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it means unsure


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But what if I did?

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On June 29th, 2017, the artist published a blogpost on DeviantArt entitled “Deviant Art deleting my artwork.” The post outlined a warning from DeviantArt regarding sexually explicit and nude work, which violates the site’s rules. In addition to pleading their case, Diives linked to other places where you can find their artwork.[7]

The other day I received a message from DA staff saying my artwork of Kat from Gravity Rush depicted in a nude, erotic or sexually compromising situation are established as being under the age of 18 in his original context.

I sent a message telling them she originally use that suit, and I was just recreating it but I haven’t received anything back
Instead that they just deleted two of other of my artworks today saying the same.

Recently they deleted my animation of Hilda and Rosa warming up sayiing the same

I was being careful with my pictures, putting them with filter with nudity and all, even if they show characters wearing a bikini (A NORMAL BIKINI THAT U CAN FIND IN A SIMPLE BEACH), but it seems DA doesn’t care about it.

Well I wont care either to stop uploading everything here, probably I won’t upload anything else in this stupid website
If you srsly wanna follow my job please visit my other websites, any other AT LEAST GIVE ME THE CHANCE TO PUT A FILTER OR CHANGE THE IMAGE IF IT VIOLATING SOME RULE--

And of course my Patreon

And I wont keep wasting my money in this core shit, I really don’t care has that ugly star in my profile anymore
Da u are acting like a jerk just acting and giving me just bot explanations--
U’ve been warned.

Diives’ account has since been suspended.
Personal Life

Diives’ real name is David. He is an illustrator living from Chile.

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you don't

i want VR just like her!


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That ain't good.
No backup? No reserves?

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That's what you get for using a framework


Virtual Youtuba Kizuna Ai-des

but 11-19 is such a huge gap
like an 11 yr old don't look like no 19 yr old
Also it's so rare that Diives does a full background
Did you get a .rar from /aco/ or something or do you actually collect him

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she know how 2 make noize

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But what if I did?

At least it's not electron :tm:

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anything above medium

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I non-ironically find her kinda cute. It's a guilty pleasure.

Tru. Been coding a cross-platform thing in pure C++ lately, been remembering why I love it

for lloyd

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Here's a picture you'd like.

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but you dont

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she definitely knows how to entertain~

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no reserves here... only zuul

no beauty mark

into the trash it goes

+marks for thick eyebrows tho

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We talkin' like, McDonald's medium, or Circle K?

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Oh yeah? Using what? :3

But what if I did?

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wat is circle k ?

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Get a twelver next time!

Tisk tisk. So picky.

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It's a place where strange things are afoot.


CMake, it's for a dynamic library so i don't need a gui or anything.

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He's from Chile
This I didn't know
pretty cool

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never heard of it!
google is showing random pics of some tiny gas station?

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u should entertain

murican 24 hour petrol station and convenience store

I'm no good at entertaining

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12 turtles pls


Oh pff, I just assumed it was some sort of GUI since you mentioned cross platform.

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some are bigger and sell moderate grocery items

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its just
buying a one piece isn't really effort into the cosplay you know?

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youd have to prove it

Yea no I just need to have a .dll and a .so from the same codebase. It's been fun.

oh so 7-11 gas stations?

i havent watched that movie

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11 more pls

similar, yep

Fair point. And I'm just givin' ya a hard time. :3

It was a staple of my childhood. Then again, I'm old.

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The place you go to get Hepatitis when there's not a QT or Maverik nearby.

Who the FUCK says "petrol"?
You have to go back.

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imma squeeze your cheeks

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persons who are not american... sometimes

so hes livin the life lol

10, ty


i wonder why he compared a 7-11 to a McD ?

my childhood was cartoons

sounds very eww

no a random idol anime girl

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can't make this shit up

*unzips dick*

Here you go

Fancy stuff, good on you :3

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ty qt

People who don't mean diesel, obviously.

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Which was your favorite?

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Nah, is good shit.

You forgot to change your name to Loco when you posted, but I'll take it.

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so if sayori decided to be an idolmaster


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100K in fucking Chile
the man is basically a dictator

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I think you've accidentally linked me a few times now.

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maybe coz they also contain unhealthy foods which can be considered "fast food"

...the one by me has groceries and a chicken place innit

the after school animes on cable tv
i do have a one special one though...

