Do stalinists exist here?

Came over from Holla Forums to ask a question.

Im not one of them, but there are still guys that are "pro holocaust" and take everything way too serious. Does the alt left have the same issue? do you have guys that are pro Stalin/think gulags and 5 year plans are the way to go?

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unfortunately, yes.

The gulaoax is a lie

Sadly Yes , but barely any of us are like that

There are definitely a good amount of MLs who are unironic stalin did nothing wrong, i think a few are more practical about it, recognizing the obvious failings of stalin (ie the purges n stuff)

haven't really read a lot of lefty pol but whats your opinion on SJW? do they discredit your cause or advance it?

That is correct.

fuck, off anarkiddies

not even an anarchist guy

we are anti-idpol leftists. we despise SJWs.

Holla Forums probably hates SJWs more than Holla Forums 2bh

We call them stalinists, "alt left" is a bullshit term. Liberals aren't the left, we are


Most of the "good" Tankies, aka the ones that actually make arguments instead of being red alert memelords, left for /marx/.

read the FAQ

Oh wow kind of wish we had good tankies

For the life of me I'm not even certain what SJW means anymore. It just seems to be a vaguely defined term meant to slander rather than clarify anything. It's like saying someone is "corrupt" or something. It's a moronic term.

Imagine if we could work together, a shitposting army of Holla Forums and Holla Forums to take out every single SJW youtube channel. one can dream

does not exist
yes, most certainly
no, i don't want a 1:1 copy of the soviet union, that's anachronistic idiocy
today would be more like a faster paced cybernetic planned economy with superior rehabilitation methods for criminals as well.
we're living in a computerized, highly automatized and not post-feudal agrarian barely electified society.

Unfortunately, they are a very loud minority and will always try to propagandize their views, claim figures as being on "their side", rig the mod team to ban people on pretenses of "anti-imperialism" or such for disagreeing with them, and otherwise muck up discourse. They claim that there was "Soviet democracy" and, when pressed, admit that there was a single ruler and claim straight to your face that there's no contradiction in that. At least they're consistent with their idol Lenin's two-faced-ness:
t. Lenin (the same who rhetorically supported "Soviet democracy" and promptly shut down free elections to the soviets, factory committees, and unions)
I've even seen Maoists (or as we like to call them, "Maotists") claim that "ultra-left" refers to Stalin supporters. I'm not a leftcom, but it's plainly clear what they're trying to do: remove any mention of left communism from the discourse. Left communism never existed and left communism is wrongthink. The party is always right.

Leave and never come back.

It means you're nominally a leftist but put race, gender, and national struggles over class struggle and adhere to a language-based notion of what constitutes oppression. Done.

and overthrow Washington D.C.
although I'm not sure Holla Forums is completely prepared to do that, they are more of a "top-down" type

Nice meme


you'd be surprised, I've seen many users on Holla Forums post pics with armed militia groups, there are always guys out there…

oh please, you are the highest grade cucks out there, the only people you'd turn these weapons against are workers

I'm sure you believe it. But defending "no borders lol" is idpol.

back to leddit.

I don't think you understand what identity politics actually means.

You should look for Nazbols

there are plenty of anti-immigration people here though…

tbqh famalam half this board doesn't really know what idpol is

yes, they're called tankies

thats exactly what antifa does tho? they attack fellow citizens and local businesse, if the enemys are the higher ups, why not attack them? go burn down some governors house or a mansion in Hollywood



damn, I've edited this post one time too many and I've fucked it up. nevermind.

I didn't imply this in any way, though? So confused

I'm a right-wing sinner but even I know that Antifa doesn't
represent genuine leftist ideals. They are bought and payed for.

I'm sure some of Holla Forums is too far into thier Idpol for us to ally with them. ie nationalism, ethno-centricism such as the identiarian movement. Also male sexism (just as bad as female sexism [the whole patriarchy matriarchy thing])

From "To Our Friends":
Smashies are ineffectual, but your solution is as well.

sorry then, I guess I got ahead of myself when I saw the unironic nazi flag. again, nevermind.

like to think I only talk about gulags ironically but sometime I see some shit that makes me rethink that

The alt-left doesn't exist. It's a made up, baseless buzzword that people started to cling onto because they are too ignorant on leftism to make a decent Google search, letalone read a fucking book. Leftypol has been here long before that term existed and it will likely live past it, too. Liberals are not the left, we are. True leftism is anti-capitalist, and against identity politics which are synthetically implemented by the ruling capitalist class to divide the working class against itself. If you think a person is a part of the "left", reference back to these two conditions. If they do not fit either of them, they are a liberal. Liberals support capitalism and/or suck up idpol like a vaccum. Leftypol is not the "alt-left", it is one of the only examples of the *true* left you will find (minus other similar boards) on the internet.

As for the other part of your question, yes there are tankies with Stalinist characteristics here. However, Stalinism is mostly just Marxism-Leninism. People here like and dislike Stalin for many reasons with a variety of perspectives, but I don't believe anyone here denies his importance, other than some leftcoms and anarkiddies. There isn't much serious discussion about gulags here that I have seen or cared about so I can't speak for that. The 5 Year Plan system was created to rapidly industrialize the previously underdeveloped USSR, and that setup would not be needed for any decently developed nation today since they are already industrialized.

pics related in order.

The 5 year plan was objectively based.
Gulags are a bit outdated though. Hard labour has shown not to work.

They definitely do nothing to forward any political cause, and as far as public opinion goes they very much discredit us. A very large fraction of your fellow Holla Forumsacks exist because of them.

It's ironic when you learn that this has been an issue with the left since the 19th century, and that back then feminists and minority activists were purged from leftist groups whenever possible for distracting from the class struggle.

I'd avoid legitimizing the term "alt-left". Like "alt-right", it's term created by the Neo-liberal/-conservative order to make its opposition seem unpalatable in the eyes of the public.

Stalin committed no misdeeds.

Nobody calls themself a Stalinist. There are real communists here though, and they do think Stalin did most things right.


he a good boy he dindu nuffin he jus need mo money fo dem progams

What the fuck is this "alt left" shit I keep seeing?