If Pirus and Crips all got along. They'd probably gun me down by the end of this song...

If Pirus and Crips all got along. They'd probably gun me down by the end of this song. Seem like the whole city go against me. Every time I'm in the street, I hear YAWK YAWK YAWK YAWK

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I take it back we can't be friends any more.

Jokes pls don't hate me

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I always figured you for a romantic, Mandy.

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Nothing will be daijoubu.

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this is a true statement

you've gone almost an entire day without asking for a kiss try not to fail now
you've gotten addicted


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Moumantai, Grim.

It's how I weed out the ones who can't handle being my friend.

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You being mean to me is the only way I can get my rocks off these days.

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who needs to ask for one when i can just steal those lips >:3

A hopeless romantic. I'm not a good person. I'm sort of like a dry leaf. I catch flame easily, burn brightly. And wither even quicker. And I do hate myself for that. Especially when I make the target of my flame fall in love with me. Which is why I drink.

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how much longer of
tuff guy tracer before im considered a buddy ? :3
i will work hard to reach this goal

Good for you.

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Frick your Digimen to heck!

I know you are, but what is she?

Real shit

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If I'm understanding this right I'm exactly the same. Fall fast, fall hard, fall off?

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Fucking kill me


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Okay I lied I watch lesbian porn.


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Kinda blows, doesn't it?

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This is war

*beats u up*


Liliana, smother me with your thighs to death please

You don't like your old classmates, DooP?

friendship ended with scoots
now yams is my new best friend
just kidding you are all my best friend even you scoots

i have stick thighs ;w;
hot dogs....


Sorry... Forgive me?

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ur not my best friend
u didnt respond to my roleplay post

Yes. Quite a bit. Trust me, if I have not promised otherwise, I would have killed myself long ago.

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sorry best friend
-is smooched forcefully-

Well... as it's you, okay. ♥

I've always got that at the bottom of my to-do list.

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I had a good run at school
But some people i went with are cringe
This event
A reminder of my emo formative years
Having to see old crushes and shit
Why me

Youve the sickest thighs



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The bottom of my to-do list is break another heart. But it's still there.

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im ur friend

Ask Amy.

Ehh, it's alright.

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Ayy u rite tho... idk what Luke's is like, I'd have to ask my brother.

Speaking of, I'ma get food.

That's what hearts are for.

I bet you watch amputee dwarf exhibitionism.

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You know, that would be a much more logical intent for them based on outcome.

Dwarfs are for tossing, not fucking.

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Y-You're so embarrassing...

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Right, having that awkward “i used to know you, but like... we’ve not spoken for years” dialogue

Indubitably so grim friend

Now you're thinking like a loon. Join me in the moral ambiguity of total narcissism.

Oh. I thought they were for light teasing but that works, too.

Yes. Is that a problem?

Even worse if in your head you're like, "Yeah, I think I still would."

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There are a few i still would, but like, they’ve got kids now. And like. I dunno. It is just weird well surreal.
It would be nice seeing some

oooo gore pic i havent seen yet :o
also tracer told me to ask u how long itd be before im considered his bud e


I've known him since we were in the pony threads on Holla Forums. I think that was in 2013. Or 2014. or 2012. My memory is shockingly bad. Also I don't know exactly when I felt like he saw me as more friend than random stranger. I feel like he's sent you my way on purpose.

You knew I'd give her a vague nonsense answer, didn't you? You dick.

Agreed. A few pop into the Co-Op every now and then. Even ones I never thought in a million years would remember me have done so. Was nice.

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3/4 of those girls are the reason i nurse a hard on for Lady Sovereign. Right?


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The biggest most hugest problem of all problems!

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Seems likely.

Oh. Well I'll just shut up 5evr then.

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More likely than you think.

would he send me your way so i dont bother him about it :p

He is grumpy
Seems likely

No no, that's not allowed either.

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God this is complicated. Are you sure you're not a woman?

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i like dis pic

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Challenge accepted

I might be actually.

Just with manly hands.

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You're either a boy with girly hands or a girl with boyly hands... hrm.

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oh shit dude

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Wait, why are they even girly?

Oh it's Friday already?

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tfw boyly skeleton hands

I kinda have a savior complex which is pretty narcissistic.

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That's the spirit! ♥

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took long enough

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It's really gotten me into some pretty shit situations though. Like my current one.

-pets Stoatchan and puts down a dish of milk-

The solution, clearly, is to become an angel of death.

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If I were in the medical field, I would.

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Yeah, it feels like it has been a whole week tbh

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I do not speak unless spoken to. Or unless I wanna trick someone into liking me.

There's always time to learn.

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give it acouple more hours


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tfw no TP hello

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Man I fucking love this jawbreaker lizard. Crocodile? Alligator. Hrm. Either way it's fucking neat.

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I never understood why he named himself after toilet paper.


Na, my career is pretty much firm at this point

tyler perry I think

uve seen em

Well that's no fun.

Don't be a square.

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that's much later

wednesday felt like thursday. it was terrible

no it's cool, i feel you. sometimes i don't even reply at all


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I’ll be asleep by then

GARBO filmmaker


>w< but they’re cute


im a ahexagon

hi hun

speak of the devil and he shall come

I wanna die

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So what is the mext step of your master llan?


