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hu pony ~

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(tak dak jan valentine rager)

yu gi oh is actually about oujia boards and demon summoning

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I'm going to just.
Blame this all on pete hines.
That way I can deal with this

samurai shampoo

Are you tasting combustion or butane?
What method are you using to light it?
Have you tried Hemp Wick?

Somehow a bunch of radiation creates gods and shit
Or the fucking nines are just sitcom characters whose stories got bastardized over forever
this could be great

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holy shit
you might've just said some genius shit

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Much better.

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no that sounds like a looot of work just to light something

sstill I'm pretty sure it's comustion, I taste something similiar when my vape bows catch on fire as when I smoke and its harsh and not good

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what the heck is that bear even from bard

* snuggles sarah *

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a terrible meme

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There's a difference in combusting and vaporizing something. Smoke and vapor have completely different physical compositions. I can imagine a vaporizer is nominally smoother and cleaner in chemical composition than the smoke from burning plant matter.
Wrapping a thin rope around the neck of your bong, lighting it and dipping it when you need to take a hit. Burns cool enough that you can pinch it out with no pain. Use 12" of it and you only ever need to light it once. It burns fairly slow. I'm not trying to convince you or anything. frsrs

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you two are really making me feel like a fucking dirty peasant for using a glass pipe and a lighter

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Cool song.....

Who's Sarah??

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give me one.

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Riff raff
Street Trash

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fire and chaos

I can't remember the last time I hit anything other than a J or my pipe.

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a what?

do not lewd the michael cera

A.. A joint.
A doobie
A Marijuana Cigarette.

Would anyone even want?

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*pokes Laku*
From same anime..............

never heard anyone say J before, that's all
the future is now old man

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lukie and ceras are cute friends

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You've never... heard any ...
I mean

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I'm just fucking around, man.

Smoke, coffee, eggs, toast, oatmeal
Smoke, coffee, eggs, toast
Smoke, coffee, eggs
Smoke, coffee
Smoke, coffee
Smoke, coffee

Got this

I'm kinda tired desu ne

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*pat pat*

Some people were mean to me yesterday.....

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*holds tightly*
you're safe now...
what did they do?

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They said I deserved to be thrown off a helicopter because I was a cool communist......

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i don't know what that is~

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Your first mistake was taking anything Hu or Spec said seriously, like they're *real* people.

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can i get a kiss on the cheek

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I like hu spec.........

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but they're like, pets we just keep around.
not real people

spec and hu are dumb dogs

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stop bullying my Hu or I'm gonna beat you all up :>

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now you're gettin it

Hu's like my double ex I'm free to bully him until the end of time as much as I want.


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being in a relationship with squiddy be like

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that's not a kiss on the cheek :(((((

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*Sucks your dick8

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just made a fat ass jam in A minor on my looper and it is kinda catchy desu

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silly nezi

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become super buff!

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So cute....
Thanks Lukaa

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i got up when i posted that :p
have to clock in abouuuuut
15 minutes
or so

Go to bed.....

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tfw gotta work soon and don't get to talk to the cuties (loafie and ceras)

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*pet pet* morning hu chan

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Hu what color blazer should I get?

nighty night bard chan, hope you're enjoying

Blazer as in clothes?

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I bought new shoes and now all I need are some new pants and maybe a dress shirt or two and a blazer

We can talk later maybe?


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Yes, go with the dresses

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That was my original thought since it goes with everything

Either a Black, Dark gray, or a Navy Blue


dont you sweat at me

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Nah, just go with a dress. I bet you'd be much cuter in such

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Make me breakfast.

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Good morning friends!

Today's a new day, a day for capping amine girls

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Good morning Sinni.

Goddamn anime girls.

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I thought you hated traps

How are you doin, Spec!

:C at least they're cute ones?

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Good morning........
I liked that movie, the walking house was cool.......

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Hungry, hbu?

Sometimes they are.

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yee it was! I was my favorite movie to watch with my dad when I was a kid

a few years ago I bought the books and they're pretty incredible!!

How are you doin today?

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So you capped a trap?
Good morning though!

Dress is fine. Keep the panties off

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I got like really heatsick yesterday so today is already better! tho stressful and slow all the same.

you should make yourself something savory!

Sophie isn't a trap >:(

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That's a better pic~
I jumped back and forth between guy and girl forever in the first pic before settling on "girl"

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also bard if you're still around, I've been listening to your recommendation playlist and it's really relaxing!!!

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sophie let's her inner beauty shine throughout the movie, I just haven't gotten very far in capping it

Attached: sophie31.png (1101x1171, 314.31K)

...when it was only like 80 something? Where about in the country are you, I've no idea, got a lot of humidity?

Uh, well, I got hard boiled eggs and cheese, and that's... well that's all I got.

