If you're a 3rd worldist, isn't imperialism accelerationism?

If you're a 3rd worldist, isn't imperialism accelerationism?

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I'm going to make Posadas look like a pyrotechnics enthusiast tbh.


Yes, national liberation struggles act asreterritorialization

Yep. So are closed borders and free trade.

A third worldist accelerationism would attempt to subvert and force world capitalism to work on their favor, think Deng Xiaoping meets Nick Land meets… I dunno, Muammar Gaddafi?

wtf I love Third Worldism now

why isn't Musk even considering pic related, given that's an old idea that's still to this day the only feasible plan of bringing a whole city block to orbit in one go right now? doesn't that make you think?


Add something like Afrofuturism and then maybe you're on to something

Are you telling me Elon Musk is the ultimate entryist ?

Well for one it's obscenely expensive, more than any private business could afford. The other reason is it requires nuclear weapons, which no government wants in private hands.

basically, yeah. Third worldism is an indirect form of accelerationism

what about mere NTRs then? can we meme /a/ into supporting this?


Fukken saved lmao

made me kek :D



Reminder: Roo is a literal retard. All of his better videos were ghostwritten by a member of RAIM named Klaas Velija.

the cultural revolution was acceleration

The Stakhanovite movement was accelerationism
Shturmovshchina was accelerationism
The Great Leap Forward was accelerationism
We all acceleratonists now

suddenly, the student became enlightened