Idea for fighting racism: make it illegal for white people to have sex with each other

Idea for fighting racism: make it illegal for white people to have sex with each other.



just provide people with material freedom and they'll fuck across racial lines voluntarily

class-reductionism always wins.


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Unfortunately I still find black people rather unattractive to me.

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lowering non-interracial white sex is what created neonazis in the first place you retard.

Just grew up in entirely white neighbourhood, first crushes were white, guess that forges it.

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mixing races never works

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hmmm so does anybody actually have any real criticisms of this? all i see so far is whining about Holla Forums and some typical anarchist liberal shit about 'muh rites'



Lol just like margs wrote in his "We need to kill whites" manifesto

Yes. Will unironically destroy a race withot eliminating racism. You think gooks are not racist? Do you think blacks are not? Do you think goat fuckers are not ? It's not like white are the only racists


if you're gonna do it at all it should be imposed on all races, otherwise the chinese or whoever will just become the majority

And they can be racist as fuck too.
What the fuck is this meme that whites are the only racists?

that's fair i guess. as white people hold most power in society and are responsible for most racism breeding them out has to be the number 1 priority, but you're right that we should try to prevent any racial group from gaining dominance, and in fact try to eliminate 'races' altogether

Americunts can't geography


Don't even bother, all white nations have already outlawed polygamy and are already outnumbered by non-white populations. As long as those two things remain true, it's a mathematical inevitability that humanity is headed towards a monorace.