Attached: 35.png (115x185, 13.97K)

I'm up in chicago so outside it wasn't hot but my momther locked me in the car for 2 hours while she bought junk she doesn't need and so I got to swelter.

put salt on hard boiled eggs
munch them

Attached: sophie37.png (600x800, 467K)


Salt and mustard, yeah that's gonna have to do I suppose.

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I've been playing around today......Haven't done anything at all since morning......
Maybe I should read about economy again??

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Enjoy your strange egg concoction!

what time is it there?
do you enjoy reading about economy stuff? it's always productive to chill and read :)

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Her inner beauty makes her kind of look like a guy?

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Attached: 1520565864017.png (660x438, 332.63K)

nah a huge theme of the movie is Sophie struggling with her self worth and how in the beginning she's subjected to this small room in a hat shop as life passes her by, and after getting cursed her encounter with howl allows her to see herself for how beautiful and courageous she really is!!

Attached: sophie1.png (600x450, 96.06K)

buh bye for now

Attached: 1511199282001.jpg (1000x1411, 310.7K)

uwu if you have mayo you could make some sort of egg salad

Attached: sophie29.png (960x1280, 228.04K)

Bye Hu! Be safe!

This slut didnt even suck my dick and he just l;eaves like that

What an asshole

Economy is boring but it helps understand the world....

No she is a strong woman and she is still beautiful and pretty when she gets old because she is cool.....

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have a great night hu chan

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Ceras should check out Bruno Hildebrand.


I could indeed.

Attached: 28.png (645x640, 193.27K)

*nuzzles ceras*

Attached: 64696896_p0.jpg (1420x1086, 165.31K)

But reading Marx now.....
Maybe after...?

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Attached: .jpg (724x1024, 178.17K)

morning hutzpa I hope you're well

Attached: Gll5A.jpg (720x479, 38.76K)

Sure... I just want you to get some exposure to things aside from Marxist theory.
Or you could dive off the deep end into Mises and Friedman.

Attached: 63.png (260x411, 75.26K)

Good as never before

Attached: .jpeg (811x1177, 123.18K)

Go back to bed, Spectre. It's too early for you.

How do you say "hello" in Ukrainian?

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Attached: .jpg (352x394, 15.91K)

But I woke up like three hours ago.

Attached: 13.png (275x190, 29.4K)

Damn, ded threads are the worst kind of threads.

Attached: it's full of puke.jpg (1280x719, 148.11K)

I'm back desu are you back also peegirl

;~; Ceras didn't notice me...


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Attached: 15034514_1228576907202715_1701523694574108672_n.jpg (1080x1080, 64.19K)

lol sup

Attached: hey errbody looket me im an attention whore.jpg (444x231, 19.8K)

Fuckin' Cyrillic.

Attached: 27.png (285x465, 71.31K)

*pets hair*
Was playing game before so skimmed thread for (you)

Means privet......

Attached: [Asenshi] Little Witch Academia - 23 [17D04E6A].mkv_snapshot_08.57_[2017.06.14_15.18.33].jpg (1280x720, 102.08K)

Hello friends I'm back uwu

Attached: sophie27.png (778x1100, 1.16M)


It's read like "Pryvit"

Attached: .jpg (758x537, 98K)


Attached: 1351033546157.jpg (850x1091, 149.94K)

The fastest way to a girl's heart is through her ribcage.

Attached: tumblr_o847oqviKw1uo0fqno1_1280.jpg (1280x1579, 534.19K)

good morning sir

Attached: jghlfgfgh (1).jpg (468x263, 20.93K)

I know.

Attached: 22.png (85x175, 11.05K)

which game?

Attached: ok.jpg (294x271, 15.34K)

how re you today buddy

Attached: Yui41.jpg (846x697, 88.66K)

ok, busy day today...having a coffee, slept in

Attached: Kana Minami (28).jpg (1280x720, 90.98K)

uuu my sleep schedule got offset cause i Went to bed really early

My right arm is sore cause my brother put me in a bicep crusher ;~ ;

Attached: Yui93.jpg (1280x720, 246.51K)

do you feel rested?

whys ur bro such a dick tho...

Attached: Kana Minami (39).jpg (762x427, 25.84K)

No I only got about 5 or 6 hours in and it wasnt very restful at all

And he's pretty cool it was when we were sparring so I dont hold it against him
It's just sore now ; ~ :

gotta go to work later today desu

tea was a good idea but when I drink it it makes me sleepy and I get warm inside
and I only have it at work when it would be better to have before bed

Attached: 15826205_956230427854772_8623045454727303899_n.jpg (196x225, 8.69K)

ok, since hes only about 50% dick it must be fine.

so the tea should be cold... iced tea

my doc says trazodone for sleep, havent really tried it yet. i get 4-5 hours average

Attached: Kana Minami (62).jpg (625x354, 19.87K)

ugg when it's cold it's so yucky though

I mix the cold tea with boiling water from the boiling water machine and putsome honeys in and its good......

my younger btother takes trazadone for sleep and says good things about it

Normally I sleep full 7 to 8 hour nights so I cant complain

hopefully you can get a little better sleep yourself.........

