Why even be a socialist when it's so much simpler for me to just attend to some enterprising seminars and start a...

Why even be a socialist when it's so much simpler for me to just attend to some enterprising seminars and start a business instead, take on freelance work directly from clients, work at home and forever escape the fate of being a 9-5 wagecuck?

I am not asking this to provoke Holla Forums userbase, but because I have yet to understand why does Holla Forums not want me to become the most successful version of myself, when I have only one life to live, and I could use the money I earn to fund all these left-wing causes?


Unironically asking here, what does Stirner has to say about engaging in capitalism from this left-wing-nihilist kinda perspective?

oh shit is that what we should do? pack it in guise, time to start businesses with no money or collateral in the midst of an economy that's been complete dogshit for over a decade

Top lel. Go do that, dipshit. Try to get the loans you need. Then, if you are one of the rare few who do, work for decades trying to pay them back. And then, if you manage to be one of the tiny fraction of entrepreneuers who do not go bankrupt before you loans are payed back, enjoy competing with gigantic established corporations for the same market.

1. capitalism is a system which depends on the existence of a mass of wage earners. this is an inescapable fact. while almost any*one* can can escape, almost everyone can't.
2. society can't subsist on freelance contractors and even if it could many people don't want to live doing that line of work either

its basically lifestylism and while you're free to strive for that sort of life, socialists seek to abolish what constrains us all from living a freer life without wagecuckery altogether.

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It's not really about the money, but networking and skills you can provide. For example, I intend to take on some freelance graphic design jobs, shipping out bills for prospective clients and earn some cash. Why the fuck not, because I exploit someone in the process? Fuck that shit, I don't even live in the first world country to begin with (east euro).

It sounds good and all, and I would not mind to join some kind of socialist book club, but I feel that there is no revolutions around the corner, so might as well get comfy to do with what I can. I lurk Holla Forums and post here to do what I can to help you guys, but it really isn't 19th century anymore where loads of factory workers are on the verge of rising up or something.

If you've got the brains then you can do it.LOW Autism Level weakling lefties need not apply.You can just complain that changing the world is utterly impossible because of ugly capitalism :🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧(( all day long instead.Yea.Keep doing that.

oh yeah and shit Lenin wrote is totally relevant today

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if you're lucky enough to have one near you, join it, if not, make one.
Its worth pointing out that neither did Lenin, he thought there would be no revolution in russia within his lifetime or that of anyone in the party at the time. right now the world is looking rather unstable and has been becoming more so faster ever since 2008. The peace of liberal triumphalism following the defeat of the eastern block is over and things are developing quickly, there's no sense predicting revolutions but i think its silly to put revolution off as some far off thing, it may well be around the corner.
but there are millions of workers in the west who increasingly live an intolerable existence as social democracy withers away and their job security, ability to own a home and ability to maintain a family are all taken away as well as millions more factory workers in the 'developing' countries in such conditions of slavery. There is much more a proletariat in the world today than in 1917, if the that revolution had the possibility of taking the world, one today has that certainty.

Go do it then.

Capitalism will contradict itself into oblivion. Start your business OP, do what you must for yourself.

OP here, I like your response, and I'd like to think you are right, but it's just that I think that people reading socialist literature this day and age are not the ones who will ever seriously contemplate any kind of revolution at all. Besides that, I don't even know how it would look like in a first world country to try and have an attempt at socialist takeover.

thanks for reassurance, even if I join the "forces of evil", I'll keep lurking this board still and try to minimize the suffering of forces subordinate to my operations

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Freelancing is still working for a boss. Also graphic design is such a hilariously saturated field that you will be lucky to get DeviantArt commissions.

Why not both? I'm starting what is in essence a "cooperative" with some friends at the moment. Just because you don't want to be a wage slave anymore doesn't mean you have to stop supporting that abolishment of capitalism.

Nihilism is the way to go if you want to be comfy. Don't care about politics, the revolution or anything. Just sit back and watch as the world burns because your involvement would be meaningless among the masses and fighting for the greater good is spooky.

I would say Fallibilism and Pyrrhonism are even better.

