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you are right
hot girl and it looks like she is covered in blood


well what kind of stuff are you drinking?
water should always make you feel refreshed!

:O what kind, do you enjoy it?
please bless me with your thoughts on like musics and stuff

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alright dess

(sinni read this)

also no desu

I have a pretty vast collection of spoopy films and just happened to watch that one today. Cool movie.

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wait really
look at that

what are THE CHANCES

whats ur favorite game?
I could share like animal crossing osts, or a good one imo is ecco the dolphin defender of the future.

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Kill everyday~

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I was drinking irn bru but I ran out so now I'm drinking water

doom (1993) probably I think
I'm not very good at coming up with favourites

what's the next step of your master plan

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Kanra upset and jealous that I said a flirty thing at Liliana

Won't throw shade at me directly because he's scared of getting hit

More at 11

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I don't normally get those kinds of coincidence outside of my family. You must be special.

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idk what irn bru is!
also water is good, it should help!

I forgot you play older games! have you tried the new doom?

I wasn't aware kanra was in the thread, I forgot anons can be different people. are you two still not on good terms?

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So where and when was this? I would like to know more.

Kill *everyone

wait i didnt read it can u pls link it to me dear

well duh im special
you already knew that though :p

im workin on loafie rn if you need any help lemme know

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could you elaborate on that please
how exactly am I the next step in your master plan

irn bru is a soft drink
the thirstiness has gone down a bit I think
I have tried the new doom and while it's not a bad remake, especially in comparison to the 2017 wolfenstein, I'd take the original over it any day of the week

Music is my first passion in life
If I was invested more in the conversation I could probably rant and ramble back and forth for hours about different aspects of it which kinda makes it a loaded question
from musical tastes to talk about music theory and in between
but even at work I can't stand fake socializing and so I feel a fair answer although a bit dismissive is

my reccomended playlist

if you have one or would take the time over the next few days weeks ormonths to make a small playlist of some of your favorrites It would only be equivalent exchange for me to listen to yours as well

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No, I'm mad at you. We're fighting.

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Hush, you, else people will get to talking.

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having a kid produces more death over time than almost anything you can do in your life. killing, by contrast, probably saves more lives over time.

it really is weird how bad the 2017 wolfenstein is, especially considering the 2014 was perfectly adequate
I guess that's just proof politics poison all they touch...

Like Minnesota iirc, I don't know when...

Mmh that too~

Do you like to skin humans..?

You are my next step, you will find out very soon~

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Another argument for antinatalism. Neat.

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what a fucking dolt

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try and distance myself from death will you please Mr. Puppetmaster


sounds tasty
I haven't played either, but I have a friend whose like a doomhead who keeps telling me to try the new one.

I'll get to making one! though only if you'd sincerely be interested in listening. I want to get to know you for you and wouldn't want you to feel obligated to listen to my mediocre taste.

Thank you for the playlist, I really appreciate it, as well as this conversation, sincerely.

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I'm so proud of you

today's like 'it's a bit too hot but perfectly cozy' kinda vibes. I love it

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wait we are ?
loco im so confused please catch me up to speed

what do you mean ?

gimme a kiss :o

personally i prefer to be skinned but yeah thats fun too

Interstate 94 in both directions here was closed Friday because of a fiery pileup involving nearly 200 vehicles, authorities said. At least one person, Jean Larocque, 57, a truck driver from Saint-Chrysostome, Québec in Canada, died in the series of crashes a little after 9:30 a.m. ET, Michigan State Police said. At least 22 others were injured. "As you can imagine, it's not easy to count vehicles as they pile up," Michigan State Police Lt. Rick Pazder said. Officials are pegging the latest number at 193. Officials said they don't expect the four miles of I-94, a major east-west artery across the southern part of Michigan, to open until after midnight Friday. About 10 semi-trailer trucks and some cars were involved in the first accident at mile marker 90 in the eastbound lanes on the snow-covered interstate in southwest Michigan between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, about 125 miles west of Detroit. As rescuers arrived, two firefighters were injured when a load of fireworks exploded on one of the wrecked trucks, which caught fire; a wrecker driver also was injured.

I need to go and get wet and naked. Not in that order though. Back soon~


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I've a lot of gripes with it but I'll save you them for now, the best thing to do is play the two and decide for yourself which is better
just remember no jumping

for what

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Take your time.

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i am also going to become saturated while nude

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hating commies

have fun showering !!
enjoy your time :3

thanks for the smooch :p

HI TRACER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg everyones doing it
should i ? :o

I'll try them when I can afford them and let you know!

I wanted to ping you that I really love this album but ALSO I REALLY LOVE MOONRISE KINGDOM.

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I've always hated them
I'm apolitical except when it comes to commies in which case I loathe them

remember not to pay for the first 2
and you can skip 3 unless you want a degree in the history of video game graphics or something

A lot of management quit.

Might get promoted.

Running through how and what to ask for.

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lol I'll keep that in mind

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The album this is from is also very very painful.

I have hordes of these things.

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also don't use gzdoom since you'll get spied on or something
if you don't care for gameplay mods or anything then I'd recommend Doomsday Engine

I love ur taste tbh, it's refreshing >:)

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don't take that the lewd way

these are called sourceports, and doom's got quite a lot of them

sounds confusing ;g

Don't be mean to communists.........

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promising ?
excited ?

u can do it i belive in u


goodness gracious get me out of this normie pit

if I can do it, you can
and that's not me being patronising, considering there are african infants out there who are probably more skilled with computers than I

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i hate normies

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get out of here with ur gatekeeping.

it's refreshing music hour stop that.

