Comrades, do you eat meat...

Comrades, do you eat meat? How do we get people to either reduce their meat consumption drastically or become vegetarian?

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I eat meat because I am a human.

there's nothing wrong with eating meat, you giant faggot

Yeah, I eat meat. Petri meat will take far less time than dismantling the meat industry.

The tech is there just in Silicon Valley's inept hands.

my usual lunch consists of more than 100g of meat, less than 100g of rice and 350g of vegetables. If you want to make people to eat more vegetables, show them how to prepare it with meat, it's very tasty combination

Gross. Makes me think of white bread.

I'm eating meat right now.

Just curious but are all of you Americans?

Gotta get swole tbh.
But I recognize the ecological impact.
I look forward to lab-grown meat, but we can't let it be the domain of porky. We must seize the meat production.

not an argument

Step one: don't shill for veganism like a retard.

You will get a lot farther by advising people to reduce their meat intake than by telling people they must stop eating meat altogether. By which I mean you will result in a larger change to the market resulting in fewer animal deaths. But vegans (mostly) don't actually care about reducing death/suffering. They just want to feel self-righteous.

I'm in the continent of America yes. USA no. But as which my homeland is it's the world.

Ensure that the work day is short enough that people have the time and energy to cook rather than just stuffing themselves with cheap fast food.

pls no

I'm not a vegan, personally. I'm just really curbing my meat consumption. It doesn't help I'm allergic to legumes and soy, so I couldn't eat tofu even if I wanted to. One thing I will miss is beans though. Makes me itchy and it's extremely uncomfortable. It sucks.

Would you as a vegan eat cloned animal meat?

I do not eat meat because I dislike the taste and texture.

if you eat soybean products as a vegan you're being as bad as a meat eater, neverforget about the hectares of rainforest getting cut down every day to plant soy and all natives and activists getting murdered because of it.
also i tried to go vegetarian for some four months, i now cut back on beef mostly cause of money tho.

…So you became allergic to beans?

THIS. And don't forget that almost all staple crops require pollination by insects. Since many vegans would consider honey to be inherently non-vegan (even if you keep bees yourself in an artificial hive that's 100% voluntary for the bees), that would render a wide range of vegetables and fruits non-vegan because of how badly pollinators like bees are treated within industrial pollination.

For Holla Forums types, play on muh tradition. Europeans didn't eat much meat before refrigerators, as it was hard keep and expensive. Furthermore they almost never ate beef, as cows were largely draft animals and more valuable alive.
That meat which Europeans did eat was salume type meats and game. But diets were largely grain and veg.

Friendly reminder that in the US at least the apex predator (wolves) got almost entirely wiped out and hunting certain game is necessary to keep the ecosystem balanced.

funny how the hipsters doing handmade organic fairtrade locally sourced everything are only being traditionalists foodwise.

not to make fun of them, they make food just like my grandma would recognize it, and that's really good

No, I just realised I was allergic to them so I stopped eating them.

Vegan tankies best tankies

It's quite hilarious seeing the industries squirm a little as they fall ever more out of favour and people cut it out of their diets more.

There truly are no industries that greater embody capitalism.


>Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

What even is your point? Obviously it's impossible to be entirely free of animal suffering in today's society, it's about minimising the effect. I'm not sure where you get off going "hurr but vegetables involve animals to so you might as well give it all up". I don't know if it's a shitty appeal to futility, or just an attempt to shame, either way it's something I'd expect to find among Facebook comments and should promptly fuck off.

Animals are assholes and deserve to die. Except dogs. But if the dog is already dead then it's ok to eat it. Every other specie can go fuck themselves.

10/10 Best Sorelian Vegan Tankie Waifu

Really makes you think.

Fuck off Hitler.

lmao nice spooks faggot
You are a primitive capitalist. Now look at this mouse. He's 11 years old. Why do you want this to die?

I don't eat meat.
I don't really care if others eat meat.

