This is a Communist free zone

This is a Communist free zone.
Helicopters are boarding now, so Hoppe on, and don't strap in!

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I'll fuck the communist out of you if I must
for lady liberty

Its time boys


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I'd seize her means of reproduction.

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elaborate will you please
what is nerd-like about it

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I read a wikipedia once

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now that's dirty

it's quite old
kids your age should be playing the popular games
I'm just fucking around. Do what you want.

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I don't think reading about Steven Universe characters will help you pretend you know what you're talking about. I'm struggling to do so enough as it is with related wikipedia skimming.

It was about Star Wars...

why can't people just be nice............

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star wars is dead

Rian Johnson killed it

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Same reason you can't end a sentence without a trail of dots my dude.

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Wish has a penis and i've seen it

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Dutch Blood Chan sucks


what a silly mentality that would be to have
saddening that some people genuinely have it, but at least you're smart enough not to

This is why we can't discuss politics online :(

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Did you know that Darth Vader is Leia's dad.

ask them

they will confirm

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2bad that doesnt mean shit

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Ceras did nothing wrong.............

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But he raped her?

So does the American one so it's all good.

b-but muh call of duty


she actually just sent me a picture of her brothers dick

its was all a big meme

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He killed millions... ...of punctuation marks.

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This raises more questions than it answers.

Anarcho capitalism killed millions of braincells.............

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The only thing more pathetic than a commie is an anime posting right-winger. You know for a god damn fact that any mention of 'degeneracy' from these fucking losers is 100% projection, every single time

but muh doom (1993)

Sleep but can't sleep cause shit to do

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Okay but I don't think there are any here?

wish having a dick or people sending pics of their brother's dick?

I showed her my vagina.

Nothing weird about it.

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Cuckold liberal sandniggerlovers go die

also dress me like a girl and fuck me

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Yeah, cuz it hit the good shit.

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but you love me ;~;


politics is poison

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I can do the second one.

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So is being in the closet.

Sorry anarcho capitalism face but Marx and Hilter already dead............

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but which one?

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And now once more in English?

but muh Bertie The Brain (1950)

better load up on carbs and get the fuck out there

do you have a koran

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only as a guilty pleasure

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perhaps, but being in the closet has not been the subject of discussion for the past hour

MY foot pussy

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The rise of neo-Nazi and socialist sensibilities suggests they've come back as zombies so we should probably gas them just in case.

We'll bring 'em back just to put them back underground.

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I was given one

the next day I quietly returned it


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then yes
we do love you

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Ngl a fascist once esucked my dick
Was hot

i get off to how dirty it makes me feel to sleep with a moslem, in all honesty

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They're cute.

feels good

tfw not eve muslim

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Okay but do you mean an actual dictionary definition fascist or just someone who disagrees with you?


I'd still let you fuck me, tho.

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What happened to foot?

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Didn't sleep. Was here until 4:00 AM trying to sleep. Couldn't sleep. Breakfast, coffee, cigarette, coffee, cigarette, work, now home, would sleep, but 137 essays to grade and offer feedback on, snake enclosure to clean, dishes to do, living room to tidy up, snakes to feed, cat boxes to be done, dog to be bathed. Rats to be sexed and moved to proper racks

because fucking Friday.

I'm afraid to eat anything other than oatmeal and eggs because anything heavier is going to put me the fuck to sleep.

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It grew a vagina. They literally just said.

but also me

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I dont want lust
I want love

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Don't give a fuck, I'll kill a nigga twice.
Watch me.

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Why are you having sex with rats?

Well you're a heckin' qt.

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just think about how good it's going to feel when you do all you need to do and pass out on a comfy bed

Literal swatika loving cutiepie


I know that you know what I meant. I would make some nonchalant quip about how having sex with a rat is really hard because you have to line up real perfect-like

but yeah
You know what I'm talking about
and I'm too tired for that shit.

By the time all of that is done, my wife will be home, and it's Friday, so I'm socially obligated to go out to dinner/drinks and be alive and happy and then come home and fuck, smoke, THEN pass out. I don't get a break today because my insomnia decided "Oh, Thursday night? No big deal YOU'RE NOT FUCKING SLEEPING TODAY NIGGER"

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I savored it in my mouth and then kissed him on the lips

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I don't know how you'd measure the quality of someone's cybering so I can't even ask if they were at least any good...

