American Balkanization

Thoughts on American Balkanization (breaking up America into multiple different countries)? I think it’s a good idea for people living in America. It could give people genuine culture and several Communalist/Socialist states. However outside of America it’s inevitable that the American Empire will be replaced by the Chinese Empire or the Russia Empire.

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I want Balkanization. An independent socialist Dixie is my dream.

What we should do is convert one of the three major powers in to a socialist state then spread leftism through imperialism.

Any Balkanization would not last long. The more powerful regions would devour the lesser regions in short order in order to compensate for the losses in revenue that would result from the end of neoliberalism in the United States. If one of the regions were socialist, the non-socialist regions, aided by foreign powers, would all immediately attack the socialist region as we have seen before.

Leftism precludes imperialism. You can't make an empire without exploitation.

There are plenty of nuclear weapons scattered around the US. Any socialist republic would likely get one and use it as a deterrent.

I think you should stop sperging out about it, faggot nazbol OP. Until you stfu I am going to post memes that are probably illegal in your country on every one of your dogshit threads.

This board is getting dumber by the day.

Lissen leftcoms. You can have a state and still be socialist.

Is this a good flag?


No. Confederate battle flag as the national flag makes no sense and it has too strong a link to slavery and the generally shitty things about the south.

socialist government. whatever, you absolute nog

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looks too much like kekistan

this whole thread is filled with Holla Forumsyps barely even trying to larp as leftists, and shitting up the board. is it really so difficult to get rid of them

If you think the two flags look similer you're retarted. However what does a Pagan flag have to with national identy.

Whats the one on the far left on the bottom row and the one on the far right on the bottom row?

Like pottery

what the fuck are you even doing, what is even this anticommunist shit. just fucking read bordiga lmao dude

literally the only thing on it is a cross

I’ve read theory. Still my argument is correct.

Bordiga is shit.


Virginia will crush the illegitimate government of West Virginia, and reunite the Commonwealth under the red flag of liberation. That's gonna fucking happen.


Fivehead and Other Paid Professional Model aren't an argument either

I'm down with it. my people will get their own state ideally :)

OK, but it's gonna be Mississippi.

basically what happened with Russia in WWI/Russian Civil War and Yugoslavia in WWII? I can see that, I can see all of North America being annexed into one giant union, though the form of the state will be noticeably different than the former American Empire (i.e. a black autonomous republic or state as a memer)

national anarchism?

it doesn't matter, if the black regions have their own state. The Dixiefuckers can circlejerk about slavery and whatnot all they want


we're getting a LOT more than just Mississippi

But Mississippi has bitchin' tamales.
Also, a lot of cotton and suffering.

Keep your ethnostate in the South and we’re cool.

As long as no section uses Esperanto in its school curriculum, I am fine with it.

yup you're totally not Holla Forums reject Russian revanchists or dimwitted squeakers obsessed with memes who prefer nazbol because it has a better aesthetic than le Cockistani Army

Only useful as a method of glorious creation of North American (or Novoeurasyan) Imperium from the Bering to Bogota (or the Pole to Panama)

We must do justice to the memory of Abe Lincoln and maintain the union, then we must march into the future. This will be the Socialist States of America.

I think you mean the United Socialist States of America.


Chicago definitely has to be the capital

You will face the same fate as Ustryalov

Read "Great War of Continents"

Chicago is a shit city.


Mississippi will be part of the state

also yeah climate change means we get a nice and tropical environment which is nice. fuck the cold, but also fuck getting malaria and shit

oh, we'll be going south. we're going to try to annex the black majority carribbean islands like Jamaica as well : D

american socialist federal technate?

use Chicago as a 'temperoary' capital, then move it to a planned city near Omaha or something, so it's in the middle of the continent?

oh no dugin!

Why do you need it in the middle of the continent? Are you fucking retarded?

So in other words bring back The Confederacy? Fuck you.

I support it.


Russia wishes it was still that relevant.


Chicago is a shity city.

More leftists yanks need to use this flag: it's bretty useful.

I can only find one supplier, and it's $55 for a 3x5 with no accessories.

It's a Kaisereich reference;).

The HOI mod?

"Stalinism, is our Russian Fascism cleansed of extremes, illusions and errors" -Konstantin Vladimirovich Rodzaevsky..

I miss Stargate, comrade, even though it's imperialist propaganda.

Think you mean the Darkest Hour mod comrade…