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i refuse

TP x Elma OTP

we do click




I am never mean.

I am always mean.


Be mean to Phil. He seems to enjoy it.


Spongebob is the thonking man meme

this is the problem

your collective should figure it out

We are all in the IRC laughing at you.

you are wrong

when you are mean to me

i do not enjoy it

Can't wait.

see this makes me feel less than legit

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and i don't EVER want to feel less than

you should feel ashamed of yourself

This is genuinely the most autistic thing I've ever seen.
It's as autistic as the shithole that spawned your community.

I know that's why it's great, and it's gonna be a mobile game.

oh yeah spectre goes deep autism

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do we not?

when we clique, we clique tho

It's kinda funny you're making a judgment on anyone's autism.

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do you guys still fuck irl

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Oh yeah

i mean you do fuck still huh

why do that weird flirty bs in thread

I'm not on vacation currently.

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i've been doing better :3

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what does that mean

you have an open relationship?

and you just keep tsuchi around for convenience?

more power love

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FUCK I hate TP so much shit

that shit is priceless



on a real tip i realized how much of a piece of shit darwin is

I'm trying to keep this conversation clean.
It's not an open relationship and it's not for convenience.

Also I just like knocking him in public, this isn't flirting.

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he does not care about me or you

what does that mean

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Anyway, how are you doing TP?

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has tsuchi fucked you in your ass and vis versa

that is the only q

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ok i guess

Be my tech support

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Good afternoon.

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Did the lucid dream become a nightmare?

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i should have never got sucked into the pinback loop again

fucking great now i'm sad again

VICE versa.

I think you confused vis a vis

viva la revolucion

*乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚 Indian voice*Thank you for calling Dell Tech support, how can I help you?


Roam free, Wish. Most of us live our whole lives without any real adventure to call our own. It's hard to comprehend, but they laughed at Jules Verne too.

This is a revolution of the mind.

What's down

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wish most of us aren't liars also


it really took a lot for emma to admit he was a dude

Did it?

God bless robot chicken


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I just woke up and have started replenishing my vitals. Another one of my best friends made a pass at me last night.

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No, Windows is just being a piece of shit.

Hi, explain this

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new phone
who dis

All i can recall about that is reboot and pray to all the gods the blue screen never returns.

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God it's so fucking good

Dare I approach it?


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Approach what?


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Yes, I have to reboot to fix it, but it breaks every time I unplug the power cable.

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we in this thread
what's going on?

lil kitty

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What were you doing that broke it in the first place?

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If you want

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I uh, unplugged it from my desk and plugged it back in by my bed.

Attached: 64566361_p2 - チアリーダー朝潮ちゃん.jpg (988x1611, 1.04M)

If you have a laptop then your power supply has busted so when you unplug it, it's not providing electricity to the components correctly.

What is this

Why are you not calling me a cunt or something

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Order a new charger.

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Tp ❤️

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re darwin

wish he will turn on you when you least expect it

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Phil is right.

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Don't feel like it

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Why not? Did I do something wrong?

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he's gay now

darwin does not gib a shit about anyone

you are just refuse to his lols

No one CARES PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I have more important things to worry about.

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some people actually care


Like what?

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about you being a lying shit

i think people would

God I wish he was still Governor

all along*.

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i swear to god, I've bought like 5 of these things already.

They're trash.

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He is too busy fucking up his career now.

darwin don't you have a top secrit shit to disappear to

New computer when?

He's gay all along? What an egregious grammatical error

Do you ever vote? Curious

Also his little videos he puts out sometimes are fun

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My kitty got out somehow and I can't find him anywhere. I am getting really annoyed.

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When you buy me one.

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His movies are not.

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here is my impression of darwin

thread is boring
thread is boring
thread is boring

oh shit someone is doing something, TIME TO TROLL

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What about Daddy Wish?

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By power supply I mean the part inside the laptop that drinks electricity.

Duly noted to be later acknowledged.

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Hai Neko

What did you say to them?

