryn-bathtub.jpg (300x221, 16.52K)

I avoid that by not being Darwin's friend that way I am not abandoned.

I think I need an adult now.

Attached: 1445781191.fawnak_vapbday_by_noerbmu-d9e9n4c.png (992x1280, 635.67K)

Oh hi Teeps. Wait what time is it there?

Certainly not. I have abandoned maybe a dozen of them only.

he is terrible

Attached: 1381203172950.png (1087x803, 470.56K)

darwin is legit malicious too

Attached: 1379570015164.png (1032x762, 530.27K)

Time to get a watch.

I don't know what this is all about but I am on team Best Hugs.

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Being his wife is a much more stable position.

Attached: notlewdvappy444.jpg (640x480, 20.83K)

7 in the morning until like 11:30
five days a week

Attached: tumblr_ojoto1AoRc1rbrlvjo1_1280.png (814x710, 283.99K)

i can't even imagine

he must put them in chains

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I am yelling angrily at the clouds due to my years of pent up sexual frustration.

Hey, not so horrid.

Best Hugs that was your cue come on man it's been a shit week.

Um... you afraid your bed is gonna eat you or something?

Yes but my family will push for a second job to compensate for the hours. It will be a difficult fight to win.

Only when I've been bad.

Attached: 45094059_p2.png (680x500, 130.26K)

oh crap some "user" is angry and is impersonating me

oh crap i should maybe have not made my trip public

Attached: Screenshot - 7_8_2013 , 10_26_02 PM.png (420x329, 277.46K)

I missed it. I was distracted by Phil.

Attached: 56635815_p1 - 熊巫女第2话过场图2上色.png (2560x1440, 1.83M)

Hold out for another job, then.

I wish my parents called me without piling on even more disappointment.

i sleep on my couch usually

Attached: 1372636710019.png (577x365, 416.05K)

Thanks bby. I can go to work moderately happy now.

Ta-ta, errbody~


Attached: notlewdvappy377.jpg (500x700, 189.57K)

The American dream is dead, my dear.

Au revoir.

you realize like you know nothing about me and my trip is public right?


Attached: 1383971520233.gif (350x258, 1.69M)

But I'm TP. I don't have to know anything about anyone to be able to spew endless shit directly from my gaping anus.

oh shit it begins

Attached: 1375059010036.jpg (565x485, 38.44K)

Phil, we should have a truce.

why are you this mad exactly

Attached: 1375655899479.gif (310x370, 1.68M)

i wasn't the idiot who started shit

Attached: 1376016436759.gif (333x333, 2.68M)

Yes, you were.

When are you going to win your Oscar so I can be fully supported by royalties and movie money?

Attached: notlewdvappy388.jpg (592x495, 50.05K)

Inbet its moogs
He is petty enough

not with you

your dumb ass started that

fuck off

Attached: 1375659671808.gif (312x408, 2.79M)

Kisshot/desu is cancer

When I run out of my dice royalties.


Did not.

fuck off darwin find your own drama


Good, I will continue collecting skirts in the meantime.

Attached: notlewdvappy109.png (859x646, 374.08K)

I secretly want to just eat prunes and watch Golden Girls with Darwin.

no truce

i will will always remember how you betrayed me

Are you fed up with this world?

no not really

just will liars LIKE YOU

Attached: 1377827257460.gif (344x250, 1.95M)

do you feel ok with yourself when you lie to me?

Attached: 1378325927766.jpg (269x396, 71.66K)

yes? fuck you

Darwin loves prunes they help keep him regular in his old age.

Attached: vappy787.png (567x567, 189.38K)

Darwin is a fuccboi

Well, I cannot say yes now, can I?

Attached: 56610039_p0 - だらしないまちちゃん【くまみこ】【描き方動画付き】.png (800x600, 249.74K)


no you are trash

you fucked up your shit

Just ignore the flag so I can play pretend too

I am not very good at this game.

What did I lie to you about?

i'm tired of your shit

Attached: 1376028235257.gif (330x330, 2.48M)

lol, fun banner

Attached: .gif (300x100, 75.37K)

Goggles is a cocksleeve.
Never around long.
Always tossed aside.
Asinine little cunt


now all my dingo fucking fans

Attached: 1376017887851.jpg (564x414, 64.87K)

i have like a 10 percent approval rating in aus

Attached: 1375648259050.jpg (474x442, 108K)

They are also in the IRC laughing at you.

is neru there

Attached: 1379567834716.gif (245x245, 822.35K)


woo woo go go


Attached: 1377954521049.jpg (477x350, 35.76K)

We are talking about R.L. Stine for some reason.