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That is a grave error

ok, im good now
maybe too much turtel


So cute!!

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i like ur pic
she has a pretty butterfly on her
and the colors make me feel the quality oozing from it.

less edgy
and more tsundere
and taller
kinda maybe yeah

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If I find a better Samus, I'll send her your way. :3

Aw. Which one?

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both are fast

so are you~

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sayori is NOT edgy.

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thanks boo

too embarrassed to say

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suresure... mcds dont sell petrol


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too much of a good thing

look at this pretty girl

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Aw, ok. Well, I won't pressure you into telling me. It's obviously a very special and personal memory. I hope it makes you happy to think back on it.

Moooooooorrrrrrre! Bweh hehe!

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i call it all gas

still too big >_

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Yeah, it's pretty embarrassing that you keep calling me qt like that.

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You know you are, stop lying

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Lol, no.

Attached: 1519725078714.jpg (850x1288, 205.14K)

yeah, it's what helped shape me as a person, helped define my world views and more, it excited me each week, it was a welcome escape from everything else.

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feeling like a turtle fat kid at this point

suit yourself

too big

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Fuck mud-slingin', I'm blood-flingin'
There's nothing on this fucking Earth
Better than bein' the king of the playground
I hate the swings, but I love bein' an underdog
'Cause when I'm pushed I end up swingin' (Ah!)

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Welcome to shell!

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Is this like how grim knows I'm a girl? :^)

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P. sure that's him rationalizing why he wants to bone you.

Grim you're not still hovering Wish, right?

No, it's like how I know you code

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My name
Grim you're not still hovering wish, right

how do u e hover??

to be fair the brits got it wrong tho
since petrol is obviously short for petroleum
which is an ingredient in many products including gasoline, which is the proper term for the product we are referring to here...

but they also got it jacked up on

...stuff like that

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I'd bone me too tbh.

...Because I told you?

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youre doing this on... tortoise

ever get that coffee?

12:22: Hey girl, you know how cute i think u are ;3
15:30: Helloooooo? wake up cutie
18:15: Hey, it's me again beautiful, how's your evening :)

Like that and shit

Ok maybe not like that. But you're qt, stop denying it

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I turtally am!

I ain't got no coffee yet. I'm going to see if my co-worker wants to go with me. (So she'll drive. ;D )

Attached: turtle uber 9Ctpish.gif (300x225, 1.89M)

But if you'd bone you then isn't that user right about you being a qt?

before i discovered luka
there was another idol in my eyes.

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I dont think I ever did that shit w wish

I occasionaly flirt but recently its all been her shtick of "HURR IMMA BOY ALL OF A SUDDEN" with no real proof
meanwhile we have leaks of her from seff and shes sent me images of her clothing as well

that still isn't concrete but its better than just your word, nomsain?

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And what if I refuse?

Well lissen here you lil' shit

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Sailor Moon?

Attached: turtle vs tomato UIU32pO.gif (512x384, 1.85M)

I'm not asking for your opinion on this matter, wish

Attached: onmushroom.jpg (320x405, 31.51K)™-Lowers-Price-6.95-Month

half off movie tickets if you go once a month
save even more if you go more often

Attached: f39.gif (600x400, 348.97K)

these puns have me shellebrating

thats annual


pay annual
but 6.95 amonth whne divded by 12


Leaks from Seff? Eh?

i got 600 upvotes on reddit!
and a Rioter liked my posts!
and shortly after, patched the game because of me ^_^

she's 3D
the picture is too pixelated
need uh.... more 'contrast' ???? i think is the right word

Attached: 1516912235-3.jpg (1920x1080, 219.29K)

yeee boi

want me pull one up?

If you discovered today that Wish actually is a boy that owns some cute girl clothes incidentally would you stop flirting

Attached: DUa3Bw6W0AEUEvR.png (579x747, 273K)

hate it when shits misleading like that

Attached: 63376344_p0 - 夏.png (868x612, 680.43K)


a friend got billed $300 for a yearly sub on match for the same reason

dont give me that shit

I'm confused but sure, if you have one to hand.

I can think of 'em in a...snap. ;D

Attached: turtle happy dance 80Ux1DR.gif (268x312, 1.13M)

sick blank post

But you want to change my opinion!

