Why are humans the only animal with -exclusive- homosexuals?

Why are humans the only animal with -exclusive- homosexuals?

From what i can tell all animals are bisexual with a varying tendency towards heterosexuality

Is it a social construct?

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ask biologists or neurologists, it got jack shit to do with politics. politicizing bs like that is idpol. you need to go away, faggot.

this is some weak ass falseflagging, Holla Forums

Exclusive sexuality is a spook

Also it litterally doesnt matter.

Stirner wasn't talking about that kind of stuff.
I agree.

We don't know enough about biology to answer, and it's irrelevant to politics.

????? what do you mean

Theres no accounts of exclusive homosexuality in nature besides humans


EXCLUSIVE homosexuality, i said

Some animals do perform homosexual rape as an act of domination. Even so, is it your contention that humans should be content with merely existing to act out animal instincts? That is to say, should humans not aspire to be more than just animals?
• If the former, then it negates the entire premise of socialism and/or communism, as society reverts to a Mad Max sort of anarcho-feudalism, where murder, rape, and survival of the fittest is the law of the land.
• If the latter, then homosexuality (as it has manifested itself in today's "culture" - a sexual preference/lifestyle) is a genetic and/or psychological defect, plain and simple.

Pick one.

Not when there's a concerted effort (by whomever) to turn people into anally-obsessed weirdos.

Care to define exclusive homosexuality for me?

Homosexuality is not inherently sexual, or at least, it's as sexual as any other type of relationship. Gay men can genuinely and tenderly love another man.
Secondly if someone is obsessed by anal sex, and this does not result in violence, then that's not my business. If the mere act of a man loving another man triggers you, you may be just a bigot.
Thirdly, the fact that there may be no pther exclusively homosexual animal has no prescriptive value on how we should manage our lives.

No. It sure isn't. Which is why the push to legalize/normalize, promote & recruit people into this "lifestyle" has no place in the public sphere.
But it could also be an indicator that something is very, very broken in the minds of those that would call themselves exclusively homosexual.

twas a joke
But it can be a spook. It makes people think that they have to either be gay or straight or bi or whatever. Sexuality is not catagorisable. Thinking it is makes it spook you.

take a guess retard

By that logic you could say the same for people who would call themselves exclusively heterosexual.
Both positions are probably to a large degree molded by our cultural values and believes, perhaps exemplified of how common it is for heterosexuals to have fantasies about same gender intercourse or experiment during the adolescent years.

Is every straight relationship inherently sexual? Do you really think that gay people are incapable of feeling love?

It has a place if the public sphere is bigoted nd biased towards those who live this "lifestyle", as you ignorantly call it.

This is not how biology works. You just hate gay people and you are trying to find a reason to justify said hatred.

Holla Forums everybody

if anything the public sphere is biased towards homosexuality. being gay is no longer edgy or transgressive, but politically correct and normie. 20th century homos: Foucault, Burroughs or Mishima. 21st century homos: that couple on Modern Family. Dressing your kid in drag is the equivalent of boy scout uniforms among a certain demographic of 'woke' yuppie liberals. Judith Butler and the ideology of gender fluidity just happens to mesh pretty well with neoliberalism.



Proofs and if so, why do you care so much?
This is a very retarded way of thinking.

Because exclusive homosexuality, and exclusive heterosexuality for that matter, are spooks (deal with it). Many (most?) societies have treated them so, but capitalism is the only one to make an identity out of it, because, you guessed it, commodification.

Yeah, homosexuality is so normie that it's just about impossible to hold a conversation on it without someone calling gays mentally deficient, UNLESS this is expressly forbidden on whatever public venue.
I'm more and more convinced that Žižek is correct about progressive dogmas. I don't want to live in a society where my sexuality has to be continuously defended against people who refuse to consult basic science, and my humanity questioned. It would be a severe degradation of public discourse if we stopped exercising common decency and politeness on this point. At the very least I would expect Marxists to evaluate their opinion based on material reality, ergo the wealth of research on sexual differences in the human species.

what kinda people do you hang out with?

Not him, but what about chan boards? I mean, look at this thread and tell me that that user is not right.

No; no you could not. Heterosexual relationships are how the species is propagated. Without them, human beings cease to exist.
I would argue that you're quite literally putting the cart before the horse. If anything, culture was formed around the necessary biological process.
How common is it, really, though? Lots of ordinary people have lots of crazy things flash through their minds a thousand times a day. Is that really an indicator of something? And what kid really fantasizes about buttfucking/getting buttfucked by his buddy? Hey Joe? Let's go shoot some hoops and afterwards you can fist my ass?

If this is your best attempt at logic, then I suggest you never try again, because you are terrible at it. There were so many ways in which you could have gotten to the conclusion you wanted, but you decided to do like 5 logical jumps to get to it.

I firmly believe most humans are bisexual. Homosexuals and heterosxuals are a minority.
It's by far what makes the most snse as a species whit our nature to wanting to be sexually with both genders, but because we live in a pseudo civilized society, most people repress those feelings of bisexuality and even in the gay community bisexuals are frowned upon.

This is definitely true, it's pretty fucked up. Homosexual people who strongly identify with the "gay lifestyle" are very threatened by bisexuals, it's not uncommon to be called a traitor, breeder and so on. It's a pretty good example of the danger of over-identification.

once something its tainted by politics it can never not be unrelated to politics.

sociopaths on an anonymous imageboard.

i've never met an imageboard person who was 100% 'straight', though.

no, just people being homophobes or pedophile-phobes, when you think about it