Well shit.

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ARE you really socially obligated? have you made plans?

I always thought it was funny when fascists got mad people called them fascists and accused other people of calling them that because they "don't agree with me." Kind of like how they themselves or people just like them call news fake news because they don't like it.

It's like if Bern would get mad at people calling him a boy.


Conventions X/5
Grammar X/5
Spelling X/5
Descriptive Detail X/10
Immersion X/10

hai blood-chan desu

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hai blood-chan desu

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I couldn't help myself, okay? I have a serious problem.

I'm confused. What are you trying to say?

I... is this a thing that actually exists?

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hai blood-chan desu..............

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We've been together for years now. I can safely say there have been maybe six Fridays, cumulative between our current together period, and our past on and offness, that we didn't go out, eat, drink, be merry, come home and fuck.
It's like a tradition at this point. I don't get a break or she'll think somethings wrong and then start pouting and beating up on herself for doing something to upset me. It's just more worth it to me to start hallucinating from sleep deprivation

Something Something Rat Fucker
no god damn it, It's a basic English Essay rubric that I changed two of the criteria on. You should know this too. Amy, get it together, love.

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I've been barely functional for the past few days.

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sounds like you have an awful lot to do.
I'm not sure what to say other than good luck and godspeed, friend

Okay neat. Were they any good, at least?

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Memorable atleast

Is bae

I know that feel, babe.
Still wanna chat? Or are you, like, coping?

And yet I'm here "Destressing" from work
No, actually, I'm cleaning my house and left my laptop open on my living room table so I can do both at once and not take it all too seriously.

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Did they break out into a random anti-Semitic rant? That's what Nazis do during sex, right?

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So totally off topic of

but a friend of mine became an hero Sunday

And I wouldn't usually share shit like this

but the way he did it is easily the most badass thing I've ever heard.

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now that sounds like something I would do
that's the good shit

Do tell.

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Got into a fight with a bear.

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Fucker coated himself in gasoline, went out to his back porch, and lit his last cigarette. Fucking mad man.



RIP John. Miss you you glorious motherfucker

What ?

They are playing cuckball

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Not at all
We didn’t really talk politics

I wouldn't call it "coping" but I'm feeling a little less miserable about it.

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Nana is the real endgame.

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Sucks for you

Ah. They sound like someone with decent manners at least. Wonderful.

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not like he could've said much
with a mouthful of dick

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holy shit
we bardposti ng now bois



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thats insane

did he leave any family


Hi there, are you ban?

Hay there, who dis?

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that anime seems like something

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whats up pee lovers

It's easier than focusing entirely on chores.
Although shitposting with a snake climbing up and down your arms is proving FUCKING ANNOYING

Well I know you don't really know me, but if you ever wanna talk, y'know? Like I said, Amy, nothing is ever as "impossible," as it seems

I guess.
Yeah, I know. I wish I had half the stones.

You're telling me. Like, I've attempted sudoku a couple of times, but mine were pussy shit compared to that. Handfulls of pills, trying to give myself cerrosis, you know, the basic shit.
But lighting yourself on fucking fire...

Both of his parents, four siblings and his girlfriend of six years

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Its soft core porn and cucking

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Pretty sure that's just you. And Erio. And Wish. And me. Okay fair enough.

Not much m80 - you?

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fucking hell..


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My penis

I hate that I laughed.

Bweheheh was

I just totally butchered Cirhosis

I fucking did it again

there's only like
a lot of them

how many snakes you got?
what do you call them?

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how are you on this fine day senpai
normally at this time I often feel a bit sad but not today
all is well with me

hello my fellow piss patrician

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I don't watch it

I heard it has robots in it too

but that part of the show isn't important

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What I want and they need are incompatible. There's nothing else to it.

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told you

got home from work almost

an hour ago ??
wow time
might go out later who knows
we'll see :p


everyone loves it

okay now dont say p*ss thats inappropriate and i'd prefer you to not say that !!

it sounds grose if you say it your way 3:

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My social plans tomorrow after work seem to have had their arse fall out. Pity me. Princess.