Attached: 67610496_p3 - オリジナルまとめ!.jpg (1300x1600, 1.19M)

Attached: 1510923181636.jpg (1601x2400, 678.08K)

What if you found out I was a girl?

Attached: CsK33QlVIAAM8Ra_.png (1200x964, 903.03K)


nah.. that's not the one.
but that was one of the things i watched back then on the cable tele as a kid.
but nah it's something else.

Attached: 9e52a0855baa28f06584afe35fd427e909137fc4.png (1080x980, 846.91K)

Bye for now! Coffee lunch. Cunch.
That sounds terrible.

Attached: turtle attack zrIj78q.gif (200x233, 1.36M)



No I'm stating a fact is all :3

Attached: shrug.png (776x774, 143.24K)

Attached: assgasms.png (521x450, 59.33K)

Attached: DWBYNR2VMAABhdD.png (1280x1666, 2.14M)

Cya bruv cheers
that is an angry turtle

Attached: mononobe no futo.jpg (2955x3150, 2M)

to the mega drive we gooo

first it was a twitter leak


Attached: emma.png (852x94, 26.99K)


i got dinged bout 200 on a cable streaming service for mobile . recurring fees are a bitch.

that one gave me shell-shock

If I'm a qt then the earth is flat.

Attached: 67464875_p0 - にゃんこチノ.png (606x700, 317.35K)

oh wait

Definitely was not me.

Attached: What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch.png (765x819, 451.5K)

well done pic
but i'm personally not feeling it.

Attached: 3fe39573ae58f1f6c24dc77f50a7e407680c619b.png (478x388, 164.26K)

Thinking eh....

Attached: tumblr_p34uxxq7AJ1vi2f7go1_1280.png (900x1440, 1.52M)

I know you dont like me blowing up your spot like this but it has to be done wish

nimfu expanded this soon after.
pay close attn to her nose shape

where is it?


Attached: wishpaper.png (1920x1080, 465.95K)

Stop being mean to earth-chan. You know you're qt,wishie.


Attached: lolicon.jpg (946x717, 166.81K)

Welp, I'm convinced.

Attached: 754824cb3545029d9e170f2aa6dd87b617189e26f9d88f6c2c9e85dbf9000b2d.jpg (700x996, 110.41K)

here's the seff leak

yeah idk what would happen

Attached: wishh.png (587x441, 406.37K)

and here's the edit she REALLY doesn't like.
I think mff did this one.

Attached: wishneko.jpg (587x441, 54.09K)

just leeg reddit
mis fotune bugs

[x] doubt


Hey man, flat is justice after all

Attached: 59223518_p0 - マフラーショコラちゃん.png (1253x1770, 1.93M)

Attached: fku.png (1280x1280, 1.36M)

Shitposter or not I would do terrible things to that young woman.

Attached: tumblr_nl68hqWM6J1rjqwzso1_1280.png (992x1441, 586.28K)

nah that wasn't me.

Guess that works then

Attached: rrrrrrr.jpg (1280x1618, 240.11K)

oh ok

no don't hurt her

just gentle bully

Attached: dc930f6d110b9a6e0227462fb38c42c436cd8da5.gif (900x750, 1.2M)

Aw, bby, I'm hurt.

Attached: 754824cb3545029d9e170f2aa6dd87b617189e26f9d88f6c2c9e85dbf9000b2d.jpg (700x996, 110.41K)

Wow, what kinda monster do you think I am?

Attached: tumblr_o4ko6cG8KP1vp66vio1_500.png (500x600, 381.48K)

What if I get a sex change?
Will you compliment my boobs?

Attached: poppyb.png (1376x1654, 1.95M)

a monstrous one

bat sad?

remember when I complimented your leggings?

Attached: 7595113_p0.jpg (1200x848, 580.37K)

Attached: grim.jpg (2080x4160, 515.22K)

I think it'd depend on the results, dude. Even Grim has standards. I think.

Attached: tumblr_o3zq1egwQ51qj0qimo1_1280.png (1280x1600, 313.1K)

cute hand

Attached: orders.jpg (750x1000, 122.44K)

If it's me, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have greaat boobs tbh

Attached: imp.png (1000x1115, 331.93K)

Attached: fmp-sagara-sweating[1].gif (480x360, 1.04M)

very smol and feminine

I couldn't hurt someone I liked unless they asked me to and, besides, I'm doubtful that girl is actually Wish.

