Why do white people think they can appropriate BLM?


I've been following the events in cville, boston, and now in dallas. I don't normally post here but I need to give our so called white "allies" a direct message. Stop treating us like children. You think we don't see the racism? You think we don't see the bigotry? You think we can't respond to that shit appropriately? Don't shit on my ancestors with your whiteknighting. If you want to fight police and right wingers, by all means, but keep your white guilt idpol out your fucking mouth. Understood?

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Nigga where do you think you are?

Blm=/= black panthers

The black panthers are cool
Blm is idpol most of the time


I respectfully request that you leave this board.

You better watch you call a nigger, white boy. We won't be discriminating against left wing and right wing racists.

BLM will never be the Black Panthers. They were true revolutionaries and BLM are just fat liberals and larping anarchist. So of course there will be white idpol fags.


not even. plenty of BLM leaders have denounced anarchism several times. because "anarchists are white people who don't face police brutality" or something along those lines. truly pathetic.

go mine bitcoins you weak bitch

Go back to shilling for capitalism if u aren't a /lol/tard larping


you == not black
I == dont want to hear from you

99% of "anarchists" are malnourished vegan middle class white boys who are so insecure they have to scream at police and kick over trash cans

I'm the blackest actually
U are not black

You're a disgrace to the human race. And if i catch you in the streets talking like that let's be honest, you don't go outside you pasty bitch im gonna treat you like the nazi you are


BLM are a fucking joke. I agree with what they stand for but still. Even shity American Antifa BTFO'd you.


I saw a whole lot of red and black flags, you cowards aren't innocent

what do they stand for? why don't you tell me what you think they stand for?

Againts racism basically

Commissar Jamal is coming for the faggots lol its happening.

Fuck off.

try to keep up

the fuck you know about Huey you pasty face coward?

it's 5,30 am here. fuck off.

I feel no guilt. Not even one iota. Come at me bro

I know the black panthers united all oppressed people, no matter the color of their skin. They understood that proletarian solidarity will always overcome reactionary idpol and liberal intersectionality

just keep to your white middle class after school clubs and there won't be any problems.

guys quit responding to this shitty b8

And then whites appropriated the movement and injected their own idpol and killed it. learn from history.

at least I know how to sage

*And then reactionary Afrocentrics appropriated the movement and injected their own idpol and killed it. learn from history.

hello eurofriend. kill all normies.

99% of BLM do nothing but tweet lmao
it's mostly comfy liberals and wine moms
we've been pro black since a long time now you can't school us

so then don't call yourself a leftist movement


gtfo here

I'll keep that in mind [spoiler]nigger[spoiler\] . Doubt your ass can run.

and you probably say the same thing about latinos behind their backs.
you BLM are infamously racist as well.


white people are so racist it takes 20 seconds of talking to them online and they start equivocating. you can't be racist when you're being oppressed for your race you coward.

definition of racism: the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

This. Most liberal groups are notorious for this and BLM is just another one. OP is a raging faggot that likes to pretend he is black bc he is an uninteresting white boi.

This isn't leddit.

Even the best among us can have a pre-woke period

a friendly reminder that outside of 'murrica hispanics are considered white. or is the south amerindian admixture changing everything?



Educate yourself on the ethnic cleansing that took place within the USSR

Andrew Jackson was a cool guy he was just "pre-woke" when we was whipping his slaves, right? fuck outta here

this isn't reddit, OP is a feggit

Have you not seen the XKCD??

nigga your ass can't even spoiler

BTFO this shit trolling is getting stale.

Aaah I get it. This is a way to fracture us. Nice one Holla Forums

Reverse racism dosn't exist fucking honkey

cute, CIA shill

" So here one witnessed in the field of the arts—a culture national in form, socialist in content. Here was a people quite comparable to some of the tribal folk of Asia—quite comparable to the proud Yoruba or Basuto of West and East Africa, but now their lives flowering anew within the socialist way of life twenty years matured under the guidance of Lenin and Stalin. And in this whole area of development of national minorities—of their relation to the Great Russians—Stalin had played and was playing a most decisive role.

I was later to travel—to see with my own eyes what could happen to so-called backward peoples. In the West (in England, in Belgium, France, Portugal, Holland)—the Africans, the Indians (East and West), many of the Asian peoples were considered so backward that centuries, perhaps, would have to pass before these so-called ’colonials’ could become a part of modern society.