Attached: merry10_0715b.png (299x257, 151.54K)

Anyway, she is also laughing at you.

i am talking about how darwin is a liar

Attached: Screenshot - 7_26_2013 , 4_16_30 AM.png (609x457, 452.71K)

why do you lie so easily

Attached: 1375655899479.gif (310x370, 1.68M)


Nerus is a autard man

I am a she.
I go by Phyllis.

liars are not that chill tbh

Attached: Screenshot - 7_8_2013 , 9_49_10 PM.png (426x324, 283.53K)

you are seriously retarded

Attached: 1347022342568.gif (360x270, 1.87M)

This one is for you, Phil.


Attached: 57429772_p0 - まち.jpg (700x840, 205.63K)

Darwin is a liar

fuck off liar

Attached: bb15-aaryn-glasses.png (533x400, 266.38K)

Darwin is a liar.

Attached: 60607323_p6.png (929x1000, 187.4K)

i mean he's been lying for years

glad it's finally coming out

darwin is a liar?


yeah it turns out he didn't actually respect you

Attached: 1383971520233.gif (350x258, 1.69M)

Darwin lies to fuck underage boys

whys that tho

i hope mordin was worth it

Attached: 1376016436759.gif (333x333, 2.68M)

tbh mordin derserved to be raped by darwin

He lies to me every time he says he loves me.

Attached: 1467051497.mewmewchikoritamoon_sketch271203824.png (800x800, 681.41K)

Is it rape if he wanted it?


you are a nothing

Attached: 1377829672513.png (639x471, 430.83K)

i donno but whether is was consensual or not

mordin deserved it

Attached: Cs8chOWUAAAVAzH.jpg (766x1024, 134.76K)

Ive never known him well enough to build any respect!


He is a fucking idiot
No wonder he is a fuccboi

who is him

Attached: Screenshot - 7_29_2013 , 2_40_20 PM.png (438x316, 306.58K)


side note

what ever happened to mordin

Attached: Screenshot - 7_8_2013 , 10_37_28 PM.png (433x321, 227.36K)


i mean he wasn't terrible

Changed his name to Kiss

Attached: 1447498225335.png (2000x2000, 493.83K)

oh shit no



kiss shotto

Attached: dank.jpg (480x480, 17.18K)

Attached: yuricamp.png (1348x2268, 2.62M)

Yes, really.

I did the thing does it look better now?

hi brad

Attached: 1372636591813.jpg (315x212, 7.78K)


Attached: 1446894898494.png (688x756, 54.75K)

hay bard

i feel like you using my trip

delegitimizes like anything you say


you come off as creepy?

Attached: Screenshot - 8_23_2013 , 7_12_51 AM.png (465x351, 171.06K)

Who is the "you" in that sentence?

oh so he is goint to copy post now

that is even more sad

good q

who is your soldier cuck buddy

I did nothing wrong!

Attached: ab020d4b1003b3a95dc641f269ad95e4742c45640938dc7d9a3bda03cf0dccc5.jpg (200x211, 11.67K)

I already told you I do not know any of these people.

it really was his cuck buddy lol

Cute melty dog fish thing

I hope you're having a nice day desu

Hey Tp how are you doing?

Attached: nichismok.gif (378x349, 1.85M)

your boyfriend is bullying me

fuck off

you can deny all you want fucker but you are responsible


giggling at things
Whatcha been up to?

dindu nuffin

and people wonder why i don't like darwin

Attached: 1376027088990.gif (400x320, 1.47M)

Nobody wonders that.

hung out w/ my brother for a while aftetrr I got off work what about you?
who are you so I can know how hard i can safely flirt with you without seeming creepy

Attached: SHIMA.JPG (640x512, 30.9K)

because he legit has his minions do things for him

and most of the time his minions are gay af

honestly darwin if i ever see one of your minions i will punch that faggot in his faggot face

#realtalk. I hate goggles

Im just chillin with music, eatin dinner.
Is Herpy.
Im playing pretend!

oh don't get me started on cuckwork


this kid is beyond clueless

like i don't even think his retarded ass realized that he would not be a thing if darwin did not have a proclivity for underage dudes

how did you get that trip you goof

Attached: subtle.jpg (480x360, 12.82K)

You have the wrong Australian there.

Phil posted it somewhere.

tfw fake tp cares more about me than real tp

Attached: justgoogleit.jpg (787x830, 156.43K)

They were posting it up there! Before!
I dont want to repost it just in case they really dont want people to see it all the time or something

Hi bard.....
Why is she vacuum cleaner on mouth..................