Its friday


It's ok. I get people drunk.

how's life, love?

lol i can't get over hun rn tbh smh

i donno dude, like my blacked out self does not consult at all with my coherent self

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SD, please.

Good, how's yours?

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How you been, TP?

ur ded 2 me is wut u r m8

Huh. I guess that's fine.

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-is cute- *o*

very good. went to the dermatologist and got this cyst taken care of

it feels great dude

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Crash da plane

They all feel the same to me tbh.

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Maybe they are and you're in a time loop.

Like dokidoki

Or Suzumiya.

cuz I spent so much money eating out this month
im disgusted @ myself

why? old flame or what

sd is suicidal??

if I chop my dead me into pieces will it make it better

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Stab me to death with a corkscrew.

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where and what food places did u frequent

not bad at all. staying busy at work and useless at home. the way it should be

what brings you back around these parts? i was going to ask if anything was wrong, because that tends to bring people around the most, but then i thought that might be rude if something really was wrong and you didn't want to talk about it

i really need to try to control it more actually. i was even thinking about cutting out the wine, and just doing beer, but when the purchase time came around, that merlot was looking too irresistible

oh i'm a completely different person on different days, but mostly that is energy level, in that i'm still feeling kinda hungover on monday, so i don't really start hitting my stride until like tuesday night

no it's just kinda funny having you call me that

like i think of like sabrina

then i think of you

then chuckle

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But I don't have any summer homework to do with everyone...

Yee, I can dig that.

I'll probably be the same when I start working.

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He does say it a lot.

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Heh, I miss being a savage binge drinker.
I dont miss the hangovers or the terrible mental health.

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this irish bar which had live girls doing an irish dance and bagpipes

and waitresses were like upgraded hooters girls

and another sports bar with the best fucking homemade blue cheese ever

and this dank ass family owned pizzeria

legt italian guy who looked the actor from the most interesting man in the world commercials lol



Attached: 1497579947350.png (377x354, 180.91K)


I actually came back because I felt my mood was taking a downward turn. I'm sticking around because I happen to be on my computer anyway and I starting liking it here again.

I gotta go, though, but it was real cool seeing you again. Take care and hopefully we can speak again soon.

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That actually sounds nightmarish

Attached: Emma (9).jpg (1280x720, 136.51K)

Man, being more sober has made a decent difference. Not so haywire.

Attached: 6FD5A174-ECC8-4C81-82A5-295CCB5A334B.jpeg (443x960, 22.78K)

the oldest one was like 16

the bagpipes were obnoxious after tho

feelsgood dont it

Attached: 1497374657937.jpg (1920x1080, 174.97K)

Praise jesus

I dunno, sounds a lot better than eating at home all the time
Sounds like you had a lot of fun

Will I die if I drink fireball and energy drinks at the same time ?

Attached: nonon2.png (373x496, 353.2K)

yeah my cc bill is a couple hundred higher than it should be too

smh @ myself

Attached: 1497359570649.jpg (1280x720, 133.42K)

Try it

You are making no sense.

Attached: a-cat-a-dog-a-ferret-10-pictures-4.jpg (530x403, 47.04K)

You'll feel super terrible probably


and by like friday afternoon i'm so burnt out i can't really think straight and need to do something really easy

when do you start work?

dude it had been festering behind my ear for like 2 years

you have no idea how good it feels to touch back there now and feel just normal neck

yeah for sure. i was thinking recently about how i used to do what i do now once a week, every other fucking day

it was either a hangover day or a drinking day. if people think i'm wild in threads late night now, maybe they forgot how i used to do it a few times a week. of course threads didn't really ever die so i wasn't really left spamming as much

maybe next time you hun me i won't laugh as much

take it easy dude

i'll probably still be rolling when you wake up actually

Attached: tumblr_m01m49EBwW1qk1t7do2_250.gif (250x141, 257.47K)

You're a nightmare!

Attached: cdb73fa2f1738e430da65024eef64abf.jpg (720x671, 128.35K)

Yeah I can imagine.

Try and see.

Yeah I can imagine it must feel nice to have some nasty crap removed from your body.
I'd just be better not to have it there in the first place.

Wow rude.

Attached: Emma (75).jpg (1280x720, 150.72K)

We know it’s Friday
Because tp

Try and find out isn't good advice

Attached: 1485208663162.png (900x917, 439.01K)

You started it by insulting my heritage!

Attached: cdb73fa2f1738e430da65024eef64abf.jpg (720x671, 128.35K)

Probably not, there are mixed drinks that do similar shit.

Attached: 67691890_p0 - 神風ちゃんバニー.png (1000x1611, 1.13M)

April 9th or something

Attached: 67813197_p0 - 真凛.png (1300x1750, 2.29M)

Piss off then

it's not something you can really help. it like just happens

i mean i don't really even have acne

i've missed a couple weeks recently, because of like health shit

it was really nice actually to do an every other week status. like waking up on saturday, feeling really good and wanting to do anything, was mindblowing


lol wait, i forgot where we left off with that

Attached: 1331101763146.jpg (389x340, 61.55K)

Time for sleep
Nee nee

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Attached: 1341895340830.jpg (500x500, 65.05K)

It's Friday I'm drinkin some mawwww
My jam on an I'll hit the flawwww
It's better than it was befawwww
Be rappin til my throat is sawwww

Attached: tetora hue.jpg (327x321, 71.33K)

No I code shit

Attached: 67684316_p0 - セーラー服で決め.jpg (800x1130, 694.75K)

Irish girls are abominations.
This is a fact.