Attached: bardbullying.gif (500x281, 709.21K)

hai desu

hello sinni how are you senpai

Attached: mpv-shot0010.jpg (1920x1080, 200.96K)

yep, the whole point was to replace the fountain beverages. that was the cheapest. remember that honey still has sugar calories innit.

got me a little pharmacy going here now. ima start the sleep thing tonight.

Attached: Kana Minami (96).jpg (817x458, 48.92K)

aww I don't care about no calories..............

Attached: furrowed.jpg (960x640, 252.42K)

why does the sun have to be out today

Another friday, another smajlejj

Attached: 96dfa601-a34e-4418-9bf0-725fc458184b.jpg (900x1600, 2.05M)

the sugar was the real concern

How are you feel yourself?

Attached: .jpg (503x604, 46.84K)

no fun

Attached: feh.jpg (424x421, 129.54K)

ahh hewoo!
I'm good! stressed and barely dressed but all the same life is good.

how are you doin?

Attached: sophie13.png (1280x1365, 566.09K)

1 tbsp of sugar (21g)
still has 17g of sugar

nfa zone initiated

moar coffee pls

i want my tummy filled with hot tasty liquids

Attached: furrowed.jpg (960x640, 252.42K)

bard whats ur favorite kind of soup

Attached: sophie24.png (1280x1280, 976.25K)

i should just go back to bed....

tomato soup and grilled cheese sounds amazeballs right now

Attached: Kana Minami (203).jpg (882x810, 76.91K)

Attached: 1521817374807378593831.jpg (3920x2204, 2.02M)

this conversation topic has about as much substance as a bowl of soup
lets not pls

Attached: Yui116.png (255x285, 93.09K)

I just wanna be friends with you bard :(
how am I suppose to learn about you if we don't talk

wats der fuck is this

Attached: erinsotherdoge.jpg (6000x4000, 3.63M)

Gazpacho but not pretentious, more like a summer drink

a friend to all is a friend to none

Attached: dayvsnight.png (1112x1912, 342.4K)

Attached: 1521817526467-1057263228.jpg (3920x2204, 2.18M)

chicken tortilla soup has been on my mind a lot lately, that or like my mom makes these big pots of cheesy potato soup.

soups is good

Attached: sophie6.png (600x424, 27.83K)

agreed, its delicious

how do you think 8ch is going to react to FOSTA?

Attached: a53.png (680x1020, 250.77K)

I'm alright I just got back from a shopping trip dess

all is good I suppose
did you play doom yet uwu
nothing wrong with it if you haven't I guess it'd just be nice to have someone to talk to about it

Attached: mpv-shot0026.jpg (1920x1080, 189.94K)

that's one lewd piece of paper : 3

Attached: XXYYXXgirls.png (684x563, 219.1K)

fellas how do I block out the sun from my skylight

I'm not friends with everyone though? I like to be polite and help improve people's days but you have to be especially close to be a friend don't you?

I hope you don't judge me because of my relationship with George, I know he doesn't treat you as well as he should but I'd still like to be friends with you regardless

Attached: sophie12.png (1006x1376, 456.04K)

...i use an adblocker so never see the ads anyway. no bother here

block it w/ a blanket

Attached: meripu.png (1042x654, 169.57K)

it'll just fall back down you big silly

Homemade but not pretentious

When i was 16 i bought tetra-pak gazpacho and mixed with bootleg smuggle vodka to make ghetto bloody marie

Attached: 1521817698539-2060699522.jpg (3920x2204, 2.31M)

I haven't! I went to bed right after we talked about it, where would I start again if I were gonna play the original?

Attached: sophie32.png (600x790, 140.6K)

Finally home.
How goes?

Attached: a3b5a9bed5234b2385c29da94908a18a.jpg (399x499, 31.94K)

there are plenty of people here go be friends with them


Attached: polwarwalk.gif (200x200, 90.93K)

I'd like to be friends with you though! I like your taste in music and you always seem so pleasant and refreshing. I don't know everything ofc but I'd like to get to know you if you'd let me.

Attached: sophie36.png (533x600, 65.23K)

First things you should do is to get the .wad (where's all the data) files which I'll upload in a minute
then you'll need a sourceport, I'd recommend Doomsday Engine if you only care for vanilla doom, GZDoom if you want to use custom files that aren't WADs or chocolate doom if you're a really strong puritan and what it to be played like it was back in '93, and also like to blind yourself but that probably doesn't apply to you

neat... what else did you put

Alright I'm already a bit confused but I can do this!! I'll look at doomsday engine then?

Attached: sophie12.png (1160x823, 82.85K)

Oh shit. My import of Kirby 64 finally came.

