Why the fuck is 4chan full of fascists and neo-nazis?

Why the fuck is 4chan full of fascists and neo-nazis?

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Did you ever see that episode of TNG with the tar monster?

It's like that


It's quite simple, my son. You see, Communism is not an intellectual movement, but a process of ignoring statistical data, and therefore, being unscientific, it attracts no intelligent man. Tumblr is very Communist, because faggots/women live a life of graft anyway, and hate the truth.

It attracts young outcasts of society, who are often pretty dense and need something to feel good about themselves. What's easier than congratulating yourself for being born white and thinking that some imaginary enemy is the reason for your failures?


Holla Forums got astroturfed by stormfront, and later Holla Forums would just grow bigger and bigger, overtaking Holla Forums as the vanguard of 4chan culture
even /lit/ is infested now with Holla Forumsacks who dont fucking read

He works for Holla Forums. They have "fluff" stories, just like on reddit. They generate ad revenue to generate eyes on ads, which pumps revenue.

t. Genius

*generate CONTENT to generate eyes on ads

And fascism is?

Show me one foundational text of a leftist tendency that goes on about how straight white men are the devil.

I don't think you're even trying.

How bad has /lit/ gotten specifically?

newfags took the ironic racism memes seriously

But I'm a young outcast of society, yet, I'm a libsoc, not a fucking fascist piece of shit.


tl;dr it was the far right that managed to mobilize user's ressentiment

You only become a fascist if you suffer from reduced neuroplasticity and increased aggression caused by prolonged virginity. We all respect women because we have healthy sex lives, therefore we are communists.

go to ebay, now look for:
1- communist t-shirt
2- nazi t-shirt

/r9k/ has been taken over by neo-nazis too.

/lit/ has threads about Jordan Peterson, people take the meme trilogy seriously now, and there are always two or three threads in the catalog claiming that /lit/ ignores right wing literature. The weird fideistic Christianity is even worse than before, but still less annoying than aggresive fedoras.

Guess you boys shoulda left vidya alone.

Your inability to offer an argument against fascism is proof. Do you suppose pol lacks arguments against Communism?

The foundation of Communism is retardation - therefore it can occur due to a variety of reasons. As an example, Chris Matthews suffered substantial brain damage, and is now a Communist.

Yes, leftypol is "ICP," a recognized terrorist organization, which is affiliated with Antifa.


Fascism is founded on book after book of logical theory and is the next system after captialism. Communism is an emotional movement that is a reaction to the conditions around it, it has nether theory nor logic.

Oh wait, no its the other way round. How could I have made this mistake. I would have had to be fucking retarded to think like that.

But I am still a virgin in my twenties, yet, am still a libsoc.

Why? I don't get it…

Why don't you go back to Holla Forums, huh?

The books in the engineering section will help a sufficiently intelligent person become fascist.


Engineering has nothing to do with society and most engineers aren't fascist at all…

what are you talking about? most people here were part of GG before they went full reactionary.
it's a neoliberal hellhole where people are at the will of the corporations and are made slaves who aren't allowed to quit their jobs. wages get to decrease while factory deaths skyrocket. sorry, but I'd rather not be a slave
"low Autism Level niggers fucking our women" is science how exactly? if you want to be "pro-eugenic" as you call it then why are you against killing low Autism Level white people?
I'm going to assume you'll respond with something about disease. At which point I'd respond it still makes no sense to ignore disease-resistant africans.

Because they don't have anywhere else to go.

As for the rest of us - chans system isn't very good for politics. To do politics somewhat efficiently, you have to have at least reputation and a structure, not to mention confidentiality.

That is why, chans are light entertainment for everyone, but political forum for Nazis and paedophiles (idk why they go nuts over Pizzagate and ignore literally the biggest public congregation of them one click away)

Really jiggles my niggles

The only good thing that came out of Holla Forums are liberal chicks masquerading as "redpilled" camwhores for patreon bucks.

I don't think it's just virginity. I think it's more a lack of self-criticism and introspection. They are surrounded by capitalist contradictions from advertisements and feel-good sayings. For example: "Be yourself but also be a hot manly man". This confuses and frustrates them to the point that they just don't know how to act so they cling to identities. When these identities came under fire by SJWs it became an defensive instinct to rally behind reactionary thought that had always criticized liberal idpol. But I'm kinda guessing, I don't believe any studies have been carried out on this.

SJWs were a mistake, essentially.

Identity deconstruction is the single most important tool of cults

your commie threads always end up getting shitposted to death anyway. Why bother coming to Holla Forums anyway?

Not only were most of us part of GG, but those journalists were mostly idpol liberals.

And what do you think the foundation for communism is?

Ah, I see, you're retarded.

First, no we're not.
Second, antifa is not an organized group, it's a banner people use.

You know, a small few Holla Forumsacks are actually enjoyable to talk with, you are not one of them


Almost all of us are smart enough not to bother with you.