Honestly I forgot how good it was
I've never watched Star Wars but the Star Wars specials they did is immaculate

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Like... out of your house? Is he an inside cat?

Good job

And yeah I know but I'm sure he can reach down into his schlock reserves and pull out a good one before he dies

Let me know when it happens

I like how they brought in Seth McFarland to do a bunch of voices but didn't do the same stupid shit McFarland had already done over again

Seth Green kills that shit

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He is making Triplets and another Terminator. I have no faith.

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I just got this in October :^(

But why would changing the power state affect that at all?

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They were consistently improving their writing and production value, I appreciate them just on that
Truly a mastapeece.
You ever watched Moral Orel? I'm told it gets dark.

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He said
'what would you say if I ..... right now'
and I say 'i dunno' and stuff.
then he says 'would you stop me'
and i sort of panicked and said 'yeah i probably would'
Then I wrapped up the occasion.


Well if it's not plugged in, does it still work?
on a side note, constant use of a laptop while it's plugged in isn't healthy for the battery. It's better to charge it, use it to 20% then recharge it.

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And now you can upgrade to koohii lake.

Darwin has always been an upstanding citizen to me. Just saying.

Hi rroyd *kissu*

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Do you like him?

Sorry about your kitty. Hopefully he turns up somewhere, safe.

Attached: 5ad76fc2c9ac303625b00c722f1d4898.png (1668x2430, 490.5K)

he was just telling you what you wanted to hear

Attached: 1356405765595.png (480x640, 396.76K)

darwin is the creapiest motherfucker here

he legit has dated underaged dudes btw

in case anyone forgot

He's one of my best friends. I didn't want to break that.

Attached: 今日のぬえちゃんその33「ひとみしりぬぇ」.jpg (900x900, 854.04K)

He's a inside cat. I just seen him and I almost caught him but he took off into the neighbors yard somewhere ;_;

Attached: shameful.png (608x492, 257.78K)


Yes, provided I reboot it first. If I plug in the cable or disconnect it then wifi breaks until a hard reboot.

That's actually a myth. It's bad for a battery to charge it above 95% of the capacity or use it below 5% but nearly everything accounts for that today so the 0-100 scale you see is actually 5-95.

But there isn't a new model Surface out.

Attached: 67615326_p0 - Hinata.jpg (708x850, 321.5K)

Fair enough.
Hopefully he doesn't take it too hard.

Attached: 5f1b1513de3892d19b68e51115f899ed.png (1530x2128, 1.06M)

Is that not generally considered to be garbage?


I've seen some, it doesn't really appeal to me a whole lot. Yeah, it's dark

Inside cats are scaredy, he'll come back soon enough

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Y-You too?

The 4 is because of a heating issue that fucked the screen up.
If you get a good screen on the new model it's fine.

Attached: 56397604_p0 - ぇー.jpg (1200x1600, 569.61K)

I want to believe

Attached: NOT furry (19).png (610x1100, 838.13K)

he has dated more than one underage guy

Attached: 1350024607227.png (304x348, 174.37K)

maybe 3

I remember now you also had another computer with a fucked up screen.

He needs James Cameron.

that would tell anyone rational that he is a predator

It sounds like the wifi card is losing power which is causing the driver to fail.

Also that's a fair point.

It kind of seemed like he did but in a quiet way. I don't know. I don't care.

Attached: 【東方】封獣ぬえ.jpg (1000x1000, 671.01K)

oh shit the aussie darwin ex's come pouring in

He is the skittish one but he is the sweetest. The other one is wont let me pet him.

he was deffo underrage af


Well, Jare was, but not the Aussie Aaron.

who is aaron


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Attached: Screenshot - 7_19_2013 , 4_40_55 AM.png (343x321, 223.42K)

I need something to fill the hole in my heart that rick and morty has left.

How are you doing otherwise?

