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Someone explain to me why the old rich fart George Soros is the beloved right wing scapegoat who "funds communist groups" and whatnot when literally one of his crowning achievements is funding anti-communist groups in the Eastern Bloc?

Is it because he's Jewish?

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Soros funds stereotypical liberal causes, and rightist morons think liberalism is compatible with or equivalent to communism.

I'm pretty sure his name is a codeword for "jews."

Just gonna hijack the thread since the two answers were given, anyone got that "when you create a thousand year reich but it's cut short by 9982 years be a bunch of communists"

in the mind of a right winger social justice == marxism.

He spoke out against the ridiculous tax system that lets the rich get away paying nothing. He might be anti-communist but he's also anti-republican party and their take on fuck the poor capitalism. He's almost a class traitor.

Also yeah, THE JOOCE.

Soros is a shitty person, but not for the same reasons Holla Forums thinks he is.


he's about old enough to have lived through half a dozen revolutions so he has a different perspective to most porkies


wtf i love trudeau now

wtf i love trudeau now

There is literally nothing leftist about his policies.

did Soros actually want a free Palestine?

Proves that "the revolution" isnt really revolutionary at all

So, which is it? Free palestine, or the jews are ok?

Yes, but Palestinians don't want to give it up for free.

if you're one of the last marxist-leninist states in the world, you don't be a dick to your neighbors, especially IF THEY'RE IN NATO WHICH CAN INVADE YOUR ASS


No no, you misinterpreted me, Cuba's behavior was 100% good. But when the US's little bitch experiment in cultural control is trying to market itself to "revolutionaries", you have to realize that the revolution is now both neutered and trademarked

Didn't Marx himself said everything important in history happens two times, one as a tragedy and one as a farce? Post berlin-wall communism is a nostalgia-market like dixie

Globalism, Israel is an ethnostate

Gotta love your total disregard for the historical and material context that lead 20th century M-L states to become what they did.

That's why juche is the chad version of ML.

Marxism never ended tho.

Threats to the system are illegal

Free Palestine from the river to the sea.

He himself exploits those loopholes and would probably find other ones if they were closed, he's just a very resourceful porky who wants the govt to erect barriers to cripple his competitors, he's too ((stingy)) for class solidarity with his fellows bourgs and will crash everything if it means a few million more shekels for him to donate to Africa and engorge his Legacy. He probably also gets his kicks from fooling tax collectors and governments, it's a game to him.


Nice argument you got going on there

Communist Party => legal
DRM-circumventing algo => illegal

neoliberal globalism masquerades as humanitarianism, when it's all about the money. there is always a catch for these people. notice their fixation on so called 'market solutions', sometimes its blatantly exploitable like microloans, their education initiatives in africa and the inner city are all about teaching kids to code in order to create a pool of cheap labor. mass immigration originates in the destruction of the third world by capitalism, war, imperialism and neoliberalism, but the humanitarian crowd is strangely quiet on that, as they are about capitalism itself, why ignore something that's so important?

At least he got to see his favourite son take power before he died.

Now we must wait until he determines the time is right for Canada to go full ML


Communist parties are legal because of constitutional free speech and assembly, and the government doesn't want to risk the backlash of violating either of those.

DRM circumvention is illegal because of the capitalist worship of property, which in their minds extends to abstract "intellectual property".

as a communist I want a world were people are able to determinetheir own existence. I don't want an increasingly shitty capitalist world were people are exploited and used as guinea pigs for profit maximisation. that's what capitalism really is

more like bad= left wing, good = right wing


I don't care. But if he pays me for wrecking havoc I'm working over time. It's bullshit that he pays protestors but damn I fucking wish.

It would be cool if he was actually a leftist who "infiltrated" the ruling class in order to bring about socialism from the top.

I fucking wish.

wait is this shit real or is this like one of those bad antifa troll pages?

search it out for yourself if you don't find shit it's fake.

Which is pretty human and makes him better than the average porkie who pretends the system is fair or even goes so far bitching about it when someone mentions raising the taxes. If you'd knew a legal trick how to get free money from the government, would you really be able to resist not abusing it? He has the decency to make the absurdity public but it's not his fault that it exist nor that people from other side make sure it keeps existing. He openly debunks some of the capitalst memes about hard work too and admits that chance is a huge factor in his success.