Attached: tumblr_o73673S6ve1ttnc2fo1_1280.jpg (600x838, 430.17K)

idk about feminine or smol. You don't have to be either to be cute

Attached: funnyshroom.png (900x1100, 452.12K)

If personality and looks were that closely linked I'd look like a corpse.

Attached: tumblr_nla7miSRZA1u5ddfho2_1280.png (621x1225, 67.88K)

It's an emoji in a discord server I'm in
Gets a lot of mileage
it's cartoon batman frowning
I do remember that but boobs are another ballpark
Its why you have ass men and breast men

Attached: bd92091f-8d61-44ff-bd6a-e4c1dfa5e504.png (1280x1113, 685.1K)

Oh sorry, I was just memeing.

Attached: 67633468_p0 - 島村卯月 園児服.jpg (1308x2105, 311.65K)

Don't meme

Attached: hehehe.jpg (512x512, 32.03K)

WE'RE TALKING ABOUT MEEEEEEE RIGHT NOW and how FANTASTIC my theoretical boobs are thanks

Attached: a1f0ade03ada9845cf4b97465edb086ffdaea8921.jpg (796x1200, 96.64K)


yeah im a boobman

brb while I think about things

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (304x254, 119.87K)

Have a good fap dude

Attached: 1516593880.png (1200x980, 890.29K)


Forgive me daddy uwu

Attached: 67702425_p0 - シュバフィーン!.jpg (772x1080, 331.27K)

Attached: pfft.jpg (460x490, 19.37K)

Of course. I'm sure you'd have glorious tiddies.

Attached: MUH DIK.jpg (1280x985, 245.12K)

Don't call me that that's weird

Attached: preparingspell.jpg (600x581, 439.08K)

Forgive me onii-chan uwu

Attached: 67526446_p0 - マヤにゃん♪.png (600x807, 499.97K)

He got destroyed

Thanks man
I'd like them to be freckled as well
Are freckled breasts common?
Sounds like great features

Attached: 28467939_783420788518913_1883699486962268906_n.png (483x960, 568.91K)

I still find you cute despite this.

Attached: heart.png (800x1097, 477.53K)

Wish's hands look so tiny. The fingers probably couldn't even wrap all the way around. D'awww~

I know that they're a thing that can happen but beyond that I haven't a clue.

Attached: tumblr_nuoph6cD861ugy2u7o2_540.jpg (540x470, 75.7K)

they look rather mannish...

They look kind of half way between to me and a guy with girly hands is 2cute.

Attached: tumblr_n2r95cNyOo1rxej9eo2_500.png (500x700, 419.53K)

Google doesn't bring very desirable results, unfortunately

Attached: 0b390d12536cc2dbbf519c0ca86769b0.png (716x981, 910.82K)

Dang. We can dream, at least.

Attached: hahaha her legs look furry.png (362x615, 109.2K)


Attached: the joke.gif (320x180, 376.71K)


Maybe some artist will get obsessed with freckled boobs and we'll have a lot of 2D content
Let's pray

Attached: 65fe713e2b98ff8cb1cd18ee8681c51c.jpg (740x1036, 704.17K)

did i cross a line?

I'm tilted

Attached: 67554778_p0 - 水着ノコ.png (708x1024, 624.26K)


you're good babe


Attached: 62655323_p0 - 朝だよ.png (800x1100, 520.82K)

plus you bullying me

aww... thanks there beefy tits

You got that from Narumie

Attached: PepeGun.png (320x320, 90.14K)

get good

i am not

am nawt, im being nice today

What does that even mean?

How 2 get good?

Are so!

Not you

Attached: 67835116_p0 - 「変な事したら許さないから」.jpg (1378x2039, 1.86M)

Well maybe you, depending on if beefy tits counts

I don't bully anyone, let alone a cutie like you

Attached: oversizedshirt.jpg (593x1000, 68.51K)

I think he's saying you have 4 tits. Or that you're a cow.

nothing my little sugar boogar comment

It's literally all you know how to do.

Yeah, but one of those is very offensive.

Attached: 67490779_p0 - こはる日和。3巻.png (846x1200, 737.75K)

That's quite mean of you to say, when I've been nothing but nice.

