Find A Monument and Smashy Smashy

First fuck every single one of you who think this is an IDPOL post. This is a smashy smashy advocacy post. The best thing to smash right now are symbols of white identity politics because it makes Holla Forums cry so hard. So get out there and smash shit.

This site has every single monument in a map. Find the closest one to you and do some good. But most important, have fun.

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t. totally not FBI

The problem with that is it's in the town square and there were cops and security cameras everywhere even before the "muh rayshul purity" hog-fuckers filtered in from the hills with automatic rifles to stand around posing with the damn thing.

As amazingly lulzy as it would be to the current political situation to attack the statue with a blowtorch and a sledge and get completely ventilated by the type of folks who think Alex Jones a sharp guy, I'm simply too afraid of dying to sacrifice myself for "the cause".

So no, and furthermore, fuck off.

You're a fucking retard. Confederate monuments are irrelevant.

Q for Americans: how many confederates are there really? Aren't your racists more Hitler-esque?

who cares about what Holla Forums feels? this is pure resentment and Holla Forums feeds off resentment. 90% of american politics is empty performative displays meant to somehow spite/ aggrieve 'the enemy'

There's a lot in the south, most currently aren't lynching blacks but they certainly do not like anyone who isn't a white protestant.

Come on FBI.

Most confederate sympathizers are just southerners who want to feel like we weren't the bad guys somehow because it suck being the bad guy and they want to be proud.

Smashy smashy is undialectical but it amuses me to see the butthurt it causes.

FBI must be letting interns do this shit now.

It's kind of a weird situation, because they won't self identify as "confederates", they just call themselves "real Americans". But they're all over the South, and their bigotry is far more passive-aggressive than straight up nazism.
And while most of the left loves to speculate that everyone who flies a confederate flag is a nigger-hating goose-stepping nazi in private, the truth is they probably never even really stopped to consider the connotations. To them it's just a symbol of a united South, a symbol of all the parts of their society that they like.

In their minds, the Left is comprised entirely of fart-sniffing university professors, white-collar criminals, and the atheist kids who have been brainwashed by the aforementioned. And to them, the Confederate Flag is representative of the "real life" of simple living and good times, free of any burden to being classy.

Are they also racist? Yeah, but more out of a lack of exposure to other groups and getting their global world view from fox news than any genuine belief in their own racial supremacy. They tend to wind up turning back on their views after you actually sit them down and force them to interact with normal, friendly brown people.

They're everywhere. My highschool history teacher even unironically called it The War of Northern Aggression, taught us southern slaves were better treated than free labor in the north, that is was actually African's fault for creating slaves, and that the war had nothing to do with slavery and was about state's rights. This isn't even an uncommon history lesson in the south. I also can't go outside without seeing several Confederate flags.

so dipshits, a bunch of fucking dipshits who are butthurt because they CHOSE to associate their identity with what is technically a foreign state based on slavery.

Both smashie and idpol:
✔️ focus on individualism;
✔️ frowns upon collective discipline;
✔️ lack completely strategic planning;
✔️ functions more like a subculture than an actual political project;
✔️ harbors obscene enjoyment.

They are absolutely butthurt dipshits, but to be fair, they didn't choose. It's something that was thrust upon them by their forefathers and has become more a feature of the landscape than a political movement.

I won't be doing this, but if I were to do it, I'd do it in a Ron Paul 2012 t-shirt wearing the American Flag as a cape.


Get out

Will you be smashing the Confederate Memorial in Arlington?

I've always wondered if it was more about mourning the dead. It wasn't just the Union who went through horrors in that war.

Mourning their lost potential as a relevant population maybe.

Ok, let me rephrase what has been said. Both smashie and idpol people are:
✔️ in for it for personal reasons and don't give a shit about others;
✔️ despise any kind of devotion and fear responsibility;
✔️ lacking a real cause, so they don't have to plan shit, think about the future;
✔️ thinking about themselves as being "in IT", the next shit you can't miss out on.
✔️ bound together by a kind of honor code: "I get to piss on whyte males/I get to light cars up, and so can you, so we keep our little organization going."