ITT: Fascists project about fascism.

I'm surprised no one mentioned gamer gate. That's what really kickstarted Holla Forums and progressively contaminated every board on 4chan.

I often read people wondering how come non-whites buy into fascist ideologies, so I'll share my experience.

It was the memes + propaganda + censorship of far-right views to me. You know how they tell you to not eat a cookie and that only makes you want it more. That stuff. On propaganda; neo-nazi stuff was everywhere in Holla Forums and much of it covered up their racists views by promoting what neo/pol/ would call "civic nationalism": Images of black nazis, Nazi Germany's relations with the middle east, Gandhi's letter to Hitler all convinced me that it was a nationalist movement more than a racist movement. Of course I never bought into the whole white power crap or anuddah shoah lunacy, but I still considered myself a Holla Forumsack for a few months, and I did considered that Holla Forums defended free speech against hordes of SJW that wanted to restrict it

Memes, well, because it made browsing Holla Forums fun. It all ended when /pol grew in influence and it became obvious that they didn't care at all about free speech and that their civic nationalist propaganda was just a tool to expand their influence but they didn't really meant it. I can't stand hypocrites so I left and started wandering around until I found Holla Forums and an acquaintance recommended me a couple of books of Marx.

Makes sense, fam. I guess I was smart enough to see that I was suffering from the effects of capitalism.

because it's mostly tweens

I thought that was a band where they dress up as clowns and rap

Of course they read. They read Breitbart and fake infographs!


Just read what the meme trilogy is. Fuck hating on ulysse. Fucking plebs

Am I the only person who was surprised to find out that a majority of those "infographs" are just straight up lies? I feel like such a brainlet for believing them for so long.

I fact check everything I see, and in my experience, about half of Holla Forums infographics are factual, but there is lot's of variance depending on the subject matter.
on some subjects, (like race and crime), their statistic are generally correct and well sourced
on other subjects, (like the holocaust), they peddle utter shit

the race ones are bad too fam. They don't actually mean what Holla Forums wants them to

This. The intersection of nerd culture with being a far right moron is really interesting

no one can be this fucking stupid

You say that like left wing Radical authoritarianism is the only way to go. Whether it be in form of Communism or Fascism.

Because the rest of the internet is full of SJWs

Literally all the shit I've been seeing for the past 2 years on the internet is pure "anti-SJW"

How is it that one mongrol, one Jew, and one Slav represent the Neo Nazi movement. Gawd I wish burgers would just travel to Europe just once.

Reddit is full of SJW communists, youtube full of fun, any MSM site has comments full of marxists. What internet?

You're delusional nigger kys

Give example of any other site other than 8ch/4ch that is dominated by anti-SJW


/r/the_donald has half a million redditors. Most subscribed marxists on youtube have like 20k subs while reactionaries like PJW, Lauren southern and Molymeme amass millions of subscribers, likewise on twitter and other social media. 4/pol/ and 8/pol/ are the most popular boards on the chans.

Rageafterstorm isn't part of the tribe, she's actually a German/Anglo/French mutt, which might explain why she has an American flag.

Give a group of white males in their twenties absolute free speech with no attached consequences.
Give a group of people that are being replaced, unemployed and demonized absolute free speech with no attached consequences.
Give a group of people with no wife or children absolute free speech with no attached consequences.
Give a group of uprooted people absolute free speech with no attached consequences.
Give a groop of people living in an absolute nhielistic and materalistic world absolute free speech with no attached consequences.
Give a group of people that have been told that they should attack the status quo absolute free speech with no attached consequences.
Give a group of people that have been lied to from the media and the educational system absolute free speech with no attached consequences.
Give a group of people that is being discriminated against absolute free speech with no attached consequences.

What do you get? Protip it is not comunism or anarchism.

You can tell yourself that all I said is le spook or that it is muh stormfront, the fact is this is a rebellion against the status quo.

this one is ugly af. who is she trying to fool?

No, you are correct. we're probably heading towards fascism

She is kinda qt. Whould wife

Shit taste tbh famalam

Do you know how the Internet works, user? You must be a 90s kid to be this naive about the web

Yeah that makes a hughe difference compared to the rest of the internet

She gives off a strong vibe of being a carpet muncher, similar to Lauren Southern.



I don't think she fully accepts herself rn. but yes I get what you mean.


Absolute free speech with no consequences can only happen in an absolutely hegemonic society.
So a lot of antifa?
Proles in general
Anyone under the age of 25

What do you get? Protip it is not fucking fascism. It's a clusterfuck.


I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet, but before /new/ became neo-nazi the board was largely right-libertarian. The few Nazis that were there preyed on the fears of the libertarians saying their freedoms that they cherish so much would no longer exist if non-white people took over. They did this constantly and over a long time convinced many to abandon libertarianism and become Nazis.