I'll do my best!

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shamrock made little cute murping noises cause he's having a dream

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It's not like Karl Marx was an expert at critiquing capitalism from an economic standpoint and even thought we should keep using it until we reaped it dry of benefit or anything.......
Read das kapital.........it's hard economics for me.........
Have to sleep now, talk later maybe??

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let's remember not to bully people for their political affiliations
we should be kind and civil to one another, even if we don't necessarily agree

you shouldn't have said that
incoming bullying

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Stop it......

do you like tea ?
iced tea specifically

ur a normie

loco posted sufjan and julien baker
come on now
dont kid yourself

alright commie

considering the only communist (to my knowledge at least) has announced that he's going to sleep, and I don't believe I've mentioned any of my political standings beyond that on communism, what could you even bully me on?


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Wow lili thanks for sharing this garbage music

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I just got tickets for a band I thought I'd never get the chance to see live.
Life goes from shit to fantastic in a blink. It'll be shit again soon, but at least I can revel in this

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I remember one time on old website someone got mad at me and my friends for talking about get got, how it was like an insult to music and how the dude like spitting on the mic or something was enough to get him lynched.

I just like talking about music

Yay!!! what band??

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talkin about yourself yeah ?
stinky normie :p

wanna share some ?
i have extra stuff

you're welcome sweetie :3

I have plenty of my own.

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have I been cursed

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This is like American Football's American Football only worse

thank you

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What's the matter, T? Don't wanna see li'l ol' me~?

I don't hand those out to just anyone, you know.

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Days N' Daze. I've met Jesse, Whitney and Meagan once before via a mutual friend at a birthday party and they were great fucking people, but I fell in love with their music and never got the chance to hear them play. Now I have to be hungover and tired on a Friday morning, but I'm hype af for this

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Would be the joke.

Attached: o5.jpg (1497x1152, 832.69K)

wanna sit outside and sipp tea ?

i'll bring my pipe :o

cursed with being gay

alright bud im gonna have to ask you to step over here for a brief pat down

im special
you literally just said that a couple posts ago :p

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Always so mean to me. How've we been, anyway? I spied something about your work getting interesting all of a sudden.

And yet you'll just give 'em to any old Tom, Dick or Harry. Tsk.

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I need a shower first.

And it's a cigar day I guess.

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You are literally just posting recycled versions of better music that have less views because they're shit.

Every time you post that stupid image I mentally superimpose your face on to it and laugh hysterically

Attached: cuntyvibe.gif (367x154, 513.13K)

Loco I feel like you've been ignoring me these past few days? If it's about that mean joke I made I'm sorry. It was rude and now is not the time for me to give you a hard time.

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i jus got home

Attached: ccc.jpg (600x586, 47.41K)

I reply to what I feel like replying to. I'm not ignoring you.

Attached: vlcsnap-2017-06-05-21h23m47s925.png (848x482, 505.03K)

Yeah, rats are jumping ship.

Attached: rk20.png (581x409, 161.26K)

its cause i cant hold myself back ;w;
everywuns cute......

sick !!
ill wait for you to shower and i'll be ready to go

okie doke woco :3
whatever u say mister
what if i post a more known band then will you stop or are youu having too much fun picking on me hehe :p

You don't know where I live.

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The fuck were you up to all day?

Attached: staring lustfully.gif (365x265, 590.53K)

sounds exciting :)c
I hope you have fun! you should get like pictures n stuff with them

Attached: sophie38.png (557x600, 72.5K)

ill figure it out :p

physics class

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Attached: J2.png (414x476, 213.75K)

Attached: sophie4.png (562x800, 653.01K)

Your irony bullshit is grating, and I wish you would stop.

Attached: vlcsnap-2017-03-02-19h43m58s951.png (848x482, 375.63K)

lelel ehehhe :p

Attached: vlcsnap-2015-09-10-23h34m26s273.png (1280x688, 881.34K)

It's hard to tell, given our... uhh... I'm not sure what to call it.

Are you avataring the dad from P4?

There's gotta be a few more so than most, right? Like Loafie said; they stop being special if everyone's got a whole bunch of 'em.

Attached: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg (500x281, 26.1K)

I fully intend to. It's a really small venue so my hope is that I get the chance to talk with them again after the show

All day? I assume you just wake up, go to class and then shitpost when youre done

You doing okay, Loco?

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Attached: rk1.png (104x186, 18.46K)

...fucking why? He was really boring. And you're much more like Sojiro anyways.

from 1 to 6

Attached: 1521598242471.jpg (400x400, 64.5K)

He's not in P4. And I don't know anything about P5.

Attached: rk12.png (200x177, 22.71K)

also im pretty sure the loco laughter was mocking green beans shtick

i'll find you >:3

heheheheh !!! :3

you didnt complain about that tune did i find somethink u cant complain about yet or no

P5 is infinitely superior to P4. You should learn about P5.

Attached: tumblr_o4u4xu33He1uieh50o1_1280.jpg (600x927, 141.35K)

Do your best! when I got to see paper kites it was a really small venue and it was super nice, but I chickened out and didn't even get a picture.

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Attached: 39051e54b5e5f7d032514ea99e09a2c1.jpg (520x553, 89.36K)

its not too hard

...I don't like this genre. Also that cover looks like they're trying too hard to look creepy. Junji Ito is not the best source for inspiration for spoops.

