Can cyberpunk dystopias exist under communism?

Can cyberpunk dystopias exist under communism?


Cyberpunk to me is the very final stages of late stage capitalism, it's not a desirable end goal in and of itself.

I'll take it over anything we have had so far

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It wouldn't be cyberpunk since one of the main traits of cyberpunk is corporate power. I suppose you could have it set in a world where corporations are owned by the employees and they fight off each other in a similar way, but AFAIK there's no such book. And it'd make little sense, you can't have a huge corp like jewgle without only a few guys calling the shots.

It's a dystopia. It isn't meant to be desirable.

You can probably create a metropolis under communism if there is a desire to, but you won't have it be cyberpunk as that would mean corporate domination, technological advancement without positive changes made to society, wealth inequality, rampant crime, poor living conditions for most people and draconian laws with brutal enforcement.

Cyberpunk, no.
Post-cyberpunk by all means.

Cyberpunk dystopias are by definition capitalistic, so no.

If the "punk" in cyberpunk refers to the DIY, chaotic, rebellious style of punk then yeah. A communist society would value self-sufficiency highly so there'd probably be a lot of cyberpunks tbh. If you mean cyberpunk in the sense of a bunch kids standing up to mega corporations then probably not.

No because gommunism can't reach advanced technology. It's not very fun to join a months-long queue to buy a subpar psi-implant.

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You do realize you just described every single cyberpunk movie ever made? And all of them were capitalists?

Well if cybernetics is running everything just fine, it's not a dystopia. And central planning is a form of socialism. And the USSR's central planning method was the blueprint all other gommie countries followed. Shit sucks, but that's how it goes.

Man the joke is that in capitalism the badass protagonist can at least buy his cyber macguffin on the fly in order to defeat the evil CEO on time. Waiting in months-long lines would kind of put a damper on story flow.

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IRL there is no macguffin and there's no bad guy you can kill to fix things. Real cyberpunk would mean everyone is fucked and nobody has any hope of ever getting unfucked.


I can't really think of many cyberpunk narratives where the dystopia is actually ended anyway, usually it's one evil plot stopped or the main character out of their predicament, maybe if you're lucky by the end one megacorp will be brought down. But it seems that the cliche that it's easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism rings true here too.

In other words, it's real life.

user I'm sorry to tell you, but if this society really were established, you would live in poverty and would be too miserable to enjoy the lights, you're a fucking idiot for wanting to live in that world. Slit your throat.

Not even an anprim, but even as a technophile cyberpunk dystopia and its super-spectacle and autism lights litterally cannot be enjoyed even by the ultra rich.

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No. A communist society is just a normal dystopia.

Breadpunk? Levispunk?

Nah, communism's egalitarianism would take the grittiness outta society for the most part. Crime and mental illness are mostly driven by socioeconomic factors so since communism tries to get rid of class and make sure everybody's got a place to stay, something fresh to drink and warm meals to eat it would sorta take away the coal crime's gotta burn to burn.

You'd still have shit like disorderly conduct, fistfights over who spilt whose beer and people that kill for the thrill of it cuz they're sick in the head like Ted Bundy though.

Cyberpank dystopia is a projection of Victorian-era capitalism onto the future.

Its' main feature is disregard for the people (not just for their needs, simply not caring about them) and nihilism. Neither of that aligns with communism.

Indeed, In cyberpank, noone gives a shit about you. In communist dystopia (1984, "We") everyone gives all the shit about everyone.

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Wow. That is the best argument against communism I have ever heard.