Gonna hunt down a supreme dicking?

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It's me...................

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thats no good
sorry to hear bubber

what the fuck is up, urine woman?

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piss has a lot more spirit don't you think
piss and vinegar for instance sounds a lot better than pee and vinegar

Jesus Christ.

You're telling me.

Two, right now. I used to have 20+, but taking a full time career last August meant I didn't have the time to give them the proper care they needed. Sold off 90% of my collection, gave the ones that needed special care to qualified friends, and kept a single California King Snake, named Levi.
My wife and I are dealing with some pretty shitty trauma, so I guess her coping mechanism involved going out Sunday and buying a three month old Sulfur Ball Python, so I have that now. The Ball is named Bandit.

This.. might not totally be true Amy. I've talked a lot with the subject at hand. I think you might be throwing in the towel before it's over.

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...Golden Freddie?

Thats the stuff
Maybe something else could happen
Who knows
Tbh i would just like to rest
But, social events can be few and far between with my work.
Hey! You better be going out later and enjoying post work freedom!!!

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W H A T U P C E R A S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ew grose

ay you know WHAT IT IS !!!!!!!!!
im chillin
sippin water

might go play some drums idk

it doesnt sound cute
it sounds bad to my ears
it sounds like gross
its disgusting


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They want, and need, something immediate and real. I can't provide that and still I find myself wanting. I'd call that an incompatibility. But I won't give up entirely just yet.

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Is ceras a cute girl or a cute boy? They’ve the proletarian fire either way.

Golden Cascades.

yeah i havent gone out since that last ddr trip
i wanna get out !!
i wanna hang with my buds and eat food or something

but two of them are being grumpy and one im 90% sure wants to hang bc she was messaging me earlier today that her spring break started today

hopefully me and her can go do something :p if not i'll go do something alone

does it matter tbh

theyre cute(period)

Huh. Alright, something else...

Gonna hunt down a supreme cunting?

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(don't understand)

I watched Yuru camp episode 3 now....

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my voice isn't particularly cute regardless of what I say

oh, are drawing the line at urine?
pisslass is fine but urinewoman isn't?

oh shit
we out here staying hydrated
go bang those fuckin drums, I'm about to go pick up some weights and put them back down, only to pick them up again

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Nobody says that can't be via the mediums that you're accustomed to for the time being, babe. And who says you can't provide that. There are bigger obstacles in this world than borders. Besides, I know them fairly well.. I think that what they want more than anything is knowing that someone wants to put them before anything else. Every other aspect of the situation will seem trivial in comparison.

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Aww that brings back memories

Attached: cdb73fa2f1738e430da65024eef64abf.jpg (720x671, 128.35K)

Says the motherfucker that put two king snakes in an enclosure together

Attached: 54.jpg (960x720, 82.2K)

1. Its merely for pronoun reference and when I daydream of the revolution, baka.

2. Hang withbher and do the five guys and arcade kerpow!!!

Ride or die baby

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even groser

how was it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i watched ep 1 when it came out then got busy...

me neither it stinks gosh dangit
especially when i'm a "girl"
yeah it stinks i dont really look like a girl yet but i hate hearing my voice

is rager a big muscly man :o

i wanna feel ur pecs ;w;

Attached: firefox_2017-11-08_12-26-18.png (550x675, 733.57K)

gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang

Attached: 1521598242471.jpg (400x400, 64.5K)

It's a [email protected] thing. I think.

Fucking Hell I am just being repeatedly bodied today.

Perhaps. We'll see in time.

Not a fan of a cute li'l cunny?

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George is gay

Attached: sophie9.png (1152x862, 54.94K)

Hey you. How's it going?

Attached: tumblr_obs6hzziHB1t2warpo2_1280.jpg (1280x1280, 405.41K)

DIFFERENT TOPIC PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Attached: tumblr_nvkivr9hF41qg9q4ao1_1280.jpg (1080x1080, 101.66K)

....I was young!!! You're not allowed to keep holding my feet over that particular fire!

Attached: Ferrets-are-adorable-ferrets-11370043-345-259.jpg (345x259, 17.08K)

Gonna go searching for smooches?

Attached: eye see you in the icu.jpg (1280x1749, 338.21K)

It is very adorable and cozy....
Reminds of when was kid and could sleep late in weekends.....