I see that we have another philosophical midget to add to our ranks. Any leftist worth their salt knows that socialism isn't about changing the conditions between workers and capitalists. It is about removing these conditions altogether. The continuation of the commodification of human labor is not what people should strive for, not even from a so called egoist perspective. But go ahead, enjoy your money, and soon you will see that even with a decent income you won't feel fulfilled, while your labor is being estranged for the sake of capital accumulation.

that's amazing btw


If you're a freelance worker you're basically a one-man contracting coop.

Why even be a socialist when it's so much simpler for me to just buy lottery tickets and forever escape the fate of being a 9-5 wagecuck?

I am not asking this to provoke Holla Forums userbase, but because I have yet to understand why does Holla Forums not want me to become the most successful version of myself, when I have only one life to live, and I could use the money I earn to fund all these left-wing causes?

Gee, I dunno?

Yeah we will all own freelance businesses, and since we all own our own labor, some of us freelancers will freelance for other freelancers, and they will hire more free lancers, taking a cut of the money the freelancers produce…
Oh shit, nothing changed you silly faggot. This stuff didn't get me confused when I was a liberal even.

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OP here

How come? I can decide which jobs I take and which ones I don't.

This one really made me think. It really is indeed an oversaturated field. You can't even possibly begin to fucking imagine the extent of competition on this field. Lucky for me, there exists a high demand for GOOD graphic design, and you can put a high price tag to it, while everyone and their mothers are already doing those "I'll make you a logo for five dollars" gigs.

How would you go about establishing a co-operative? Sounds interesting. I'd unironically like to read resources on this at some point.

Are you talking about outsourcing some of your overflow work to small-time freelancers? Because in that case, somebody just got in on a bit of a job and getting paid without dealing with the client BS.

How do you really think you're about to go at changing the conditions when everyone is so spooked on communism these days? There is truth to saying that Hitler got to power because nobody compared him to Hitler. I mean, good luck at your endeavours, but seems like a tall order to me.


Because I can say "fuck you" to the jobs I don't like, unlike regular wage slavery where I get my pay taken if I refuse the job I don't like on the site.

Oh, yes I can. My brother is a graphics designer. He lives with our mother. He's 39.

Ha! Good luck with that. Tell Mom not to change your room too much.

Not if you want to pay the bills you can't. The greatest lie told by capitalists is that waged laborers have a choice.

Why are you antagonizing me? I am not even a freelancer at the moment, I work full-time in-house as graphics designer. I am just entertaining a thought of freelance so I can put more money aside on an event I move to a higher-paying job in a bigger city in case I need to make some initial payments to move.

What do I have got to do with your brother at all? I don't know his life circumstances, or why does he still live at parents. He might have practical reasons to do so, or it's only temporary, or maybe he is indeed a borderline NEET out of mental problems.

8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. A whopping 80% crash and burn. 96% of businesses in the US fail within the first 10 years. Don't waste your time, stupid faggot. Learn what Individual Reclaimation & illegalism are.

'The most successful version of yourself' is only going to be determined by how well you realized your own desires, there is no you outside of yourself against which to contextualize levels of success except by your own subjective imagination. Live for your desires.

Working from home is more expensive than you think if you're an Amerishart. Try getting health insurance as a freelancer.

Because it still fucking sucks. The odds are still stacked against you. About as much as going the wage slave route.
I am a self-employed programmer. I don't do freelance work. I make enough to eat, live under a small roof, have electricity and internet, and maintain a car. I thought I too could circumvent the system but nope. I may not be a 9-5 wage slave but I probably work 60+ hours a week to barely get a working class wage.
If it wasn't for the fact that I have a near autismal hatred of working under a boss, I'd drop this shit and just take the 9-5 cubicle job. I'd be able to work less and make more money. If anything this whole experience just reinforced my views that socialism is the only answer.

Lucky for me, I'm not a burger, but even at that, I would have to pay a little extra for health insurance if I didn't have a full-time job atm.

Good post.

I'm sorry, sounds bad when you say you work +60 hours but only earn enough to just get by. Sounds like something has gone terribly wrong in the process. Is your line of programming work undervalued, the market oversaturated or do you pay too much in taxes?