Attached: Emma (15).jpg (1280x720, 128.49K)

Attached: tetora climax.jpg (463x402, 103.76K)

cc bill?

link some cyphers

like computer shit?

or like ancient shit

why are you always so critical of me

look up sebaceous cysts behind the ear. they're hella common

Attached: a ban.png (752x408, 167.82K)

credit card kid

I've only heard bad things from the people I know who've done it.

Attached: o4kpw9C9dC1uvqxa2o1_1280.jpg (633x888, 42.96K)

oh man i used to be in such bad cc debt. that was the worst

Attached: fuck.jpg (420x329, 32.76K)

whats your credit score now?

Yeah, computer shit.

Then be a pussy and don't do it.

Attached: 67642793_p0 - ハーレム双子ロリータ.jpg (652x921, 101.97K)

like 775

Attached: 1340443829523.jpg (635x548, 136.49K)

I've been falling asleep before all the cool shit happens lately

i'm gonna have to do it

Attached: n1mb2kT4h1tlpdnqo3_250.png (185x185, 74.06K)


thats lit


Attached: 1498695336338.jpg (1280x720, 129.2K)

Poor thing :(

Attached: 67358537_p0 - 長春ちゃん.jpg (3263x3565, 4.42M)

i wish i had gotten into that shit dude. like i was really good at basic. my brother was an idiot in school, but he's an idiot savant with code, and like he makes bank (and ironically has no money)

i haven't checked it this year yet actually but i can't imagine it going down at all

Attached: fuck yeah.jpg (538x341, 43.53K)

I know

buy me things to make me feel better :(

Attached: 1521827460294.jpg (251x231, 43.58K)

I know html, cgi, javascript, and PHP

Attached: lucky tetora.jpg (225x225, 44.05K)

I will end you

Attached: Ferrets-are-adorable-ferrets-11370043-345-259.jpg (345x259, 17.08K)

is it kinda pathetic that two of my pet names for my cat second are "neenee" and "nani"

Attached: 1390806743792.png (346x228, 4.17K)

Have you ever actually been to the country?

But I'm not.


Attached: Emma (23).jpg (1280x720, 109.05K)

and "nana"

Attached: nep 1.jpg (459x690, 93.89K)

big ballin

Attached: 1331968240058.png (440x330, 81.28K)

Have you ever sucked my dick?

Also everybody knows the original countries all suck. Only America matters now.

Attached: download-2-32.jpg (473x650, 62.18K)

maybe i just read you as coming off more brash then you mean to be

i donno


Attached: bern loves messing things up.jpg (990x206, 64.22K)

whats good my wakandian brother ?

Attached: 157ddabba0f9e1a91938e90d51a4f393bfc0b36fafad95560519132bc495afe7.png (619x700, 341.89K)

man i still need to see that fucking movie. i was going to see it with my mom and stepdad

but then my dumbass mom broke her arm

Attached: my teeth are gritting i'm so ticked.jpg (374x324, 25.49K)


It's my boy

yeah, fuck her, right?

Attached: tetora_mad.jpg (185x248, 52.09K)


she is such a trooper though

she's like never had to go through something like this

she's so stubborn

but still calmly talks about how the pain is terrible and constant

Attached: pinkshirt.jpg (336x343, 17.73K)

I haven't actually seen it

Attached: 8e408355d0bd523f3686a9bbdfb4f54c44b11264daa4a8a33753a611636b479f.jpg (278x278, 15.47K)

it just seems like one of the big screen ones, you know?

god, i just watched justice league on a free stream. wow did they really fuck that one up

Attached: i can see it now.jpg (490x263, 17.96K)

Pretty much none of the movies coming out look interesting to me

Super hero movies are fuckin lame

Attached: dis.jpg (502x538, 149.83K)

i still watch them

the marvel ones are still fun but like there are too many side stories converging now

the next movie needs to be like 6 hours to introduce all the characters

Attached: see101.jpg (213x345, 8.6K)

but yeah it's true movies of late in general have been lacking

like all the oscar nominated movies this year were shit to a few years ago

Attached: 10285.jpg (200x174, 8.4K)

compared to*

2 hours isn't enough time to make me care about anything thats going on and I never liked them as a kid

Attached: 999.png (210x300, 83.17K)

i just watch i, tonya

and goddamn allison janney deserved that oscar tho

Attached: kkon.jpg (426x333, 24.39K)

Yee, it's a pretty legit market to get into tbh.

Like what?

Attached: 62752284_p1 - エロマンガ先生.jpg (2144x3000, 821.03K)

oh shit

you're saying that


you don't like movies at all?