Attached: u wot m8.jpg (1920x1080, 105.88K)

You ever play P4, at least?

Never mind PG that song kinda got better about a quarter of the way through and now I kinda like it.

dood what?

That makes sense. I worry about him, though.

I have no hesitation in publicly making an ass of myself. Jesses a really nice dude, so odds are I'll end up getting a few photos. I'm sneaking a joint in my hat and gonna try to get them to smoke it with me after the show. I know they indulge, so I'm hopeful.

Attached: feigninginterest.gif (365x155, 387.74K)

Junji Ito still isn't a good place to look for spoopy ideas, though.



Attached: ogj.jpg (334x288, 79.14K)

omg i didnt respond to u with that that was an accident

and yeah there are a few more special than others

only i know who though :3

okay i will try my hardest

As long as he can refrain from drinking cologne he'll be fine. I mean he'll never be "fine" but he'll approach something resembling it in a few weeks.

Attached: other girls.jpg (500x375, 69.51K)

Oh my God you are such a plebe.

DooT and Loco. Calling it now.

Attached: she looks like an elf.gif (245x130, 1.81M)

i get a few breaks. we just need the time to have both a lecture and a dumb 'experiment'

Attached: hugh grant.jpg (1503x1000, 345.54K)

close but not really
sorry @ loco

What do you want me to say? All the shit you've posted so far is instruments and production that were worked out for better music, and you're posting smaller bands doing it. There's nothing interesting here.

Attached: vlcsnap-2015-09-10-23h16m55s282.png (1280x688, 831.97K)

Shoot me now.

Attached: cdb73fa2f1738e430da65024eef64abf.jpg (720x671, 128.35K)

Aw, lucky DooT. I'm kinda glad he's got someone in his corner again.

Attached: i fucking love chocolate.jpg (400x300, 56.26K)

Try and say that to my face without jumping nerd.

Attached: rk13.png (578x195, 95.51K)


You look like you're about 5'8 you fucking midget.

Attached: it's full of puke.jpg (1280x719, 148.11K)

This sounds entirely unsatisfying.

My longest class in Uni was a 300 level bio class, and even then, they were only like 3 hours long. I couldn't imagine five hours of fucking physics.

is mandy?
no shoots.

Attached: Shiftyeyes.gif (295x300, 684.51K)




Attached: whee.gif (245x135, 649.48K)

And you looked like you were 5' even. Of course wearing the skirt your height would have to be measured from your knees.

Attached: rk8.png (278x193, 46.11K)

He would probably try to deny it but I don't think he's been particularly satisfied for a couple years now and I'm pretty sure it's getting worse.

Attached: 220.png (463x435, 228.54K)

it goes by quicker than you'd imagine. it's my only class for the day too so it works out well enough. that's about how much time i spend in school on my other days.

Attached: 1521488611937.jpg (577x1024, 51.54K)

Oh, hello. Haven't felt this feel in a while.

Attached: 140.png (582x385, 264K)

i cum at least four times a week thank you very much

Attached: vlcsnap-2015-08-17-17h50m30s894.png (832x468, 280.85K)

What's up, buttercup?

Attached: 81.png (595x387, 299.63K)

Attached: rk25.png (516x660, 152.33K)

That's a yes, right?

Well you're not a good friend!

Have an exciting st Paddy's?

worked out for better music

refining "production" and instruments to what you deem to be "best" does not equate to better music even objectively

bc art has no real objective meaning tbh

i wouldnt say something so far as that
but i do care about him

im not one for relationships or e-relationships at any rate

@scootsy if youre reading this im p sure u already knew this

Just work at the moment. Really a headache. Super short handed.

w o w d e e p

You fucking dolt.

holy fuck

Self flagellation to the point of orgasm hardly counts as a satisfying life, babe.

I had that part of me under control and now look what you did. You monster.

Attached: 10.png (366x340, 145.51K)

Go me.

Attached: rk1.png (104x186, 18.46K)

I wish he'd talk to me. I feel bad when others feel bad.

I guess if it's the primary highlight of your day it wouldn't seem all too long. Granted, I would want to break that time over two subjects or so, as opposed to just.. physics. I feel for you.

No. I didn't even remember it was St. Paddys this year?
You know why?

Did the THC just kick in?

Attached: wink.gif (200x150, 134.84K)

Well what a fucking way to make you're ancestors fucking depressed!!!!!!

I'm not even fucking Irish. Like, maybe 5%.

Relationshits are just a delayed release for a big dose of heartbreak anyways.

You gotta be more upbeat. How're you gonna get into Maddie's pants if you're a Debbi Downer all the time?

[crying sounds]

That empathy stuff is just gonna get you killed.

Attached: 145.png (602x388, 286.24K)

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (682x515, 321.87K)

it wasnt up to me

im just following the e-drama a little

Attached: tumblr_p2jx4yZfSu1s2mokto1_1280.png (715x432, 382.04K)

I believe you.

Attached: rk11.png (278x157, 43.23K)

im literally an art goddess

yeah its lame
and GAY

i wish woco atleast stayed in character if he's gonna be pretentious and post sufjan stevens 3:


Also are you into books?

I'm always a Debbie downer unless I'm drunk. I'm getting there.

you tell em buddy

Attached: tumblr_p2jx4yZfSu1s2mokto1_1280.png (715x432, 382.04K)

I believe in you!
get doobied with the boys

Attached: sophie39.png (600x560, 67.54K)

i am going to strangle the child

Attached: vlcsnap-2015-09-10-23h06m33s352.png (1280x688, 887.28K)

Probably shouldn't do that. I have a severe lying problem.

