Looks like Jimmy went full radical, he's already calling for a revolution

Looks like Jimmy went full radical, he's already calling for a revolution

Burgers sure are making me feel hopeful

well well well

Americans are the most classcucked subhumans on earth. In the fantastical event of a revolution, the minute that word is let out that wealth will be redistributed 90% of the country will instantly turn against you. Look at what happened during Occupy. Even something as obviously cancerous and corrupt as wall street got massive support from the population. The population was attacking Occupy and making fun of them at every turn.

You're gonna keep getting cucked by the entrenched powers and their 2 party system and you're gonna like it.

sage for amerilard bullshit

That dad's story is fucked up, poor dude.


Truly the Vladimir Lenin of our time


Agreed. There is only one way for America to make a positive impact on the world for once.

So when are we doing that whole preemptive land invasion of Burgerland again? Asking for a comrade.

He called for a """"peaceful"""" revolution. He's not there

This is the first time I've seen a post of mine get capped, thanks user.

Is white phosphorous peaceful?

"We don't live in a lawful society"
"There is law for poor people, and no one else"
"Nobody prosecutes them"
"no matter who they vote for, the cops are going to come and crack their heads"
"banking is a criminal activity"
"they have hired thugs at the behest of Obamas donors"
"democrats are clowns who stand for nobody"
"can you tell me one time Obama stood up for anybody … other than his donors!?"
"Obama doesn't give a shit… he puts a pretty face on the shitty stuff our government does"
"our complete political culture is rotten to the core"
"Donny Tiny Hands" stealing this
"two parties that are really one party"holy shit at this
"they don't know who threw the gernade, oh yeah I bet it was one of the fucking natives, because natives go walking around with fucking grenades"
"Obama is turning over the surveillance state to… (Donald Trump)"
"He doesn't give a shit about the voters".
Dore is so based I can not believe it, lmao at that guy trying to calm him down with Thanksgiving. Please be real and not view hungry bs.

Nah America will just collapse on its own


Honesty thought it was hopeful faggotry, wanting Dore to be more than he is. But he's actually more than I ever hoped for, if Bernie was this guy we'd be a socialist country in a year. because we would have so many more radicals in the country, due to even socdems being this based


As if British are not in fact the most classcucked people on earth.

It's actually the Dutch

We are proof that you can become unclasscucked pretty quickly.

You heard it here first faggots. and I'm tempted to make some OC now

Shut the fuck up you hideous Slavic faggot
Sick of you tankie reactionaries and your traitorous disdain for global worker solidarity.

M8 you've never been to America if you actually think this
The English have insults like posh that have no equivalent here in America
The poor in America are lazy the working class thinks they are one break from a McMansion and the middle class think they've got it made or they almost do
Not to mention I've met people who lived in gated communities and had second homes and trust funds refer to themselves as middle class

Legit half tempted to write him an email and give him a strat: Run for literally every primary from the democrats to the greens to the PSL et al: then run under the United Front. Obs he will lose the democratic nom, but Jimmy Dore has the charisma of Trump while not being a blithering moron. He would actually be a legit alternative, and would create such a unite leftist movement that it would be the SPA 2.0. Well, one can hope anyways.

This is what I'm thinking. I want Dore on this damn flag, but I'm a dirty phone poster rn. I'm trying to figure it out.
Me and you are on two separate tracks. But I like it.

Jimmy "No more capitalists whores" Dore


Neh, at least they managed to obtain some basic social security and whatnot without fearing it as the start of commieism.

I'd actually shill for him if he said this shit. "Americans are TIRED of their being no jobs and no money on the table, when they are WILLING AND READY TO WORK." "You think it's a coincidence you make shit while your bosses boss makes millions?!" "I sure don't!" "Americans are being played against each other while the REAL criminals scamper off to the White House for another handshake and highfive" "Every poor American left on the street is a billionaire whispering in your ear 'that'll be you one day, be grateful to make me money'" "Americans need to TAKE BACK America for the people who run it, the people who, DAY BY DAY, are repeatedly and CONSISTENTLY RAILROADED BY CORRUPT GOVERNMENT 'OFFICIALS' WHO ANSWER TO NO ONE BUT THE HIGHEST BIDDER" "Who consistently promise to 'drain the swamp' when THEY ARE THE SWAMP, PAID BY THE SWAMP, FOR THE SWAMP".
Something along these lines would be so erotic I had to write a shitty fagfic about it.

They won't have that for long

Didn't Xexizy sent him a copy of Reform or Revolution?

