Twitter leftists who run counter to mainstream twitter leftism - need help identifying

-piss off the SJW twitter or run counter to mainstream leftism
-not tankie
-not anarchist
-not feminist
-leftist or progressive
-doesn't tow current, fashionable identity politics
Bonus points for female
Bonus points for has a bunch of followers
Bonus points for not a politician

I've identified
Lee Fang
Angela Nagle
Michael Tracey
Connor Kilpatrick
Glenn Greenwald

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Chapo trap house

can we please stop talking about them? They are hogging all the attention.

Jodi Dean

Isn't she just a generic feminist tankie?

Jodi Dean retweeted
73% of mass killings in the US since 1983 commit by white men.

Statistically, this is the face of terrorism in the US. #charlottesville"

Define those terms. I can't answer meme questions.

What the fuck is wrong with that tweet in your opinion?

what's the point of saying white men do the most terrorism even if it's true? That's the kind of rhetoric that drives people into the alt-right.

by this same standard: "oh, look, Lee Fang is a turd wordlist!"

There isn't anything wrong with it

You know that post was meant to say "move to the DPRK if you want to suppress Nazi rallies you dumb fuck" right?

This has to be bait. Those two are fucking awful

What's the point of facts? Well, I don't know. You make a good and defensible case.
Tweeters react to current events. What do you tweet at nazi rallies?

lol, so liberals are OK, actual communists are not?

He probably just calls her a tankie cuz she's in PSL. Which isn't completely unreasonable. But yea I don't find much unique in Jodi either unless I'm missing something

These people seem to be getting a lot of flack lately. So probably what you are looking for

Are you a Neera Tanden follower?

dodgy statistics, playing into the discourse of both the far right and the security state. muh 'white men' has come to mean anyone who offends middle class liberal bourgeois mores ie. 'you don't have to be a white dude to be a white dude'. perversely upholding non whites as models of bourgeois citizenship.

Twitter is probably one of the worst things that ever happened to humanity.

funny you mention that because lee fang is a centrist much like neera and so is michael tracey to the point where he regularly has Holla Forumsyps and nazi larpers cosigning his tweets

none of the people in your OP are leftists. fuck off

It is the same fucking tactics Holla Forums uses to convince people of their brand race realism.

Emmit Rensin sort of


Brie "a black populist"

Probably exactly along the lines of what you posted
Anti-identitarian black woman

ok dude

When you think about it communism is kind of retarded. Like OP, anarkiddies annoy the hell out of me.


all of those people fucking suck

I just saw that on twitter! Did you see Freddie has officially Logged Off and is seeking medical help for depression as a result of this? Fucking pricks

Dead Pundit Society podcast
Shuja Haider (to an extent)
Asad Haider (to an extent)
R. L. Stephens
Freddie Debouer until this

Oh, also:
Katie Halper
Michael Brooks

Steven Kinnock
"Labour must stop “obsessing” about diversity if it is to get the support of white working class votes needed to win an election"

No he logged off because he responded to that tweet by making up rape allegations against Mal. (For the record I hate them both)

Who is this Freddie and why does Holla Forums like him? I remember coming across his stuff before and he seemed to be a huge retard.

I noticed that. The left is currently insane. It's literally insane (the right/center is obviously too but that goes without saying)

Do we know what forced Freddie off, anyone have the dirt or someone to blame?

Your first impression was correct


So we are expanding this list?

That a tankie doesn't like him should tell you all you need to know

he constantly takes the piss out of campus activists and the silly online left. he's great (or was)

Goddamit, does he have a facebook to follow or something?

Hes literally /ourguy/

what was that thing conor kilpatrick said again? something like "uh i think imperialism has a detrimental affect on american capitalism" or something similar. he's a fucking clown.

That cover photo, I'm dying

Is he some kind of comedian or just a retard who thinks talking shit is critique?