He's a greedy bastard obviously but at least he doesn't pretend the system is fair or talks about "small loans" or sponsors anti science shit.

It's what his lawyers do either way. Though I bet he did get hard when crashing the pound. Which is pretty understandable, poorfags enjoy getting football bets or lotto right too.

Come on, even Marx said that these are necessary for progress. A state solution would require a functional state, which is way harder to accomplish, even with his money.

It still gives kids the opportunity to improve their lives massively and help the local economy to grow, which will in turn improve more lives and so on. A global workers revolution might be the ideal solution but it's beyond unlikely anytime soon, so Soros sponsors the more realistic alternative.

That's what unregulated capitalism really is. While capitalism in its core does encourage exploitation and disgusting, greedy behavior there are many different options and some are perfectly humane. Most options of capitalism we got now are nothing how Smith envisaged it.

Almost everyone does. It's really not as uncommon and weird as it sounds.

DRM circuvention is illegal because of the future implications of lax copyright laws

Communist parties are legal because they are the modern equivalent of d&d

Communism doesn't offer you that at all though, thats just a religious vision of it, communism offers central planning and extreme regulation of every aspect of life, its just a different way of organizing relationships between people, an organizational scheme

This guy gets it, exploitation is a possible development of any kind of system, even hippie communes suffer from it, lack of accountability and lack of self-determination is what ruins communities

You get no argument from me, it's why I'm not a member of one.

I know this is a cliche, but read a fucking book.

Then check my flag and then research the ideology that comes up. Market socialism, is the only way to realize what the likes of Smith and Ricardo envisioned the market they studied should look like. The earliest socialists, decades before Marx, supported it, John Stuart Mill supported it by the end of his life, a bunch of thinkers loved the idea.

capitalism as smith envisioned it has become impossible in a global finantialised economy.you have a multitrillion dollar military industrial warmachine that isn't going to stop anytime soon you have an increasingly asphyxiating society of control based on surveillance, debt, and the debasement of everything that is good in humanity. Your goal is to close off alternatives, to say 'this cannot be done', you want in in short to maintain the power of the capitalist class, the power that happens to be the greatest obstacle to a sustainable future and a liberated humanity.

read up on communisation theory. communism does not equal stalinism. this is a common misconception. why should the market rule every aspect of life? isn't it possible to say no to it? why should tons of grain rot on warehouses while millions starve? why deny people control over the production of their lives?

The market is not natural nor politically neutral. capitalism demands unlimited growth, unsustainable growth is inherent to the system. a feature not a bug, as is the alienation of people from the products of their labor.



Your view on capitalism seems too tainted by the American version of it, which of course is the main force just not as important as they hope it is. Scandinavian countries show that you can be capitalist without treating your population like crap, and Western European countries aren't far behind. Social market economy offers a decent balance and with leftist or at least left-leaning parties winning some elections, there is a lot potential for improvement too. Specially when EU wide laws dealing with tax evasion are implemented. (Which isn't as utopic as it sounds and almost happened before it got killed by UK)

It's simply a much more realistic way for the near future. Convincing the majority to attempt something more left leaning after they got fucked by neo-liberalism is more likely to end in success than trying to sell them a system that's completely alien to them with decades of propaganda against it.

As for the unlimited growth stuff, it's the reason why capitalism is not going to last either way, some sort of neu-feudalism or some form of communism are the most likely outcomes, just with the third world still advancing and the whole renewables stuff, there are many decades of growth ahead. If we can avoid nuclear war.


Please elaborate, I'm involved in Citizens' Climate Lobby and the founder is a guy who pioneered that so-called microloan shit. I've always been extremely suspicious.


I'm from Latin America, and I guess my view of capitalism has been tainted by french ultraleftists as well as by the misery I see everyday.

The implication of the mouse experiment on humans is unclear since they're, you know, fucking mice.

The rest only matters for the internal structures of management for a coop and the government, it has nothing to do with the way property should work, which is what's actually at the root of leftism.