Attached: 552.png (1200x1030, 1.63M)

What did you buy?

Attached: .jpg (600x848, 82.01K)

FOSTA basically makes websites liable for any kind of sex trafficking content and any kind of prostitution ads illegal - even if the website is unaware that certain users are putting that content up.

a lot of websites are just flat out shutting down some of their sections like reddit and their sugar daddy and hooker subreds and craigslist with their entire perosnals section because they just dont want to risk getting their asses thrown into jail.

so im wondering if 8ch will do something similar

Attached: unfinishedart2017___morrigan___darkstalkers_by_castcuraga-dbxensx.jpg (810x1230, 404.47K)


im worried about fosta

Nothing, mixed the two in a 50cl coke bottle and walked around town partying

Attached: 1521818238226-944531289.jpg (3920x2204, 2.36M)

interesting that you felt the need to educate me on something i clearly suggested in my response to already have knowledge of ...

so just tomato soup and vodak then?
all my nausea

The previous owner was named Okahara if my translation skills are correct.

What for?

Attached: dsgdf.png (570x413, 588.46K)

its more for everyone else since this is a public board

sorry if it seemed haughty

Attached: bayonetta_by_splashbrush-d9waptp.jpg (1024x1378, 146.7K)
here's doom 1 and doom 2, the games are fundamentally similar, but I myself much prefer the original because of its level design

drinks crisps, crackers and some chocolates
the usual I guess desu


I was actually going to ask what it was so him explaining was nice.

craigslist is shutting down their personals section? where are bug chasers gonna go get pozzed now???

Attached: chario3.jpg (810x810, 45.8K)

My collection grows.

Attached: sketchhusk92-Copia.png (1220x940, 1.12M)

£1 for a 90g packet of mini eggs what a con

im on edge... sorry for snapping

chrome thinks this file is dangerous but I'm trusting you!


it also encourages this kind of behavior for copyright and gun stuff as well. Free speech as we know it is under attack.

FOSTA was made to help victims of sex trafficking but all it does is hurt them. Because it makes it that much harder in stopping traffickers if they can't advertise publicly.

what does that even mean

Attached: 8f54a0f0facc7deab694f51ba34967c995ea0dd58687bdbc05d9c3737b35bbcd.jpg (1000x1048, 232.02K)

Needs more Charlie Blast's.

Attached: hahaha her legs look furry.png (362x615, 109.2K)

I just use Grindr when I need a bug.

Attached: ,jvkljh.png (1060x635, 1.69M)

iz ok

my back went out for the first time in my life on monday

I know how it feels now
part of the club and whatnot

Attached: nezijackie.jpg (1067x752, 226.05K)

haven't you used mixtape before senpai

a virus wouldn't work on any sourceport anyway
it's not going to recognise doom.wad.exe now is it

not at all :g

Attached: sophie15.png (494x801, 760.21K)

Bug chasers intentionally catch STDs and spread them.

Attached: 074bbe2467706983167e37784027ea5b0369b80a71b7ade372602cdb4649648f.png (981x822, 392.74K)

where are the people who want to get aids going to go get aids now

Attached: 16114450_1854951178049778_7748469271423247675_n.jpg (480x467, 22.89K)

it's a site where you upload files
pretty neato

the battle is real.... did they give you something for it?

also for the sake of rhetoric: do you suppose by previously not clicking on porn ads would people be contributing to finding a solution for human trafficking of would they be part of the problem?

How did you injure yourself?

Attached: c87163e9a05e4b82492f98c0621c75a0dc354105823b292c5c1c28d48baec53f.png (328x294, 154.81K)

oh my god.

Vigorous masturbation.

new job had me lifting 5-6 big doors on sunday to help get them installed on a new location, Im p sure I lifted right, but when I took them off the pallet and onto the roller thing thats where my form probably got fucked

I felt it monday as I bent down to grab a basket of groceries

holy hell
had to sit down for 15mins, I couldnt even straighten my back

Attached: 366.gif (680x680, 704.94K)

it is truly abhorrent isnt it

God I wish that were me

Attached: polwarwalk.gif (200x200, 90.93K)

Couldn't say.
Pretty soon I'm going to get on PrEP.

Attached: tumblr_p5kr2alOwM1rhkrwho1_540.jpg (540x645, 112.24K)

Grim you get deeper into the pokeshhit every time I see how
How big is your folder be honest

Believe me, it was the lower end of low end vodka, so itevens out

oh god you dont have hiv do you?

Attached: satannytrauma.jpg (601x614, 345.21K)

Diives is good shit though

Attached: Deepest Lore.gif (640x360, 200.05K)

This is madness.

It's illegal right? Knowingly spreading disease like that??


Diives is the modern day bittenhard but animated. The guy makes over 100k a year from patreon, its amazing

Attached: d27.gif (500x700, 310.6K)

...its ok then because we threw out all the dignity

PrEP is for pre exposure.