Attached: [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.27_[2018.03.23_22.10.41].jpg (1280x720, 74.3K)

I'm not really upset by not having a cute voice
I'm just saying the content of what I say won't change the cuteness when my voice isn't cute

Attached: tumblr_nvwsb3vDjO1qmeafoo6_1280.png (1280x720, 834.89K)

Someone say SMOOCHES???

Kinda like saying the sky is blue, eh?

Finally got home at a reasonable time today so that's a plus. You?

Attached: pet-ferret.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart.jpg (644x364, 14.65K)

I .. think your chances are better than you think they are.

Get a room

Fine, fine, I'll let it go. Hi Mandy.

Right here nigga. *mwah*

Attached: 60.jpg (960x720, 41.93K)

very nice
what's it like having a snake?
I imagine they don't do much while they're in their enclosure.

I'm getting their
soon I'll be bulletproof

could always be worse.
someone could've picked you up and thrown you into a dumpster.

Attached: __joseph_joestar_battle_tendency_and_jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken_drawn_by_yokozawa_pyu_tohuku__3e95ab895cde14b63e141cb869b877c6.png (700x700, 632.89K)


no probably not
but atleast thats not entirely grose...

yeah i like the idea of it
and my friend likes it
and i love slice of life so like
im sure ill love it
i just have to watch it....

yeah well my voice stinks it sounds like a bag of rocks and i hate it and i wanna REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


oh heck yeah
when u do
please let me know i wanna feel u up

Attached: VA-11 Hall A_2017-12-24_19-29-56.png (279x380, 18.87K)

I HATE that phrases implications


I suppose

How are you doin?

Attached: sophie8.png (831x883, 71.1K)

Thats the stuff :3

Basically its like “hah your problems arent problems, baby”

Mandy, give hug.

Attached: 274093e77e290a8e032e6905ef4b490c.jpg (596x800, 47.24K)

oh wow

I was kidding.
You want to get thrown into a fucking dumpster, kid?

Attached: __caesar_anthonio_zeppeli_joseph_joestar_lisa_lisa_loggins_messina_and_others_battle_tendency_and_jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken_drawn_by_mapi__ffc38dc3407b99817d3456dcae58abc7.png (565x800, 365.19K)

I'm a ceras boy...........

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thats the plan. gonna creampie this thot

Attached: 1520728351751.png (990x1146, 963.45K)

Worse than yesterday, better than this morning.

There are only so many ways I can say time will tell, dude.

This is very true.

Oh hey, I spoke the the dev of VA-11 Hall A a few times. They seemed neat.

I mean it's not wrong.

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Attached: sophie15.png (494x801, 760.21K)

dreadful isn't it
if it makes you feel any better I sound like one of those robotic announcements you get at the airport

Attached: mpv-shot0005 (3).jpg (1920x1080, 154.44K)

God, I wish

Try me!
I am a black belt antifa

Now I know!!!

How's the kids treating you today?


Well it sounds like you but your low for the day. Nothing to do but get better.

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Thot plankton picture


Confirmed antifag


Attached: a3b5a9bed5234b2385c29da94908a18a.jpg (399x499, 31.94K)

If I were to do that, I would find the dumpster with the softest trash.
because I care.

300 confirmed shills

Attached: __joseph_joestar_battle_tendency_and_jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken_drawn_by_manakannn__79c79822fa6cf21d3417263a74b2f599.png (600x800, 592.4K)

Or spiral into a paranoid, jealous mess again and wake up miserable again tomorrow.

Attached: tumblr_o7scogJwwi1tyl7fto1_1280.png (600x800, 46.3K)

Depends on the snake. California Kings are usually pretty active animals. Mine lives in my living room table, so he's out and part of everything all the time, and he loves the attention he gets when he starts playing escape artist. Currently he's in his water bowl staring up at me, taking a bath.
What's it like? I don't know. Like owning any other pet. If you enjoy the company of animals, they're really nice to have around because they're low maintenance and certain species are really easily sociable.

Could be worse I guess. Still trying to come down from this last two weeks "Lol fuck you Drunky" universal motif. Also I didn't sleep last night so work was fun.

