Antifa is dead the petition to make antifa a terrorist organization just reached 125 thousand just wait for it to get...

antifa is dead the petition to make antifa a terrorist organization just reached 125 thousand just wait for it to get in trumps hands.

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"Antifa" isn't a formal organization. You can't ban that which isn't.

they are not going to ban them they are going to kill antifa LOL

Not only does the left has to fight capitalism but fascism now since liberals are too retarded

do any of you retarded commies know what the patriot act is LOL

You can bet Kushner and Ivanka will press Trump to call on investigations into funding for bus's, organizers of the rallies, etc to try and sniff out a money trail.

But Trump will never declare them terrorists. He's still reeling from his nazi-sympathizing "infrastructure press conference"

Good thing Antifa aren't leftist then or we would be in trouble

Anyone who stops protesting just because they say Antifa is a terrorist group wasn't serious to begin with.
And like said, there is no formal antifa organization you can prosecute.Best you can do is make it illegal to use antifa symbols, which is so blatantly unconstitutional even the inbred conservatives in the judiciary would have to strike it down.

Kushner is very pro-Israel, and antifa seems to favor palestinian-rights.

good thing I'm not a member of antifa then

This isn't news. Communists, anarchists, radicals who wants to get rid of the current government already have zero rights on paper. Eisenhower signed it into law half a century ago.

lol no they wouldn't

I remember when I signed my name and got employed by antifa

good times

Implying this is true, how is the government going to identify "Antifa" members? There are no membership card to use as evidence, no subscription list to comb through, no legal entity to prosecute, no headquarters to storm.

The same way they identify Muslim extremists or "neo-Nazis"

We're headquartered in Oklahoma City. Don't lie. The government might be watching.

The AntiFa invasion force all live in terror cells in Oklahoma City

Good, killing them will further break apart the nation and weaken America with the constant infighting giving leftist groups outside their borders breathing room to grow.

So they do nothing?

You do realize that next to none of us are antifa, right?

As has been pointed out in the thread, antifa is a banner and ideological motive (oppose fascism), and banning either of those is as unconstitutional as you can get.

No, they won't. Trump, his daughter, and Kushner are not Holla Forums's guys and they never will be.

I quit when it became evident the Soros bucks I was promised would never come. This is a scam, don't fall for it.

fucking hilarious. If Antifa is an "organization" then there's nothing on this world that isn't.
nearly half of the Antifa accounts are alt-right trolls anyway

Did you get unemployed for being a nazi

Name one time those petitions have ever worked.

Busting formal organizations is a big part of identifying and prosecuting Islamists or neo-Nazis.

there are no leftist Antifa accounts or groups that I know of.
In fact all of them seem to be nothing but the alt-right larping.

next thing you'll be posting about the hideouts in the salt domes underneath seattle, stop ratting us out girl, come on

Some mod anchor this please, the person that created this thread is just shilling Holla Forums

I love that, neo nazis, are not domestic terrorists who do meth

when you hear antifa is a terrorist organization and now you can shooting im all in the face under the patriot act.

Is english your first language?

who cares the ones being hunted down are Nazis anyway. Fuck em.
Anti-fa like Anarchy can never be taken away. Thats just how Anarchy is, it's reality.

no word play is

just in 10min it reached 131 thousand

Again, how are young going to identify Antifas?

Didn't /r/T_D have a few million users? Can't underages sign petitions?

that, and

Honestly sounds about right for Americans.

Still pretty ghey though right?



I bet a bunch of these are bots, regular Americans don't sign fucking petitions besides most upper middle class wine moms

God I want to fuck that woman

This a good thing. Dipshits in LARPing in costume and general attention whore narcissists like Emily G will move off and find something else to spend their time on. The US authorities will then be forced to battle the fascists or openly demonstrate their complicity with them. Actual antifascists will be forced to adopt tactics with stealth, guile and intelligence like groups in the 80s did, rather than assembling with whatever dross the stage managers could assemble to the intelligence teams to videotape at a toothless gathering.


The US Government literally never answers these petitions

Who the fuck is Emily G?


Do you even know what the patriot act is, you dumbass? It lets alphabet soup agencies tap your phone, it doesn't allow them, or regular civvies, to kill people they suspect of being "terrorists." Idiot.

The petition to give Clinton the election after the EC/popular vote rift reached over 4 million.

wow what a cuck

Most of Antifa have been doxxed. Especially Portland. Remember; don't drop the soap.

You're not very bright.

Still have yet to see BLM be labeled a terrorist organisation.

Even if the petition gets signed,
1. Holla Forums isn't anti-fa
2. This won't get rid of socialists from America
3. this shit has been in effect since the fucking 60's.

Ok, lad.

lol no they weren't cuck.

The government can kill you now, retard.

No. I was only implying that even if we think antifa is largely autistic it's not exactly a net positive for them to get federally declared as a terrorist organization.

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Four dead in Ohio

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Gotta get down to it
Soldiers are cutting us down
Should have been done long ago
What if you knew her
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How can you run when you know?

You can ban identification with it, and the open display and promotion of their symbols. There are actual self-identifying "antifa" groups, I know of a few on the west coast personally.

what has BLM done to be considered a terroristic group? other than terrorizing rich white boys with hard facts?

That's awesome. Some adult giving the finger to a fat kid. Bet that's the first time that's happened.