I don't want to spoil it for you but you've already outed yourself as a moron for paying attention to closeted nazi rube.


As an edgy redditor, I doubt you have ever mourned for family you never knew.


t. Langley

Please do it burgers. I want to see the flames of the culture war stoked.

do you wantings of buy some illegal memes with the 2 rubles that are of deposits in your account for correcting records?




Lifestylist kiddie

what is the dialectically correct way to respond to the current situation?

instead of getting mad at people getting mad about the wrong thing, get mad at things that actually matter, like firings, foreclosures, exercises of retributive """"justice"""", potentially productive buildings lying vacant because porky needs his cut of rent, shit like that

direct assault against capitalism. fascism is inherent to capitalism: it is capitalism collapsing under its own weight. American leftists in particular tend to see fascism as some sort of individual sin, I blame the legacy of the calvinist puritans.


i dont bother much with fascism in north america cause i dont want to clean up capitalism




In what way would that slow someone down, if they were chasing you?

Like just step over the trashcan man.

or maybe that would be insubordination, who knows.

While there are some people who do harbor sympathetic attitudes to the CSA, most only do so out of a vauge resentment to the North Historically for somwhat justifiable reasons as well i.e. industrial monopolists. Those who pose even a marginal threat to anyone (KKK, white supremacists groups, etc.) only number about 80,000 tops nationwide, so less then a percent of 323.1 million.

For those interested in peoples opinions on statue removal, there was a Marist poll done inb4 >Using Marist poll

Pretty fucking spooky there kiddo

Anyone who is against smashy smashy is either a fucking liberal, tankie, or an old leftist who can't do anything other than complain about the kids these days.

this is a perfect metaphor for the state of USA in 2017. obsessed with erasing memories of the remote past, can't see the real threat looming ahead of it, the very real possibility of catastrophe that is always inherent in technological society.

The Georgia Guidestones were probably commissioned by Ted Turner himself.

We do not destroy with wrath, we kill with laughter. Thus spake Zarathustra.

Welp, looks like I'll be reporting this to the FBI.

I've got nothing against them taking the statues down, I just don't want people to think it means much and stop pushing against the right wing

Whether you're a falseflaging Holla Forumsyp or an actual SJW BLM/Antifaggot, you need to leave.


The Christians are already vandalizing that shit on the reg. Why would we help the fundies?

I think I'm starting to understand the leftcoms

hey have you ever thought maybe the fundies are right with that endtimes depopulation antichrist stuff? this ship is not gonna stay afloat forever. people are (rightfully) paranoid. There is more reality in David Icke's lectures than in all the saccharine world of the approved spectacle. things are objectively collapsing, healthcare, society itself, our whole economy is a sham, one giant bubble engineered by the federal reserve. ecological catastrophe is looming. Sillicon Valley wants to implement a totalitarian society of control. just look at their plans for the education system. remember fundies are not the real enemy. aren't they right isn't capitalism really satanic?(they might not call it capitalism, but on a primal level, they understand it better than you and me)

All these jerk-offs prove what a waste of space most Holla Forumsers are. They don't really care about anything and practice zero praxis. Instead they spend most of their time cleaning cum from their keyboards.

I've been vandalizing these monuments for a while now and I can attest to the benefits. This topic is a flash point to r adicalize folk. Especially POC. Liberals who were once licking Obama's nut-sack are now engaging in property destruction. As we all know property destruction has the benefit of radicalizing people. Organizing against the state has the benefit of liberating people from the belief that they must follow the law.

All these edgy know-it-alls in this post shitting on monument vandalism probably haven't done shit in their life. Fuck every single one of them.

Ha. No. Just no.

Read this. i don't want to be at the mercy of tech liberal fuckwits

The Confederate Constitution is objectively superior to the US Constitution. If you omit the bits about slavery and repackaged it as proposed amendments you'd have some really popular proposals.
And get this, the Confederacy had excess profit taxes, the Wilson administration adopted it during WWI and it worked great.

in comparison dummy

Bourgeoisie nonsense.


