Did SJWs drive Freddie Dubois to a mental hospital?

I noticed his twitter was gone. I miss him :(

"Shortly I will be headed to the Richmond University Medical Center to pursue intensive treatment for my mental illness. My day-to-day existence has become entirely unmanageable, and I fear for my health and safety. I do not have much of a plan at this point other than to get checked in. When I am back out I will try to decide if this project can continue. If not I will immediately suspend the Patreon, but feel free to stop your payments yourselves too. It is clear that I can never return to my old ways of engaging online, and I must leave semipublic life permanently, among many other changes. All I want is to build a quiet and simple existence where I can live and work privately without hurting myself or others. At present I have a hard time contemplating the future. I just know that my life is fundamentally broken and drastic measures are necessary to fix it.

My immediate priority is to get healthy, and to try and save my job and the health insurance that is necessary for my immediate survival. I need to try preserve whatever I have left.

I would give everything I own to be anyone other than who I am. Goodbye and thank you for everything."

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It's Deboer you idiot

No it's deBoer

Nah. He's been suffering for ages. It's true that he's been really pissed off at the left online a lot lately, and this definitely pushed him over the edge, but it's wrong to say that this or sjws was the sole reason. The guy is ill. Same for Fisher.

Fisher IS dead yo

Now's a great time to listen to his appearance on Dead Pundit Society

Yeah but it wasn't the SJWs who killed him. I mean, maybe they contributed but it's wrong to say it was all their doing.



Listening. Yea it is interesting that very few people talk about college activism from a class perspective.

One of the best episodes, I love the utter contempt in Freddie's voice when he says "the word bro is not an argument."

"You have to assume that your first purpose is to reach out to people who don't already agree. And unfortunately there's this sense among a lot of people that those who don't already agree are not worthy of being convinced. Again, there's no alternative. What's the theory of political change? Like you're going to roll your eyes so often that they finally say I guess I'm going to get on board with your program? You have to be able to articulate to people a SELF-INTERESTED reason for them to change their minds. It's not Ayn Rand stuff. That's like you have to be selfish interms of favoring your own interests against the interest of others, not what I'm talking about. But in terms of appealing to self-interests to have people join political movements, that's how it's always works. You have to be willing to go to someone who doesn't talk like you and isn't like you and might believe some really ugly shit, and you tell them this is why my program is in your best interest. Because there is not alternative."

"you can't punch a satellite, you can't punch a predator drone. You can punch the stuff that was made in a space shuttle if you want."




Who? I honestly can't keep track of all these twitter blowhards.

I've had a comrade fall as a victim of one of the SJW's Facebook shaming tribunals as well. It's really weird shit.

They are just bullies.

I hope Freddie is doing ok

In the two years I've been aware of DeBoer this might be, without any exaggeration, the fifth or sixth time I see him acting like he's having a breakdown because of some stupid online feud he started.

And I don't bother following his shit closely nowadays, but from what I saw, it seems that he just completely invented that the dude he was arguing with was accused of rape once. So he's being more of a crazy SJW than anyone else. Besides that, most of the other dramas he had were with other leftists.

So it's not about mean SJWs fucking with one of us, it's about Freddie being a complete idiot. Notice how there's virtually nobody supporting him despite how well-known he is among the Left. He has alienated everybody, made it impossible for people to stand by his side, and even the people who agree with him politically are always mocking him.

Literally who?

That's really not true

SJWs are the people who tend to falsely accusing others of rape, OP.

This guy is a gigantic drama queen.

This, can i get a Quick Rundown™ on who dis niga is?

He was furious because he was getting harassment from people who were organized against him because of his position on antifa.

He's writer and academic who is, you know, a basic run of the mill leftist, but had some relatively unique and controversial opinions on campus activism, free speech, antifa, you know some of the things a lot of people are unreasonable about. He was never that mean about his opinions, but people ganged up on him constantly in the sort of hallmark nastiness that distinguishes the self-identified SJWs

At the height of all this, he deleted all his social media and it appears had to go to a mental hospital. The fact that he isn't the first, or the 50th vulnerable person to be attacked by these leftist orthodox harassers makes this interesting to people, especially as he was considered to be one of the best examples of "alt-left" Twitter

He's one of the more famous dudes of the new american Left.

He's a smart guy, a good writer, makes decent points and would probably be a good socialist tactician if he was in a position of influence in some organization. But unfortunately, on a personal level, he is one of the most unlikable people in the entire Left. He autistically rants for entire months over small disagreements he has with the wider left-wing community, and for some reason he gets absolutely frustrated with the fact that people don't immediately switch tactics and beliefs as soon as he tells them to, which leads to many confrontations where, without exception, he makes a complete fool out of himself, which leads to the occasional drama, like this thread.

You can't have an idea of how weird he can be if you don't follow him though. He's a guy who completely can't let go of things.

I wouldn't call them orthodox leftists. They want to be perceived as orthodox leftists. But there's nothing orthodox about leftists being anti-free-speech, it's the opposite. From Marx to Engles to Trotsky.

Who is this?

Okay, just saw and

Freddie may be a socdem, but his criticism of the left is spot-on most of the time. He also just happens to have a mental illness.

I'm getting the impression that while this man has some good critiques of the contemporary Left, particularly campus activism, he also seems to be pretty unhinged. Did he literally just make all this rape shit up to attack a guy he was bickering with on twitter? Also, apparently the other guy put Freddie on a "list" of people to be harassed and attacked online? Does anyone have a link to this list?