Precisely. So why've you got your feelers out if you're not looking?

Trust me you're even worse when you're drunk. You need to remember how to have fun without it because you aren't having any with it.

Attached: 112.png (304x352, 144.06K)

pls don't i like this 1

I was being sarcastic.

Shower time.

Attached: rk1.png (104x186, 18.46K)

Can I come? I know I've just been but I could scrub your back.

Attached: 39.png (449x310, 134.13K)

He has the mental age of twelve

And he's doing the post-irony thing where deflects criticism to "I was just pretending to be retarded" but he's too retarded to see that I mean the shit behind the post-irony. He deserves immediate death.

Attached: vlcsnap-2015-09-10-23h05m31s912.png (1280x688, 1003.86K)

thanks for supporting me dad !!

choke me out while we listen to venetian snares ;w;

do i have my feelers out ??

I like venetian snares qq

no im not pretending to be retarded
i fully believe everything i've said

theres zero irony here
thats all your perspective buddy

im me :3

Attached: firefox_2018-03-09_07-43-44.png (478x986, 678.7K)

looks like i dont anymore

Wait what? I'm loads of fun when I'm drunk!

We can't just strangle the people we think are idiots, sweetie, then you'd have nobody to talk to.

Attached: 87.png (427x385, 176.44K)

You're really not and you've been told as much at least once, recently, by Maddie.

Attached: 153.png (420x387, 215.05K)

I understand why mass shooters are a thing now.

Attached: vlcsnap-2015-09-10-22h59m13s847.png (1280x688, 936.98K)

did mandy and elma fuck

how was it

Attached: 1519724726137.jpg (470x470, 31.07K)

They're like what slugs use to get a feel for their surroundings. Like the canes blind people use but growing out of their heads.

Attached: actually lovely.jpg (455x265, 30.48K)

omg thats sick
i want feelers !!!!!

Getting WAY off topic but I have your attention so fuck it: Is it okay if I ask you something about this time of year?

Attached: so that's what i look like.jpg (500x375, 68.25K)

Good thing I'm painfully suicidal!

only available class?

I am. Very much so.

would be perrty fukken kewl

not quite yet.
soon tho

Attached: nervous.gif (365x218, 1.13M)

If you can track down the town in Uzumaki you might do it. Or you might stab yourself in the ear. I mean there are a variety of ways that place could get you.

No. Stop referencing it.

Attached: vlcsnap-2015-09-10-23h06m33s352.png (1280x688, 887.28K)

I don't remember this. Though I remember her telling me I need to find a different way to fix my woes. Perhaps two different meanings were used there and I took the literal.


Ever read the iron druid Chronicles? It's about an old Irish druid in modern day Tempe. Pretty good read.

hewwo friends have a jam I enjoy.

u deserve cool times

0.0 -hears Ika and scurries in looking for her-

You couldn't handle the freedom my body radiates.

Attached: 39051e54b5e5f7d032514ea99e09a2c1.jpg (520x553, 89.36K)

'Kay. Sorry.

Attached: 91.png (562x384, 213.67K)

so how does this help me get feelers

well it's a prerequisite for compooper science and they were kind enough to isolate it away from my other shit

good for him

Attached: 1519736695746.gif (280x302, 3.75M)

Or you remember the one that allows you to continue indulging in a self-destructive and counter-productive bad habit.

Attached: 34.png (634x346, 300.89K)


Attached: uzumaki.jpg (400x421, 69.73K)

This sounds neat.
Added first of nine to amazon cart

After the month I've had, I'd very much like to believe so, but I deserve no more than what I'm given

That's insanely annoying. And yeah, I'm excited. Mandy a cute irl and Elma passable for female so they should make a cute couple.

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lol accidentally spaced the period

Nope. Working on it though.

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would you still kiss me if i had feelers

If they were like these I would.

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I would agree but I think good times are always attached to bad times.

so I think you're in for some nice times :)

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I'm not going to sit and have a debate over the benefits and drawbacks of alcohol right now. I'd rather not drink, but that currently is not an option. As for Maddie, I think she is a very nice woman that deserves the world, but I'm not the one that can deliver that. I may have delusions, but I know they are delusions.

I'm on the second. I am quite enjoying it so far. Let me know what you think about it.

Fucking Medicare!

Oh, I just meant is as a me too pls

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Silly Canadian, you are more likely to be stabbed than shot.

id love extra arms !!!!!!! AAAAAAAA

That's bullshit and you're being pathetic.

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Silly American, I'm more likely to be mauled by a polar bear than stabbed.

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drinking is gay

Isn't that what people said to you?

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maybe then they can finally escape this shithole

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If I met a real life moth girl I'd have to seriously think my stand on relationshits.

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Meh say what you will.

Jesus fuck, I've never seen a polar bear when I was up there!
Though you are also probably more likely to be killed by a moose.

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Yes. And then I put all my sharp little friends away.

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Why'd you stop drawing?

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Posting music? Posting music.

I really hope you're right

Will definitely do. Should be here Saturday.

I don't think they're here looking for their soulmates. At least, they shouldn't be.

You're never going to get better if these faggots keep coddling you. If I've gotta show a little tough love I'll do so without hesitation.

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Jesus man.

That's quick. I wasn't exactly expecting you to buy it with just a recommendation.

