I mean it's true. Of course the retards streaming think we're liberals so idk.


Why is this allowed?


100 years from now they'll still be talking about the SJW strawman

I'd really like some right winger to explain coherently how you can even destroy culture, which is both immaterial and everchanging.

Who posts this?

Can we edit the css to not show this crap?

Destroying culture is whenever something I don't like become accepted

thats a big ass spook

The faggots running this site are awful.

Why don't we join the stream and ask how we can help destroy it?

Easy; you start up EU4, play as a country, and hit the convert culture button on a province that doesn't have your primary culture.



When will the Cultural Marxism meme end?

When America is a warzone.

I'm genuinely surprised this community is allowed on this site

and /g/…
and /lit/…

What a bunch of bullshit. They already want to destroy it because MUH fun

Holla Forums wouldn't exist without these retards unfortunately.

fuck i forgot about the word filter

People from other websites are slowly trickling onto here, thinking that the site still has a "secret club" charm to it.

This imageboard is dead, not because Google removed it from the search engine, but because none of these boards have much to offer for anyone with most who stay here is running on the hatred for 4chan to justify being here or just so happen to find a way to create their own little haven with the love for smaller community despite Holla Forums shitposting. Once you pass Holla Forums the PPH begins to dip and slightly rise until you get into the graveyard pass the top 50 boards with only a few groups post replies that can span a month in between.

Not many are going to stay when they see there isn't much substance to keep them coming back.