How much of an enemy is Putinist Russia and do you think the situation could change?

How much of an enemy is Putinist Russia and do you think the situation could change?

I've always had a fascination with Soviet communism and Russia, but sadly many people on the left associate that with being a neo-Nazi, so I have to hide it.

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what the fuck are you talking about, tankies are everywhere.

I belong to the local socialists on my campus, and I like their company and I'm glad to be part of them. But when I said was learning Russian and like Russian culture, they associated that with Putin and Trump. They're also explicitly Trotskyite.

Perhaps this is just something in Ango-commonwealth countries. I know in England, tankies are hounded out of some left wing organisations.

The Russian Federation is Mafia-state capitalist. You can't be a leftist and support it.

What are you on about? Seriously what the fuck are you saying?

Watch the Oliver Stone interviews.

Putin's interested in Russian national interest above all. That's it.
It's in their national interest to

Thats the framework you should see Putin. If going to war with the united States is in their national interest, they would. It definitely isn't and they definitely aren't. We need them as an ally to deal with global terrorism and to come to a peaceful solution with NK, who they share a border with. We are their partner, but they will prepare weapons to fight us because we are crazy enough to start something with them

They don't like NATO and they don't understand why it still exists, because it was made to deal with Soviet aggression but there are no Soviets.

Ok, given that Putin only cares about national interest, could he be spun towards the left and away from the right?

"… the left really ought to ask itself why it's just now seeing Russia in a pernicious light

Stephen F. Cohen, Russia expert, Princeton emeritus professor, contributor to The Nation magazine and husband of its publisher, Katrina Van den Heuvel, has for years been a leading apologist for Vladimir Putin from the left. Cohen sympathizes with Putin's pushback against what they both view as the aggressive intrusion of the European Union and NATO into the Russian sphere of influence. Apparently, in certain quarters of the left (Cohen is not alone) what is good for the goose (Ukraine and the Baltics for Russia) is not good for the gander (the Americas for the US)."

but it's hard not to admire their Monroe doctrine styled anti-imperialism though. The same could not be said for China.

He invaded Ukraine and Crimea, retained hegemonic influence over Central Asia like the Tsars, and openly supports the notion of Tsarist Russia while also being in cahoots with Russia's kingpin national bourgeoisie and their interests. He's the richest man in the world. He's an imperialistic quasi-monarch and kleptocrat, living off surplus value extracted from his subjects.
The communist prospect would improve if Russia went full Western. We can only transition beyond capitalism once it eliminates the unpredictable disturbance that is the sovereign nation-state. The only way out is through.
It's only a few miles long ffs

What does this even mean? They already did, liberals just can't deal with the fact that their project in Russia failed.


You can still be a Russophile without too much bother. I know the UK media is going hard on Russia but it doesn't seem to be penetrating through much if any.

Pretty sure he is the richest man in the world tho

Garlandist-Menschist conspiracy theory

Submit entirely to multinational corporations and their logic. Stop putting up futile resistance to capital's relentless logic. All culture must die before communism can organically create a new culture.

roll eyes
We all know that he did. Stop eating up RT propaganda and evaluate different sources.
Oh, but this is invalid because it's a "bourgeois propaganda piece" (aka "it disagrees with my a priori viewpoint"), isn't it? Straight out of 1984.
Read a book, specifically some modern leftist theory.

So you believe that the YPG is run by the US specifically to achieve regime change against Assad to weaken Russia's position, all with little to no evidence, and yet you call the notion that Putin is the richest man in the world (with quantitative data to back it up) a conspiracy theory? Are you mentally retarded? Oh, right, you're a tankie. Of course you are.

while allowing capitalist states opposed to the status quo to continue to exist*

Retard. Read your own article. There is no data, no quantities, nothing. Only this

Poorly phrased. There are divisions between parts of the bourgeoisie along various lines. If we eliminate these divisions by accelerating capitalism, then capital flight won't be as effective on a large scale, capital won't be able to handle the reduction in the rate of profit from the massive new influx of capital and labor circulating in one market, etc.
Capitalism is the negation of all prior modes of production, and in order to grow and expand it must revolutionize itself as well. So long as cyberpositive growth doesn't transcend the limitations of the human worker, however, it must maintain a certain degree of territorialization, structure to continue the basic functions. Biological needs of human meat machines must be met, there must be some measure of stability in their lives sheltered from absolute, constant orgasmic disruption. Take away the errant state justifying the existence of other ones in the geopolitical web, and the system will eat itself up in a year. Suppress the kneejerk anticapitalist virus, and you will see the capitalist immune system implode and consume itself in a magnificent way. The 2003 invasion of Iraq and everything which has come of it has been a morsel of crisis compared to what could have been otherwise. The system thrives on crisis. Remove it, and the paralyzing terror of a meltdown coming to life becomes universalized to even its foundations.

Just several of the watches which he has been seen wearing cost more together than he supposedly makes in a year.


It's true! All of this is true!

Saying that Stalin did nothing wrong is one thing, but now you are both annoying and useful idiot for pootin

Don't worry, tovarish. Tankies aren't really leftists, we only have a common cause in hating the USA and liking the colour red.

What connection does Putin have to communism and Russia? He just runs another kleptocracy on the territory of it.

I've heard the story about him being richest man in the world for a decade now, but it's from people with ties to the Russian regime. Not Louise Mensch lmao.

you've joined a bunch of liberals, get out while you can

It has the flavour of one of their tweetstorms—fact-free, hysterical, weirdly in awe, etc.—I didn't mean that they invented it.