How the fuck do I join it...

How the fuck do I join it? I honestly just need a group that I can read Marx with because I don't have the self-discipline to do it myself. So I signed up, but whenever I try to look at the chapters page, it just redirects me back to either the sign up page or the home screen

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look up your chapter on facebook

1. look for your local chapter
2. email the organizer (listed) or

Why would you want to join a succdem organization?
DSA supports Blue Lives Matter and runs Democrats in local elections. They are not socialists.

For the reason sated in the OP

But they don't? They frequently march with BLM and have seldom used the Democratic ticket, or really focus on elections at all. Stop with this succdem meme.

DSA is an anti-communist organization that is literally pledged to support the Democrat Party

why the fuck would you want to read marx at a DSA meeting?

if you ACTUALLY read marx you would know that the bourgeois democratic state is simply the managerial arm of capital and is not a meaningful avenue through which working class emancipation can be achieved

hook up with your local MLs, anarchos, antifa, BLM, environmentalists, etc instead… i'd recommend meeting up with ultras too (lord knows they love to read marx more than anyone), but idk if they would bother to leave the comfort of their armchairs

Yeah, I bet you do. Or your wife/gf does.

Not pledged no, it really is impossible to engage in 3rd party politics in most places in the us. So they will run candidates in democratic primaries.

And anyway, I'd like to see an archive of that tweet, screenshots can be easily manipulated

Holla Forums pls

seems fake to me

You might as well read "The God Delusion" with ISIS.

look up their website or just find a local chapter on facebook that isnt cringe tier

You want to join an organization with a fucking rose as part of its logo?

Holla Forums is great for that, most of DSA probably did not read Marx anyway, their model is nordic social-democracy.


Reminder, it's week 3 and DSA still has a cop in the NPC.

Not true. They have reading groups that cover Marx and basically the whole left caucus are Marxists.

wtf i hate DSA now