His medium is still up
https:[email protected]/* */

and no I'm pretty sure he's abandoning the internet forever. he constantly had meltdowns on twitter about how shit the modern Left is (he had bipolar)

Also worth noting he was one of the original people named in the James Walcott piece that coined the term "alt-left" ages ago.

he's just blunt

"Other busy beavers on Twitter include Michael Tracey, Freddie deBoer, Mark Ames, Connor Kilpatrick (a Jacobin contributor), Jeremy Scahill (journalist and Intercept co-founder), and similar fun guys."

the hillary clinton campaign used that term first?
Scahill is fucking hilarious
"Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan should do a joint interview to condemn the fat shaming of Sean Spicer. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS."

lol I don't have a dog in this fight, but if they were serious allegations why did he delete his account immediately upon seeing the response from like dozens of mutual Brooklyn media friends telling him they were bullshit

source? (interested in the etymology of this term)

A lot of people came up with it, it was just an easy variant of alt-right. There's going to be a fight to claim to the term running up to 2020, even if most leftists hate the term

It's just ironic that allegations like that had always must be believed at the drop of a hat until it's done by someone they don't like in which case it must be fake. Who knows what he's referring to (I don't have a dog either)

Curious though why don't you like Freddie? If you're genuinely a tankie idpoler then I guess you need not respond

See it's interesting cos in the Wolcott piece the people he labels are anti-idpol skeptical-of-antifa people; but now since Trump it means antifa people and the original alt-lefters are being accused of Nazi sympathising cos of their skeptical-of-antifa-ism

I literally have no idea what you're talking about with all of this whiny mra shit about allegations must be believed, where does idpol come into this at all?

smart post
want to be FB friends with u

It's going to mean whatever the fuck the media wants it to mean until people start self-identfying with the term

Idpolers hate Freddie and there's a big overlap between idpolers and tankies on the internet, so seeing that you were a tankie that hates Freddie I assumed you're probably idpol too, perhaps unjustifiably. And now you've just accused me of being an MRA …

Well, I take it back if you're willing to stop calling me an idpol'er

MRA is just going to get larger, and since current feminism can't see the valid points in it, it's really up to anyone on the left to grab the valid points.

Whoever to do it first I see as someone who will become huge. They don't have to be excluviely male-centric, they could grab valid parts of feminism too. Nagle is starting to do this, and if she can keep creating controversy with her many points of view I can see her becoming a huge figure.

What the fuck are you talking about. Freddie is completely innocent

Innocent of making those allegations, that were immediately denied by a bunch of their mutual friends, (in my opinion) pretty convincingly?

I'm not CALLING you one so much as I SUSPECT you of one cos you still haven't said specifically what you don't like about Freddie. (you don't have to say if you don't want, I'm just curious).

I hope Nagle leans harder into the controversies, we need more iconoclastic figures.

Agreed. She is the perfect person to troll leftism for the betterment of leftism at this point in time. Shame she isn't better known.

You are totally an IDpoler

Nah dude

Nothing they are total distractions.

You can't even post without having an identity flag

Happy now?

actually no, put it back on, I want to know who the tankie posters are

The Exile crew I guess. There is a lot of butthurt coming from the 'proper left' at them, because some dumbasses have chosen to read fiction written in character as real admissions of abuse by Mark Ames, but they're good writers and the War Nerd is a great podcast to follow.

Also you should probably follow the Chapo boys, they bend a lot, but much of that anti-identitarian, socialist milieu gravitates towards them nowadays.

le 4th Generation Marxist is a fucking embarrassment. He's one of the people who keep bringing up Ames' writings as if they're real and trying to score good guy points for always being the one to accuse people of improper behavior.

Almost everyone from those circles now dislikes DeBoer, and he somehow achieved this not by having wrong or controversial opinions, but by just being extremely unlikeable. He reacts to criticism in a way no grown man should. I follow him on Facebook, and half his posts are screencaps of people criticizing him followed by some lenghty text about how persecuted he is. And there's no way of talking him out of being a total dork because he chose for himself the most annoying of all left-wing archetypes, that of the guy trying to be the "adult in the room" who rolls his eyes at all the other leftists for not being like him.

sounds like my guy

Sam Kriss is nice, tho he gets lost in the trap of being le angery pundit meme.

Freddie DeBoer is usually right about everything, despite refusing to realize that the identitarians he rages against and his Twitter e-buddies are one and the same. Now what the fuck is this rape thing?

The Exiled crew, assuming the book things are fiction. It's impossible to tell with them.

Just about anyone who has been deemed a brocialist, manarchist etc.

Nigga Chapo Trap House is a hair away from SJW Twitter.

Is that why dumb liberals sharing lyft rides with jews freak out at the very mention of their name?

Exactly I don't know why so many leftypol people like them. Most of the "dirtbag left" aren't actually dirtbags. C h a po are like majority report tier ACTUAL dirtbags.

But who are the actual dirtbags among the Left though? I literally can only think of Ames, with his prostitutes and heroin and so on.

The popularizers were definitely Hillary's shills in the press i.e. the entire fucking press. They used it about the same time as Berniebros in order to smear anyone who didn't worship the ground she collapsed on. After the election, when people started shouting, correctly, that Bernie would have won, the press kicked the alt-left narrative up a notch. But since they're utter and complete buffoons, Trump turned it against them, just like with "fake news".

I don't think prostitutes and drugs should constitute dirtbag, if so I'm a total dirtbag XD

But dirtbag generally means unpleasant, and unpleasant to me means being smug, insulting incels, anyone who agressively uses like… liberal coffee-drinker podcast outlets as their main vehicle, making inroads with hipster liberal people who were great but can now go away like Heidecker and Jon Benjamin, like that whole cadre of people that thought Trump was just a joke and couldn't win but totally elevated him, and people who generally might actually deserve the "bro" prefix

The majority report does all of the above. I hate the majority report for the same reasons I hate trapo. It tailors toward coffee drinking liberals/social-democrats, and meh.

Plus naming yourself after mexican drug lords is so hipster to me it makes me nauseous.

Who is he?

Mark Fischer, oh wait no he got bullied and literally killed himself from the backlash of being anti-identitarian. DeBoer is the lastest mental health casuality.

The self-identified "sjws" genuinely don't care when they drive people to suicide. They are fucking Stalinists.

Good thread, but we need another thread for prime gulag candidates/traitors.

DeBoer is a legit nutjob.

l o n g l i v e f r e d d i e

A Hillarybot isn't exactly a good reference point.

I don't exactly know this guy's rep either, and God knows Twitter is full of compulsive liars. What did DeBoer do? Some tankie above mentioned rape accusations but didn't explain?

Is that for real?

this is so sad

>Lee Fang
>Glenn Greenwald
>Michael Tracey
All these guys are either liberals or ancaps. KYS.

Malcolm Harris is a piece of shit though. Wouldn't surprise me if he harassed women.

" immediately after the suicide of anti-identitarian leftist author and cultural critic Mark Fisher. Rather than mourning his loss, or expressing condolences to his bereaved family, members of the online left gloated and portrayed his untimely death as a victory"

Dude almost everyone posted in this thread believes in free speech. Noam Chomsky believes in free speech, the American left has believed in free speech back to the original socialist party in America. If you want to say that leftism can't have any individual parts of liberalism you are essentially a tankie.

That thread has zero evidence of anything. Just socdems stabbing other socdems in the back, nothing new.

What the fuck are you talking about? Greenwald literally shilled for the Iraq war and he's still a crypto ancap. Lee Fang and Tracey are both liberals and anti-communist. This is regardless of their (retarded) free speech idealism.

Twitter was one of the biggest mistakes of all.

Greenwald isn't an ancap unless you think single-payer is ancap. (It's socdem, but NOT ancap, and lots of leftists supprot it) Throwing out baseless accusations due to association with REAL crypto ancaps like Snowden is ridiculous.

He literally was an ancap, and he has done nothing to disavow it, making him a crypto-ancap. Fuck off shill.


You are a complete bullshitter. Greenwald is not, at all an ancap.

YOU are the bullshitter. Badmouse used to be an ancap and he changed who cares? And there's no evidence Greenwald was an ancap. Plus what ancap, for any reason would say they are for single-payer and free college??
Your position is baseless and paranoid and something a Democrat would say to make vague mental crossovers between him and Snowden cuz they don't like what Greenwald tweets.

Someone hasn't ever read the intercept on issues related to the economy. Aka you.

His old blog, go look it up fagot.

He's got bigger fish to fry shilling for Pierre Omidyar I guess.

TheIntercept is a nest of scum and traitors. Maz Hussain consistently promotes Al Qaeda and Syrian regime change.

Again, why would an ancap be a secret social democrat with millions of followers saying social democratic things? Hell I used to be an ancap and I never disavowed it publically, who cares?

It's because he secretly believes that single-payers would ruin the economy and he's an ancap third worldist.

No, the people that say Greenwald is a scammer are just butthurt dems, upset that an ancap became a social democrat. Full stop.

I bet people actually believe this

I don't see anything ancap in his old blog. Just civil libertarian stuff. If you see civil liberties as inherent to ancapism, go to >>>liberty

What you think is sjw twitter is just really actually normal socialists and in this case you're using sjw as a synonym for "Anything Normie I refuse to accept"

The fact is they're doing more for the left at the moment than this board's population are.

Felix Biederman is better than all of you fucking idiots, and if you say otherwise you're a god damn traitor.

Back to raddit with the rest of the idpol psychotics, please.

Go away, Laurelai

No socialist that I have met in real life have been as embedded in identity politics as most of the popular twitter socialists are

Most of them hardly know about the intricacies of identity politics, which is really just an internet and college campus phenomenon. They are all about class.

Literally all chalk trap house listeners are trans and would never ever post on this board

People who regularly go on cumtown are actually sjws

Fucking normies

kill yourself.

Matt has a working knowledge of these issues far superior to most people on this board, as does Amber. And as far as I'm concerned, most of the people you know

The dudes and girls I met from ISO and SAlt didn't even know that gender studies as a thing. They literally don't care and think it's silly.

Who, exactly, is bringing up gender studies here

Most trans people I'm aware of hate chapo because of its association with cum town and Adam Friedland anyways. This shit you're trying to sell, it doesn't stick.

was that meant to link to someone?

No. It wasn't.

The current marriage and child support laws severely oppress men because they were all written under the assumption women couldn't sell their labor at parity to men.
This creates a toxic dating environment where women can spend their prime dating years chasing the highest status men, and the pool of men they rejected has no choice but to accept it. If higher status men could dissolve marriages as easily as women, there would be not economic incentive for women to wed them.

Hey tito flag if you want to be married why don't you just stop. Marriage sucks and you're not going to meet the one you want because you're too picky about everything from podcasts to woman.

It'll be loveless.

Becaus these laws are creating a pool of disaffected young men that could be radicalized to Nazism.

Nobody who believes in free government supplied girlfriends is worth saving, and as far as I'm concerned the court of law has jack shit to do about the economics of socialism.

If people are more worried about visiting the children they're never going to actually have rather than the material needs before them, then just let them be the oblivious stupid scape goat they've been created to be their whole lives worrying about such stupid bullshit, that will never effect them.

Let them fall on their own sword.

Fascism in America is fucking pathetic looking and I'd rather not rock the perfectly smooth sailing ship.

As it stands you have the terms of marriage (a sexual relationship) enforced with state violence. You are hypocritically comfortable with that but fear this nonexistent stat mandated girlfriend meme
What you feel ain't no big deal. If people want to get "married" I'm all for it, just don't have it confer any special property rights in the same way being someone's girlfriend doesn't
Well I'm happy to say my own parents are still together but practically every single one of my friends and extended family was deeply scared by divorce and the ensuing custody battle. Custody battles that are so fierce because the loser pays a steep financial penalty.

Please, don't act like its non existent.

If it were up to the people you're defending we'd be in fucking worse of a position than "oooo think of the mammas and the pappas ;_:"

News flash retard almost everyone here isn't going to have kids no matter what their heart tells them is true, and there are bigger fish to fry than fucking family court.

How about instead of liberal reforms about fucking marriage we worry about actual working class problems that America faces.

That's capitalism, it alienates people. It has nothing to do with family court, that's not the root of the problem. The problem is you have to have money to keep a family, and in Capitalism as of the last two decades having a family is becoming extremely unreasonable, and to expect women to just give up their wombs and their lives to stay married in these conditions is naive.

So people aren't having families or families are splitting apart is the norm. None of it has to do with fucking family court, it has to do with the price of living, and the more people you have to pay for the worst it gets.

What I'm saying is the court of law over marriage shouldn't be an issue under socialism, and if people who will never have children want to bitch about how much of a cunt women are these days to the point of becoming a fascist let them.

You're scared that there have to be sacrificial lambs in order for socialism to succeed, but the sad truth of it is that you have to let American fascism manifest itself publically in the only way it knows how, the only way American fascism can form. Impotent, inept, obese, jealous, full of pride undeserved, and entitled, and nothing like they brand themselves.

We need the very people you're trying to keep away from court issues they will never deal with in order to stop nazis. I say let the nazis believe in pure fucking fantasy, go out in America, and embarrass themselves to the very people they're trying to threaten.

Because they're threatening more than family court ever could and do not deserve the light of day for doing so. They are a goat to be herded.

Hoochie are you like magnetically attracted to retarded debates or something?

It's more than magnetic.

Where are they? I can site plenty of time the state has enforced marriage laws though.
How about we take what reforms we can get to both demonstrate the power of proletarian solidarity while also working on class problems. Also how is property rights not a class issue.
They give up their wombs to the bourgeois, as you said it's capitalism. How is taking property from their prole husbands justified when their husbands are doing the exploiting.
Family court determines the economics of families. To most people is a pretty huge chunk of their lives that is spent on family. Again the price of living was the doing of prole husbands. Women who cannot pay to support their children can get welfare, men should be able to too.
How is having both men and women freely remaining in a marriage without violent state coercion "a sacrificial lamb"
I'm brown in one of the most racists states in the US. Myself and my family have plenty of experience with Nazis and police brutality long before it became fashionable to talk about. Believe me I have more than enough provenance to speak about this.

*their husbands are NOT doing the exploiting.

Aren't you a transsexual? Haha I guess you think feminists have your back. Nope, they're going to start cracking down and oppressing transsexuals for the same material reasons I stated.
They are not going to want a loop whole that extends special female only property rights to naturally born men.
Since you've extended the definition of a transsexual to pretty much anyone that feels like a woman it's only a matter of time before men start grifting this legal loophole and start identifying as women to enjoy the same property rights women get.
For a real life example do a search for all the men that pretended to be gay or transsexual to get out of the Vietnam draft.



Pal, your experience with women is like your future experience with family court, it doesn't exist.

The economies of families determines the divorce rate.

Most women today aren't fucking stay at home moms

Reread what I said. I said the generation of people who give enough of a shit to become fascist over these issues which will never actually effect them, because anyone with a brain today that's not a vegetable isn't having kids because kids are expensive as fuck, just let them do what they're doing.

They are so cancerous to discourse that they should be the scapegoat.

.Myself and my family have plenty of experience with Nazis and police brutality long before it became fashionable to talk about. Believe me I have more than enough provenance to speak about this.

I've lived with LAPD and they even bully the fucking Asian communities.

You're ignoring my points and crying "FAMILY COURT FAMILY COURT"

I'm saying that capitalism has destroyed the family, whatever cultural thing that may be, and you're mad about the consquences in court when frankly, people who think they're going to have kids these days are delusional, and if you're right delusional to become fascist.

The question becomes why should we stop them. The people who have to deal with these issues can afford to have kids, and the people in the lower class can't afford a lawyer.

All this shit you're saying pales in comparison to the actual issue that's causing what you're saying which is capitalism and alienation.

On top of all that bachelors who want to convert to fascism over this, just fucking let them, they're useless to us anyways and easily convinced there's going to be a happy ending for all of us that just does not fucking exist.

No. I am actually, not a transsexual. Bringing up whether or not I'm a transsexual is a total non sequitor to the argument you're having which is

Family Court = Nazis = bad.

Fascism in America is so impotent that I don't think I care enough not to stop them from embarrassing themselves for us more than they have in the past week.

Well where?
So you're a steadfast opponent of liberal feminist reforms like closing the wage gap? Since it has nothing to do with class since the pay gap is among prole men and women. Haha I don't believe you
No violent state enforcement of child support and marriage laws does. I don't think people would allow themselves to have their money and children taken away from them if it was otherwise
Exactly, they work like men. So they should get the same property rights and responsibilities as men
Which is all the more incentive for women to screw over men in family court.
Right, capitalism is what is driving women to preserve this oppressive and archaic laws. It's in women's best material interest to do so. I make no moral judgments.
What about the men and children it oppresses. No empathy for them huh. They're all just fascists in the making in your mind …

Family Court=Family structure enforced with state violence=bad.

You're blaming the courts for capitalism alienating people. No shit. You're not getting my point. You're stupid.

No I'm blaming them for conferring special property rights and custodian rights on women.


I really don't give a shit about the wage gap as all our wages are shit and the fault at hand, as many things are, happens to be capitalism.

Your reformist tendencies, over some asinine theory divorced dads become Nazis, are the only liberal elephant in the room. But your method for saying who and who isn't opressed by the broadness of the wicked family court is so fucking large that it's hard to tell.

I'm just assuming you mean young men who are never getting married anyways because you haven't ignored that idea so far.

I have an idea! Let's reform capitalism to make it possible!

Please, you're sounding like the stereotype you made me out to be.


Unironically, yes. Families are expensive and so are medical bills in the states. There's a justification behind everything financially a family has to deal with that has basis in Capitalism that in turn tears families apart in the first place, leading to the dreaded OH NO family court.

You're about as dumb as a pitbull who can't let go of corgi.

See above answer on why you're a reformist dumb fuck who doesn't understand how capitalism effects everything you're talking about.

We get it you don't see your kids often, but there are larger issues at play than being a fucking family court dad you dense bag of lead

The user I was responding said the MRA movement would get larger because they have real grievances.
I simply agreed, and now your casting aspersions about my character.


Tito Poster is worse than family court


Person you agreed with here. Yea family courts are a problem. I honestly think the hermitization of male (and some female) lumpenproles, their lack of intimacy, having to retreat into a unrealistic, often dangerous fantasy world of human interaction etc is the most valid grievance for the age demographic of leftypol. Didn't read your arguments but I assume you all talked about it.

Lana Del Raytheon

who is this person? I keep seeing them on twitter but have no idea who they are


idk it's just a twitter account. could be robert mugabe shitposting for all we know.

Couldn't think of any huh?
Yes I'm a reformist, I believe you have to alleviate a great deal of capitalist exploitation before you can raise class consciousness.
Dads becoming Nazis or their children is just one concern. It just plain wrong. And family court is an abstraction of capitalism. The fights are over property and child support I.e. How is fights over money that cause family to split not included in your definition of capitalist alienation?
Yes let's, not as a means unto itself but as a way to make the abolishment of capitalism even possible. I'm not even against other forms of praxis, I just think it reforms create the opportunity for other praxis.
Because it's the fear of divorce and custody battles that the majority of people have experienced that alienates them from wanting children.
Again family courts are COURTS, organ says of the bourgeois solely there to determine property rights. Like who get the home anemic who has to forfeit their money.
See my answer above


Stopped reading there

Goodbye Tito poster, my love

Not linking a webm of the table match is a fucking crime

*The fights are over property and child support I.e. MONEY. How are fights over money that cause families to split not included in what constitutes capitalist alienation. I

Stopped reading there
Goodbye Tito poster, my love
Okay but we're not living in Fully Automated Luxury Communism so what ever form of praxis you subscribe to has shortcomings as well.

What is this cum town thing?

Completely redundant unless you're a normie who has been living under a rock for the last 7 years.
Contrarian dipshit
Coward who ran away to Brazil. Centrist retard.

tl;dr hello reddit

this post is cancer