You make me want to cut myself Tracer oh my God stop being a floppy vagina for a second.

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brb i must turn into a moth girl
this is my only option

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Yeah yeah I'm a catalyst yadda yadda.

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Lol my home office is 80% library
I fucking love reading. someone recommends a book, I usually pick it up.

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What's that about you not looking again~?

You're a pooface is what you are.

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she has a nice asshole at least

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Theres no need for that kind of language

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then turning down someone who wants to help

Yeah, well, you smell.

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Look, I have had my hard lessons of liquor, and sure I'll even agree that it was pathetic. And I still have to live with the reprocussions of it today. I have amended my ways. Sure, I lean on alcohol a little here and there, but you're sorely mistaken if I am in anyway under it's control. Now kindly fuck off with your holier than thou attitude.

[totally real crying sounds this time I swear]

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They're literally everywhere.

Like there are 3 in my house right now.

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I believe you.

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I mean, I guess as far as assholes go

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i didnt say

u made it up


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People who don't have a problem don't usually get this defensive when someone tells them they have a problem.

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I kind of wish I bought hard copies, but I'm more an audiobook kinda guy.

Yea that guy has issues.

not a fan?

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It's a 7

Bamboozled again, sir!

It's alright. I have that effect on a lot of people. At first.

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I can't do audiobooks. I listen to music while I read. Kind of doesnt work.

Oh I enjoy a good asshole now and again, but my physical attraction is more geared towards the genitalia

Yeah but you're a 10

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when u posted those comic girlz i remembered interacting with u a little bit
but i dont remember anything we talked about or if we did at all :p

i wasnt peegirl back then if that confuse u

also btw who is girl u keep posting

i wanna look like this woman

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I believe it more than I believe I'll wake up tomorrow. And I'm fairly confident.

Because I'm sick of people assuming things about me. Yes, I do drink from time to time. Hell I might even drink a majority of the week. But I am responsible enough in this point of my life to know my limits. I am sober when I go to work. I don't drive drunk, and I don't get shit faced. I have been through that, and I have learned from those experiences.

Her cock and balls are maybe a strong 6 weak 7, too.

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I usually am :)c

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But mandy has no problem getting shitfaced if it means I'm around

You listen to music while you read? Is it classical music? Otherwise that is an awful lot of linguistic input.

i like everything

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Why do you keep ignoring my advances?
Do you want to try being friends first?

Said every woman ever.

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Well it does help that they're on our currency.

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Although I would be willing to, you know I wouldn't if I had a reason. I turned down that free drink offered.

Thankfully I never actually saw a moose, but I've heard really bad stories.

Usually instrumental stuff. Depends on what I'm reading.
Anything fantasy, I'll put on classical music
Otherwise it's easy listening stuff like Free The Robots, Blockhead, Steam Powered Giraffe...

I don't listen to lyrically dense music if I'm reading, of course, unless it's something I've heard so many thousands of times I can just mentally phase it out.

I'm part of everything ;)

No, you took your bill. There's a difference. You could come see Days n Daze with me in May and we can get hammered there.

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Seems like you got out of any immediate danger and settled for the long haul. Not much of an improvement but, genuinely, well done.

Oh, and on the subject of my "holier than thou attitude":

There isn't a single day goes by that I don't think about slowly tearing my skin and fat open to play with what's in there. I haven't been able to stop wishing I could get my hands on something, anything, that could get me monumentally fucked up. I may not have cut or taken anything in a couple years now but I am and will always be a cutter and fucked up. I'm not better than you. I'm just better than I was.

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Truthfully neither have I.

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I don't know, I like as basic of an environment as I can get for audio books. Guess that might come about by the fact that I listen to them while working.

Also I meant that couple that offer us free drinks. but I'd still pick up my own bill unless I'm picking up your dick

Ohhhhh! OHH! I think I remember. Kinda?

And the girl is "Cassie" from Skins. I think the US did a version of Skins but this is from the UK one.


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but i'm female...

i wouldn't mind skinning you, I happened to be an expert on it now



Should I buy a Stargazer? I kinda wanna add it to my collection of skillets

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You're only a cutter until the last time you do it.

Fucked up, however. that doesn't go away so easily

Oh, right, that overly self conscious broad at the end of the bar. Shame we had to get going. I could have gone for another beer.
You can bark up that tree all you want, but my wife would kick your ass, finish up, and then kick mine.

We don't speak of it.
It doesn't exist.

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i was liliana before peegirl

if u remember

when are you free to do so ?

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Being better than we were is all we can hope for. Trust me, I've woken up drunk on the tile floor puking my guts out and my mom wishing I would change. I know shame very well. I have been it's bedmate longer than I can remember.

I hope you come to fair well.

I think moose are a myth at this point.

She wanted us to know she was there with the guy though. I'm guessing probably a guy chatting with her.

Also yea, but I had to get up so early. And if be willing to take your wife on and get her to see that benifits of it.

If I can still see the scars and still wish to add to the collection I don't get to use the past tense.

I do. Probably. I think? In any case you seem neat-o so I'm sure I'll remember the name this time around.

I was taken to hospital a few times for getting fucked up. Staring at a doctor's beard while it writhed was a weird experience. I hate that I miss it and I hate myself for putting my folks through it.

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Well I probably have seen one at one point, I have been to a zoo before at least.

Attached: 67803142_p0 - はむはむまんまん.png (700x1014, 507.71K)

Thankfully my parents never worried enough to take me to a hospital, though I've worried myself to that point if I was functional.