It's fine if you don't want to, just don't snitch on anyone that does.

This is a bald faced lie. The rebel flag wasn't the confederate flag, and the rebel flag was only used by a handful of units.
There are plenty of asspects of southern culture that don't involve slavers. It's a thinly valued appeal to white supremacy, which is why neo Nazis were trying to defend them.


Stopped reading there.

inb4 Holla Forums or whoever puts in WWII monuments and idiot smashies film themselves tearing one down without double checking what it's for

The Georgia guidestones are LARPing bullshit, but I don't see how this applies. It seems like an obvious attempt to leave a message for a post-collapse world. The use of modern languages and dumb sentiments is probably just the product of a narrow worldview. This is exactly the kind of vanity project some rich idiot would engage in.

Do you people actually believe taking down statues nobody gave two shits about before you showed up will actually help bring about socialism, or are your priorities actually that hopelessly skewed?

these things help create visibility for the left. It was good while it lasted, now lets use the media capital in order to actually build socialism.

There is literally nothing wrong with the message of the Georgia Guidestones, except for the fact that it doesn't advocate world government and supports the continued existence of nation states. If you're one of the "depopulation" types, you do realize the population can be reduced to that level surprisingly quickly without killing billions, right?

how about no
not even leftypol is this retarded to fall for this.

Fuck off. Destroying historical artifacts isn't good it's what ISIS does. Just have them removed from government public display.

Without the nuclear war, the ayylmao's will not appear.

I prefer white identity politics over black identity politics, so no thanks.


Are your priorities so myopic you can't see how important it is to seize every moment to radicalize the proletariate? You can plan with liberals about monument destruction and hand them the bread book. You can organize against white supremacy and at the same time radicalize folk. I've been doing this now since Trump was elected and it's been very effective. Maybe you haven't done shit with the opportunity given to us but I have.

I'll add on to this

You mean radicalizing SJWs and BLM? Because that's what you will ever get like that.

literally who cares about statues or pol?

More fucking do-nothing liberals.

It's likely they are just edgy teen nihilists.

If you don't support militant action it really doesn't matter what you "identify as" as a leftist, because your beliefs mean nothing, because you won't put them into action. Ergo, you are a liberal supporting the status qup with your tacit consent. Really that simple

It was her turn!!!!!!

Of course I support militant action. Your comment should be directed at these trolls bitching about direct action advocacy. They are the ones too cowardly and too fat/lazy to commit to any action outside of faping to hentai.

The fact that all you focused on was "POC" demonstrates how worthless you are in any revolutionary sense. What a sad life you must live.

It's the quickest way to spot some whiny faggot redditor.

Smashing statues is also "do-nothing", slavery is already abolished, what's the point?

Smashing statues is not a not a socialist militant action, especially if you you only smash slave owners statues, it's just anti-slavery, I'm sure a lot of liberals SJW and BLM militants would approve this, why don't you also crush yankees statues like Lincoln?


Hello, reddit!

The struggle against racism is bringing people to communism, we need to participate in it fully

why because you say so?
pol tier bollocks, the conditions left behind by slavery still exist. Incase you hadn't noticed thats why the black working class looks like it does, faggot.
ever here of wage slavery you daft arsehole?The left is fundamentally anti slavery. Drink bleach

Because yankee statues are not currently the focus of rage by young engaged proletariates.

the fact that you don't support even tame activism shows you would be nowhere to be found in actual revolutionary situation

Again who says I don't support "tame activism." You got a lot of projection problems there buddy.

Couldn't agree more. Fuck doing things by the book and begging a mayor or city council to take a statue down, Bart Simpson that shit and do it yourself in the middle of the night. Even if you can't take it all down in one go at least fuck it up to the point where it's an eyesore and the local government decides to take it down anyways. You can do this by spray paining plaques, toppling statues or taking a sledge hammer to monuments. People commit Banksy-tier acts of vandalism everyday so they might as well get a bit more political with it.