You're going to get to the point of penetration and then sit there fucking dumbfounded, staring and poking at it like it might try to retaliate or something.

Alright, Alright. Didn't mean to get on your nerves.

kids? Whaddya mean?

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Not even that, I was worried I'd get boring since that was the only reply I had available again and again.

Aw, I love you too probably. Seems a fair assumption.

yeah its lame

i wuv a big muscly man >:3

yeah theyre cool kidz
fun game
i like it :3

omg thats kinda cool
send me a clip of your voice over discord or something now im curious

Attached: VA-11 Hall A_2017-12-24_13-14-24.png (346x399, 24K)

That sounds awful! I'm glad you're startin to come down from all of it though!

also ignore george's bullying

Attached: sophie6.png (1029x714, 80.8K)

well vaginas are weird you cant blame me

Attached: 39369dfd7770538099779fbbcb2f208eb211a3eb1e33e1af5ca429b2e35d12c9.jpg (500x555, 27.28K)

How goes the mission to become a moth person?

Attached: tumblr_o6e6exVux91ut7kl5o1_1280.jpg (1280x1707, 292.63K)

You know what isnt lame u

What are you up to?

Jealous of what?

Attached: cute-ferret-photography-2__700.jpg (700x936, 41.8K)

you're making it sound pretty nice, actually.
let me know when they genetically engineer a Fuzz Snake.

what are we assuming?
be patient, I'm retarded.

I decided to become what I love

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They're ramming their face into their computer screen. So it's a start.

Attached: dcfacfa134528588289d735ed5c7d585.jpg (511x720, 182.63K)

can't do that sorry pal my mic has broken
and the point I was trying to get across was that my voice is dull and boring i.e. not exactly special or noteworthy in any way

its pretty difficult
idk where to saty ;w;

well DUH

i dont ever want to be a muscly man
just i wanna grope em

record with your phone you doof

Attached: firefox_2017-12-21_01-13-48.png (272x548, 334.24K)

Id post my voice but you would all just cream

Hanging in call with some friends.

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Not important. It's a result of entirely selfish desires I'm working on getting under control.

That I love you too, silly.

Ha! For you that was pretty good.


Attached: the solution to every problem is tea.jpg (1200x800, 101.3K)

We would probably all scream.

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give me a sentence then

Such a BIG ego

a sentence to read not like a criminal sentence or anything

Is it because they bully you? :<

I'm fine I'm getting ready for work

Tell me about yourself! ^^

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Scream cream

Is that like whipped cream but it's made with dead slaves?

Odds are your emotional plight isn't going to bore me. I focus way too heavily on that stuff.

George couldn't bully anything that wouldn't turn around and laugh at him in response.

So is human biology in general.
I recommend you do some research on what we call the "clitoris," or you're probably gonna have a really bad time.

Oh. That shit's the same every day. Same bored faces, same melancholic responses, same half assed terrible writing.

You could just cut off a cats tail, you know.



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hewwo im woafie and i wuv pee girl :3

or you could just say the first half

up to you

the largest ego in thread tbh

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Loafie is queer
And im going to millwall brick the faggot

you are not
you're probably too poor to assemble a millwall brick you pikey

I'll make sure they're plenty of muscle to feel up then

right, yeah
let me tell you a nugget of wisdom
it's only after you've accepted that you can lose everything, that you feel free to do anything.

but it wouldn't be alive and friendly
and I would be put on some kind of watchlist

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The same

At work
Inposted a vocaroo last week

Mmmmm so.... girthy


I once spermed accidental from touching my butt and I made puddle of sperm all over the floor....................
Had to clean it..........................

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the pikey can't even spell gyppo correctly

Sounds enjoyable

It's sort of important. Selfish or not, jealously is an important thing to work through on its own. Think of how things would be if what you are jealous of happened. Think of all the possibilities. The bad. The good. The impractical. Then think if that's something you really would want.

Being an English kinda guy, how versed are you in poetry?

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off I go to the land of heavy metal objects and sweat

Attached: tumblr_n7bqj5Tz6N1qjlwa8o1_500.gif (500x281, 1.9M)

heck yeah ty


Want to join?