I feel ashamed that my dad has a son that was that much of a drunk. I do the best I can because of him. Fuck my mother. My dad has poured his heart and soul into raising me and my brothers, and for the first large portion of my life I was nothing but a low life drunk that managed to keep a job and not get pulled over by the cops. I know I have improved. I know he sees that. That's all I need to keep trudging along.

I'm pretty sure she'd have gone home with you. The guy she was with was a complete tool.

You'll always be able to see the scars. They're scars. Wishing to add to the collection, however, can be controlled. I speak from experience

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i might change again who knows LOL

names are really tuff ;w;

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Later thred. Love most of you.

I'm not an amazing catch either though.

Good night man.

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I haven't told anybody about so much of this shit, and I even started out trying get you to take care of yourself. So in a weird way I gotta thank you. Thanks, Mandy. I guess I needed to get that off my chest.


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Still kinda wanna be off my mush, though. I shouldn't have thrown that stuff away. Stupid.

Attached: 143.png (501x383, 251.67K)

yeah i try my hardest out here to be neat o
thanks buddy :3

I should probably be getting ready for bed. Ta-ta for now. ♥

Attached: writhing in agony.png (689x366, 108.24K)

Sorry I cursed you.

But I understand the sentiment. I'm just.... Not open to it. To explain would take more time and more effort than I could muster on my phone. I appreciate the thought, but please, I'm alright.

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nini bubber
have a nice rest
rest well


Attached: firefox_2018-03-09_07-29-58.png (1920x1080, 1.85M)

I think that's a ranch, not a zoo

Attached: 67706841_p0 - 白狐さん.png (1396x2000, 3.37M)

but horses are in both

Attached: clerks2-Goodbye horses.webm (544x304, 660.87K)

I've seen diamond back restlessness....

Anytime, really...

Attached: e667a8f10ada1c306bf7a106eb369677.jpg (818x1157, 640.17K)

0.0 -doesn't know. Thinks you should see if it's heavy bottomed or not-

-looks it up and sees it's cast iron so it won't rilly matter. The old cast irion is marginally better because it was cast smooth instead of with the pebbled surface most modern pans have. Most people claim it doesn't matter, but if you want that old school smooth surface you can buy a 2 inch wire grinder attachment for a drill and smooth it out. Just be caureful, go slow and wear a dust mask!-

well then in that case im waiting

go ahead and do as you please

Attached: firefox_2018-03-09_06-25-01.png (1920x1080, 1.95M)

They're light in weight for a skillet. Old people kept on complaining about the weight...

I just want to be a asshole and showoff.

How are you? I heard you got hit by a lot of snow :ccc

Oh hell no... I don't even own a power drill...
I have a "pebbled surface" Lodge now, but after a few months it turned smooth like glass. The pebbles really hold the seasoning well!!!

Eeeee >_

Attached: [RH] Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu - 01 [48704517].mkv_snapshot_06.50_[2018.02.14_17.50.53].jpg (1920x1080, 701.44K)

*pokes tummy*
right here
just insert and cut me open when you're ready :3

Attached: ZUULKq3.jpg (957x1277, 233.79K)

-didn't get basically any snew :< Two towns to the south they got 14 inches. Thinks they stole it. Is doing fine. Life is finally returning to normal and snugs you, wondering how you are?-

Conversations are always so fun when you pretend its all sexual innuendo.

I want to suck your cock.

gaaa! that tickles!

I actually felt that irl, don't do that again

How's your cat?
I'm doing well...
We got like 8inches of snow, but it melted fast...
I'm happy to hear things are returning to normal for you. Though I enjoy seeing chaos in your life~
-huggles and doesn't let go..-

Attached: [RH] Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu - 01 [48704517].mkv_snapshot_12.37_[2018.02.14_18.31.29].jpg (1920x1080, 478.01K)

I want you to suck my cock.


I posted this then completely forgot about the thread.

GZdoom isn't going to get you spied on m8. It's open source and all and more than popular enough that any weird shit would get noticed by the massive amount of people that use it.

It's also like, really the only reasonable option in this day and age for doom.

Attached: 5.png (184x313, 94.38K)

^-^ -snugs back and promises life will get messy again soon. It always does. Kitty has recovered well from his bad run in with his medicine. Today was actually the first day he gets to try the new transdermal medicine. All I has to do is spread it on his ear! Also: GImme teh snew!-

I like this knowledge and shall keep it noted.
How are you?

*pokes again*

watcha gonna do about it CHUMP ??

Attached: 1512590201409.png (850x1288, 411.97K)

People are in police stations and whore houses.

Does that mean all whores are cops?

I have no idea what that is

Attached: 67848565_p1 - 姉弟子抱き枕カバー.jpg (1694x1147, 410.82K)

It was supposed to say rattlesnake.


Attached: 5a588b1576c98.jpg (732x541, 181.89K)


Attached: fuck the police 3818940.webm (640x360, 1.67M)

-has to shoo the garbage kitties from his back porch or they'll eat all the regular stray kitty food. They've even run off with the bin before. FOund it in the lower yard chewed up- >.

crazy catters

Attached: Raccoon Rain Dance.webm (480x360, 2.04M)

-wants to play with raccooms and the garden hose now!-

-Also wonders where Ika went- o.o

i wuv da twash kittenz

You've seen rattlesnake back restlessness?

-has to shoo the garbage kitties from his back porch or they'll eat all the regular stray kitty food. They've even run off with the bin before. FOund it in the lower yard chewed up- >.

