When was Alunya created? Why is she so clearly anarchist in every aspect of her design yet used as the board mascot...

When was Alunya created? Why is she so clearly anarchist in every aspect of her design yet used as the board mascot? Was there a time when Holla Forums was predominantly anarchist?

Every poll shows most people here are anarchist

also undreage.

Not really. Its always a 50-50 split and the polls that show that anarchists are the majority only show that because they offer the choice between

Back then most of Holla Forums were anarchists and Trotskyists. Nobody knows what happened to the trots, though.

Funny how people always remember it differently
Anarchists were never a majority

Also checked.

isn't le unhappy cat a syndicalist thing?

Anarchists are the biggest group on here, sorry if that comes off as surprising to you

She's clearly AnSyn. Sabocat, black/red color scheme, literally named Cat Alunya (Catalonia).

She was created when the anarchists were meming about catalonia, because the catalan name of catalonia is catalunya. Her image comes from the syndicalist cat.

It is not indicative of the distribution of ideologies at that time or now. Hoxhaism was a meme much before catalonia.

They've been doing that for decades now.

And we aren't going to stop any time soon.

This is a predominantly anarchist board thou.

Probably still is, just that tankies are louder in using flags and shilling their shit. Same way Trots stick up their flags everywhere in large demonstrations to make it appear they're in majority.

On here.

Neh, it's a plurality.

Alunya was created around the time custom spoilers for boards became possible on Holla Forums. Anarchists have been the biggest bloc of posters since the end of 2014 because Marxists hate each other and call each other revisionists over anything.

if you want proofs you can do another strawpoll.

Yeah this place has been getting more and more anarchist over time in correspondence with the surge in exiled Redditors

Try not to make the options
again then.

this place has always been predominantly anarchist/libsoc, revisionist faggot

The surge in redditors brought in tankies and that maoist you market cucked retard.

There were leftcoms, trots, and orthodox marxists on the last one what more snowflakes could you fags need.

They split

There was a post around a year and a half ago where the original creator of Alunya (he provided proof) said he intended for her ideology to be ambiguous
Also the board was majority anarchist until the beginning of 2017 when the leftcoms got popular

the only poll that would make sense to settle this childish dispute:
1. revolution WITHOUT a state
2. revolution WITH a state
3. reform WITHOUT a state
4. reform WITH a state

What about anarchists who make a state (like in catalonia) but dont call it a state?

how does that even work?

It's not a poll about facts, but about intention.

Ask anarcho-pacifists and other anarcho-snowflakes.

Reform doesn't work.

non-existent, all anarchists here are pro-revolution

More and more tankie over time, you mean.

Oh, wow! We got one who knows everybody here. How's it going, Santa? Was I a good boiii?

*blocks ur path*

Nobody minded her being anarchist back then. She's just a mascot, not some official ideology.

He resigned when charges for dental care were brought in. Not a great example?

I did. I even voiced my opposition to adopting childish mascots.

Does anyone remember when Titoists were everywhere and /marx/ was brunt of every joke?

Also >muh Kekalonia

might as well dump all of it

Reform is the art of the fuck-it-it-sort-of-worked, not the great.
Though tbh if there's one thing I'd want a future Labour government to do, even purely symbolically, it'd be to abolish dental charges. Horrible, horrible messaging. (Even when you factor in various exemptions etc.)

That would put Mutualists and AnComs on the same option, which seems rather absurd. I'd prefer something like,
1. Vanguard Marxist (Trots, MLs, etc.)
2. Anti-Vanguard / Popular Marxists (Pannekoek, Rosa, etc.)
3. Other Marxist
4. Collective Anarchist (Kropotkin, Bakunin, Catalonia, etc.)
5. Individualist Anarchist (Mutualists, Stirnerfags, etc.)
6. Other Anarchist
7. Non-anarchist and non-Marxist ideology (NazBol, SocDem, etc.)

But you were always a gigantic nofun faggot so you don't count.

Stop this idiocy. Your know your poll is shit if you have to (explain, etc.).
the fuck

So? They are anarchists. The bickering here is about whether the majority on leftypol is for or against using a state.

says the salty man replying to hilarious edits about his super serious mascot


Marketcucks make Ismail look sane.

What are you even talking about?

I know, but still: the bickering here is about whether the majority on leftypol is for or against using a state.

Imagine actually dedicating time out of your day to make the first pic. That's beyond Randy Stair shit. That's reminiscent of some old Holla Forums shit.

Anarchism existed before Marxism and most of what's considered Marx's work (surplus value, critique of all capitalists, dialectical process of history along a material basis, etc.) are actually Proudhon. Marx was a revisionist.


Yet you saved/cropped pictures of her over disgusting images and saved them to your computer…

He made them. Ginjeet is a sick person.

And I though Holla Forums saving cuck porn was bad.

tbh the bunker meme was always disparaging Hoxaists, much to the ire of Ismail who made a different board because of his butthurt.

d-delet this

Weird how many newfags here are trying to rewrite the board history. Holla Forums was predominantly anarchist at the start. While Alyuna was inspired by the sabot cat in part, the original artist didn't mean for her to be an exclusively anarchist mascot. Really painful reading this whole thread.

i wouldn't be suprised if most people just don't identify strongly with a particular tendency. I don't know enough about all tendencies to compare so i just call myself a socialist

historically bad take

I'm a tankie but Alunya's cool tho

Very early on. Read the KYM page of leftypol. It says we're all against the USSR. Cringe.


Tankies gon' tank