Attached: 6b9d9555abea0a846e6b14c521b89edd.jpg (715x1000, 85.21K)

oh that

the gay that got away

Attached: 1375654626240.gif (340x300, 1.7M)

Yeah, do you remember the picture where I had 3 of them? :3

Mhmm, I have no idea why it fucks up like that though. Like, you'd think enabling and disabling the adapter would fix it or you'd even see some sort of indication in the network icon at all :^(

Attached: 62867573_p0 - ばしゃばしゃ.jpg (1100x733, 491.27K)

Haunts me to this day.

milky was charming in his own way

Attached: bb15-aaryn-fighting-candice.png (533x408, 290.96K)

I still have his address, though.

you and milky used to be it

Attached: 1376016277500.gif (360x240, 2.74M)

They made a new flcl?

Attached: so good.png (366x539, 197.23K)

Why even?

Is that really the best modern director to guide him?

They tend to be that way. He'll come back :)

Just rewatch Robot Chicken tbh

Attached: NOT furry (74).jpg (500x561, 116.32K)

I'm alright, just watching youtube and stuff.
I feel a bit too tired to do stuff.

I had the same-ish sort of thing happen on my laptop that was running ubuntu. I managed to write a small script that just reboots it up when it kills.

If your problems are happening only when you're swapping between power states then it is most likely related to how the power is being distributed inside the laptop.

Attached: むむ・・・・.png (800x1131, 1.01M)

Maybe grim was right about me being too lazy to drink water

Because if Macs are even more garbage, it is only a matter of time until it happens to me.

He has not had a greater collaborator.

Attached: pinchlu.png (600x771, 480.41K)

not yet
it's coming soon

maybe you are a monster for making grim think you are a girl still


Most kitty's are just tsundere til you pet them then they will be your best friend.

Attached: jasjbsacjb.png (216x218, 46.03K)

I'm still under warranty on it so I might just exchange it for free tbh

Buy me a Mac actually.

He saw the light today actually.

Attached: 62631920_p0 - 紗霧~❤.jpg (2790x3841, 2.47M)


lol no he didn't

Attached: 1377827257460.gif (344x250, 1.95M)

Waiting for the new models.

If you can, I'd say go for it. It could be a sign of something worsening.

Attached: 1どろ ぬええええええ.jpg (900x1440, 772.34K)

He had a full meltdown and everything, it was great.

Hurry up

Attached: 67449237_p0 - Blue Sky.png (909x1269, 1.61M)

That's true, plus it's a bitch to actually get all the dust out of these things so it'd be like a free cleaning too.

Attached: 62559365_p0 - Sagiri~~ o3o.png (1200x1697, 1.79M)

no that was me

Attached: 1347022342568.gif (360x270, 1.87M)

No. You will be patient.

Attached: 56858511_p0 - くまみこ ちゃん.png (1998x3086, 2.38M)


I usually just wait for them to come to me because I know they crave that shit

Attached: NOT furry (54).png (832x1297, 514.25K)

i was thinking about it

i think i raged at wish harder because i wasn't able to unload on bern like i wanted to

so congrats you got some residual bern backlash

Attached: 1375659146819.png (1093x799, 594.91K)

Being from australia I have never known anyone that has ever done that warranty stuff. It simply costs too much to send stuff back overseas to get a new one.

Attached: 【落書き】一日一東方 2.jpg (900x900, 295.12K)

You could still rage at Bern.

or like

I don't wannya wait! ;_;

Attached: 67633468_p0 - 島村卯月 園児服.jpg (1308x2105, 311.65K)

It's pretty fantastic, they actually cover all the shipping for me :^)

Attached: 67671519_p0 - エリちゃん.png (1417x2000, 2.93M)

is rin here
i have a forehead kiss to give out

Attached: padoru.jpg (354x468, 43.8K)

i know like he still sucks elmers dick

Attached: 1379570623731.png (1075x788, 537.1K)

Both of them follow me around all day. Especially if I got something to eat. They are like dogs!

Attached: mmmm.png (301x243, 66.21K)



Attached: 1347094615081.gif (250x250, 809.48K)

I am sure they will not be overpriced at all.