Attached: tumblr_p5kr2alOwM1rhkrwho1_540.jpg (540x645, 112.24K)

Ew wop


Yeah, odds are you're not going to get a fuzzy snake.
Ball pythons are really nice.

Fairly. Poetry is what drew me to teaching literature and writing in the first place.

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You enjoy most of my bantz. The ones not directed at you, anyway.

Attached: 6e462f98601ba802d78f69f8da98e530.png (400x400, 10.56K)

he bullies me all the time :g

Attached: sophie4.png (1132x872, 151.83K)

thanks dad

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Remind me tomorrow
If you remember

That's Hella gay.

I laughed way too hard. Oh wow.

I find myself having feelings for someone with many more suitable and accessible suitors.

tbh fam I like those ones too. You're actually really fun a lot of the time.

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Could take a genetics lab and its staff hostage until they do it for you.

turn around and laugh at his ass

Also if George starts prodding around your lady parts like a surgeon on PCP, you may want to help him.

You're welcome son. You're adopted.

I'll remember, but you won't pay attention to me

I've said it before and I'll say it again, that's like, 1/5th of the whole truth.

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Feelings are for queers, Mr Drunky. ♥

You are being a baka

Guess I should post less then.

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bannin u

Attached: sophie39.png (600x560, 67.54K)

Eat a dick you cheeky cunt.

Attached: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg (500x281, 26.1K)

I'm not a fan of British 'cuisine'.

Attached: dcfacfa134528588289d735ed5c7d585.jpg (511x720, 182.63K)

Who all?

I sort of know that pull. I must say, I have always liked it myself. Especially poems with virile metaphors and what not.

I suppose the poem 'an Irish airmen foresees his fate' is what got me interested.

Has said person shown interest in you?

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It's not funny.................

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thank god

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Me, Kai, Dillon and Grim when he gets back.

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Oh wow. Well played, Tracy Beaker.

Yes. And also in others.

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Then bend me over and call me cocksleeve, because I genuinely care for you fuckers for whatever reason...

I'm never not being a baka.
But I'll be your baka if you'll have me....

I expect no less.

reading now
Mandy, stahp this is touchy subject matter. Even I shut up, and that's saying something.

Oh, Alright, I see how it is. I raise your sorry ass and that's how you respond.

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Oh, uh, of course not. *pats head* There, there...

I try.

Attached: 6e462f98601ba802d78f69f8da98e530.png (400x400, 10.56K)

-pats- there there boy

on a random segue I think you're really cool and personable and enjoy talkin to u

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Brb administering medication

But that would be gay and I am clearly not.

Been up to much fun lately? Playing any vidyagames? Watch any good movies? Whack it to anything especially "out there"?

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Can I have some?



Attached: 2018-03-23 17-50-36.webm (1280x720, 4.94M)

Some of it is for schizophrenia amd depression

No. Few. No. No.

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Attached: 81a1dfb7f55cb76c485082850cee8b94.png (400x400, 11.37K)

Aw sweet!

Whatchu been playing lately?

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Innate feelings of rejection
Boutta cry

You'll get tired of me sooner or later
..everyone does

Teach me how to not have feelings for people I barely even know. If you could call any of this "knowing someone"

Attached: 67.jpg (960x720, 35.25K)

Are you radio host???

please do NOT bully me

Attached: mpv-shot0055.jpg (1920x1080, 153.92K)


i know its not your style twacer :p

are you good

my life is a lie how could you

Attached: 1521204825246.jpg (720x676, 105.71K)

fug forgot the link

I don't really know any of them. No, sorry. I appreciate the offer though.

So why not pursue it? What makes you less suitable as a suitor than others?

I've never been good with limits, especially interpersonal ones.

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If I knew how to do that I wouldn't be in the pickle I'm in, would I?

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Attached: o.jpg (681x1023, 154.39K)

how is that bullying ?
it rules

sadly no.... :(

id be down to be one though

oh nvm

so good

Attached: firefox_2018-02-26_04-37-47.png (893x866, 901.75K)

you are ALWAYS playing mgsv as far as im aware
its a good game
lotta fun :3

Attached: 7bf865e71f64a63ddd36d8b4b677cd85.jpg (620x800, 70.7K)

Because.... I'M ADOPTED

I know that feel all too well

It's a curse, isn't it?