A lot of people taking down these statues view themselves as socialist. This movement is already taking off, the only question is whether you are going to participate and have your voice heard by these young leftists. We neglect them and they might not progress beyond SJW ideas.

This is probably the least effective way of doing it. As our angry ledditor friend pointed out, doing it when there's a crowd is good for radicalising people.
It also directly challenges the authority of the state in front of a lot of people, a point that was either not made or I missed.

Because the whole controversy is not about socialism/capitalism, it's about slavery like the South and the first anglo-americans praticed it.

So why do you only target this historic type of slavery? Why don't you smash capitalists statues as well?

That's what I said but you did not explained why.

Banksy hasn't been relevant for years.

"If we are asking the workers to desert the anti-fascist movements it isn’t because we deny the necessity of responding to the cowardly violence of fascism, but because we believe that the latter’s real power resides not in its thuggish ‘squads’ but in the real and continuous protection which democracy and the alliance of all the bourgeois fractions are prepared to give it. The proletariat doesn’t have the option of “choosing” between democracy and fascism because they are the same thing: fascism is the unscrupulous and extra-legal armed wing of democracy, and democracy is the “velvet glove” of fascism."

The reason why Lincoln or Yankee statues are not the focus of hate is because slack jawed nazis, fascists, and neo-Confederate are not marching to defend them. These overt racists are the ultimate heel. They are doing the work of organizing young proletariate for us. Overt acts of civil disobedience, property destruction, and confronting nazis is radicalizing. All we need to do is be there to ensure that they indeed radicalize and are not tainted by liberals.

Bordiga and his acolytes suck so much ass.

So this is just an opposition to far-right idpols, nothing about building a socialist movement.

They are not organizing young proletariate as proletariate, they are organizing them as anti-racists or antifa-militants at best.

So again, you think being anti slavery is not fundamentally leftist?
ridiculous whattaboutism, in case you hadn't noticed, slave owners were very definitely capitalists, they owned literal human capital. You honestly don't have the first clue what you are on about do you? Why aren't you smashing capitalist statues? Have you ever done this? Well why not? While we are at it, have you ever done anything your life that even close to opposes the capitalist state? No, WELL WHY NOT HUH?

into the trash it goes. I will repeat again, why would I listen to an Italian Communist on fighting fascism when they categorically failed to do so in any capacity?

more myopic anarkiddies that can't see past his nose

Quite Literally the young proletariate are organizing against racists. That's a fact. The left needs to take this moment to radicalize that nascent organization into a powerful left force. If we let this moment pass us by it'll be just like the anti-war movement all over again.

and again, provide me with a party that opposes capitalism at its root in order to get rid of facsim and has any kind of popularity or relevance and I will join it, but there is not one. You faggots EVERY TIME act like antifa is terrible because they aren't the bolshevik party, but in most places there is no an alternative. Its like you actually want them to go completely unopposed, because without antifa, that is what will happen in 95% of cases.

OH SHIT! Shots fired. Bordiga cultists are gonna try and get this thread shutdown now.

shots fucking fired

Visitor from the overboard here: What the fuck lefties?

Your building an anti-slavery movement at best, and participating in long dead distractions at worst. You throwing "anti-slavery" up on a pedestal which ensures that any future actions committed won't have the workers at heart but a negative, something the capitalist system is more than happy to endorse.

"In a time of verbal inflation, “fascism” is just a buzz word used by leftists to demonstrate their radicalism. But its use indicates both a confusion and a theoretical concession to the State and to Capital. The essence of antifascism consists of struggling against fascism while supporting democracy; in other words, of struggling not for the destruction of capitalism, but to force capitalism to renounce its totalitarian form. Socialism being identified with total democracy, and capitalism with the growth of fascism, the opposition proletariat/Capital, communism/wage labour, proletariat/State, is shunted aside in favour Of the opposition “democracy”/”Fascism”, presented as the quintessence of the revolutionary perspective."
"Anti-fascism" means nothing and taken to its logical conclusions leads to defense of liberal democracy, the goal is to smash liberal democracy before fascism takes any concrete form.

you probably don't belong here. Go back to reading underaged hobbit hentai.

