Look who I found, cough xexizy

Look who I found, cough xexizy

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oh fuck thats funny
this reminds me to delete my old myspace page

that really him?

Name matches, location matches, age matches, slipknot matches, drumming matches.

I thought Muke only listened to vocaloids lmao


The middle-class get the bullet too.

With people in their late teens or twenties, the old photos are supposed to be the more embarrassing ones. But current Xexizy looks like even 13yo Xex could beat him up.

Triggered, Chavroplasm?

im liserning to Blink-182 and going to find APOC on this shght."

Ye its him.

Thank god I was never on social media when I was that young holy shit

Who wants to watch his vids and make a rebuttal video about Xexizy's views? I'll be shore to check it out.

No way… is that him?

He was actually active on the Chaos6000 account less than 7 months ago.


Stop bullying muke guys



Watch what happens next time in Brighton, fam.




Can anybody translate what Chavroplasm meant by that?

A bigger question is why is OP browsing a emo site?



What to do comrades? I'm afraid as shit of my past being discovered. Or can I just dismiss it as teenage stupidity when I was young? I made remarks online but only with a username, not my real name or any photos, but the similarities between events I talked about and real life can be discovered.

What to do? Paranoid as fuck tbh.

How many years ago was this?

You were young, it's fine.

Mean, why dox our own? I mean hes a faggot and all but recently has been maturing. Also potentially this could be dangerous for him. If i were mods I would delete this probably

tbh dude, make a youtube video. Also this goes out to all ex polacks actually, if all of you could make a video describing how you used to believe a bunch of reactionary bullshit, and how and why you turned around, that could really be a big pain in Holla Forums ass particularly at this time. I also think your leftist friends would actually probably respect you a lot. If you didn't want to put yourself outthere you could mask up for the video. I'm sure leftypol would try and get it viral. I know i would do my bits.

I can't be more specific, since it increases the likelihood of people finding out.

That would be nice. But the culture is getting increasingly blaming. Like people are getting a very bad rep for stupid things they did, especially among liberals. We see the ideas of people not separate of their material conditions, but liberals do. So they will see me as a shithead who should be condemned.

Presuming this was more than 5 years ago: why would any leftist be looking at 5 year old replies on /r/ancap or some shit? You should be good man dw


Chavs are white, though.

Afro is half white

Wasn't his family name already public? Because the rest was.

Yeah wtf. Common Muke its time to stop

Ngl crying rn

One drop rule still applies for most people.

tbh most leftists I know used to be liberals so I doubt they'd understand that I was a crypto-fascist
I wouldn't dare making a video about this, but I know I'm not alone in rehabilitating from Holla Forums stupidity

I love Muke. I think this makes me love him more, it's so organic and cute. I would cuddle muke :3


Cease this faggotry.

why you hate the gays so much afro

I can see why Muke had a hard time reading at first though. He's come pretty far in that regard.

Bruh seriously the hair flipped down like a middle school "emo" kid thing is stupid, seriously muke.

Ok I get thats a picture of middle school muke but seriously like you logged in 10 days ago you could've changed your profile picture.

That's actually a very good idea. I don't have the balls though. ;_;

He couldn't read because of the haircut?

Depends on what age your target group is ༼ʘʘ༽

leave him be afro
this is traditionalism

moreover, it's mean

Really bad experiences. When I was a teenager and on the streets for a time in my life I was sexually harassed by some Bangladeshi holiday maker. Man kept saying "u vry handsome boyyy" and low-key groping me inappropriately and shit. Developed a bit of a phobia since then.

No. >:3c

You sound like a lesbian that became one because an ugly nerd stalked her in high school.

Come on and join the Socialist Workers Party. You WILL get sexually harassed, but it's all hetero.

My mum was one of those for almost 10 years. I remember being in the pram when she handed out leaflets.

Holla Forums tier tbqh

Very insistent.

what if you wrote a script and somebody else read it out?

Let's see how tolerant you are after Pajeet spits the same game on you in real life as he does in random girls' Facebook inboxes.

or just put on a mask and distort your voice with a voice distorter.

Muke here, welcome to my edgy 13 yr old emo phase. Was a fun time.

I still have the login to the account, so found a few old 'poems' you guys would probably find funny too:



did you manage to bang EscapeTheFate111?

The only reason you ever go emo is for the girls

Hey Muke, I'm a former Holla Forumsack myself and been binge-watching your vids because I don't have time to read theory myself but I trust your knowledge enough to take information from there.

Funny enough, I heard before at one of your Q&A's that you admitted to liking MCR before, which made me like you more since I had an emo phase too. Not even embarrassed of this shit, I see this more like an essential phase every millenial has gone through at some point.

Thanks for the poems Muke, I'll be drinking wine now and will enjoy your cringe.

You are taking this better then I would have. Cheers.

oh i've played this game

Don't forget

I never thought Muke could be even twinker. I even an even bigger hard on for him rn

oh yeh fuck the key ingredient. And talk a shitload about bands and know all the words to the songs, preferably have a band (i had a band) . Ah simpler times, just hanging around in town in large groups for no particulalr reason. Man i miss being a semi scene kid.

I'd still smash tbh

Please go homo I love you

at least he didn't get exposed for cross dressing

Cross dressing is cool though

so your mother was sexually harassed.

stop these posts an-nil you're the bringer of feels ;_;

I want to go back to 2007 now.

100% qt

Wew lad are we really doxing our own people now? sure, he had it coming but still

Also I should probably delete my old myspace account right now.

he said himself in his Q&A that he had a emo phase. I mean what is there to dox?


Ah ok didn't knew that.

no probs

Fucking knew it.

That made me want to kiss rebel more though

I want to see his face tho

I'm so glad I didn't get in social media till highschool
I think I got a MySpace when I was really young but never actually used it

Absolutely cute&adorable

muke making nazbol gang videos before nazbol gang even existed

Why do people hate N A Z B O L S so much?

Go away namefag.


Because they are nazis larping as commies.

Because nazbol is not a real ideology, it's just a early bus stop for the former Holla Forumsyps who don't want to go all way to becoming socialists. You cannot be both, be fascist and hate capitalism.


I feel sorry for Rebel. His videos were really good, especially the de-spooking yourself one. Please come back Rebel. Nobody cares about the trap thing.

One of the people here took it upon themselves to systematically bully him off the board and dox him. He told me this himself. It was strange because apart from that he was pretty cool, just had this huge rage for people he saw as making the board bad