Attached: foranon.jpg (386x338, 21.4K)


Attached: u07C0SYgcKQ.jpg (800x581, 54.35K)

it sucks though cause it's such a kids game

if you're even thinking about getting into it

you're too late

Attached: goddamn this judge is a faggot.jpg (578x332, 34.54K)

Attached: I have the boipussy.jpg (581x719, 38.04K)


Attached: 1316944636740.jpg (500x375, 138.84K)

I like horror movies

nothing thats really out right now though

i'm mostly just saying super hero movies are just cash grabs and kinda shitty

its a normie thing

Attached: 945.png (206x194, 57.16K)

oh i hear you

they are really mainstream

i just get nostalgic and shit

i get that they aren't that great. they're fun

so, are you one of those get out fags?

Attached: 1234.jpg (411x350, 25.89K)


get urself someone low maintenance

I don't think so

I don't have any nostalgic feelings for super heros though

Attached: zivO4Nl9CV4.jpg (659x503, 100.11K)

Black Panther was great

Is this a trash bin?

Yeah true. You really need that autistic mindset to learn how to think like one.


Attached: 67488342_p0 - ちゃんと着てるから大丈夫だよ!.png (1429x2031, 2.96M)

hit the fucking gym
get on tinder

do what grim said

it's about how bad you want it my dude

Attached: NIGERUNDAYO.png (540x540, 272.28K)

some low maintenance what

I honestly don't think Tinder is that good.

and actually logan can stand against pretty any other movie that came out that year tbh

Attached: 1340443829523.jpg (635x548, 136.49K)

I really only want FighterZ or Vermintide tbh

Attached: xLRa38Mopds.jpg (900x900, 90.35K)

it's only going to get you a select few types of women.

Attached: on282jDIjX1tvv1u2o1_1280.png (1280x853, 911.43K)

Not very desirable ones imo

did you see get out though?

it was good

but terribly overrated because of the blm movement

pls no spoilers

oh god, yeah if you think i'm weird, you should meet my brother

i'm the good one

Attached: daym.jpg (427x320, 23.14K)

everyone's got their own opinions, but I agree with you to an extent

Why would I ever go see that ?

Attached: jSbNBKkaf5w.jpg (752x900, 161.42K)

you said you were a horror head

and you could just like stream it or something

Attached: 0911_Madea.jpg (600x726, 18.05K)

But then I have to #leak my Steam account to you.

I didn't know you had a brother.

Attached: 67746597_p0 - 恒常衣装すき.png (978x1400, 597.03K)

like when he sunk in the chair

that shit got me good

Attached: canada.jpg (488x340, 28.95K)

Always homey

I'd rather just not watch it.

up 2 u

Attached: Ja_4YfUVh7w.jpg (632x900, 59.96K)

yo tp


what u think about the original and are you hyped for sicario 2


he never was that older brother figure to me

like if anything, i am, and have been the alpha in that whole thing since like ever

Attached: can't even see me lol.jpg (119x118, 2.37K)

There's a dude and he does some fightin' and there's a villain tryna fuck with him
Hope thta didn't spoil anything

i really like it

overrated tho

will watch

Attached: aunt phatso 2.jpg (1101x619, 81.86K)


when my dad cracked his leg in half he didn't even complain about it.

he was worried about the wages he was losing while not working.

Attached: lucky tetora.jpg (225x225, 44.05K)

there's no stones in BP

i also streamed pitch perfect 3 recently

obv not as good as the first two, and they obv phoned in the plot

but there were some times had

Attached: aunt phatso 3.jpg (976x560, 67.51K)

yeah it's weird, like i keep telling her to just take the pills and when i broke my ankle i was high out of gourd on 20 vicadin a day

but i thought he like got his power from a stone or something that's in waucanda

no shut up

Attached: 1352275352086.gif (624x337, 1.98M)


Attached: AkiksLT[1].mp4 (720x404, 1.22M)

grimu how is your gf

Attached: 1340443829523.jpg (635x548, 136.49K)

Yeah, I was just a kid but there's no doubt he was probably out on painkillers the whole time.

fibula+tibula. even broke out of the skin and needed stitches.

Attached: tetora kawaii.jpg (331x354, 81.73K)

eww gross

my mom had to have a plate put into her shoulder

i think she's just now really coming to terms to how much the recovery is going to fucking suck at her age

good thing she has an allstar son tbh

Attached: kindawannaefflucytbh.jpg (409x339, 24.2K)


Oh yeah?

How much older is he?

Attached: 67389178_p0 - 夜空とワンピース.jpg (1000x1414, 645.91K)

a few

i guess that's really nothing

my younger sister is hella more responsible than me in so many ways

but then like she'll just like leave her wallet in a starbucks in a town she doesn't know

Attached: areuawizard.jpg (433x332, 25.38K)

wont hurt my feelings if you don't

Attached: zivO4Nl9CV4.jpg (659x503, 100.11K)

what is your angle

goodnight friends

Attached: mpv-shot0021.jpg (1920x1080, 186.38K)

shes making a new kind of cake or pie every day

Attached: 1497781308437.jpg (600x838, 403.76K)

you were here?


Attached: 1373804308740.jpg (1000x800, 209.98K)

that sounds kinda dope

not gonna lie

Attached: inspiration2.jpg (508x352, 30.42K)

hey kanra

Attached: 1345891405385s.jpg (125x93, 2.6K)


yeah its fuckin legit

today was key lime pie

Attached: 1496774810003.jpg (1280x1283, 740.39K)

if I ever see you in the street remind me not to shove you into traffic

ilu ;;

yo that is not exactly easy bro

do you play with each others' assholes?