How does that make you feel?

gurl I'll void ur warranty

Attached: tetora hue.jpg (327x321, 71.33K)

kinda angry tbh

Attached: 1376026957025.gif (400x320, 1.55M)

Well aren't you one privileged goose.

Just make sure you scrub your hdd so a nosey techie doesn't find all your loli porn.

Attached: 1f48a3502e507de3a46a86ebaf279706.png (638x800, 273.9K)

Read those two posts.

You have a bunch of money though.

Pls no trigger me, geese are the devil.

They'd find more traps if anything :^)

Attached: 67405877_p0 - 妹isねこ.png (900x1272, 744.69K)


when will people realize that darwin is a selfish troll who throws his "friends" under the FUCKING BUS

which ones

Attached: 1373849411750.png (1008x792, 591.18K)


Attached: 67308176_p0 - マフラー巻いてる女の子.jpg (1100x1350, 235.34K)

it was funny when he stole and spoofed my tripcodes and stuff but yeah it kinda ended up I don't even use trips now.

Everything worked out because I'm instantly recognizable and hard to spoof.

Attached: tetora_cutegrin.jpg (114x157, 21.6K)

link it again

my shit is fucking up

Attached: 1377827089924.png (1150x839, 806.2K)

Trap, loli, shota whatever.

If anything see if you can get away with being able to claim warranty without giving back the hdd.

Attached: 6b58311544f279220879ab398cdd4f30.jpg (1023x682, 94.05K)

What a fucking queer.

no that shit was actually funny

cause you were a dumbass

Attached: 66107026_p0 - ハムマン!.png (762x1200, 934.83K)

The wife got everything after the divorce.

Attached: 56706374_p0 - まちちゃんラクガキ.png (1128x1112, 789.47K)

again tho

where does the link end

Attached: 1376026957025.gif (400x320, 1.55M)

yeah everyone had lots of fun.

It was pretty hilarious. people were saving my outbursts on notecards and screenshots, they was good times.

Attached: tetora huhu.jpg (424x359, 72.41K)

well you were like playing fake stripping games and shit

you were oc

There's regular 2D girls too :^)

These things are pretty tough to open up so fat chance on that.

What wife?


Attached: 62760153_p0 - エロマンガ先生2.jpg (727x1000, 221.48K)

Wish, DM how big your dick is to Grim.
If he doubt's it then start pretending to be a girl again. It's easier that way.

Attached: 500.PNG (344x471, 96.28K)

wish though how big is your d

Whatever works for you.

Attached: 0a04776329064582f3d8fbeec9aaaae0.jpg (600x600, 161.69K)

strip post poker, that was legit.

only worked with b though, cause it rolled so fast you had to have your eye on the ball to beat someone and call it, lol.

Attached: lucky tetora.jpg (225x225, 44.05K)

As far as I know he accepted it earlier.
It's just TP that's being an idiot now.

Attached: 62815806_p0 - 無題.jpg (900x1350, 179.14K)

i think that grim doesn't even believe it yet


Attached: 56692874_p0 - くまみこ.jpg (1000x1000, 460.45K)


At least I'm not one of those weirdos that get off to thigh highs :^)

Attached: 67015230_p0 - 響ちゃんから自撮り写真が送られてきた.jpg (650x1107, 168.25K)

It's this big

We literally hung out twice and there was 0 dick sucking.

i accepted it like last week

how am i the devil

I need a vomit bag.

Yeah, but you can't figure out how to read a fucking post because you're too drunk

Attached: 63491273_p0 - あぐらかいてる紗霧ちゃん.png (1617x1213, 457.35K)

What's wrong with thigh highs?

Attached: ワンドロ ぬえ.jpg (1181x1748, 710.85K)

Use my throat.

Attached: 56685445_p0 - まち【くまみこ】【描き方動画付き】.png (600x600, 214.15K)

Attached: chiridrunk.png (512x419, 181.82K)

i still think that wish has a low key reverse troll thing going on

because if bitch lied about one thing for 7 years

bitch can fucking lie about anything

Just teasing, they're pretty good tbh.