Attached: DWFR77lV4AA1cfd.jpg (900x1200, 147.76K)

He makes what from what now?
Jesus fucking Christ
Also Bittenhard still makes stuff

Attached: Rouge.gif (312x500, 535.76K)

even I googled it before replying
cmon bardo

its a prohpylactic, which means it helps prevent you from getting it

Attached: what.mp4 (368x640, 870.42K)

But you can't get AIDS from animals other than chimps though.

Attached: tumblr_o6e6exVux91ut7kl5o1_1280.jpg (1280x1707, 292.63K)

Was playing ffxiv
This is my character!

Attached: ffxiv_17032018_210348.png (1920x1080, 1.63M)

I've never done patreon but I just might give him 5 bucks in april

Attached: okhand.jpg (723x1023, 103.75K)


You'd think so right?

Actually I beleive it was Canada or California or somewhere super liberal tthat recently decriminalized it but
civilized places i think it is illegal

but I mean come on

if some qt girl came up to you at the bar and was like hey big boy
you wanna

and you're like
aw hell yeah

and then you guys bang and split paths then how will you knowif she poz'd you or not?

What does it do?

Attached: polwarwalk.gif (200x200, 90.93K)

oh so you are a new poster

welcome friend

Good one. But I fuck people too.
Havent had sex with an animal in ages.

Attached: 03276e8712b30f5ff45f110da44cdbde.jpg (800x725, 82.38K)


So you take this stuff and then you are less likeley to catch the hhiv?

That sounds fucking amazing
why doesnt everybody take this
why isnt it like condoms

Attached: blankieoonster.jpg (1280x720, 618.01K)

You could just not fuck weirdos who might have HIV.

Attached: tumblr_o7scogJwwi1tyl7fto1_1280.png (600x800, 46.3K)

Think of it to AIDs like a condom is to babies.

Attached: ,jvkljh.png (1060x635, 1.69M)

Ceras is a nice poster

Attached: akarin.gif (300x367, 114.04K)

Weirdos know how to fuck nasty though.

Attached: tumblr_inline_p558kfkZkw1s2erbr_540.png (540x428, 112.64K)


Attached: __pod_and_yorha_no_2_type_b_nier_series_and_nier_automata_drawn_by_pekeko_pepekekeko__32b957a9cf103007ee18a92fea77607b.png (1200x1009, 491.92K)

Actually bittenhard has improved a lot too
Give Diives 10 bucks so he makes a Tristana animation

Attached: tumblr_okc5rxN7xR1tivcbqo2_500.jpg (496x702, 86.87K)

why isnt it like a standard thing like condoms are ?
Aids is terrifying
more scary than a baby

Attached: babyserval.jpg (480x360, 32.23K)

You disgust me.

Attached: tumblr_o3zq1egwQ51qj0qimo1_1280.png (1280x1600, 313.1K)

I wanna hug that gif.

Attached: huhwut.jpg (492x520, 177.52K)

This is such good bait to get you into subbing
first its a little thank you for the $2

Attached: tumblr_o60dcykeWB1ql31zxo1_r1_400.gif (300x200, 165.45K)

That's what tipped you over on it?

Attached: gfdhgfdh.png (538x393, 254.38K)

Then the juicy stuff

Attached: NEW_twerking_poll_thumbnail.gif (300x300, 119.67K)

it reminded me of this

Attached: sabrina2gif.gif (303x300, 444.78K)

i missed this btw

what does a back injury feel like?

Attached: cowdrone.jpg (450x299, 32.06K)

Going bareback is all well and good if it's someone you know and/or are reasonably sure is clean. Taking "pls don't kill me, AIDs" pills and then playing butthole roulette is icky.

Attached: tumblr_nl68hqWM6J1rjqwzso1_1280.png (992x1441, 586.28K)

you want it you do it

oh speaking of which

serious q incoming

how do you feel about other minorities saying "nigga"?

when and how did you come across this board?


it's just another barrier ya
good to have multiple levels of protection

Attached: 5bf02bf60d1676f413272213e439572e.jpg (666x1200, 75.73K)

a unicorn girl?

Attached: 1600ecec-c3df-472d-84b6-39f65902d35a.jpg (685x1028, 119.94K)

Looks like it's sneezing.

Have this cute baby turt as a thank you for that psychedelic froggy dance.

Attached: turty.mp4 (720x720, 1.5M)

Aw wow it's legs look like pasta.

Attached: tumblr_o847oqviKw1uo0fqno1_1280.jpg (1280x1579, 534.19K)

God I wish my life were this simple

Attached: berrynicechen.png (132x92, 4.64K)

i liek tertles...

have you ever put it into someones ass?

im never gonna do butt stuff but whats it like lmao

you lose a certain range of motion cuz it hurts so much to extend into that territory. The pain is intense and localized. Some people get it so bad it hits their sciatic nerve and extends into their butt and legs

luckily for me it was just lumbar.