Attached: 67805937_p0 - ロングヘアシロ.png (1300x1722, 2.18M)

Yes. Super scary.

So scary hold me uwu

Attached: 67852430_p0 - 水着エレナさん.jpg (868x1228, 444.93K)

Can I slip my penis in you?

WHY do I get so drunk on thrudsdays?

Because I get drunk on Thursdays and you want to be cool like me

Now I know I used to go by the name Emma but I'm not Elma, I swear.

Attached: 67668776_p0 - Re_frain4.png (714x1000, 814.48K)

Because it's the last day before Friady!

or I just want some action on thursdays :(


Attached: close enough.jpg (292x322, 37.36K)

i want cuddles so fkn bad rn :(

It's all rainy and shit here so I could go for those too tbh

.... Can I at least get a hug then?

Well, I mean, I don't usually drink because I want action.... I usually want action because I drink.

No. none for you. all of them for me.

I mean it's not like I was realistically expecting them anyway so fine jeez

hey madeleeeeeiiine

didnt you post a pic of yourself the other day
i was trying to remember what u look like but i didnt find the thread and i got lazy

Attached: Wow-64_2017-08-14_23-20-27.png (273x366, 206.18K)

No hate, I just know you and Mandy have a thing going on.

-hug- uwu

Of course

Attached: 67651256_p0 - 一緒に食べる?.png (640x900, 521.7K)

Takes advantage by dropping hands towards your rear end


no? maybe.

here, this is still my fave.

We didn't tho I thought x_x

Attached: 20170617_233126-01.jpg (1296x972, 149.65K)

Only recall them posting their ass recently.

Attached: Onomatopoeia_001.jpg (633x960, 323.84K)

Day rump

yeah this was the one you posted
i feel like it wasnt that long ago but also ??
time flies

i know it happened bc u also said you were fine with posting pics of yourself

she posted both im 99% sure

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Attached: ofghj.jpg (776x699, 70.87K)

do you have a cool comic collection or just comic caps collection

this was maybe 6 months ago cause that's my x-gf's room.

havent really been taking pics lately.

This is rape.

Oh, you don't?

I thought I always saw you two flirting about...

Attached: 61179996_p0 - 『もう…仕方ないわね』.jpg (773x1049, 525.13K)

? fuck me pls


Attached: ogj.jpg (334x288, 79.14K)

yeah, well we'll see if that's backed by actions and not just words soon enough.

Attached: heyyy.mp4 (326x184, 329.01K)

That's the spirit.

You don't have to ask twice, lass.

i didnt mean when the pic was taken :p
i meant when you posted it recently

o well
im ALL about takin pics

actually except the past month
which is strange

wait which one are you saying yeah to ?

Attached: firefox_2017-05-10_15-47-17.png (208x226, 117.29K)


i'll hold you to this.

Attached: me rn.gif (334x424, 1.27M)

i only have lijke 4 pics and they were all posted recently


Attached: o8.jpg (434x409, 37.72K)


Attached: help me out here.jpg (1280x720, 86.51K)

Oh? Only if I can hold you first.

:( pls no be mean


Attached: me rn.gif (334x424, 1.27M)

yessssssssss i knoooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww

i was just trying 2 refresh my brain image of u

thats all
and its been done

can i see it sometime

Attached: BcTJjJ7.jpg (832x1200, 119.19K)

I'm sorry you'r egoing to need to bleach your eyes now :(

wouldn't dream of it

Attached: vaping alcohol in a strip club.gif (480x270, 7.18M)


Attached: o.jpg (681x1023, 154.39K)

How tall are you?

5'6" ^~^

Attached: me rn.gif (334x424, 1.27M)


Attached: o3.jpg (900x636, 174.46K)


Aww, you're fairly shorter than I figured. That's cute.

I'm rooting for ya, Maddie.

grr >:(

Attached: 67820036_p0 - のじり響.png (1240x1754, 1.38M)

nah ur cute sweetie
good height too

both :p
whichever one happens after a nice movie date and ice cream >:3

Attached: 8VPUfxZ.jpg (741x874, 71.04K)

Why would you think I was tall :(

thanks i guess


Very small.

If you want comics and Ice cream go to West Orange 5. There's a soda shop and comic shop 50 feet away from the theater.

Attached: 1903586-onomatopoeia.jpg (600x591, 66.37K)

Wish never grr >:('s at me when I grab his ass

Dude just shoves or punches me

I just sort of expect most people to be around 6ft. Probably some kind of manly ego thing.

But I like shorter women.

Then why is that a bad thing?

I mean I like to wear heels so it evens out I guess :p

Attached: ghost of old times' past.jpg (309x300, 48.33K)

You need to learn to be more smooth.

You got 6 inch heels?

Easier to kidnap.

Attached: Onomatopoeia_022.jpg (483x705, 96.86K)

I have some OTK double suede 6 inch heels, does that count?

What if that's one of my fantasies?

Attached: me rn.gif (334x424, 1.27M)

ofcourse dear

okay but i meant wif tracer bullet (you)

Attached: firefox_2018-03-09_06-28-20.jpg (1920x1080, 985.85K)

Wish, may I have some of your shitposting folders?


No good movies out.

Attached: ofghjd.jpg (723x1142, 132.03K)

i mean it was a legit q

Only if you wear them...

Attached: download.jpg (236x214, 7.36K)

Which ones?