Attached: a true american.jpg (615x345, 38.59K)


do you want your own asshole played with?

Attached: 1497969770844.jpg (1440x810, 148.27K)

if i were in a committed relationship with a girl

yes there would be ass play both ways

Attached: 1351678695366.jpg (600x726, 135.78K)

i think that is like how sex works grimu

Attached: 1350222199468.jpg (282x270, 39.08K)

Happy Friday, Teeps^^

Attached: (11).png (495x489, 135.58K)

y-you too elmers;;

Attached: 693_c355ed97-1347-12f7-7950-fa43033f407a-News_FB_BTWB_TylerPerry_WinSuit1.jpg (322x400, 22.16K)

What the fuck lmao

Has that actually happened?

But you were in a bad mood earlier :c

Attached: 67755044_p0 - ずっと待ってたの!.jpg (724x1023, 701.41K)

thats something we've mutually agreed on not doing lol

vanilla ftw

Attached: 1497371064959.jpg (1280x720, 407.85K)

yeah when i visited her in colorado

we were like driving back from some mountain and she had to have her starbucks breakfast flatbread or some shit

we were trying to backtrace our steps and she didn't even know what fucking town that was. i had to remember the name of some random burrito place next to it to actually find it

i like lent her twenty dollars as she was driving me to the airport, cause she literally had nothing

and didn't really care. those denver kids i'll tell you

oh dude


you would like to fuck her in her ass if she would let you, right?

Attached: fuck off carnivores.jpg (565x278, 21.16K)

I legit don't know what I did to deserve this

Buttstuff is the path to the dark side

Attached: NOT furry (20).jpg (736x1288, 58.28K)

Attached: I Ain't Gay Nigga I'm Opportunistic.webm (320x180, 3.95M)

was kanra a Canadian, TP?

Attached: 1372181678253.jpg (120x120, 12.68K)


i think his family is from an asian country

Attached: diary of a mad black faggot10.jpg (701x463, 23.73K)


Grim ever so mean.

Attached: Emma (15).jpg (1280x720, 128.49K)

UNLIIIMITED POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Attached: NOT furry (143).jpg (1280x1664, 847.88K)

my biggest letdown was not getting in that a when she wanted it

Attached: 1350024607227.png (304x348, 174.37K)

Attached: dark brotherhood.png (512x288, 115.09K)

grim what did I do. is it my personality again?

Attached: 1383103852498.jpg (1681x850, 460.26K)

Attached: HEi54VyrNz2QUFn7dJ4kUm2X5AgoCyKpvXh1MHD6gNQ.png (533x767, 301.12K)

Henceforth, you shall be known as Darth Welma

Attached: NOT furry (22).jpg (350x502, 64.49K)

Well yeah, you have to wait until they domesticate them. You don't want the ferals.

Attached: rk1.png (104x186, 18.46K)

If you don't add me and buy me a game i'm going to cry

Attached: JAkpBybUxIc.jpg (867x1600, 125.63K)

oh man now i'm thinking on that

like she wanted it in

but i couldn't

i just had soap in the shower

you kinda need some lube to get in that a tbh

Attached: 1340339549606.jpg (291x346, 28.13K)

grim, if you're there, please tell me. or I'll just assume it was just some random inane comment that I don't have to do anything about, and that says more about you than it does me.

Now you will never have a chance again.

it's not always that, but it's often that.

you know me

It seems... in your anger, you killed her

Attached: NOT furry (135).jpg (775x1280, 241.23K)

well she was my dead friend's cousin

i could find her by walking across the street from my parent's house

knocking on my dead friend's parent's house

and asking them for their neices phone number

Attached: 1347684018596.png (1600x1200, 1.05M)



No. Too late.


Attached: ClipboardImage.png (383x263, 252.3K)

it's a natural drive

Attached: 1317533099377.jpg (1093x555, 77.63K)

no, my breath is still bated.

to not put it in someones ass ya

Attached: 1497374617176.jpg (1353x1043, 473.97K)

I love Sidious just yukking it up in the corner

Attached: NOT furry (93).jpg (400x644, 176.89K)

Oh, Steven, that rascal.

to put anything in anyones ass

shit gets boring

you have to explore

was it something I did or who I am that made you want to say that today?

you're fine, bub.

fuckin weirddd

Attached: s1Qbhir[1].mp4 (1280x616, 3.76M)

darwin can you please stop always being mean to me please?

Attached: thisisgodtalkingtoyou.jpg (399x309, 18.05K)

just senile darth things

Don't stop being mean to him Darwin

He wasn't senile at that point tho

Attached: NOT furry (13).png (900x1044, 432.12K)

you have a butt

dude you need to get past your middle eastern hangups

Attached: madeacoffeeandcigs.jpg (340x257, 25.68K)

darwin can you please stop always being mean to me please?

Attached: 67781053_p0 - 【FGO】謎のヒロインX.jpg (491x695, 301.42K)

so why

I was not even being mean.

it's that

that team up shit just seems malicious

granted i had to go back and read last weeks thread cause i did not even remember


timeline derp

Attached: YIVg3rm.jpg (327x656, 24.75K)


Your mind has been clouded by the dark side

Attached: NOT furry (20).png (1024x1732, 1.57M)

Gay furrys keep adding me because they like my avatar

Attached: 1521827460294.jpg (251x231, 43.58K)

You named your ass "My Avatar"?