If you lie down for too long you get stiff. which limits range of motion even more. SO you have to keep moving into the pain a little to keep your range of motion. First I restored my vertical range of motion but tilting to the side still hurt

then the horizontal was restored
finally torsion was restored
today im back to 96% normal. Still a dull ache when I apply torsion. gonna keep doing the chiropractor exercises I saw on yt to encourage full healing

one of them makes you wag your butt like a dog its so weird

but it helps


stretching your feet and calves helps restore range of motion too because your back is indirectly stretched that way as well
learned so much about my back just from getting injured, lul

Attached: 5744001_p0.jpg (1777x1072, 715.36K)

Barf invite me.....

No it is summoner horn!

Attached: ffxiv_20032018_133234.png (1920x1080, 3.46M)

He looks so squishy! ♥

Let's be cutie turts and not worry 'bout stuff.

They liek you back.

Attached: switch blade.jpg (464x960, 28.28K)

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (499x200, 57.02K)

from where

The hard questions
I don't really care if it's two people addressing each other that way
If it's someone who is my friend or something calling me nigga I don't care
If it's some stranger walking up to me and saying "what up my nigga" that's pretty weird.

Attached: Slav Poppy.png (700x960, 740.4K)

Fuck no, man. I'm a permavirgin.

Attached: starbucks.png (243x243, 91.83K)

reminds me of

that sounds incredibly
(insert word for something that gets in the way)

hopefully it doesnt take tool ong to get back to how it should be

Attached: dank.jpg (480x480, 17.18K)

What a happy little noodle turtle.

Attached: cute.jpg (500x280, 44.83K)


aww :)

this kid

You can get it from other things. Like blood transfusions and shit. So it's just precautionary.

Attached: 00482f15a3b6796ca663cfd2386b23488846339f42adf56dfce73df4a4f801ef.png (432x599, 242.07K)

add me on discord >:3

am on break rn
for about
10 more minutes

Attached: Knife-With-Scope-And-Red-Dot-Sight.jpg (700x274, 46.86K)

You'll be missed.

Attached: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg (500x281, 26.1K)


Attached: HorribleSubs_Yuru_Camp_-_02_720p.mkv_snapshot_17.49_2018.03.21_16.11.20-1.jpg (1280x720, 83.61K)

awww thats cute

cuz I know white people dont get that pass
some people give it to their closest friends

I was wondering about minorities like myself
do south asians even count as a minority because they kinda have that in between in the socio-economic strata?
food for thought I guess

thanks for ur opinion
Women. Anime. Games. Comics.

Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Ashy Niggas attacked.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (540x540, 706.03K)

Yeah, I wouldn't want him to hand me a knife either.

what discord were you guys in together before?

dont be shy

I dont bite

Attached: 29342890_10156758595470260_1676607794721062912_n.jpg (633x960, 62.12K)




Attached: sgsdf.png (536x261, 200.08K)

im not gonna lift anything heavy for another 2w just to be sure.

Attached: metroid_by_splashbrush-dbcly1r.jpg (1024x1715, 220.83K)



what it do?

Attached: ▽ Angel of Lawlessness (232).jpg (550x550, 127.97K)

ok ill stop grilling ya bud


It is a really cool knife tho, and I've carried some snow flake ass expensive knives, but srsly who the FUCK walks around with a $400 folding dagger?

You pulled your back nutting, didn't you?

Attached: 10.png (471x356, 180.74K)

If you say so.

*starts writing a eulogy*

Hey, PG. How's it going?

Attached: the solution to every problem is tea.jpg (1200x800, 101.3K)

I mean I include white people in what I said. Doesn't make me no never mind unless you're a stranger. Even if it's a black person if I'm not at least acquainted with them it'd be weird for them to call me nigga and I wouldn't call them nigga.
Also I have no idea what that image is I'm completely unfamiliar.

Attached: 1520140267699.png (1333x2000, 2.37M)


I know so

I dont think hes edgy
mind the pun
I think he's just
into knives
like artfully

Attached: rage_zipper_by_splashbrush-d8l8ccs.jpg (1024x1448, 171.25K)

Yeah...I would hurt myself with one of those on the left. I carry a lil pocket knife that's fun to flick out and easy to close.

Nurtle. :3

That lil squishy turt said, "ʰᶦ ᵐʳ ˢᵃᵐᵃ"!
(He said it in tiny turt voice.)

I hope it has a laser!

Attached:  .jpg (1280x1920, 304.22K)

getting off break in 3 minutes....

shift over in 4 hrs

how are you senpai

yeah i liked these from erios folder

Attached: ▽ Angel of Lawlessness (209).jpg (1000x1000, 479.84K)

hewwo sabrina
i must depart but i wanted to say hiiii

Attached: IMG_20180219_173914.jpg (612x990, 46.98K)

I fail to see how. At best it's just kind of pathetic and at worst it's all the proof I need that I'm an undesirable cunt.