You sound like a fucking moron, most "reformed" Holla Forumstards are a detriment rather than a benefit to the left. Profoundly unaware and susceptible.

The internet is shit.
People are insufferable.
Underage retards are everywhere.

The game industry destroyed itself.
Besides, the only game you'll ever need is already released and essentially scope complete.

A community that pretends to be retarded long enough will eventually become retarded.

Little or nothing of value was said here, no suprise really

The next Hitler is already alive and posts on Holla Forums.
Give him 20 years.

If hitler were alive today he would have just posted his art on deviant art and all of this ww2 stuff could have been avoided

Yes, if anything if you think in context, the alt right is a reaction against the rise of the so called SJW.
Both groups are card carrying idpol'rs.
These people fight culture wars not class wars.

Its political cathartic for them because of the advanced social alienation of late stage capitalism.

Even if you tell them directly that the roots of their problem lays directly with capitalism the right calls you a commie and the libs call you a brosocalist.

Places like lefty pol stand on the outside looking in at both of these groups of clowns telling them its the bourgeoisie that is doing this and you can improve your material conditions as a class by uniting as proles and being ignored.

That shit that happened in charllotsville, the rich loved that, they loved seeing the peasants fight each other.
If those nazis and antifa had united and marched to the rich side of town instead of fighting each other then they would have been scared

I'm increasingly convinced that the vast bulk of Holla Forums and so on aren't the "nerdy 20 something white men that originally made the internet good" that they like to imagine themselves as, but in-fact the faggots who came around and ruined everything in the first place. That is of course discarding the absolutely massive contingent of underage dickheads in high school.

Of course, I have no evidence for these assertions - but in this brave new world where nothing is enjoyable, is that not evidence in and of itself?

I am alt-right and I agree ^^^
Left will never work with us and would rather keep the industrial-war machine status quo. I also don't see BLM supporters joining with us to take down the system. Workers unity will never happen

Its fashon now because of the refugee crisis in Europe.

Except that's exactly how ideology works, each side will interpret data according to their way of looking at things, there's no such thing as having "facts" on your side

Because its full of lonely and angry people. These people are easily bought by an ideology that is based on anger and individualism.

Are you fucking retarded.

You are not trying to take down the system, any more than "left-wing" identity politicians are. You are both playing the same identity politics game. You are saying "let's keep the system the same but with fewer minorities and women", and they are saying "let's keep the system the same but with more minorities and women".

Only the revolutionary left is actually trying to change the system.

checked. My thesis is that because objective facts favor the right wing's ideologies, nearly all unmoderated imageboards are far right. The inherent contradictions contained in societal theories break down when issues such as decency, law and order, and equality are ignored. This creates a lawless state with weak Chi.

kek of truth


4/pol/ is way more laid back than 8/pol/, also since when the fuck has 4chan just equaled Holla Forums? Sounds to me like somebody's a little assblasted…

Bout 2015.

we are terrorists on the eyes of the us now? hell yeah fuck the USA

Phoneposting redditors be gone!

Name a board that isn't infested by Holla Forumsyps and answer your own question.

They're a younger generation than the group that made the internet great. They're on the same level as the normies flooding the internet really.

Actual good post in shit thread.

Fuck no. Let them stay were they are

Because white people that are nationalists are edgy. It will get you into trouble in real life. It is rebellious and contra-to the neoliberal social order. For some reason commies think they are still in some 19th century level of edginess - the fact is, you people are like the safe meme option that the media is trying to promote. HuffPo, Vice, Salon, icr them all, have featured articles trying to promote your reddit meme pages.

You are basically the 21st century equivalent of 90s Christian hysteria safety valve. "Look kids! Don't be a danger with that whack white nationalist stuff! Chop your dick off, get fucked in the ass in a polyamorous relationship and fight capitalism! Just look at these epic Marx memes! (that haven't been poorly copy pasted from the neo nazis you should hate)"

Swaglord has ties to the Trump administration.

I've been to Europe. It was cool, but euros are delusional thinking they're somehow better than our retarded asses in the states.


4 what?
that place is run literally by ppl who scammed their way into its ownership
avoid it like plaque just by principle


Hi Reddit!

Why do they have Putin there when every other figure with the label "other" is on the left?

Nice non-argument.

Was made by liberals, I believe, from HuffPo or something.


The SJWs claiming to be leftists really royally fucked things over.

who /sp/ here?

i still am sad about it, why the fuck did they take one of the only good boards left

i mean there was a thread filled with lefties, so for now not all hope is lost

I miss the good days of /sp/. Costanza, Kornheiser, rip lyl i crie everytim , etc.

Reminder that the mods ruined it (even though there are sometimes good threads, it's still a shadow of its former self). Also RIP lyl never 5get.


Never said otherwise, but like it or not the unaware and susceptible are a majority and you will have to deal with that reality or buy an armchair and bitch all the time about the popularity of the right or failures of the left.