Especially when they're just a little bit too tight.

What what the heck?


Attached: 58718154_p0 - ☆薙切 えりな.jpg (1500x1500, 1.19M)

wow miraclez that's pretty edgy of you to invite someone to vomit into your throat

birds do it all the time how is that edgy?

bitch it's the internet,

we lie

Attached: chiri1.jpg (219x206, 52.95K)

Why ruin a perfectly good bag?

Attached: 56649753_p0 - ナツもふもふ.jpg (1653x1695, 891.53K)

humans != birds dumbshit

Attached: chiri murder.jpg (333x365, 51.23K)

Mama bird me food, mommy.

Attached: 54544c0b2cf82a6bb5780181115c4ac6.jpg (878x1200, 159.92K)

It's an improvement tbh

Attached: 54046065_p0 - にゃまつかぜ.png (680x956, 503.02K)

Attached: lol idunno (2).png (438x380, 199.89K)

Attached: _(ツ)_:¯.jpeg (998x1070, 549K)

Only if they're socks. If they're the stocking type ones, they rip or stretch or something.

Attached: 东方平板スープ025 1.jpg (1284x816, 79.82K)


Attached: 1376026957025.gif (400x320, 1.55M)

Attached: chiri_contemplate.jpg (397x285, 50.87K)

Wish, Tsuchi is asking for Mommy to feed him.
I think he's talking to you.

Attached: 326.PNG (304x434, 133.15K)

nooo why did you post the wrong image

why do we have like the most pathetic dudes who pretend to be girls for replies here tho

Attached: deal with it.png (256x256, 4.28K)

kanra no

I think he has me filtered though


Yeah, the ones that stretch and go less opaque are kinda shitty.

Attached: 55126073_p0 - 猫ランジェリー暁響ちゃん!.jpg (600x800, 584.37K)

Well idk TP, as far as I'm concerned I've been one of the most stable, reliable and honest posters in this excuse of a community, and I wouldn't judge anyone for staying here as it dies out- it's a thing, we made it- and it's here;

I don't mind being called a liar, but you know deep down I am one of the most honest people you have ever met.

Attached: glug.png (256x300, 4.81K)

He tells me everyone he has filtered.
He doesn't have you filtered.

Attached: 39.PNG (253x488, 114.93K)



I think you answered your own question

you are not special yo

neither are you

Oh ok, I feed him then

Open wide uwu

Attached: 62562698_p0 - エロマンガ先生.jpg (1072x736, 328.19K)

Attached: da53b2527f40eeae35aa9e5278686414.png (556x514, 238.32K)

their ego is insane

once wish and darwin calm down their lies

I scrolled down and was going to pick the first image with two people that I saw.

But then it was 腹パン so I decided to spare you.

Attached: 62740100_p0 - 桜色プラットフォーム.png (1447x2047, 2.99M)

TP babe you can ask me literally anything and I'll answer honestly

do et

I'm glad Wave Racer's style really caught on nowadays, it's too bad they didn't really get the credit back in 2013/2014

is darwin actually evil

Attached: 1377829672513.png (639x471, 430.83K)

What a silly query.

no like for real

fuck that guy

Attached: pantsu.png (256x300, 6.59K)

I refuse.


Attached: 57165600_p0 - 逢瀬.jpg (1361x1800, 1.35M)

Chiri honestly makes it seem like Kanra is somehow bearable in comparison.

Attached: acd7660bc926497dfd31333293c9bf38.png (1344x890, 726.19K)

kira is ok

Attached: sigh.png (256x300, 4.59K)

darwin seems to just pop up to start trouble for me

and like he is the most fuckiing pathetic person i know

Attached: 1377829672513.png (639x471, 430.83K)

Attached: 1519068238611.jpg (467x700, 137.09K)

he preys on people

see his relationship with that autistic norse guy

yeah, idk what the comparison is,

but Kanra is more of an edgeknight, right?

and I don't give a shit.