Why do leftcoms utterly lack any kind of nuance?

and FFS leftism IS an antri slavery movement, it focuses on the abolition of wage slavery. Stop dancing around it.

and again skipping over the point in hand, which I have already made, but you are too retarded to read so I will repeat myself by simply copy and pasting my reply again

You guys really need to interact with a group of something other than your college circlejerks.

kill yourself snowflake

List of famous Leftists against antifa:

Zizek, a literal liberal who campaigned for parliament as a liberal democrat
Chomsky, a Hillary Supporting crypto liberal.

Do you see the pattern here you pathetic, liberal press pandering monogoloid retards?

People are probably more likely to oppose it within college circles, ask any cunt from the hood what they think about ripping down a slave owners statue, they will either be all for it or not give a fuck in the slightest.

hey Holla Forums whatcyha doin?

this site seems pretty radical

no sure why everyone here is be attacking this as a liberal thing

typical mls calling everything they can't control liberalism

You realise that not only does pretty much 99% of the capitalist elite despise Holla Forums types, but even the radically right wing/conservative part of the capitalist elite (a tiny minority) sees Holla Forums types as nothing more than useful idiots to be discarded when no longer useful. I love how much importance fascists and communists place on being each other's mortal enemies, meanwhile liberal capitalism laughs at you irrelevant little peasants beating each other up and getting arrested. I'm not saying you guys should be friends, since obviously you are ideological opposites. Rather I'm simply pointing out how little you guys acheive with all this brawling. Holla Forums pretty much has everything to lose and nothing to gain from marching, objectively speaking this Unite The Right thing has been nothing but a fiasco for them. Holla Forums wins, but it's sort of like winning some cheap toy at a fair. It doesn't really benefit you in a significant way.

Yes because anti-slavery (in the colonial/dixie definition) is also a liberal thing, just look at the Yankees during the Civil War or liberals nowadays, they have an absolute hate for slavery but they still love capitalism.

Non slave owners were capitalists too.

Because you won't do shit by smashing statues, slavery was not abolished because some statues were smashed, slavery was abolished because Yankees did go to war against the South.

poor retarded nazbol

I agree fellow leftists. Statues are a symbol of capitalism, smash!
Your current idea on "fascism" poses no current threat other then that given to it by capital. Small groups you combat around the country are a negligible threat to the very real and looming threat capital and the bourgeoisie pose. Not once has an antifascism movement by itself ever actually stopped fascism.

Outwith your snowflake defition, leftism is against slavery, no you don't have to be a leftist to be against slavery, but leftism is inherently against slavery. You are really trying very hard to deny that.

So what?
well then why do you suggest I smash capitalist statues? No, it wasn't, but property damage did play part on both sides of the war, its a pretty well used and effective tactic. In fact, the entire thing kicked off with an act of property damage

Seriously whoever uses POC deserves to be gulag. I wouldn't even accept an apology for it. It's the most vile and dehumanizing piece of shit term ever invented.

No one is saying that it has. But you would have to be a blind idiot not to see the potential for radicalization with all these disaffected liberals organizing in left circles.

haven't even given you an idea of what my idea of fascism is. Make a point in your own words. The small groups I combat have assaulted and attack personally friends of mine, they are a growing and well organised threat. Our main goal is to stop them growing and gaining more members. I like how you pretend you aren't on board with antifa because they don't pose a threat to capital and the bourg but you think we are going to somehow get to the stage of being a threat to them without putting the hours in on the grassroots, organising around communities etc. I REPEAT YET AGAIN

This is how i know you are all internet posers with no real interest in revolution, because you haven't sat and thought it about, clearly. The thought process "how will the revolution come about and what can I do to speed it along" has not occurred to you. Revolutionary movements don't spring out the ground, activist structures don't just pop up with the suffering reaches critical mass, they have to be built over time and prepare. Right now the group I am part of is aware that there is likely to be another market crash, we are therefore preparing and organising survival programs and self defence, for the immediate, but also for when things gets worse. It is my personal hope that from this I will be able to put together a more ideological and radical leftist party. As it stands the best to work with in my area, in terms of people willing to be militant, and not just a bunch of student hobbyist trots, ludicrous, out of the real world MLS, or larping anarkids who don't even support Rojava (i know) Antifa are actually the closest to a revolutionary group around in my area.