I thought some user here gave it to him in person. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong.

Buttmad burger detected!

It's hilarious watching an amerilard try to talk to me about global worker solidarity when his country has spent the last 70 years crushing leftist movements around the world. Americans are capitalist-worshiping subhumans who think liberterianism is a seriously ideology.

Face it, your country is a stain upon the world.

Ayyy. This so fucking much. They LARP as stalinist tankies and they become liberals as soon as they have a chance


No point gomrade


cointel/pol/ hard at work, everyone.

This may be news to you, but many people unironically hate America.

I don't see why you would hate some poor alienated sob who lives in burgerland because of what a government he has no power over does.

No he didn't. He said they (The bourgeois) are ignoring the current peaceful revolution, and then went on to advocate for a violent revolution.



Please send help.

Which are the best American Socialist writers and just in general Syndicalist (Not necessarily ansym) writers?

Chomsky frankly

He's been vehemently defending North Korea lately, he may go full tankie soon.

No idea, but if you want to read about anarchy-syndicalism you should start with Rudolf Rocker.

Daniel De Leon

Bookchin, not even memeing

b-b-b-but he dosent leik tanky :'(

When are we going to meme Richard Wolff on his show already?

Does he take requests for guests on his show? We should hook him up with a Soviet historian or somebody. He already supports milquetoast socdem Nordic states, so if we could get him to support the communist boogeyman that enacted a lot of the same welfare shit but had actual, open socialism (to a point), that'd be a big step forward.

I'm getting so hard thinking about this shit.

This story made me cry… What a fucked up world we live in, comrades.

Yet the Left right now is obsessed with #Charlottesville shit and economic inequality is on nobody's minds. Sucks. Wish I could help that guy out, shit, I'd watch his kids for him.

Dog blas amerigga :D


He needs Dr Wolffe to get on there and educate him on what Socialism IS (democratization of the MoP, radical workplace democracy) and what it ISN'T (whatever the government does, a planned economy, nationalization of the MoP, the USSR). Jimmy can very easily become at least a DemSoc with just a little educating like this.

because 90% of them enjoy being poor and alienated.

Sadly for many of us, we never knew anything but being poor so its hard to be mad about your lot in life when the richest person you see day to day is the manager at the local walmart or pizza hut.


nobody will care. this won't be spoken about once on American national television and people will continue to receive reels on Antifa and BLM and how they're smashing windows. after that it's their evening scheduled programming where they watch clips of Arab terrorists so that the government gets permission to fund Israel and Saudi Arabia (totally not welfare guise, it's geopolitics!)
people don't want to do anything remotely socialist because they're unironic believers in the 100 million and think that Americans have the highest standard of living on earth through insane corporate media manipulation pummeling them with anti-SinglePayer propaganda on a daily basis. Meanwhile they laugh at what a "cuck" Trudeau is because he held up a gay flag for some reason at some point? Even though gay marriage and now weed are about to be legalized in their country. Show those Europeans how anti-degenerate you are!

The only way a revolution to happen in the US is taking control of the media. He who controls the Media controls the narrative. So I believe not only do we need to go after the coroperate porky assholes but the media as well.

From there we can radicalize the general public, but until then we are between a rock and a hard place. So we as Leftists, we need to do what we can to educate, agitate, and organize. If the media wants to paint the left as villains well this will be larpy as fuck but we should instill fear into them.

Though these are my thoughts, I only fear the military police will ruin any real attempt at a revolution though. Without of course the help of the actual military vets who been turned to our side.

This is why we need more leftist YouTube. Not shiposting but Unruhe type shit, but it is for a target audience of prols.

Arm the poor!
Arm the poor!
Arm the poor!

Did the website eat my OC?
Here it is again.

Nope, I guess Cloudflare is just being shit as usual.


Hope he leaves that little cenk faggot, i don't know why i wanna guillotine his ass

You're supposed to guillotine the neck.

Im gonna throw him against the wall then

Cenk is a complete Chad that's why. He's a traditionalist playing a liberal because liberalism is popular. If you ever see him really opening up and speaking his mind, it's shit about how he was raised and how the old ways was good. He periodically engages in Islam apologism, and he used to deny the Armenian genocide.

i hate the USA, but not individual americans, they get fucked over by the USA too

No it wasn't.


Getting Dore on Conan would be amazing. People flock to Bill Burr for political views, don't see why it couldn't be the same for Dore.

I like Jimmy but he's only funny 1 out of 10 times

His stand up is good. JD show is pretty political and less comedy.