Attached: huh.jpg (1061x796, 48.49K)

senpai ?

currently walking back to my spot to go back to work okay i gotta go bye mwah talk to you later today hopefully

Howdy! Sorry you have to run. Good luck out there!

oh I see

the image is a meme about ashy black males, noting some very extreme traits they often share

I carry a chinese pot steel (pls dont kill me spec) assisted opener. Flicks open with a nice intimidating sound. So if anyone tries to rob me or jump me or something the sound alone should be enough to scare em off

Attached: 873.gif (680x952, 604.64K)

In your age group virgins are rare, I don't see it as pathetic because it's a cute trait to have, something to fawn over in a way

Attached: 730.png (400x600, 120.88K)

No, Grim, no. This is the DEFINITION of edgy.

Attached: 10.png (250x340, 48.66K)

maybe a little bit of it is to seem cool but idkkkkkkkk

Attached: 29261273_10214393752904950_6634506428184788992_n.jpg (540x432, 34.76K)


For guys to find in girls, maybe. Maybe. but maintaining my losing streak for this long has steadily decreased my odds of scoring for probably the last 5 years.

Attached: that isn't how you hold a bat, honey.jpg (770x308, 41.49K)

They are casters and use horns to speak with summoned creatures
Here is without horn!

Attached: ffxiv_07022018_231054 (1).png (1920x1080, 2.56M)

both genders bub

you're aiite

I get the lips and the shave bumps, but what are the other two?

Attached: 1519861095.png (1280x1280, 1.36M)

Nah. I've come to terms with my failure.

Attached: psh.jpg (540x320, 167.21K)

shes sooo pretyy
i want her

Attached: 63712620_p0.jpg (800x1228, 610.51K)

Grim. Want to hang out and play LoL or something?

Attached: tumblr_ox66tcTPbj1tixdvno1_1280.jpg (1200x899, 40.55K)


I found the author for that style of images for you

Attached: b58.gif (250x250, 78.93K)

they draw cute

Attached: ▽ Angel of Lawlessness (181).jpg (500x500, 155.62K)

Why do Luka want to own all pretty girls??

Attached: ffxiv_07022018_231418.png (1920x1080, 3.07M)

Insatiable lust.

I dont wanna play league until new irelia is out

Attached: 971.jpg (425x220, 31.88K)

Aren't we hanging out in thread?

I'm cool with just a call and playing Kirby.

Attached: tumblr_inline_p558kfkZkw1s2erbr_540.png (540x428, 112.64K)


Because the notion of forced redistribution of poon hasn't caught on yet.

Attached: 59.png (330x425, 75.43K)

Dang. knife just has a bottle opener on the other end. :3

Goo goo
Ga gurt
I'm a little
Baby turt 🐢

Are they reworking irelia?

aboosha ew
booboo aboo boo do

she looks sooo purrfect~ her smile
her beutiful pink outfit her strong black hair

i want beutiful things
they make me smile and feel happy

some kinda philosophy thingamajig about surrounding yourself with good things does good stuff?

Attached: 16905799_p0.jpg (480x640, 497.03K)


the first 1

normal towels dont stand up on their own

but when they are encrusted in a certain bodily fluid...

took me a minute to get it too then I remembered flithy frank at 1:51

new irelia op

yes its fucking glorious

Attached: __tokarev_girls_frontline_drawn_by_juz__13514889092049b6264754c0d0b92a72.jpg (1000x1299, 629.21K)

I like this one a lot

hey its that cute drunk girl ;~; she was crying holding the bottle

Attached: pokemon_go_by_grooooovy-dakabog.jpg (800x800, 666.05K)

It's the same girls as this one...
Which Luka seems to like a lot.

Attached: 1521085583234.jpg (1000x1048, 232.02K)

Nerf the bitch

Does look neat. Things like this always make me wish lol made me feel less miserable

A'booba boom bah bah

oh okay
then what's the last one?
corny taste in music?

Attached: 28870183_170059943788712_8479975109870747648_n.jpg (696x960, 58.07K)


exactly✓&tags=tokarev_(girls_frontline) &ms=1

Attached: 1521797814287.png (800x1100, 562.6K)

idk really
looks like over ebonification of their dbz character
also top right of that section theres a flying dick

im sorry... i just cant keep this up
literally so much babyspeak i'll fuck up and use it on adults too.

how are you today Sabs?

ill rework u

Attached: __xiao_qiong_krt_girls_drawn_by_juz__d4f7222d3bb32e2fd0eca2e1925f56c7[2].jpg (1000x1568, 478.09K)


Those are popular rappers in DBZ style.
Likely because hiphop loves DBZ a lot.