And then there's the fact that the logical conclusion of what you're implying is technocracy not idealistic capitalism.

The problem with "seizing the means of production" is that in the modern world a camera and an internet connection can give you more wealth per year than 90% of the world's population sees in their lifetime

Are you gonna seize cameras too?

Say you do, you still got random individuals having the posibility to channel their subversive thoughts into thousands of persons around the world. How are you gonna address this? Also the production costs are really fucking cheap, any piggy or subversive anti-proletariat organization could create millions of fake personas and information-sources around the world with very little expense, make them fill the head of every lemming with whatever counterintuitive self-contradictory crap they want.

Im not an idealist capitalist, im just blackpilled as fuck on the implications natural laws could have on social organization. Not to mention the potential for "non-traditional-advertising"-tier political uses the new communication technologies can have. If television slaved the prole for 50+ years, wait to see what the internet can do.

If im positive of anything doe, is that if we (individuals) keep pushing right now we might give space for tools for human self-determination to develop and compete head-to-head with massive dumbing technology.

It's about seizing the means of production from people who do not occupy and use/labor them. If I make money by using my own camera and editing my own videos, I'm not exploiting anyone in the process and therefore my wealth will have been acquired legitimately.

As for your point about socialism being subverted, we could use those same tactics to maintain the system as porky does already.

Using natural laws (an extremely vague term that could refer to many things which you didn't specify) and applying it to social systems is one of those hit and miss things that will either fall within parameters or defy even the most complex mathematical models our computers can calculate. If human social systems fell perfectly into the wims of the "natural laws" (I'm assuming you're talking about them in the mathematically modeled sense) we could predict human behavior much much more accurately and economic planning would be easy instead of the famine creator it is.

Soros was part of the Anti-Communist moments in Eastern Europe that led to the coup and fall of the Soviet Union. Soros is one of the most Anti-Communist men in European history. But yeah its prob because hes Jewish…

But what about clickbait? What about user-profiling? You are exploiting human psychology to get attention, you are not providing value, you are acting like some sort of informational-war

I agree, but the point actually is "how do you even see revolution happening with this in place?"

You are almost there, if you would follow your own advise and read some books you would see this was already attempted during the computer revolution and what followed was the increasing interest on Chaos Theory; accurate prediction of stuff is completely out of our reach at least for the following couple thousand years

This is kind of white-pill for you guys doe, because it means the control measures in place to avid revolution could ultimately fail and give you power, but it also means your power would have the same endeble nature and that lack of control would lead you to comitting the same if not bigger atrocities of the system you hate specifically because of its atroticities

brain fart

When we say exploitation we're talking about a specific manifestation of it where the wealth, specifically profits, the workers make for a business are taken by its owners who do not occupy and use/labor in it. The exploitation you're talking about, which is just social manipulation, is a seperate issue entirely, unrelated to the concern of leftism. You say its not adding value, but if the people who view it are entertained I don't see why that isn't valuable, even if it is incredibly shallow.

If we want to avoid to having to resort to increasing atrocities because of unpredictable chaotic outcomes, we should craft a system which is not only demonstrably better, materially, for most people, than the previous capitalist system, but also as spontaneous and self-correcting as possible.

Im using exploit as in computer exploits

Time is money doe, every second you waste on watching them you are transfering self-profit time into someone else's profit, and you are watching them cause they exploit your brain into clicking their stuff.

Because it doesn't produce any sort of value to you, its literally like a drug, once it ends it doesn't leave you in any situation better than before

I agree, but im working under the assumption the spontaneous self-correction system is already happening and its beyond individual cognitive grasp

How do they reconcile this?

Americans are dumb.

hes a scapecoat for idiot right-wingers who believe that american liberals are communist/socialist/anarchist and also another one of "muh joos" part of the "wyatt geNOcide" conspiracy
meanwhile like mentioned he was one of the main funders of the fall of the eastern block and likely helped Yeltsin rig the elections in russia

meanwhile "that joo" was a literal SS officer who Holla Forums would love if he wasnt jewish

You're just a dumb commie who doesn't understand.

Cmon man, let tradeau say hi to his father.