But in the Soviet Union, Yakuts, Nenetses, Kirgiz, Tadzhiks—had respect and were helped to advance with unbelievable rapidity in this socialist land. No empty promises, such as colored folk continuously hear in the United States, but deeds. For example, the transforming of the desert in Uzbekistan into blooming acres of cotton. And an old friend of mine, Mr. Golden, trained under Carver at Tuskegee, played a prominent role in cotton production. In 1949, I saw his daughter, now grown and in the university—a proud Soviet citizen."
Paul Robeson

You dense fuck. Lol

are you saying it doesn't? Spanish colonies literally had a Casta system based on that shit, it clearly socially matters.

orange and black is mutualism, retard

exactly. it's still just racism and idpol, faggot.

This is 100% Holla Forums larping (really well, i should add) as a black guy

stfu saying nigger isn't going to stop the revolution.



saying "nigger" doesn't fucking count as hate speech. "gas the kikes" does. "lynch niggers" does. just saying "nigger" literally doesn't.

No actually, black people hate you as wel, welcome to the real world

Revolution? What y'all doin aint no revolution, you will be the vilians in the media pretty soon. BLM will be back in the spotlight as a new reformed Ethno-state centred movement. WE WERE KINGS, AND WE WILL ONCE MORE.

Life comes at you fast

then you fucking monarchists will be met with a 10mm. go ahead and try.

Ah I see you are just retarded.

I didn't know he posted here.

Get out shill

thanks Holla Forums i get it.
you're scared that we're in the ascendency and your days are numbered.

hello fellow black people, it's your friendly neighborhood back man here. totally not a Holla Forums shill

10/10 bait
i'm actually laughing

My brother told me about Holla Forums 2 years ago, not from Holla Forums thats a whole different website too. Half-chan idiots.

great post officer

Gr8 b8 m8

I didn't know Nazi Germany was having a famine…

Well now you know

certain *ahem* ghettos did see "cuts" in the name of efficiency that's all

these are literally from an active Holla Forums thread

Because they're 5"4' with a small dick yo

Stop acting like an SJW nigger. BLM is a shit-tier idpol movement anyway. You people will be put in gulag all the same.

Collectively, Negroes have and will always be inferior to Ashekanzi Jews, East-Asians, Europeans, Hispanics, and South-East Asians. You cannot exist without existing as a parasite class, as in you take more from the system than you collectively give. In your native homelands you cannot exist with food subsidies and other aid given to you by the superior European gene pool. After you killed all white people in Haiti 200 years ago, Haiti mimics Sub-Sahara Africa despite being the the Western hemisphere because Haiti consists of Sub-Saharan Africans. Despite Haiti being on the same island as the Dominican Republic, the average Autism Level in Haiti is 67, while just a hundred kilometers away, the Dominican Republic, has an average Autism Level of 82. You might say colonization has had an impact on Haiti, yet all the Sub-Saharan African countries that have been colonized in the past by Europeans have the highest standards of living, like South Africa and Zimbabwe, while countries that have never been colonized like Liberia and Ethiopia are some of the poorest. These real world examples paired with the physical differences differences between the races such as skull structure, skeletal structure, brain size, testosterone levels, melanin levels, etc… are enough evidence to conclude that the races evolved separately from each other in different geographical areas and as a result they differ in physical and mental capabilities.

Why can't we have subtle bait like pic related?

so do bullets you weak bitch

VERY certain this is Holla Forums lol, pretty sure most BLM wouldn't go to this board, not really mainstream enough.

Please never pretend to post code again. This is poo in the loo tier. You didn't even manage to type != correctly. A child could do better, so I guess I'll start by calling you "boy", alright boy?

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this right here

Two faggots that brought it on themselves.

you the only faggot here bringing something on yourself

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I live in Greece, I literally don't care.
I'm just pushing for civil war in the US to avenge my Iraqi comrades.

Listen here, boy, you can't fight over the internet. That's not how this works, and even if you could, you'd just end up like Trayvon: room temperature. So stop acting like a chimp and get over yourself if your ape-like brain can manage that.


yall supposed to be against racism and oppression? and you talk like this? using the death of a young man to make jokes? fuck white people. every time we dialogue it's like this. just like we had to put some of your antifa buddies to sleep tonight for getting smart in Dallas. keep it up, bitch.