Loafie that was REALLY FUKKEN GHEY

Attached: 8.jpg (960x720, 74.28K)

Why do you have nice system for recording??

thanks for not bullying me

please stop bullying me

oh i do stream :p

its fun
lotta fun !!!

Attached: firefox_2017-11-05_19-48-25.png (155x548, 175.86K)

you shouldnt be so worried about being "bullied" :p

Distance, and other practicalities.

Neat game. I like sneaking around and kidnapping random goons.

It is. I liked it better when I was depressed.

Attached: 99.png (557x390, 300.32K)

I don't think there's even a single homophobe in the community.

I can't help it I'm a very fragile and insecure being
and I get bullied a lot

Attached: mpv-shot0020 (2).jpg (1920x1080, 166.46K)

I have 3500 goons.

It's fun.

Attached: Kyle-Hyde-hotel-dusk-room-215-1037701_170_200.gif (170x200, 164.62K)

Maybe you need a pet or a friend you can be around?

Attached: [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.49_[2018.03.21_16.11.20].jpg (1280x720, 83.6K)

Alright, fair enough. So why do you find them attractive as a partner even though it is impractical situation? Is a long distance relationship something you would be interested in?

Attached: Ferrets-are-adorable-ferrets-11370043-345-259.jpg (345x259, 17.08K)

Nigger you know better than to take any of it seriously. How many times do I have to tell you this

I think I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment. It's easier to not care about anyone, even yourself, than caring about everybody unconditionally. Make it stop.

The trick is knowing you're better than everybody bullying you because your heart is better than theirs

Attached: 43.jpg (960x720, 47.9K)

I wish I could name them. They'd all be called Steve.

Attached: 112.png (304x352, 144.06K)

I'm going to bully you so hard!

Attached: 4b781e9ca87207e037f48873515d019e--so-cute-wild-animals.jpg (700x733, 56.3K)

well not really that specifically i just meant in general

when ur a lil baby and get bullied its just gonna keep happening
if you dont let it get to you/give a reaction whatever (or atleast present that way) most bulliers will stop :p

read above

Attached: firefox_2017-11-05_19-41-22.png (900x901, 946.5K)

Would be interesting to change their rankings and names that way I guess.

Attached: c12.png (226x156, 41.72K)

ok but that whether or not someone's a homophobe matters naught

yes a friend to be around would be nice, not a pet though

sorry I have a very bad memory :(

you are not

that's a really clever OP fam

I think all relationshits are ridiculous, long distance especially so. But the heart wants and the head can't stop it.

Okay but I'd call them all Steve. Wait, can you get girl goons? I don't recall. They'd be called Bradley if you can though.

Oh sure I knew that.

Attached: 152.png (499x379, 245.99K)

I didn't think about that but yes I suppose that's a contributing factor, but it's mainly due to just being sad because of the fact that other people are out meeting up with friends and whatnot whereas I'm here shitposting
sorry about the delayed response and all but you're at work so I guess you won't mind and there's a fair chance I'll be asleep by the time you're done

Trainee Steve
Recruit Steve
PFC Steve
Steve the Corporal
Lt. Steven
Sergeant Major Steve
Lt. Colonel Steve
Lt. Colonel Steve II
Lt. Colonel Steven
General Stephen

Oh I so am. I quite enjoy bullying Brits. Make the Troubles a little less depressing.

Attached: Ferrets-are-adorable-ferrets-11370043-345-259.jpg (345x259, 17.08K)

I have no idea how military ranks work btw

I’ll sly you some ey

What’re you saying?

Whats the plan space woman?

Attached: 59A1EE6E-ED3C-42C1-8A2E-E0BD2272EA09.jpeg (576x440, 183.67K)

The one with the most penises on their arm is your leader

Dunno how to do it for you but I could just stop taking my meds. That'd fix it.

bby ur 2 gud 2 me

Attached: 35.png (461x348, 237.33K)

Yea to a point. You might need to make some hard choices. If the heart won't obey, what are the chances of cutting all ties?

Attached: Ferrets-are-adorable-ferrets-11370043-345-259.jpg (345x259, 17.08K)

Yeah, there are some girl goons.

None with long hair though. Most have lez hair.

