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Sampling issues there

Holla Forums
White than Holla Forums
More diverse than reddit

pls go back to reddit



That might legit be the reason why they're so shitty.

You're not a real socialist until you're at least 25. Until that you're just trying to fit in at college.

~500 results
still only a 4% margin of error


by those standards 50% of this board are also 'not real socialists'

Geee I sure fit in with my apolitical and right wing co-students at the CS department.


Given the number of marketcucks and mls that's probably true.

This is exactly the case

Has Holla Forums ever done a survey?

Oh and you need to have been through at least a couple of shitty jobs

makes since because reddit is already infamous for being made up of white libertarian fedoras.
Didn't they produce the same results on the last poll?

yeah man, MoE's only work when the sample is randomly selected. This is probably self selected like most internet shit.

sectarian douchery


yes I have it right here

it says 0.2% of us are gay, and that's you dude

Everyone at college is a 'progressive' liberal in my experience.

Haha, wouldn't want to be sectarian towards the Market Socialists, comrade! After all, we can't let a little issue like whether we'll actually abolish capitalism or not divide us!


I thought those were the same thing?

Where have you been all this days ?
Cis = you identify as the gender you were born (assigned, with the official terminology) with.

it's not capitalism is there's no private ownership or capitalists.

This place is a parody of itself.

Read Marx, dumbfuck.

which of Marx's works are you referring to?

So they're the same. How can the numbers be so different then?

No. One is not being a tranny, the other is wishing to fuck the opposite sex.

He's more likely referring to a more attentive lecture of Marx, who believes that what is self-contradictory is not the bosses, but rather the firm, the mode of production itself (Commodity = you produce something purely in order to sell it).

As long as you produce something to sell it, a profit is being made, and you are by that exploited.

t. has painfully worked his way through Chapter 1 of Das Kapital

Hetero = heterosexual

what fucking college do YOU go to where everyone is a socialist? Everyone at my college is so far up their fucking ass in idpol and liberalism I can barely interact with them every since I became a leftist. There was even a club full of ancaps at one point which I had joined since I wanted to be away from the obnoxiousness of the liberals (ironically becoming an ancap made me into a communist)

Relates to people you are attracted to
Relates to who you are

Do we still have the leftypol survey somewhere?

I thought cis meant hetero. Would be easier if they just called it "not a tranny" instead of inventing words.

I don't see this as an argument against Democracy at Work just by itself though. I tend to see a lot of "Marxists" argue strongly against co-ops as if it's an idpol sin, but I just don't see how. It would be much easier to make the jump from a Mutualist society to a Communist society than from Capitalist one.

But how can you vilify the majority of the population if you dont have a short derogatory sounding word for them?

1. It really wouldn't
2. It's a Latin prefix not a made-up word

I'd say that hate that for the same reason they hate socdems : it stabilises Capitalism and would make it harder to launch a revolution, maybe.

Pretty sure it comes from fats. You have transfat and cisfat.

The various times he explains that capitalism is a mode of production which results from the existence of such things as wage labor and production for exchange, not merely because le ebil capitalists impose it from above. Workers managing their own wage labor and holding private property collectively just means they've made the capitalist superfluous for the functioning of a capitalist enterprise, not that they've changed the mode of production. Marx talks about this on multiple occasions, but for now you can try Capital Volume 3, Chapter 27, page 317.

not really. a mutualist society would be stateless and also classless. the jump to a gift economy would be as easy as a capitalist society transitioning into state capitalism.

I thought it stood for "Comfortable In Skin" or some shit

Cis and trans were first introduced in chemistry.

That's where the leftcum pulls out his GMiL cart and calls you an Utopian

No wonder they are so fucking shrill and freak out over idpol shit.

It doesn't sound like he's against it to me. Am I misreading the tone here?

why don't girl browse internet?

used in classics too! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cisalpine_Gaul

really activates your almonds

Isn't r/soc gateway stuff and full of DSA/Berniecrat normies?
More support for guns than for muh liberal values is pretty amazing. left-reddit should have their own /k/threads.

26% is pretty shitty dude

Not if you're dealing with teenage democrats.

only half of them are teenagers

This is by far the worst figure of any in this survey. How the fuck can you be unemployed and claim to be a prole?

go to gulag idpol trash


I was banned from there for saying to a queer retard that it's "abolish all men" surname was inciting me to abolish all mentally ill "queers"

honestly, if r/socialism is something i have to join. I'm not going

It's called the reserve army of labor. When a worker is denied access to work that does not make him no longer a worker. He still needs to sell his labor power to survive even if he is denied the ability to do so.

Oops we can't organize the masses or do anything because they are lumpens
t. (You)

Mods of socialist subreddits are all liberal shits who get the bullet.