I'm out, lovs

Attached: mocking.gif (245x250, 362.55K)

i liked it

Attached: 0dfad664195d9fa874005ad267a470c454bc1579.png (1500x843, 795.78K)

And now you're leaving me? ;_;

Ultimate form of bullying.

Attached: 67737357_p0 - チョコのお返し、遅くなってごめんな.jpg (715x1000, 410.48K)

She probably doesn't care

Attached: sample_036e44fc73c1b5c3326402f60617222d6dedeb05.jpg (850x558, 175.19K)

Attached: smiling2.jpg (836x836, 113.2K)

Bored and no games to play on my lame brother pc.......

Attached: [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.18_[2018.03.21_15.43.51].jpg (1280x720, 100.22K)

if only she cared...

Attached: 64152943_p9.jpg (7000x6000, 2.92M)

there are always games to play!!

Attached: mpv-shot0009 (2).jpg (1920x1080, 177.6K)


Wish & Loafie OTP

we don't even talk tho

you what

Pretty sure that was qt.


I ship her with Ren

Attached: 41268672_p0.jpg (1000x974, 366.48K)

The UK poster?

They go by Sucy Q, they used to post in pony threads but they don't want people knowing who they were or something.

Attached: 67786060_p0 - 冬が、ほどける。.png (1000x619, 617.29K)

That's Hella dumb.

ffxiv can't run on this pc...............

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ur dumb
gone for reals now

there are other games out there you baka

OK hold on
NOW I'm gone for serial

ok back from thinking about things


that hand could be anyone who could have this thread loaded up

now if it was a video which included you typing a post and posting it and the ids match that would be proof enough.



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ana's avatar is pretty
luxor is sooo chil and kewl he's super freindly ^_^
i can't gauge taco tina yet
Ren is cute~
merry so feisty o__o
frost is ok

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You should speak to a doctor about possible schizophrenia.

Ehh, it doesn't really bother me any.

I probably didn't know them.

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I've opened up pandoras box.

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I"m not sure what you're talkin' bout

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What are you looking at ?

they are cool people

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Grim on suicide watch

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hopefully they like me more someday

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You don't talk or have vr

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There there, fren
rember happy day

I didn't think anyone would

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purged from my mind


Not unexpected.

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Gonna leave for a couple hours I think. See you guy's later~

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Lloyd. Behind the hand. My reply has a (You).

That's her man.

Fucking Hell.

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Hes just saying that because his butts broken

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are you actually broken right now ?

what is happening ?

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But Grim-chan, what if I got my dad or brother to put their hand there for me? :^)))

Wow, you posted hand but not FEET.

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Needs fixed so it can get destroyed again.

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Check LINE :^)

This shit is getting deep and I'm actually confused.
Make a tl;dr of everything covered today thus far and I'll once over it
If u want

I'll destroy your ass

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Don't think it works like that.

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I stand corrected.

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My only regret is that I was sitting crossed legged so my foot is red.

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Pretty sure that's a cursed video. Thanks a lot

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I thought you had psoriasis or something.

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It's about wish being a dude or a gal.
That's it.

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Is that a fetish of yours or something?

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No, but if you got it, I like it.

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good luck

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It's a squid
It's a kid
I wouldn't worry about it

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I don't think I do.

That was a pretty 10/10 video.

I usually don't watch YouTube things people link me, but I sat through that whole video.

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Destroy it while his nuts are swingin back and forth?

Thank heavens.

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Wait, what the heck?

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Wish, remember that time you were holding on to a friend's hard drive with copious amounts of loli porn on it? That wasn't actually a friend's was it?

I mean
it was like 30 seconds
glad u like

I mean, it'd be weird if his nuts were suspended in one position while getting ass-pounded, right

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depends of the position of the destructive procedure and the angle of invasive implant.

Hehe funny.....
What is rito??

Uhhhh, I don't remember what you're talking about at all, but I don't really save porn or anything.

I bookmark things on pixiv and have that sync'd to my laptop now to post from. But that's recent and it's like 40% porn of all types.

Well yeah, but it was 30 secs of Shoujo Ramune :^)

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I'm drunk

Is grim gay now ?

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The other 60% is just loli? Jesus, Wish.


Do me too

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