Attached: wat.png (256x300, 5.11K)

I couldn't just lie to him.

Attached: 54852358_p0 - 英梨々に可愛い服を着せ隊.jpg (676x1000, 624.15K)

Is Neru even mentally competent enough to give consent?

Attached: general reaction.png (387x516, 215.23K)

kanra has been slummin

lol i was totally thinking about how darwin made neru believe he was nice

he was not

darwin is the least nice, most cancerous, self interested fuck here

Well, one does need the basic problem solving skills in order to get past the Captcha, I'm thinking this is the reason half of the old posters never came back.

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All I can think of was Neru's keyboard he posted and it was covered in months' worth of food crumbs and honestly made me wonder how the state didn't put him on a 'tard farm.

Attached: general reaction.png (387x516, 215.23K)

Just described everyone.

He will probably think you lied anyway.

Attached: yuu-2017-11-08-02h12m16s561.png (1280x720, 608.01K)

i kinda miss neru tho


Attached: 1375055477300.jpg (533x396, 51.22K)

Everyone's a liar,

you're just not the best liar here.

Attached: bye.png (256x300, 5.81K)

Kinda miss TP tho

Attached: __weiss_schnee_rwby_drawn_by_izumi_sai__3f0a596b1dbd6a50d83a753d2201c560.png (1176x827, 636.96K)

oh shit dude

Attached: 1377827089924.png (1150x839, 806.2K)

who is that moose fucker

Attached: 1376016277500.gif (360x240, 2.74M)

Thank you for the TP (you)

Also I'm Eva.

Attached: 20479890_1633610703346706_8094282364905252241_n.jpg (940x850, 96.52K)

oh wow thanks eva

this was weird

Attached: 1376016436759.gif (333x333, 2.68M)

that's unfortunate.

Attached: maidn.png (344x423, 124.9K)

i have no problem supporting eva now btw

Was it?

Hey Chiri. You're still good too, though lacking a shovel...

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Attached: C35xg0oVYAEM_m5.jpg (1200x1199, 199.91K)

like eva and i were enemies

but it was when eva was lying

Attached: bb15-aaryn-bathtub.jpg (300x221, 16.52K)

Still got it if I need it.

Attached: chiri_shovel.jpg (548x375, 71.78K)

Love thine enemies

Attached: NOT furry (103).jpg (224x808, 63.15K)

no like good weird

Attached: 1375655899479.gif (310x370, 1.68M)

Nah, it goes along with his agenda so it's the truth.

Attached: 66213381_p0 - まだ…です.jpg (1250x1661, 532.3K)


Attached: i cant sell meth to this.jpg (251x333, 19.62K)

12:10 AM.

Attached: B6o_qRFCIAA_sRB.jpg (768x1024, 155.99K)

Morning Squash.

Takes me back. I love it.

Though reminds me of our old Chen poster too, miss them.

Love thine Colbs.

Oooh good, how are you doing?

Attached: 29496447_1152568794885150_966336314108542976_n.jpg (960x960, 85.87K)

oh boy,

look at all the shit trickling in!

Attached: chiri_wat.jpg (324x300, 45.67K)

ikr miss chen

Attached: chen road rage.jpg (300x442, 128.94K)

Better than the shit trickling out
of ur mouth
hi chiri

tfw no one does

Attached: NOT furry (28).jpg (484x699, 183.02K)

kinda drunk and high and good

Attached: Wish's anal arsenal.png (480x640, 341.28K)

Sup, user?

Attached: C--JVbTVwAEzKka.jpg (1200x817, 223.04K)

oh hi kyle

Attached: Screenshot - 7_11_2013 , 11_51_30 PM.png (433x317, 250.78K)

oh hi kyle

why the small ones?

Attached: chiri_excited.jpg (241x241, 48.13K)

why are you copying my shit

i thought we were chilling

why aren't you copying my shit


I used to talk to them on my main steam but I think they deleted me awhile back randomly. Hadn't spoke to them in quite some time.