It was a link to this article libcom.org/blog/do-marxian-academics-dream-affluent-larpers-17082017 normal critique not the hitlist these dramaqueens made it out to be.

he's not even mentioned in that article, but yes he was harassed for a long time

no, this naming and listing shit is really weird

It's a fucking polemic. He names people so he can make arguments against them, it's not a "hit list". That said, I don't know what universe Lee Fang can be considered a Marxist. And James Heartfield is a Spiked guy last time I checked, so idk why you'd lump Spiked in with Marxists, Spiked are literally Libertarians who just call themselves Leftists.

why the fuck do people still use facebook

do they even call themselves leftists anymore?

I tried to tell him that the people he circlejerks with on Twitter were the same sociopathic lifestylers he raged against. I tried to talk about him about possible treatments for depression. But he didn't listen. No one ever listens.

Not sure actually. I remember awhile back their site had a banner that read "to the Left of the Left" or "more Left then the Left", some shit like that, always used to give me a good hardy kek every time I saw it.

He just sloppily pulled together a bunch of off-hand excellent statements from people on social media - both made BEFORE Charlottesvile and a complicated topic regardless. This is textbook Call Out.

no idea how the word "excellent" got in there

No one argues that Lee Fang is a Marxist. Most leftists don't even call themselves Marxists anymore. It's a dumb way to label yourself.


In the Libcom article linked above Lee Fang is refered to as a "Marxian academic", the whole point of the article is "calling out" "Marxian academics" for attacking antifa.


Jesse Singal is getting caught up in this controversy now too

Marx wasn't the first socialist. A lot of his pre-reform ideas were pretty childish, and his latter ideas very constrained to that time period. There is a wealth of leftist and socialist history before him.

No I get that on leftypol everyone thinks that leftist history began with Marx, but there is a lot outside leftypol

Calling myself a Marxist doesn't mean I don't know about that history, but Marx pulled together so many different strands and gave us the broadest and most powerful theory

Neither one of these responses has anything to do with what you said. You claimed most Leftists don't identify as Marxists anymore. However, as you pointed out, most pre-Marxian Socialists, like Babeouf, Fourier, Blanqi, and Saint Simone were pretty naive/childish, one might even just say "Utopian". I'd say most Socialists, across the board, today, would call themselves Marxists, because most Socialists before Marx were retarded, and most Socialists after Marx have been Marxists, unless we're talking about Anarchists, but that's really it, there's Marxists, there's Anarchists, and there really isn't much else.

How do I get on this list?

If rightists tied themselves as much as we do to individual historical figures from times with much different material conditions, I'd be equally skeptical. They still do it, but less.

They in fact do it much more, because we don't worship Marx as a guru or something like they would, we study his ideas. I recommend you read E. H. Carr's great book Studies in Revolution to get a clearer idea of how these ideas have developed.

why is so much of the left this stupid, shit-eating "you can't criticize anything we do" monstrosity. The left hasn't even politically existed in the US for almost a century, and yet we still have the same fucking people that ruined every leftist movement ever.

And another thing. Of course Marxists know there were Marxists before Marx, most of Marx's work is refuting and critiquing earlier Socialists. I literally just finished reading Kołakowski's Main Currents in Marxism. You think I'm a Marxist because I don't know history? I'm a Marxist because not a single Socialist before or since Marx has been able to put forward a theory of Socialism as solid airtight as Marx did.

Well you do but just say it's an updated version of Marxism, when in fact your policy has almost nothing to do with Marxism. Stageism makes no sense.

Unless I'm misunderstanding your usage, stageism is a totally different issue. You're saying Marxists depart too much from Marx (by adopting Lenin's theory of imperialism), so then how does this relate to your original criticism of tying ourselves too closely to Marx?

in name and general fetishism of image, not like prescription

Marx barely wrote anything about socialism.

I need to buy her books.

You got word filtered, friendo.

My favorite filter: "rac.e war" turns into "nazi masturbation fantasy"

Just listen to all her podcast appearances and read all her essays and you'll get the idea.

Can we fuck their shit up in anyway?

This is fucked up just in its framing. There isn't any reason to drag these people through the mud in public like that. It'd be more productive to critique them to their face (or DM), and at worst just write an article to the left elucidating your points on why they are wrong.

But this casual "hey, these people are problems!" kind of shit just looks menacing.

As an aside though, judging from what malcom wrote recently, when Freddie had his meltdown he might have falsely accused him of rape. It seems possible Freddie did this, since he is unstable and clearly has had breakdowns resulting in anti-social behavior before. Dude just needs help though.

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it begins

You could have prevented this, user.

don't worry, #WeGotThis 😎🌈💕

I hope it's really you 😍

Half of Marx's writings are polemics against earlier/contmporary Socialists. Polemics against Proudhon, Stirner, the Utopian Socialists, Bakunin, Lassalle. I'm not implying he wrote out a "blue print", quite the opposite, but while he refused to map out what Socialism would look like he wrote extensively about what it would not look like.

Meant to say "Socialists before Marx", lel

You don't suddenly get a crippling depression because SJW's bully you online. Dude is fighting something older and deeper.


Do we really need one person in the nuthouse to prove that SJW's divide the proletariat and should be beaten to a thin pulp just as surely as the Neo-Nazis?

Here's the full blogpost:
The list is just a summary at the end, it has actual content too.

"LARP" is truly the worst meme of our era.

I want to cut off your scrotum and smash your testicles in a pestle and mortar

The libcom guy is an anarcho-liberal shithead.


SJW Feminists are screaming at Glenn Greenwald now about a fake rape allegation. This is crazy for many different reasons.

he has "lib" in the name of his fucking website lol

this is the best summary of freddie in this thread. it's unfortunate that he's basically swallowed the liberal ideology of "free speech" unflinchingly and a lot of his much shittier defenders like angela nagle have done the same. his criticisms of trends in new american leftism are absolutely spot on, and really are not that different from your average grumpy tankie complaining of lifestylism.

he also discusses psychological research in a principled manner that isn't retarded nazi ideology.

He's pretty thoughtful.