Attached: 61394823_p0_master1200.png (600x800, 594.42K)


Attached: sample_1d9bd5db3bb0d9a8b9dcc3d03e5fa22469cb38c9.png (850x1113, 726.68K)


something I didnt know

ty for clarification

Attached: 9c5.gif (250x250, 72.67K)

Oh never knew that......
I can take cute pictures of her when get home, at parents now

Attached: ffxiv_06012018_165307 (1).png (1920x1080, 2.24M)

I'm runnin' on fumes from lack of sleep, but I'm not letting it get me down! It's an excuse to get some coffee here in a few minutes.

How are you holding up, dear?

Attached: pray to mr potato head.jpg (769x821, 101.65K)

tidbit knowledge of hiphop is all I have uwu

Attached: tumblr_p4m8rzFjAy1rtbdzio1_540.gif (521x560, 194.93K)

just play casual w friends

dont worry about wins or losses

best way

Attached: 4d7.gif (200x200, 406.17K)


Attached: 50b.gif (250x250, 338.96K)

no i was just posting art from the same artist: juz


she has good eyes
a cute face
and pretty outfits
i want moar!
and landscape scenery pics behind her! ^_^

Attached: __xiao_qiong_krt_girls_drawn_by_juz__ff5dea634652bf33a4c23c3c938f6d18[1].jpg (1238x1000, 165.91K)

Can't, i'm too competitive

Attached: gothcy.jpg (966x1000, 93.72K)

its not easy but you can put the competitiveness down lol

squishu the tiddy c:

Attached: fe3.gif (500x500, 419.2K)

But tits.
I really like those.

Attached: 1520380663759.jpg (772x1110, 163.95K)

yes moar coffee!

im hangin in there... yourself?

das for pussies

Attached: cherries.jpg (723x1024, 63.2K)

that one must be pretty old

Attached: tumblr_p3h0x9w06K1ql31zxo1_raw.gif (500x800, 383.57K)

Why the fuck are you still doing this "ew talking about sexy stuff is yucky" act?

Attached: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg (500x281, 26.1K)

ew talking about sexy stuff is yucky

Attached: 67836032_p0 - 縁側で果南ちゃんと.jpg (860x1214, 602.18K)

too big...

too lewd

Attached: 67074400_p0.jpg (1412x1000, 699.41K)

dont be a bitch
put down the pride

yeah he started on da and tumblr
then da started censoring him so he said fuck you da ill start a patreon
and he didnt have to worry about money ever again

Attached: it all comes tumbling_s.mp4 (640x360, 6.79M)


big tiddybest tiddy

bitch stfu

Attached: huhuhu.jpg (324x395, 16.24K)

Neck yourself, nerd.

You are so annoying.

Attached: You disgust me (102).jpg (541x609, 65.69K)

its only ok if its yuri puri

Attached: biuy98.jpg (1280x720, 205.06K)

i legit get too competitive

I'm gonna be tuff!
We both gotta be tuffffffff.

Attached: melon buddies.mp4 (360x360, 791.84K)

i love misato.

Attached: 87ea5fdf3a104fdb2cef75104735f9c59e13f95d[1].jpg (1350x1236, 595.21K)

What's the upper limit of too big for Luka?

Attached: 1521068529227.jpg (744x1052, 309.42K)

ur 2 picky ;~;

Attached: DWVolIQUMAAT_9G.jpg (1134x2008, 353.21K)

They censored him because of Pokeporn?
how autistic

Attached: tumblr_p2zxoeB2hC1so2yzzo1_raw.png (1800x2600, 537.73K)

Bitch suck on my nutsack

What does that mean? uwu

Attached: 67848565_p0 - 姉弟子抱き枕カバー.jpg (1207x1839, 406K)


*poots a little

Attached: 1516469870566.png (409x523, 287.73K)

its uh.... a limit.

Attached: 1520883192764.png (700x990, 1.03M)

just try it

because da was like oh youre portraying kids and thats against the rules arghh

Attached: _j8jO1ccPEBM2_yqjCONOTJFhnw2JZfglJbLpwVwDRr6ol8WKY3mLEW9SqNsOP0u.gif (1500x1500, 1.14M)

Eh i'd rather play less rage-inducing games really

choke on my cock you dont have one >:(

Attached: d5b.gif (600x500, 499.11K)

Unwanted poots are the price we pay for our rock-hard bods.

Attached: PUT THE QUEEN DOWN RIGHT THIS INSTANT.mp4 (720x864, 2.2M)

What the actual fuck does this mean

Attached: tumblr_p2o47zxcHi1ua6ts7o1_raw.png (759x746, 316.77K)

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

i had a sixer but i drankded it :/

Uh huh... but how big is too big~

Attached: 77dcc77d92f58271915a336285fe45ccdd41e500.jpg (942x1200, 119.63K)