Noam Chomsky thread

What does leftypol think about Noam Chomsky?

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Very ironic quote

Anarcho-liberal who is way past his prime.

good enough

what ideas of his do you consider outdated?

I hope you realize that whenever intelligent people notice your flag they rightly disregard everything you say.

I bet you say that to all the girls

no he is right. all tankies are retarded.

Put down the Chomsky pick up the Parenti

Nice one. Also Chomsky is an anarcho-liberal. You cannot prove otherwise.

ed herman literally writes for monthly review

I don't agree with Monthly Review but why is that bad? Also, he was talking about Parenti and not Herman.


it isnt bad i'm saying that noams's own fred engels is a fucking maoist so maybe not all of noam's written ideas are an extension of anarcholiberalist praxis

hello, Gnome Chomper

Just because Nicola Roberts puts out a good solo album doesn't mean Cheryl Cole's is any good

Just rob the ideological supermarket and take what you need from both writers.

Total liberal and arguably not even and anarchist if one considers the opportunism he partakes in (supporting the state becoming "bigger" as an immediate objective rather than its destruction as the most important)

those are the same things.

Pretty ironic for the guy who's a left anticommunist. How are we supposed to move forward when we (one of) our most famous public intellectuals on the left being a bitch about direct action?

It's not that his ideas are outdated it's that his current opinions have become softer. He endorsed Clinton FFS.


Chomsky endorsing Clinton isn't that unusual considering that he's advocated for strategic voting in the past. It's more like he puts too much faith in reformist tactics.

We acknowledge the cons of Chomsky, but what about his inumerable pros and the amount of people who he has successfully brought to the left? I mean you do sort of grow out of Chomsky but he's important for leftists building up their groundwork of anti-capitalist critique.
Also there's this video BTFOing Leninists, which I was going to make a thread about to see if they could refute it:

Always right. Unlike some LARPers on this imageboard he always has the working classes best interests in mind, thus his pragmatism.

Left anti-communist and anarcho-liberal. He's good at critiquing capitalism and US imperialism though and therefore effective at radicalizing normies, so I like him.

I think that quote is Noamsky having a moment of self-awareness, also one of these days im going to shit on his beach

I don't agree with him on everything, but he's a brilliant man.

I agree with literally everything he says

What do?

chomsky is a good linguist but otherwise recognizably just a socdem who symbolically pays lip service to anarchism every once in a while.

an user here recently translated a french commie journal's article on chomsky to english which was pretty good (PDF related).

I don't think anarchism means robbery and arson, if that's what you're insinuating.

He's smarter than me but I can't help but disagree with him on some things.

No, what I mean is I think anarchy can mean robbery and arson, but it can also mean syndicates and workplace struggles like Chomsky advocates

Well, it only means chaos in the colloquial, liberal sense of the term. As a political ideology, it means the opposite of hierarchy.