Attached: NOT furry (35).jpg (480x585, 197.79K)

Attached: 1518887732215.jpg (600x600, 108.95K)

I named it " the most powerful"

Attached: lil baka.gif (374x400, 99.68K)

we had this farsi dude in college

he was such a buzzkill

but it was kinda funny in that his rich parents gave him a bmw that he didn't even know how to drive

so i would def like make him take that shit to bars

Attached: astonished with cursor.jpg (506x348, 35.17K)

so the first thing that came to mind was some random violent comment.

I don't believe it. but I hope that's the case. what I think is more likely is that is not too far off from how you feel about me. I guess by sticking around and asking, I hoped to get more clarity on it.

but if it really was just random and not mean, okay...

Ass, the Great and Powerful

Attached: NOT furry (51).jpg (700x1259, 215.57K)

yeah like i didn't even remember last week

i just remembered i did something weird with smiles

go back and read me having a full out meltdown

with darwin being a team wish asshole

Attached: 1352281774403.jpg (349x466, 58.69K)

Attached: Pzn4AeN.png (500x500, 154.46K)

Admit you laughed and I will

Attached: NOT furry (26).png (600x812, 280.16K)

The ramblings of a madman.

you really are the worst one

But I didn't laugh

Attached: 20180319201718_1.jpg (893x603, 82.93K)

the fact that you care so much about what I say to you makes me care about you a bit more

if that means anything

I remember u mentionin him a couple times

ask soto
I was the opposite of buzzkill at ax

its furry now or what

I wanna see Rey take to the dark side and bring something pure from it

Attached: d5b.gif (600x500, 499.11K)

Then I will be staying here, thanks.

You mean like the dark side infused lightsaber fighting style of Vaapad famously utilized by Jedi master Mace Windu?

Attached: NOT furry (5).jpg (532x536, 174.89K)

Attached: niggawhat.gif (240x266, 3.86M)

It's like you haven't even heard of Legends


Attached: NOT furry (124).jpg (250x696, 30.89K)

dude didn't you pass out?

Attached: 1352275352086.gif (624x337, 1.98M)

I'm a cute wolf boy


you're going to make me leave

Attached: 20180315013600_1.jpg (1202x1135, 55.75K)

Attached: sad bonfire man.jpg (420x462, 61.28K)

i take solace in that at least i have never screamed nigger at the top of my lungs on shrooms like based colbert

Attached: 1338195401241.gif (500x256, 496.59K)


That is totally not my intention.


I was only drunk at that point

Attached: NOT furry (16).jpg (443x659, 37.88K)

this is farther into the rabbit hole than I want to go



Attached: EQiVIxc.jpg (318x472, 20.16K)

i was kidding

i have done soo much worse

Attached: brazilian.jpg (403x600, 81.54K)

you've been nice to me in the past. and yea, I think the stuff you say is worth hearing. you're just that kind of person. so it'd probably sting more if it turned out you felt I was a bad person or something. anyways. I can go now. keep calm and carry on.

what a casual
not at all like us refined patricians

the jedi are a bunch of spineless pussies

Attached: __joseph_joestar_battle_tendency_and_jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken_drawn_by_7repose__sample-559ba4e117d6e7f9c554bd1b238974fc.jpg (850x850, 230.54K)

You have not even partaken in butthole pleasures.

why is kanra not punctuating

something must really be wrong

Attached: 1349521593602.jpg (946x1559, 124.7K)

i'm drowning

I like being this trap when i'm drunk though

Attached: 20180319201718_1.jpg (893x603, 82.93K)

kanra have you ever thought that you don't know anything?

and you also have napoleon complex

Blinded by the Jedi doctrine, how sad

Oh, I'm sure

Right? What a loser.


Attached: NOT furry (42).png (350x549, 90.05K)

nothing on film fortunately

Attached: 1339468171208.jpg (300x300, 90.81K)

have a peaceful night

quite possibly

get yourself someone like darth talon


this trap?

whats that mean


Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1000x1000, 298.44K)


this has a penis

Attached: 33333.gif (500x280, 1.23M)



oh thats not the same girl that Ian posts from gurren laggan

Yeah but you were doing it before film was invented so I mean

I am listening

Happy to help!

Attached: NOT furry (18).jpg (534x700, 134.43K)

i don't know why i am so proud of transcripts i have of me meowing at and kicking nurses

Attached: cancerchainsaw.jpg (387x321, 30.01K)

Stone carvings or rock paintings?