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it's public

it's just funny seeing his dingo fucker solders try to affect me

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it's that dingo fucker with the weird name that hates me

Good Morning Cewas
she likes how the vacuum fees

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I legit didnt mean to doit to offend, I just thought it was a thing to do I dont hate you

I thought you liked the ponies

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fluffy or squishy or something

Not even close.

close enough


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I dated squishy years ago, uhh if you mean the one who used to be about yeast products

not the aussie cucks who hate me?

i'm not going to just take it

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hurr you are so gay

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She's a robot...............
She'll get dirty.............

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Did I know you under another name once and have forgotten you?

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He is drunk and has no idea who you are.

yes exactly

and you

my "friend" just sits back and laughs

fuck you

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why dont you like each other?

She's vacuuming off the dust :..........furrowed:

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such a great friend he turned out to be

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Dirty gays

I called for a truce, though.

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and i didn't accept it

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You did. Have you forgotten already?

no way


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well i shouldn't have accepted it then

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Too late. You already did. Now be nice.

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because darwin does not mean anything he says and is not to be trusted

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Yruce is over


i take back what i said

and i don't actually believe i said that

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Truce is nil


darwin is evil and i do not want to be associated with his scum

Thank you for finally answering my question!
I will not ironically take this into consideration, I will take this into actual consideration.

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oh wow this is great

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Is there a for argument?
If there was anyone who would have this, who would I ask?

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No take backsies.

for what?

there's no argument

darwin is a creepy child molestor and he's been allowed to be too long

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We should ban darwin and his cock slave

If there was though, like by chance, who do you think would have it? Does anyone support him?

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We would lose half the threads.

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i agree

i mean i should like drop this thread to the FBI and see how they feel about our friend darwin


Touching kids is pretty bad...

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you joke but there are plenty of examples of you trying to fuck underage boys

I have never tried, I hate younger guys, my last bf was an 18y/o hornbag when we got together and I was too lazy to fuck pretty much all the time. Poor bastard somehow was okay with that till I broke up with him.

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I think he meant me.


ywn get fucked by tp 2 because he's too lazy

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Qué lástima.

I make for a terrible partner.

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you never lied to me

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darwin gets off on making me upset

tbh i kinda get off too but still

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Ty Tp I try not to be a liar ;~:

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Unhorny boys
No thnx

yeah liars are so hard to deal with

especially chronic ones

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Wat kinda stuff does he do?


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is brad an unholy boi?

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like he will not even be posting

then pop up to just make me mad

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no I'm a good boi

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That sounds very Australian.
He's aussie right? I think I know that much.....I think.

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aww shoot

what even is an unholy boi

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did I miss anything interesting?

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come lay down with me

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no darwin is socal

but he does employ his aussie butt slaves to bully me

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Lol who are they

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i donno man

like he has these aussie drones that just hate me

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dat claw

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Why are they droning cows..........
They didn't do nothing wrong...............

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user attack drones haha
Well he certain chose the country with the best trolling equipment.

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she was one of the favourites but bitch got played so hard

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haha i really like your outlook on this

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Erio probably

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Being a cunt at the right moment is what makes the most difference, the most impact.

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I don't know......They must have done something bad...

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I don't care about fake drama shit.

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i feel like stocking isn't even an unholy boi

you are so right

it's not so much quantity

more quality

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They're cows..............
They just eat grass and poop...............
America is gone too far.................

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The thrill of the hunt!

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i like Erio but he is so god damn edgy

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what if they are plotting something
spying on us

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piki piki piki desu ka?

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They can't................
They're just cows................
Cows are not that smart.... You know this already....................

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once you kind that 10 7*

so based

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i've known him so long that we just down even take each other's bs

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ohh, sugoi desu ne!

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Why does he hate you so much?

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fuck your shit.

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lol i get it, because semen

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Well shit, why not just let all of this making sense stuff up to us adults..
No wait, we don't care. Go, children, run wild and free while you can.

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I'm appropriating Neiko from Sodium Eyes to channel my inner Daria / Jane.

If you miss any of the references you're too young and are going to get burned later.

Not because you asked for it, but because I would be in a mood for burning things.

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Where my cute boys at

I'm a boy........

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Is bard

Hehehehe..........I am.........

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It's fun to watch a thread devolve because nobody is talking, but people still want attention.

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Said squash

good morning vietnam

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Want to get filtered again, kid?

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Oh hey. It's the pedo.

Fucking do it

I'm not a pedo >:(

But you are a homo

Better say that you don't gay


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I hate liafie

Later nerds

false information

hello fren

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Yaaay, death

America are sleeping.........

New thread?

New. Thread. When

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Lol Squish doesn't know there's a new thread cuz she filtered me

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there is a new thread