Most are against it or apathetic, I actually work in a trade and most of my co-workers either find themselves in either of those two camps with the only few being for it saying "If the town doesn't want it, I guess its fine". A marist poll finds it a similar way inb4 marist poll

I don't agree with them either.

I’d rather try to do something useful like promoting unions. Who cares about Confederate moments.

but you don't do you. Also trade unions are dying/have died

America is not a nationstate. It’s a multinational empire. Dixie is just one of the nations inside it.

Yes the left is anti-slavery but anti-slavery is not exclusive to the left.

Because if you want to waste your time, I prefer you to smash capitalists statues because capitalism it's the hegemonic oppressive system nowadays, why do you care more about slavery that has been abolished centuries ago?

More or less impossible under capitalism, its an inevitability under it
I understand now

It's time to bring them back then

I forgot to turn off troll flag tbh, nazbol is dumb lol

For what? Destroying statues? Taking them down's just a fun way to create right-wing tears, not start a class war.

its really not impossible+ when we broke it up it turned public opinion against them. Maybe its because where I'm from is pretty left wing anyway (left wing part of a mostly centre left voting country) , other than that we uncovered a bunch of dirt about them a fed it to the press. What you don't here about in the news im sure many of these groups get up to also

read my post i said this explicitly
I don't care more, I just don't say one is wholly bad because it isn't the other better option. In my opinion we should tear down the entirety of capitalist society. I would have thought that would be a popular opinion in these parts of all places.

perhaps it is time we understood that the material conditions which birthed the traditional trade union are gone or going and we need to explore other forms of organisation. What good will trade unions be when the robots or the workers? That point is exaggerated in the present but it is something to think about. Also work right now has been degraded so that organisation is difficult, things like uber and so on people can just sign up to and never meet their colleagues etc.

suck a cock, they are talking about radicalizing people through organizing. do you not know how to read?

Texas Penal Code:
(a) A person commits an offense if, without the effective consent of the owner:
(1) he intentionally or knowingly damages or destroys the tangible property of the owner;
(2) he intentionally or knowingly tampers with the tangible property of the owner and causes pecuniary loss or substantial inconvenience to the owner or a third person; or
(3) he intentionally or knowingly makes markings, including inscriptions, slogans, drawings, or paintings, on the tangible property of the owner.
Texas Penal Code Chapter 9, which are the laws concerning the use of force and deadly force to protect yourself, someone else, your property, or someone else’s property (could be state, county or municipal property (the peoples). In Chapter 9 under defense of property it says:
A person is justified in using force or deadly force against another to protect land or tangible, movable property of a third person if, under the circumstances as he reasonably believes them to be, the actor would be justified under Section 9.41 or 9.42 in using force or deadly force to protect his own land or property and:
(1) the actor reasonably believes the unlawful interference constitutes attempted or consummated theft of or criminal mischief to the tangible, movable property;
(a) A person in lawful possession of land or tangible, movable property is justified in using force against another when and to the degree the actor reasonably believes the force is immediately necessary to prevent or terminate the other’s trespass on the land or unlawful interference with the property (Criminal Mischief is unlawful interference with property).
A person is justified in using deadly force against another to protect land or tangible, movable property:
(2) when and to the degree he reasonably believes the deadly force is immediately necessary:
(A) to prevent the other’s imminent commission of arson, burglary, robbery, aggravated robbery, theft during the nighttime, or criminal mischief during the nighttime (Night time is 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise).