The alt-left is a serious political movements guys


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crypto-fascists chose the alt-right label themselves, they get what they deserve
they're reactionary liberals, nothing more

Different lingo..same objective. All deeply triggering and problematic and want bigger government.

I know, look at those witches with their silly superstitions.

Unlike us NutSacs, who have only ever supported the most rock hard of science.

you're right, the alt left isn't a serious political movement, because it isn't one at all.
-No one self identifies as alt left, unlike the term alt right, which was literally invented by Richard Spencer

alt-left is a smear against the radical left from clintonites and the alt-right. don't let it take hold



I meant to say: all A.n.t.i. w.h.i.t.e.

Funny how this place replaces and censors certain words..But not surprising

if you dont like it, fuck off

t. right wing SJW

yes you are.

t. sargon of akkad

no, nobody is, because that word is made up and nobody self identifies as it unlike alt right.
The only reason to call us alt left is to equate us with Holla Forums which is clearly stupid.

There's already a word to describe Marxism:


The only way you can believe that the alt-left is real is if you have no grasp on the concept of dialectics (and since you're a reactionary scumfuck, that is obviously the case)

the "alt-left" if anything would be clintonites.


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I wouldn't call myself right wing. Politicians don't care about me or the survival of my people. They're just cynical opportunists. as for SJW…The way i see it, they seem to be concerned about controlling language and behavior. (just like this place). Kinda like Orwell's 1984's "Newspeak".

I feel closer to identitarians (generally speaking). If i had it my way, i'd opt for an ethno-state (like jews). That way, no problems with "white muh privilege", no problems with "racism" , "diversity quotas".."equality"..and i guess (in a nutshell) we'd finally have the right to freedom of association.

no. you're all alt left
this is the world you created for yourselves, enjoy

It's more like the world you created for yourselves. The world hates your ass now. Some people wearing Halloween costumes isn't going to change that.

or you could just not be an asshole and everyone can just get along. much easier than displacing millions of people and probably wrecking the economy for ~10 years at least due to ethnic cleansing. You basically want to do the yugoslavia breakup 2: electric boogaloo but in America.

Pictured: America after your 1488 masturbation fantasy bullshit

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aut right's forced meme

That's your fantasy….You're assuming that America would be a shithole. In South Africa, the only place that isn't a shithole where rape and murder are the norm, is in Orania. (private community where only Afrikaans are allowed) They're doing just fine.

Here's the reality.
There are no terrorist attacks in racially homogenous Poland. or Hungary or Croatia, Japan, Korea…No racial tensions, nobody bitches about white muh privilege or equality or ask for more "diversity"…Nobody gives a shit about that. (i'm not american btw, and i don't live in the US).
Look at America…It's slowly but surely becoming a fucking nightmare to live in. Where white flight is becoming the norm. And all Euro countries which have copied the US way of living are paying a heavy price for it. (i.e countries which worship multiculturalism and diversity like a fucking cult…Such as Belgium, Spain , France, Uk, Germany, Sweden…to name a few)…Not to mention, them following a neo-con foreign policy certainly doesn't help…



Orwell was a socialist

So were the Nazis…Your point ?

Why not move in South Korea then ?


t. Ludwig "fascism has saved european civilization" von Mises

So you're an anarcho-communist ? I just point my arrow on your flag. But isn't that a contradiction in itself ? An oxymoron ? You're either an anarchist or a communist…but you can't be both at the same time.

How that would work ? Anarchists believe that the government is unnecessary. But if you want communism you're forced to have a government to enforce it.

come on now
you can't be this stupid
your kidding right?

Maybe i am. I'm geniunely curious…How would that work ? From what i understand, it would apparently be a system where the worker own the means of production, but how do you enforce it ?

This is the alt left

1)Communism is not a state to be achieved, its more of a movement
2)Our goals are more then just fancy stateless co-operatives
3)How do you enforce private property?

first seems like libshit
second doesn't open properly
third is quite insignificant

what was your point here?

You need a government. And if there's no government you need a mafia to protect you. or private special forces / police to protect you (if you have enough money).

Communism cannot exist without a government to enforce it. That's why i don't understand what "anarchism" has to do with it. It's all a pipe dream. Utopia. People need an incentive…The only reason why people respect the law is because a sword of Damocles is hanging over their heads. (i.e. threat of violence)

They founded the alt left. Anyone else is an imposter.

their you go

it's goal is the abolition of the state

Some do say this about anarchists. I'm not necessarily one, so I leave this for them to answer.

The abolition of a state mechanism is not inherently the abolition of any order, once again however, I am not an anarchist, so this is one for them to mull over. The abolition of a state in the Marxist sense is more akin to simply removing the current bourgeois "democracies" in favor of class dictatorship. Anarchist see that, not only must our current power structure be dismantled, but any other hierarchical institution that follows. Now again, I'm no anarchist, so I might have misrepresented an anarchist point here.

Also, I don't necessarily view all humanity in this cynical, anti-materialist way of requiring authority to act good. Humans require incentive, this is correct, but they also require incentive to act maliciously. A lot of these material incentives to act in an anti-social way are reinforced and generated by our capitalist status quo (ie. people steal because they are impoverished and need stuff). I do feel it is pretty unfounded to say that most of the population will just act sadistically without any true impetus to do so. Of cores I'm not saying that the odd sociopath won't pop up in the population , however, their rate of occurrence is pretty low across the world and their will be organs of our general society devoted to handling them (as their is now).

pic unrelated

The alt-left was a meme for a while in left spaces, however it was just that, a meme. I don't see how this is relevant

no fun allowed in my revolution

What's the point of abolishing the state if you want to replace it by a one world government ? In other words, why would you want to force the entire planet to obey the same law ? And how in the hell would you enforce that anyway ?
The Roman Empire couldn't do it. America can't do it. (even though they're trying their best to destabilize sovereign countries around the world).

I'm afraid your way off the ball kiddo

Enlighten me. So there would be no government at all then ? Regardless, what seems obvious to me, is that you guys are essentially larping. And probably have little understanding in basic economy. Better yet, i seriously doubt any of you would leave the so called "capitalistic" hellholes you're living in and move to North Korea or Cuba.

is this alt-left

we don't want a one world government. We want world communism. Which is stateless.


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is this the famous Frankfurt school of witchcraft and wizardry?

In short, yes and no
Praise kek shaliday amiright fellow kekistani :DDDDDD
I hope you get the irony here
Sorry for insulting your tenure professor.
I don't live in Haiti? or Africa, or the middle east? or China?
Why would any of us want to live in these despotic state capitalist shit holes?

Any way
I think you have some reading to do
Here's the easy one, It explains my position better then I would be fucked to describe to you
and it's written very well, though a little verbose in some areas.


spooky paganism aside, dr bones and gods&radicals is actually pretty good tho

Do you even understand what capitalism is in the first place ? Capitalism doesn't involve

- Quantitative easing (counterfeiting).
- taxation on income and investment.
- No bailouts. (for corporations for ex)
- federal regulations on everything.
- manipulating assets.
- a central bank price-fixing interest rates.

This means that real capitalism doesn't even exist in America. The US has a bit of it, mixed with corporatism.

I've read Marx's ideas btw. Keep in mind, you're essentially learning what you know about the economy from a jew never ran a business nor even had a job in his life. No wonder you take him seriously.

those are very specific criteria. I think the system we have is still capitalism, simply with government regulation/intervention.
I doubt that
Ideas stand on their own merit

Well it had fucking better not be surprising you newfag because wordfilters have been a thing on imageboards for over a decade and a half

To be fair 80% of this board is just as dumb as Holla Forums

What's the difference ? You'll need a government to enforce it. Marx believed Capitalism would be overthrown by communism and "oppressed" workers would be free. He was dead wrong of course…Ever wondered why ? Again…What i said above is true. anarcho communism is an oxymoron… Anarchy is the absence of the state and communism is when the state controls the markets. how can the markets be controlled by a state that doesn't exist?

you special snow flake perception of capitalism means nothing to me
But since we are posting what our definitions of capitalism are, he's mine for reference
Capitalism is capitalism, whether aided by a state or not.
Like clock work with the excuses
this is both inaccurate and not an argument.

Sorry for not spending my entire fucking life on anime imageboards…

You said no argument friendo
btw gotta dip, lunch break is over, will return for funposting though

This dumb lie (easily disproven by looking up the very definition of the word Commune) is the only reason Holla Forums can even keep people, by pretending theres no anti-state sentiment on the Left

That's not an argument. Keep believing whatever you want to believe. I'm not here to change your ideas anyway. I was just curious and trying to understand where you people were coming from. I now realise that you're just a bunch of clueless brainwashed idiots.

Good then leave imageboards and never return you normie fucking faggot

See this ?

It's such a fucking failure that people tried to escape from it. It was so bad the government had to force their own citizens to stay…

Let's say you get your dream come true….Do you naively think people will simply stay in the hellhole you have created for them ?

No it isn't

Prove it then.

Don't take your case for a generality. Stop projecting your fantasies..

Communism is marketless with production for use, not exchange.

Read Animal farm from Orwell, brainlet.

educate yoursef.

Capitalism is voluntary cooperation.
The opposite of communism.

I'm going to watch these videos, but I'll say you that you are wrong beforehand. """Voluntary""" agreements between two unequal parties is extremely exploitative. Communists seek to establish consisting only of voluntary, non-exploitative agreements.

all he does in those videos is criticizing government ownership over MOP. That's correct, communists want to separate economy and state and transfer ownership directly to workers.

kill yourself

seek to establish *society* consisting…

All part of that literal nigger's plan to destory the left.

I could think of a couple of ways the UK antifa could make themselves useful now…

I would say that even the newfags here have a better understanding of it than you do.

- Quantitative easing (counterfeiting).
- taxation on income and investment.
- No bailouts. (for corporations for ex)
- federal regulations on everything.
- manipulating assets.
- a central bank price-fixing interest rates.
So your imaginary "capitalism" does not involve the state acting on behalf of the ruling class elites? Ha! Now that's utopian.