Eating meat is necessary for a healthy diet unless you use vitamin supplements or literally eat your own shit



I don't eat meat either, and yeah, on a personal level I don't care much if people eat meat.
However I do think that, at least in the west, we should definitely push for a reduced meat intake. It also ties in with overpopulation, global warming and all that shite, and honestly I don't think overconsumption of meat is even the greatest environmental offender, but it still wouldn't hurt.

Nice spooks loser now im going to flay a cat alive while fighting capitalism because its in my best interest not beecause feels>reels you faget

I wouldn't want to go back to eating barely mature grains people in europe eaten for hundreds of years.

most cows in my country have pretty good life before being slaughtered, being outside and eating mostly grass. I can't see any problem with eating them.

Don't use Echo for your anti-veggie propaganda you fucking dog.


Oh lawd, what the fuck is that from?

whats wrong with eating meat?

How would you bash the fash if you'll only eat grass like a goat?

Under socialism the meat and dairy industries will wither and die over time. Vegetarianism and veganism will become more widespread on their own. I'm not concerned.

why would it die?

I hate meat but I hate it from an engineering standpoint. It's so stupidly wasteful to raise these lumbering retard animals and then shoot them in the head.
The only real solution is to make foods that taste like meat/as good as meat but are cheaper.
If you don't mind people eating insects then I hear they taste about as good when ground up into a patty, and they're about 1000x more efficient to farm.

was right. Wow.

Create fake meat that can perfectly replicate the taste of real meat.

Make meat replacers that arent shit and taste like meat and arent 5 times as expensive.

Been veggie for 4 years (still ate christmas dinner every year) recently been in the gym and unless you want to spend 4 hours a day cooking its very difficult to do so I'm eating meat on gym days now

Has anyone noticed now that McDonalds have successfully chopped down a fucktonne of the Amazon for grazing land they've suddenly become green, saying that they'll replant more trees than they cut down. Like you cheeky little cunts, you've already chopped down all the fucking trees, it's of absolutely no use starting that shit now.

So…capitalism exploting the workers is a good thing now or the muh moralism is only a spook concerning sex and eating other species meat?

Simply explain to people that the meat industry is unsustainable and grossly inefficient. It's killing the environment. Only chicken is somewhat efficient, and even that still has major issues.

You can be a manly man and eat only chicken and eggs for protein. Remove pork and beef from your diets. Replace cow milk with almond milk (while it still exists lol) and stop eating cheese. You will become healthier, you will help the environment and you will deal a blow to several shitty industries.

You will dramatically reduce your burden on the earth.

I eat meat to piss off liberal veggie hippies.

We don't need to all become vegans, but we really need to reduce how much meat we consume by a lot.

I'll make sure to start consuming Soy, and xenoestrogens as soon as possible.

You don't have to become vegans, or give a fuck about animals. You can simply cut certain products out of your diet to hurt industries that are fucking up the environment for no reason other than profit.

Don't worry, we'll build robot bees to replace the real bees when they've gone extinct.


the latter

That's bullshit, there are no edible bugs in my climate

Yes, because raising chicken for meat means you create highly automated farm where they can't even move. That's much less "moral" than eating other animals.


Only if it's hunted. I haven't gotten a deer in a while but my dad got a nice sized one last year. Fed me him, mom and sister for about 6 months.

Oh good the same fucking skub thread we have every week. Whatchya slidin, OP?

No I don't (I don't eat eggs or drink milk either).

Humans not eating meat (or eating very small amounts of it) is not new or unnatural. Eating a bunch of expensive meat with every meal is mostly a first world luxury.

This is very true. Vegans focus too much on veganism as a complete package, a sub culture, a trendy lifestyle and cool image which prevents them from doing the most effective activism. Vegans also tend to think of someone who eats meat and drinks milk with every meal the same way as someone who eats a little bit of fish a few times a week, which is dumb, since the important thing is not individual people being pure from animal products, but reducing the total consumtion of animal products globally.

No, since like 90% of those soybeans are grown to feed the fucking animals you're going to eat. The amount of soy that is being grown to make tofu is rather insignificant. And you need to grow a lot more than 100 kcal of soybeans to produce 100 kcal of meat. So a fuckton of soy is being grown to produce a much smaller amount of meat. It's incredibly inefficient since we could just eat the damn soybeans, and then we wouldn't have to grow as much of it. Growing a bunch of perfectly good food to feed to an animal, only to end up with a lot less food than you spent raising this animal is inefficent and wasteful, and why meat is so terrible for the environment.

