Why do white leftists have higher lQ's then white rightists?

Why do white leftists have higher lQ's then white rightists?

stupid question
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Because leftism requires you to be aware of the zeitgeist of the modern condition, unlike rightism, which only requires you to take spooked anecdotal experiences and somehow legitimize them into a political movement.

Because we read books and engage in nihilistic hedonism while they do meth and dream of a tradwife(male).

“And that is what one does, and has always done, within every prevailing morality and religion: the reasons and intents behind habits are invented only when some people start attacking the habits and asking for reasons and intents. Here we have the great dishonesty of conservatives of all times -they are the add-on-liars”

Well the right still have book burnings…

Because it takes actual intelligence to break through the mass propaganda you have been fed your entire life by all of society. Being a rightest is just going with the status quo.

Beccause leftist have more books.


source on that image?

There's a million studies about people on the left tending to be smarter and more neurotic, and the right being more motivated by base emotions like fear. Check Pubmed.

That's not true though, perhaps than your average conservative, but libertarians are quite smarter than your average leftists even if their economic theories are totally crazy.


because I.Q.correlates to altruism

This isn't true tho, libertarians are good at math and basic economics, but they're not good at large concepts, basic reasoning or advanced economics.


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95% of people are retarded and can't into politics, so this is irrelevant

try again

Because a decent portion of Autism Level tests ask more academic questions, and academics are mainly leftist.

I think moderates have the highest Autism Levels because they arent pandered to one ideology and are open to other ideas.

because they read


Because higher Autism Level = more cash
More cash = you can do more dreamy/unrealistic stuff like leftism



Probably because they grow up in high trust environments. A low trust environment predicts both lower Autism Level and social conservatism.

Communism is the ideology of the midwit, smart enough to see the ruling memeplex is wrong, dumb enough to believe in communism

gotta get the fundamentals

got em

The few studies about it always test liberals and coservative, i don't know any study that tested ideologies outside the burger political paradigm.

how does a low trust environment make you less autistic?

i doubt most people are aware that there even are more political ideologies, and if they do they probably believe that they all boil down to liberalism or conservatism