Why do Maoists generally hate smashies?

I've never understood this. Smashies seem to embody the chaos element in Maoism.

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Same reason Trots hate them: they don't control them.

because they're a detriment to our movement.
being able to label communists as "ANDIFA TURRISTS HURR" does not help us in any way. maybe if they could assassinate some CEOs instead of burning down the vans of construction workers they would be liked just a little
scientifically, smashies have done nothing but make communism look worse than it already does.

Is there Mautist vs Smashie footage out there?

But I thought Maoists basically are just tankies with smashie charachteristics, are they not? Look at Red Guards Austen and LA, they're literally just black bloc anarchists, but with machine guns and edgy Cultural Revolution aesthetics.

Don't forget the most important part–if you try to become a member and you don't suffer from gender dysphoria you are literally nothing but a fascist in training.

Not sure if I agree with this statement. I assumed Maoists would BE smashies themselves given that they consider the entirety of the First World to be bourgeois and/or labour aristocracy, and bringing the violence home (so to say) could be used as some kind of strategy, similar to the Weathermen and SLA.

burning a couple dozen cars barely puts a scratch on any first world nation.

But it brings the violence of imperialism home. That's the whole idea.

Here's the example from today:

All anarchists, no Maoists. Why?

If they bombed banks and assassinated rupert fucking murdoch I'd like em. Right now they're kinda shit.

Leftists are going to get bad PR from capitalist media either way so that's kind of a weak argument.

Creating chaos can be to our benefit, as Mao rightfully pointed out.

Chaos has a time and place. Right now is the time to garner support and put the left in a positive light.

no it doesn't.
the fire department and local police show up and the show's over.
meanwhile your military is still droning down Syrian children and hasn't even winced.

I don't think even Fox news was against us after the Nazi ran over 20 people. this simply isn't true.
the left should come in the form of a voice of reason, not one of edginess and chaos.

These sound like they'd be my people except I hate Maoism with a fucking passion.

Because there are almost no Maoists in America. They're beyond fringe. But if you do want to see what they look like google Red Guards Austin.

Not for it's own sake. No one above the age of 17 should think this way.

Yes they were, plenty of people in the media tried to imply that the violence was provoked by the left.
Far right movements like fascism explicitly reject reason-based politics in favor of aesthetics and identitarian mysticism.

Imagine being this much of a brainlet.

This is Canada…

and we should mirror them because why?

Fine… google RCP Canada faggot

I'd say he's right:

Canada seems to have more maoists then the USA from what I can tell. Two of their leading e-celebs Da Roo and John Mouthsawad Paul are Maoist.

I'm saying that violence is a tactic just like reason is, sometimes the kind of violence smashies use can be beneficial, Charlottesville is the perfect example of smashies doing their job.

Also, I didn't click on the video, just assumed it was footage of antifa. Either way, Maoism is beyond fringe in the West, and while I can't speak for Europe there are only a handful of MLM orgs here in North America, RCP Canada is the largest, but most MLM groups use black bloc tactics and get into street fights and stuff, but you won't see them as much because, as I pointed out, there just aren't as many of them as there are Anarchists.

The Roo hates RCP Canada and MLMs in general, he's even self-published a polemic against them.

How idealistic.

This is an inevitability as capitalism collapses. So is fascism.

Antifa is needed. Stop being so ideological.

We really need to start circulating PDFs of Jason's books, they sound fucking hilarious tbh.

Here's some Maoists trying their hand at smashie stuff, reading the article it seems Anarchists were the majority and Maoists just showed up. redspark.nu/en/imperialist-states/a-report-back-from-the-streets-of-tampa/

There's also Lupus Dragownowl's(yes I know) Against Identity Politics which puts the blame for idpol on Maoism. That could have triggered them or something. theanarchistlibrary.org/library/lupus-dragonowl-against-identity-politics

RCP is pretty useless TBH.

Because smashies don't have a problem with sparrows.

then makes a totally subjective statement.

Probably the most dedicated an militant member of my antifa group is a maoist

There is difference between American Maoism who often does show these characteristics, but I've seen none of those anywhere else. In Europe Maoists are usually well-adjusted and obviously the Maoists in the Third World who are actually in the field are also vastly different from that caricature of American Maoists. I think this is also caused by the oppression olympics leftism was defined by in the US, starting with black left-wing nationalism solidarized itself with Third World liberation movements such as Gaddafi - at that time, it was justified and necessary, but the seed of this seems to have planted itself into the modern abhorrent SJW/Antifa campus poltics.

tl/dr, burgers ruin everything

Mao-Spontex was primarily a European ideology. JFC, Maotists dont't even know their own ideology's history. How did you become one, anyways? Were you dragged in by a friend in college because being radical is trendy?

There's a Maoist movement?

I'm going to this maoist reading group at some anarchist bookstore next week, so maybe

That's wild, best of luck

yeah I'm going with a friend, idk what to expect, hopefully they're nice, I planned on just listening and drinking coffee.

Just avoid the newspapers

The leader of Take Em Down NOLA is a Maoist I believe.

Antifa, being non-partisan (in that it's only opposed to fascism rather than capitalism as a whole, thus allowing collaboration with liberals and those on the left of capital), is petit-bourgeois and a type of class-collaboration. I'm not a maoist, and I'm not entirely opposed to everything antifa does, but there are better ways to fight capitalism without collaborating with liberals. Furthermore, there are better ways to radicalize liberals when antifa is just a poor attempt at stabilizing a falling capitalist system.

They look like clowns in these black outfits.

there are maoist smashies too who are more organized and open carry. They say in their manifesto that smashies are better and more rebellious than most other marxists and MLs.

What's your point? Spontis were radically opposed to the actual MLM K-Groups and there was nothing particulary Maoist about them besides some rhetorical pieces. They were highly revisionist and tried to create some synthetic "libertarian Maoism".
I don't know, how did you become such an insufferable semendrinker? Mc fucking kill yourself.

That's exactly my point. Maoism is littered with the ideas of chaos and rebellion, and the Black Bloc certainly fits that.

In fact, having a Black Bloc is necessary, since it shows who truly has the will to destroy the existing society (which is inherently based on colonialism, imperialism, and general exploitation) vs. who is just a whiny liberal who wants the system to give them a larger slice of the pie.

This is what we did in Québec City yesterday: