What's the absolute minimum one needs to read to be able to do Marxist analysis?

What's the absolute minimum one needs to read to be able to do Marxist analysis?

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an introduction to marxist economics and historical materialism.

Just read a Benjamin essay and you'll get the hang of it

This tbh. Benjamin and Althusser might be insightful, but they tell you nothing about the world you live in. To do real analysis one has to be able to identify and analyze the material conditions of a specific context, and only then interpret it.
In the case of Marx and Gramsci, this meant studying all day long and the spending their own free time discussing about what they've researched with other great intellectuals (basically, virtually every moment of their life was devoted to the cause).

I was just referencing how Althusser admitted he never read most of Marx's work and just deduced their contents from reading other shit.

Not watching idol anime is a good start


Mate, just absorb shit from leftypol. That's how I got most of my knowledge.

That sounds like a really bad idea.

Now it isn't trust me. I'm like a fucking sponge mate, and you can be too. Although TBH it's been a while since I've really been a regular user so I'm a little rusty on my leftism at the moment, but I'm sure with the right trigger my memory would come back to me rather quickly.

I don't want to end up a national anarcho-hoxhaist third worldist who can only speak in memes.

It's great though! That's all this world really deserves anyway.

german ideology, gotha critique and value, price and profit

I'm reaching levels of doubt previously reserved for methodist preachers and prison planet journalists.
You may be a sponge, but the level of discourse on Holla Forums, much like a septic tank, is not the ideal habitat for sponge like lifeforms.

oh shut the fuck up with this point. i will literally never understand how anyone who has actually read althusser could possibly believe this

the man was clearly the greatest marxist mind of his era, i dont know how you could think he hadn't done is reading

Don't fret mate. I'm a sponge specially adapted for toxic environments. Like the Archaea microbes I flourish better in toxic environments than I do in clean ones.

He didn't have time reading because he had to do so much thinking.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

German ideology, Capital, Communist manifesto and Critique of the Gotha programme.

I tried that and it didn't help

time spent watching idol anime could be spent better doing almost anything else, except possibly watching real idols.

This video.

Read and understand the essentials of Marx (German Ideology, chapter 1 → Wage Labour and Capital → Economic & Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 → Capital vol. 1, chapter 1).