Attached: NOT furry (72).jpg (700x1001, 1.05M)

look how cute they are

Attached: 3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333.png (1600x900, 1.06M)

im just a starwars casual


Attached: 17103559_736099626557510_1841726333130111938_n.jpg (570x377, 28.17K)

Attached: 4.gif (540x540, 786.17K)

So am I lol

Attached: NOT furry (49).png (1031x750, 180.45K)


like details from an er vist

i also fought with cops while not getting arrested cause white

Attached: 1339652491352.png (640x400, 170.77K)


Attached: badtimefeel.png (600x603, 200.06K)

I was joking about you being old

No seriously

Attached: NOT furry (28).jpg (484x699, 183.02K)

why? i am old as f-

oh i guess i didn't get it cause it wasn't funny

Attached: aunt phatso 3.jpg (976x560, 67.51K)

Attached: 33333333.jpg (800x450, 75.21K)

you're a rung up on the nerd ladder than me in starwars terms tho

Sure it wasn't grandpa

I only ever learned about that by misclicking on a recommended video on Youtube and just watching it out of curiosity

That's as far as I got

Attached: NOT furry (27).png (319x810, 345.8K)

but real tip colbert getting old sucks

like all these random things start happening

and you always immediately think that you are dying

well at least i do

Attached: mugshot1.jpg (408x463, 56.41K)

oh ok

dont remind us

Attached: dc930f6d110b9a6e0227462fb38c42c436cd8da5.gif (900x750, 1.2M)

I'm always dying so I don't think that'll change

Grim that's furry as fuck and I am disturbed

Attached: NOT furry (14).jpg (699x1080, 481.9K)

holy fuck I just found my new wallpaper


Attached: eva.jpg (2560x1440, 1.75M)

Yes rly

Attached: NOT furry (105).jpg (479x882, 186.08K)

what about this

Attached: d27.gif (500x700, 310.6K)

but on a positive males can produce spunk til like 80

do you have a cronic?

Attached: chelsealately4.jpg (693x467, 49.69K)

Hello friends

Attached: sophie40.png (420x900, 199.37K)

Very explicitly so, yes

Attached: NOT furry (158).jpg (795x1005, 92.47K)

Attached: 221100_screenshots_2013-12-16_00003.jpg (1920x1080, 34.18K)

I've got The Chronic

Attached: NOT furry (29).png (798x1280, 995.59K)


Attached: 1315263860071.jpg (300x309, 31.01K)

I think this is like the fourth time I've said hello to you today, this is getting weird.

Attached: 1521847520502.png (866x736, 553.91K)

what went wrong

the genetics?

Attached: dksjfksdjf.jpg (491x345, 31.93K)

whats this from

better offset it then

hello lass

Attached: 87d444682158c7fb8421d31f18af9486.gif (1600x1100, 784.78K)

How are you doin TP

I accidentally dip out of thread too often :g
I get distracted too much qq

Hewwo Grimbo

Attached: sophie12.png (1006x1376, 456.04K)


Attached: e08c6ecd26ef4cc5ccea216bb90b2a12.gif (1000x1600, 611.21K)

Snoop Dog

With pedophilia?

Attached: NOT furry (83).jpg (460x711, 230.4K)


Attached: 09897103ff26ca5df8ab1a7913415030.gif (1500x1500, 988.06K)

you, grim

Attached: sophie14.png (563x900, 237.84K)

@spectre i went back and re-read last week's clusterfuck

and i guess i didn't get how much you hated me

i really can be better

that was like my worst or at least

who am i kidding that was no where close to my worst

Attached: lol whitney houston died on my bday 15.jpg (696x381, 76.91K)

Pretty sure she's a kid too tbh

Attached: NOT furry (31).png (750x1204, 534.25K)


I forgot what you said when I asked you how your polygraph went

did you work today

Attached: slefaware.gif (284x342, 1.44M)

the age range is apparently 11-19

chillin dog

looong week


Attached: oh shit nigga no.jpg (404x255, 12.19K)


It's fine, so do I lol.

Attached: Gay Z.jpg (1892x1046, 780.39K)


You played old rust right?

old rust best rust

Attached: gjM0VJA.jpg (450x511, 36.24K)

It went good! I get to wait a bit more before they tell me I passed or not, then I get to take a psych eval maybe??

who knows anymore, it's a lot of waiting.

how are you doin?

hehe same! I'm glad you're chillin

Anything exciting happen or just stressful?

How did your day go?

Attached: sophie25.png (1280x1280, 353.68K)

i got a long time cyst removed from my head

so much stress release

Attached: fuckilovekon.jpg (366x271, 28.85K)

Uh... I don't even remember what happened last week.

I hated Rust.

Boring as shit, kinda wasted the opening of my weekend doing fuck all.

Attached: 1521847536981.jpg (643x567, 67K)

damn, so many god damn screens to pass thru

mostly bored

kinda had a mini meltdown when wish posted their manly ass hand

kinda still in denial about that


And she could easily be either

Attached: NOT furry (17).png (500x707, 210.29K)

that sounds kind of horrifying tbh, glad it got removed!

i'd jump through screens like hoops if it meant getting that sweet sweet 25$/hr

why can't wish have man hands?