I do hope they are okay.

I always will.

Good, hopefully things stay decent.

Am Eva. But not a lot, just a down night. Sleep well?

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Attached: FACE.png (247x248, 4.55K)

well hey TP, maybe we won't get into a petty argument if we're both drunk and high?

Maybe there are other targets?

Attached: chiri_smile2.jpg (139x164, 25.26K)



How goes, TP?


Ah. And kind of. I don't get much rest lately. Trying to see a doctor about it.
Sup with you?

Attached: DLdRhTaVAAAGhs4.jpg (1200x859, 203.43K)



forgive me

Chen had a good minecraft server for a bit, but, idk chen wasn't that good at being an admin type

so like, I ran my own server for a while instead, afterwards.

until none of us cared about playing minecraft.

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ask him

no set is complete without one.



Attached: NOT furry (2).jpeg (678x960, 381.21K)

a real fucking sad bitch


Attached: B5GDYkRCEAMZs9Q.jpg (768x1024, 99.69K)

I was responding to the image.

if they are not yours I apologise; was just inquiring since there is such a large collection that, why are there small ones?

Attached: chiri_candlelit.jpg (140x181, 21.1K)

a real fucking sad bitch

oh no not you

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Attached: tetora 7.png (424x359, 175.29K)

darwin is lurking to start shit

Start shit.

Not just cause of work? Damn, really really hope they can help you out.

Probably just depression but maybe a touch of melancholy. Stupid feeling stuff that honestly probably shouldn't be happening but yay me? lol

Ye, minecraft sort of burnt itself out. I'm surprised that anyone even continues to play it at this point. Minus children I guess.


Attached: b97f5c424c619ca92e204ca00b1fc574.jpg (1280x923, 372.31K)

Oh. I was really confused.

Attached: dfzbhaern.png (234x277, 65.31K)

i was too

Attached: 1378325927766.jpg (269x396, 71.66K)

Darwin can bring whatever shit he want.

Attached: chiri_creepy3.jpg (345x357, 53.42K)

Whitney Houston

I will always love you

God damn Canadians

Attached: NOT furry (22).png (562x794, 563.98K)

Combination of a few things I think.

What is the matter?


Attached: kjhgkjbglk.png (253x399, 122.57K)

darwin and wish keep gang bulliying me

He's rolling over like Jabba the Hutt to have you in a leather bikini parading in front of him.

like does he not have anything better to do than exclusively bully me?

we get it darwin you have a crush on me

we get it darwin you have a crush on me

Attached: Tp Hearts Darwin.png (1049x179, 45.11K)


how are you


Attached: 1377827257460.gif (344x250, 1.95M)

That's really fucking gay

He only loves you for your Cubs memorabilia.

that is so unrelated


i hate the cubs

Attached: chiri oc.png (256x256, 7.56K)

oh shit drunky is here

All Chicago teams suck tbh.

Oh, kinda not solid enough to get it fast enough. Sorry Colbs

Uhm, kind of like an overwhelming fear of future things because of the uncertainty of it. To the point of feeling sad enough to post here when I should probably be asleep.

Not sure I described it well but I think that's the best I can do at wording it exactly without it sounding stupider than I am.

Attached: 1bc57701fbaeefb06e0cf2cf1e151e8e.png (650x797, 597.79K)

Just woke up again. Was having some chest pain and had to lie down. I'm not sure what I want to do now. Might play FF14 or Kirby.

Attached: CzOq-Y8UcAA6H17.jpg (938x1200, 144.37K)

oh shit drunky is here

cynic is one who knows nothing and thinks he does know anything

Attached: i like it.png (256x256, 6.26K)

so full of shit

I think I can get the jist of it.
I do not know how to help or that I have any words of wisdom for this though.

You might consider at least resting.

Attached: DL7wfEZVAAEV_Np.jpg (900x1200, 184.66K)

hurr i am drunky but not drunk

You must improve your skills

I forgive you tho

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TPs unfounded butthurt makes me moist

Attached: 26.png (1064x520, 291.17K)

drunky is a kanra type who thinks he has shit figured out

and is always horribly wrong when he gets depressed and wants to ky

oh man are we fighting?