Attached: 67730333_p0 - チアガールチノちゃん.jpg (989x1468, 797.15K)

I can bring them in my backpack when I move so I have them with me~

Wouldn't be kidnapping if you go into the van of your own volition.

Attached: Onomatopoeia_001.jpg (633x960, 323.84K)

Were you going to leave them???

Whichever you don't mind giving away.

Does anyone have my cat-tail pic saved for some pervy reason they could repost for Mandy?

I mean I like the forced situtation, so I still don't know how that would all work exactly for a set up plan kinda deal.


I was gonna have my roommate's mom mail me all my shoes when I got there tbh.

Attached: me rn.gif (334x424, 1.27M)

love, simon
yeah thats kind of like it
thoroughbreds maybe

unless a theater near you is playing some other limited release film like the regal in winter park
theyre showing leisure seeker, loveless and the shape of water (surprised water movie is still there)

Attached: firefox_2017-11-08_12-21-49.png (771x676, 798.42K)

You just like being told what to do.

Attached: oyiu.jpg (400x609, 42.69K)

The dead West Oaks mall or West orange 5. I'm far too lazy to look at what they have.

Attached: o5.jpg (1497x1152, 832.69K)

Aww, I'm not really sure what to say.

Also you can just have them mailed. I don't want to impact your plans.

Pretty much all of them really.

Attached: 65074976_p0 - 誘惑してくる堕天使.jpg (580x860, 294.38K)

Do you have any dedicated to smug anime girls?

I definitely do!

The sooner the better tbh. Ihave to stay longer than I wanted to as it is though :( I just wanna get out there and get laid *shrugs*

Attached: me rn.gif (334x424, 1.27M)

Wish can you give me your folder of shitty lewd pics you always seem to post

It seems like a pretty big folder since that's all you post :^)


Attached: xof.jpg (1200x901, 128.38K)

It's not funny... People don't like to tell me what to do beause they assume I'm expereinced in that frame of reference and it's wicked annoying.

i saw the shape of water at that mall
its a kinda lame theatre
not too bad

west orange 5 seems to only have a few screens
the only semi interesting movie theyre showing is love simon

same with the west oaks theater; movie choice wise
and i get free tickets at any AMC for me and one guest >:3


Attached: firefox_2018-03-09_06-34-02.png (744x929, 772.27K)

So tell them to tell you what to do.


Attached: rk30.png (190x160, 28.73K)

Don't tell me that's your major motivation here though lol

I don't want to push any limits :(

Usually what I want is well outside whatever norm there might be for them fucking a tranny as it is.

I mean.. it's not not helping, so...

Attached: xoxoxo.png (318x290, 124.04K)

Oh, err.

I have this massive pixiv folder, my Gabriel & Chitose folders, and then just all my old avatar folders.

Yeah sure, it's 2.5GB though and they're not all lewd.

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Aww, well now I feel kinda bad. Don't make any kind of major life change based on me. I'm just not worth it. Trust me on that.

That said, I'd be absolutely thrilled to take you out for a drink when you get here.

Ah, slapping you around?

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I mean.. maybe? I like some unconventional stuff to say the least :/

I'm not basing it upon you, but it could be a good cherry on top~

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burns, cuts, chokes, in that neighborhood of things.

Chitose from Girlish Number? How big is it?

like, you'd be surprised how uncommon that shit still is.

i wonder if irl tracer is as big n tuff as he is online >:3

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That's wonderful news!
I still miss my doggo so much...
Why do you want snow... ><

im very ticklish, stahp...


I'm very sorry for the late reply...

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Where's the "pissa"?

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Yeah, 386 images.
Just all anime caps.

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wicked pissah means a good thing. This is not a good thing

also nobody in NH or in their right state of mind actually uses "wicked pissah" in my experience.

Your caps are usually the best quality here. Sure!

boop boop boop

you cant stop meeee~~

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I mean, I had a similar conversation with someone off Discord. And a girl off facebook has shown me pictures where she insisted a guy cut her while they were fucking. So, not really.

I can understand wanting to be chocked I guess. But the rest is actual physical harm. Difficult to find someone that cares about you and yet willing to permanently damage the body.

Eh. Can't say though. Roughest I ever really went with a girl is just spanking.


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Alright, as long as it's just a bonus and not the main course I feel better.

What rum are you drinking tonight?

do you think you'd beat me up if i poked your tummy :3

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Joke's on you, it wasn't me who capped it :^)

Want me to post the link in thread or..?

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Spanking, choking, hair pulling, scratching, biting. Never done cutting though. Just feels like things can go wrong too quickly.

Spanking's just okay. I once had a yardstick shattered over my behind, but that's about it. The burning and choking and cutting is understandable from that perspective but it's more about the trust issues at hand rather than the actual bodily harm delivered in my experience and opinion.

Whatever they give me? another regular bought me and my roommate an extra short drink at the end there.

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For some reason, I just assume when you get drunk it's basically like watching the B-movie version of The Departed.

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In thread, please! Who capped it?

o wow an entire yardstick shatter
they must have choked up on the bat
the stick i guess
big owie

You can't be posting here if your getting bought drinks at a bar!!!

Not in public. Less risk of getting arrested.

Yeah, I agree. Even with "Safety" considering sanitation and medical supplies on standby, the chances of error leading to something more detrimental is too high for comfort.

Well trust is the most difficult thing to give, personally.

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so youre saying
i can poke your tummy but if i do
i should be careful around you outside of public eye :o

i'll keep that in mind >:3

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