Sometimes doing fuck all is nice! I'd take a nothing day over a bad day

Attached: sophie13.png (1280x1365, 566.09K)

oh really?

never mind then

i didn't either

but i went back and read and you said some mean shit to a blacked out me

it's totally warranted

Attached: 1349514959482.jpg (640x400, 106.21K)


I feel u

cuz projecting "im a girl" for years

Attached: 6fee507ed3990996266e27c4cb37048c.gif (500x800, 446.06K)

I demand a repost. I know you saved it

Attached: NOT furry (46).jpg (310x680, 44.13K)

hold on I have to mentally prep myself

Attached: aaaaaaaaah.jpg (1280x720, 286.97K)


lol i miss mgd

Attached: pls.png (440x442, 250.42K)

Attached: the greatest farce of our time.jpg (2080x4160, 515.22K)

Doesn't really help the case

Take your time, the trauma will pass

Attached: NOT furry (36).jpg (500x683, 59.51K)

Them cuticles

Attached: NOT furry (1).jpg (720x848, 82.81K)

thread silence is deafening rn

Because it was lame, and the crafting was a pain in the ass, and it sucked. Much like ARC it also just encourages griefing, so the goal is to get a rifle and be the biggest asshole you can be.

Hmm, good point.

I'm genuinely curious now... what thread?

Attached: 77dcc77d92f58271915a336285fe45ccdd41e500.jpg (942x1200, 119.63K)

like it was a hard mass for two years and then all of sudden last week it got painful

i think the inner sac popped

so i went to the dermotologist and they were thinking they were just going to be able to drain it

but bitch was like "yo i think i see the sac"

and you know what? she got the sac out

best case scenario

best 60 bucks spent ever

Attached: hey its garEE.jpg (284x318, 16.25K)

She got the sac out

- TP, 2018

Attached: NOT furry (79).jpg (480x640, 117.98K)

last friday night

you said like i was really annoying

Attached: 1352275352086.gif (624x337, 1.98M)

hm I never really played arc

tfw so in the dark about all this shit

you have no idea colbert

i did a woohoo in the office

That sounds like an old-timey sex thing

"She gave me some of the good old woohoo last night!"

Attached: NOT furry (4).jpeg (378x795, 103.12K)

yeah it was oddly arousing tbh

two women standing behind me poking and numbing

Kinda ties into the whole butt thing from earlier huh?

Attached: NOT furry (7).jpg (600x1002, 706.21K)

Oh yeah! I said I didn't like you, and you were annoying, then we both posted ponies like shitters.
tbh I don't actually care, but it is a running joke about how much you post.

I've only watched other people play arc, but it's literally the same game but with dinosaurs.

Attached: 1521577660021.jpg (1280x720, 54.05K)


Have I ever actually talked to you? I feel like we just post around each other

Attached: NOT furry (40).jpg (500x805, 134.62K)


imma head off tho nice chattin u up

Attached: dancemaracas.gif (396x746, 955.53K)

yeah i get it

i do too much when i black out

i don't like me either

Attached: success.jpg (450x336, 22.59K)

Enjoy sodomizing innocent Pokemon you degenerate

Attached: NOT furry (21).png (193x553, 90.86K)

what are you implying

Attached: inspiration30.jpg (565x462, 48.39K)

Uh... I don't know?

See ya.

Rip bro, don't black out.

Attached: 1521343903120.png (460x463, 342.14K)


You like women draining your sac and enjoy butt stuff?

I guess no then, just something that popped into my head. Carry on

Attached: NOT furry (10).png (210x424, 159.78K)

i think i get off on losing control

cause i'm a crontrol freak

Attached: lol whitney houston died on my bday 14.jpg (662x379, 72.43K)


Stop it. Get some help.

Attached: 1520762133905.jpg (1280x720, 86.51K)

no shit though i prefer women doctors or dentists doing painful shit to me

it kinda helps

Attached: madea with winged cat shoes.jpg (600x600, 106.36K)

no fuck you

Attached: inspire.jpg (416x329, 27.22K)

They're a soothing presence I guess

Attached: NOT furry (8).png (750x1129, 443.45K)

oh shit when i went back and read my "meltdown" you were cracking me up colbert with the anikin shit

it also kinda cracked me up how i force memed 8 years

Attached: i wanna be just like madea.jpg (466x439, 44.41K)

Glad to help

Attached: NOT furry (48).png (319x750, 225.47K)

Attached: 1516885091338.gif (200x233, 990.74K)


it really did

thank you friend

Attached: argh.jpg (384x324, 21.41K)

hold up guys

i lost my bong

Attached: deadseriouswellkinda.jpg (497x341, 33.92K)


Attached: FACE.png (247x248, 4.55K)

yo it was on the other side of the stool

what's good tsuch

Attached: aindatsumshii.jpg (390x342, 15.68K)

tsuchi downplays that he's one of my favourite posters

he's like top 5 maybe 6


i really think that based steve is 4 but he rarely posts

Attached: 1352281774403.jpg (349x466, 58.69K)

3 echo
2 colbert
1 me

Attached: ahhhniice.jpg (389x340, 22.17K)

Thread tier list when?


we need new lists!

Attached: 1374396014347.png (326x360, 148.78K)

haiku rated me badly and i would like to redeem myself

Attached: eyerollback.jpg (404x320, 23.1K)

I expect to be on everyone's F tier
let's go boys

Attached: on282jDIjX1tvv1u2o1_1280.png (1280x853, 911.43K)

no wait actually

Irrelevant tier

tak is always a comfy c+

aww thanks
you're at least an A+ to me TP

i meant that in the best way

i don't like the A attention

darwin is so fucking mean sometimes



Attached: lists.png (308x308, 55.51K)

New thread for you to shitpost in TP.





oh shit everyone put your pants on