Attached: 5155c1715f2b3c3a5932a02812300879.png (600x600, 69.88K)

well now you do :p

am drumman now by for a lil

drum till a friend says something
or just go idk

3%. And that's a generous estimate.

Doesn't mean they can't be called Bradley.

Attached: 76.png (526x387, 220.32K)

you can't bully me, I'm unbullyable
I seem like I get bullied a lot but that's because I'm really tough and if I retaliated everyone would die

I was just seeking your validation
I needed you to like me
and you..

you tossed me aside
with a headpat and a smile
you crushed my heart
Viced it in your first and played me like a fiddle
Well I'm done
I'm done taking this abuse from you
I've slaved over your affection
day and night
I worked for you
toiled for you
but I just don't bring home enough money
or I'm not attractive enough for you.

You don't look at me when we make love
You don't even kiss me when you get home from work
I've slept on the couch more nights than I've slept with you in my arms
and I'm done
I've had enough

I deserve better than this, Scoots

Were thru

Attached: 45.png (621x663, 224.03K)

Can confirm. I died just the other day when Loafie got fed up with my shenanigans. It was brutal.


Attached: 6e462f98601ba802d78f69f8da98e530.png (400x400, 10.56K)


Drummer girl
Play me the song

Attached: A0480E7F-43AA-4D10-A529-2E847A8626F6.jpeg (400x593, 79.94K)

I don't even know why I find those two names so funny.

Even after I poopoo'd your mostly morally sound political views. You are a good man and a true friend.

I mean, uh, pls ky yourself.


Attached: rk9.png (289x194, 62.22K)

It's obvious.

Depends on the branch, but air Force is

Airmen basic
Airman first class
Senior airmen
Staff Sargent
Tech Sargent
Master Sargent
Senior master Sargent
Cheif master Sargent

2nd lieutenant
1st lieutenant
Lt Colonel

Brigadier general
Major general
Lieutenant general

Attached: Ferrets-are-adorable-ferrets-11370043-345-259.jpg (345x259, 17.08K)


I wonder how long I'd need to not be taking my meds before people would notice... I don't remember what my attention span was like before. Hrm.

Attached: 43.png (620x385, 264.25K)

Why so low?

Good, then you will just sit there and take it.

Attached: a-cat-a-dog-a-ferret-10-pictures-4.jpg (530x403, 47.04K)

I still don't get you posting that dude. Did you see the animu and then read that comic or something?

Attached: 63.png (392x385, 194.78K)

I was afjrotc. Go suck a dick. Also air Force has the best mess halls. Prove me wrong.

Okay, I've pissed enough of my afternoon away here.
I'm going to go finish the shit I have to do and then begrudgingly ready myself for a night of sleep deprived alcoholism.

Leaving this here tho. Every day till you like it.


Attached: o8.jpg (434x409, 37.72K)

A couple reasons. I've tried that exact tactic before with 0 success and it's someone from here.

Attached: 220.png (463x435, 228.54K)

I'm confused, then.

Attached: 10.png (366x340, 145.51K)

yeah that's right I'm an altruist and I'll take it if it means the total happiness in the world increases
got a problem with that cunt

Attached: mpv-shot0023 (2).jpg (1920x1080, 160.94K)

A usual for you.

Attached: 6e462f98601ba802d78f69f8da98e530.png (400x400, 10.56K)

Loafie is a very straight and manly man who has sex with attractive women and fights a whole bunch.

Attached: 130.png (338x366, 168.63K)

i would love to kiss loafie and poke his tummy

Is being mean to your friends how you get your jollies, old man?

Attached: 197.png (296x381, 175.7K)

Loafie is a shithead
I now hate loafie

I have few needs for negative posting hang ups

i already have enough of my person

Ive never taken politics too personally.

Attached: D6825767-267D-406B-B74B-772E18034E7D.jpeg (720x570, 52.21K)



Well, then you're only stuck with two options.

Take the high road, as it were, and hope they find happiness with you only as a friend.

Or press the issue, and your luck. You only live once. Obviously it's something, despite the distance, that you want.

I'm a fan of the latter. It's why I've gone to Canada.

Ayy u rite tho... idk what Luke's is like, I'd have to ask my brother.