This guy gets it.

The most effective way to feed people is also least tasty one. If you'd go for 100% efficiency, you'd probably ended up with eating roasted grains and some vitamin supplements. That's just stupid lifestylism, we are not living in feudal society, we can afford to eat "properly". Raising animals can be very efficient.

Read some biology you iliteate twat


ok, give me any book on farming meat which will teach me more than I know and I'll thank you. My cousin is a farmer and I'm also looking into farming in a few years, so it's relevant to my interest. Now please provide an argument or get the fuck back to reddit you faggy urban dweller.

Just cooking Soto Betawi. Ingredients: tripe, lung, beef, veggies. I can't stop crying when thinking about all the cowies that are in this stew.

I think consumption would go down if there were a cultural shift towards actually caring about the resources that a thing takes to make. At the moment the world in general is entrenched in liberal ideology where you should consume as much as you can and fuck everyone else if it hurts them.
Hopefully in glorious communist utopia people would actually care that they're being wasteful.

I'm not talking about morals. I'm talking about being pragmatic and somewhat slowing down the destruction of the environment. Cows and pigs fuck up the environment.

I would absolutely become a vegan for a girl like that.

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What if, say, you change your diet for the benefit of the environment and then incidentally draw attention to yourself from the opposite sex?

Or are you just going to wait for a tankie gurrl to doxx you, hunt you down, kick down your door and force-feed you some fucking mangos? Because you'll be waiting for a long-ass time.

here you go user just two cuz i don't want to spam the thread

you are talking like animals were some aliens sent to this earth with mission to eradicate all sentient life. They are perfectly natural beings and actually help environment a lot by providing perfect fertilizers for plants and trees to grow.

fuck off, you are greatly extravagating this problem. Milk and cheese is fucking tasty and healthy, mankind doesn't have a single reason to stop producing them, especially because there is no viable substitute for them.

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water



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Okay. Can you run along back to Holla Forums now? You can tell everyone I was very impressed by your cow picture.

Have you ever seen an animal invent something, or build a house? No, and that's because animals are fucking retards, fuck animals.

I doubt you've ever invented anything fag

try to eat some meat, it'll help you provide an argument.

Yeah like I never eat vegetables. I hate watching what I eat, I just 2-3 days a week instead.

The amount of cows is not natural. Those cows are also domesticated retards that coudn't survive in the wild, just like chickens.

yes, and?

bullshit, cows are very intelligent animals, and they don't have big problems being alone, outside, even in winter.

You can also attack some of statements I made before, or simply admit that your hatred of meat is purely ideological, liberal idpol which helps you feel better about yourself with no impact on society or enviroment.


Have chicken almost every day in sandwiches at least.
Eat beef, turkey, bacon and steak often too.
Can't imagine not eating meat tbh, never seen the appeal of vegetarianism or veganism.

if you are not interested in not killing/exploiting animals, then there are a lot of reasons to become vegan
a big part of the green house gasses come from the meat industry
if you know how to cook or you enjoy doing it, you will not just like to become vegan, you will feel better
a no-cholesterol and low trans-fat is best for your health, those things cloth your artheries and produce inflamation in your body
the meat industry fill the animals with antibiotics, what is making the bacterias evolve in a faster way

also, animal explotation is as bad as workers explotation or slaves
you do not need animal products, so why would you harm your body with that stuff?

cuz liberals cry when i eat meat hyuck hyuck

Watch in youtube «why are there so many insects» and shut your mouth. Stupid illiterate peasant

We don't have to go full retard with vegetarianism, people just need to raise goats instead of cattle for meat and milk, they eat tons of weeds and random shit and as such don't need a special diet, they produce a fuckload of milk, and their meat tastes great(to me at least). Lbs for Lbs, goats are far better for the environment for the meat and milk they give.

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there is any infograph for the basics for vegan nutrition?