Attached: 1378358083996.jpg (385x459, 83.05K)

I think you are attempting to.

It's perfectly alright, honestly meeas a bunch that you would even ask about it or think o say something to help to someone like me. So thank you, Squash.

I probably should and will soon enough.

Attached: __weiss_schnee_rwby_drawn_by_iesupa__6c4d50586b497e1a22415db1c9456393.jpg (1000x1038, 157.67K)

drunky is a fucking idiot

Attached: 1377829636804.png (639x471, 468.76K)

Not really. You're hilarious

Attached: 8.png (661x508, 196.13K)

I'm too tired to be combative anymore so it is what it is.

Sleep well.

Attached: fdzgzfdg.png (642x391, 146.34K)

i don't have any alternate motives other than telling you that you are shit

you are fucking null

I really don't want to be combative at all anymore, just in general. Though I'm not perfect at not being still.

You have a good day, Squash~

Attached: 22195581_1838445669503689_2826709347169733779_n.jpg (680x906, 79.87K)

Any time!

Attached: NOT furry (41).png (1280x1371, 557.79K)

*Pat pat*

I'm entertained, that's all I can say to support this autistic gathering place, as an outside observer with no social connections to any participants.

Attached: neiko bored.png (234x262, 71.26K)

Delicious assmad. Tell me that you think I'm pretentious and pretend to be more interesting than I really am. That'll really get to me.

Attached: 9.png (571x513, 181.99K)

darwin will grasp onto whatever little relevance he can find

Attached: 39369dfd7770538099779fbbcb2f208eb211a3eb1e33e1af5ca429b2e35d12c9.jpg (500x555, 27.28K)

you are kinda pretentious

Attached: 1347094615081.gif (250x250, 809.48K)

Now call me your bitch and spit in my mouth.

Attached: 26.png (1064x520, 291.17K)


Drunky. You should add me.

I'm going to try to get to sleep, I'll try to drop in tomorrow though. Have a good time, Colby. ♥

Sleep tight

Attached: NOT furry (15).jpg (480x670, 206.68K)

oh shit no

Attached: 1377827089924.png (1150x839, 806.2K)


Attached: 25.png (1187x527, 378.45K)

drunky you should be consistent you pussy bitch

Attached: 1347022342568.gif (360x270, 1.87M)

Man, you give up easy. Tell me more things about myself you think are true. I crave the attention.

Attached: 36.png (473x663, 209.46K)

you are so sad dude

Attached: 1375055659738.png (1091x803, 578.34K)

Come on. One valid criticism of my being. Give me one good one, and I'll concede, and tell you you're right, and validate these strong feelings you've been harboring for me. I might even off myself on tinychat if you're really mean.

Attached: 11.png (479x589, 186.04K)

Fuck you, I didn't want feels.

Attached: neiko rrgh.png (204x219, 51.69K)

come one

you are a bitch dude

Attached: 1376016436759.gif (333x333, 2.68M)

Attached: 1376028235257.gif (330x330, 2.48M)


It's like I fucked your girlfriend or something.
Do you wanna talk about it?

Attached: 21.png (369x363, 100.8K)

did you even have a girlfriend


you seem hella gay

no offense

Attached: Screenshot - 7_8_2013 , 9_16_16 PM.png (440x325, 229.6K)


lol sorry

Drunky is married though with a kid?

No kid.


he's so fucking gay he married a woman

I bet you love your wife you fucking faggot

I'm so fucking gay I shit cum rainbows

no joke there isn't anything more selfish than having a kid

Attached: Screenshot - 7_26_2013 , 1_56_55 AM.png (430x327, 291.91K)

i just like how gays make threads fun

Attached: big_brother_57226.jpg (600x301, 60.38K)


Running out of steam?

Attached: 17.png (577x510, 222.78K)